Odds and Ends
Odds and Ends
Summary: Odds and Ends in the mess and no XO was harmed in the filming of this scene. This was filmed in front of a live text audience.
Date: PHD 197
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It's never empty here, but at this hour only a skeleton shift operates. The few people about are nursing coffee to stay awake, or catching a last meal before sleep. All except one lone man dividing his time between a collection of papers and folders, and the generic barely edible food put out on auto pilot here. The skritch of his pen on the papers, and the krinkle of their movement his only real contribution to the low hum of conversations and complaints about the cooking.

The door opens an in comes one pilot, don't they normally work in packs, anyway the pilot would enters is one Castor 'Bubbles' Leda and he is on a mission to aquire food and not just any food but hot clean food - frak the haters the Mess isn't that bad after all. After signing off for his food he gets in line and he begins to scan the room, shark like for a moment, one could almost practically hear the dun-nuh, dun-nuh, dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-DUN NUH NUHHHHH seems he is scanning for something maybe someone owes him something or he is attempting to make a trade but his eyes just scan and scan that is until he gets to his food and it is slopped on his tray.

Before the door can swing shut Ryan moves through the open crack and within the hall with one agile move, not having to push the heavy open again. She steps into the mess hall, something that has become so routine it's nearly killing her. Arm bent and elbow tucked in her hand holds the white paper stick of a candy sucker- imagine that. Yellow in color and quickly melting away she pops it between her full lips and then crosses her arms over her chest, waiting in line, another nauseating routine it seems aboard the Kharon.

Pav setting down his pen and wiping his eyes, he leans back and surveys the other people in the room. Glancing between the Pilot and the Grunt, and a few others who've come in around them. Then he manages a short laugh which translates quickly into a rounding cough. He stifles the exhalation with a sip of water and then sets about rumaging rather noisly through his paper dispora as he tries to find something in particular.

Leda notices the Doctor first and he makes his way over to the Doctor's table, aparently there are no fishies in the room at the moment but then again Leda is always paying attention to who has what and when. As he places his tray down he says, "What's up, Doc?" He isn't trying to sound like a certain cartoon rabbit but it is his way of asking how the doctor is AND right after asking his eyes fall upon the private for a moment to study her and then back to Pav, "So, looks like today will be a good food day." He indicates his warm meal and he says, "It is hot, it is good for us, and it is clean…even if the taste is off it keeps us moving."

Dark brown eyes glance over to the sound of scuffling paper, head not following the stare. Reaching up she twists the paper stick, opening her lips and spinning the candy causing it to click off her teeth. Grabbing her plate she offers a half smile to the cook, with the tray she turns. Shoulders rise and fall in the long time it takes for the marine to scan the hall, a lot of open space. Yet almost like instinct she starts to follow after the pilot before her, coming to the doctor's table. Putting the tray down on some papers she asks, brow raised, "Mind if I sit?" Not wanting to be alone it seems.

Pav manages to dig a small white packet out of his mess of papers and shakes it once to free up the powder contents inside. Then ripping the top he upends it into his glass of water, turning the clear liquid a rather unattractive orangish hue. Turning his eyes towards Castor he nods slowly. "Nothing at the moment, just trying to salvage my work." He motions towards the papers he was recently working on. Then there's a shrug. "It's capable of keeping you moving, yes. You don't want my medical opinion on what else it's capable of I assure you." There's a tired smirk. "But it could be worse. So how is the air wing? Taking in a meal break for keeping us all safe?" He pauses when Rian draws near and asks, then motions towards the other empty parts of the table. "Feel free, this is the most interaction I've gotten in a week that didn't have to do with illness." As he speaks his spoon slides along the rim of his tray and vanishes beneath the layer of his so-called vegitable. "Of course." He stares at the tray for a moment as if waiting for it to burble. "That may just be delayed."

The pilot grins, a cheery grin, almost a cheeky one, "Well, I appreciate a good meal but then again I ate out of trashcans once." He doesn't say why but he does add, "Mind you, if you can get it just thrown into the trash it isn't so bad." He then takes a moment to rub his chin as he looks at the person asking questions and he offers the same smile and he scoots his tray over, "If this is your first interaction not revolving around illness you need to get out more." He then takes a moment to pause as he says, "I'm Castor by the way and you are? I mean I've seen you in medical once or twice but you know we have never really talked…AND YOU…" he says to the Marine enthusiastically, "I don't think I've ever seen you before, well, I mean I'm sure you've been around but I just wasn't paying attention. So, who are you?"

"Thanks," Rian replies plainly. Pulling out the metal chair she is quick to pull it back in with the toe of her boot as she takes a seat next to the pilot. She lifts one side of her dinner tray and pulls the pieces of paper out from beneath it, handing them over to the doctor as the pilot talks of trashcans. As his voice is raised and suddenly attention is on her she looks around the mess hall to see if anyone else reacts, dark hair bouncing off her right cheek. A smile then, broad and beaming bringing a slight glint to her eyes, she can't remember the last time she honestly smiled. With a crunch she finishes the candy, putting the stick on the side of her plate, "/I/ am Private First Class Amaranth Rian, or just Ryan." The last offered with a shrug. She picks up her fork and digs into the mush pile, moving it side to site but not taking a bite yet. "I don't find the food bad at all, better then cold hard rations."

Pav raises an eyebrow. "Eating out of trashcans? Should I pen you in for a checkup Mr. Castor?" He tilts his head, then grins slightly. "Pavos Helis, Neurology and Reconstruction." His hands take a moment to shift the paperwork into a few more managable collections. "Or at least I would be if I could remember my notes. Pleased to meet you Mr. Castor, please don't eat out of trashcans and don't give the mess ideas." Looking toward Rian he chuckles, the three people sitting at a table and conversing over their meals. Though Pav himself seems to be dealing with paper work more then food at the moment. Accepting the returned sheets he nods. "Pleased to meet you as well Private First Class Amaranth Rian, or just Ryan." He repeats and chuckles. Shaking his head he tries to get his paperwork into order. "Tend to forget how things flow in the military when you're out of it for awhile."

"Leda acctually and no." He then tilts his head giving a nods to both and he says, "I haven't eaten out of a trash can in well…over sixteen or so years…give or take." So, he would have been a teenager when this was going on. He then smiles, "Ah Doc Helis, a brain doctor." He smiles admirably, "And I wouldn't want to give the mess ideas, I like it here." He then cheerily slops up some food and begins to eat but he turns his attention over to Rian and he says, "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Private Rian." He then says, "Cold rations are still okay with me…then again sometimes starting a fire in the field to heat them up is a bad, bad idea." He winks and says, "Makes it easy for the enemy to spot you."

And into the Mess Hall comes -dashing- the little form of Epiphany Jarot. She's little more than a fast moving grey blur with black hair at the moment, darting around people's legs, ducking and skimming under trays. It's as if she were a very well-trained rat in the Cylon's cheese maze. Straight to the counter she goes, finally coming to a full stop just before she'd impact with the steam table. "Dinnerpleasethankyou," she says to the enlisted behind the counter. The man just shakes his head and fixes up a tray for her. No, he doesn't even need to ask what she wants. Apparently the Marine Hummingbird eats at least her weight in food. She skims past Castor, pausing only to bump her hip into his behind, hopefully catching him off balance, until she skids to a stop near Rian's seat - and Pav. "Evening! This seat taken," she asks, smile bright and guileless.

"Nice to meet you both," Rian speaks plainly, offering them both a nod. The smile disappears as she turns her attention to the food, forking it in her mouth rather quickly. Taking a moment she swallows, looking across the table to the doctor, "What do you have there?" She uses her fork to point around to the papers. Then, over her shoulder she eyes the pilot, "Did you learn that the hard way?" With the spunky arrival of the marine her expressive eyes grow wide, not speaking she simply shakes her head back and forth, no.

Pav motions vaugely with his right hand. "No, no one ever wants to get their checkups. They wait till they're on death's door." He chuckles again and takes a sip of his water, grimacing at the new taste the orangish liquid has. "Not so much brain, my fellowship was in Neuromuscular and Vascular Neurology." He pauses then amends. "I try to repair, realign and hopefully augment damage to the motor regions of the body." There's a pause as he takes in Epiphany bouncing in. His eyes narrow, then open up as if trying to get a bead on the bouncing woman. Then he nods slowly. "Feel free, the more the merrier." He takes a moment to gather his papers together tighter as if expecting the young woman to explode. His attention swivels to Rian at her question and he puts his left hand protectively over one small stack. "They're the remains of my notes on prostetics, I'm trying to replace things lost when." He smiles softly. "Well when things were lost." Shifting on his seat he takes another sip of his drink. "I really didn't expect to see so many people about at this hour."

"Gyuha" Leda calls out as he is now off balance and he falls foward sloshing a bit of his water and while this normally would be very bad and he would be turning around to yell at who did this to him he spots Epi and that same cheeky and goofy smile returns as he calls out, "Jarot." His tones are friendly and he then looks over at Pav and Rian, "Jarot here is a crackerjack at blowing stuff up." He then looks over at Rian, "Well, lets just say I know I don't need saving, Private Rian." He then says, "And I didn't learn it the hardway mostly from observation." He then looks over at the Doctor and he says, "I got my check up done a while back, strong as an ox, they said." He then smiles, "Oh…so you are sort of like a mechanic for the body." He then clicks, "Interesting…" And as for being up at this hour Leda is normally on duty at this time and he says, "I normally work the graveyard shift."

Epi slides into a seat next to Rian and beams up at the woman. She hesitates for a moment, then plops the little cup of yogurt over on the other woman's tray. An offering, perhaps. "You DO need saving, Led…Sir," she calls out to Castor. "As you keep reminding me, I'm the one you owe your ass to." Pause. "Sir." She gives Pav a somewhat guilty, someone sheepish look. "Sorry Sir," she says quietly. "I shouldn't be mouthing off in front of you. Would you like my pasta?" As if offering a senior officer food as a bribe would make it better. She looks so hopeful. But then she pauses, head cocking to the side, brow furrowing sharply. "I don't think you're talking about what I think you're talking about."

"Isn't every doctor a mechanic for the body?" Rian states in a matter-of-fact tone, a slight eye roll that is hidden as she looks down to her tray and the new yogurt cup. A half smile is given to Epi as she gives it back, "No thank you sir." A monotone reply. "I'm not that hungry." Scraping the bottom of her plate she finishes the hot mush, eyes directed back to the doc, "I was checked out inside, outside and upside down when I first got here a few months back, so I think I am okay." Dropping the fork it crashes on the plate the sound added to the dull chorus of dishware. "I best get back to my rack and try and get some rest. Hell phase, is, well, hell."

Pav nods slowly towards Leda. "Well, strong as an Ox, alright I'll make a note of that. Good base line." He snorts and glances between the others at the table before he turns his attention towards Epi. "No, you keep your food, please. You can have mine if you want. I'm alot less interested in regulations then I should be." He pushes his tray away from himself. "Beware, there's a spoon somewhere in there, or if not, then something that ate it." Parcelling his papers into one stack he reaches off the side of the table and brings up a satchel which he begins to stuff his work into. He chuckles at Rian's comment and rejoins. "I hope not, I'm not allowed to kick patients until they turn over if the surgery doesn't work." He clucks his tongue against his teeth. "Well though I suppose if I threw litter down under the bed and brought over a can of oil people would pay more attention to their perscription. Even more so after they saw where I was going to put the wrench." He nods towards Rian. "Have a good sleep, I wish you luck with your trip through pandemonium."

Castor looks at Epi and his eyes look like they are about to well up - well - not really but he is giving his best mock hurt look and he says in the same mock hurt tones, "Jarot, you have wounded me to my core." A little over the top, yeah, but then Castor flashes a clever little grin to Epi and he says, "Okay, so I'm not a super soldier or anything which we all know is true from the last MOUT." He rubs his chest that got riddled with rubber bullets and he winks, "And yeah I do owe my life to you." He pauses, "Does that mean I have to live under some sort of life debt thing because around here we keep getting shot up and I think it would be to difficult to remember who owes who…" He then looks over at Rian and he offers, "Get a good nights rest." He then looks over at Epi and he says, "Remind me not to get wounded so I don't have to find out where the wrench goes."

"But no one kicked you in the behind," she tells Castor, clearly a little baffled, but cute about it. Kind of. She looks at the doctor, head tilting to the side, then to Rian. Suddenly her food is more interesting than people. She clearly looks as if she said too much.

Rian rises from her seat, the sound of the metal chair scraping the floor as she does so. Grabbing her tray she casually tosses it in a dish bin before turning back to the table, hands wiping together. "Thank you for the company," completed with a nod, dark hair covering her right eye. "And Doc, please be careful with /all/ your tools." With that she turns on her heels and walks from the mess hall.

Pav seals up his satchel and takes a last long pull from his cup, draining the liquid with a frown. He watches Rian leave then glances between the two left. "Well I think I best get back to work. Thank you for the interesting conversation." Standing he shifts his package from one hand to the other then departs the room.

Castor looks at Epi and he says, "Yeah, yeah, I know.." He then looks at Rian and then to Pav, "Oh, heading out, Doc?" He then says, "Take it easy and please do get out more since it you hav…" and before he can finish the Doctor is gone and so Leda turns his attention back to Epi and he says, "Well, that was fun, how are you Epi?" He uses the familiar name since the two of them are alone fore the moment and he says, "And it is good to see you around long time no see." He then tilts his head slightly and he asks, "Are you feeling any better since our last conversation?"

Epi looks, well, a little haunted once everyone else clears out. She gives Castor a wry little smile and nods. "Somewhat," she murmurs. "Been trying to…deal with things. How about you? How're you doing?" Clearly she's concerned about the Lieutenant, given the way she looks him over, almost frettingly.

Praxis breaches through the mess hall doors, in his hands a tray with empty plates and little microscopic bits of matter coating each one, likely unidentifiable meals. Yeah, it'd appear that Demitros continually takes his meals back to his quarters for some reason or another. One might speculate it's for the new comforts he's acquired, but more likely, knowing the man, it's because it's easier to carry the food to the mountain of paper work than bring the paperwork to the mess hall. His vigilant, roaming eye scans the room and continually locks on to everyone in turn and scrutinizes, as he goes on his way to wash and get rid of his dishes. Yeah, he's not above volunteering to help with that sort of thing.

Castor smiles, it is an honest beaming smile as he is speaking with Epi since if she smiles Castor is smiling and he says, "Good to hear that you are trying to deal with things." He then says, "And that is about where I am now. Dealing with things." He then takes a moment to take a sip of water and he gives an equally concerned look for Epi and he opens his mouth but his piloty eyes spot the XO and he says, "Though I'll be honest with you I need a new callsign…Bubbles the pilot, that doesn't seem very threatening…"

As soon as Epi spots Praxis, she's on her feet, hand smacking to her forehead in salute. "Captain on Deck," she calls. In the middle of the Mess. Poor Praxis. Her eyes track to Castor for a moment, though, as he speaks. Bubbles. That poor man.

Honestly, for a fraction of a second, hearing 'Captain on Deck' nearly made Praxis want to drop his tray, find whoever this Captain guy is, and salute him too. But only for a fraction of a second. However the three words that ring out and the simultaneous shuffling of feet cause Demitros to pause for a moment in space with his tray, glance over everyone for a moment with an approving nod, and smoothly his voice emits, "As you were, ladies and gentlemen." These winds of change cause eyes to then linger towards Epi and Castor. He quickly rids himself of the tray and dishes, gets a new bowl of slop, and heads in the table's direction. "That should only matter if your intention is to be threatening then, Mr. Leda. Yet if I were a Cylon - if my circuits would permit feeling embarassment, then it would be a rather sizable insult to my existence if I were terminated by a pilot with that particular moniker. Perhaps there is some satisfaction to be gleaned from that." Epi is then considered. "Good evening, Corporal Jarot. May I?" The politeness is still apparent despite being higher on that ladder.

Castor shoots to his feet when Epi calls it out that the XO is in the room and he throws a salute as he salutes to the man and he waits for the order to be at ease and as the order is given Castor then says, "Well, when you put it that way, sir." He then takes a moment to let out a grin and he then says, "Two sides to every coin, sir." He then looks over at Epi and he waits to see what she will say since she is the one who has been given the offer for company.

"I should ask you to restate your position in the pole, Sir," she tells Praxis with a sudden grin. "And please do. I just got here. Private Rian fled when I came in." The smile fades as quickly as it came. "I hope nothing's wrong." She glances to Castor as if HE has the answers.

When the poll is mentioned, the lids slide down over Praxis' eyes as old memories come flooding back, the Captain chewing his lip and taking a step or two to find a seat beside her, settling down as soon as he rests the tray on the table. "You'd be hard-pressed to get a retrial out of me." he plainly states before looking across at Castor, suddenly this whole setting becoming very familiar. Deja vu, maybe? "How fare you, Lieutenant?"

Castor looks at Praxis for a moment and he then says, "Good, sir, hitting double PT, keeping up on CAP, and finding what needs to be found…" He grins, "Which reminds me sir, I need to see Doc Locke since I think I found the dress she wanted me to find to bleach out for the wedding with a bit of work it will be lovely I think." He then looks over at Epi as he wonders how he did in the pole and so he says Epi, "Are you ever going to announce the results?"

Epi gets a very prim, ladylike look on her face. "The results are inconclusive thusfar for lack of participants," she tells both of them, digging into her food again. Oddly enough, she doesn't address Praxis assertion - yet.

"So find her." Praxis says plainly, eyes wandering down to his food, sticking a utencil in the mystery whatever is within the container before shoveling a few mouthfuls down the hatch … well, in a much more polite manner than it sounds. "Though I think you may have to wait. Last I heard Locke was quite buried in her task and needs to get caught up." Again the Captain's eyes shut tightly when the announcements of the results come up. "I hope it remains that way." he mutters to no one. Looking for something else to talk about instead, Praxis drums his fingers on the table. "I am hoping you both took your shore leave? Last call before we are to depart later this week."

Castor nods his head, "Aye, sir, well I'll get it to her later on then." He then takes a moment to look at Epi and he is still clearly interested in the results but he isn't going to push the subject any further in public and so he says, "Shore leave? Wait, do we get another go I mean I've been down there I mean it is where I found the dress…and a few other things." He then looks at Epi and he says with a wink, "Lots of new stuff that I scrounged up - and it is new to the Kharon. I mean it feels like suddenly having new money to play with."

The little Corporal simply smiles up at Praxis. She didn't forget, and the poor man is likely in trouble when she gets him alone, if that look on her face is anything to go by. But for now, she doesn't push it. At the mention of shore leave, though, she dips her head toward the food on her tray. "I went down, yes," she says quietly, a tiny little smile tilting her lips upward. "And you, Sir?"

Praxis pushes his glasses a little bit further up his nose, and the green eyes fall onto Castor. "No, Lieutenant, nothing like that. And I do not want to see any contention over your recent acquisitions to the point where it is uncivil - just a warning." As for Epi - well if Demitros could read minds perhaps he'd be innocently stalking away at this point using duty as an excuse. But being painfully oblivious, even when he catches that little smile - he remains in his position. "I did get some time, surprisingly, yes. I enjoyed an hour or three assisting one of the Solon residents as well as did some work on the comm tower to see if we could boost the signal gain a little bit." Things no one cares about.

Castor looks at Praxis for a moment and he gives the XO a look and he says, "Sir, I never, ever steel since theives tend to get themselves into a bad ending and I saw enough of it back home." He then gives a cheeky wink, "I do however beg, borrow, and fast talk my way into my accquisitions." He then says, "That was kind of you to help out and volunteer on your time off."

"That was very nice of you, Sir," Epi echoes Castor, smiling up at Praxis with the same look that generally accompanies the words 'my hero.' Clearly she thinks rather highly of the man. "I'm glad you got some time off, Sir. You work rather hard and you could use the break." She's being sweet. And nice. Where's the bomb?

Suddenly, when both of them praise Praxis nearly simultaneously for spending some time on shore and helping another, both of them get a very clear 'what the frak?' sort of look before the feeling of awkwardness sets in. Clearly, he's not used to that sort of praise. "All right, what do you guys want?" the XO asks, his eyes narrowing just a tick - always believing in some sort of ulterior motive for such unusual events.

Castor looks suddenly as suprised as Praxis and he begins tlook around at where the possible bomb might be - what might be this time and exploding cup of water a fantastically devised paper tissue box going up in flame with a loud bang - perhaps explosive mashed potatos the pilot eyes the room and begins to look at everything before he turns back to look at Praxis and he tosses out, "Well, if you are just giving things away a front seat at your wedding would be nice or if you need a groomsman or something." He then turns to look back at Epi as wonders what she will request and the gears in his piloty breain are clunking and whirring and this wonder can clearly be seen on Leda's face.

Ahhhh, paranoia. It's a wonderful thing. Epi simply smiles up at Praxis then stands, picking up her tray, and leans in to air-kiss the XO's cheek. She doesn't actually make contact. "If you sirs will excuse me," she murmurs softly. Oh, gods. The explosives expert is smiling. And being mysterious. This could only bode very, very bad things. "Have a good night, Sirs." And with that, she's off.

Praxis looks down at the table and shakes his head, looking up towards Epi as she air-kisses and starts moving away, a hand rubbing gently at the back of his neck. "She is acting -so- strangely." he mentions after she wanders out of earshot. "The smiling and how tight-lipped she is being is so unnerving." Then finally he glares across the table at Castor. "The wedding is Locke's show. Besides, I wanted it to be quiet - why don't you make a big fuss out of the Eos-Hale wedding instead?"

Castor grins and he says, "I think she is just having fun with us, sir." He says giving a look to Epi since he really does like her and it shows on his face and then he turns to look back at Praxis, "Well, I don't see anyone here representing the Eos-Hale wedding so I don't want to make a big deal out of it." He then grins, "Though I plan on going to see it all. I'm curious as to what the reception will look like." He then says, "Though I can bring up other subjects if this makes you nervous."

"Yeah, having fun, sure. There's something hiding under that short kid of a Marine and I intend to find out what it is." Praxis vows, although he's actually unsure if he's going to carry through with that course of action. "I simply don't wish to talk about weddings. I'm sick of the subject, to be completely honest." the XO continues to quietly eat.

"Yeah, it is a bit blue car syndrome isn't it. I mean you never see a blue car then you buy one and then everywhere you see blue cars." He then turns and says, "So, how are you? I mean holding up to being the XO now? It is a big burden since you are now wearing the second in command daddypants." He then speaks reading Epi, "Jarot?" He says with a beaming smile, "If she was up to something I don't think she'd give you that much of a hint." He then says, "Though trying to rattle your cage seems like something she is good at." He then muses, "and she is a good, good woman." The last part probably was more to himself than to Praxis and there is a slightly sad tone in his voice as he snaps to and looks back at the XO.

"Yeah well, I didn't get married to be special or have a big party, or be the center of attention. My motivation lies in becoming connected with another. To be honest, Lieutenant, I was going to elope." Praxis says softly, curling his fingers around a mug with plain water in it before drinking some and putting it back down on the table. "The large thing is that there is no turning back for me. I belong here in this position and I am doing a well enough job - but think of where I am going to be if something happens to the man directly above me."

Castor considers big weddings and he says, "I don't know in my understanding weddings are all about one thing - the bride." He chuckles, "Though I've never been married so I can't be completely certain." He then says, "Aww, shush, sir, that is never going to happen I mean someone would have to kill the old man and well Sunshine is crazy, sir, so we just need to keep an eye on each other to make sure no one is crazy." He then takes a second to add, "So, I wouldn't worry about someone walking up and calmly shooting the old man."

The first little sentence does elicit something of a smile in the XO before Praxis shakes his head. He rubs at his eyes gently before realigning his glasses, a single brow quirking. "It's not something happening to Cortez that I'm worried about. I'm fairly certain he's relatively safe." He pauses for a moment and rubs his chin. "It's just the feeling that I am one step away from being Commander Demitros." After clarifying, the Captain pushes his tray slightly away. "However, things are going well."

Leda listens and then he grins and he slaps the XO gently on his arm as he lets out a laugh, "Well, you were always going to make Commander anyway now you are on the fast track." He then adds, "I mean you were the best TACCO I've ever seen and your decidication, detail and meticulous work, and your constant cool head have kept us all alive." He then takes a moment to grin, "And I like the name Commander Demitros."

Praxis looks sideways onto the sight where Castor's hand hit his arm, looking at the site of impact before his attention falls right back onto Leda. "I hope that if that name ever finds its way to me - it's because Commander Cortez has retired of old age." His lips twitch upwards a little bit. "What's the word around the Red Berthings?"

Leda nods his head, "I'll second that, sir." He then says, "So, you are looking at another ten years maybe fifteen before you need to worry." He then says, "I dunno but a bunch of people are planning some sort of trick to get the cylons into an area and to nuke them by suprise." He then says, "But if I were to plan something it would be smaller, find a way to trick the Cylons into thinking your a friendly but then again if you could do that just planting one bomb and running would only work once. Instead I'd use that trick to sneak past them and be on my merry way."

Praxis nods slightly. "I'm aware of that plan, I discovered several of the pilots working on it." he mentions, though a tilt of his head later is seen while Castor goes over his own little plan. "Yes, very valid - however 'finding a way' is much, MUCH easier said than done, Lieutenant. If we could 'find a way' to terminate every Cylon at once I'm certain we'd pursue that. But some things are just too far-fetched or unrealistic to pursue." A pause. "Besides - the delivering of nuclear ordinance by surprise? That alone has NOT been easy at all."

Castor listens to this and he almost opens his mouth to say something but for once he closes his mouth and takes a different course, "Well, there is a difference in planning and doing." He then says, "Though I hope they get this thing off the ground, I don't know the specifics but it sounds like a doozy." He then asks, "Would it be possible to get something out of a raider that would allow us to register as a friendly? I mean it would probably only work for something small like a Raptor or a Viper?" Leda is thinking this through since he isn't in engineering and he only barely knows how to fix things.

"We don't know. I'm not sure anyone does. I'm not quite certain how the mechanism of a Raider functions." Praxis shrugs his shoulders slightly. "Yes, Lieutenant. It is a doozy." he echoes, standing up quietly. "At this point, I'm not certain where exactly to begin to permanently fool their sensors or if we are even capable of doing so. I hear right now the plan to get past them right now is to operate the Raptors at a much lower power level." Gathering up his things, he gets ready to go. "I am tired, LT. I hope you have a good night."

Castor stands as Praxis leaves mostly out of respect for the man but also out of respect for the rank, "Aye, sir, rest well." Then there is a salute.

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