Of Secret Identities and Gum
Of Secret Identities and Gum
Summary: Panda is given his super hero name, Marissa's entertained, and Callie makes new friends in the mess hall.
Date: PHD 150 (9/16/09)
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It's mealtime, and the chow's decent tonight. Crowd-Palooza Insert-This-Year-Here.
In the chowline, Mimi keeps a wary distance between herself and the person behind her. It's not that she's standoffish or that it's that person's breath, but she's a bit leery of her fellow crewmembers getting too close behind her lately after her first day of training.

One of those drawn by scuttlebutt of a new crate of foodstuffs being opened is Pandorian. That's not really a surprise, as such; if there's something Marines love more than fighting, it's beer. Or sex. Or food. Or maybe—look, fine, they like food, let's just leave it at that. "Hey man," he noisily intones to the crewman in front of him (and coincidentally enough just behind Marissa, imagine that), "those civvies frakkin live here, hope they didn't eat all the good stuff, y'know?"

Mimi, hearing this, glances at her outfit. No signs of rank… good. If somebody knew she was in training, they might push her to the end of the line 'just because'. She needs good food precisely /because/ she's in training. Any little psychological boost helps!
She glances back hesitantly. To greet Panda or not to greet Panda (who knows she's in training), that is the question…

*snap*Snap*SNAP*POP* - the unmistakable sound of gum being chewed, snapped and then popped as a bubble breaks comes from Callie as she sits…well, slouches…at a table. She looks tired and slightly ill, her face pale and damp with sweat. Running sooooooooooooo does not agree with her. She's reading a training module on military bearing, a book she nabbed from the library, its contents something she tries to dedicate to memory.

The question is answered with erect nipples and a toothy grin. "Hullo!" Panda hoots, wiggling his fingers at the rescue pilot. "You're that pod-people person, possibly, right?" he asks, flashing her a wink. The Marine wipes his hand on his bulging cargo pocket before waving her over. "C'mon back, it's just one spot, this guy got off a long shift didn't ya, mate?" he asks of the man between he and Marissa, a man who knows enough to act very very tired all of a sudden. "Saw you out there PTing with the Gunny, you alright?" Pandorian asks Marissa. "Heh, he's killed lesser men in training, you know. Well, not men," he waves dismissively, his tone attempting to sound reassuring. It might, but the words? That's another story. "More like small children."

Uh-oh… busted. Mimi summons a slightly nervous smile for Panda. "Um, yeah… hi, Panda. 'Scuse me, please," she tells the gentleman who's been working so hard (presumably sometime in his life, possibly today) as she slips past, one hand going protectively to her waistband.
A couple of nervous seconds later, she's alongside her favorite Marine, trying to look him in the eyes instead of in the pecs. The nipples only draw attention to what they're attached to. "Um, yeah. That was me," she mutters, blushing. "I think I've earned the privilege of being the one he calls on for everything. I just hope my call sign doesn't end up being 'Demonstrate'…"

Callie looks up and over her shoulder, finally catching the LCpl's voice. She regrets doing so immediately upon seeing he's kind of a bit lesser dressed than some of his compatriots and she hurries back to studying, her eyes narrowed in a slight wince.

"I dunno, Demonstratrix, that sounds pretty hot to me," Pandorian teases, grabbing a tray and sliding it in front of Marissa on the rails, then one for himself. "So you're doin' alright though? (That one and that one, please—hey, big K, how's it going man, still stealin' socks?)" Panda holds a quick side-conversation with one of the cooks behind the counter, then nudges Marissa's arm. "Hey, hurry up, I'm starvin'." High beams? Still on.
Marissa blinks at the thought. Hard. "Ew…" She grabs for the tray someone's been filling for her and catches it up, moving so Panda can get to the handoff point. She doesn't even look at it.

Panda shrugs, shoving Marissa down the line. "K's alright, he just got in trouble for stealin' socks. Well really it was knickers," he asides behind the back of his hand, getting a little cup of fruit (quite possibly somewhat fermented by now, not that the alcoholics will mind) and then some water. "But, seeing as they were in another dude's locker, well, you know." He bounces off the end of the line, even making a little "boing" noise. "Where tooooo siiiiitttt… hey, I know that kid - over there!" Pandorian calls out, grinning as he leads Marissa over to Callie.

Mimi honestly tries not to chuckle at Panda's antics. Whether he's naturally this slappy or he's doing it to cheer her up she's not certain, but either way, it's working. "Actually, that's almost worse… or were they in the other guy's size?" she asks before she can stop herself. After all, her hands are full, so she can't clap them over her mouth!
She smiles at Callie, though the smile falters as she catches sight of what must be a trainee's most common uniform. "Hey. Mind if we sit with you?" she asks, getting that smile back up to the proper candlepower.

"Hmmmm, oh, no. Feel free." Callie's looking at Marissa, -not- Panda (the man with the ZOMGNIPS!), that done to perserve her visual innocence for a while longer. "Pull up a chairi." Pursing her lips, she gives the man a quick look, being careful to look into Panda's eyes. "Good to see you again. Guess what…I got signed up."

"Hey, you know, I didn't want to ask, but I heard there were treadmarks which makes it disgusting no matter how you look at it," Panda says in a low voice as they approach the table. He's then smiling brightly, pulling out a chair with his foot. "Thanks Calliegallie," Pandorian says with his mischievous grin, not pausing to let a protest through. "That's great news! So did my friend here, she'll fly 'em and you fix 'em, eh?"

Mimi actually winces this time. She's /eating/… or about to, anyway. She looks back to Callie, her smile shakier than ever now. "Thank you so much… Um, guess I should introduce myself. Mimi DeLann. Otherwise known as 'Demonstrate, beanstake'." She takes the seat directly across from Callie, seeing that hesitance to look at the Marine. Maybe this way she won't have to.

Callie makes the mistake of looking at Panda's chest and, without missing a beat, reaches over to tweak the closest nipple, doing so without so much as a thought, all while looking at her book. *beep beep* "A pilot, huh? That's cool!" Another pinch and now she's done. "It's nice to meet you Mim..er…sir. I'm Callie. Gonna be a mechanic once I get done throwing up every morning thanks to PT."

Panda is in the middle of a stretch, his arms behind the chair, locked at the wrists and reaching upward. Sort of like what you'd do to torture someone in handcuffs. He looks slowly down, letting the tense breath out to blow across Callie's fingers. "Dude." He looks at Callie, then relaxes his arms and stares at Mimi. "What. The. Frak."

"Nice to meet you… Callie…" Mimi falters, staring at Callie's hand, and where it went just a second ago. Did she /go there/? Seriously?
And then she glances up to find Panda staring at /her/. "Huh? What are you looking at me for?" she asks, blinking. "I'm just a witness."

Callie's inner geek-girl raises her cute little noggin, prompting her to speak through the mechanic, Callie looking between them both as she does. "Dude, you can totally be like…like Nip-Man! And I can build the Nip-Cave and make a Nip-Belt for you and you can fight for truth, justice and nipples!" Seems like she has read too many comics in her fairly young life. Thankfully, she refrains from singing the super hero theme song she's making up for him on the spot. "Sir," she quips to Mimi now, "You should pinch the oth…oh! That's how his super powers can be activated…PURPLE NURPLES!"

"Yeah. That's the problem," Pandorian harumphs, folding his arms across his chest… beneath the pecs. On display indeed. "Nipman's manniples - " pronounced much like 'mandibles' " - are in a state of cosmic imbalance. Who knows what conser, conse, uh, bad things will result from the leftnipple resurgent when the rightnipple is in the house of the dormant star."

"Consequences," Mimi deadpans without thinking. Because thinking about this would be bad. She's never been much of a comic book reader, though she was rather sorry that /Starglider/ cut off when the world ended. Flight powered by the runes of the Lords… wow. She nudges Panda. "Chow's getting cold, Nip-Man."

"Mimi, do you sew? If you do we can make Nip-Man's costume! All purple and pink and with little holes for his Manly-Nipples-O'-Justice <tm>." Okay, this is getting odd even for Callie and she's hurriedly looking back down at her training book on proper conduct for a Colonial military member. "Oh wow. I didn't know you could fold a pair of skivvies -THAT- many times," she mutters, apparently having gotten to the part that talks about a proper way to keep one's locker.

"Shit, talk about consequences," Panda mumbles; he's sitting at a small table with Callie and Marissa, one to either side of him and the three making a triangle of power. "Whoah, mnhrf, hrmf…" The Marine, wearing the camo bottoms but just a tight underarmour shirt up top, is in the middle of scarfing down his food when Callie come sup with that. He gulps down a mouthful of water while waving his hand. "No way, you can't just have them exposed! You could irradiate entire planets just leaving their raw power to frakkin glow all over the place." Pandorian leans over, glances briefly at the manual and nods. "Yeah, the bras are a little tricky; it looks harder but I really suggest you go with the 'rolled' method," he advises quietly. Well. Quietly for him.

"Helps if you flatten them a little first," Marissa suggests, resisting the urge to clap her hand over her mouth. Or to look down at her sweatpants. Then another thought crosses her mind. She taps Panda's well-toned shoulder. "Um… how do you know that thing about bras?"

From the chowline and straight into meandering comes Gresham, though, this time it is only with a mug, and not a tray piled with food. After all, he's already eaten and scraped the tray. This? This is the precious few drops of coffee he is able to get, as he has some time to spare before he has to see to some plebian duty that is required of all the lovely nuggets and crewmen recruits due to basic training. A blow of air to cool the steam, as eyes seem to be focused on where exactly he should brave in order to find a nice, comfy, seat.

Callie looks up, lost in thought. "He'll need a sidekick," she muses. "…I know! His sidekick can be the ever perky Tassle Lass!" Okay, now she's done, she swears! "He probably wears one," she mumurs to Marissa then, giggling. "Ask if her prefers lace or sat…in." Virgil's seen and Callie waves to him, inviting him over to join if he'd like.

Panda shakes his head, grinning like a maniac at the girls. "Well, you know…" He reaches up to run a hand through his spikey hair and buy some time. "I got a sister, see, and when our parents passed she worked her cute li'l butt off to pay rent and stuff. So I usually ended up doin' laundry." The man shrugs and twists to look at Gresham as the others do; sure enough, his tight water-wicking shirt has high beams on. That's where their conversation came from. "So aaanyway," the man drawls, returning to the conversation at hand. "So this one time in training, I'm bored doin' laundry crew, and this chick from sister squad trips and dumps their shit all over the place. And I'm just chill puttin knickers and double-d's and bandolero-bras and who gives a shit, you know? I got a sister, right?" He laughs, rubbing the back of his head. "So they got a kick out of teachin' me how to roll their undies."

"Ah, right… how is she, anyway? I haven't been able to find her these last few days," Mimi replies, giving Callie a wry look.

Gresham turns his head as eyes catch Callie, and there's a slight nod. Okay of all of those right there. None of them are overtly recognizeable. He's seen Marissa once before. And Callie in parting. A nod given over before he is coming to take a free seat down, well next to someone. "Hey there.." offered to the table at general, all the while, slurping his coffee. "What are we talking about?" brow up, and Virgil slurps his coffee loudly. Again. Though with the mention of folding underwear and everything else, there's a faint look towards Panda, and then to the others with the fellow. "Huh." nothing else there, just noise. Well words are completely gone from the Crewman's brain.

Teall makes her way into the mess hall, a certain amount of bounce in her step. Maybe she's trying to shave off the hours she needs to spend at the gym with some speed-walking. She bellies up to the chow line, from which she procures whatever's passing for this day's meal, along with a cup of water.

Callie looks up at Gresh and tilts her head, looking puppy-like as she takes him in. "Talking about Panda's super hero powers and all that. Just pray you never have to see them in action otherwise you might go blind." There is nary a grin to be found when she says that, the mech a very good actress when she wants to be. With Marissa having asked Panda a question she looks around, the bouncy one watched as she gets into line. "So, what's your name," she asks Virgil once here trans-room inspection of Teall is concluded, "And more importantly…you got any gum? I'm out."

"She's doing alright, y'know… as alright as anyone." Panda nods to Gresham, his sobering smile getting manic again when Callie brings up his alter ego. The man calms, though, and shakes his head to her request.

"I'm praying now, Callie. I'm praying now," Mimi replies, lifting a hand in a casual wave to Gresham and Teall. She gathers up her empty tray. "I'll see you all later. Sleep's calling. I'd better get someplace comfy while I can still walk." She moves off.

"My mom used to say that-Nevermind." Virgil says with a raise of his mug and a slug of more burned coffee goodness. A sigh there as he looks back towards Callie, and and one finger is moving to rub the side of his nose for a second. An itch, probably "Virgil." That is his name "Crewman, Virgil Gresham." a slight smile there and then he's shaking his head. "Nope, I am all out." Eyes sliding over to Panda and Marissa respectively. "Later." called to the other nugget and then back to the others. "Sorry."

Teall notes Callie inspecting her and inspects her back, offering the other woman a quick, friendly smile. And she lifts a hand to departing Marissa in kind when the woman leaves. Grub grabbed, she starts looking for a place to sit. She angles toward Marissa's former place, as it's open and she was already looking in that direction.

"Yeah…see you Mi..er…sir." Okay, Callie's about a day late and a cubit short in the goodbye department but she calls it out so maybe Marissa will catch it as she exits. "No gum" Awwww, godsdamnit. And okay, am not out-out," she confesses to Virgil, "Just out for now. Forgot to bring another pack with me. Ah well." She pouts cutely at the man before she turns again, beaming happily when she notices Teall is inbound.

Panda scarfs down the last of his grub and rises, patting his mouth dry with a handkerchief (!) from his pocket. "Hey, take 'er easy, Calliegallie," he says softly, patting Callie's shoulder. "Nipman's tittie senses are tingling, I think my sister might be in danger." Flashing a boyish grin, the man wearing the under-armour shirt with prominent pokings hurries off.

Gresham watches the marine for a moment before he is looking back towards Callie for a second. Brow up, as if to ask further, but instead he shakes it off with a waggle of his head. "Sorry-I lost really anything like that when the Elpis went down." A half shrug and he screws up his face, before he's looking to his coffee mug, inspecting the contents. "I think maybe some other folks could have some..You could trade. Which if you're starting from square one, that could be hard."

Teall watches Panda go, about the time she's wound her way over. "This spot open?" she asks before plopping straight down, jutting her chin toward the area Marissa formerly occupied. Her eyes follow Panda as he goes. Curious. "Did he just say his…what are tingling?" She purses her lips, apparently suppressing a giggle.
Callie sighs. "I don't really have a lot to work with there," she says with a pout. "I can maybe make stuff to barter with, though I'd need the parts…" This does not bode well for her. Thankfully any worry she might have over keeping her chewing gum supply stocked is able to be forgotten temporarily as the table is approached by the lady, the pout melting away. "Hey. Feel free. The more the merrier and…uh, don't ask. NipMan is…odd like that."

"Sure." Virgil chirps over towards Teall as she sits down. And eyes look back towards Callie, specially as she begins to sigh with. "You're a techie, right?" asked with a brow just popped right up. "Could do repairs to people's personal items, like watches and stuff if you can handle that?" And there Gresh is trying to help. "Yeah.." the look from the other pilot in training to Teall could convey that it is not worth digging, too hard.

Teall sets her tray down before plopping to sit at the table with them. She settles in comfortably, elbows on said table, before she gets into munching. "NipMan?" She chuckles. "Marines, man. Not that pilots are any better. I'm surprised one of the Red squad jocks didn't snap up that callsign for themselves." She looks at Gresham a moment, as if she's /juuuuuuuust/ getting him placed in her head. "Hey! You're one of the nuggets! Right?" She sounds triumphant about getting it right.

Callie nods to Gresham. "I can do that. Good with my ha..er..with repairs." Phew, that was a close call. "I think I got some of my small tools ferreted away in my backpack. Used to keep them on me at all times so they might be…" She blinks and then giggles, that being thanks to Teall. "Oh. No, it's not his callsign. It's his super hero name. By day he's mild-mannered Panda but by night he fights crime, NipMan using his mighty mannips to kick the asses of evil toasters everywhere."

"There is time." Virgil quips with a faint chuckle, before he's finishing his coffee, but he is not sliding up or away from his own seat. "I am sure some new nugget might be given that name, or maybe one of the other pilots. They are a rowdy bunch you know?" And there goes Virgil down another worm hole right there. As though for identifying Gresh, it seems Teall has hit it right on the head. "Yes, brand spanking new. Still getting my ass chewed by the Master Sergeant." A look over towards Callie "Well, that is always a skill yeah? Repairs." He is STAYING AWAY from hands, to be careful there.

"Super hero name, huh?" Teall considers this. It makes her grin. "*Way* more sensible than a callsign." She gets a laugh out of Gresham's comment about the pilots, nodding. "You should try ferrying their hyper-active asses. Dirty job. Damn dirty job." She looks over at Callie. "And you're a…tech? Deck or Engineering. Gotta be. I'm totally good at this." She winks. "Or I heard you talking about it before. One of those."

Callie gets the feeling she barely dodged a bullet and she takes a moment to calm down and get her mind off of silliness, growing a bit serious now. "Engineering. I probably could help with the deck stuff but not sure if they'll allow me. But that can be figured out later. Got to get past training and all that, first." The book she has been reading off and on is now closed, put away.

Gresham chuckles for a moment, as he raises up "I'll be right back" and now he's going for the coffee. Sweet nectar of the gods, come to my cup.

"Snipe, huh? Keen," Teall says with a grin to Callie. "I figure they need all the hands they can get to keep the birds flying. What do I know, though? I just take up space in the back of the damn things. I am in electronic counter-measures myself. Raptor's brains when it's flying, to balance out the pilot drag." She chuckles, to show she's not being serious.

A quick pocket search results in one errant piece of gum to be found and Callie cries out victoriously, the stick unwrapped quickly and popped into her mouth. "Hmmm..hmmm? Oh, well maybe. But I am not sure if they'll train me to work on the Vipers or not. Would be pretty godsdamn neat if they did." Gresham's looked at over her shoulder and then Callie turns around, shrugging. "I'm super good with jury rigging so maybe they'll find a use for that up on the deck."

Teall gulps her water, offering an idle nod to Gresham as he goes to take care of business. "The more up there the merrier," she says with a wink to Callie. "Stuff definitely needs to be jury-rigged a lot of the time. Oh! I'm being impolite, ain't I? Name's Shaddi Teall, by the by. Well, Ensign Shadia Teall, proper, but we're all off-duty now. And *nobody* calls me 'Shadia'." She brandishes her spoon pointedly, should Callie consider trying.

Callie nods. "So I guess I'll be calling you 'sir' when we are, right?" She stretches some before offering her hand, leaning over the table if she has to. "Crewman Apprentice Calistia Manfrin. Feel free to call me Callie though." She's not one to dote on formality. "So you're an ECO? Bet you see a lot of fraking cool shit…stuff. Excuse me."

And back comes Gresham with freshened coffee, and back down he goes, right down beside Callie again. "Anyway." another loud annoying slurping of his mocha as he settles back in. "Where were we?" a brow raised. Apparently it takes FOREVER to get coffee these days.

"Electronic Countermeasures Officer. But the acronym's easier. Damn skippy," Teall replies to Callie, grin still on her lips. She chuckles. "And yeah! I get to see some cool shit." Her own language is decidedly unrefined, relaxed as she is. "That's why I volunteered for the Air Wing instead of straight navigation work. Did my undergrad in computer science, but I figured if I was going to hitch up to the Navy, I wanted to get my ass hanging out there in a flight suit on a jump engine." She looks up at Gresham and his coffee. "The cooks make you grind the beans for that yourself or something?"

Callie looks at Virgil. "Got lost or did I start to bore you?" She shakes her head and pokes the man in the shoulder before she smiles teasing him. "Teall and I were talking shop a little. She was just starting to tell me what it's like to be an ECO." She braces her arms against the table and leans in, looking intently at the other woman. "So you get to see toasters and all that stuff, yeah?"

Gresham snickers back towards Callie "No." and there a raise of his mug as if that explains every mystery within the universe up into this point. "Coffee line was ridiculously long. You would think they were handing out condoms and cubits." A clicking of his tongue before he is looking to Teall a brow itching up. "You're an ECO?" and there, big GRIN. "That is what I am aiming for."

"Uhh…yeah. We see the raiders out there some days," Teall replies. Decidedly less bouncy about those than the other 'cool' things rattling around out in space. "Vipers get closer to them than we do, though. Raptors don't tend to do much shooting. Serious?" Her smile returns when Gresham mentions he's also going for the backseat. "Frakkin' sweet! Gods knows we need more of my kind in Black squadron. Feels like we're outnumbered by the jocks some days."

Callie nods but listens rather than say anything, letting the two speak uninterruptedly as she does. The way they interact is noted as is the way they react to what's said, each little detail absorbed.

Gresham is silent as he looks between the two for a moment. Apparently there's been some time and conversation changes since he went to the siege on the coffee pot. As for the other He's grinning on back towards Teall. "Dead on. And yeah, I noticed there were a frak ton of pilots. Mind I've been a back seater and co-pilot my whole flying career…Its where I am comfortable. But, when looking to enroll, I saw the number of pilots and thought: 'This is rather fortuitous.' " A shrug there for a second. "Well, you know as far as ships getting blown up can be lucky." a little dismal there, but don't worry he'll be chipper again soon enough. Sip. SEE!

Teall eats between talking, not interrupting either for very long. "You were a civvie pilot, huh? Nifty. That's what I wanted to do, when I go out of the service. Well, air control, probably. I had a long while left to go, so my plans weren't real firm. What'd you fly in?"

Gresham continues sipping coffee, because, really? Its better than ambrosia at this stage. And having alcohol, while doing the whole basic training could end up leaving a hurting on him for weeks to come. Felt form the night, all the way through whatever hell Nikos would put him through for showing up hungover. "Yes, I was a co-pilot, navigator, and Counter Measure's officer on a PSY 938. You know, the mud dauber series?" a gesture made as if he was trying to mime out the ship design with his fingers. "Beautiful, old bird."

Callie sighs. "Must be nice to fly," she says whistfully. "To do it without having to fight while doing so, especially. I don't think I ever could be a pilot. Not fond of heights, sometimes." The mention of the craft Gresham flew in has her looking at him, a brow lofted. Where she doesn't voice it she does have a 'ooooh, nice!' look upon her face.

"The Nine Thirty-Eights? No shit?" Teall's grin broadens. "We used to get those through when I was a kid on Canceron. Some of the couriers for the hauls out of the port. *Nice*." She draws the word out before gulping some more water. "Ever played around with Raptor electronics before? The military doesn't frak around. There's a lot of sweet gizmos packed into those ships." She shrugs. "Speaking in technical terms, of course." To Callie, she shrugs. "Frak, I wish we had more punch out there

"We had medium sized jammers put in. You know normal shit to frak with pirates and smugglers that might want a piece of what we were carrying. Of course you know its nothing like the military, and wouldn't always work, but worth a shot." Gresham offers from the rim of his coffee much before he is looking back towards Callie. "You'll find flying is a lot easier than heights. Like ladders are one things, breaking Atmo is another. What you have to do is just remember that you have a whole bunch of metal protecting you." A grin and then back towards Teall. "I almost hacked a system once to turn off their engines, but that didn't work. I ended up fluxing out our jammer. Yeah-don't ask."

"Are you kidding? I about wet myself when the shuttle I took to get to the Elips broke atmo. I'll stay on so…" Callie blinks and looks down, taking in the deck plating with a grunt. "Uh…shit. Nevermind that." Grinning, she reaches out, trying to snag Virgil's cup of jo while laughing. "So you two have something big in common…" A pause, a giggle, and then she asks impishly, "Does this mean you two will start making babies?"

Teall winks at Callie. "Not much solid ground around. He's right, though. It's different than being up on a ledge or something. You've got the ship around you, and it's working with you, especially if you've got a good pilot. Hacked? Oh, frak, I'm gonna ask. Not right now, though. I'm on shift in twenty. But you owe me a story, nugget." That last from Callie makes her blink. And snort a laugh. "What, like, *now*!? I don't like to make the cooks hose down the tables. What do I look like? A Viper girl?"

Gresham looks back towards Callie. "Maybe piloting isn't for yo-" but the thought is not finished when the cup is snagged, easily as Gresham wasn't prepared for coffee theft. A blank and puzzled look, which could equated as Virgil in the headlights, before he is nodding "I guess we d-" again the rest is lost before he is looking back to Teall, there's a story he owes. Yes. However: He's also suddenly sent into stammering noises at the mention of having babies. "Uh-no-no. No. No offense, but she's an officer. I'm new..That's..Rules.." Yeah.

Callie shrugs, looking at the cover of the module. "I didn't mean riiiiiiight now," she drawls out while trying to act innocent and sweet. "But you know. Urges…" Oh yeah, she's smiling ever so cute-like. "But hey, if there are rules against it, it's a frakking shame."

Teall waves a hand dismissively. She clearly doesn't take the matter very seriously. "Relax, nugget. She was just kidding around, right? Anyway. For serious. Good luck, and don't let the sergeant beat you up too bad. I'll see you around the hangar deck." She adds to Callie as she stands, "Both of you, if the Cheng lets you play around with the birds."

Gresham nods. "Nice to have met ya, uh. Ensign?" he's giving a guess, to see if memory and all that served him right. And then he's nodding to Cookies before looking back towards Callie "So you're for sure then Engineering?" See he did miss that wee bit of a tidbit. "My mug?" and his hand is back "I have fire duty in a bit."

"Bye, sir. Will see you around, sure!" Callie looks sidewards at Gresham and nods, behaving now. "Yeah, think so at least. Not sure what all they will want me to do but definitely in Engineering somehow." The mug is looked at and then she shrugs, letting him keep a hold of it. "Fire duty sounds boring. I'd offer to keep you company but that'd probably get you into trouble if I were to go with you." And, as playful as she may be at times, she definitely does not want to get someone busted.

"Ensign Shaddi Teall," said ensign affirms to Gresham. "Callsign's Cookies." She explains that one not. "Enjoy the coffee." And off she goes.

"Yeah well, unless you have it, then I don't think they'd be pleased to see you there." A faint frown at that before he's taking it back and a sip, now that freedom is relinquished, and coffee imbibed. He'll be good and awake tonight. "Basically you sit outside of either Marine berthings or in one of the cargo bays with flammables to make sure nothing happens. I think its to get you used to shift rotation and late nights." And there's a look to Cookies. "Later Cookies." And then back to Callie "No, trouble would be bad."

Callie stands up. "I probably should go myself," she eventually says with a sigh. "I got to study this," she grumbles while taking her book in hand, "And I probably should go to the gym, too. See you around, huh?" She gives Virgil's hair a tussle before she steps away from the chair she has been sitting in.

Gresham nods as he looks back up and there's a slight wave given to the other woman. "Have fun. I find that studying is best done at night. With tea." offered before he's looking back to his own coffee, just in time to have hair mussed. Coffee is drained and hair slicked back before he is getting up himself. He's got work, yo.

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