Ody and the Marines
Ody and the Marines
Summary: The Colonial Marines of the CEC Kharon storm the Battlestar Odysseus.
Date: MD052
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Odysseus' Starboard Flight Pod - Hangar Deck

The Raptors are brought down into the starboard hangar deck, the deck crews scurrying about and attempting to get more Vipers in the air. Orange jumpsuits are careening everywhere. A single man in a white shirt with the red letters 'JUDGE' can be seen smiling near the front of the Raptor as the doors open for the Marines to jump out.

The first thing that comes out of Raptors are not heavy armed marines. They're not even people. No, the first things that come out are a pair of bottles each, four in total. They're water bottles that once they hit the ground, spill everywhere. It's possible the crew has no idea what's going on. The judges will - these bottles simulate gas grenades.

As the 'gas' fills the air in a large cloud (or it would, if it were gas) a figure emerges from the Raptor. Castaine pans left, then right. As soon as a orangesuit comes into the cross hairs of the weapon in her hands, she squeezes off a shot on the move, clearing the doorway for the rest of the team.

Another figure appears from the Raptor, his sights quickly finding Pilots scrambling around in confusion as shots are quickly squeezed off at pilots and some aimed at cockpits.

Levesque is the third man out, the Master of Entry - the guy who opens doors by one method or another. Levesque makes two double taps, both at people in flight suits. If they can't fly the beasts, they can't launch them. "Moving up?" He asks, not looking up from his rifle's holo sight.

As soon as the water spills onto the deck, the Judge turns to a wall-mounted speaker. "This Hangar Deck is now closed due to a gas attack. Everyone needs to freeze where they are and finish any essential tasks. All Vipers are to hold in the tubes. All armed Odysseus personnel are to place their firearms on the deck." The Judge then picks up a walkie-talkie and lets a few others know as he moves up behind the Marines. Its then that the first shots ring out. There's a loud 'Damnit! Ow!' as a female crewmember falls to the deck, wiping the paint from her suit. Paint splatters across cockpits and pilots as more curses suddenly ring out from other locations. The Judge nods. "Dead. Marines, I will be following you and adjudicating who lives and dies. I'll do my best to keep out of the fire. Consider this deck taken out from your gunfire." On closer inspection, he's wearing his own body armor.. and a black plastic mask is placed over his face. "At your leisure." The man gestures to the room exits Fore and Aft.. Fore going towards CIC and Aft heading for Engineering.

The last off the Raptor is the Ashe. His paintball rifle is swung about but he holds off on shots as the announcement regarding the gas comes over the speakers. Astute eyes would note that taped to the end of his rifle is the Fork of Justice (tm) to lead his assault. Turning, he begins to secure their rear from any potential backside strikes.

Drarelle places a hand on Castaine's shoulder before pointing over her shoulder towards the Aft exit.

Castaine pans towards the aft exit with her weapon before she begins to move. She's moves quickly, panning left and right in a small arc. She pays the judge no mind right now as if he weren't there at all. She pauses at the hatch, hand on the handle and with a nod to her team, she pulls it open.

Levesque goes on with his battle drills. "Room clear!" He calls out, safeing his weapon and lowering it somewhat. A grin appears on his face. "If you poke me in the ass, I'll frakking kill you." From there on he's silent, and he stacks up properly along the wall next to the hatch. A squeeze is given to Drarelle to signify that he's ready to go, and he waits for the LT to make the move.

Ashe continues to move backwards to watch against any pinch that may come into the secured room. As he does though, a grin touches his lips and he speaks over his shoulder. "Save it for the showers."

The Judge chuckles and jogs over to the hatch with them. He stands out of the way of the door so that he isn't seen, granting the Odysseus crew no quarter. When the hatch is opened, the Marines are presented with a long hallway that runs straight for about fifty yards. There are green uniforms running everywhere and some orange ones in fire gear making their way fore where there must be a simulated fire. A pair of pilots with Viper patches stop as the hatch opens, moving to try and get through as fast as possible.

Drarelle moves in perfect timing with Castaine, rushing past her as the hatch is opened, he moves to the right side to allow the next person in a clear kilzone. Scanning the hallway for targets, he is just as started to see a pilot looking directly at him as the pilot to him, he squeezes off a shot instinctively anyway but it is far off to the side.

As soon as the LT is through the hatch, Castaine follows. She didn't see the pilot either but her aim is true when she follows up with a shot of her own as she moves. She's cleared the hatch, moving into position behind Drarelle.

Levesque surpresses an urge to kick the pilot he and Castaine take down in the face as he's riddled with gunpowder powered paint sponges. His double tap is effective, though, and the short marine is ready to move on.

The taller Ashe seems to almost have a precognitive sense as he turns at the sound of fire from the team and raising the rifle pulls off a pair of double shots that fly true right towards the pilot that was attempting to dart past. The fact that the second shot was aimed for the groin of the pilot was more because Ashe aims low. Really.

The crowded corridor suddenly comes to a halt at the sound of the paintguns firing. Crewmembers begin scattering the opposite direction. Only one, towards the end, has the presence of mind to do something about it. The Chief Petty Officer grabs for a phone on the wall and picks it up. "CIC, this Causeway Delta, Section 44!!" he begins shouting over the screams and rush of people scattering away from the Marines.

Drarelle takes aim and fires at the screaming man, the round hits a man in a fire suit, hitting solid at his leg, he tumbles to the ground tripping the Chief.

Castaine's shot barely misses the Chief, hitting another crewmen in the back of the head, paint spraying out to give the guy a wacky new hairstyle. Whoops. She flashes the LT a look before aiming her weapon at the radio itself and squeezing off a shot. No radio, no call.. right? Right!

"Room clear! Moving." Reminds Levesque giving the number two, that'd be Castaine, a little bit of a squeeze on the arm. He gets back to his arcs of fire, moving with the group if they do.

Ashe continues watching their back, checking behind him occassionally to make sure he doesn't run over the team and staying within the tight knit group. His own chatter has died off as the rifle swings back and forth, the light glinting of the majestic fork.

The Chief isn't waiting for a response: "We've got boar-" Drarelle's gunfire drowns out the rest and the Chief is sent tumbling to the ground with the firefighter. The phone dangles by a cable, the transmit button still lit on the speaker. That is, until Castaine fires a round at it. "MAKE A HOLE!" Judge yells and darts as fast as he can to the radio. He grabs the receiver and hangs it up, reaching over top and turning off the set. He then glances down at the scrambling Chief who gets up and darts out the opposite hatch that leads further aft. Then the intercom beeps on the overhead speakers. "Attention! Marine Fireteams Bravo and Echo report to Causeway Delta, Section 44 on the double to repell boarders!"

Drarelle let's a grim grin flash across his face for a moment, turning to Castaine and saying smoothly, "We have incoming, get the squad set up, we'll try a classic ambush, get the squad ready." He then speaks loudly to the squad, "When they file in frag and then light em up on my mark."

Castaine flashes a grin at the LT and nods, making a sweeping motion with her hand, a signal to the others. She falls back, taking up her position in the ambush setup they are running on the incoming marine's, bottle at the ready in one hand, rifle in the other.

Levesque stares at Drarelle as if he just told him that he likes to dress up like women and prostitute himself on the side streets of Gemenon's largest city. His jaw hangs open, somewhat, and he has that incredulous expression on his face. But it's wiped quickly when he looks back at Drarelle's collar. He moves to go set up the ambush, by the hatchway. Since he's already chucked his two bottles out, he simply raises his rifle up to look through the holo sight at the door.

Ashe moves to set up in an ambush position and create a bottleneck with the corridor opposite of Levesque. Reaching to his belt he unhooks a bottle and tosses it to the other Marine for use while getting his own ready and levelling the Fork.

The Judge looks to Drarelle and then back to the hatchway ahead. The 'dead' crewmembers are still on the ground. He looks to them and motions with the thumb towards the hatch. "Get the hell out of here and play dead back in the Hangar." The get up and skitter out as the Judge steps forward past Lev and Ashe and goes to stand in the other hallway, the intersetion moving to Port. A few moments pass before the sound of thunking boots can be heard. Then nothing. Judge is careful to stay out of sight at the silence continues. Its then that a pair of Marines appear at the hatch, bringing their guns up.

Patiently kneeling out of sight, Drarelle waits for the two Marines to scan past his position and towards Castaine, he raises his rifle and opens up, squeezing off fluid shots at the unexpected marines, he screams "Now!" and points towards the hatch behind the two ambushed marines, "Covered!"

Castaine waits for the call and as soon as the LT engages the pair that have stepped through the hatch, she's on the move. Being smaller then the others has it's advantage as she darts past Drarelle, tosses the bottle through the hatch hard enough to make it hit and splatter all over the deck. She follows it through in a practiced dive that has her rolling along her shoulder and coming up on her knee. Within a beat, she's opening fire on any target cause in the gas. "Frag out!" she calls for the Judge.

Since two of the four of them are throwing, it falls to Levesque to follow the Lieutenant's lead and be one of the shooters. He puts his water bottle on a crate next to him and as the pair of marines come in, opens up on them with a double tap.

As Castaine dives through, a second bottle shortly follows suit over her head as the call goes out "Gasser!" The bottle is barely out of Ashe's hand before he sprays a few shots into the hatch to hopefully clear out some remnants of who may be creeping in or attempting to, may the Fork Guide us and Protect us.

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