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Here players will find additional information that deals with items that don't exactly fall into the other categories listed. These are just direct copies of the +news files found within the game. These are listed in alphabetical order to facilitate easier access.

Approvals of Applications

Kharon MUSH utilizes a two staff approval system for all new characters that get submitted to the MUSH for play. While this process will dominantly be handled by the Player Support and Storytelling teams of Staff, any Staff is able to do a partial approval of a new character.

Why do we require two staff? Quite simply — Quality Control. Having two sets of unique eyes look over a sheet and background can find potential mistakes. This also helps us get plot ideas from background hooks and make sure everyone has a good time with their new character!


Any department head may put in a recommendation for military awards for personnel whom qualify, similar to recommendation for promotions. The Commander must approve all award nominations, and may commission an investigation to determine if the award is warranted.

Medals are not a big part of the Battlestar theme. Consider how many times Starbuck and Apollo have single-handedly saved the fleet, and never received a medal. Medals will only be given for truly heroic actions.

  • Distinguished Airman's Medal: Awarded for heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight. RL Equivalent: Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Silver Cluster: Awarded for valor in the face of the enemy. RL Equivalent: Silver Star
  • Air Medal: Awarded for meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. RL Equivalent: Air Medal
  • Fleet Commendation Medal: Awarded for distinguishing oneself by heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service. RL Equivalent: Army/Navy/AF Commendation Medal


Promotions in the Military are a moment of distinction and pride. They are also something that does not necessarily come easily as people make careers out of the Military. In an effort to keep a good balance between realism and RP, Kharon MUSH utilizes the following process to handle promotions of characters.

E-1 to E-3: All promotions can be given without consultation of the Promotion Review Board by their respective Commanding Officer (Department Head).

NCO (E-4 to E-9) & Non-Competitive Officer Grades (O-1 to O-6): All promotions will need to be approved by the Promotion Review Board. The Promotion Review Board consists of the other Department Heads aboard the CEC Kharon, who will give a yea or nay that the person has earned their promotion either through leadership, mission involvements or other levels of excelled merit. Once the Promotion Review Board has confirmed the promotion they will notify the Commanding Officer of the person getting promoted and send a CC to the CO & XO on the promotion.

Competitive Based Officer Grades (O-7 to O-10): This is one of the more difficult promotions because not only does it require approval from the Promotion Review Board, but both the CO & XO have to give their approvals before the promotion can be administered.

Why did we decide on this method? Staff feels that it will generate not only more RP, but it will keep everyone in communication with one another about what the other groups are up to. Sometimes it is nice to know why all the Pilots keep getting promoted to LT's and Captains for example.


Having trouble trying to figure out your rank? Think you should be a higher or lower rank because of your characters age? Have no fear we have created this handy reference chart to help you out!

Rank Level Enlisted Officers
1 18 23
2 18.5 24.5 / 24.5
3 19 27 / 27
4 20 33 / 30
5 23 39 / 33
6 26.5 45 / 36
7 33 - -
8 37 - -
9 40 - -

The listed ages are based on 'average' service and are to be used as guidelines. Officers need to keep in mind that they are required to serve 'minimal' time at certain grades. The ages that are highlighted show your absolute minimum age for a "fast-tracked" career. Rank 7+ for any Officer is competitive based, which means you won't get promoted through attrition Command has to promote you.

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