Odysseus Operation -- Organisational Meeting
Odysseus Operation — Organisational Meeting
Summary: Air Wing Command holds a meeting to begin prepping for an upcoming mission.
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[ Ready Room - Hangar Deck ]------[ CEC Kharon ]—
The soft glow of white lights overhead cast hardly any shadows across the battleship gray walls and dark, trodden carpet floor. Divided into two sections of chairs, their bases bolted to the floor with an aisle running up each side and the center of the elevated riser. The plush black leather of the arrangement has been worn-in over the years to provide for a well-used but comfortable atmosphere. To the front a pair of large liquid crystal displays provide for the analysis of anything required while a single podium occupies a place up front and to the left. A pull-down screen is secured to the high ceiling to be used with a digital projection system that is fed on the side of the room. Doubling as an office area, there are a few desks at the rear. Various technical manuals as well as tactical guides are set on a low bookshelf above the writing spaces. Around the side is a line of metal cabinets that hold various labels as to their contents. Hangers hold a row of spare deep green flightsuits and helmets on the other side of the room while half-hidden posters and pictures adorn the walls. One section of the wall near the front, kept clear of clutter and debris, is a wooden wall-plate that goes nearly floor to ceiling.
-=[ Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close ]=-------—-
->Players<- Kai Eddie Roubani Poppy Legacy ->Things<- Wooden Plaque
->Exits<- [O] Hallway

Eddie shows up, still buttoning up her dress blues jacket as she steps through the door, the smell of smoke still clinging to breath and hair from a quick pitstop on her way up here from the simulators. She manuevers towards the desks in the back, snagging a pad of hexagonal paper off one of them so she can take notes. Or doodle. Then she's off to find a seat.

The Ready Room has been made, well, ready for a meeting of the pilots. Standing at the front of the room, near a display, is Captain Althea Legacy, in uniform, hair pulled back. She's standing tall and looking, for once, just a touch forbidding as she waits for people to filter in.

Roubani is a few minutes behind Eddie, having quickly done typing, emailing (or whatever they call it in this universe) and getting himself some pens and paper. He raises salute to the Captain at the front and moves towards a seat somewhere in the middle of the room.

Kai, for his part, filters in last or close to it. There's a clipboard under one arm, and his gait is strident and nigh impossible to mistake for any other, as he ushers a few stragglers in and makes for the podium.

Eddie saluting? Yeah, Eddie probably did that some where along the way. Roubani's not going to get away with not sitting next to her. Eddie would even get up and change seats if necessary. "Got my pen?" She asks quietly, slumping down a bit into her seat to wait for the planning meeting to begin.

Having arrived early, Poppy has already taken a seat in the second row with her notepad set out before her. It already has a mess of writing and diagrams written on it which she glances over, flipping to a blank page in preparation for the upcoming session.

Roubani holds up an extra black pen between his fingers, which he extends to Eddie.

Legacy remains where she is, quiet, watching as everyone filters in. Kai's arrival gets a faint smile - but only a faint one. THere's no smile on the Captain's face today, not like her usual. "Ladies and gentlemen," she calls, finally. "If you would please settle in, we'll get this briefing taken care of. Captain?" She looks to Kai, brow raising ever so slightly in question.

Kai ascends the step or two to the podium, giving him at least the pretense of looming height where the actuality doesn't exist. He looks briefly askance to Legacy, nods once, then turns to address the room amidst a few titters of malingering conversation, "Unfortunately, Major Vendas couldn't be here today. She's at a beach retreat on Virgon currently, soaking up the sunshine and sipping hard lemonade out of drinks with umbrella hats." Not so much as a twitch of a smile; his eyes are on the papers in front of him, and by the tone in his voice one would think he was reading obituaries. "But she's decided to open up this meeting to the air wing in full, to discuss strategy for the upcoming training exercise with the sixth fleet."

Eddie plucks it from Roubani's fingers with a kissy noise, careful not to touch the other pilot. He gets squicky about that sort of thing. Its clicked closed, then shoved behind her ear until she finds something note worthy. Vendas' vacation, fictional or not, apparently doesn't require her to scribble.

Poppy cannot help but drift away for a moment in her thoughts at the idea of a luxurious holiday. Not like she could afford one, anyhow. Mmm … sunshine and booze. She glances down to her notepad, flipping to a page containing a number of actual and theoretical weaknesses for a battlestar - including a somewhat crudely-drawn diagram of the ship in question.

Beach retreats during condition two. It's good to be a Major! Roubani scratches the bridge of his nose with the end of his pen and flips to a clean page in his notebook, listening.

Matto arrives from the Hallway - Hangar Deck. Matto has arrived.

Thea picks up where Kai leaves off, her voice low and quiet. It's almost as if these two practiced ahead of time. "To that end, we've gathered all of you together this evening to discuss the particulars. This engagement is to be treated as a real engagement, not a drill, not an exercise." She looks at each and every pilot present, meeting eyes. "Captain Marek will fill you in on the details."

Kai isn't one for running these sorts of things. The discomfort might be palpable, if he wasn't doing a fairly good job of hiding it. Hands retreating into the pockets of his blues, he keeps his eyes resolutely on the sheet of notes in front of him, while Thea gives him a few much-needed moments to compose himself. "The sixth fleet is flagshipped by the Battlestar Odysseus, who is escorting the Battlestars Brutus and Perseus in training exercises a few days from the ARM line. We will be conducting a boarding exercise with the Odysseus itself; the other vessels, including the accompanying fleet frigates and cruisers, are not involved." He flips the page. "The Odysseus' commanding officer is involved with this exercise, but the rest of the crew will not be informed. This is to simulate a medium-range basestar jump and subsequent boarding and disabling of the ship, including key points throughout Engineering and CIC." He pauses a moment, in case there are questions so far.

Martin arrives from the Hallway - Hangar Deck. Martin has arrived.

Poppy ventures a question, looking up from her notepad and towards Kai, "The rest've the crew'll know once we show up on DRADIS, right? I mean, we aren't going to end up being shot at by them, are we?"

Eddie glances up, "Live fire isn't a concern?" She seems dubious.

Roubani makes notes as Kai speaks, in a neat line along and down the page. It might have bulletpoints. He's that sort of person.

Vendas has connected.

Thea takes care of the questions and answers portion of things - for the moment. She stands at Kai's side, file folder held to her chest in one arm. "They'll know once we show up on DRAEDIS," Thea tells Poppy, nodding. "As soon as we jump and scramble, the exercise begins. Live fire is not going to be an issue - Odysseus' crew knows better than to fire on Colonial Fleet Ships without orders." There's a very faint smile at that. "Our orders are clear - we are to board and disable."

Poppy nods her head - thats what she thought. She glances back down at her notepad, making a few changes based on the objectives of their mission.

Matto keeps a pen to paper, notes interspersed with odd uneven pyramid (figure, not sport) drawings, signifying nothing much at all. He sits in a chair somewhere behind Poppyflower, and draws a line down the middle of what's left of the paper, then writes something at the top of one column, then the top of the other.

Martin sits in the back, leaning on the edge of his chair with his helmet in his lap. Hair slicked back, fresh out of the shower, he rolls a pen idly through his fingers as he listens. He's got a notepad, he's not using it. Listening to the conversation intently, he puts things together his own way, eyes shifting across the gathered pilots.

Eddie raises her pen slightly, "Then. Isn't the whole exercise moot?"

Kai is happy to let Althea handle the answers. He'll just continue rattling off the information, once the murmur of conversation and dissention's died down. "The Admiralty will be watching us, ladies and gentlemen, so this is our chance to put all that fine fleet academy training to the test. The Odysseus houses three squadrons of vipers including mark sevens and mark twos, and one squadron of raptors. We'll be outnumbered roughly three to one, since our alert and reserve birds will not be participating." Another question, another pause as his eyes cut briefly to Althea for her cue to respond.

The hatch opens and in walks Vendas. She quietly makes her way up the side of the chairs and watches everyone for a moment with a raised brow. Her flightsuit is worn with it unzipped, the arms tied around her waist. "Evenin' everyone. Sorry I'm late." She meanders on forwards towards the front.

"Yes and no, Morales," Thea replies to Eddie, shaking her head slightly. "Yes, there will be danger in this. However, they're not going to be opening fire on us as soon as we jump in. If I'm not mistaken, you've done this type of exercise before?" A brow arches delicately, in question. She's about to say more when Torch walks in and she pulls into attention, and salute. "CAG on deck," she calls in that necessarily strident tone used by military personnel."

Poppy glances over her shoulder towards Matto with raised eyebrows when the Admiralty are mentioned, raising her voice to ask another question, "Any chance of getting a jamming suite installed on the Raptors? If they're flying blind, numbers don't mean too much." Uh oh! The fastest trip from Virgon to here ever, thinks Poppy as she stands up on reflex and turns her head slightly to look at the newly-arrived CAG.

Roubani is listening and still making notes, expression unreadable. He stands up as Legacy calls the presence of Vendas in the room, straightening his shoulders and raising salute without a word.

Eddie shifts to her feet when Officer on Deck is called, hand lazily travelling to her forehead lacking a bit of pop and snap, holding her response to Thea for the time being until At Ease is given.

Martin rises from his seat, squaring his shoulders and saluting with his vision straight forward. Without a word passing his lips, he goes to attention as the CAG enters the Ready Room. Waiting to be told to change posture, he keeps his eyes straight forward.

Matto relays some message to Poppyflower in re: the Admiralty through a vague motion of his eyebrows. Then, tossing his notepad and pen to the emptty seat next to him, he uncrosses his legs and stands up. Time for salutations, properly presented.

Vendas nods to everyone. "Please. As you were." She surveys the group from the front for a moment longer before settling on Poppy. "I heard something about this exercise being moot? What's the reasoning behind the question?" She tilts her head a touch. Not chiding or angry, she actually seems more than willing to answer questions straight from the get-go.

Kai snaps to a salute as well, though it's hardly a stumbling over his feet, busting a vein in his forehead type of salute. It's offered briskly, then dropped once the order's given to stand down. Unlike Vendas, he looks a little irritated at the question of 'what's the point', but is silent to allow Danika to handle it.

Thea relaxes back to a parade rest posture, following Vendas gaze, though settling on Eddie, rather than poor Poppy.

As others shift back to their seats, Eddie remains on her feet. "I just mean, it seems like a cake walk, if there aren't even practice rounds being given to the viper force and their marine contingent. Wouldn't we just be able to waltz in? Sirs."

Matto settles back down, when let to do so, not crossing his legs again but taking up his notebook and setting it on the little side desk. "It's sort of a fair point, as far as their not being able to fire at us goes. But on the other hand they're playing defense, and we're not allowed to fire at them, either. So really they've got the tactical upper hand. We need a way ONTO their ship, without firing AND without their permission. That's task enough -without- the disabling half of the mission."

Roubani also retakes his seat, setting his notebook on his legs. He still seems to just be listening, gathering together all the information and questions and protests being voiced.

"The Marines will be using paintgun ammunition. We will be using laser gaming systems built into the twenty-millimeter cannons on your wings." Vendas peers at Eddie as if attempting to decipher what it is she's getting at. But she then looks to Matto. "Both Air Wings, ours and theirs, will be using lasers. We don't need their permission to do anything. But if they want to launch or recover Vipers, they will need to have their flight pods extended. Which might be a way in."

Returning to his seat in the back, Martin resumes his relaxed attitudinal posture and leans against the arm of his chair. Idly spinning the pen between his fingers one handed, he lifts his eyes at Eddie as she talks. Tapping the top of his helmet a few times, he raises his hand, waiting to ask a question.

Kai was likely about to open his mouth, and say the very same thing as Vendas. But when the elucidation's made, he merely nods to her slightly and resumes his quiet sweep of the room. "Dash," he calls out to the pilot with his hand up, signifying he can ask away.

Eddie smirks slightly, just the faint shadow of it at the corner of her lips. "That's all I was getting at, sirs." She flops back into her seat with a kick up of her feet that clunk back the floor. "That if only their command knows, how their marines are going to know to load the right …paintballs."

"I've, uh," Poppy speaks up, tapping the notepad in her lap with her pen, "I've got a few ideas. I was initially thinking a jamming suite to fra — " Oop, superior officers. Language. "Mess with their DRADIS. Keep them from getting intel from the CIC aboard the Odysseus. Although if we launched decoys when we jumped in we could, uh, get them to scramble their alert Vipers to the wrong side of the pond." She quiets down significantly after that, " … just a suggestion."

Lifting his head as he's called, Martin "Dash" Black straightens up a little in the back. "Aside from what our leaders in the field order us, what's the immediate rules of engagement for our squadron? Return fire? Weapons cold until authorized? Weapons hot going in?" He asks. "In other words, when we're released into this mock engagement, what's our initial approach status?"

Samantha is listening to this all in silence. She reported in but, her 'fill the holes with lots and lots of foam' scheme didn't exactly fly with engineering, so she's mainly been listening right now. She keeps her eyes on everyone speaking, though, arms folded behind her back at an almost comfortable parade rest…

"One at a time please, this isn't kindergarten," Kai feels the need to mention, with a look directed at poor Poppy. He'll let Vendas handle that one, and instead addresses Martin's question, "We will be going in with radio silence, most likely. Weapons will be cold. Ensign Roubani has devised a rather brilliant plan concerning our approach strategy which we've corroborated with Engineering, if he'd like to come up and speak about it in a moment. Major?" He looks to Vendas for confirmation.

Matto gives Kai a sedate looking-over with a tinge of curiosity to it as he picks at the Poppyflower. 'What's all that about?' he seems to emote without getting fussed about it at all. Once Martin's question is settled, he offers a follow-up, "And are there any restrictions on other types of offensives? We've got lasers and paintguns, but what about jammin and other electronic or technological sabotage. We're not going to want to leave the ship seriously disabled, are we? What are the limits there?"

Legacy remains quiet, listening as the questions and answers start flying.

Vendas nods to Eddie. "Good question. There are Fleet-sanctioned judges on board the Battlestar left over from their live fire exercises. They are there for the duration of the cruise and know what is happening. I know most of us aren't Marines so I'll tell you how we know.. When the announcement is made over the intercom by the CO, he will state is as an exercise. The judges will ensure that all live weapons are secured in the lockers. The paintguns are painted bright blue so they won't be mistaken for live weapons. The paintguns are physically incapable of firing live rounds." She then looks to Poppy with a smirk. "Excellent idea. Hold onto that until we get through all these questions." Her gaze finally settles on Martin and then Kai. "Ahh, yes. For the moment we are planning on going in weapons cold. But that is subject to change." She looks back over the sea of faces. "We are here to plan out our strategy. To work together. Most of us don't know each other and what our strengths are. Obviously we here at the front can tell you what you are going to be doing.. but to be honest?" A sly smile crosses her. "I'd rather see all of you come together and form a plan of action. Call it 'Teambuilding' if you want. We'll make the final call, but I want people to have fun with this."

Roubani gently scratches his eyebrow as Kai calls attention to him. He glances at Martin and then over at Vendas, keeping up with the talking. Writing at times, as that saves him having to sustain eye contact.

When Kai looks at her, Poppy exhales sharply and folds her arms across her chest. The notepad on her lap goes without additions for the time being as she leans back a little in her seat, nodding her head to the CAG and dutifully waiting until later to offer ideas.

Eddie seems satisfied, for the time being. She settles down into her chair, sinking low like she's about to ooze out on the floor. Her pen starts to make scratch marks on paper, though only those around her can see she's drawing little stick figures.

Levesque arrives from the Hallway - Hangar Deck. Levesque has arrived.

Kai probably misses the look from Matto entirely. He's focused on the notes in front of him again, hands in his pockets, sharp-angled face a study in thoughtful concentration as the CAG speaks. She can play good cop all she likes, but the Captain doesn't seem to be making much out of teambuilding and having fun. "As far as I'm aware, and the Major can correct me on this, we are cleared for electronic warfare. We are not cleared for detonating explosives in their hangar bay or kicking marines in the nuts. You'd probably hurt your foot more than the marine."

Thea's lips twitch ever so slightly. Poor Marines. Poor Air Wing. Someone's going to come out on the bad end of that, and just who is up in the air.

Martin glances at Samantha for a moment and then looks back to the front of the room. Practically lounging, his lips form into a grin. His eyes shift around for a moment before he speaks. "But didn't you hear? Marines aren't getting supplied with nuts. Only paintball guns. Hoo-ah." Martin says arrogantly, running a hand through his hair.

And who to come in at this perfect time? Well, a marine indeed! Actually, a Lance Corporal with the nametag of Levesque on his duty uniform. He's got a lost look on his face, and carries two duffelbags, one on each shoulder. Probably a new addition. "Er. Sir." He salutes quickly, probably at the CAG. "I was told that my platoon sergeant was in here by one of the deck hands…"

"Captain Marek is exactly right. The limits are these: We cannot actually disable any systems on the Battlestar. Period. Any sort of jamming or interference caused must be temporary and carry no lasting damage to the systems or people. If we were further away from the Arm Line.. maybe. But not out here. We all need to be ready to scramble at a moments notice." Vendas chuckles with Martin's remark and looks around. "Any more questions?" But the Marine enters and she looks at him. She's surrounded by a room full of officers. She returns the motion to Levesque. "Something we can help you with, Corporal?"

Poppy rolls her eyes, leaning her head back against the headrest of the chair and staring at the ceiling for a moment. Gods preserve me. She scrawls something down on her notepad - 'Viper Jocks! Hur Hur Hur!' - which she holds up briefly for Matto to see before she lowers the notepad and flips the page. The parameters of the mission make her smile … looks like she gets to be imaginative.

Fenris has arrived.

Samantha presses her lips a touch tighter together at Martin's words, a hint of laughter behind her eyes as she tries not to chuckle out loud but goodness she's tempted…"The… JG has a point… about Marines and their nuts, you know…" She coughs out gently, possibly muttered too quiet for the whole room to hear, but then goes back to listening to the planning

Roubani is still scribbling in his notes. He sets his pen down, reading over what he's written, and glances at the folder he'd brought along. His hands fold atop it, his expression way too neutral for all the joking going around.

Legacy glances over toward the poor Marine and her lips settle into a thin line. She's not going to smile, she's not going to smile, she's not going to…oh, that poor Marine. Like the dog walking into the middle of a cat show. She simply watches him, head canted to the side as she listens for the response.

Talk about stumbling into brass country. It's a wonder Levesque isn't blinded by the pins on collars in this room. Captain Marek turns slightly as the marine wanders in and proclaims to be here at the behest of a deck hand, giving the man a bemused once-over. "Perhaps the Lance Corporal can speak on the subject of standard issue equipment, a little later. If there are no more questions at the moment, will Ensign Roubani come up, please?" Blue eyes fix directly upon the poor kid.

Eddie gives a deep snort in amusement at Martin's words, but Eddie is blessedly silent with her own smart ass comments. When Roubani is called up, eyes swivel to the man in question. "Showtime." She murmurs.

Martin, for lack of a better word, gets a smug look on his face. Good comedic timing, well versed, and if some of the near smirks are any indication? Well received. With the mention of Roubani, he grins broadly and watches the Ensign approach the center.

Levesque grumbles something pretty much unintelligible under his breath, probably about all the Marine dissing given who his green eyes dart towards as they speak. Quickly, they set back on the CAG. "Er, yes sir. A Specialist Marro told me that my platoon sergeant was here but… I guess he was mistaken." He frowns.

"Uh." Roubani's first vocal contribution to this meeting is less than stellar. His posture has discomfort written in his tense shoulders, but he stands up as directed. "Suppose so. Thank you, by the way," he return mutters to Eddie, and then heads for wherever Kai had indicated. "Yes, sir."

Matto's mind forages slowly and placidly for ideas, continuing to draw tiny pyramids as sort of a way to keep focused. Any more questions? He looks about to speak up, but Roubani's up, and he's got no issue with waiting.

Vendas nods to Kai's request about Roubani, motioning for the Ensign to come up as well. "The Ensign is going to explain an ingenius little idea he came up with about frakking with the 'enemy' Vipers. We /will/ be using this in the operation, so plan around it." She steps out of the way and looks to Levesque once more. "You may want to pummel the hell out of that Specialist, Corporal. This is the pilot's ready room. I'm afraid you got some bad information." She then turns her attention back to Roubani, waiting for his forthcoming presentation.

Samantha clears her throat, offering quietly, "Was the possibility of magnetically throwing off or disabling their maglev systems in the launch tubes brought up? It might be the best way to do things without massive damage, if we can somehow manage it…" She offers gently, a bit more seriously now, her expression more somber as she goes back to business.

Levesque nods, not bothering to salute a second time. "Yes sir, thank you. Sorry for bothering, this is my first time serving on a ship. Ain't like the ground bases." He turns to leave.

Poppy cannot help but look skeptical when Roubani gets up to speak, looking from Marek to Vendas but otherwise remaining silent. She glances down at the notes on her page, flipping away from them to the blank ones so she can scribble down the already-decided-upon game plan.

Kai didn't really indicate anywhere in particular. He'll let the young man flounder a little, it's good for his character. A glance is cut toward Samantha when she speaks. "Not yet, Passi. Hold your question until after the Ensign's presented his ideas, please."

Eddie sits up a little bit straighter. Maybe it was the 'thank you' from Roubani. Maybe they're getting to a place of interest for the little Ensign. Or maybe, just maybe, she's looking alert in case she has to bail Roubani out.

Levesque heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway. Levesque has left.

"The downside of tampering with their catapults is the danger that a bird already in the tube may suffer damage before they realize what we've done to them." chimes in another damnably neutral face. It belongs to Fen, who's been the proverbial shadow the whole time. With barely a pause for her next breath, she adds, "If we can time it right, the fight would be essentially over before it began, though it would take a significant amount of surprise. By the time their CAP commed back that there are bogeys, we would have to have the deed done within the first minute. Assuning they keep the same proportion of alert Vipers ready to go, that should lock the engagement with a two to two and a half to one advantage in our favor."

Roubani looks even more uncomfortable now, if that's possible. The open folder in his hands gives him something to look at besides the room. "Viper combat-alert systems since the Mark II have been designed to be most sensitive to heat signatures. Like most equipment, it has its limitations. It's been long established that Vipers cannot detect inorganic bodies running at below 20 amps of power." He glances up and looks towards Eddie, nodding to her. "Ensign Morales and I were able to configure a startup sequence for the Vipers that provide power to life support, manual navigation panels, secondary thrusters, and stabilisers that leave the Viper running at 15 amps. Essentially undetectable. It is a handicap, as it means the birds will, in essence, be flying in darkness — secondary thrusters will have to be shut off within a certain distance to avoid leaving a heat trail. But we can get in close enough to be at an strong advantage for an ambush. Ensign Morales has also tested the time it takes to go from black to weapons-hot and combat-go. Four point one seconds." He pauses a second, having said a lot.

Vendas scoots a glance to Eddie, nodding once in approval to the Ensign. She clasps her hands behind her back and looks to Roubani once more, waiting for him to continue.

Martin takes in the idle, tilting his head a little bit with a considering look on his face. Head bobbing a few times, he looks up and down his row before he returns to listening to the plan. So far, so good. He lowers his pen to his notepad, making a few notes all of the sudden.

"Kharon will have to be fully powered up to jump in," Matto tosses out there, since there seems to be a lull in the explanation, "Is that going to automatically notify them of the event? Or can we pretend to be there under other pretexts? Maybe, uh, jump in and give a distress call? Hell, they might just open the doors for us, if we send out a few raptors full of 'evacuees.'"

Poppy reaches around to offer a high five to Matto. Good idea.

Vendas quirks a brow, surprised that Matto's question hasn't been addressed so far yet. "Hold that thought, Lieutenant. I'll explain our approved entrance once Roubani has finished." She nods to the pilot and looks back to the Viper jock.

At least Roubani left out the first run through, where Eddie's time wasn't nearly so adequate. She's quite, just giving him a nod of encouragement as he speaks. You go, brain boy.

Roubani's fingers push the cap of his pen off, then back on. He knows zilch about what the Kharon itself is doing, so seems to be listening for an answer when Vendas tells him to go on. "Not much else, sir. It's been tested, it works for both the Mark IIs and Mark VIIs. Captain Marek also brought up putting a delayed read data strobe signal generation circuit into any advance scouts, Viper or Raptor, to mask comm output." Tech talk seems to calm him down.

With that…Martin raises his hand like he's in the back of a geography class. It's not a straight raised arm, but hangs at a slight angle to match with his relaxing in his chair as he looks over his notes.

Legacy remains quiet, relaxed, as Roubani gives his proposal. Oddly enough? She looks proud of the pilot, but it's a subtle type of pride.

"Okay, so in summation Ensign Roubani, you can make our Vipers invisible for a short while." Vendas smirks, nodding to the man. "Go ahead and take your seat again. Thank you." A nods to Kai for his idea. Nice! But her gaze once more falls to Matto. "To answer your question.. Our set-up is this: We will be simulating an attack on the Battlestar, yes? Our cover is that the Kharon will be jumping in as a Cylon Basestar that has stolen Colonial Transponders. All of our 'Raiders' will be outfitted with the same technology. Therefore, when they see a Colonial ship jump in on their DRADIS, it will be accurate to the game. Three things will trigger the alert of the Battlestar to our operation. First: If any of their Vipers set eyes on us or any of your birds. Second: The Kharon opens fire on the Battlestar. Third: If neither conditions one or two are met, the judges will decide a length of time to alert their CIC to what is happening." She takes a long breath to make sure everyone has that down. But a hand lifts to Martin. "Black. Speak your mind."

"They're gonna be using the same electronic systems that we are, right?" Martin asks, leading into his point. Sitting up straight again, he slides his pen back behind his ear and looks around. Shame…no Jupiter. Furrowing his brow a little bit, he continues with confidence. "What about our comm jocks? If we're radio silent perhaps we could get them to work a little electronic warfare? Sure, not to disable any actual systems but if we were to have them insert a file to where the judges can monitor and rule that we hacked X system and they can't use it until they find the source of the problem, we could hit this one like a swarm. After all, we have the opportunity of surprise." He grins and shrugs. "So let's set up an 'oh shit' scenario for them, show Command what we can do when we've got the initiative?"

Roubani makes no noise as he heads back to his seat, slipping into it. He continues to take out residual discomfort on his pen, fiddling with the cap of it as he goes back to listening. Martin's suggestion brings the first vague smile of the evening out of him, as he looks thoughtful.

Poppy is no longer taking notes, instead she's begun to sketch out a drawing of nothing in particular with her pen. As everyone speaks she glances up from time to time to listen, although she's not jotting things down anymore. After a moment she closes her notebook all together and slots it down next to her on the seat.

Vendas just grins at Martin. "Exactly, Black. Very nice. And you're right. We have roughly two weeks to prep for this. All the time in the world to practice anything in a zero-comms environment. All it takes is a little trust in your wingmates." The CAG crosses her arms, adjusting her stance. "Captain Legacy, think your Raptors are up to the challenge of destroying their comm systems?"

Kai speaks up after Vendas, with a sideways glance to Legacy as if to confirm whether or not the raptor squadron commander has anything to add. "Keep in mind that any electronic warfare you're engaged in will either be presaging the strike itself, or done very quickly, and in a premeditated fashion. We aim to be taking out their alert units, and boarding in short order."

Matto tickles Poppy's palm when presented, leaning to one side in his seat and resting his elbow on the arm of the chair as he considers the new set of conditions laid on them. "How do we get from taking out their alert units to boarding?"

"More than," Thea says quietly, nodding once. Her eyes find Matto and Poppy for a long moment, lips quirking in just a little bit of a smile - the first one she's shown all night. "We'll do some drills ahead of time."

Poppy herself isn't looking too happy herself, drumming her fingers on the spine of the notepad thats on its side next to her in the seat. Thats probably the reason she doesn't catch the slight smile from the Boss.

Samantha is listening to this all, taking mental notes, but she's been quiet for it all, it seems. Ready to take orders, to be told where to go and fly….but she doesn't quite have any ideas better than what have been brought to the table.

Martin nods and flips his pen up into the air a foot or two. Catching it, he grins and makes a few more notes. "So Raptors do what they do best, we keep them clear, disable as much as possible as quickly because this ship can't go toe-to-toe with a B-star…" Martin comments and then puts a slur to the voice. "Outfit -our- marines with nuts, they'll never see that coming…"

"Damned glad to hear it, Captain." She smirks to Legacy. "Right. Some of you will be tasked with electronic warfare most likely. Others will be landing Marines who have been outfitted with paintguns and scrotums." The CAG nods to Martin as she finishes. Her eyes surf the faces of the crowd for a few moments before smiling. "Alright. I'll call this done. Those of you who had ideas, feel free to talk to your squadron commander about developing them. If you feel you need to speak with me about it, then as always, I'm available." She looks to Kai and Legacy. "Captains? I can't thank you enough for getting this started without me. The pilots are yours to dismiss at your leisure." She dips her head to them as she steps back from the front of the room to stand by the wall.

Samantha stands a bit straighter, heading over in Martin's direction and pushing his shoulder with her own for a moment, an amused grin dancing across her lips. "Our Marines are gonna be dangerous boys now. Sounds like this is gonna be fun…" She winks at him, her eyes glimmering with the promise of a fight. She pulls out her pack of cigarettes, slipping one between her lips but not lighting up yet. Not while they're on the hangar deck.

Roubani writes a few more things, illegibly, and closes the notebook on his leg. The pen's capped and slid into the spirals, and he keeps his eyes down.

Matto scratches at the side of his head, "What advantage are we going to get out of sneaking up on them with our vipers? I mean, it's a neat trick, but the vipers are still going to have to hold off three times their number until we get the marines over there, aren't they? Wouldn't less time in battle be preferable to more? And if the raptors go along with the vipers, then… they'll see us coming, anyhow, won't they?"

Kai nods again to Vendas once she's finished speaking, and turns back to the restless group of pilots. He won't even call Samantha out for pulling a pack of cigarettes in the ready room. "Any other questions? We expect you to work your asses off for this operation, ladies and gentlemen. Especially the vigilantes, whom I believe have a thing or two to show the ghostriders." He slants Legacy a quick smile. Nothing like a little friendly inter-squadron competition, right? That's what an exercise like this is all about. There are a few hoots from the cluster of viper jocks at the back. Matto's question draws his gaze thattaway, and he slides his hands back into his pockets, nodding. "The intent is to spend as little time in the air as possible, Lieutenant, correct. If we have to engage their full air wing, we've already lost."

Poppy rolls her eyes a little, although she's distracted from such things by Matto's question which she turns slightly in her chair to listen to and then back to Marek in anticipation of an answer. Still in quiet listening mode, she tugs at her sleeves - a usual, agitated tick for the ECO.

"Right, okay. So let's run through this," Kissybear gestures with a hand, as if attempting to explain where he sees the difficulty. "Kharon jumps in. Kharon looks fairly unassuming, drops some invisivipers. Invisivipers sneak up to the ship and SURPRISE! there are invisivipers! Good. Invisivipers pick off alert forces. Doesn't Big Mean Battlestar spit out -more- vipers, and our raptors are still back by the ship, and separated from our vipers, to boot, which is nowhere we want to be once they figure out what's what."

"Right, okay. So let's run through this," Kissybear gestures with a hand, as if attempting to explain where he sees the difficulty. "Kharon jumps in. Kharon looks fairly unassuming, drops some invisivipers. Invisivipers sneak up to the ship and SURPRISE! there are invisivipers! Good. Invisivipers pick off alert forces. Doesn't Big Mean Battlestar spit out -more- vipers, and our raptors are still back by the ship, and separated from our vipers, to boot? Which is nowhere we want to be once they figure out what's what."

Grinning to Samantha as she shoulders him, Martin pulls out one of his own cigarettes, sliding it to hide behind his ear a little bit. With a little bit of give on the shove, he winks back and holds his notepad behind his back. "Three on one odds on a sneak attack?" He shrugs. "You sure you're game from this, Case?" He teases and then looks to Matto. "You know here's what went through my head, and I'm just gonna spitball here…" Martin shrugs. "We lauch and go full burn and then cut the thrust, let physics glide us in. Raptors have a longer reach for passive and active Dradis than their Vipers will so we wait for the 'check it out' call. That's when we disable their communication and replace their CAP with a defensive screen. Second group of Raptors on standby FTL in, disable their communications, point defense, and if at all possible try to leech into their systems so that they can't detect external seals getting popped. Boom. In go the marines while we create an offensive screen over their hangar bar. Fish in barrels. While they're frustrated at not being able to get Vipers out and not having the ability to score hits on our Vipers…we use our predetermined knowledge of the Battlestar to use access hatches to get our boys up to CIC. Drop in and boom. It's ours." Martin shoulder shoves Samantha with a wink. "If it works? First two rounds are on me. Chalk that up for incentive eh?"

Vendas rests her hands on the tied arms of her flightsuit much the way she might put her hands on her hips. Her eyes travel to Matto as the man raises some valid concerns. She then looks to Martin. As the man talks, her brow lifts. The CAG is impressed. At least visibly. "This is assuming we can disable their point-defense guns. Big if. But it might be worth attempting." And that's all she has to say on it. She remains quietly to the side.

Roubani continues to watch and listen. Tactics are far from his forte'.

Kai directs his attention to one of his pilots who's spoken up, eyes narrowing in consideration. "It also relies quite heavily on the raptor element being able to take out comms and DRADIS. If Captain Legacy's team can manage it, I'd be so bold as to say the game's over. We'd have to monumentally bungle our boarding procedure, not to take CIC with them having lost their eyes and ears. If not.." Here he smiles in a slightly feline manner. "The game's over." His look toward the CAG suggests that, no, he's not so worried about the point defense guns.

Samantha nods quietly, smiling briefly to Martin…"You're on. But make it three rounds…" And then she looks forward to the rest of the group. "Ultimately, it's going to work fantastically or fail horribly. I don't think there is any in between with this one. But it's worth trying and…either way, we'll all know for the future, right?"

"A jamming suite can handle that," Poppy says quietly, finally opting to speak up, "But I'm going to guess their people in the CIC aren't all hopeless console jockeys. In which case, I still think we oughta launch a whole lot of decoys. While they're busy thinking they're overrun, thats less attention being paid to that station."

"Excellent suggestion, Tusculani." Vendas dips her head to her. "Well-made point." She looks back to Kai with a slowly growing smile.

Roubani uncaps his pen, going back to taking notes as things keep shifting. He's certainly not going to attempt saying anything.

"Well here's what we've got…" Martin grins to Samantha before looking at the rest of the room. He counts on his hands, starting with the pinky finger. "We've got element of surprise and two weeks planning. We've got documentation of critical systems and more than enough documentation on standards of service. We study our enemy, just like a Cylon would. I mean that's the point, right? If the Cylons got some wild hair up their ass and decided to attack us they'd plan ahead right? Chip away the variables till this becomes a damn equation. Our Raptors are the best, our Vipers are the best, and we've got the know how and desire to play this one forward." Martin grins and glances around the room. "And no bullshit. I will buy two rounds for every pilot, marine, comms operator, and deck hand that can get this victory under our belts." He scoffs. "Like I got better things to spend my money on right?" He smiles. "If anyone's got a better plan, spit it the frak out otherwise I say we hit the books and drill sweeping a make believe Battlestar barn and rest our aching, aching livers." Martin grin. "All in favor say aye?"

Eddie holds up her pad of paper, showing something to Roubani. Its a good approximation of stick figures caught in carnal acts. Just to prove she's paying attention, she shouts, "AYE!" Though likely she hasn't a clue what she just agreed to.

Kai returns Vendas' glance, then notes something down on his clipboard. Unlike Eddie back there, he's writing actual words, not stick figures. No doubt Martin's enthusiasm isn't lost on him; he actually seems pleased, in a Captain cold fish Marek sort of way. But he's mostly waiting for any further questions he can answer.

Roubani blinks at the drawing, softly clearing his throat. Eddie gets a bewildered look and then he turns his attention to Martin. "Aye." Much more softly than Eddie.

Samantha gives a quick, immediate nod. She laughs warmly to Martin, "Aye." Amusement heavy in her voice. She wants to see the man paying off his bartab for -years- after this.

Vendas stays studiously quiet, simply watching the faces and actions of those in the room with a pleased smile. Nope, she's not going to say a word. Her piece is spoken.

Matto leans forward, "What do you think, Poppyflower," he checks with his ECO. Boy doesn't go anywhere without checking with his ECO, first. "Huh?" Poppy's brow furrows as she's suddenly called upon, turning about in her seat to look at Matto, "Uh, yeah, I guess. Works for me." She glances down at the notebook she's nursing, opening her mouth to say something before she decides it can wait until later, "Uh … 'aye'."

Samantha looks over Matto and Poppy and grins, leaning closer to Martin for a moment and muttering something in the LtJg's ears with that same chesire cat smile that she's been wearing most of the evening.

Martin hrms and runs a hand through his sweaty hair, having just come back from a CAP. "So unless anyone else has input, we get to work?" He smiles. "Raptors on the jamming, decoys, blind the crap out of them and put together your plan for all of that, marines get to work on the boarding operation, and Vipers on silent slip-in and barnstrafing?" He asks, at least doing his part to get the initial ball rolling. "Then it's just a matter of anticipating their return-tactics…" He stretches his back a little and looks around. He claps his hands and rubs them together. He grins and whispers something back to Samantha.

Kai flips through some of his notes while the pilots commisserate, then lifts his eyes to Martin when the pilot speaks again. "There's still a good deal more planning that needs to be done, Lieutenant. This meeting is for pooling ideas, not reaching concrete decisions. But yes, Captain Legacy, the CAG and myself will take everything that's been said, and form a strategy out of it. You will each have a part to play, and I am not going to make it easy for you." Since when does he ever? Nobody likes flying even a routine CAP with Marek. "Understood?"

"Well, there you have it, then. 'Aye' it is," Kissybear replies, leaning back in his chair and lifting a foot to plant it to one side of the back of Poppy's chair, "Hey, Poppyflower, what do you think about coding in the jamming suite and then using the FTL drives to time their deployment? That way, the whole deal can be synchronized. What do you think?" he wonders, just bantering with his ECO, now, low-voiced.

"I'll be briefing Lieutenant Mickelson on the mission, myself. He may have requests and considerations. Nobody will be allowed to cut through the hull so that's out. But I'm sure he will have a direct effect on how the boarding plays out from the Raptor end." Vendas finally notes a few things. "Remember, work as a team. Develop your ideas with the help of your wingmates and squadron leaders." She quickly falls silent again. She cuts another quick grin to Kai.

"If the transom rate is slow enough on her point defense guns, a slalom run might take them out of the picture." Fenris offers softly.

Samantha continues muttering very, very quietly with Martin between things being said by the big bosses. She's listening, of course, happy to be here, but it seems her and the JG have some ideas about something or other.

Whispering something to Samantha again, Martin lifts his eyebrows and makes a cringing look at Kai and Vendas. Seems to be a rather common state for the young, brash pilot. He waves to them. "Sorry sir. I get excited." He grins to them and folds his arms, rocking on his heels a little bit. "But if I have to hump this mission with scorpions inside of my helmet, I'll do it gladly. Don't tell Fingers I said that…unless of course, we have no scorpions on board in a lab or something."

Kai dips his head to Fenris' quiet remark, then glances toward the whispering Samantha. "Lieutenant Passi, have you got something to share about the mission, or are you just giving Lieutenant Black sweet nothings?" Which isn't so much a question as an order, really. "I'm sure one of my top pilots has some insight to offer in closing, before we're all dismissed."

Roubani remains where he is next to Eddie, some of the two youngest in the room and probably the least likely pair of friends. People talking about humping and scrotums and…goodness. He gently rubs his nose upon hearing the comment from Martin somewhere behind him, looking like he might find it funny somewhere but boy, he feels guilty doing so.

Samantha looks momentarily deer in headlights as her whispering is caught. Hey, she was trying to be quiet about it! She clears her throat, standing up a bit straighter and returning her hands to being folded behind her back…"I just was saying…I think it might be worth… trying to get out in the ships and fly through this a few times, once plans are set in stone. Sure, we're shooting at air, but… might be worth actually getting it physically into our bodies. Getting used to working as a team. Sir. And I'd be happy to… well… Lead what training exercises are needed…You know. Sir." Sure, that's exactly what she was saying to Martin!

Eddie heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway. Eddie has left.

Poppy turns slightly in her chair once again to look at Matto, eyebrows raised slightly, "Want to go grab some chow after this?"

"Good," Kai replies flatly. "Organise it, Case, and get back to me tomorrow." Yep. She's just been volunteered. "Any other questions or ideas can be brought to either Captain Legacy, the CAG, or myself." He lifts his chin a fraction, and looks once to Danika for silent confirmation of something. Which is apparently received. "Dismissed," is given crisply to the room at large.

This is what she gets for whispering little somethings in a certain Dash's ear. She blinks as she's told to organize it and then nods curtly, "Aye, sir." Not much she can say to that otherwise. And then they are dismissed. She snaps off a smooth salute and immediately slips her cigarette between her lips. "I need a smoke after that."

Vendas gives Kai whatever he needs with the nod and clasps her hands behind her back. She doesn't move from her perch at the front, standing beside the wall. Her eyes continue travelling over the assembled pilots. Things noted. Faces remembered. All said, she looks quite content for the moment, though.

"…aaaaand showers." Martin grins, turning on his heel to walk away from Samantha as if he's stepping off of the firing line in the small arms range. He doesn't want to get shot either. Mock tip-toeing, he keeps a positive attitude as he pulls his cigarette from behind his ear and unzips his flight suit to wrap and tie it around his waist. "Allright folks, I'm gonna hit the showers then grab my ass some grub and a bunk. In that order. Any talks need be had, hunt me down…over and out." Martin grins and taps the top of the door a few times on his way out, a little ceremony of his.

Roubani makes some small numbers at the bottom of the pages he scribbled on during this meeting, and then closes the notebook. When other people salute he takes his cue from that and does so as well, then quietly gathers up his things.

Martin heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway. Martin has left.

Kai sets about shuffling his papers together once the pilots start moving off. Eyes down, there's a quiet, almost withdrawn aire about him today; moreso than usual.

"Or… that," Kissybear replies, sort of confused by the non sequitur. "Okay." He's easy, Kissy is.

"We'll talk … " Poppy glances towards the Captains and the CAG before turning her attention back to her pilot, "We'll talk about it after, okay?" Climbing out of her seat, notebook still in hand, she turns about to walk towards the door. After opening the notebook to look at the pages of notes and diagrams, she clicks her tongue and tosses it into the trash by the door. That done, she pauses to wait for Matto, "But it sounds like a good idea. I figure we can do it."

Samantha gives one last look to the room, and heads for a cigarette. Probably in the mess hall.
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Roubani likewise steps out, once the crush of people at the hatch has eased. To where, who knows.
Roubani heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway. Roubani has left.

Matto keeps his notebook with him, for his part, tucking away the side desk and shoving himself bodily from his seat before heading to the stairs and up to where Poppy's waiting on him. "Don't want that?" he glances to the bin.

Vendas watches everyone file slowly out before she steps over towards the Viper Captain. "Something on your mind, Marek?" She offers lightly, a small smile on her face.

Poppy frowns a little towards the bin and shakes her head, "Nope. Not much point to it." As though a weight has been lifted, she stretches her arms out to the sides and makes her way out with Matto, "I'm thinking about booking some sim time. You gonna hide behind the bulkhead again if I do?"

Kai clicks his pen off, and slips it into a pocket of his jacket before retrieving the clipboard. It's tucked under one arm as he turns slightly to regard the CAG. "No, sir. Nothing important, sir." There. That sounds a little less like a lie. "I've got a lot of material to go over, I have a feeling I'll be pulling an all-nighter on this one."

"Would you like assistance, sir?" Fenris offers as Kai starts to saddle up. She rises in time as she speaks in her even tone. barely

"I've got to get my hours in anyhow. I may as well go with you. You can haul my corpse out of there when that machine's done with me," Kissy offers his ECO a casual grin, patting her shoulder on the way out, only to pause, "You sure about the notebook? Paper's paper, after all."

Poppy gives the trashed notebook an angry look of sorts, "Yeah, I'm sure. Didn't need it after all, apparently." She exhales sharply, closes her eyes for a moment and attempts to look calm before finally heading out the door, "Come on. Sims then food."

Vendas quirks an eyebrow to Kai. "Sure? I've got some time before I bunker down on some work of my own." She smirks to Fenris then back to Marek once more. "You've even got an offer of assistance. C'mon. I'll buy you a cup of coffee or something and even take your CAP tomorrow to free you up some more for your pilots."

How exactly is Kai meant to slink away all surreptitiously, when his CO is offering to buy him coffee and chat, and one of his pilots wants to help him tote his stuff? He nods slightly to Fenris with a murmured 'thank you' as the binder is passed across, then lifts his eyes to the CAG finally. "Not necessary, sir. Though I'll accept the cup of coffee on the way to berthings."

Vendas smiles to Fenris. "Thanks for the help, El-Tee." She dips her head to the former squadmate and looks to Kai. "C'mon. There's a machine brewing some high-octane across the hall. We'll grab it there and head on back to the Berthings."

"Alright," Kissybear replies, holding his own notebook to his side as he follows her out. Poppyflower's in a foul mood, and he's not going to make any jokes that might cause her to explode in a puddle of ARGH!. Short, simple, amiable answers are the order of the day.

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"All right, sir," Kai replies with a quirk to one side of his mouth that's -almost- a smile. With his folder in safe hands, he turns to step down off the podium and hold the hatch for Vendas. "I hope it makes decaf."

"Decaf? Sweet Gods, Captain. You want pilots falling asleep in the pit?" She smirks at him, stepping through the hatch with him.

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