Summary: Everybody hits Sickbay for treatment.
Date: PH082 (09 July 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Sickbay
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #82
OOC Time: Thu Jul 09 23:03:17 2009

The hatchway immediately opens into the larger room, though the muted blues of the room are complimented by the white sheets on the various beds lying at wait for any injured personnel, which are lain out in neat rows. Curtains are available around certain bed bays for examinations and privacy during them. Rows of lockers around the room are labeled in easy-to-read yellows that contain everything from surgical supplies to the basic items such as sterilized bandages. A counter to the Fore end of the room is the ships pharmacist and can dispense items like aspirin and ibuprofen to anyone who might need it. Behind the manned counter stands an electronically locked metal door that leads back to some of the more controlled pharmacological items. To the rear of the room is a specially designated and sealed 'clean area' for surgeries.

Salazar is sitting on a gurney enjoying a physical by a nurse, and a bandage check. It's nothing too remarkable. Yeah, she's topless, but he curtain's closed, so no one else gets to enjoy that. "Ow," from behind the curtain she gripes. "Watch the hands."

A mission just ended and Corporal Jacobs knows what that means, especially since the known civilization has ended recently. He comes rushing into the Sickbay, his own pack of supplies slung over his shoulder. "Move, move move." He says to anyone who gets in his way, getting a gentle push to get them out of the way. He makes his presence known, "Jacobs is here!" He says aloud, making sure everyone knows. Sometimes you just have to be around to help if folks need it.

Timon, for his part, is giving an unfortunate attending his complete medical history, which grew quite a bit longer after his little excursion to Scorpia. "Let me be sure I have this right," comes the voice of a disbelieving medic. "Broken Raptor-stuff to your nose, battering ram to your torso, sharpnel to your left leg, and bullets in your arm and your stomach?" Ivory's reply is muffled, but the medic's response — not so much. "Both legs? Did you try to ask a Centurion out on a date?"

Salazar reaches over, her fingers curling around the edge of the blue curtain. She yanks it open, eyes the new arrival (Jacobs), then whips it closed again after she's given him a dark eyed look <tm>. Mutter.

Pike comes into sickbay, looking out at the throng of incoming wounded being administered to in way too small a facility. Still, she finds herself gravitating towards the nearest person being worked on, in this case Salazar. "Hello, presuming we've not met, I'm Dr. Pike." She examines the chest wound being administered to. "Any other injuries besides the chest wound?"

Fenris got off relatively light, though, she still does need a hand getting into Sickbay. She ends up set someplace to wait, occaisionally slapping herself in the face to keep awake. She's kinda pale, notable if one knows her typical complexion, but she's patient, for the most part, while the more bad off are tended to.

"When the next one of you has a moment, I think I totally got shot in the tum-tum. Just saying." There's no real guess there, Jules is smiling, but there's some pain in her expression as she sidles over to a free bed and sits down, laying her weapon aside.

"Nothing that hasn't gloriously healed," Salazar lifts her hands, pointing across her chest to either arm where three bullet scars are nice and pink and freshly healed. Actually, one is stitched and could use a suture removal. The chest wound is looking pretty good. Oh, and she's got a shitton of tattoos. So, pain probably isn't the biggest problem for the woman.

Samantha was pretty much sent straight to surgery, which is where she'll be for a bit no doubt. But at least there's no paniced calls or emergency codes from inside the operating area. Seems she's going to be just fine…

Fellow marines obviously will be getting more attention from Corporal Jacobs. He pushes his way through any sort of crowd there may be. "Lay back." He says to Jules. He waits patiently as well if she listens to him, making sure to check visually for any signs of bleeding.

The medic exits Timon's bed with a grimace on her face, not bothering to draw back the curtain. The man's left arm is still in a sling and his shirt has been removed, revealing on his chest all sorts of cuts and abrasions that still haven't healed. His right leg has been wrapped in gauze, which as time goes by is turning from white to pink to an angry red.

Legacy slips into Sickbay, likely straight from the hangar deck, if the flightsuit tied around her waist is any indication. She doesn't barge in, but stays close inside the door, waiting and watching.

Jules lays back almost on command. It's like voice command marine barbie, really. She even starts undoing her body armor, at least near the bottom. The wound is more obvious and bloody when the armor is shifted. "Got knicked, I think. Armor doesn't work. I got shot a few times." She shrugs it off and says, "Got a graze on my right arm in the fight right before evac."

Pike nods to Salazar, then says to the medic assigned to her, "Check those sutures for seeping, and remove them if they're good to go." She nods assuringly to the inked-up Marine, then moves over to check out Jules. "Oh dear." She then looks to Jacobs. "Get her prepped for surgery, we'll have to get that ammo out…" Arielle then spots to Timon, "Oh frak me… who's watching this man?" she calls out to the room at large. She snaps her fingers and points to one of the medics. "You. O.R's in use and he's losing blood by the gallon. I'm operating, you're assisting."

Roubani isn't hurt, he's one of the gawkers. His arms fold as soon as he walks in, shoulders going tense at all the people and activity, but it doesn't drive him away. His darkly circled eyes skim the place, looking for the various injured and what states they're in.

Fenris continues to keep herself awake in the background, while the hornet's nest is stirred up.

"Poet; Captain." Ivory offers the two newcomers a salute before his good hand reaches down in a futile attempt to pull out a blanket from under his body. He'll cover his exposed torso with his sling, then, hiding from view as much of his pasty white skin as he can. Then, as Pike reaches him and says that dreaded o-word — "Whoa there, Doc," the lieutenant says, lifing both arms to ward her away. "Do you mean amputate? I need a foot to push my pedal to the metal or however that idiom goes."

Thea reaches up to rub her shoulder slightly, watching the activity, listening. When she hears Ivory and sees him trying to ward Pike up, well, she finally speaks up. "Ivory," she says quietly. It's just that one simple word.

Jacobs nods, "Yes ma'am." He says to Pike, also automatic. It's like voice command medic G.I. Joe really. With some key phrazes as well. "Lay still." He says, "Don't want to make that thing move around. He takes over with a little automatic Violence of Action. He forces her arms aside and undoes her body armor for her. He leaves it wide open as a knife is pulled from his pocket and he quickly cuts her jacket open. He then takes a second to examine the wound closer.

Salazar nods to the Doc and does her best to ignore the hands fiddling about with her various parts. She's pretty good at it. "Thanks." She then looks to the medic. "Let's make this snappy. Painkillers would not go amiss. If you don't have any, I do."

"Sir." Like Legacy, Roubani only says one word in greeting to Timon, and it's given softly. His arms stay protectively folded, his band of prayer beads wrapped gently around his left hand.

Pike looks appreciatively to Thea, then says to Timon, "No, no, Lieutenant, quite the opposite. Your leg wound is bleeding profusely, and if I don't get the projectile out and the wound stitched, you probably *will* lose the leg. And since that probably sounds as not fun to you as it does to me, I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen." She looks to the medic. "I need local anaesthetic, 25 cc's." The medic rushes off for the pharmacy cabinet.

Timon smiles as widely as he can with the prospect of surgery on his mind, relief flooding through every not-shot-off cell in his body. "Hear that?" he calls out to Legacy and Roubani. "I shall drive another day, perish the thought." The doctors are given an appreciative look, particularly Pike. Life looks a lot better now than it did.

Thea relaxes as Timon gets good news and capitulates. Tense shoulders drop slightly and she nods to the man, then to Pike, offering them both a small smile. Her attention moves over the rest of the patients, but finally, ultimately, ends up on Roubani. "Welcome home, Poet," she says in a very soft, very quiet voice, likely meant for his ears only.

Jules looks a little chagrined at being left a tad exposed, but doesn't otherwise protest. No, she just lays on the bed like a good Marine. She looks up at Jacobs and notes, conversationally, "Y'know, we have a puppy onboard the ship now." Pause. She lowers her voice and adds, "Before it was just a cat and some bunnies."

Which means Timon will eventually remember all those things Roubani said to him on the ground, and there might be blood. Civilised, gentlemanly blood, of course. His dark eyes drift towards the floor and then back up, looking at Thea. They're not quite guarded, per se, it's just like looking at a house with the blinds drawn, someone separating one or two slats open with their fingers. His lips do twitch a little though. "You too. Gods, you too."

Fenris looks toward the doorway and says softly, "Hello, Captain." before sagging onto her hands.

There's a soft yelp from behind Salazar's curtain. It was awfully masculine to be hers. A moment later, a medic trundles out and goes to tend so someone else. A throaty chuckle follows, and the ex-marine re-dresses.

Jacobs nods, "I know about the cat and the bunnies." He says. He mutters a bit to himself then, shaking his head. "I like dogs, you know." He says conversationally, like there's not a woman with a bullet hole in her laying on the table in front of him. He takes a hold of one side of her hips and one shoulder. "Don't resist, don't move." He says as he gently and systematically pushes his hands underneath her torso on either side of her, doing everything he can to not move her while he does it.

Thea studies Roubani for a long moment then asks, quietly, "Why don't I take first shift, Poet? You come and spell me in a couple hours after you've made sure all your books are where you left them and Morales hasn't done any cleaning." There's a small smile, but then Fenris calls out and she takes a step in that direction.

Pike begins cutting away at the bandages on Timon's leg and finds the still-bleeding wound. As her medic brings back a syringe of anaesthetic, she takes it in hand, squeezes out the air, and administers the dose. The stuff works fast, Timon's thigh should be going numb fairly quickly. As she reaches for a forceps to extract the bullet, she says to Thea, "Excuse me, Althea, your dressings… you get those on the surface?"

Jules has a nice little exit wound in her back, conveniently to the side of her spine. She does her best impression of a limp ragdoll and stays as still as possible. "It's awesome is what it is. I love animals so much. I didn't see very many on Scorpia, but the dog looked like his owner took really good care of him."

Roubani nods absently to Thea. "When you speak to Passi and Stathis, will you tell them I'll be back shortly…" His voice remains quiet. As Fenris wakes up he extends her a very vague half-smile, then turns to drift out.

Once her bandages are off, or changed, and sutures are removed, the marine makes her way toward the hatch with her very own personal escort MP to the Cargo Bay, where civilians go to stew. "Gods, I hope this paperwork goes through…" Salazar mutters as she goes.

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