Ody and the Air Wing
Ody and the Air Wing
Summary: The Air Wing launches their offensive against the Odysseus.
Date: MD052
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[JUDGE_570: Hermes] Launching out of the tubes the pilots are presented with quite a surprise. Rather than jumping a good distance out, the Odysseus isn't but a few minutes flight time away. The flicker of Viper engines can be seen in the distance: the Ody's CAP going the opposite direction from the incoming Vipers. The Kharon slowly begins its turn after the launch to bring it around broadside against the flank of the Odysseus..

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Foxbat Lead, prep to synch, Kissybear. On my mark."

[Wolf-1: Kai] Kai's viper slips out of the launch tubes and maneuvers purely on inertia, dropping away from the rest of the squadron and toward the coordinates where he and his wingman are to rendezvous.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Wolf Seven is just behind Triple out of the tubes. Life support and a few navigation and stabiliser lights are the only things hot on the console as the bird begins to drift on the thrust provided by the launch tube. No chatter through the helmet.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen's Viper comes out of the tubes like a bullet, with as much say in it's direction, maintaining it's speed simply by inertia. Her eyes flit from one edge of her field of view to the other while her hands, stone steady, hold at the sticks, awaiting the order to go live.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie is a varitable frak up, but there's one thing she takes seriously: flying. As the Kharon jumps into position, she eases her bird out of the chute in what she's termed lovingly 'flying brick mode'. She helped Roubani perfect this manuever in the sims, but out in the black this is the real deal. Her fingers dance over the stick as she flexes them, getting read for the 'Go' from Kai. See if she can beat her four point one.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] The launching system doesn't skip a beat as Wolf-4 is sling-shotted out of the tube. Yuuri has some fingers on the switches and a hand stuck to the stick. The viper drifts near Wolf-8 and Yuuri offers a brief salute with a devilish grin at Eddie.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] The Kharon's mass turns over a bit and presents its guns to the Odysseus as the massive Battlestar moves along. In the distance, the three Vipers on CAP slowly begin arcing back towards the disgorging Vipers and the Escort Carrier.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Shadows play across Roubani's helmet in the darkened cockpit. His eyes stay on the playing field, keeping Kale's Viper carefully in sight. His left hand settles near the power-up controls, not yet touching.

[Wolf-1: Kai] There's nothing, not a sound over the comms. Thirty seconds now for everyone to get into position, and Kai's gloved hand curves around the stick while his eyes remain glued to the viewscreen. DRADIS, at this point, is redundant.

[Wolf-1: Kai] Kai's helmeted head also turns slightly to the left, as if to mark his wingman in his peripheral vision briefly.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Okay, so Eddie's not /entirely/ serious. When she catches Yuuri's gaze, she sticks her tongue out at him. Oops! Back to paying attention.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fenris glances over toward her wing, the point of her helmet dipping some before turning back to the front. Interial flying is very restful, though much moreso when DRADIS and all of one's control surfaces are siply being unused, rather than depowered. All the same, ol' Mudguts continues her peaceful drift without the slightest anxiety.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] The Odysseus' CAP apparently doesn't see the Vipers launching from the Kharon. They're moving on an intercept as they reform, still moving along at low velocity towards the front of the Kharon's known location, the outline of the ships rather than just the flicker of their engines becoming visible.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Black Cat's Raptor sits quietly in space, silent and still, behind the Raptors. It's one of those watch and wait moments, rather like, well, a black cat waiting in the dark to pounce.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani takes his hand from the joystick long enough to pick up something silverish on the end of a chain around his neck. The religious symbol gets pressed into his gloved palm for a few seconds and then let rest again. His eyes flicker to Kale's Viper and then makes a check on the interior timer.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Mark. All points, weapons free."

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] All three engines fire to life, blue streaks cursing out behind them. The viper cockpit bursts into life as the HUD is turned on. His thumb switch cannons to training as Typhys' hand moves the stick at Triple's high five.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Ready, set, go! Eddie's muscles were coiled like a spring, waiting for those words, and then she's moving fast to power up the primary thrusters. Weapons hot. Heads up display on. Eat that, sims.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] At once, Fen's hands start to flick switches and press buttons, begining to hastened activation sequence. Within seconds, the bird has been revived and adjusts course to take up Kai's seven low position.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Go time. Roubani's gloved hand snap forward, flipping a sequence of switches. His Viper goes hot in a burst of lights along the back and burners, blue lights flaring to life. On Kale's five, here we go.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] With Kai's call, there's a twitch of the Ody CAP's section. They roll onto their backs, helmeted faces looking out and searching the stars… but they're still slow and not seeing the Kharon's attacking Vipers. The powerful thrusters on the Battle Odysseus begin pushing hard to port as the lumbering beast wakens. One can almost imagine the call for battlestations and alert Vipers deep within the giant.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Blue-two Copy. Going live, taking your seven, blue lead."

[Wolf-1: Kai] Kai's afterburners light up a vivid blue as he powers up controls swiftly. There's a time for style, and there's a time for straight-out speed, and Spider is rolling tight and booking it for the Odysseus' defensive array as soon as he's got thrusters.

[Foxbat-3: Matto] "Got it," Kissybear confirms to Poppyflower, then uploads the suite over the link to Black Cat's Foxbat, including the timesynch for unleashing the suite after they reach the jump point. "Oh. There go the cavalry. Let's hope they clear a path for us. I hate driving over debris."

[Wolf-3: Kale] :taps the necessary switches and buttons and Wolf-3 fires to life, thrusters kicking in full and lasers hot. His hands move naturally to the sticks and hie glances back and to the side to check Poet's position on his flank.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Copy, blue-two. Tight on me, and don't let them get a lock on you. Gold lead, you've got bandits on your ten."

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Triple, Poet. I'm high on your five."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kissybear, Cat. Begin."

[TAC3] "Kissybear" Matto says, "Wilco, Black Cat."

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear spins up the synched jump, watching the count roll down that'll take them in effortless unison with Black Cat's Foxbat into the predetermined jamming posture.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Mudguts kicks it in the ass as soon as Kai's dubiously opened enough safety distance and she follows him through on their run. She rolls her shoulders and then is still, waiting for the strafing run to begin. The distant fighters are noted as kai sounds out about them, then she looks toward the massive bulk of the target, expecting things to get crowded soon.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Like Kissybear and his preparations, so, too, does Black Cat make hers. At the appropriate second, the buttons are pushed and everything spins up for the jump to appropriate position to jam the Odysseus.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Copy blue-lead."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Black Cat, Spider, move your raptors into position on my mark."

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Wolf-4's thrusters burst forth as Yuuri's hand bends the stick left, pulling into Triple's high ten and adjusting course for bandits. His icey jades flash from his Dradis screen then through the canopy spotting the incoming vipers.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani pushes the bird up into position on his leadman, slightly behind Kale. The other Viper's well in view at his port as he readies for fire.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] The Ody's CAP is left high above the Kharon, caught between the Escort Carrier's lifting gun batteries and the incoming Vipers from Kharon. Their thrusters fire and they flounder to a halt, spinning for a moment, not quite sure where to go. But one spots Kale's flight as they move in. The lead Viper on the 'enemy' CAP fires his engines and he leads the charge in just as the Kharon's own gun batteries begin simulated firing.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Mark."

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Kai's mark is all that was necessary for Black Cat's Raptor to leap into position, cutting through the air with the greatest of ease - well, ease for something that large.

[Wolf-1: Kai] Slipping away from the dogfighting like a shadow skimmed on dark water, Kai pulls a hard break turn to starboard, and opens up on the nearest gun battery.

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Designate targets V1, V2 and V3. V1 is lead. I'm on it. Find a partner and let's dance, ladies and gents."

[Wolf-3: Kale] Trip edges the pitch over and goes into a side-roll as he sees the 'enemy' vipers notice them and begin their angry run in their direction. "Now we're getting somewhere." He mutters under his breath, eyes following the lead viper in the opposite formation. Coming out of the roll, he aims his tip up at the first viper and lets loose a barrage of laser at the fighter.

[Foxbat-3: Matto] And Kissybear's Foxbat disappears in ready unison with Black Cat's, showing up at position to her's as the two Foxbats force-up the jamming suite to the Odysseus.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "I'm on Three!"

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie keeps tight to Yuuri's bird, acting like his shadow just a pace off. When the Mark is given, her laser weapons train on Ody's V3 and she opens the mock-weaponry up. "Tag, you're it!" Comms no longer have to be quiet, that means her cockpit doesn't have to be either. Her left hand drops to activate a personal music player and the tunes flow for her eyes only.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] OOC Er. Ears only.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Got your back, Triple."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen's bird rolls to starboard, the pilot taking up a good skimming 'height' from the Odysseu's broadside. She weaves in opposition to Kai and, pretty as you please, she squeezes the trigger, begining a round of laser tag with the next point defense battery in line.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani's Viper arcs hard to port, swinging around after Triple's and cutting a wide berth to the side to crunch in on V1 in a fitting V-shape. Lasers fire from the front of his Viper, lighting up the "enemy" Viper's starboard with light.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri's viper remains next to Eddie's, he doesn't break formation but his sights are on the lead bandit. His thumb jamming down on the fire button, cannons opening up with laser bursts at V1. His icey jades stay on target, and he keeps the viper close to his wingman, never break away.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] The Lead Viper from Ody rolls in on the incoming fighters just too slowly. Lasers trick over V1 and the pilot never even appears to try and fire, his whole Viper shutting down as he drifts off into space. V2 trails laser hits across the cockpit and wings, the whole Viper falling dark as well, only their maneuvering thrusters giving the 'dead' pilots any control as they float away. The last Viper, V3, dives past the attack but never manages to even get a shot off, the pilot seen inside banging a fist against the cockpit glass.

[Wolf-1: Kai] Kai's flying is a thing of beauty, as his guns finish off one battery and he weaves through his wingman's slipstream to seek the one after the next, in leapfrog fashion.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] Meanwhile, the Ody's defensive gun batteries begin lifting out of their positions. Behind the glass screens, gunners can be seen scrambling into position - one is even half-naked. There are looks of pure shock from the Ody's visible crewmembers as the Vipers tear past, taking their positions out. Those alert Vipers can't be long-off now.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Gold lead, keep an eye out for the alert vipers. Black Cat, see if you can shut them down before they get out of the gate."

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri whistles into the com before speaking, "Gold lead, Typhoon. You want us to pursue final CAP viper while you head to Odysseus?"

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Gold leader, three is still active. Requesting permission to break and pursue."

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Gold, head to Odysseus. We'll make a pass over that last bogey on the way there, then form up and prep for the alerts to come in."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen's Viper strafes the second gun alright, but brings the bird -awful-close to the rising PDG and she jukes hard, tumbling briefly before she can bring it back into rein. She's lost time, but brings it back down to the deck and begins to line up on position four.

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Morales form up, let's see how many we can take in the tubes."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Gold leader. Typhoon, forming back up on your Eight."

[Wolf-3: Kale] Trip pulls up seeing the last viper pull away unharmed and kicks his viper after it, knowing the others will be along in flock. He eys a long solution, but takes the shot anyway, feeling it more than seeing it.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri's viper goes full burn towards the Odysseus, heading straight for the launch tubes. His icey jades flashing between the dradis and the tubes, waiting for contact.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Gold lead, Poet. On your two, have V3 in sight."

[Wolf-1: Kai] Kai's viper, meanwhile, jukes slightly to port, to keep from becoming a two-bird pileup. His guns light up again, peppering one of the turrets slowly hoisting into position.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Blue lead, I lost position. I'm trying to get back in the track, over."

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] The Kharon begins a climbing turn over the top of the Odysseus, the guns on top of the flight pod lifting to face down onto the Battlestar. Massive laser blasts leave the tubes of the Kharon and begin battering the front of the Battlestar.. all communications from the ship suddenly going off the air.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani banks around as the third CAP Viper zooms merrily past, following Triple in hot pursuit. His lasers skim the Ody bird's back engines.

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Blue Lead, Typhoon. Section moving in on Odysseus' launch tube, request assistance once strafing is complete."

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] Roubani's laser blasts skim across one engine, laser sensors finding something vital. That single engine sputters out - the blue flame slowly flickering out.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Copy, Mudguts. Looks like they're starting to wake up, get ready to dance."

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Black Cat's Raptor breaks off from Matto's, as planned, and starts over toward Odysseus for the payload drop-off. The payload, of course, being the grouping of Marine's being neatly carried along in preparation for insertion.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Trip leads the Gold wing towards Odysseus, keeping an eye out for the alert vipers that have to be out there somewhere. Relaxing his mind, he breathes easily, letting his natural awareness take in the positions from the dradis and the view through the cockpit.

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear's Foxbat loiters back a short while, taking a mildly more roundabout path toward the same place, preparing another jamming suite to cover the Marine-bearing Raptor.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] The fourth cannon rises into muddy waters as Fen practicly writes her name on it in twinkling laser light. She slips to one side, then lines up on the next battery in line, even as she throws a glance on her DRADIS window to see what's still out there.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] Its then that the doors on both port and starboard launch tubes open from the Odysseus. One, two.. five Vipers pop out in the first wave and begin hunting for revenge post-haste. But only seeing other Vipers, the Ody's pilots are left to confusion about who is who and themselves flounder for a moment.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri's viper is closing in on the Odysseus' launch tubes. His thumb jamming down on the newly launched birds. The viper banking left to stir away from collisons.

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Morales, here they come!"

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani brings his Viper back up into formation with Triple's as his DRADIS starts blinking with new contacts.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Blue-two, acknowledged. Closing the gap, sir…. Lead, two, our dates are here."

[Wolf-1: Kai] It's a pretty deadly one-two punch of Mudguts and creepy crawlies over there, as the squadron leader and Lieutenant tear up the Odysseus' guns. Speed and more speed is applied, the pair racing along the defensive cannons and lighting them up like Bastile Day.

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Bogeys launching. Designated bandits one through five. Typhoon and Morales, your on one and two. Mudguts and Spider, take three and four, Poet and I will clean up."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Gold lead, I'm reading five bogeys at twelve o'clock. We need to clear them out of the sky pronto, so we can get our payload in."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] As Eddie's DRADIS lights up, her bird banks slightly to keep locked onto the new birdies that have come out to play. Her thumb is a little too slow, and her lasers are just a hair too late. Missing one and two.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Copy that, Gold lead."

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani's laser work is hardly anything elegant, but it makes a pretty light rainbow across his target's port wing. His burners flash blue as he pushes the bird faster, keeping up with Kale in pursuit.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Wolf-3 does tight flip to gain momentum and bring it on the tail of bandit five. He taps the guns and grins behind his helmet as he scores a good hit on his foe.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] V1 is left looking around at all the Kharon Vipers moving across the sky. He tries calling for assistance fro mthe Odysseus, but no response. In his confusion, laser streak across him and two of his three engines flicker out. V2 and V3 streak past the criss-crossing laser fire and manage to get away with some fancy flying as they form into a pair and extend away before turning high over the top to come back. V4 and V5 catch some moderate laser fire as they exit, one losing his thrusters on the rear and the latter left to spot targets manually - without a DRADIS or gun computer.

[Wolf-1: Kai] Spider continues to scream along the line of defensive turrets, slipping just below his wingman with a lateral separation that's so narrow he'd probably call a more junior pilot over it. He may not like cutting things close, but time is of the essence at the moment, as the pair tumble and fire.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Lasers streak out, peppering the first Ody Viper out of the tubesWolf-4's thrusters kick in as Yuuri yanks the stick and to his right, cutting the angle of attack and lining up on the six of his prey. With two engines already out, Yuuri lines up and fires again, trying to finish of V1.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Black Cat sees her opening and takes her shot, metaphorically, dashing toward the Odysseus hell bent for leather. Apparently someone wants rid of those Marines.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] As PDG six rises into it's ready posture, it's canopy it lit up like a concert half a breath before Fenris's Viper roars past it close enough to scare the frak out of the gunner. Part of her duty is spreading fear induced incontinence through the fleet, after all. The woman herself adjusts her trim and brings it across as the pair continue to strafe the hell out of the guns so they don't do something regrettable to their own sticks.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] Its about this time that the gun turrets remaining lift fully into position. Their crews are helpless against the fighters already in so close to their ship so they lift high and aim at the Kharon. Rapid-fire laser blasts leave the tube and stretch out like deadly fingers towards the Kharon. Initially scattered, they begin finding home as the smaller carrier moves off.

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear appears in Black Cat's rear view, following her lead and keeping close so that the Vipers don't have much space to cover in defesnse.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Blue two, break on the next pass. Black Cat's gone, let's go help out Gold team with those bogeys."

[Wolf-3: Kale] Trip rolls into a circle to get a shot at one of the remaining bandits, peppering the first one in his sights with laser fire.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Blue-two, breaking on your lead, over."

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Stay on them!"

[Wolf-7: Roubani] "Hold still!" Roubani'

[Wolf-7: Roubani] "Hold still!" Roubani's helmet doesn't transmit that, luckily. But he keeps up pursuit.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "I'm on you, you frakker…"

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie cuts hard, driven by the fact that her first pass with the lasers went wide and she's not about let up on him. She sticks hard after her man, her lasers getting in a few good hits, but not disabling him. Dammit.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani's tactic is apparently to spitball the thing to death. His lasers keep grazing over and over, gradually turning the Viper into laser-made swiss cheese. He breaks left and puts up some speed, banking around to try and get off a shot straight into the Viper's side, keeping Kale in his window at all times.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] V1 takes a grazing and the last engine sputters out, the Viper left to try and maneuver on only its thrusters. He spins around and begins spraying lasers into the sky around him. Gunfire catches V2 on the back as the pilot comes back over the top and takes aim at Roubani, lasers dancing across the sky. V3 and V5 manage to escape further casualty as they each line up on Kai. V4 takes a grazing hit and the Viper peels off from the crowd to get some bearings.

[Wolf-1: Kai] Kai's viper wheels away as an arc of laserfire from the Odysseus' turrets snakes out, and tumbles into a lazy yo-yo before gunning it for the alert vipers. It's a pincer attack he and his wingman are trying to catch them in, and he's aiming for the third — and unscathed — bandit as his guns light up.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Screens show signs of connection from the lasers as Yuuri's second salvo can be seen on the Ody bird. Wolf-4 rolls and banks, shooting vertically in persuit of his badly damage bandit. Yuuri's icey jades squint away the sweat that is starting to trails down his face. Again lasers flash aimed ahead of his prey, hoping to get the correct lead.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] And in Black Cat's Raptor goes to the hangar bay and the doors open to discharge the Marines. It would appear the Raptor Captain is fairly single-minded in what she does.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Kale's shot is a graze at best, just enough to have left some black on the other viper's hull. Cursing into his helmet, he skims along the side of Odysseues, looking for another clean shot.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani comes just a bit too close to that Viper he's chasing. As it suddenly turns on him he's unable to break away fast enough to goes skidding right into the line of fire, taking one across the starboard side. His controls begin blinking pissily at him and his expression turns briefly annoyed. Still moving, his attention goes back to Kale's bird and what he's doing.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen lases another cannon just as it locks into it's ready position and she spirals out and away from the Odysseus as she notes Kai breaking off to engage the birds in the air. The incadescent blue of her tail screams, 'Get me there!' as she steers her Viper into the other prong that's closing around V3.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Gold lead, Poet. Hit to starboard, I've got two stabilisers out. Stil flying."

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] V4 rolls in hard on Roubani, his lasers cracking across the Ensign's wing. V2 dives up from underneath and pelts Eddie's Viper across the nose but doesn't damage anything, just metaphorically poking holes in the skin. The rest continue attempting to maneuver, just trying to survive this furball they've found themselves in.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Trip pulls up quickly on his stick, the viper dragging upwards and off to starboard, barely avoiding fire from one of the bandits.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Screens show signs of connection from the lasers as Yuuri's second salvo can be seen on the Ody bird. Wolf-4 rolls and banks, shooting vertically in defiance of the near dead bird. Yuuri's icey jades squint away the sweat that is starting to trails down his face. He retaliates coming up at the spinning viper(V1) from an incline and ignites the lasers from his cannons.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Believing yourself a hot shot pilot is one thing. Actually being one is another. While Eddie is chasing her Mark, another slips up on her tail, strafing her with the play lasers and making her engine sputter. It catches again, but she's lurching badly, making her next shots beam out into space. At least her stick work keeps her from getting put out of commission completely, as another shot grazes over her canopy.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "I got one on my six that's making me into swiss cheese. Typhoon!"

[Wolf-3: Kale] Trip growls and it goes through the com, his fingers tightening over the stick as he fires at the bandit and then rolls up and away from the Ody to keep his viper out of the fireline. Wolf-3 shoots up over the field of battle and then does a sharp turn downard back into the fray.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani banks hard, slamming the joystick forward with the heel of his hand to bend the Viper around. His lasers go screaming into the nose of his bogey, lights flashing inside to indicate it's out of the game. A quick burn brings him up out of the cloud and then back down at Kale's side, keeping on his lead's game.

[JUDGE_570: Hermes] And that does it for V4. Roubani's deadly fire dances across the canopy glass and engines of the enemy Viper and the target powers down, left to float out of the engagement zone. Meanwhile V3 takes a terribly beating from Kai and Fenris as the Viper's power system flickers on and off. He's still maneuvering for kills, but only barely.

[Wolf-1: Kai] It's a wonder that bandit is still flying, after the laser rounds Kai and Fenris put into it. With two bogeys on his tail, Spider jukes hard to starboard after he's squeezed off his shots, slipping under the fire from the first and barrel rolling over the second volley.

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