Oh By Golly
Oh By Golly
Summary: Marines invade the Red Berths.
Date: PH070 (28 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Red Squadron Berthings

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #70
OOC Time: Sun Jun 28 00:33:35 2009

The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.

Eddie sliiiiides off the edge of the table, finding her feet by some miracle. "Shit. It's like a feeding frenzy. OKAY, LISTEN UP!" She raises her voice, "I'm going to put the bottle here, in the middle of the table. Please stick to the No Shirt While Drinking policy," Which amazingly enough doesn't apply to Mooner, "No shoving, no biting, but it is first come first serve. Meanwhile…I'll be in my bunk." And she's very much going to try and slip in that direction.

Willem's only response is to start whistling a slightly racous, and famous(if somewhat dated) Colonial big-band-era tune as he looks towards the growing train wreck behind him and implicitly making it clear that he wants no part in said wreck. The tune was called, "It's not my problem". Which is pretty apt, if you think about it. It's not his problem. "Scuse me, Ladies. Gentlemen. Turtles. I have a date with..stuff."

A raise of his brows and Dutch is looking back for a moment towards Levesque "Well, Pete, I do think we have a situation on our hands. Our objective is surrounded in splendor, however.." And there's a look over to the table and all that "They clearly have booze, Lords knows we could take that with us. Put it on the table as a prize." A glance is given to Willem and there's a snort as he comes in closer. "We're just here for one person…So, sirs.. don't mind us.." My it is getting clogged in here.

Hearing familiar voices, the glazed eyed and slurred talking Ashe lifts his glass towards the entrance. "Meaties!" He greets before hearing Eddie and a grin spreads on his lips, "If you need any help or company Mooner, you let me know." The shirtless Ashe continues to recline with his feet on the table and draws another sip from his glass of booze.

Antioch comments, with some vague amusement, "Not as much trouble as the marines will get in for being caught with a bunch of half-clothed pilots." He shakes his head, solemnly. "I dunno. Getting a little crowded for my tastes. Massive sausagefest."

"I got my CO to vouch for me there, buds." Levesque says, probably aimed at Antioch. He gives him a wink and a blown kiss. His green eyes dart over to Ashe. "Frack, dude, either you're coming with us or feeding us liquor. It's that simple." The short marine crosses his arms over his chest, and he nods to Dutch. "Yeah. It's like one of those ancient temples on Kobol you see in the movies, though. Take the prize and the roof falls on you. Or the pilots."

The hatch opens, and in comes Jupiter. She's a little flushed, courtesy of the last half of a bottle of ambrosia. A mostly burned candle on a little ceramic plate is in hand. It smells like sweet cherries. A pack of cigarillos sticks out of her pocket. She squints at the crowd, not really looking to see just who's in here, and makes her way past the table toward her bunk. "Move it or lose it, assholes." She puts the candle down on the table, then pulls off her shirt as she ambles past. A black, thin strapped tank is worn under, not standard issue. It's pulled half way off, too. She pops open her locker, and shoves the sweatshirt inside. Boots are kicked inside with heavy thuds: thud. thud. The pants come off next. Oh, look. An electric blue thong. No wait, don't look. The cigs hit the floor with a smack. She mutters something and bends to pick them up.

"What he said. 'Bout the sausage. Excuse me, Fingers." Willem grins with some measure of faux-graciousness. "I will be in a sausage-free zone if you feel like fleeing." Binder tucked under his right arm, he slips through the hatch now, leaving only a turn of his head and a flash of his teeth towards the probably train wreck behind him as proof of his passing.

"Is it a loss either way? I see this more or less, like when th' two cops, bust into the saloon filled with gangsters while the hapless rook is sweatin' an bleeding his balls off." The Corpsman just chuckles for a moment. Jupiter comes on by and there's a faint look of disgust, mainly for the room. "Mithras' balls on a stick. This place is worse off than a piconese whore house." Not that their own berthings are by means opulent or virtuous. But them's the breaks. Dutch rubs his nose as he looks back towards Ashe. "Where's your shirt-stud?" It seems any jibes from the flight jockeys just slide off-for now.

Matto keeps his peace, for the most part. If he's concerned about the influx of marinelife, he doesn't show it. "G'night, Mooner," he offers her, and leans forward to top off his whiskey from her bottle before the others ransack it, leaning back with an arm slung backward over the chair to sip at it in peace, drawing his shirt down onto his lap for safe keeping. He cracks a yawn as Marty's sister comes storming in after her usual fashion, and he looks to the recently arrived Marines with a faintly wine-eyed look, "The liquor of the evening belongs to the topless," he reiterates to them, "Tops off and you can have some."

Eddie is trying to make her way nonchalantly to the random crowd that sprung up, some of which may be sitting around without their shirt on with may be Eddie's doing, but let's not get caught up in details. At Ashe's offer of a helping hand or various other parts of his anatomy, she shoots a grin back over her shoulder. And then, Eddie is sloppily making her way up the ladder to her bunk, still fully decked out in her sweatshirt and pants to pass out with happy thoughts brought to you by the letter M, in Mmm and Yum. And the number eight for random purity.

Hey, it's not a party until the CAG shows up, in uniform, with a vague look of displeasure about him like he wouldn't mind nailing someone's ass to a bulkhead. That look only intensifies, slightly, when he spots a shirtless marine at the table. And two more jawing it up nearby. "What the frak is this, open season?" The hatch, which is held for Willem to depart, is kicked shut with his boot. "Put your clothes on, Swift. You two-" He's referring to Dutch and Levesque there. "-better have a damned good reason for being in here." He tosses his file folder on the table as he heads past. "Molesting my pilots does not count as a good reason."

Ashe pushes himself back from the table and he stands up, staggering. "Hey now, I think they're just here to pick me up. My designated walkers." The Marine states towards Kai when he arrives, grinning ear to ear. "And I'd put my clothes on, but I don't remember where I left them." He holds up two fingers as if about to list off two things then blinks and just laughs, clearly tipsy.

Antioch looks. Dear gods, he looks, and is blinded by the light. As his eyeballs are metaphorically seared away by the electric blue sight of Jupiter's thong, he knows he'll die happily. He lets loose with an amused wolf-whistle in her direction, just to ensure his demise will be swift and terrible. He ambles towards his bunk to retrieve his own shirt, all casuallike as though it was all part of his plan all along. He was just airing his pits, that's it. Yeah.

Levesque is definately watching Jupiter bend over to pick her cigarettes up. Like, really intently. He snaps out of it when the CAG pops in, turning around. "Uh, yes sir. One of our buddies got lost in here. We're helping him find his way and get back where he belongs. Sarge, you wanna cover that whole shirt thing?"

Wait, what? What did Willem just say? Sausage free zone? What. Jupiter scowls at her locker door as she straightens, and glances at herself in the mirror. Something tells her not to look back at the table. At the intonation of Mithras' balls, she grunts. "Marines." You'd think she would have smelled them when she came in. The wolf whistle garners a look from Jupes to Antioch. She tucks the cigarillos into the band of her panties at the hip. As Kai offers a distraction, Jupiter scuttles up into her bunk. There's a moment before she says, "Who the frak." Sniff, sniff. "Ugh." Marine stink. Looks like Jupiter found Ashe's shirt(s).

"I like my hands not gettin' Rot-sir." Comes Dutch's reply before there is a slight straightening as the Captain passes by "We came for his sorry ass- we'll be out of your hair in a minute." Least the Sergeant has his priorities down straight. No nonsense as eyes slide back towards Levesque "We'll just say the LC is a gods damned dumbass. Swift, get your shirt, and come on.." No he doesn't wish to linger here anymore than he is right now.

Kai must be used to the sight of Jupiter's various thongs. After all, there isn't much privacy in here. While Ashe hunts down his shirt, and the other marines play designated driver, he's moved to his locker and started shrugging out of his blues jacket. He might, or he might not be watching the room's antics in his shitty excuse for a locker mirror.

Matto looks, as well, but seems fairly unmoved by the assage on display by Marty's sister. It's not like he's never seen a lady's butt before. Hell, he's seen Poppy's butt more times than he can count, and Allie's and Cookies' only a few times fewer than that. He turns back to watching Ashe, since naked marines are at the very least something he doesn't see every day. And continues to sip the whiskey, beginning the slow spiral into sleepfulness. "Later, guy," he tells the marine as the others seem intent on dragging him off. "Hey, Spiderman, how's thangs?" he asks, since he's not really involved in any antics at the moment.

Jupes pulls her curtains half closed, rolls over in her bunk, and some clothing comes falling over the side. But the thing is, it's a black tank top, not one of the others that were left in her bunk. She tugs the curtains all the way closed then.

Ashe grumbles and throws up his arms, "No idea where my stuff is. I'll do the nipple cover walk though." He lifts up his hands and covers his chest to demonstrate. "See? Just like wearing a shirt but with more fleshy tones." Staggering more than walking he heads for the hatch. "You folks sure throw a helluva party."

"Er, yeah. Thanks for being helpful." Levesque says off handedly to Matto. "You know what it is, John? He's just never been shot at by something with a brain on it. Just a tin can toaster. His own brain's too sanguin about goodwill." He motions at Jupiter. "Hey, Ashe. She had your shirt I think. Apparently we have a smell. Must be the smell of people who do real work, I dunno." A smile.

Antioch says dryly, "You should be here for Casual Fridays. We really get wild then." He leans against his bunk for a moment, then decides sitting on it is an even better idea. "I don't even want to know what Jupes was doing with that shirt. I figure that way lies madness, hairy palms, and nocturnal sobbing. And that's just me."

Its more or less prudent that they do get Ashe out of here, before anything else seems to happen. There's a look passed towards Kai, as the gruffer Elder, seemingly just waits for Ashe to get his shirt, or at least up, and over. There's a nod to Levesque, as it seems the Sergeant will be covering the retreat. "Indeed it is-Peter. A frakking fine observation. Maybe we should change that with riot rounds next time. Lets see how Lace Corporal Swift can dodge, as opposed to stand before a bucnh of robots like that feller in them Lambo movies.."

Another look shot to the demo man and he's nodding to ashe "Hurry it up twinkle ass..'

"Good." Short, sweet, and to the point. It's how Kai answers most every enquiry into his well-being. Trousers come off next, and fatigues are tugged on in their place. He doesn't malinger about it; the Captain's not the sort to prance about half naked, obviously. Blue eyes flicker across to Matto, then back down as he pulls on a t-shirt. "Big mission tomorrow." You don't say. Probably something to do with the folder he tossed onto the table. To Antioch: "Fingers. Think about it."

Matto lifts his glass, eyes squeezing shut, "I'm a helper!" he chimes out gleefully, having absolutely no idea what Levesque is on about, and not particularly minding. "Why are we thinking about Fingers?" he wonders, then.

At Levesque's prodding, Ashe turns and spots where the 'she' tha thas his shirt is located. Making his way over, he clambors up a bit and with a non to subtle push of the curtain peeks his head into the bunk.

"I was joking by the way, sirs." Levesque says, to the pilots probably. He chuckles at Dutch. "Ooh yeah. Shoulda brought me tazer."

"But Captain," declares Antioch, "if I think about it too much, -none- of us will get any sleep tonight. You know I'm a screamer." This, he says with a deadpan expression. Welcome to the wonderful world of oversharing… or inapproprite humor.

From inside the bunk, through the curtains, comes Jupiter's, "What?" She's basically naked in there, but doesn't seem to give a frak. Everyone in here, save the CMC guests, has seen her naked probably a hundred times.

"Sometimes I am glad I'm not an MP, you know, Peter, that they have to tze themselves once on all settings in order to know what it feels like. That way some fraktard who crawled out of ass mud bayou on Caprica doesn't start tazin' people for the frakkin' fun of it." A kiss of his teeth and Dutch watches as Ashe just goes, and pokes the tigers, or bears…whatever the frak pilots consider themselves, by dicking his head in. "Well shit.."

"You got my shirt?" Ashe asks his head ducked into the bunk laughing as he asks it with a clear drunken tone before his voice drops. "Or are you just happy to see me?" The second comes very loudly with a laugh.

Though shirts are not, themselves, deadly weapons, when thrown with great velocity a very short distance, they can still sting. Ask Ashe. Jupiter wings his shirt to him. Can he catch with his face? Let's see.

Kai doesn't seem to have taken exception to the implications of laziness coming from Levesque. But then, maybe his mind's on other matters. His t-shirt's tugged down, and his dogtags pulled out from under it, before he crosses back to the table to fetch his folder. "Bullshit, Lieutenant. If you were that good with your right hand, you'd be able to pull off the split-s you keep fumbling on the break." It's murmured as he shuffles papers back inside, and tucks the thing inside his locker as well. Next, he drops onto someone's bunk (looks like Mars') and starts unlacing his boots.

"I got tazed on Sagittaron. It sucked. I pissed myself. Doc said if he woulda amped it up a little higher it woulda stopped my heart." Levesque notes, shaking his head at Ashe. "Hurry up you fucking failure before I come over there and bootfuck you right out the door." Then to Dutch, "I'm gonna be a fucking badass Sergeant."

Antioch glances to his right hand, eying it accusingly. "You lied to me," he tells it sternly. "For shame." He shakes his head. "Man, you can't trust anyone these days, even your own best friend." Sigh.

Finally Ashe ducks back out with his shirt in hand and pulls it haphazardly on. "Alright, let's make like a tree and get out of here." He states towards the other Marines, bumping into the table with a thud to his leg before trying to wiggle further towards the door.

"yes you are.." the Corpsman grins, before he's watching Kai. Seems like Dutch likes keeping a tabs on folks all the way around, before looking to where Ashe and jupiter seem to still be making out. or whatever it is that they do. "Good, you got your senses back. Alright marines, move it.." They can get the details over a tiger beat and pillow talk later with Ashe.

Matto eyes Antioch a moment, then just tips his head back and laughs, giving up on trying to follow the rampant perviness. He's got some good liquor and nobody's yelling at him to put his clothes back on, so he'll call it a win for the evening. Sip.

Boots off, the Captain gives them a little kick to send them somersaulting under the table, one at a time. Hey, it's better than leaving them out, where they'll get tripped over by some poor sap not paying attention. Barefoot, and in serious need of a cigarette, he slides one out of the pack in his locker. Along with a toothbrush and tube of paste. The former's lit up as he trudges off for the head at a leisurely pace; Dutch's observation is returned in a diffident fashion on his way by.

"Been a pleasure, sirs, to see what we're missin'. Evening." Greets Levesque, holding the door open for his drunken comrade.

As Ashe leaves, there's a look and a nod to Levesque to follow him out before he's looking back towards Kai "You have a good evening sir." And there's a straightening from the marine. Perhaps a sign of respect. after all the Captain did some and visit him in the sickbay "let me know when you want the beatin' on the bags.." And with that he turns smartly and trails out.

"It's leaf, you moron," Jupiter calls, before flipping her curtain fully closed.

"Will do, Sergeant," Kai calls back to the departing marine. Hey, he even let them take their time in leaving. Maybe the CAG's getting soft in his old age. Or maybe he's just cutting them slack, on account of the Big Day tomorrow.

Antioch just flops back on his bunk, making himself comfortable. "Never a dull moment," he says. "Except when everyone's asleep. Then it's dull. But we're asleep so it doesn't matter. That's when you know who's snoring and who's breathing heavily for another reason."

There's an extended silence from Jupiter's bunk, but then she swings out of it, drops to the floor with a thud, and reaches down to hunt her tank top up off of the floor. She goes for her toiletry bag in her locker. Forgot to brush. Damn you, oral hygiene.

Matto squints at Antioch, "How can you tell who's masturbating if you're asleep?" he points out the logical disjunction in his argument. If it was an argument, and not just a series of random statements. "Or do you stay up especially to listen?" he wonders.

Antioch reaches up to shake a finger at Matto. "Hush. Your logic has no place in my world of nocturnal contemplations. Especially since I'm pretty sure you're to blame. Or someone very much like you," he accuses from his bunk.

Kai is busy smoking it up, meanwhile, addict that he is. He's probably perched on the edge of a sink or toilet somewhere back there, surrounded in a haze of nicotine.

Jupiter walks through the cloud of smoke, and breathes in deeply. Sweet, sweet cigarettes. "If you suck on that any harder, you're going to swallow it, Captain," she says quietly, as she steps past to head to the sink.

"At least I'd die a happy man," Kai counters, not bothering to move his feet from where they're kicked out and crossed at the ankles, as Jupiter passes him by. His toothbrush and paste are set beside him on the counter, and he's got half an eye on what's visible of the considerably quieter berthings. He doesn't seem in any rush to get to his bunk. Pre-mission nerves, maybe.

Matto points his glass at Antioch, "You contemplate too much," he accuses playfully, then sets his glass down, done, evidently, leaving the greater part of the liquor untouched, and yawning out a vaguely intelligible "Don't blame me," followed by , "I only masturbate in the shower. Now, Poppy, she'll put herself to sleep with it, y'know? She makes the damndest noises, but, y'know, y'git used to it after a while. You must never have had a noisy bunkmate. You stop getting weirded out about masturbation right fast. I mean, everyone does it, it's not like she manifested an apparition of the Virgin Dana'e in her vagina or something."

Jupiter quietly steps over the Captain's legs, and bellies up to the sink. Thunk. Jupes drops the little bag on the corner of the basin, digs around inside, and pulls out the toothbrush. Commence brushing. Somewhere in there she pulls on the tank top. "As long as you're happy." Spit. Splat.

Antioch shrugs, the move awkward since he's lying down. "Frankly, I don't much care. It just gives me something to think about when I can't sleep," he says. Which is a lot more than he cares to admit. "Besides counting imaginary sheep and all that."

Kai does not comment on noisy bunkmates. He watches the back of Matto's head, which is about all he can see from where he's leaning, and then he watches his own boots as Jupiter steps over them. "Peachy," he deadpans to the younger pilot. Puff, puff, puff. If Kai could eat nicotine, he probably would.

Next up, the floss. Jupiter pulls a little piece off, hooks it into a disposable flosser, and sets about cleaning the sides of her teeth. Oh, yeah. She's wild. Jupes glances over her shoulder, in the mirror, and watches Kai watch something out in the Berthings. She glances back to her reflection, and reaches over for the mouth wash. "Also keen."

Didn't Kai say something once about liking good oral hygeine? Or maybe he was being sarcastic. Either way, his attention duly shifts from boots, to dental floss, while Matto and Antioch converse out in the berthings. "What're you going to do when that shit runs out?" he wants to know. His tone of voice is flat, which many would mistake for utter disinterest.

"The sheep thing works for some people, I hear," Kissy yawns, "Shepherding is the loneliest of trades. That's why all the early poets were shepherds. The shepherds all had time to go mad enough to think the Lords came to them and gave them shit to sing about," he hiccups once. Twice. Then, inspired to song, himself, begins to sing, slowly, softly. "In the land of Sandomingo… lived a girl named Oh By Jingo," and he lazily humms out the musical interlude.

Antioch closes his eyes, stretching back out, hands laced behind his head. "Keep singing, I'll pretend it's good and let it lull me to sleep," he suggests helpfully. At least he's not speculating as to what else bored, lonely shepherds do when no one is looking.

Jupiter pauses at the sink, as Kai makes his query. She turns slightly, to glance back at him. "… Don't say things like that. I need the floss to live." Jupiter's eyes narrow slightly as she turns back to the mirror. Dental floss is about to start going missing in the berths. "Someone around here better learn to make it. You don't want to see how cranky I get without floss." She only hears some of what's being discussed out in the berthing. A word here and there.

"From the fields and from the marshes, came the old and young by goshes, ta da da da.." Yes, Kai can actually sing. Or more accurately, he can hold a tune. His voice is a bit scratchy, and it's nothing special on the ears, but hey. The next verse is left to Matto, as he pulls from his cigarette again, and winks at Jupiter. Not a smile in sight.

Matto is taking a moment to dredge up the next half-verse from the depths of his thinkmeats when the CAG helpfully supplies it to him. Memory duly jogged, he takes it up from there, singing light and sprightly, "Though they all spoke a different lingo, they all loved Oh By Jingo. And every night, they sang in the pale moonlight: 'Oh by gee, by gosh, by gum, by Jove. Oh By Jingo, hear our tale of love. We will build, for you, a hut. You will be our favorite nut. We'll have a little of little Oh By Gollies, and we'll put them in the Follies,'" he prattles on through the song, the words veering almost wistful at points.

Antioch mumbles something incoherent. Mrrphle blargle Jove snurch. Zzzzzzz.

The wink is met with a slight headshake. She tucks a few curls behind her ear, and glances briefly back to the mirror. Jupes finishes up at the sink, and turns after she's rinsed and collected her things. Her path takes her back past Kai, where she steps over his feet, and breathes in deeply of the smoke once more. She bends to say something quietly to the laconic Captain.

Kai actually grins, just a little, as Matto continues the song. Gods know where the Captain picked something like that up. Probably from a previous posting, some farmboy who liked to sing in his sleep, because it sure as frak ain't a Sagittaron tune. "By Jingo said, by gosh, by gee, by jiminy. So they all went away singing, they all went away singing; by gee, you're the only girl" And then Jupes stops by to whisper in his ear, and it breaks his rhythm for a second. "by gee, you're the only girl for me." It comes out a little faltering. So he recovers with a drag of his cigarette.

Screamer might be asleep, by now. Kissy might not be far behind. But for now he's quite ready to keep on going, voice vaguely lower as his long, dark lashes veil his eyes faintly, "Oh By Jingo had a lover. He was always undercover. Ta-da, ta-di-da-dum dum," he humbles along mildly, "Every night she used to meet him… oh how nice she used to treat him," he hums a bit further, head tipping to the side, "They eloped, but they both were collared. Then the gang stood up and hollered. Don't you raise a fuss… you've got to take one of us."

Jupiter chuckles as the Captain continues the song Kissy started. "You boys are going to sing your way right into my heart. Move over ballads. Give me goofy rhyming love song things any day." She straightens, then turns to pad out of the head and into the berthings. She heads across the berths toward her bunk, returning to the little curtained haven once more.

Kai chuckles a little as Matto continues, and finally puts out his cigarette on the edge of the sink. Then it's onto brushing his teeth with a shoosh, shoosh, shoosh while Jupiter heads bedwards.

Matto drifts on into the chorus once again, pouring another sip and a half or so of the hooch, swirling it in the middle of the flurry of oh by this and that and the other thing, then downing it. "Oh By Jingo, hear our song of love. We will build for you a still. We'll make whiskey on the hill. We'll have a lot of little liquor beggars; they'll grow up to be bootleggers. Oh By Jingo said, now, boys, don't rave. You know I've put six husbands in the grave. So they all went away, singing, oh, by gee, by gosh, by gum, by Jove, By Jingo… Oh, by gee, you're not the girl for me."

Okay, so Matto's better at this song than Kai. Then again, the Captain probably only remembers a handful of the words, or so his stilted rendition of it might indicate. He joins back in again by the time Kisseus reaches 'six husbands in the grave', around his toothbrush of course. And he'll probably swear he never did any such thing, if asked at a later time.

Jupes slides her curtains most of the way, but not fully closed. No more word from her quarter.

Matto tips his head backward to squint at the ceiling in the half-addled perplexity of aimless introspection, the song having rolled itself to a logical enough conclusion.

Kai's own conclusion is the spitting out of his toothpaste with an audible splat, then the sound of the faucet running. "Rest easy, Lieutenant," he offers on his way past the slouched Matto. Briefly to his locker, to put away toothbrush and paste, and then he's clambering up the ladder to his own bunk. Ostensibly, to sleep.

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