OMG, Do You Work Out?
OMG, Do You Work Out?
Summary: Random gathering in the gym.
Date: PHD018 (07 May 2009)
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Gym - Deck 3

This is a rather large room that would accommodate quite a few people. The typical battleship gray color that coats the walls and floor of most of the ship is broken up here by the rubberized flooring that's done in a neutral tan. The other main addition to the flooring are stacks of dark blue mats that are available to be pulled out for a variety of purposes, though one standard is generally left at the back of the room which is considerable in its size and has a big, bright red circle taped onto it for sparring.

Free weights sit along one wall, the racks extending a little further out into the room. On the other side are the typical nautilus-style equipment common to most gyms, their standard weight sets adjustable by a simple change of the metal key in the stacks of iron. There is a fresh pile of folded towels sitting by the hatch, a plastic bin on the other side for the deposit of used towels in need of a wash.

The gym is humming with activity this afternoon, from the slapping of bags to the rhythmic clank and whoosh of equipment. Kai, himself, has eschewed the treadmill for his warmup in favour of the mats, where he's sporting fatigues instead of sweats, and currently in the midst of a long set of pushups.

Moving to the treadmills, Eileithyia's up and running ,its medium speed, run.

Sen has pulled on fatigue pants and her tanks, and pulled out the dowel rod that was keeping her hair up in favor of using an elastic band. Have to make some concessions for the gym, you know. Her dogtags are laying outside her shirt, a simple silver band jingling with them as she moves, skirting the mats in favor for the free weights.

The Aquarian moves into the gym. His hands are already preped for the punching bag. The man moves over to the punching bag and pulls on his gloves. He begins punching the bag in a series of jabs. The follow a simple outline, of one, one two, one two three. As he punches it is hard to see what is going on in his mind. Most people get hit the punching bag and give some sign of emotion, but this man, Castor, shows no sign of emotion. However the hits never stop coming, one after another. The weird thing is beyond breathing he doesn't make a sound. Though the punches begin to get more and more intense as time goes on regardless of his emotionless face.

Kai doesn't look up, and doesn't pause as the ChEng wanders past. His breathing is a little laboured as he rounds up on fifty, dogtags chinking each time they hit the mat. He's no marine, but he's obviously fit.

Eileithyia's gone a full out sprint. This time, her dog tags jinkle loudly, as runs across the treadmill. Tank-top and fatuige greens making her look like a tree and a person if one's not looking at her properly. She slows the treadmill down a bit.Marine,fit, combat-medic ready. She stops the machine and takes a deep breath.

Sen does a quick set of stretches, mostly centered around the muscles in her arms and upper back. The ChEng is fit, too, but that comes mostly with her job description of manual labor. She eyes the bench press, feeling adventurous and she moves over to the rack of weights to load up the bar. Once fifty pounds is evenly distributed, she glances around for someone or anyone at this point. "Captain?" She calls across the small distance to Kai. "Feel like spotting?"

As Castor continues to punch the bag a sudden grunt comes from the man as he continues to punch, one word can be construed from his Popeye-esque language as he punches. "Pollux." The word is heard over and over again as the punches roll in. Castor begins to switch stances as he punches the bag. The combos keep rolling as the eltee jig keeps the hits coming. The Aquarian doesn't seem to be lightening up on the bag. Only moments later his order switches, one, two, three, kick.

Sixty, sixty-five, seventy, seventy-five, eighty.. Kai finally puts a knee down on the mat, head dropping down as he works to catch his breath for a moment. "Sure," he answers the other Captain, and eases slowly to his feet to fetch his towel. It's dragged over his face and through his hair, blue eyes cutting across to watch Castor with the bag. He pads off to join Sen once he's got his breathing under control. "Going in cold?"

Sen wears a simple smile on her features, making the ChEng one of those approachable type people. As she moves around to the bench to lay down on her back, she comments, "Did you know that it only requires five to ten minutes of cardiovascular activity for a fit body to reach optimum preparation to strength train?" As she scoots around a little bit to center her chest beneath the bar, she continues. "I count the walk here. Stairs." Her smile spreads a little as she looks up to the Viper lead.

Eileithyia listens. She seems intruiged by the conversation at least momentarily, before going over to the mats, situps, repetitions of 50 it seems like. She quietly listens as she works.

The punches and kicks don't stop coming, the word "Pollux" is repeated over and over again. The combos begins to switch, one, two…duck…one, duck…one, two, three, duck. One, duck, kick. The Eltee Jig seems steadfast as he works on the punching bag. His breathing is controlled, however, he is starting to sweat heavily. Though the funny thing is this, he doesn't let up. His punches and kicks begin to increase. For a 30 year old he is fast, faster than he ought to be. The a new series of words comes out of his mouth, "Frak you, Pollux." He continues to punch the bag as hard as he concieveably can.

"You're optimistic," Kai answers drily, giving the back of his neck a good scrub with the towel before tossing it atop his duffel bag. Castor, for now, is left to his venting of frusrtations. He positions himself behind Sen, hands lightly touching the ends of the bar; there isn't a single apology for his sweatiness. "Ready?"

Sen sits up slightly, if only to give a glance over to Castor. "Pollux. Is that some new slang I'm not aware of?" She asks Kai before laying back down and going through the process of squaring herself up again. "Optimistic, yes. Because pessimism is almost as depressing as realism." Her smile pinches just slightly around her eyes, as if she's now forcing the emotion to her features. Hands grip the bar, the weight of it tested against her palms briefly. "Ready." She says simply, before lifting it off of the hooks and slowly lowering it to her chest before pushing back up with a grunting exhale. Sweaty? Who cares. She'll be that way too in a moment. Speaking of sweat, "Did you know, fit people tend to sweat more and sooner than unfit people. Their bodies are more efficient at cooling." She gets out between reps.

Eileithyia watches Castor out of the corner of her eye, before glancing to get a look at the lifter and spotter. She sits up and inhales deeply before exhaling again, deep breaths. "Sounds like a call-sign to me." she says piping in.

The Aquarian continues to hit and kick the bag in perfect time, not one strike misses, however the kicks and hits become more and more aggressive however the Aquarian's face regardless of the work out continues to be calm and expressionless as the bag is assualted again and again. Suddenly the Aquarian stops. His expression is hard to read. Though as sweat drips from his brow he stares at the bag and then he takes his gloves off a moment later all the tape is cut off as he moves to the cycles. He sits down and staps himself to the heart rate monitor. The monitor suddenly pings high, though once Castor starts to work on the machine it evens out. However he is running at a level eight on a ten point cycle.

"I think you've been playing too much trivial pursuit, Captain," Kai notes, shifting his stance slightly to spot the weight as it's lifted off its racking. Fifty pounds isn't that much, but she's a fairly small woman. "Ten reps, then break," he instructs, smiling faintly as she explains her optimism. As if she asked for him to coach her. "Afternoon, Private," Eileithyia receives in greeting, without an accompanying glance; Kai's attention is firmly on the woman he's spotting.

Sure, there's fifty pounds in weights, but the bar weighs forty four pounds itself! More useless trivia that Sen keeps to herself. By the seventh or eighth rep, her arms are a little shakey, but she pushes through two more and needs a /tiny/ bit of assistance in getting it back up on the rack. "Phew. I like facts." She drags a forearm over her forehead, but doesn't sit up just yet. "So sue me. But have fun getting the JAG to take that case." She twiddles fingers at Eile in a wave of hello, not typical Captainly behavior, but they're in an off duty area.

Eileithyia smiles. "Afternoon, Captain, Sir." she responds to both Kai and Sen in a swoop of voice that's both melodious and optomistically bright. "Perhaps once you both are done working out— I could have a word with both you…" she asks quietly.

From the cycle the heart rate monitor starts to spike with a loud beeping sound as the Eltee Jig keeps pushing himself harder and harder. His face is expressionless as his body pushes itself to the point of breaking.

Kai's hands are closing over the bar by the tenth, and it's hoisted back into its racking with a muted -clang-. The ChEng's retort only draws a brisk chuckle from him, and Castor's shot a glance as his machine starts beeping. "Take it easy over there, Lieutenant." Eil receives a somewhat more curious look, and a nod, as he prepares to spot the other Captain again.

Castor does't look back but grunts, "Easy is for civilians." the machine keeps beeping however the Eltee Jig keeps pushing himself. "This ships depends on pushing yourself." His face expressionless as he cycles, however his body is sweaty, "Unless that is an order, sir."

Eileithyia turns. That beeping sound has her on high alert. She's up off the floor quickly, and begins to make her way over to Castor. She starts to open her mouth but stops. She nods to Kai. "Please… calm down…" she says. "I'd rather not have to deal with a case of cardiac arrest because your pusing yourself too hard." she's not really chastising him, but she's giving her opinion as a medic. "Besides, you're still recovering after that bout."

Sen groans as she rolls into a seated position on the bench, stretching again and taking a nice long rest before her next set. If there's even going to be a next set. So much for the ship depending on people pushing themselves. "Well. If he passes out, it frees up the machine." She pats the bench. "Your turn, Marek."

What's this? Someone stealing Kai's lines? The pilot looks ever so faintly amused at Sen's astute observation. "If you can't pace yourself properly on your own, Lieutenant, then yes. It is an order." There's a glance toward the medic, a twitch of his lips like he might smile, and then he's taking the ChEng's place at the bench. "Give me a hundred."

The eltee jigs face changes to make a sour face even though his heart monitor rates much higher than any one elses should. However he hear both Eileithyia and Kai and he changes his pacing he does follow orders and so he sticks to them. His pace drops to half that of what it was before. However as he hears Sen he says, "Perhaps the Captain can't keep up with me, sir, which is why she wants me to pass out, sir."

Sen pushes to her feet, "Hmmph. I have to load your bar for you too? Viper jocks." She says simply, as if that explains it all. She rearranges the weights on the bar, adding larger ones towards the center before snicking the smaller ones back on the end. The ChEng has nothing to add to the Castor situation, as the man's CO and a medic have both piped up about it. Not her place, though she does glance over with curious concern to see if he's going to keel over. Then he makes a comment and her lips pull into a deeper smile as she sets herself at the head of the bench to spot Kai. "Did you know it takes me approximately two minutes per foot of heavy steel welding? Which means it would take me approximately thirty minutes to seal a hatch. So in the time it takes you to get showered and dressed in the morning, plus or minus teeth brushing time…I could close you up in your berthings. I also know how to reroute hot water so Red Squadron never sees it again. Now who can't keep up with whom?"

Eileithyia shakes her head. "Just don't pass out. I mean, train but don't over do it. I think after the fight sickbays a little backed up with things. And if we get attacked it'll be a flood." she turns to Sen and Kai. "Umm… this might sound strange, but I was thinking of putting together a bit of a project." she says.. She grins at Sen .. "Dangerous." she says quietly.

Castor looks like he is about to say something to Sen however as he knows his places. He looks at Eileithyia, "I won't pass out, this is my regular work out. You have to push yourself to deal with the gee's and the stress of it all. If you don't well…" he takes a breath as he is cycling, "you will die."

"I suppose I had a feeble hope," Kai explains, "that finding something for your hands to do might keep the stream of trivia at bay." He pauses as the weights are adjusted, eyes flicking from Sen to Castor for a long moment, and back again. "But it was a feeble hope." His fingers curve around the bar, and it's hoisted off its mounting and settled into his palms with a huff of breath through his nose.

Eileithyia grins. "Well if you want to hear about my… project, I could tell you." she says to Kai as if to point out that it might stop useless trivia, she continues. "I was thinking, though I am no… engineer or mechanic or pilot, what about a redesign of the Raptors, and the FTL drives, you know come up with a Raptor/Viper hybrid with a new smaller, more efficient FTL drive?" she just puts it out there as if to change the topic.

As the Aquarian hears Eileithyia speak he suddenly stops cycling. He turns to Kai and says, "Sir, I would like to say, if I can be of help in this matter I would like to be. We need a new ship focusing on stealth and jump capibility. I think the private has some good ideas, however, I recognize that they may be almost impossible. However, sir, if we put our best minds on one ship it might work." He then stands, "Additionally, it might help morale sir, to make something we can say is ours."

Sen half leans over Kai, keeping her hands on the bar. It's a compromising position, or would be if they weren't two mature adults lifting weights. "Problem with Vipers is that they need to be sleek and compact for manueverability. Doesn't lend itself to a big clunky FTL drive. Problem with Raptors, is they are big and clunky to accomodate the FTL drive, which makes them officially suck at manuevering which is essential to make them weapons efficient." So much for her shutting up about facts. "And I'm not an expert on either." No, the CEC class ship is her baby.

Castor looks a Sen and keeps his sudden unemotional face. It is hard to tell what he thinks as he looks at Sen. Although he whispers something to Eileithyia.

Kai can't very well talk at the moment, as he's in the midst of a set of reps with that hundred-pound weight. Counting off the last few, he lifts his eyes to the woman spotting him and eases the bar back into its bracing again. "I suggest talking to the LSO about it," he murmurs to Eil, peeling himself off the bench and rummaging for the water bottle in his duffel bag. A swig is taken of it while he works out a kink in his shoulder. "But like the Captain says, there's a reason those birds are built the way they are. I'm open to other suggestions for 'morale' though, Lieutenant." He looks to Castor as the man starts whispering to the medic.

Eileithyia nods slowly. "I think so. But I think, having at least a design sketch, would be good. Even if we can impliment it, and I as said, smaller more compact FTL's." she explains. "Things for the old raptors and our ideas for new models."

Sen glances sidelong as Castor starts whispering, but if it bothers her, it doesn't show. "I'm not ruling it out. But we do have…limited parts for experimentation and fabrication." She steps back from the bar, now that Kai has reshelved it, her own shoulders rolling as if part of that exertion was hers.

Eileithyia nods. "Well I wanted to do designs firsts, before we even started parts. Good sound designs, skematic, how things work and how they functioned. Parts would be so long from now…" she shrugs.

Castor looks at both the Captans, "Sir what do we have to lose?"

For whatever reason, Kai doesn't seem to be in the mood to discuss this today. He lets the ChEng field questions instead, and scrubs the palm of his hand over his face as if it might help shed his weariness. "Your go," he tells Sen lowly, assuming the 'position'.

Sen starts moving weights again, to do her second set that is fifty pounds lighter then when the other Captain was lifting. "Manhours." She answers Castor simply, quiet for a moment as she fiddles with the disks of varying weights. "Typically, it takes my entire crew their entire shift of every work day just to keep this boat running. Whether it's changing lightbulbs, greasing the little wheels on the Commander's chair, or making sure the washmachines still wash and the dryers still dry. Special projects take time. Though…I suppose…" She concedes slightly, "The Commander's can squeak once in a while."

Kai is gentleman enough, of course, to help with the shifting of weights— distracted as he might be. Once Sen's ready, he resumes spotting for her, and remains absent from the conversation.

Eileithyia thinks. She frowns. "Ahh.. well, it was worth a try."

Castor turns and looks at Sen and simply says , "Sir you have an enlightend view because you are an officer at the end of the world." He then changes pace, "Though time will show you either know how to lead or you don't." He looks at Kai, "Sir, I hope you account for taste at the end of the world.

Sen scrunches up her face, as if she's trying to decide if what Castor just said makes any sense what so ever. She's shaking her head as she lowers herself onto the bench again, apparently deciding that she's just as confused as when she started that thought process so she's giving it up. Stretching out once more, she comments. "Now don't the both of you look like I just kicked your puppy. Nothing is written off the books yet, but I /am/ telling you there's a huge queue before we start modifying that which is still working okay. Like how in Hades are we going to refine our own Tyllium, much less where are we going to get raw Tyllium from? Muse over that during your morning cereal." She's not putting them down, or putting them out, she's just putting them to the end of the list, is all.

Castor looks at Sen and says, "The invotators move on their own, sir."

Kai remarks bemusedly without looking across to Castor, "What, pray tell, has taste got to do with anything, Leda?" He's ready to catch that bar at the slightest indication of unsteadiness, though has time to spare Eil a brief glance that's almost apologetic. "Private, I admire your enthusiasm. Don't think otherwise. Perhaps you could put some thought into the civilian situation down in the cargo bay; those people need food, medical attention, and someone to talk to."

Eileithyia nods. "That I can do!" she says with a cheerful tone. "I was actually planning on being getting several degrees in the military one of which would be in Psychology/Psychaitry." she explains. "So I will certainly be able to talk to them.I just wish we had some place to set them down, for them to call home. They don't belong on a military ship.. there are little kids there and they shouldn't be made to grow up in an environment which sees fighting, death, war and other attrocities… on a daily basis." she sighs. "Defiantely, I kind of wish we could scan for a good planet for them to set up colony on. Safe and decent…" she looks skyward and clearly is murmuring a prayer to that effect.

Sen squares up her shoulders, but before she lifts, she comments to Castor. "I'm not trying to stop innovation. I'm just adding a voice of reason, however small." And with that, she ends with a grunt, lifting the bar of weights from its holder and dropping it to her chest.

Kai leans in as the ChEng disengages the weight, hands hovering just over the bar in preparation to make a quick grab for it, if necessary. It's also probably not a bad way to check her out, though his attention seems occupied with ensuring she doesn't crush herself. "I wish we did too, Private," he murmurs softly.

Sen doesn't talk while she slowly goes about her set, putting more effort into it this time, as her muscles are tired. It's a sobering conversation, anyways, and there are no little fun facts to accompany it. When is the next time /any/ of them are going to see dirt again? To keep her mind occupied, she just counts with each exhale and each rep.

Castor has left.

Eileithyia Smirls. "I don't like this… life itself is thrown into chaos. Civilians who should live somewhat stable lives… are… thrown into situations they're not ready for… weren't conditioned for."

Kai doesn't offer anything more, himself. He counts out the remainder of the set, and helps get the bar racked and secured again, before stepping back. "We missed you at the briefing last night, Captain," he offers by way of stilted conversation, as he heads for his duffle bag. The lead viper is no social butterfly, that much is certain. The medic's given a brief glance, but what she says isn't commented upon.

Sen slides out from beneath the bar again, leaning up and then forward to prop her elbows on her knees. "I know. I keep trying to figure out a way that the cosmos will let me be in two places at once, but to no avail. I was never a physics buff." She offers a bit of a smile to Eileithyia, but she won't tread herself on that dangerous ground of civilians who are now under martial law aboard their vessel. Even if it is just a handful of them down there right now. "If you send me a brief, Marek, I'll try to catch myself up and get up to speed for the next time."

Eileithyia nods. "THank you for your time, both of you." she squeeks. "Captain." she adds at the end as if to be completely formal.

Back turned, Kai begins rummaging in his bag for a sweatshirt to tug over his tank tops. It's found, and slid into place with a jingle of his dogtags. "Will do. The CAG may want a word with you, too. I think you're about to get very busy, Captain." Even off duty, the by-the-books pilot seems intent on using rank rather than name. "You're welcome, Private. Have a good afternoon." He darts a glance, and a fleeting smile to Eil.

Eileithyia has disconnected.

Sen gives a roll of her head, from shoulder to shoulder. "Anytime." She adds to Eileithyia, before she pulls back to her feet. "Busy." She repeats, following after Kai if only to keep up with the ease of conversation. "I'm hard pressed to remember a time when I wasn't. But I don't mind. Less time to think, afterall. Do you ever get out, Captain?"

Ashe has arrived.

Kai runs his fingers briefly through his hair while Sen speaks. It was probably regulation short at one point, when they set out from the shipyards for their cruise, but it's started to grow in curly— almost enough to gain a handhold in. "I fly, Captain. That's all the 'out' I need. How about you?" He glances over his shoulder at her as he hoists up his bag; eye contact isn't quite made.

Sen gives a laugh that comes easy, even despite the times. "That's what I meant. Out. EVA'd space walks are the little perks I take advantage of, given my position. Closest I get to it. But I envy you. Throttling /away/." She shakes her head a little ruefully. "Sorry. Rambling. Blame it on the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles after strength training. Do you know the fastest way to burn that acid off is?" She turns away, though she shoots a smile back over her shoulder. "Five to ten minutes of cardio. Time to take the stairs. Thanks for spotting me, Marek."

"No, but I have a feeling you're going to-" Yep, there it is. Kai's lips twitch, like he's torn between smiling and scowling. His steely temperament wins out in the end, and there's simply no reaction at all. "Don't trip," he tosses back. Bag shouldered, he thumps on out of the gym to attend to whatever busywork is on his plate next.

You head through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.

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