Officer Grooming
Officer Grooming
Summary: A Captain, two Lieutenants, and an Ensign walk into the head…
Date: PHD067
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Kharon - Deck 1 Head

Scene was already in progress before this point…

Kai finishes off one side of his face, and rinses off the razor before examining his reflection in the mirror again. Well, it's not quite soft as a baby's bottom, but who wants the CAG's face feeling like an infant's backside, anyway? "Trouble sleeping, Rabbit?" he murmurs to the glimpse he gets of Hale in the mirror, before he starts on the other side of his face. Jupiter and her shearing off of hair are eyed critically.

Jupiter is standing at one of the mirrors at the row of sinks two down from Kai. She's cutting her own dark curls by about three inches, reclaiming a shorter, more manageable look. Kai's shaving. Strands of soft, dark hair, litter the tiled floor around her and her towel wearing self. She glances up at the mirror to look at Hale without moving her head. "Hot shower, Bunny."

And the head gains another. Roubani steps through the entranceway and onto the tiles, in fatigues pants, a T-shirt, and his boots. Said T-shirt looks like it just took a few weeks' worth of abuse all at once, streaked with some kind of grime that looks like some room's heater exploded. It's all over his hands and part of his face too, which probably explains why he's in here, and why his immediate goal seems to be a sink.

"That's the plan Fingers.. If I fall down someone at least tilt my head to the drain so, I don't drown.." is all Hale seems to come up with as he starts the peeling out of his clothes process. You could have sworn a grandpa snuck in and took over the pilot's body given how slow Hal is indeed moving. "No sir- rather early CAP, plus light sleep. Folks were makin' noises.." an he offers a half grin before yawning. No time to stiffle "I am gonna steal a nap before I go through my duty reports…"

A blink and eyes slightly catch Roubani before he's popping into the shower. "Looks like…" silence as words slur into nothingness and in Hale goes to the shower. "An elephant.."

Noises, huh? Kai doesn't ask. Probably wisely. "Will do," he calls over his shoulder, as to ensuring sleepypants over there doesn't drown in his shower. And then it's back to the mirror, so he can finish off his work with razor and bristly skin. The biohazard formerly known as Roubani is studied for a few seconds, silently. Then shaving cream hits the basin with another splat, and he bends his head forward to start rinsing his face off.

"If I come in there while you're all soapy and wet, Bunny, I can't promise what will or won't happen," the dark haired pilot replies, with a little smirk. Her hands continue their trek around the back of her head. Snip, snip. The scary part is she's doing a pretty stand up job for someone cutting their own hair. Natural curl helps disguise any slight length differences. "Don't look at me. I slept through everything last night, so it sure as hades wasn't me." She glances askance at Kai. "You, Captain, fail at a super smooth shave. Even with my kick ass tools." She shakes her head. Tsks, and snip, snips.

If Roubani were the touchy-feely type, Hale might've just ended up with a brotherly, grease-ridden pat on the back. As it is he just gives the Lieutenant a look of very mild sympathy as he steps up to a sink. "If I had known I would have brought you scuba gear. Don't laugh; we found some last night." His eyes flicker to Kai on the tail end of the man's study, and he offers a fleeting half-smile before turning his attention down to the sink, using his elbow in an awkward but effective way of turning the tap on. There's a glance over at Jupiter, his attention briefly following her haircutting adventure.

"I'll keep it in mind.." Rabbit mumbles over the din of his shower towards Jupiter while he simply just leans against one of the walls, letting the water trickle down over his head and his back. A sigh, and then its off to scrubbing so he can quickly rinse and repeat. A soapy head does peer back out from the 'doorway' of the shower, to look over towards Roubani, as a smile holds for a moment. "I was unaware thats cuba was popular in space-mate…Where did you all find it?" asked before he's sliding back in to get the soap out of his hair, and his eyes.

"Piss off, Fingers." There's absolutely no bile in the Captain's tone of voice. If he actually smiled, you know, ever— he probably would be right now. As it stands, his expression falls somewhere between mildly amused, and distracted. The razor is handed back clean, dry and 'safetied', and he collects his things before padding away to the bench where his combat boots and fatigue jacket were left. A glance is sent in Roubani's direction; perhaps he's curious as to the Ensign's reply.

Jupes takes the razor back from the Captain, and drops it into the little clear zippered bag. The smirk is brief. She wanders around to the front of her hair, snipping off curls to get some fringe back. She makes a bit of a mess on the floor. Snip, snip.

Roubani runs his hands under the water, which does nearly nothing to lighten their blotchy, gooey blackness. Grease is a bitch. He raises his voice very slightly so Hale can hear him. "They were," he calls with a hint of dryness, "Mistakenly labelled 'Firefighting supplies'. I suppose the levels of irony are near endless." He picks up a sliver of soap from the sink next to him, dripping little drops of dirty water on the porcelain. Then it's scrub time. Scrub frikkin' scrub. His hands are going to be lobster red when he's through with this.

"Good t' know we can all go swimming, when the place catches on fire." Hale cracks from the shower. Still rising before the sound of the ceasing flow is heard. A grunt, and Rabbit's walking out with the towel draped before him, whilst he bends to shake the drizzle from his short hair anyway. Perhaps this here is why he keeps his hair rather-neat. "Why y' all greasy mate?" Now he seems a little like his old self, but still-tired.

There's a chuckle from the CAG, and a thump as he settles onto the bench and begins shoving feet into boots, and lacing them. The floor around Jupiter, littered with her dark curls, is absently watched while he works.

"That's one hell of a filing error." Probably the kind of asshole thing she would do on purpose. She lifts a foot to scratch an itch on the back of her other leg. A falling curl is caught on it, and she kicks the foot a little so shake it off, then eyes herself in the mirror. After finishing with the snipping of curls, Jupes, runs her fingers through to dislodge any she missed, then bends to sweep up as much as she can with her hands.

"Some of the material's useless," Roubani tells Jupiter softly. "Perhaps we'lll put it up for some kind of auction, I don't know. Do you know anyone who'd want a pair of flippers?" Then to Hale he says, quite deadpan, "It's the new version of mudbaths. Gets rid of wrinkles like you wouldn't believe." He glances over his shoulder towards Kai, giving the CAG the faintest smirk. "Care to try some, Captain?" Burn!

Hale perks up, keeping the towel just at waist level, as the tall and so fresh and so clean, clean lieutenant looks from the Ensign over towards Spider. A grin quickly racing up his mouth before a soft little "ooooo" is intoned. Sorta like how one might expect to hear from a sitcom laugh track that's been pre programmed in. "Nice one bro." offered towards Roubani, before Hale's ducking down to snag up his pants and slide into them once the towel is dropped for a sparing moment.

Kai's eyes flicker up now and then, but invariably back to what his hands are doing. Once the laces are fastened, fatigues tucked into the tops of his boots, he starts shrugging into his jacket. "No, but I'll take the flippers. Never know when those might come in handy." Like, say, for beating mouthy Ensigns upside the head with.

Jupiter carries her shorn locks over to shove them into the bin. "You'd be surprised what people will trade for on this boat." Shower is next up on the list, so she loses the towel when she finds a stall, and steps inside to rinse off. There's a snort as Roubs offers Kai a wrinkle solution. She makes no verbal comment, but there has to be one floating around in there, angling to get out. Fwwwshhhhh. It's lost to the rush of the shower. But she does say something. It's just… probably inaudible.

Roubani - 1, Kai - 0. He smiles at Kai in the mirror and then looks down at the fierce scrubbing he's doing to his hands. Still need your cuticles there, Ensign? "So I hear," he comments softly to Jupiter on her way past. Then back to Kai, without looking up, "They might. You might lose your rudders out there." And to Hale, a brief glance before he looks back at his hands. "How are your attempts at pyramid games going, sir?"

Hale is chuckling as he gets dressed. There's a glance towards Jupiter's shower, before he is simply looking between the battle of wits going on betwixt the Ensign and the Captain. Were Hale closer, he would have fist-bumped Roubnai by now. However, Hale just grins and keeps chuckling as he gets himself in his fatigues. "Good- I got th' official notices ready for the berthings, an for the lounge. Plan to tack em up later.."

It's not really much of a battle of wits, today. It's more like a slaughter. Kai merely snorts softly after the Ensign makes his rebuke, and finishes dressing in silence. There's a jingle of dogtags as they're slung off his shoulder — which made it easier to lean over the sink and not make a constant racket — and a ziiiip as his bag is closed up. "Let me know how it goes, Lieutenant. I think this'll be really good for the ship." His gaze settles on Hale, then lowers again as he starts trudging for the door. "You two take it easy."

Roubani is about done with his hands by now, inspecting his short fingernails and scrubbing a bit more until he's satisfied. The T-shirt will have to fight its own battle in the laundry later. His eyes flicker up to the mirror, tracking the departing Kai for a few seconds, then go back down. "Gods bless," he murmurs, then nods to Hale as he starts drying his hands off. "Looking forward to it, sir. I haven't even seen a game in some time."

Hale chuckles, still whatever verbal carnage is wrecked Hale, seems to have enjoyed it all the same. A nod is given to Kai, "Will do sir- I'll keep all parties informed.." And with that he is looking back to Roubani, as he straightens his tanks for a moment, before going to pick up his kit and his towel. "I think it'll do good mate, clear some of the bad blood folks find themselves in..At the very least, it'll be a damned fine distraction."

Kai's lips twitch faintly at something, then with a grind of the hatch and a thudding of combat boots, he's gone.

Kai heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Kai has left.

"I don't know about clearing," Roubani replies in his soft voice, taking the time to dry each finger separately. His right arm is still encased in its orthopedic brace, just undone up to the wrist to let him tend to his dirt. "But at least funneling."

Hale nods. "Yeah I thought that too, after I said it. Kinda like oh bugger.." A roll of his shoulders before he is coming over closer, a look back to Roubani's arm before he is checking his teeth in the mirror. "Funneling will work…though Right now mate? Be glad you're in officer's bunks..Like a minefield in there right now."

Roubani glances up at the mirror from under his brows, in which he can see part of Hale's face. "How do you mean?"

Same shit different day." Said back to Roubani for a moment , though his eyes are more or less focused on his gums and his pearly whites. "You know, people snarkin' at folks for frakking this feller." A chuckle "All th' comforts of home yeah?"

Roubani sighs quietly. his own attention goes back to his hands, as they go back under water to get at some missed spot of grease. "I hope it wasn't Morales and Passi again?"

Hale taps the side of his nose "Same ones, though I came in at the tail end of it, an Passi was slinking out like a dog that just shit in the house.." A roll of his shoulders for a moment, as a deep breath is released. "I really don't get it m'self.."

Roubani makes a sound that's not quite a chuckle. "I suppose the best thing to do ultimately is to keep one's mouth shut. Granted, that never quite seems to happen."

"Here's the ticker though mate." says Hale as he watches the Ensign from his mirror. Fingers moving along his cheek as he checks his shaving job from a day ago. "Mooner's my wingman, and I rightly don't like Passi trying to rile her up for whatever frakking reason."

"Had you thought about having a private word with Passi, then, sir?" Roubani says quietly, removing his hand from under the running tap to check on that persistent spot. The word 'private' is slightly emphasized.

Hale looks up "Not yet, I am hoping that it either sorts itself out, but by the way things look. I am going to have to. Even if she doesn't like it..Not like I can bark rank at her to knock it off, but maybe a little talk would do some good, could always clear the airwaves at least."

"Oh, a respectful word, of course," Roubani clarifies, as though that were an important caveat. "I should say even if you outranked Passi, it would be a sore state of affairs that pulling rank would be needed to force someone to make their own home less hostile."

Hale nods "That it would be Ensign, an really I hate t' have to do that." Which means Rabbit, at some point thought of it, possibly in a last ditch resort sort of maneuver. And there's a glance back to the mirror. Always a safe place for these conversations. "You know, Eddie, well right?"

Roubani kind of tips his head side to side. "As well as I can." His hands go back under the water for another encounter with soap.

"Yeah." there's a nod as if Hale understands where the ensign is coming with that. Still he takes time to push away from the sinks before he is looking back to him. "She keeps herself closed up for a reason? I mean I don't know how much you both have talked.."

Soap bubbles. One rises up from Roubani's hands and pops silently in midair. "I suspect for the reason anyone keeps themselves closed up. They don't wish to be hurt."

"Right, right.." says the other pilot softly, before he is nodding. 'Well thanks mate.." Rabbit grins as he moves for the hatchway. "You're always a good person t' talk to you know that?"

Roubani looks up after a moment or two, glancing over his shoulder rather than the mirror. "I'm just glad to know someone's looking out for her, sir. But don't tell her I said that." The tap's shut off and he steps back from the sink, carefully refastening the immobilising brace around his wrist and half his right fingers. Then it's for the hatch he heads too, off to throw his grease-stained clothes into the laundry.

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