One and the Same
One and the Same
Summary: Martin and Aly finally get to talk…and so does Ashe.
Date: PHD#222 (11/26/09)
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Martin is awake amongst the throngs of damaged Kharon survivors resting in the sickbay. Nearly filled to capacity, the place is a rather quiet, sullen locale. Two of the worst off are Ashe, who's recovering from multiple surgeries due to taking twenty bullets and Jupiter who suffered a massive hole in her abdomen from incoming Raider fire that breached her canopy. Awake and ignoring an obvious nudie-mag that's been left on his end table, Martin is in a bed next to Jupiters. With a reading light on, his eyes are lowered to a small paperback novel. His right leg is above the sheets, bandaged at the side of his thigh and at his calf, all wounds suffered from shrapnel that found its way into the cockpit of the Viper that nearly didn't make it home.

Aly makes her way in. She's been in and out fairly regularly, though usually when Martin's asleep. He'd have vague memories of her kissing his forehead or tucking him in, most likely. This time, though, he's awake. She smiles, despite looking like utter hell, and heads that way. "Well, looks like Sleeping Beauty's finally up," she quips.

From the moment of her first syllable, Martin's already folding up his book to greet her. Having well enjoyed catching up on his sleep that the Cylon Raiders kept him from for over fifty hours, he's sporting a deep five o'clock shadow, but the black circles are gone from under his eyes. Cracking a soft smile, he sets his book atop the pornographic magazine and extends both of his arms towards her, beckoning her into an embrace. "There you are…I've been asking around about you." Martin says quietly, keeping his voice down for the benefit of the others. "I feel like I haven't seen you in a week."

Her arms wrap around him without hesitation, without self-consciousness. She doesn't seem to care if anyone knows. The girly mag gets a wry little grin, but most of her attention is on the man. She found his dark circles, clearly. It looks as though she hasn't left. "I think it's been almost that long since we had two seconds to talk," she whispers, brushing her lips over his. One hand slides up to his growing beard. "McScruff."

Brushing his lips against hers one more time, Martin's arm squeeze around her. His body is easy to read as the sheer amount of relief to see her is evident in the way he holds her. Perhaps it's just that he's happy the worst of it has ended. "You like it? I was gonna ask for a razor or something but since I can crutch it around I'm pretty sure they're letting me out of here soon." Martin replies, pulling back so that he can see her face. "The last I remember, really, is you manhandling me onto a cot so that I could sleep. Was I really that bad?"

Aly settles down on the edge of his rack, bending slightly so she doesn't smack her had. One hand remains on his chest, the other finds his fingers, twining with them. "Yeah, you were," she says softly. "I'm so sorry I had to do that, love, but you were barely able to move. I…" She glances down at his leg then back up to his face. "I shouldn't have let you out again." Like she could have stopped him.

"It's okay, baby. If I can barely remember any of that I was probably so bad off that I was coin-flipping between which Kharon to land on." He replies, bringing the back of her hand to his lips. Gazing down to his leg, he carefully lifts himself and moves towards the edge of his rack, giving her a little bit more room. "I was just worried that if the medical staff knew they'd think you were picking favorites." He pauses for a short breath. "Well…because I did go out again we were there to stop this chasing problem, but do you really want to know what goes on out there?"

"If the man I love is going to come home with shrapnel in his ass," Aly says, tone dry. "Then yes, I sure as hell DO want to know what's going on out there." Yep, same old pert, tart Aly. There's relief in her eyes that he's talking, his normal self.

He's talking his normal self, of course, but the issue of Jupiter has yet to be addressed, which he seems to be focusing on the rejoining of them first. "Well…I don't want you to get scared when I go out there, so maybe this will put you at ease actually." Martin says, urging her to rest beside him. "We were swarmed and some of us didn't make it back, but I'd nearly lost flight control when I got these two beauties. I was somehow able to land the bird, and probably wouldn't have if I didn't get that sleep, so thank you…" Martin says, swallowing before he continues. "Well that's when the cylons boarded, so bleeding all over the place we kinda all took control of the hangar and got more birds out there. We found out why the Cylons were tracking us and were able to get it taken care of. I actually was in a breached flight suit, tying a patch around my leg while we were out there. That's where the blood loss on my chart came from." Martin smiles softly, feeling a little proud at being a part of the team that stopped the 42 minute clock. "What happened out there with the chasing and the hell…that was easily ten times harder than anything I've ever done since this war started. So if I can limp it through that, maybe you don't have to worry so much, right?"

Aly listens. Luckily, she's doctor enough to have heard similar stuff before, though that doesn't stop the color from leaving her cheeks. She's quiet for a bit then leans down to kiss him softly. "I'm so proud of you, sweetheart," she whispers. "And if you ever do that again, you're cut off…well, no. You're not. Because if you are, then I am. But I swear to all the gods and on everything that's holy I WILL bite."

"I'll do my best to keep that from happening." Martin replies, kissing her in return. It's the nature of the job, he can never make too many promises. Quieting, he brushes his hand through her hair and leans his forehead against hers. Closing his eyes, he lets out a soft breath. "Enough about me. Are you okay? I wanted to keep dropping in to see you and Peanut, let you guys know I came back every rotation, but I had to double up on a few."

She rests her forehead against his. "I've been keeping an eye on her," Aly murmurs. "I don't think she knows who the hell I am, and that's ok." Her eyes close and she relaxes a little. "I'm looking forward to sleeping. Of course…I hate to ask, but can you let your other squaddies know if you can lend your bunk out for a bit. Apparently the other berthings are in pieces in space." Ow. That's never good.

"Yeah, I heard about the Raptor berthings…well…I saw it." Martin replies, soothingly brushing his hand through her hair as he rests his free hand on her back, just below her neck. "If you don't mind me bringing a few things and stowing them at your bunk and putting up a few pictures for the time being? I don't want to invade but half the time one of our bunks is empty and was actually gonna bring this up. I'll offer mine to Sparro or Legacy or whoever." He pauses, inserting a little humor. "Just temporary, I promise I won't raid your fridge."

Poor Aly. She pulls back just a bit and gives him the sweetest of sheepish looks. "Well, given the fact that you can't keep shrapnel out of your ass, I took the liberty of moving a few of your things down. Just tell me what else you want, make a list, and I'll move the rest. I left your bunk with fresh sheets, but didn't want to presume," more than she already had.

Martin's eyebrow twitches as he gives her a demure look. "And lo does the ball and chain slowly lock into place…" He says, grinning softly. "No it's okay. More than okay, but if you want me to stay after they find a new place for the Raptor squad, let me know. I don't want to invade your space if you don't want me to, okay?" Martin asks, keeping the lines of communication open on the issue. "Just my personal stuff. Photo albums, the pictures on the wall. I'll let the acting CAG know you're cleared to get into my locker." He pauses, sparing a quiet glance towards Jupiter. Sighing, he turns back to his paramour and kisses her forehead. "I'll need to keep coming here to check on her. You…don't mind helping me keep track of her?"

Aly reaches out to stroke the hair off his forehead, touch light and gentle. "No, it's not the ball and chain," she says quietly. "I just know you and know that if you had somewhere else to go, you'd give your bunk up in a heartbeat." The woman falls silent for a bit. "And I almost lost you. So please forgive me if I keep a little bit of a closer eye on you for a few days." Of course, not like she's getting a lot of sleep, either. "I rather like bunking in the Red Berthings, truth be told. Something about the most INTERESTING noises."

"Well trust me, nothing about you feels like a ball and chain. Just playing off words, that's all." Martin replies, pressing another soft kiss to her forehead as he goes silent. Swallowing, he wraps his arms around her in a deep, emotional hug and rests his forehead on her shoulder. Speaking softly, his words flow physically in the form of warm breath over her neck. They are laced with relieved tension. "Baby…" He starts, his voice a whisper. "…I want you to know that I was afraid I'd lose you too. Maybe, I don't know, maybe we've lost them. Maybe this is the start of things being quiet for a while, maybe we're free to run now. I'm not…exactly okay right now but I'm okay for you. I love you and we'll get through this, I promise."

Aly curls as close as she can, offering her warm, shoulder and strength. "No relationship is ever fifty/fifty for long," she whispers quietly. "Sometimes it's 10/90, sometimes it's 70/30. But it all balances out in the end. I'm here to catch you, love. You need to fall, I'll be here. I'm taking care of her. She's going to be fine. Sore, but fine. You're going to be fine." One hand cradles his cheek, just being close, warm.

On his bed near jupiter's, Martin is in a hugging embrace with Aly, whispering quietly to eachother as they get their first chance to talk since the chase began. "I'll be better when she's up and walking. Last I was told she's still at risk. I just feel a little helpless. At least out there I can keep her safe, you know?" He pauses, swallowing. "I saw her get hit. Saw her crash. By the time I came down to the sickbay where you made me sleep, I could barely keep a straight thought."

Aly shakes her head slightly, forehead resting against Martin's. "I know, baby," she whispers. "I know. But she's going to be ok. She's had the best doctors looking out for her. Besides, she got in here before the rush." Her smile is faint, tone wry. "So she got the good stuff. She didn't get the after-holiday sale you're getting."

"Which is exactly why when we get back up to the bunk that you're gonna have to be easy with me. I actually don't want morpha. It hurts like a bastard, but it's just pain, not infection." Martin replies with a throaty chuckle. Turning his head, he leans in to kiss her softly. Opening his eyes, he simply stares at her in silence. After a long moment passes, he smirks faintly. "We're down to one pillow. I'll say it ahead of time, but I will do my best to not steal it since it's your pillow."

Who didn't get the good stuff was Ashe. The poor bastard is in the Recovery Ward, there's no real other place to keep him. Tucked back away in a far corner to help muffle the sounds of the pained groans that escape his parched lips every. Afterall, best not worry the other patients with someone whom sounds like they are enduring a new inquisition. Oh ,there's a very long, loud groan of agony that echoes from his corner.

"Don't need a pillow," she murmurs, before being interrupted by the groan. "Given that I end up asleep on your chest -anyway-." Ahhh, but there's that groan. Aly drops a quick kiss to the tip of Martin's nose. "Back to work," she murmurs, pulling away. "Just hang in there, Corporal Swift," she calls toward Ashe. "I'll try to make sure the morpha doesn't leak out of your many holes."

"That's a good sign, right?" Martin asks as Aly slips away from him. Sitting up, he scratches his throat to worry away the worst of his need for a cigarette. Looking to his sister, he frowns bitterly. "Is there anything I can do to help, Aly? Maybe a pair of crutches if you need me to go get anything?"

The groan that comes doesn't really sound like one that is positive or affirmative in response but it isn't exactly loud either. A quieter one that is accompanied by a smacking noise and dry, hoarse mumblng.

Aly pats Martin's arm and shakes her head. "Read to your sister," she says with a little smile. "Until she hits you." And then she's on her way to Ashe's bedside, pausing for a glass of ice chips along the way. "Good evening, Corporal," she says, pulling a chair up next to Ashe's bedside. "I've got some ice chips for your throat."

Martin nods softly towards Aly's back, knowing damn well that for either professional or personal reasons she was going to keep him comfortable. Grunting, he reaches out to take his book and flips it open. Leaning towards the side of his bed nearest to Jupiter, he flips his reading light back on, his words soft and directed towards her bed. "…was a think as black as night, cloaked in the visage of a thousand years of nightmares. With a maw filled with hundreds of razor sharp teeth that dripped a gelatanous plaque-yellow ichor.."

Ashe doesn't look to well off when the poor doctor approaches, rather than pale blood drained skin it looks alight with fire as fever and infection course through his body. His head turns to the side at the noise around him, not awakening but giving him course to mumble dryly in the moment, "One .. more."

Aly reaches out to press the back of her hand to his forehead, brows pulling together slightly. A chip comes out of the cup and is brushed against his lower lip. "You shouldn't be running a fever," she says quietly.

Martin's words not only slow, but they quiet. Turning his head towards Jupiter, it forces one of his ears in the direction of Ashe's bunk. Listening to the mumbling, he's too far away to hear what they're talking about, but at least he can judge the tone of the conversation.

His hand snaps up, Ashe's that is and grasps the wrist of the hand that is feeding him ice chips. Not just warm but hot to the touch with the fever. Eyelids snap open to reveal that his pupils have rolled upwards to reveal just whites as Ashe's voice growls out. "One and the same." Despite the entire weakness of his body his grasp (for a man who is more dead than alive at least) is rather strong.

Aly goes very still as her wrist is grabbed, but she doesn't yank away. It's a matter of being still without being stiff. Her hand almost goes limp. "Which is the same," she asks quietly, keeping her voice low and gentle. Oddly, she doesn't try to pull away - yet.

Martin can't hear anything from the conversation, so he goes about reading to his sister again. The epitome of taste, he starts to read a scene from a horror novel where the creature that haunts the shady seaport town in the mountains of Leonis comes upon a secluded cottage, forcing them to either starve inside or leave to face their chances on the trails that lead back to town.

"One and the same." Ashe replies towards Aly, his hand still like a vise over her wrist before abruptly it releases and he goes limp, slipping back into near silent mumblings of the fever driven brain. But at least the pained groaning has ceased.

Aly slowly pulls her hand away, studying Ashe. After a moment, she rolls to her feet and picks up his chart, studying it, then making a note. Flagging down a corpsman, she orders some more IV antibiotics and orders the patient watched. Apparently someone's not taking chances.

Still reading, Martin is seated in his medical bed next to Jupiters. In the process of reading a horror novel to his sister, he's got one ear trained in the direction of Aly and Ashe, unable to hear what they've been talking about.

Aly is currently moving away from Ashe's bunk, a thoughtful look on her face. She swings past Jupiter's bunk, leaving a cup of water for Martin and pausing ever so briefly to drop a kiss on the top of his head. And then she moves on for her rounds.

Kai's bed is empty. The blankets are strewn in a somewhat haphazard fashion like he crawled out and didn't bother to remake them, and his boots are missing from the floor beside it. The door to the private head is presently unlatched, and he ducks out and starts ambling back over with a fairly heavy limp. His right arm's also in a sling, and he smells suspiciously like fresh cigarette smoke.

Poor Kai. There's a small problem with his trek from head to his bunk - about 5'5 of psyche, labcoat and all. As he passes, she quirks a brow ever so slightly, sniffing the air delicately. Her lips purse sharply as she eyes the CAG. "You didn't share," she tells him. Most doctors would fuss at him for smoking. The poor psyche looks like she's about to lick Kai's face for a taste of that nicotine. "I should assign you a bloody escort, Captain. Just to make sure you don't smoke. Or, at least, that you share." Finally a grin breaks through and she steps back to give him enough room. "How does your leg feel?"

Oh shit. Caught red-handed. The taller pilot pauses a moment when he's spotted, meets the psyche's eyes rather boldly, and finally succumbs to a tiny twitch of his lips. He limps a bit closer, and opens his hand to reveal about half a cigarette. "I'm willing to, if it means Major Pike doesn't hear about it," he murmurs. Ah, bribery. "Sore, but I've had worse. Don't suppose you can tell me when I'm getting out of here?" Assuming she takes it (or doesn't), he moves on past, and eases himself down on the edge of his bed.

Aly's nearby when he sits. No, she doesn't take his arm like he's 80, but she's ostensibly reading his chart while being within arm's reach. Easy arm's reach. "Mmmm. According to your chart, you should be out of here tomorrow morning, if not later tonight. I'm loathe to release you quite so soon as tonight. I think one more night in such august company might do you good." She gives him a wry, cheeky smile. "So plan on tomorrow morning, once you get cleared. I want to be sure no infection sets in." The chart is tucked back away. "You've got good color and the fact that you felt well enough to boldly saunter into the head to smoke is actually a positive think. How're you feeling?"

"Damnit I want a smoke…" Martin murmurs under his breath, but audible enough to be heard. In between chapters, he looks towards Kai and Aly, nodding upwards. "Hey Spider, good to see you about, sir." Martin offers, glancing down to his own wounded leg. "When you get a chance I need to ask you about bunks."

Kai waits patiently while Mimieux goes over his chart and makes her assessment. Unlike a few of the other stick jockeys, he's not visibly bursting at the seams to get out of here and back in a viper cockpit again. If he's agitated at the prolonged period of sitting on his ass, it doesn't show. "Tomorrow morning," he murmurs, beginning the careful process of removing his boots one-handed. "Sure." The left one hits the deck with a thump, and he starts working on the right. "I'll feel better once I'm not wasting space in here," he answers wryly. "What about bunks, Dash?"

"Well Black Berthings is locked down from what I heard so I'm gonna be offering up my bunk in Red for the time being." Martin replies, folding his arms across his chest. "I don't know when you're going back to light duty but if you're the man to talk to about it by the time I get back up to my bunk, I just wanted to drop the earworm."

Aly just shakes her head as she bends to tuck Marek's boots closer to -under- his bunk. "I think he just wants to spend time in the officer's quarters," she asides to Kai with a little grin. For now, though, she lets the men talk.

"Tomorrow," Kai answers tersely, swinging his right leg back into the bed, and easing the injured left one in more carefully. "From the sound of it. And I'm pretty sure Black Cat's got a handle on the sleeping arrangements, so you might want to check with her." A glance is sent Mimieux's way, along with a chuckle. "He's probably got designs on your couch. I know I do."

"Yeah I'll flag her down. I've been meaning to catch up with her after everything anyway and thank her and Birdman for helping me get down here." Martin replies, glancing quietly towards Aly. For a second it looks as if he might crack a grin, but inside the side of his lip twitches. He goes the PC route. "Well…I've got a place secured that I can crash for the interim. No need to leave it vacant when we could put someone else in the bunk. Officer's quarters is closer to the Ward than Red Berthings…"

Aly simply looks between the two men and just shakes her head, huffing a sigh up into her bangs. If she had them. Grinning, she turns to an incoming corpsman and procures two dinner trays. Kai gets the first one, put down nearby when he can get his good hand on it. Martin gets the other. "If he's sleeping on that couch, then look for my boot laces coming out a delicate part of his anatomy," she asides quietly to the CAG.

Kai reaches for the glass of water that comes with his dinner, and sinks his back into the pillows scrunched between he and the bulkhead wall. Blue eyes rest on Martin for a few seconds. Then Mimieux. Then Martin. Oh, he probably has some idea of what's going on there. He sips, swallows, and sets the thing aside, finally murmuring a "thanks" for the plate of food. "I'm afraid you'll have to pay damages, Lieutenant, if you injure him. Few packs of cigarettes and coffee service for a week should cover it." He brandishes his fork, slides the plate onto his lap, and digs in.

"So unless you needed it painted out for you, sir? Yes, I'll be in the officer's quarters, equally as easy to find during sleeping hours as Lieutenant Mimieux here." Martin says, grinning softly. Not that it's a big secret that they're dating eachother. Taking up his fork, he settles into eating his food. "If you do that, Aly, you're sleeping on the damned couch." He chuckles. "Damn Pandora's box you done opened, moving me into your bunk. Oh wait, shit, that's right. You outrank me." Martin smirks, and then goes into gobbling his meal.

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