Paros Region

The twin cities of Tinos and Paros (population approx 20,000 and 50,000 respectively) occupied the heart of the Cassiar Provincial Forest in the Cassiar Province of Scorpia. They sprang up due to the valuable natural resources in the area (Tyllium, Lumber and various metals chief among them), but their growth was stymied decades ago by the provincial government declaring large sections of the surrounding forest a wildlife preserve. There are still a few mines and logging camps in isolated areas, but for the most part the industry has flipped to focus on tourism and ecology.

Georgraphy, Weather, Etc.

See the main article on the Cassiar Province for general information about the region. There are a number of small streams and ponds throughout the area that are not noted on the map.


Points of Interest

The Martin-Falken Aircraft Assembly plant is located northeast of Paros. This largely automated production plant was one of the satellite facilities for the Colonies' largest producers of Viper spacecraft. It is located along a rail line that runs east to Ambrose Airbase, where final checkout and processing of the completed Vipers was done.

Mad Mab's Magic Mountain is an amusement park located almost midway between Paros and Tinos. It is pretty large (RL analogy would be Cedar Point). Its isolated location is a bit of a puzzle to most, attributed to the eccentricity of the owners (including "Mad" Mab).

Gladwell Resort is a posh resort in the foothills of the Icarus Mountains.

Hamilton is a mid-sized tourist trap, located on the shores of majestic Lake Navarone in the Corinthian Mountains. It boasts a worlds-class ski resort. Further up in the mountains is Fort Navarone, a little-publicized CMC training facility used primarily to train special warfare personnel. The rugged terrain was loved by instructors who had a reputation for being the toughest in the CMC.

Osprey is a tiny town (population 300 or so) that only exists because of the junction of Highways 19 and 606.

Ereso is a mining town built up around one of the most prolific Tyllium mines on Scorpia.

Human Activity

There are no other "towns" beyond what's indicated on the map. However, there are isolated cabins (like Grifter Falls), ranger stations, research posts, and campgrounds scattered throughout the area.

Many humans took to the hills and forests after the attacks, building makeshift settlements. (Think Robin Hood or Defiance).

Roving gangs have been known to terrorize these settlements, so people are generally isolated and wary of strangers. A gang has also taken up residence in Mad Mab's amusement park, though the park is big enough that you could avoid them if you're careful (or well enough armed that they avoid you).

Cylon Activity

Paros and Tinos were both hit pretty hard with conventional weapons - bombs and strafing from the air followed up by Centurions moving through on the ground. The smaller settlements were also hit from the air, as were the amusement park and Viper plant. None of the settlements were completely leveled, so there is still stuff to scavenge and places to live if you're willing to take the risk of the Cylons returning.

Paros and Tinos both have been occupied by the Cylons, with garrisons and regular patrols in the streets and around the towns. In Tinos, the activity is mostly concentrated on the western side of the city (along the riverfront and the portion of town west of the river).

Osprey has a garrison as well, along with several large (50 feet) communication towers set up around the outskirts of town. Radios are jammed within 12miles (20km) of Osprey, but both the bunker and Grifter Falls are outside the jamming zone.

The Cylons do not have an airbase in the region, and Raider patrols/flyovers are infrequent. Heavy Raider transports can be seen flying into/out of Paros and Tinos pretty regularly, landing in old parking lots or fields.

The Cylons seem to avoid the forest between Paros and Tinos. Occasionally a patrol will make its way between the cities, but usually they stick to the highway.

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