Summary: Pilot & marine hostilities. Jupiter walks in on the tail end of conversation apparently about her, and Kai steps in. Then some pilots tenderize a punching bag, because group activities are fun!
Date: PH 039 (27 May 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Gym
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #39
OOC Time: Wed May 27 20:43:20 2009

This is a rather large room that would accommodate quite a few people. The typical battleship gray color that coats the walls and floor of most of the ship is broken up here by the rubberized flooring that's done in a neutral tan. The other main addition to the flooring are stacks of dark blue mats that are available to be pulled out for a variety of purposes, though one standard is generally left at the back of the room which is considerable in its size and has a big, bright red circle taped onto it for sparring.

Free weights sit along one wall, the racks extending a little further out into the room. On the other side are the typical nautilus-style equipment common to most gyms, their standard weight sets adjustable by a simple change of the metal key in the stacks of iron. There is a fresh pile of folded towels sitting by the hatch, a plastic bin on the other side for the deposit of used towels in need of a wash.

The Sheriff is somewhat in the middle of the gym near the mats where Captain Legacy is stretching out. Both of them are in conversation as well with Kassia and Ashe who are using the weight benches nearby. "Captain, I'd almost think you were being sarcastic there about our marines, but I'll take it literally anyway." The Gunny chuckles and winks at the Captain while turning back to Ashe and giving the Corporal and nod. "You be sure to put that visit to the CO at the top of the list, Swift. If I haven't seen a report past the security desk by the end of shift, I'll go myself to her and report what little you have seen fit to offer."

Kassia smiles at Ashe kindly, she doesn't believe him but she'll play along. "Come can openner I hope it looks worse." She says then goes to look over towards Legacy, she gives a little gruff and replies straight faced. "We're still working on the sit, command I'm finding it a little hard to understand the concept I'm too busy." She says, going to saunter over towards the senior pilot and Marine. "But the captain has complete faith that I will eventurally get it. Right sir?"

Thea's on her butt, stretching out on one of the mats, half bent over her leg. "I'm surprised you recognized it, Gunny," she says in that same sweet voice. "I thought sarcasm was one of those topics that eluded Marines. Like subtlty and tact." Sounds like she came by her call sign honestly. "You're doing better with sit, Flash. It's the stay we're going to need to work on. I'm considering super glue. If that doesn't work, I know a snipe who'd be happy to tie you down."

"Naw, I'm a gentleman. I never hit a rusty canopener… especially when they're as rusty as this one was." Ashe responds to Kassia before she departs away. His ears still listen to the conversation and his eyes roll ever so slightly but he continues to work his rehab without commenting or joining the rest.

Jupiter enters the gym with a towel slung over her shoulder. She wears sweats. She carries nothing else with her. The pilot's dark, curly hair is pulled up into a tail. She turns immediately for the treadmills.

Kassia eyes her CO with interest. "And which Snipe would that be, so I can begin running now." She says, "If it's that deck chief then I'll need a few days." She says going to flop down onto the mat and mirrow Legacy in stretching. She eyes the tall marine again and shakes her head, then back over towards Ashe, nefore her eyes slide to Jupiter. "

Drarelle is here to work out after becoming weak from lying in the Recovery ward for over a week, his stature hasn't changed and he still walks with his usual, quite seriousness. He's in his sweats and a duffle bag is slung across his shoulders, as he enters he nods to familiar faces. "Evening."

"Lieutenant." The Gunny pops to stand at attention, as he acknolwedges the Marine XO and nods as he passes. "Good to see you up and about, sir." The Sheriff turns back to Legacy and looks like he is just about to let himself rise to her bait, eyes narrowing tightly and then he just smiles and lets out a harsh chuckle. "As you say, Captain. We'll make sure to square our marines so that they can reach the high standards of the Air Wing, whom never makes any mistakes and are all so very tactful and subtle, like the pilot who apparently decided a cigar was worth beating up the Corporal over?"

Thea's still on her behind, still stretching, Kassia next to her. She glances up at Steele and offers him one of those sweet smiles again. She's got quite a few of them tonight. "We'll talk more when your Marines are doing something other than picking fights on a ship, Gunny," she says quietly. "Once the air wing is patched up again after being out there on the front lines."

There's a brief pause from Jupes as she hops up onto the treadmill, and drops her towel over the arm of the machine. "…" She glances over her shoulder. "It's a frakkin' small blessing you're not the intelligence officer. CMC stupidity runs in packs." She smacks a hand down on the treadmill's start button, and turns back to her workout.

Ashe's voice finally lifts up overhearing the conversation. "Maybe if the airwing did it's job and kept the Centurions from boarding the ship, we wouldn't have that much to complain about. But last I counted, we're taking the casualities while you all get some bruises." He's still working on lifting weights, working his arm. Looking up to spot Jupiter he shakes his head and mutters something before returning to the rehab works.

Kassia glances over towards Fingers again, but say nothing she keeps her mouth shut and pauses her lips. When the Marine XO comes in, she nods her head briefly at him, Kai is given the same treatment. It's then back to her banter with the Raptor CO. "Oh you know me Ma'am I won't go wondering, I stay where I'm told…" She then leans forwards and touches her toes, her eyes not really looking anywhere but straight ahead.

Kai thumps into the gym somewhere between Legacy's sweet smile, and Ashe talking about.. wait what? He's toting a duffle bag over one shoulder, which is hitched up with his fingers as he alters course, and starts trudging toward the den of pilotry over by the mats.

Drarelle just so happens to be the Marine Intelligence Officer, and so happens to overhear Jupiter running his flaps. Fortunately for the pilot, Drarelle isn't one to get angry quickly, or too quick that is. He casually strolls over to the pilot on the treadmill, voice calm and collected, "Evening Lieutenant, so tell me.. let me remember what runs in packs in the CMC?"

Jupiter's footfalls are heavy and even on the treadmill. She takes about about a minute long warm up into a jog. She slowly increases the speed up to a run. Her ponytail bounces merrily as she runs along the belt. As a marine closes in, she glances briefly over, blue eyes only briefly appraising. She continues her run. "Certainly isn't attention to detail or accuracy, puddin'. If you need a repeat, as I hear many of you jarheads do, I said stupidity. I could spell it for you. I know how you lot like things spelled out loud."

Steele looks over as Kai approaches, offering a nod to him and then stepping away from the pilots but not before turning to look down at Thea. "With /all due respect/, Captain Legacy, in this instance I am overjoyed that you outrank me, as it gives me the polite reason to turn away and leave you with your friends without comment to your obviously prejudical and arrogant assumptions." He walks over to Lieutenant Drarelle and nods again, "Sir. It smells in here. I'll be in Sec if you need me. Lance Corporal Ashe might want to speak to you in a bit regarding the pilot who tenderized his face recently."

Legacy finally catches sight of Drarelle and raises a hand in greeting. "Evening, Lieutenant," she calls over to him. Ahhh, and there's Kai. Thea's attention pops to Ashe for a moment and a smile flickers across her lips. "One time in three. I think I'll take those odds, Lance Corporal. You conveniently forgot to mention all the other times we've kept the wolves from the door." Then her attention turns back to Steele and she considers him for a long moment. "Have a good evening, Gunny," she says quietly, clearly about to say something else. But wonder of wonders, the redhead holds her tongue.

Hearing Steele speak up, Ashe looks up as well. "Sheriff, I'll be joining you." Standing up he puts the weight back where it was. "I don't think there's room for us and the egos in here and at least this way you can watch me file my report." There's a smile on his lips as he grabs a duffel nearby and moves to fall in with Steele, pointedly ignoring the pilots beyond polite nods of acknowledgement necessary. Well, a smile is given Kassia along with the soft parting words of "Ensign, a pleasure to meet you."

Kassia just looks between everyone and is five second from blowing her head, one, two, three, four, five,. "For fraks, sake, people lets try fighting the enermy in stead of each other. Might be a novel concept. Lords above Kobol I swear every frakking on the ship is either screwing each other or punch. I'm going somewhere sane." She stands, and heads towards the door, she doesn't even bother collect her things. The normally pleasent and positive woman, is once again at odds.

Well this is rather cute. Marek ditches his bag roughly equidistant between the treadmills, and the pair of raptor drivers on the mats. His fatigue jacket is shrugged out of carefully, while he listens to the banter going back and forth, and watches the various people bowing out of hostilities. Does he do anything? Nope. Well, not yet, anyway.

Legacy watches Kassia, Ashe and Steele all stalk off and just shakes her head, sighing quietly. "What a wonderful frakking night," she comments, mainly to herself. "So, who else can I piss off? Anyone know where the CAG is? Maybe Sheridan's around."

Drarelle nods and smiles warmly to the, would be beautiful if not for her mouth pilot. "Hmm, perhaps you could spell it out for me." He nods and waits expectantly, he didn't spend years at a high paid institution to lose his cool at any given time.

Hale has been finishing his weights and only now taking time, after the barbell is pushed up and set by his spotter, is he looking up and over towards the treadmills. A blink and he is then gazing over to Marek and then back to the Marine talking with Fingers. He'd been quiet before, focused in on his training. But now? Colour him interested.

Kai opens up his bag, fetches a roll of tape, and pulls out a section of it that's bit off with his teeth. He starts to wrap while watching Drarelle and Jupiter converse. And then, inevitably, starts meandering his way closer until he comes up roughly five or ten feet behind the pilot.

Legacy rolls to her feet, shaking her head, and turns for the door. Of course, she scoops Kassia's things up on her way by.

"That's all you got?" Jupes gives Drarelle a brief look. She shakes her head. "Really? Come back when you're better prepared. And, before you accuse a pilot of doing something, check your facts. P-I-S-S O-F-F."

Drarelle let's a slight grin touch his face, "I've got more than you would be able to handle sunshine." He gives her an appraising glance and a slight curious look, "Better prepared for what? Accusations? I'm merely wandering about how the CMC stupidity could run in packs, after all stupidity is an inaminate object. Well done, you managed to spell a word most… common folk learn in what? Elementary school?" Is voice is still calm and collected, a slight hint of amusement is laced in his voice.

Hale cracks a soft laugh as he is rising up from the weight bench. Towel is pulled and slung on the back of his neck, chalk caked hands brushed on his sweats before he is coming closer to where Marek is standing, but he doesn't trail too much closer to the action than where the Captain stands.

"Jupiter, you're done, let it go." That's in the midst of Kai wrapping tape around his hand, and giving a wiggle of his thumb to ensure it's mobile. His eyes cut toward Legacy as the other Captain turns to depart, then back to his pilot. Another step, so he can clap her shoulder. "If you want something defenseless to terrorise, you can help me with some bag work. Lieutenant." There's a nod to the marine XO that looks suspiciously like a dismissal. A polite dismissal, but.

"I believe piss off is a phra—," Jupiter replies, deadpan. She cuts off with Kai's word. Thud-thud, thud-thud go her feet on the treadmill. Doesn't seem like she has anything else to say to the marine. "Sir." She pops the stop button, and hops off the treadmill.

Drarelle nods in return to the Captain, "Have a pleasent evening, Captain." He turns his head as Jupiter begins to talk, and only smiles as she's cut off by the Senior Pilot, "Miss." He says, slightly amusingly, but more laced with flattery, "A debate for later I suppose." He finally drops his duffle bag and it lands heavily with a loud THUD, sounds like he's packin'. He steps carefully on the treadmill Jupiter just hopped off of, cranks up the speed and begins sprinting with a heavy 'thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud….

Kai returns the marine's nod, politely as well, and starts off for the bags while finishing taping his left hand. His shoulders are given a few rolls: front to back, then back to front. There's a crack or two. Because old people do that.

Hale simply shakes his head from where he is standing, and the laugh that follows is something the betray his Hayseen roots on Leonis. Still Rabbit cannot help but shake his head all the same at the antics. "Sir." said over to Marek "Nice work.." a nod over to Fingers and it seems he is heading in the direction of the bags if only momentary.

Jupiter reaches back to slide her towel from the treadmill, and flips it across the back of her neck. She follows the Captain over to the bags, and leans into one. She glances around the hanging equipment. "You need some coffee first, Captain? Maybe work out some of those kinks." She nods to Hale after a moment, noting the other pilot wandering over for a little boxing fun.

Kai glances over his shoulder at the taller Lieutenant who follows along, eyes doing a little skitter down and then up again, like he's taking his measure. "Coffee gives me the jitters. I'll be fine. You know how to hit a bag like you mean it, Rabbit?"

Drarelle begins slowing the pace down on the treadmill, as it's sensors automatically detect his movement slowing and slowing til eventually he's cooling down at a slow walk, he steps off the treadmill and grabs his bag, towel slung across his neck and sweat freely running down his face, he heads towards the exit without a word to the pilots, his face is back to it's normal stature, grim and serious.

"Hit like the fist of an angry god sir." comes Rabbit's response before he is nodding all the same and coming to stand over by the bags, that is if the Captain needs someone to stand there and hold the bags for him, he can easily be a weight for a bit.

"Hey, no need for the name calling," Jupiter replies, leaning into the bag. She shakes her head just a little, and reaches up to brush a loose curl from her eyes. Somehow missed that one when she pulled the rest back. "Come on, I'm aging here."

Kai slaps the bag as he passes it by, then does a little bump-bump of his own knuckles together. "Get up off your ass and hold it for me. Think you can take both of us hitting it at once, Black?" If there's a smile, it's a small one. Because that's the way Karim rolls. "Then I'll switch with you, and you two can take your turn with me."

"Tape, Cap?" asked as Hale's hand comes up looking back over to Jupiter as the question is posed. a faint chuckle, either way he'd like his wrist to be supported before he goes smacking a bag. no need frakking up your hand like Case has, he'll keep his flight times, thank you.

"Aw, tag teaming." Jupiter straightens a little, then braces a shoulder on the bag. "Bring it on, then. If you kick me in the head, I will bring the pain." She tips her weight into the bag. "With you, I don't need help." Oooh, trash talking from behind the equipment. Oh yeah.

"In my bag." Kai nods toward the duffle he dumped nearby. Midway through 'help', a pretty damned hard hook hits the bag with a puff of chalk as knuckles connect. It might stagger a little, but it won't knock off balance. Two more follow in fairly swift succession, like a spring-loaded weapon.

"Thank you, sir." said back before Abe is moving and rummaging through the duffel for a moment before he is coming back up, with the tape. Length is pulled and cutt off with teeth before the pilot starts wrapping his hand and wrist. He's done this before. Numerous times in training, and in college. Old pro when it comes to seeing to himself for these things.

Jupiter grunts softly as the first shot to the bag connects. "Ok." She nods. "Ok, I see how it is." Her eyes settle on Kai for a moment, and a little grin quirks her lips. She takes a step to regain some ground, and puts her back into it. "Not too bad, Spider. My opinion of you just went up." Who knows where it started, or where it is now!

Kai doesn't smile, but he does give the pilot a quick wink for her assessment of things. There's nothing particularly saucy about it, beyond, well. That he's once in a while a bit of an arrogant ass. But then, he is a viper jock. Dancing back to allow her to re-settle herself properly this time, he comes in hard again. Pow. Pow pow pow. One of the punches glances off completely, another's not quite as effective as he'd probably like, but a couple connect solidly as the breath leaves his throat in soft grunts.

Hale chuckles as he listens to Black behind the bag as one wrist is finished the next one begins. A slight nod as he watches the Captain move on the bag. A grin at the quick puches and his arms jerk slightly as if following a pattern in is head to mimic the sounds of the fists against the bag. Once finished he merely gives a rather 'toothy' smile over to Spider "Ready to take over when you need a break, Cap'n."

Jupes' eyes follow the punches, and she grunts a little as her right side protests some of the leaning and the force of the blows, even translate through the bag. There's a nasty bruise from her shoulder harness taking some lovin'. "I'm gonna need a moment alone if you two keep this up."

Kai seems pretty absorbed in what he's doing. He's about to throw out another volley when he hears Rabbit's voice somewhere in the mix, and eases back a step to just watch him a moment. "Sure." The bottom hem of his t-shirt is lifted, and dragged over his cheek and throat, flashing a few inches of well cut — if currently bruised purple — abdomen. Looks like his seat harness wasn't too nice to him, either. "Give it a go." He drops his hands and prowls off a few paces to fetch his water bottle, Hale's shoulder given a light rap on his way by.

"Thank you sir." said softly, before Rabbit is looking to Fingers "Careful, dove. I don't jock about nice." What the frak did he say, why you're busy fighting through a Leonis accent and dirty slang he brings one fist hard in a solid hook. The left the follows through as his arms move like pistons in a car engine, a quick rat-a-tat-tat- of jabs flies as it seems, he is getting warmed up. A grunt and another kiss of tapped knuckles to the bag as another flurries of jabs end with a mean left hook.

Jupiter would be remiss in her duty if she didn't take stock of Kai's abs, since he's so kind as to flash them. Oh, look. He has matching bruises to go with hers. "Those harnesses are a bitch." Yep, definitely looking. As Hale steps up, the elder Black adjusts her hold on the bag. He's not a lot heftier than Kai, but Hale does have a little height. This could make her bruises sing. Ow. Yep. Ow. Ow. Ow. That's all internal. She just grits her teeth a little as those jabs rattle right through her body. "Now you're just talkin' dirty to me."

Poor Jupiter. Maybe her squad leader just has it in for her tonight. He drops into a crouch so he can rustle up his water, unscrew the cap, and take a sip. Not like he's winded or anything approaching it, but it's an opportunity to let a little of that aggression simmer off for a moment. Pushing to his feet again, he approaches on the tail end of Hale's second set. "All right. I'll swap off with Black. Either of you two" He splits his index and middle finger to indicate them both. "get me in the knee" He indicates the left. The one responsible for his slight limp. "I will put you down. After I'm done rolling around on the floor like a girl."

Hale laughs as a haymaker is tossed right into the back, followed by the other hook and then a few jabs coming in, solid punches beating a damned fine tattoo on the bag, as it seems Rabbit's speed is starting to show, once he is started he hits quick, and he hits hard. "Keep her tight an I'll buy you dinner Fingers.." a joke there though the meaning is right lost as a few more punches slide in. When the Cap calls dibs he backs up a little, a glance to Jupiter to see if she wants first go, of he should continue.

"Frak me." She grits her teeth and leans into the bag, her words either a response to the dirtytalk or the ridiculous force behind the punches. She leans in through it all, though, and backs off when Spider speaks up. "Like a girl, huh?" Jupes straightens. "Thanks for pointing out the weak spot." She shrugs her brows with a smirk, then bends to snag the tape Hale dropped. "Give the Captain some of that so he doesn't feel left out." She left her wraps in the Berthing, so while she wraps, Hale can tenderize Kai. Shhhrrrrrrrp. Wrap, wrap, wrap. Shrrrrrp. Wrap, wrap, wrap. She reaches up to rub her shoulder.

No dirty talk from the their CO. Though he might be hiding a small smile at the interaction between Jupiter and Abraham. "Lay it on me," he offers the taller man, settling into position behind the bag.

"Roger that." a grin and Hale is turning back towards Kai, waiting for the bag to be situated and such before that thick arm of his is singing a right hook. Lucky you, Spider. He's all warmed up and sending in a hail storm of punches to pepper the bag. Work his frakking arms weak, which won't be too hard given the weights he did today "Right no knee, hate t' see ya gaspin around on the ground like a bloody little girl sir. Might take a hit to your machismo." all rolled out as he does what the Captain order. Lays it on him.

Kai keeps on with this slight expressions thing, Jupiter might get bored enough to see if she can turn up the volume on the emote. She doesn't say boo about it, instead, she finishes taping up her hands, and stands back watching Hale do his thing. "Ah, machismo. How I love machismo." Because it's better when you can make men with epic machismo cry. But she doesn't say that. No, no, she watches Hale abuse the Captain, then passes behind him to put herself on deck. "Don't spend it all in one place."

See, Spider may lack a few inches in height, and he may cry like a girl if you give him a stiff kick in the knee, but the thing is? He can pull off a six G pitchback to roll, in atmo, without any shaking on the pedal. In other words, he can pretty well take what Hale can dish. There's a grunt and a slight shuffle of combat boots with the first hook, and a brief displacement with one of the more wicked crosses, but the bag's held damned steady during the ensuing hail of fists. And hey, no harshing on his smile. At least it's something.

A bit of a laugh there when Jupiter comes up, and Hale packs off. A look as hands press to his knees and he squats for a moment before coming back up. "You got some bloody good hold there, Spider." yeah more odd compliments from the tall pilot, but hey, beats nothing else right? And so tis the elder Black's shot at the bags, and he is moving to watch, see how she moves.

Jupiter, being a person of pretty obvious expression, except when she's being sneaky, may be a little unsettled by people who play it close all the time. But that's a story for a another time, a time without taped up hands and a superior officer behind the punching bag. Jupes steps in a little closer as Hale vacates the prime position, and she levies some abuse to the bag.

While Jupiter started out her fighting style as a kickboxer, she's since taken up Caprican Four Limb, which is a fancy way of saying bringing on the pain with every angle, elbow knee, and the occasional dirty pool type headbutt. The punching starts out light, one-two. She gets a feel for the bag, and how the deep bruises are playing against her. Three. FOUR. Harder. Elbow, suckerpunch, kick, knee, KICK. The last one brings some momentum with it, landing solid, center bag, hard.

Jupiter's a little like a volcano threatening to go off, sometimes. And this is one of those times. Kai takes a moment — while he has one — to roll out his shoulders and square his stance again, before bracing the bag for Jupiter's go. Slap slap slap BAM. She's not quite heavy enough to knock him back, but he definitely felt that one. Hello, bruise. Then she's getting her elbows and knees into it, and he probably has some idea of what's coming. The last kick is hefty enough to knock an audible grunt out of him as the bag displaces him back a half-step. "Nice hits, Fingers." It's sincere. "You too, Rabbit."

Jupiter is damned interesting to watch, the fact that she comes all limbs a swinging once the bell it rang is enough to cause the former pyramid player to bring a hand along the back of his neck as he watches. "Frakkin, Crike.." Abe half whispers and whistles out before he is looking back towards the Captain. And the grunt is enough to bring a look of 'Color me impressed' up on the tall Viper Jock's face.

A blink before he's nodding "Bloody right, good hit.." and then he is looking over to Kai, the grin there as he nods his head. "Thank you, sir." offered after a moment. A raise of the brow, want him to come around an hold th' bag in order to fully round robin this thing?

Jupes steps back from the bag with a huff of breath. She nods to Kai and reaches up to rub her shoulder again. Nothing like assaulting a bag to figure out where all the sore spots are. She nods to Kai, a little smile teasing her lips. She likes it when her spotters grunt. Small pleasures, you know? "That's why Martin's still pretty. We don't lose bar brawls." She grins and rolls her shoulders, wincing very faintly at the protest from the right one.

Kai releases the bag after Jupiter's done with it, eyes lingering on the young woman as he backs away and works some kinks out of his hands, his own shoulders. "I haven't seen Caprican four limb in a long while," he confesses. There's a nod to Hale's browraise, and he trudges on by before dropping into a crouch by his duffel bag again. The water bottle's uncapped, and his head tipped back for several long swallows that bob his adam's apple. "My brother used to fight like that. Always kicked my ass." Machismo? Not much, for a pilot.

"That's what it's called eh?" asks Hale as he is coming around the end of the bag for a moment, taking time to get planted and to lean into the bag before he is nodding over to Jupiter if she is wanting to continue. "I've seen it before, bloody didn't know that is what Caprican Four Limb was.." He pictured it more of a dance like mode of fighting, but bloody if thay didn't have a frakkin' fierce look to it. "Where are you from, Sir?" It was always easy to tell where Hale, hailed whenever he opened his mouth.

Jupes shakes her arms out a little, then resumes a position in front of the bag. "It's a pretty tiring style, so you have to put 'em down fast." She resumes coming at the bag, arms first again, building up a little momentum. A couple of punches connect, just teasing really. "Then," elbow, wham. Knee. "Frak off before," Kick, she takes a half step back, bouncing on her toes, "Cops show up." SMACK. She pivots and kicks the bag as hard as she can without taking a running start. It comes in from the side, instead of taking the bag straight on. While not in danger of hitting Hale, it could send him off balance if all his weight is forward.

What looks like a Sagittaron, and talks like a Sagittaron — with a distinctly 'throaty' enunciation of consonants — probably is a- "Sagittaron." The water bottle is tossed into his bag, and he briefly fingers the stitches at the back of his head as he gets to his feet again. Probably should be in his rack, reading smut, but what's a Captain good for if not setting a bad example? He's quiet to let the two converse for now, mostly watching Jupiter attack the bag rather like his namesake. "I'd like to learn. If you're up to teaching me."

That would make Hale an amateur when it comes to the Athletic department. There's a grin through the hits, and to the sid kick he releases the bag with a ste and catches it before coming back in, as if he's done this slide before for someone else. Give Hale some credit where it is due- the bugger can hold a bag when he's not racing his viper about like his own namesake. "Smart fighting tactics." grunted out with a chuckle.

Jupiter nods, looking over to Kai. "Sure, but…" She backs off the bag, "I'm a harsh mistress. And I'd like time to heal first." There's another little wince. "My harness turned me purple." A small admission of weakness? Say it isn't so! "Plus I think my foot might be infected." She snickers quietly, then coughs. It's only funny if you know she kicked marine in the face with a bare foot. Ok, maybe it's not funny. "Good arms." She nods to Hale. "Remind me to take you with me the next time I crash a brawl." Start a brawl. What.

"I didn't mean tonight, Black," Kai points out drily, checking his tape as he comes up to Jupiter's starboard side. "All right, swap off and let me have a go." He fists his hands and drops them, loosening up his shoulders and his stance a little.

"Right." If any of you watched Pyramid, you'd know that is a pretty good idea anyway, as Hale mainly was a goon of a defender. still the smile offered to Jupiter shows he'd be for it, already moving to be ready for the Captain's blows coming in, a little lean to give it some stability, but he'll be able to move when he is needed. "Lay her on Cap."

"You could have meant tomorrow," Jupes grins a little, then steps to the side to make room for Kai. "How about after my flight status is reinstated." She drops to the mat, and watches the Captain re-warm while she takes a moment to stretch.

Vendas steps into the room in her blues. The Major steps to the side of the hatchway and crosses her arms. "Captain Marek." That's all she says, watching the group of Viper pilots.

"How about you wipe that cheshire grin off your face, and pray to the Lords you get your flight status back-" Hopefully Hale's ready for the Captain, as he's presently laying into the bag with a machine-gun series of jabs, hooks and crosses, finished off with a solid elbow that throws all one-hundred eighty pounds of pilot into the thing. Growl. Yeah, about that aggression. He's about to continue, when the CAG happens to walk in the door. And call him by rank. He stops abruptly, both palms flat against the bag as he turns to look toward her. "Sir."

"Zeus's Frakkin' balls." comes Hale's grunted out words as it seems that the Captain is intent on trying to reach him through the bag with his hits. When palms hit the big pilot is still bracing for more, before he is releasing the bag. A glance over towards the Captain before he is looking and seeing Vendas, and what's that? Rabbit is now at attention with a salute quickly thrown between a short pant.

Jupiter turns her head slightly to watch the Captain wail on the bag, then swaps to her other side to slow stretch. She breathes out slowly as her muscles get used to the idea of all this moving around again. "Sir." The word is an acknowledgment and an apology all in one. It's all in the tone. Shit. She's a little slow to get up. For the love of the Gods, bring on a hot tub.

Vendas ignores salutes in here. She watches the Captain do his punching routine, waiting until he looks back to her. "Seems you owe me a briefing and status report. Let's go." She cants her head towards the exit hatch before slowly moving back that way. "Ready Room in ten minutes." She pushes back through the hatch, shutting it behind her on the way out.

"Yes, sir. Be right there, sir." Karim's nothing if not brisk and officious, once his CO makes an appearance. He pulls away from the bag, already setting to ripping tape off his hands and balling it up. "Take it easy, Black. I don't want the CMO breathing down my neck because you overdid it." Hale gets a slap to the shoulder as he goes for his duffel. "Good workout. We need to talk soon." About what, who knows. But it doesn't sound like a bad sort of 'talk'.

It never sounds like the bad kind of talk, but… "Roger." Jupiter straightens, and peels the tape to rip it off her hands. "Luck." With the CAG. "I'm good." She looks over to Hale. "When I'm less funny colors, we're gonna spar."

Hale nods all the same, looking back to the other two pilots, as he brings his hand down and rips the tape free, unwinding it in a rapid pace before he nods back to Black. "You got it Fingers. Curious to see how that goes." You have your style and he has his own way of brawling and boxing. Should be interested to see how that plays out. "Thank you for th' practice, Lieutenant, Sir."

"Should be a good time," Jupiter replies, with another nod to Hale. "But I suggest bringing some ice packs." She reaches up to pull her hair carefully free from the tail, her fingers brushing through it, pausing on hidden stitches on her scalp. She ruffles her hair out, and flicks it over to cover the little shaved spot. "I'm gonna hit the showers, Rabbit. You need a spotter later, give me a holler."

"Right." grinned out before Hale is moving as well. He'll hit the showers, probably down in the berthing's head so as not to worry about much else, or he might head to the one down by the JO's quarters, depends on where he thinks he'll find good, an hot water

"Right will do. Catch y' Fingers." said as he is moving to follow th' rest out of the Gym

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