Of Werewolves and Nerds
Of Werewolves and Nerds
Summary: New friends are made during lunch recess in the mess. Yay!
Date: PHD149
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It's a delicious day in the Mess Hall. How is this known? By the awesome spicy aromas drifting outwards down the corridors. Jules is basking in the scents with her own tray loaded up full of food. There's soggy vegetables with spicy cream sauce and what looks like a fresh baked brownie. And there's some soup, looks to be chicken noodle. And there might even be some sort of tuna dish in the corner, casserole it would seem! The Marine has been sitting for a while, as she's turned her food into fortifications on her tray.

Selene entered the mess hall not too long ago, and has since loaded her tray with plenty of food, being fairly hungry today. When she turns around to find a place to sit, the closest enlisted table seems to be the one occupied by the Marine making foodforts, so she heads in that direction and sits down.

"The kingdom of casserole is rebelling against the brownielings." Jules offers this explanation as the crewman takes a seat. "The brownielings are holding their own, but they won't be able to hold out forever." She smiles and holds out her hand, "Hello new face. My name is Juliette Ozymandias."

Selene giggles softly at the explanation, the dimples in her cheek adding to how her face lights up when she smiles. She lays her hand in the other woman's to shake it, and replies, "Selene Daiasu. I used to stand the midnight watch, so… yeah, I'm fairly new to most people."

Jules gives Selene's hand a firm shake. "That explains it. I'm with the Marine contingent on first shift." She reaches for her fork again, toying with her tuna casserole. "So do you work in CIC?"

Selene smiles and nods, more than happy to strike up a conversation with anyone who isn't in her chain of command. "Yes, I'm a navigation tech," she replies. "I spend most of my shift standing around, sadly, when I'm not calculating jump coordinates or calling out bearings to the helm. I don't mind it, though. It's less dangerous than some jobs."

"Oooo, you work with the navigational computers? Cool. Those always sounded interesting to me with the key pressing and button pushing." Jules takes a morsel of food onto her fork and lifts it halfway to her mouth, "Plus there's the physics and stuff involved with non-linear intragalactic travel."

Selene tilts her head a little as she takes a bite, swallowing it quickly. "You know something about FTL travel?" the nav tech inquires, curious. "There's not many people on the ship who are even interested in the math required to figure out jump coordinates." Apparently, the thought that there might be someone else intrigues her.

"I don't know much about it, except what I've seen in movies," Jules shakes her head a bit, sending her pony tail a'wagging. "But when you think about it: it's kind of an amazing piece of technology. I mean, just look how it's shaped our recent history. There's no way we'd have survived this long without one. Then again, the Cylons never would have been able to take on the fleet without the surprise jump drives lend." She pops the biteful of food into her mouth, chews and swallows, not missing a beat as she adds, "I only just graduated high school before I joined up with the Marines, but… I was kind of looking forward to taking some mathematics and physics courses."

Selene nodnods in agreement. "It is, and it's definitely been fun working with one." She blinks at the girl's statement of when she joined, looking at her quietly as she realizes just how young she must be. Perhaps she is a little surprised by that. She definitely seems lost for words.

Jules lifts her chin and gazes rather intently at Selene, noting the silence maybe. "Did I say something wrong?" The way she asks it, she doesn't think she has, but there's a note of concern. "I know I'm not up on all the military protocol yet. I mean… I came aboard just after basic, which was just after graduation and then *WHAM* the Cylons attack and… Well, here we are. Is it not okay to talk about the FTL drive and stuff? I mean. I'll understand if it's top secret, need-to-know stuff."

Selene blinks again, then giggles softly and shakes her head. "No no, the FTL drive is fairly common knowledge. I just didn't realize you just graduated basic, that's all," she replies, poking at her food and thinking. Perceptive, smart, perky, and kinda cute. Her thoughts end up drawn towards someone similar that she would be with right now, if the toasters hadn't frakked it up.

"Oh." Jules' quiets herself some and pokes around at her food. Abruptly she brightens. "If it helps any, I've had lots of people tell me that the Marines are lucky to have me. I think that means I'm doing an okay job. So I guess whoever designed basic training was pretty spot on about what you need to know and what you don't." She notes, conversationally and with another forkful of food held in mid-air, "Once you get someone's brains on you and then get shot a bunch, you tend to learn pretty quickly, too."

Selene is sitting at a table, conversing with Jules over food. Thankfully for her lunch, she seems to gloss over the comment about brains in her mind, and shrugs a little. "I don't know much about combat, other than which end of the gun the bullets come from, but… I think any department of the ship would be lucky to have you," she offers, feeling a little awkward at the compliment and going back to her food after saying it. Stupid girl, you need to think those through before saying them.

From the 'scrub' line as it has been dubbed comes a tallish red hair'd male. Currently he is decked out in a dull orange flightsuit, thus denoting him as a civilian pilot- or something or other. However today it has been zipped down to about the waist and held in place by a dark shirt that's been tied there, leaving his upper half clad in a dark grey t-shirt, with a dull blue Unicorn placed right dead center over his chest. A real man's man shirt. His blue eyes give a quick skim over the tables, seeing that his usual civilian hidey hole is currently overwhelmed by a rather largish clan of obnoxious people he does not know. And so now he's just looking for free space-which means he could go sit next to the guy who farts in his sleep, thus putting a damper on the smell of Shantyville-or he can sit with military people again.

Well they can't all be like the asshole pilot, right? Here's hoping. A bit of a scoot around and dodging around of people before a clatter is right and well heard. That would be his tray as he takes up a free space beside Selene. "Ladies." he intones as a means of a greeting. "Mind if I join?" even if he is sitting down as he asks, but if no be the answer he can easily drift else.

Jules ducks her head at the compliment. "Thank you for saying so. I'm glad I'm with the Marines, though. Mostly cos they're so tight knit. We do everything together." A beat. "Well, not everything, but most things." As Gresham moves in, she looks up and her eyes go from his face to his chest before going wide. She smiles brightly, "You can totally sit with us Unicorn Man."

Selene looks up at the man as well, smiling a little as well. "Sure, I suppose so," she replies, looking back to Jules to respond. "Well, it's true," she says. "I'm not sure I'd want to be with the Marines, though. There seems to be a lot of bravado and chest-thumping, and I can't say I'm a big fan of that."

Gresham smiles back towards Jules, brightly too. "Thanks. It is a very sweet shirt ain't it?" added, before he is taking a piece of bread to shovel food stuff on. Apparently it is open face sammich time here, with Gresham. However he does pause long enough to move his water cup over a little, so as not to knock it out of the way when his hand is extended. "Sorry, my manners elude me. I'm Virgil." Just like that. "You guys are saving me from a fate worse than sleeping on a cot. The Hendersons..or whatever their names are are rather uncouth and loud people." A nod before a bite is taken. There's a bit of chewing before he's swallowing it down. "So, we're Marines huh?" apparently Gresh, doesn't have the uniforms down pat "Well, I mean…err you guys are. I am clearly not."

"I love it," Jules confesses to Gresham, pointing her fork at the man's chest. She continues to smile, looking over at the other woman at the table. "I'm with the Marines, Selene here works with navigation and the FTL drive… which I was just telling her is pretty cool. I mean, it's vital to all of our survival, really." She pauses and asks, "Either of you want my brownie? I feel the need to share my chocolate flavored treat."

Selene nods towards Jules as the woman explains what she does, then blinks and bites her lip at the offer of chocolate. She /really/ shouldn't accept, but… but… chocolate. "Well, I shouldn't take all of it," she replies. "You should be allowed to have some chocolate too." There, a compromise. Chocolate for all!

A bit of pink tints Gresham's face before he is nodding along "Well, Awesome. We'll be besties." offered back to the younger marine. "Oh very cool." a nod as he looks back towards Selene for a second "I'll share, cut it into threes so everyone can have a piece? Even if its a bite, that way no one is left behind." A bite of his sammich again before the his ginger head is looking back towards Selene. "I used to be a Navigator cum Counter Measure's officer cum co pilot for a small cargo ship. The old Mud Dauber series-Umm. I think the PSY 938? Are ya'll familiar with those?" A look back towards both of em. "If not its cool-they are pretty old ships."

"No brownie left behind, I like it." Jules does the honors, cutting her brownie into three fairly even pieces, then airlifts two of the pieces to her dining companion's trays. "I don't know too much about civilian ships… Or military ones. Never even been on a Battlestar." She licks the choco-crumbs off her fork and goes back to her tuna casserole. "My name is Jules, by the way. But, uh, everyone pretty much calls me Sunshine."

Selene giggles at the very appropriate nickname, then takes a bite of the brownie, pausing a moment to savor the chocolate. Eventually, she responds, "I know /of/ them. The way they do the calculations is kinda backwards, though. I've never really understood it. Battlestars are fun to navigate, but Kharon is kinda fun too." The woman shrugs a little. "I guess I just like the math. It helps me forget what.. well, all of us want to forget."

"Very awesome nickname, it fits you." A motion with a fork, before Virgil remembers to nod his head in thanks for the brownie bit. "I have been on a battlestar once, the Bellerophon." a swallow and he takes time to scrape food off in his mouth. "But Jules is very pretty too." added. There, a breath and he is taking a sip of his water "I've been stopped by plenty of them before, never been aboard one till the Bellerophon." a glance over towards Selene "Just a little backwards- but really if you understand the whole concept of a constellation and how it looks like in a planetarium, then you can easily chart a jump, or long range cruising." a smile flashed to both, before he is coughing and reaching for the brownie "Ah yes. Well, I doubt we'll forget that." And then silence. "Sorry to have been a downer there."

"It's short for Juliette," Jules notes Gresham's way, eating more of her food whilst conversing. "Bellerophon…" That has her lips pressing into a line. "I'm sorry about… well. Your old fleet. I wish we could have gotten there sooner." The line softens a little as she asks, "So you can plot a jump based on visual cues as well as pure mathematics?"

Selene blinks at the comment about Jules, eyes widening at the boldness. She couldn't have said it, though she definitely thinks the same thing. She looks over to Jules to gauge her reaction, then goes back to mathematics. "Oh, I understand it," she replies, "And half of the jump is astronomy." She pushes her tray out of the way, pulling a pen and pad from her thigh pocket and putting it on the table. It's nerd-mode time. "The trick is understanding the positions of the stars in space," she says, scribbling on her paper. "If you know where you are and where you want to be, you can use the stars around you to chart exactly where 'where you want to be' is in relation to 'where you are'. Then you have to plot any nearby hazards so that you miss them…"

"Ahh, very nice name. Your parents had good picks when it comes to names.." At least Virgil is complimenting on names and not, well other things right? A turn of his head back and there's a grin to Selene "Yeah well with a star map it helps, so you can kinda see what you should be jumping into..But a lot of it is-yeah math." A rub of his chin before he's taking a bite of brownie, finishing off the morsel quite readily, before eyes are looking between the two women. More chewing as a finger is raised. Water, ahh there. "I use the two interchangeably. Takes a little longer- but Often accurate."

As for the old fleet, Gresham brings a hand up to rake through his red locks, before shrugging. "Don't be, hell we thought we were the last ones around. I'm just lucky you all got to us at all." a sniff "Though- I will miss my other shirt…and the bar."

"That's … sort of beautiful. Can you imagine how they navigated with the first jump drives? Y'know, back in the early days of the Colonies?… Just a starchart and the sky itself to guide you." Sounding wistful, Jules sets down her fork and looks over at Selene's scribbles. "Sometime I'd love to get some lessons in navigation. Since it seems I won't be going to college any time soon." A grin there and she's looking between her two tablemates. "I'd happily offer shooting lessons in return. I'm qualified on all standard weapons in the arsenal."

Selene blinks again and looks up at Jules, pen in her mouth now. "Really? I'd be willing to show you some of it, though it takes a long time to get a hang of it," she replies eagerly, smiling brightly and drawing out those dimples in her cheeks. "I mean, I doubt you'll be able to transfer to CIC soon, but I have some of my old textbooks buried in my footlocker still, so we could use those." The woman definitely seems excited to teach Jules how to calculate jumps. Clearly she loves her job.

Gresham looks up at that. "You would?" And yeah cue water being taken down almost immediately there, which brings on a cough and again the finger up to hold as the pilot continues to sputter, and cough. Apparently someone swallowed down the wrong hole. A wheeze and Virgil is wiping a tear from his eye. "Ok.." breathe-whew. "Okay. You know, I could trade-once well. I enlist or is it enroll these days?" a shake of his head as if to dismiss that little debate "When I enlist with the Air Wing, and you can help me learn to fire my pistol..Well better. I can point and shoot, but hitting." and hands go up in the air and waver to show how good he really is. "You guys even have my firearm in the arms lockers I believe.." He does know it was stripped from him, (albeit thankfully) before he was put into the sickbay. "Even trade?" And well Selene offers as well. "Or, yeah. She might be better as I probably still have a whole lot of hoops to jump through." like basic training.

"I'm happy where I'm at… but it never hurts to keep learning." Jules turns her grin on Selene, giving her a wink. "If you don't want weapons training, I can do hand to hand or … I know a bit about veterinary medicine. It may seem kinda useless, but there are animals aboard. And more back on Scorpia, too." She looks Gresham's way, "Enroll, I think. You'll be an officer, which is totally cool. There's a lot of good folks in the air wing."

Selene bites her lip slightly at the wink, perhaps turning a bit pink in the cheeks for a moment. "I wouldn't mind some hand-to-hand. I practice a martial art already, but I can always use a sparring partner," she replies simply, tucking her pad and pen away.

Gresham nods back towards Jules. "Oh, yeah, well I figured I would. It just depends if you all need what I can do- you know?" A raised brow there before he's leaning back in his seat for a moment. "Oh you can do vet stuff?" asks Gresham and like that he is back into it, or so it seems. "That's pretty cool-mind I never got into it too much blood and reading those books where the dog dies as a kid for summer required reading. I swear, I would be a pile of tears and sadness if I was a vet." a nod there for a moment "But, I do like dogs." a half laugh there "Had a golden retriever named Rocket. He was the best. Loved to play and swim. Would catch field rats from the backyard." a sigh there. "He was a good dog." and one finger moves to scratch under his left eye. "If I am accepted, can I still trade something for shooting lessons?" and even though Jules is a marine, he does tact on "I can box?"

"I could use one that won't knock me on my ass all the time like Dutch does," Jules admits to Selene and then to both of them, "Yeah. I… I pretty much love animals. Keep this on the down low, but… I brought a cat onboard that I rescued from Charybdis Station. Plus, I sort of accidentally thought that bringing my pet bunnies onboard would be okay, so, they're kind of here too." She reaches up and scratches behind one ear, for once looking a little awkward. (And guilty). "I'll teach you anything you'd want to learn. Or be your boxing partner, even. Exercise is good for the soul."

Selene giggles a little. "Well, my art tends to involve throws, but I'm probably not good enough to throw you all that often." She smiles a bit more at the mention of a cat, and lowers her voice. "Oooh, I want to see her. I haven't had anything to cuddle in months, other than a pillow."

"How do you feed em?" That's Virgil's first question. As for the second one? "Where are they." there both of the pressing questions out of the way, the ginger is taking time to sip his water and think for a moment "Well we could always do just sparring, but I'd really like to know how to handle my gun better. You know incase I find myself on frakked up the ass creek without a paddle?" A shrug before he's looking back towards Selene and a waggle of brows "Hey me too. On the pillow thing. Though well now I don't even have that."

Glancing around to see if anyone is listening in to their conversation, Jules leans forward and says, quietly, "I slip them bits of my own meals. Figure they'd be eating veggies and proteins anyway. Today is tuna casserole for Mr. Kitty and the bunbuns are getting some of my mooshy veggie surprise." She leans back then, secret divulged and says, "If you really want to meet him, he's really a snuggle puss and loves people. He's got some kitty trauma on account of being on the station when it got raided by the Cylons, but… He's being brave about it." Smiling, she adds, "The cuddle situation is getting -desperate- on this ship. The boy I was seeing gave me snugs for a while, but, he decided he needed some time, so it's back to cute animals and my not so fluffy standard Marine issue pillow."

Selene just arcs a brow and frowns a little at the waggle of brows, seeming less-than-amused by it. Her expression doesn't light up again when Jules makes a comment about her own snuggle situation, and she sighs, rising from the table. "And there I go, ruining the mood," she says, picking up her tray. "I'll see you later, Jules. I have to make sure I still have that book."

"Huh?" Gresham asks when he looks back towards Selene for a moment. And his mouth hangs down for a second before he is looking back to the Marine. "Something I said?" trying to figure out what exactly just happened right there. However he's just nodding for a second, before coughing into the crook of his arm. "Well, uh. If I ever get clearance beyond the head, and here I'd be up for." and his voice drops "Seeing the rabbits." not much of a cat person is Virgil. But, rabbits? Those are cool. Hey at least the guy's not asking those awkward SO WHAT HAPPENED? questions.

"Oh. Okay." Jules looks a little miffed about Selene going to leave, glancing aside at Gresham and shrugging her shoulders just a little in a quiet 'I have no idea what's going on' communication. "I'll see you later then. For kitties and snuggles. Okay?" Eyes back on Selene, she looks intently up at the woman with an apologetic smile on her face.

Selene bites her lip at the promise of kitties and snuggles, a flush spreading on her cheeks. For a moment, the NCO almost looks like a schoolgirl being told that someone has a crush on them, before she nods, lost for words, and scurries off.

Gresham just raises a brow for a second before he is looking back towards Selene. A slight and silent 'huh' seems to leave the ginger, before he is looking back towards Jules for a second. "I'm sorry if I made things awkward there-not my intention. I just ramble when I get nervous. Something I cannot turn off, its one of those quirks that can be either highly useful if you like listening to people, or rather annoying." A sip of water "I find most don't appreciate it."

"I'm sorry… if I. Said something wrong." Jules' voice just trails off as Selene beats a trail outwards. "I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it was probably my fault," she says, after a quiet moment, to Gresham. "I don't think it was you. And don't feel bad about being the way you are. It's what makes you special. When I get nervous, I get all duuuuuuuuur and just stand there with sweaty palms and don't say anything. At least you manage to communicate."

"Oh I just overshare which can be worse. Can you imagine going to a spring dance at your university and instead of simply being quiet and planting a kiss or maybe just holding hands, you go on and on about the relevance of the trojan wars in history and mythology. Or you talk about something worse, more nerdy than that- like werewolves?" a shake of his head "Its not that flattering.." Virgil admits, before he's looking to where Selene went off, and then a pause "Maybe she liked you?" a glance back "I can tell when I am getting a cold shoulder…kinda."

"Dude. If you were my date to my prom and you brought up werewolves, I'd totally be married. Werewolves are almost as awesome as unicorns." Jules doesn't appear to be kidding. "Liked me?" She blinks, the entirety of the conversation flashing before her eyes until she admits, "I don't know about that. She just seemed a little tense is all. Maybe she had to tinkle? I get all dodgy when I have to pee."

"Dude, if you were my date to prom, then I woulda so brought up werewolves." Virgil admits, before he's looking back to her. And then he is reaching for his water and taking the rest down in a huge gulp. "Seriously. I guess I am goofy like that, but I find the whole notion of cryptozoology as amazing, like the Aquarian Lake Monster? Makes you wonder if there were giant ass things that have survived in the deep, or if it is man's imagination and fear of the general unknown." as for the other he shrugs "Maybe, I dunno. If I was awesome at understanding women, I would not be an unmarried cargo pilot. As is. I am okay with what I am as I am alive."

"Well, yeah, being alive is definitely the thing to be. Although, if you were alive -and- a werewolf, that would be even better. Maybe there are werewolves in the fleet. Wolves amongst the sheep, so to speak." Jules taps her chin with one finger. "Oooooh! There's this old story on Leonis about this creature that supposedly has been there since before humans arrived there. It's this boar with glowing red eyes and a sooty black coat with jagged tusks as long as your forearm. AND, it supposedly only liked to eat virgins." She adds, "If there's any truth to -that- story, I might just pee myself a little." She reaches across the table and gives the man's arm a squeeze. "So, these Aquarian Lake Monsters. They're only on Aquaria, right?"

"Holy crap-look if there were werewolves on the ship, we'd have a whole lot to be worried about. Think about space, if we come across a moon it would always be full. We'd all be turned or eaten in a month time. Unless the werewolves on this ship are entirely crafty." And again Virgil is back going to rack his brain about the werewolf formula, as is evidenced via his hand scratching through his hair. Well, that is till his arm gets a squeeze. A look back towards Jules and Gresh pauses for a moment. "Yes. I think Libris-where I am from only had an ape like monster that was said to only take hikers. Similar to the tales from Tauron.." Yeah apparently someone has spent a good deal of time in the whole notion of mythical monsters and stuff. "Like I can talk about monsters and boogerbears…However you get me started on ghost stories and I can't sleep for a week." a laugh there for a second. "Okay, so like you're awesome by the way."

"I don't know about that. But I do -try- my best." Jules leans in a little more and says, "You're right about the moon thing. I guess that means there aren't any, otherwise they'd have eaten us all by now. Unless… unless they're angst-ridden with guilt and have resolved never to taste human flesh again and are seeking redemption by means of an epic quest to save humanity from another of it's enemies, the Cylon." One can almost here the DUN DUN DUNNNNN undertone to her voice. "I like animals, but monsters, man, I have no problem with them getting beat on. Unless they're misunderstood."

"DOn't be humble. I have yet to find a girl who has not laughed at my Unicorn shirt, or like is willing to talk werewolf theories with me. Its like the most awesome day I have had in forever." There that said Gresham clears his throat and continues on. " Could be, which knowing what I do about werewolves." IE the information highway and stuff read before everything was destroyed "I wouldn't put it past them. Plus they might be waiting for us to find someplace to settle down, like Scorpia? Some asshole pilot told me I'd get put down there for no reason." a shake of his head "Still they might wait till we're relaxed before they start hunting or biting people." A grin there for a moment before he's nodding "Oh you can bet, if I ever run into a monster, I am hitting and running. And not up stairs or into a closed cabin. That just means death."

"Yeah, you gotta leave yourself a way out. And if there's creepy noises, don't go to check them out. Especially not by yourself. And if your flashlight looses power, turn back the way you came." Another smile crosses Jules' face, dimpling a little at the edges. "There's some tense people on this ship on account of the Cylon attack. Maybe that pilot was just having a real bad day. There's a couple of officers and enlisted with bad attitudes, though. Hopefully it wasn't one of those." Then she notes, "I'm thinking of taking a rotation surface side next time we visit Scorpia, maybe make some new animal friends and get the bunnies and Oscar back on land like they deserve."

"I dunno, do you know Castor Leda? He's a lieutenant or something." a shrug there "I was talking about how I didn't care for a cot-you know, normal bitching that can come when your back hurts. You don't mean it, but it makes everything feel a little better." A shrug "He flipped out of no where, after trying to find out what he could get me to make my life easier. Weirder than hell." A shrug for a second, but then at the next part there's a slight pause "Well, that's cool-though I would say just getting to know you, it would suck a little to see you go. So far you're on of the more friendlier people I have met on this ship." and then a smile is added "Well, do what makes you happy-though. I'm sure we'll meet again if you do the rotation thing and all." and so he is rubbing his hands for a moment "Anyway, yes. If your flashlight looses power, retrace your steps, or just sit where you are till sunlight. Trust me I tried to do..ahh Artems' scouts as a kid? Got lost on two separate camping trips."

"Poor thing," Jules says to the mention of the camping trips, "Don't feel too bad. A big chunk of my extended family is all about living in nature and I didn't get that gene. Animals, yes, but plantlife, I've got no clue about." She looks down at her tray and starts to move what's left of her food into a single bowl. Not the brownie, though, that gets shoved in her mouth. "Lieutenant Leda… No. I don't know him too well. But, I'm surprised to hear he was being kind of a creepola." She leans her head a little to the side, considering. "Probably just a bad day. Everybody has them. … More often, especially. Since the attacks and all." A beat. "I'll be back, though. I'd never leave my squad and my crew forever, not after all we've been through."

"Well, good." About her coming back, but that is all that Gresham is about to say. As for the rest with Leda, there's a shrug "Its whatever. He's just invasive." which means to say that one pilot did not make it on Gresham's list of people to talk to again. There's a look to his tray for a moment "You can take whatever you want from mine for your critters." Needless to say Virgil won't tell. A laugh finally as the leaping about through subjects just stops as he finally returns to camping. " Ah well, Maybe I should have paid attention during the map reading lesson."

"Oh thanks," Jules says as she goes about appropriating some animal friendly foods off of Virgil's plate. "There's been a few weeks where things have been kind of slim, but they're doing good overall. Oscar's got a nice shiny coat." She laughs a little and says, "Yeah. I tried a bow and arrow once. Ended up hitting myself in the eye and I had to wear a patch for a month and a half while it healed." Bowl stuffed full of food, she wraps a napkin around it and sets it aside. "I better get to feeding them. The bunbuns are ravenous beasts."

"You're welcome." What she doesn't take Virgil will be working on, after all might as well make sure the tray is all clean. No need to have some military type getting on his back about not cleaning his plate. There's a smile offered to Jules as he stands up, only polite since she needs to run right? He remembers that. "Well, can I say, that a patch is awesome. Very Pirate." a chuckle there "Well it was nice meeting you Juliette, Sunshine." a nod there for a second "If you feel like talking to shantypeople..well you know where to find me."

"Yaaaar, it twas nice t'meetcha too, yarrrr," Jules fires back across Virgil's front bow, along with one of her hands. "Seriously though, I'll try to stop and see you before you join up." Er. "If you join up, that is. And if you don't, I can come down and say hi anyways."

"Well I might." and the hand is taken and a shake. Gresham chuckles softly, before hands are drawn back and slid into pockets. "I mean I plan to, but there's no reason we can't still talk and stuff when I sign up." a shrug "It'll be cool." A nod there before he's reaching for his tray "Give the rabbits my regards."

"Captain Rabbitmeister and Bunny Le Rouge will know of your donations and goodwill," Jules assures the man, shaking his hand firmly before letting go. She grabs up her tray and the little bowl of food and turns to go, dropping the tray off. "Good night!" And then she's off and out the door, to wherever she's managed to spirit the animals on the ship.

Gresham watches as the Marine heads along towards the door. One hand up and back into the pocket before he's sitting back down with his tray. "Well then." said softly, and now to make a quick picking of what's left, before heading back into the shantyville, where crying babies and cots await.

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