Pain and what to do with it
Pain and what to do with it
Summary: Dell and Rian meet and they discuss what to do with end of the world pain.
Date: PHD 219
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Dell sits there at a table all by himself. Why, because other people don't want to sit with him. He is an honest, stubborn, and angry sort. He really isn't in the mood for company and people know it. The last person who tried to join the recruit was snarled at. Dell is not the sort to suffer fools it would seem. He eats his food quietly as he just wants to finish one task to get to killing more cylons later.

Rian paces into the mess hall, boots heavy as she moves straight for the serving counter. Dark hair is tied behind her neck for once, exposing her pale features that usually hide beneath the black mess of bangs. Grabbing a tray she says nothing to the kitchen staff, just turns quickly on her heel to examine the people within. After a moment her dark eyes fall on the far table with the brooding character. A few wide steps and she's there, tossing down her tray with a crash of metal and cutlery. Without asking she takes a seat across from the Marine, having recognized him from mission briefings. "Evenin," she says without looking to him, black fingerless gloved hands begin to rip apart the piece of bread that was on her plate.

Dell doesn't budge, "Evenin' He calls back as he continues to eat. He isn't much of a speaker as he continues to eat and he says, "How's your meal?" He continues to eat his meal as his food cools in front of him. He then stops eating as he looks at Rian, "Names Dell. I'm a recruit here and you are?" He says this as he holds his hand out.

Dell doesn't budge, "Evenin'" He calls back as he continues to eat. He isn't much of a speaker as he continues to eat and he says, "How's your meal?" He continues to eat his meal as his food cools in front of him. He then stops eating as he looks at Rian, "Names Dell. I'm a recruit here and you are?" He says this as he holds his hand out.

Rian rises slightly from her seat, wiping her hand on her pants before taking the handshake, giving it a good hard shake before letting go. Chewing and swallowing she keeps her eyes on her dinner as she replies, "Rian, CMC."

A voice calls out, "Triptolemus…Dell." He then frowns, "Not a marine yet but I want every one of those metals bastards dead, I want to see them all deader than disco." He shakes Rian's hand as he says, "Good to meet you, ma…sir." He then says, "Rian, sir, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Rian cracks a half smile at the new recruit. "Well… Dell… chose an awful time to be a Marine, all we're doing right now is sitting on our asses as the pilots get mowed down." Her knee's shuffle beneath the table, agitated. She continues to eat her dinner with her fingers, not taking time with cutlery. "Hurry up and wait."

Dell looks at Rian for a moment as he looks over her form and he grunts, "Well sometimes we are victims of circumstance but in my case I have hopetully been given a reprieve since I want every one of those toaster sons of bitches dead." He then takes a breath, "But I am patient, I know this will take time but I know my job is to kill them all since they killed my family dead."" His voice never wavers in its matter of factness, "So, if I have to wait then I will wait."

Rian seems unfazed by his speech, continuing to eat her dinner. Reaching out for her glass of water she takes a swig, dark eyes finally being raised to look at the man before her. "Then we wait." She takes another drink from the glass before speaking, "so, we rescued you from Scorpia." It's not a question.

Dell studies Rian for a fraction of a moment before he says, "So you were on Scorpia?" His tone is curious and questioning since he lost everything back home including the family dog. He continues to eat in his own way since it would seem that in this case Dell isn't raising hell but trying to connect. He then says, "Waiting, can be good. Once I went hunting for a turkey for my Pa and there is a funny thing about wild turkey. See most people assume it is stupid but that is the domestic bread turkey. You want to kill wild turkey you need patience and a steady sight."

Rian nods once and looks back to her dinner, "I was on the ground team there. I didn't see you in particular but all new recruits are from that rescue op. Also explains your outbursting anger towards the cylons. Not that it goes away, but in time and the daily repetition on board you learn to hide it better." Dark eyes glance up from her plate, watching him as he speaks about turkeys, one brow raised slightly. "Well turkey sounds really good right about now, or any fresh meat."

Dell for his part continues to eat as he tucks into his food and he looks over at Rian as she speaks and he listens for a bit and as he takes it in he comments, "My outburts again the cylons isn't something to pack away since they killed my family. I want every one of those mechanical sons of bitches dead. I don't want this to go away, I want this anger to grow since I want all of the cylons dead." He then looks off into the distance before he says, "Turkey was good but it is gone now."

Rian gives the marine a wide eyed stare before looking away, "you know… the cylons killed /everyones/ family. You're nothing special." She adds the rest with a shake of her head, finishing off the last bites of her dinner.

Dell nods his head slowly, "You think I mean something? Yoo think I realize I mean nothing?" He then grunts, "We all suffer and I am nothing special and I never was." He takes a forkfull of his food as he says, "We all have an axe to grind. Maybe some have a bigger axe than me and maybe they don't but I want the axe handed to me by the Lords to make the toasters suffer. As do many others in my place. I am not special because I am what is average."

Rian rises suddenly from her seat, taking her now empty tray. Looking down over the man she offers a slight shurg, "well I am off to grind my own axe then. Enjoy stewing in your own anger." With that she turns, tosses her tray into the nearest grey bin and heads for the exit, a little extra sway in her hips.

Dell looks at Rian, "Ah, I see, so you think your anger is above that of others." He then lowers his head for just a second and he says, "We all hurt the question is how do we answer to the call. You want to walk away fine but the enemy is waiting for us and I want to see the enemy dead." He then pauses since he realizeses Rian has rank and he adds, "Sir."

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