Ollie Juno Morgen Pax
Ollie, Hippy Botanist & Artist
Maria Bello
Maria Bello as Olive Juno Morgen Pax
Name: Olive Juno Morgen Pax
Alias: Ollie
Age: 38
Hair & Eyes: Blonde, Brown
Faction: Resistance
Position: Botanist
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Variable
Timezone: GMT-5

Ollie is a Resistance member currently residing @ Grifter Falls Ranch.

Biographical Info


Olive "Ollie" Juno Morgen Pax was born on Scorpia in a reasonably small city called Paros. She wasn't born alone. Her fraternal twin sister, Tiff, went into the light 13 minutes before she did. From the very beginning, the Morgen girls were trouble.

Tiff, the elder, started it, and Ollie soon caught on. By the time they were fifteen, both girls were tattooed and attending wild parties (usually college parties). They both learned to tattoo by seventeen, and enjoyed budding careers as artists. Fast cars, heavy booze, drugs, and debauchery. Both girls enjoyed all of these things, and traveled between towns touring and living it up. They knew a lot (a LOT) of bikers, which made this proposition cheap and easy. And so were the bikers.

It was from these bikers that the girls eventually picked up a little more refined brawling, with just a touch of the martial arts in it. And firearms, mostly side arms and shotguns. Nothing says bored now like a bunch of drunk bikers in the woods with nothing to entertain them but women and guns. Nothing's hotter than a woman with a gun — just ask a redneck. This is also where Ollie learned the very little she knows about demolitions, which is just enough to get her killed. Oh, break down on a bike? She has a fair to middling chance of fixing it.

Ever the entrepreneur, Ollie cooked low tech drugs while her sister marketed them. That went ok until they were busted after 2 years at the ripe old ages of 21. Tiff skipped town after sneaking out a bathroom window, but Ollie, eight months pregnant at the time, couldn't fit through it. She gave birth before her trial, and the baby was given up for adoption before she caught her 2 years of a 3 year sentence. (Hooray for over crowding!)

She learned a few things in the pokey, some, but not all of which had strictly legal applications, and she read a lot. Her brawling was further refined by the necessary evils of the prison system. In the joint, she joined a work program in repairing machinery, tinkering with engines. At the time, her choices were seeing eye dog training and machines. She chose mechanics. She was able to practice her art, tattooing, but with much more primitive tools. You learn to make substitutions and break new ground.

Prison is where she learned about hydroponics, and where she developed a love of plants. When you spend so much time in a dark, enclosed space, a little garden with fresh fruit and veggies just seems like a little piece of Elysium.

Ollie carried on the clean lifestyle for a while after she got out, and went back to tattooing. She continued to read books on Botany, and even toyed with the idea of going back to college. She did, a year later, and though she was still on probation, she began growing hydroponic herb on the side. Though not the smartest move, it did help keep the bills down a bit. She grew only enough to supplement her income, and… pay for a motorcycle. What? Don't judge.

Brushing up on her mechanics skills was pretty easy to do. She learned to build and repair hydro setups, as well as a very little electrical work required in lights and lighting systems. Some of her previous knowledge in engines came in handy when working with water and pumping systems. A fairly lean lifestyle encouraged the DIY approach. She took a few classes in small appliance repair to familiarize herself with various other mechanisms.

She took a year off in her studies, which were, to that point accelerated, and traveled the colonies in search of her sister, whose infrequent mail had become less and less reliable. One birthday missed had Ollie worried. The younger of the Morgen girls did some tattooing on her travels, and narrowly missed Tiff only a few times. Her sister always cut a bit of a wide swath. After 11 months, Ollie returned to Scorpia only a little worse for wear, with a respectable amount of language under her belt from other colonies.

By age 28, she graduated college with a BS, and went immediately on to obtain a masters degree. She stopped short of a PhD when offered a job with a small company outside of Osprey. She took that job but only worked in it for six months before a phone call from her sister, Tiff, took her off colony and into the stars again. She hopped a freighter and skidded the gap between Scorpia and Caprica. The space port… presented a problem. She caught the wrong connecting cruise, and ended up skipping off world for seven years.

This, of course, was not the intention, but when a Morgen is involved, things have a way of veering slightly off course. With a newly minted masters degree, the younger Morgen spent her time traveling, picking up a bit of language here and there, repairing machinery and picking up what she could from ships mechanics and doctors along the way. She tattooed, she drank, she partied, kept a simple photo-journal, and even set up a little hydro wheel on each ship she stayed with for more than a month. She picked up enough welding on her first cruise to do this from scrap, and refined her technique every time she traded up to a new vessel at anonymous space ports throughout the Colonies. It was like a pilgrimage for her, traveling, learning, trading, and growing.

Somewhere along the line, Ollie Juno Morgen became Ollie Juno Morgen Pax. She was doing a dance with near alcohol poisoning the evening the famed event occurred, and though rose garden of the Cloud Nine will never be the same, and she only vaguely remembers the man in question, she kept the name because she liked it.

She ran into Tiff in a bar on Picon, but the two got so drunk, neither remembers much of it, and both woke up in different cargo holds the next day. They didn't speak again for seven months. Mail service is difficult on the move.

On her 35th birthday, Ollie moved back to Paros. She has lived there ever since. Had she not elected to travel to the amusement park to the SW on Day 0, she would now be quite dead.

IC Rep

Ollie Pax is a jack of all trades type who's got a little skill in a lot of things, but is only really pretty good at 3 things: talking to people, tattooing people, and growing stuff. She's a botanist from Scorpia (was living in Paros when the bombs dropped), and though she doesn't talk specifics about her past (hasn't yet anyway!) she does have a sense of humor, and a warm, welcoming way about her. She loves storytelling, and listening to others. She is pretty heavily tattooed, though hers are not exposed very often. She is a former tattoo artist.

She was with Andrew and Joanna when the bombs fell, riding with them on the ferris wheel. She hit out with them, and has been with them since Day 0. She can often be found in the barn's loft @ Grifter Falls Ranch, where she prefers to sleep when the weather permits, in the attic checking on her dry herbs, or in the garden or greenhouse during the day. Her motorcycle takes up one of the stalls in the barn, though it doesn't often get used due to it being less than stealthy.


  • Former bartender: She was a bartender for a period of exactly three weeks. Though she never really learned to mix up the drinks, she does have a knack for talking to people, and is a fairly engaging person.
  • Violence: Not a fan. She isn't a pacifist, but has come to appreciate the finer, calmer, and less explosive things in life, like gardening, meditation, and napping in patches of sunlight. (Thanks for going street justice on that thug's windpipe, with a crowbar, in front of her, Lysander. No, really.)


  • Repair
  • First Aid
  • Botany
  • Hydroponics
  • Tattooing

On the Grid

Mugshot The Skinny
Joanna Archer. I wouldn't have had the self control to make it through the warday bombings if Joanna hadn't come into my life just ten minutes earlier. She is a very good friend to have in these times an, I expect, was before the war. She is a capable woman, trustworthy, and a good gun to have at your back.
Andrew Archer. I have never met a teenage male so thoughtful and balanced as Andrew. He's polite, helpful, and well spoken. I know this situation is quite hard on him, but he bears it well. The Colonies, such as they are, are lucky that he survived. I would have said he'd make a great man some day, but the future is so uncertain, I think I'll have to settle for I hope he lives through this.
Lysander Nikos. I can't wrap my head around the things Nikos says and does. At times he seems a level headed man, and I know he must have done extensive study and self reflection to become a priest. And yet. He behaves, sometimes, as if he has all the answers, and that I will, after I see enough war, come around to his way of thinking, that the end always justifies the means. That painful death is acceptable when visited upon the enemy, that mercy is not necessary. I watched him kill a man. I don't know that I can ever forgive that.
Samuel Ecker. TBA.
Garrick Baines. TBA.
Ibrahim Cahen. TBA.
Jonah Thymes. TBA.
Diana. TBA.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Trailer Park Massacre PH142 Grifter folks stumble across a pocket of survivors in Tinos. Lysander, Joanna, Andrew, Cahen, Diana, Garrick, & Jonah.
Permission PH140 Ollie and Lysander talk permissions in the greenhouse. Lysander.
Snacks PH130 A meeting in the kitchen over snacks. Andrew & Joanna.
Friction PH062 A brief scene in the barn after the raid on the park. Andrew & Lysander.
Concessions PH062 Whack-a-mole at the concession stand in the Amusement Park. Andrew, Joanna & Lysander.


Words, Words, Words Circumstance
"Quote." Where & to whom.


  • Growing things.
  • The smell of rich earth.
  • A comfortable pair of old jeans.
  • Tshirts.
  • Fresh laundry.
  • Herb.
  • Art & tattooing.


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