Oh, Baby!
Oh, Baby!
Summary: Cam and Praxis discuss pressing issues.
Date: PHD #127
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Praxis has had a sobering day. The Lieutenant is in the officer quarters, already halfway into removing his uniform; jacket and slacks nicely folded and tucked away in his locker. Knight looks over his shoulder at his bunk and then Camille's, wondering how long it's really been since he's actually been in his own bed. Figuring the fact irrelavent, he pads over to the bunk with bare feet and slips into their area, pulling the covers over his body and rolling over onto his side, just waiting and watching for Cam to arrive.

Camille's home within 20 minutes, having been kept a touch longer at work, but not too bad, and her normal shower to get the antiseptic smell and feel off of her body. She's now stepping out of the small head in the officer's quarters, her hair damp and wearing just her sleeping gown, a pale cream chemise that flows loose and airy around her slender frame. It's not regulation, but no one's ever seemed to care. She pulls the curtain to her bunk, smiling warmer as she sees him inside while she climbs in…"hey, handsome…"

"Evening, sweetheart." Praxis replies the greeting, shifting over a little bit and providing the woman with ample space to snuggle in and get comfortable. "You know…sometimes I think about getting into something of an accident on my shift just so I can have an excuse to see you during the day." A weak sort of smile. "But then I realize there's not much to hurt myself on in CIC." It's her presence that makes him a little more jovial than he was when he got in the bunk.

Camille settles out at his side, stretched in a long, slender line, her skin cool as ever, even despite the warm shower. She rests her arm across his waist, head tucking in against his shoulder and nose resting there against his collarbone. "Mm… No. No, you can come any time…even for your massages… but do not hurt yourself ever. Not to just see me. I love you too much."

Once she's settled in and unmoving is when Praxis moves to meld in with her to cuddle. "I won't. I like my vocation too much to peel myself away from it via injury. Not like the first job I had." Demitros manages to smile a litte bit. "Do you…want to talk about what you wanted to talk about?"

Camille tilts her head gently, looking up to him, her fingertips stroking lazily across his side…"A few things, actually… first…How are you holding up?" She inquires earnestly, her brows furrowed, blue eyes flickering up to deeply study his handsome gaze. She's not letting one twitch slip past her study…

Praxis intakes a very long breath before exhaling it, knowing that she'll pick up any little fib that he might partake in. He never wishes to drag down her day with his. "Well, I've finally gotten past the whole Merlin thing. I'm still waiting for a performance review but I've gotten over it nonetheless." A shake of his head. "But worse than that is my social experiment. It seems since I've been letting loose a little bit, I fear I also have been losing respect amongst my peers." A helpless shrug. "That is all."

Camille tilts her head, frowning deeply as he admits those words…"Losing… respect? How in the world? -Why-…in the world? People on this ship act like hooligans. You haven't done anything…publically…that crazy. You've just relaxed. I don't think you've lost respect, you've lost fear though… people aren't quite so scared of you. They probably respect you more." She admits gently.

Praxis raises his brow, face half-mashed in the pillow as he stares back and listens to her words. "I suppose I have always classified fear and respect in the same category. At least when those who have been under me are afraid, I know for a fact that I can .. and this sounds horrible .. control them." A scratch of his jaw occurs. "When I lose that control…then where am I?" He at least seems to agree with the fact that everyone is a hooligan.

Camille tilts her head up, kissing his forehead tenderly…"Fear is not respect. Respect is a man you smile with…that you can feel good about serving when you go to sleep at night. Not who you bow your head too out of intimidation and hope for the day someone more… affable has the position. They will keep you there… serve you because they like AND respect your work. Not just fear you… perhaps try to enjoy it?" Camille murmurs tenderly, her soft, warm voice brushing gentle air across his cheek and throat as she speaks.

Praxis inclines his head slightly. "Okay. I think I understand. It is just difficult - mostly due to the fact that I have no idea what the general opinion on my character is. I find myself extremely concerned with my self-image regardless of if I'm trying to be rigid or someone a little bit more soft." Demitros lifts a hand up to caress Cam's locks. "There anything else, love?"

Camille tilts her head, almost nervous now, enough so that her eyes aren't quite falling shut no matter how tired she might be. "…I… " She stops, pressing her lips together, still worried about this whole mess. "I… was wondering … how you felt about… Children?"

Praxis continues to provide the physical comfort while she undergoes emotional strain in asking the question. Fact is however, he knew it was coming. She had mentioned it before and they never got around to the subject. "Cam, I thought I'd never have them so I've never thought about them. However, as time now goes on and the only people we have are each other; it's survival of the human race that depends on having them … enough so that our numbers will expand again at an exponential rate." He studies her features carefully. "Romantic involvement was the last thing on my mind when I met you. Though I knew eventually this would come up … I want to know how you feel first."

Camille studies him in turn… part of her truly wanting to know -his- opinion first, but when he insists on her speaking, she sighs gently…"I… want them. Truth be told. I'm worried about having them…I'm not young, already… and not the healthiest of people, concerning past… misfortune. It's something I might not be able to wait a year or two to… start doing. So…it's something on my mind. Hell, it might be too late already. But a girl can dream. I… hope that doesn't scare you off."

Well, she'll get his opinion. Praxis rolls onto his back and stares at the bottom of the bunk above, hands folding over his belly as he ponders and thinks. It's a good thinking position. "The idea of me having a child was once a far fetched thought. Though now since it has become more plausible…I can't ignore it. However, the truth is, I'm concerned. With my ability to be a father. With your health and age. With having a child born into the terror of the Cylon threat. Not to mention your certainty that it's myself you want to have the child with."

Camille considers all of this, her tired eyes half shut, resting her head fully against his shoulder now as she settles into him like some large, warm pillow. She nods slowly. "All…legitimate concerns… except for the last. Possibly you might not wish to have a child with me…but I never even saw it… as something I would… most certainly want… not until you. You would be an…excellent father. A role model… despite everything working against you. And I wish to spend my life with you. Whatever that means for us… for our lives… I mean it."

"Cam," Praxis says, in a hushed voice. "…I want you to be the mother of my children too." he mentions to the fatigued Camille. "You're such a compassionate and caring woman; I can only imagine just how much you are going to be that to the little ones." He reaches for one of her hands, fingers intertwining with hers and squeezing. "I find that I am never able to say no to you Cam nor deny you anything you really want … because I love you, and because it turns out our interests are the same."

Camille seems a hint surprised as he confesses that, her eyes reopening, gazing up to his handsome features even as his eyes are as tired as her's. She smiles…"Truly? Despite… all the difficulties? The fact it is…probably unwise. No matter what we wish?" She studies him just a bit longer, tired yes… but this is important. For both of them.

"You are correct. It is unwise. From the proverbial tactical standpoint this could be a losing battle. I'm only willing to take the risks if you are." Praxis mentions softly. "Are you?"

Camille picks herself up just enough from the bunk to look down into his gaze, straight on, her smile warm…"We both took a big risk just to be here, didn't we? I'm certainly not going to stop now. I love you… that's all I really need to know." She confesses, before leaning down and over to kiss him warmly.

Praxis caresses the smoothness of her cheek when the kiss comes, sighing contently and softly through the nose after they part. He invites her back to use him as her pillow, hand constantly rubbing at her back to subconsciously tell her that she's welcome here. "Now that we are on the same page … you tell me when you're ready to try." he mentions. "And I … uh… I don't want to teach my children to have kids out of wedlock." Scratching his neck, he feels awkward admitting that. "We'll talk about that later. You go to sleep, Cammy."

Camille laughs huskily, "Yes… we… we can talk about that…tomorrow, maybe… but I'm an old fashioned lady and, well… we can talk about it when -you're- ready." that's the biggest hint that she'll give she's not willing to be the one to propose. She kisses him one last time then tucks down against his shoulder, soon to fall off to rest in his arms.

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