Odysseus Strike Brief
Odysseus Strike Briefing
Summary: Vendas briefs the Marines and Air Wing about the upcoming operation.
Date: MD 050
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[Intercom] Vendas says, "Pass the word: All Air Wing and Marine personnel participating in the strike operation should report to the ready room."

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Vendas is already in the Ready Room, standing at front at the podium. The lights have been dimmed low and the overhead projector at the rear of the room humms in standby. The CAG is in her fresh-pressed blues, waiting patiently for everyone to file in for what will surely be a packed room. Already there are a few pilots in Marines in various states of dress - from BDU's to flightsuits and everything in between.

Or off-duty sweats. That is what Ashe is dressed in as he walks into the Ready Room, nodding to some of the other Marines he spots and heading towards a group of them to sit down. Shoulder punches, grins, handshakes are exchanged in a quiet manner. Then, Ashe settles himself in and reaches to his hip, producing and setting in front of him, The Fork of Justice.

Roubani is in his blues when he gets to the ready room, notebook with him and a pen stuck in the spirals. Bruised, splinted, and now gauzed as well, the ensign takes his seat in silence after the normal salutes.

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Typhys Yuuri arrives a bit late, being new to the ship doesn't help finding where he needs to be in great haste. He had enough time to unpack, throw on his off duty outfit, and get situated before the brief. He is a fresh face among most and finds an open seat away from the crowds.

Kai is hunting for a pen and a notepad as he arrives. His blues are pressed and buttoned, his boots spitshone, and his usual aire of brisk efficiency is firmly in place. A chair in the front row is claimed, off to one end near the wall.

Thea Legacy walks in in her dress blues as well, but she's moving a bit more slowly than everyone else. She looks around as she moves, pad and pen tucked under one arm. Rather than go take a seat next to Kai, she moves to the other end of the front row - a flanking position, apparently. Someone's wearing businesslike expression today.

"Alright everyone, get settled and quiet down," the Major calls over the low din of voices. "We'll try to make this as painless as possible. Now, I'll ask everyone to hold their questions until the end. I imagine there will be a few but please refrain from asking during the brief. I want everyone's mind focused through this walkthrough." She clears her throat and eyes the group for a moment. A hand reaches onto the podium and lifts a small controller. The profector hums a little louder and the words 'Odysseus Assault' appear in bright white on the screen. "So, without further ado, let's begin…" She turns to the side so she can see the screen as well, taking a few steps towards it as the screen changes once more.

The screen flashes to the planned battlespace, about six hours cruise from the Arm Line. The known locations of the battlestars and other Naval vessels are shown. Slowly, the aspect of the view changes and allows the people present to view the whole battle area on a roughly 3D plot. "Okay, our mission is to take out the CIC or Engineering section of the Battlestar Odysseus which is conducting operations out here by the Arm Line. We'll be simulating an attack on this Battlestar where we will be posing as Cylons. Our Vipers will be using their laser targeting systems and the Marines will be employing their simunitions.. paintguns. Make no mistake, we will be fighting against, roughly, three to one odds. However, we have surprise on our side which almost places us on an even keel." The view continues rotating around for another moment before a button is clicked and it zooms in on the Battlestar's area of operation.

Levesque meandered into the room and joined his platoon about ten minutes before the meeting began. He's in his duty khakis, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He's got a pad and a pen and is taking notes. A grin is flashed at Ashe's fork.

Kai has his notepad open and resting on his knee, customary red pen flicked on and brandished in his left hand while Vendas speaks. The majority of his focus is on the CAG at the moment, with the remainder on the screen now and then, where the battle is taking shape.

"Just prior to the jump, the Marines will board Raptors and ride out part of the battle while the Air Wing conducts operations. All Vipers will be sitting hot in the tubes and ready to go, everyone following Ensign Roubani's plan for quick-start proceedures." The CAG looks over the crowd for a moment, clicking the button once more. The Kharon appears on the small 3D plot on the screen near the Odysseus. "We'll be simulating a Cylon attempt at using stolen DRADIS identification numbers. Thus, we will appear to their CIC and CAP as just another ship coming out of FTL. The game is on as soon as they make visual sighting or we engage them." Vendas smirks. "While we launch our Vipers, Black Squadron will scramble with their Marines on board to these three locations." The blips appear on the screen, essentially surrounding the Odysseus from four sides. "They will begin their ECM proceedures at roughly the same time the Viper will go active. Since we will be completely comms-out to this point, it will be exactly three minutes after the first Viper is launched." Her eyes move to every pilot in turn. "Three minutes from the first Viper leaving the tubes. I hope everyone is with me so far." She looks back to the screen as it zooms in further on the Odysseus, the details of the ship easily discernable.

Althea's standing, thankyouverymuch. She knows most all of the information that's being presented. While attentive, she's also looking around, judging the mood of the room.

Yuuri's Academy habits haven't been misplaced as he has written almost word for word everything the CAG speaks, adding notes about the diagrams onto his small note pad while idly playing with his dog-tags.

Roubani takes a few notes here and there but not many just yet. Mostly he's watching the screen while Vendas talks.
Ashe sits and listens to the briefing with what could easily pass for attention on his face. The subtle tapping of the metal prongs of his fork on the armseat adding to the attentive demeanor.

As a couple of other pilots filter in, Kai actually gives up his seat. Not like he's here for the note-taking, anyway. Instead, he mirrors Legacy's 'flanking' position by the wall, eyes still on the CAG.

"Red Squadron, you all will be getting into the shit real quick. From the second you all are powered-up, you should report in. We will go weapons-free on the command from Captain Marek." She nods to the man in the front row. "It'll take no less than sixty seconds for Ody to get to Condition One. So once Marek calls for everyone to go hot, the fights on. Captain Marek and Lieutenant Valasche will move in close before the point-defense cannons can come online and take out the guns on the dorsal section of the Odysseus. This will clear the path for the Raptors." Major Vendas steps to the other side of the screen, using her laser pointer on the controller to point to the cannons in turn. "Red squadron will keep the scrambling squadrons from the Battlestar occupied while the Raptors continue jamming and electronic warfare operations. They will also be closing the distance on the Ody. Since the rules set forth by the fleet state that we cannot cut into their hull, we will be landing out Marines on their port and starboard bays. From there, the Marines will be on their own to kick some ass to whichever location they prefer." She nods to Lieutenant Mickelson. "I would suggest going for Engineering. You only need two men inside for more than sixty seconds and the game is over. Same with CIC, but CIC is probably going to be better defended. But that's a ground-pounder choice." She nods to them. "Okay. Now I'll take questions. One at a time, raise your hands and wait to be called on."

Uhoh. Thea catches sight of Ashe, though doesn't give a whole lot of sign of that. Once Vendas asks for questions, Thea's eyes scan the room, searching for those who might have questions, or possibly just aren't getting it.

Yuuri finishes writing down all the notes and spins the pen around with his finger. From the back of the room he raises his hand just above his shoulder, waiting to catch the CAG's attention.

Vendas points to Yuuri. "Let's hear it."

Kai is doing more looking at the CAG at the moment, than at the rest of the room. Unless he's actually called upon to answer questions, he's more than likely going to remain a wall decoration.

Typhys clears his throat and lowers his arm, "Are we to use basic flight tactics or what the Cylons used in the first war?"

Ashe, yes… Ashe, lifts his hand to ask a question, raising his voice. "Uhm, yes. I have a question." Waiting patiently until he's addressed.

Roubani glances over at Yuuri, listening to the question. His dark eyes then turn back to Vendas, brow slightly raised with interest.

"Due to the lack of time available for myself and Lieutenant Valasche to teach Cylon doctrine to every pilot in the Wing, we will be employing normal fighter maneuvering. We aren't trying to teach, just win." Vendas returns to the podium as the picture on the screen fades, the lights rising. She aims a finger at Ashe. "Question."

"Uhm, yes." Ashe straightens a bit. "How adept our we at getting hardlocks and forcing entry? Just so we can plan accordingly for our insertion? Should we plan for having to go the longway through the Battlestar or getting front door service?"

"Gaining entry won't be a problem. This has already been squadred with Fleet. Marines will board through the airlocks and have access. Call it 'front door service' if you like. Once inside, the fight is on. There will be judges from the Navy on board ensuring that the Odysseus' Marines are not pre-positioning more than they are allowed - which is to say they can't at all." Vendas' smile can't be missed. "If you guys want to simulate blowing hatches off, see me after this briefing and I will submit a plan to Fleet."

Levesque shoots Ashe a mildly amused look, complete with smirk. He raises a hand.

Marek shifts his feet slightly, taking a little weight off his left leg. It's subtle though, and most if not all eyes are on the CAG, anyway. He turns his eyes briefly to Levesque and Ashe, then back to the front.

Legacy is standing fairly still, eyes focused on the CAG now, seemingly relaxed. Seeming being the operative word. Looks like someone didn't need to take notes.

Vendas points to Levesque. "Question."

"From a Cylon point of view, gassing humans would be a good idea. Would it be possible to take that into consideration, sir, and aid the assault with targetted tear gas usage? Or would that be considered too much of a hazard?" Asks the Lance Corporal.
That is named Levesque.

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Vendas quirks a brow at the suggestion. "I can't see why not. Just keep in mind that gas works both ways. See me about that afterwards, okay?" That does seem to have interest in her mind. "Okay, anyone else?"

Yuuri looks over his notes briefly, still spinning the pen through his fingers before raising his hand again. His eyes remain on the CAG, but jump from speaker to speaker.

"Yes sir. But I think I can say without fear of contradiction that we're all NBC qualified in this room." Levesque nods at Vendas and then falls silent, jotting down a quick note.

Kai frowns faintly at something, though doesn't comment. He's a pilot, his job's to get the fancy flying done, not worry about marines and tear gas.

You say, "Yes, Liuetenant," with a quick glance. "What's the question?"

Yuuri repeats word for word what he wrote down from the brief, "'Captain Marek and Lieutenant Valasche will move in close before the point-defense cannons can come online and take out the guns on the dorsal section of the Odysseus.' What will our weapon loadouts be? Nukes, guns, Ship-to-ship?" He pauses looking for the right words, "And Red Squadron's targets are only Ody Vipers or just primary with the Ody itself secondary?"

"As stated, we'll be using the laser targeting systems built into the Viper's twenty-millimeter. We've got no way to simulate missiles on a practical basis because combat moves too fast. If the Old Man is going to be simulating nuke launches, I'm unaware of it." The Major seems pretty honest about the whole matter. "And no, no simulating any other attacks on the ship itself. Don't even consider it. The Kharon has one overstrength squadron of Vipers. The Odysseus has three full-strength squadrons of Vipers. I want people's heads on taking out their fighters and protecting our Raptors and Marines." A pause. "Anyone else?"

Legacy has disconnected.

Kai keeps his hands clasped behind him, eyes focused on the floor while Yuuri speaks, then the CAG herself. Nope, no questions from the Captain, though he does turn aside briefly when Legacy approaches him, murmurs something quietly, and slips out.

The CAG waits for a few more moments, eyes surveying the room. Without any more questions, she nods. "Alright. We go skids up the day after tomorrow. You all have the time and your tasking orders. If anyone has a mid-air collision or takes damage related to combat, report it to me ASAP." She shifts the weight on her feet and leans on the podium a touch. "This is where I'm supposed to say something inspiring and give a long speech. Well frak that. When we go hot, I just want you all to kick some ass. We've got the Admiralty rooting for us and placing bets. Let's not let 'em down, yeah?" She smirks. "Alright people, everyone is dismissed. The Marines can see me up front. Now go.. enjoy your evening." She winks and presses the power button, shutting off the projector as she moves away from the podium.

Once the CAG's stopped talking, Roubani turns his eyes down and scribbles a few notes in list form on the page. Last minute checks on that blackout procedure to do, probably. He clicks his pen and hooks it back into the spirals of his notebook.

Levesque gets up from his seat, tucking his notepad and pen into a breast pocket. He moves up to go meet the CAG in front.
Kai salutes once the CAG's finished speaking, and tucks his own notepad away before meandering up closer to the podium. Maybe he has questions to ask, or maybe he just wants to hear what the marines have to say.

Matto lets out a breath. The preparations for this thing were a lot more to his interest last night. Maybe it's just the difference between playing with toy raptors and sitting there being talked at. Questions? No. None that weren't taken care of last night. Now all that's left is to fly— and let the Vipers and his ECO clear the path. He's got the easy job, here.

Yuuri remains seated after hearing about the Admiralty placing bets. Great his grandfather already expecting a victory.. He sighs and watches everyone rise to their feets. He closes the notepad and slides the pen down the loops.

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Vendas looks to Levesque and Kai as they step closer. "Gentlemen." She lifts a hand to pull on the screen before retracting it into the case overhead. "So you want to use gas, mm? Talk to me on it because this will have to go up through the chain of command."

"Simple, sir." Levesque nods at Vendas. "While I was deployed on my last operation, we had CS tear gas used against us on a few occasions. It's effective, not lethal except in enormously high concentrations, and is more effective as a screen than regular smoke. The only problem is delivery - a low velocity fourty millimetre grenade fired from a launcher is a dangerous projectile. So, either it can be delivered by hand thrown devices, or if there's referees then they can maybe inform the crew they're being gassed?"

Vendas regards the Marine in front of her for a few moments while he speaks. There's obvious interest there. "Well considering you'll be running this against other Marines, I doubt they would let you use the forty-mikes. But the grenades.." She takes a breath and looks to Kai. "What do you think, Captain? Should we request the grenades or just have the ref's sim it?"

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"Sir, I'm by no means an expert on techniques used in the first cylon war, but to my understanding, they were more likely to use live fire as a screen." The Captain glances from Vendas, to Levesque, then back again. "Furthermore, it's been my personal experience when participating in fireteam exercises, that — as the Lance Corporal says — there can be problems with the delivery, and mild to severe medical symptoms can present in certain people. I'd recommend smoke, sir, if a screen is necessary. For the purposes of this exercise."

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Yuuri watches everyone file out of the Ready room and rises from the seat. He glances at the three in the front before exiting through the hatch.

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"Sir," Levesque notes to Kai, "the Cylons, from what I understand, were nothing but tenacious and adaptive. They might not have used the tactic in the War, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't have if it hadn't gone on longer. Furthermore, screening smoke is actually considerably more harmful to use in a room, or a ship, that doesn't directly vent outside. Dunno if you've ever been smoked out, sir, but it's a lot worse for your lungs, I understand, than tear gas. The point wasn't only to screen, but to incapacitate, sir, and make them practice their drills, which I bet can use some. If I hadn't been deployed to Sagittaron, my NBC drills would be a bit rusty. Ultimately it's not up to me, obviously, but I figured it would be a good idea." He shrugs. "The worst I seen people react to CS is to puke and turn really red. But we can sim it, if that's a problem… regular smoke's just a bad idea."

The Major listens silently as Kai speaks his piece. She only nods at the end, looking to Levesque. This is all news to her, by the look on her face. "Fair enough, then. I'll put the notification in through the proper channels. I'll tell that that you will be simulating gas attacks via thrown water bottles or soda cans." She smirks. "Is there anything else, Corporal?" She certainly seems open to it.

Roubani listens silently to the talk between the CAG and the Marine. Not that it's his concern what the groundpounders do, but he seems interested anyway. He finally rises, straightening his jacket with a light tug on the bottom hem.

Kai nods to Levesque. "Twice. But I'll submit to your greater expertise, Corporal." The sentiment seems entirely genuine; he's a pilot, with limited groundpounder experience. His hands retreat into the pockets of his trousers while Vendas speaks, expression thoughtful.

Levesque nods at Kai, but his following response seems to be aimed at the Major - at least that's where the Lance Corporal's green eyes are pointing. "No sir. I don't know anything other than the basics about boarding a ship. Er, I mean, the specifics of ships. Fighting in close quarters, yeah. But just nothing about ships' systems, or where to go, or anything like that. This is the longest I've ever been on a ship, two weeks, sir." He doesn't seem to be ashamed of the fact.

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Vendas chuckles. "Well this will be one hell of an experience for you. Lucky for you, you don't have to know systems. I'd get together with an NCO and talk about ship navigation and the fastest way to clear decks. I'd love to say I'm versed on it but my focus is on combat in the vaccuum with a ship strapped to my back. I'll leave the boarding and shooting to the professionals." She nods to the man. "Good thinking and best of luck, Lance Corporal. Rip them apart out there." She then turns to Kai. "Captain. I wanted to talk to you about the incident a few days back. Got some time?"

Kai lifts his eyes when Vendas speaks, and gives her a terse nod. "I do, sir." He steps forward in case she needs any help packing things up, but otherwise doesn't elucidate upon the 'incident' with a few others still present, and in the process of filtering out.

"Thank you sir." Levesque offers a crisp salute to Vendas, waiting for her to return it before wandering off.


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