Summary: Salazar takes issue with Ezra's approach with Jules. They chat.
Date: PH212 (17 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #212
OOC Time: Tue Nov 17 01:04:36 2009

A pair of staggered desks flank the entrance, one occupied during most hours by a desk sergeant, and the other rotates between other personnel. In the back is a bank of monitors on the port wall in a 180 degree view. The arc of stacked flatscreens is under the watchful eye of an MP or three during most hours of the day, and recorded for review otherwise. These monitors are visible from the S2's desk (directly across on the starboard wall) and the station set just in front of them. One of the feeds always on display is a feed of the Brig. Other secure areas have been wired in since warday. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. An armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' and holds the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. A hatch midway through the room leads into the Small Arms Range.

Salazar sits behind her desk with a cup of coffee in hand. The surface of the desk is clear, no paperwork today. She's not on duty, so her presence here is merely… something else. And she waits.

Having dealt with Calvera, there's not really much time spared in between going outside and chewing on someone, before coming back in. There's one glance passed back towards the S2's desk and then back to his own, as Ezra simply reaches to make a few notes. "Calvera's off duty for the next couple of days, till he can get his head screwed on straight." Said simply. "One night in the brig to cool his head- keep him far from Ozymandias' end." Basic orders something he will leave on her desk to deal with once she is on duty.

"You've got a few hours- I am sure there are better places to wait it out."

"That isn't why I'm here, Major." Salazar moves to rise, though she sets her coffee mug down on the desk. She approaches the CO's desk. "The prisoner looks like she went a few rounds. Since I heard nothing about an escape attempt, I'm going to have to assume you assaulted a prisoner based on the supposition of a ten year old mute."

"Then why are you here, Ensign." A pause for a moment, as he watches her cross over, and then there's a faint raised brow. "Assaulted, would be the wrong word." A pause as he's looking for something on his desk. "Sit down Ensign." Tone is still casual, despite the words being slung around, or towards him. "You remember what I told you about Command's directive with this thing-More straight forward questioning. Seeing how the shrink didn't break her, I figured I would ask a few questions of my own." and eyes look up. "I expected to have heard from you on the matter- but There was nothing. So I moved with it. Anything else?"

Salazar doesn't sit. She stands there, in front of the desk. "There has been no conclusive evidence from medical. I was prepared to levy the threat of violence as a last resort. Imagine my surprise when I walked into my brig and saw the prisoner." She leans in a little, her hands touching the edge of the CO's desk. "She deserves to die for her crimes. She will die for her crimes. What did you accomplish, sir?" The S2's voice remains fairly level, but there is a distinct look in her eyes. She keeps her voice pitched so that it does not carry to the Desk Sergeant, who has yet to notice that something is a miss. "Ozymandias is a damaged girl who will pay for her crimes. Torture isn't a toy."

And there eyes look right back towards the Ensign, and with that he's standing up. "Don't you frakkin lecture me, Ensign, on what is and is not a godsdamned toy." Still his own words remain soft, no need to have half of the Corps coming in to see what is awry, let alone have to send someone else to the racks. "When you get orders you follow them to the frakking letter- And remeber this. That is not your brig. That is the Corps' brig,. You only watch it- and that's because You're the only damned fine enough officer to do it. Our witless and shitless sheriff has done jack- So I'll excuse your claim there."

"When we're ordered to put the pins on someone, we put em on. We don't hold it back. And we don't ask questions, despite if someone is cracked in the head or not." and with that he simmers down, slightly. "We know there's another model now besides the other one she's made up. Some priest who is troubled and angry." A shake of his head "Whether we want to believe that- apparently though we do know where she lost her frakking mind. Said that this frakker gave her the orders while on Scorpia. Just walked up like a fart in the wind, and steered right out of her perimeter once the orders were done."

Silence. "She also said they, her…whatever used the name Bunny- Which is on the kids drawings." a pause "Peronsally, I'd rather have her shot now and be god damned done with it-cut through all this shit." And with that he is leaning back down to his desk.

"Threat of torture got that. Only when she quit talking, did I ever put on the pins.. Don't think I went in there, looking to brand her ass, because I was in there because that shit was a toy I would have done a lot worse."

"The XO is not the kind of man to order torture. What he is is the kind of man to leap into a situation he does not fully understand even when informed of a frakkin' plan by his head of security." Salazar might be a little miffed about Prax jumping her tactics a couple of weeks back. "She should have been handled by a woman, Major. The shrink says her handler is likely an older male. That makes you her type. The D/s relationship is more complicated than that. You won't break her with torture." She steps back from the desk. "You're willing to believe this cylon…" She searches for a word, then lets it go, and merely continues "… with no evidence to back it up. Because of a child's crayon drawing." She shakes her head and closes her eyes briefly. "The investigation has been compromised more than once. It's my ass." Frakkin' officers. "Sir."

"She should have been shot and spaced a week ago." Ezra fires back. "Command wants everything we can get from her. And please-" a look back towards Salazar. "This investigation has been compromised from when we started it, From half the people ignoring our orders and going into the gods damned brig. We've had the XO and others in there talking to her despite our or god damned directive. So now we got to make do with what we have." And Cass is quiet. A shake of his head. for a moment as he is coming back around the desk.

"I don't believe she has a handler, unless the XO is some crafty ass bastard who is able enough to get a coup started and formed on Scorpia-where she started having these delusions." a beat. "I also don't know if I believe her cylon story- All of it points to that she got shell shocked and decided to blow up the damned commander to keep us from going back." And one hand is coming up to rub over his face. "Then you have drawing. children crayon scribbles-that got the call out on the day she was caught blowing up the Commander in the first place." And with that he leans on his desk. "I know my kid has never seen her here on the ship-or else he would have pissed himself. But, The similarities of what he's pointed to, to her words just frakkin stick out. In that I don't know what holds water- but I wouldn't call it empirical evidence." And with that he's looking back to her. "What of Marek." a touchy subject. "Because of all the older males I have heard of her having contact- his name comes back up." And he waits, perhaps maybe she can see why he doesn't think the handler theory holds water.

"Unless the CAG has given her orders or manipulated her-Which I highly doubt-Then there's only one suspect who has admitted to having anything behind this. Oyzmandias."

Salazar's hands drop behind her back, loosely clasped as the Major runs it down for her. Her eyebrow doesn't so much as twitch at the mention of the CAG. Her expression remains stoic. "Mimieux was set to interview several of the men in Ozymandias' life. Medical's slowness notwithstanding, Marek's involvement appears as surface as that of the others mentioned in interview." Aside from the fact that Jules was explicit in her implication of Karim in an unrecorded interview. Salazar has not brought it up, and likely never will. "If I had any evidence, he would be sitting in the Brig with her." That, however, is true. "Or he'd be dead." That is also true. "This investigation has turned into a frakkin' circus. The damage continues to ripple out. We end it." She makes that decision. Enough frakking around. "Run it up the chain and make it Command's problem. Ten days."

"Medical's slowness withstanding. This thing has gone on too long." He only knows of Marek as it was brought up via Mimieux. Luckily for him anything Jules has said in that particular interview never made it to his ears, otherwise people would have been pulled. And with that eyes look back towards Salazar. A nod given. "I trust you." As if that wasn't apparent enough. And with that the whole notion of the CAG's involvement is gone. "My thoughts exactly- Already have the memo ready. You have our shooters prepped. And lets wash our hands of this mess."

And there's a grunt, weight down from the shoulders. "This always happens in our darkest hours..Humanity rips itself at the seams."

"One other thing I considered." Salazar shakes her head slightly, as if reluctant to voice it. "Tune up the mic sensitivity and put her friends in there with her, one at a time, see if anything slips out. The only issue is it could damage them irreparably and frak the situation further. I'd like to think the men and women on this vessel are strong enough to withstand the hard truths, particularly after all we've been through. Despite her lurid emotional embellishments, Daiasu is correct in her notion of closure being helpful."

A look back towards Salazar, and Ezra nods. "Well, we're cruel, but we're not monsters. Since she's going to bite it, have her pick who she wants to talk with, record what they say- and maybe we'll catch something. But have her pick who she wants. That'll tell us who to look out for." A grunt there and there's a faint grimace. "Have half a mind to not let Daiasu near her, just for her immature shit."

"That woman is going to get herself killed." Salazar replies. Clearly referring to Selene, not Jules. Jules is as good as dead already. "She doesn't follow orders, and her head is stuck at Junior Prom."

"Well if she endangers the ship any further have someone knife her and stuff her body somewhere." a grunt there "We don't need that recklessness." a beat and Ezra moves then finally over to pour himself some coffee. "We need to get rid of what black spots this platoon has, or we'll never get the ship to trust us."

"This frakkin' platoon looks like a spousal abuse victim. Swift needs to get his shit out of the crazy, and Cavalera's riding the edge. I told him to reign it in once already. He has illusions of luring out a mole by getting himself lined up on a bulkhead with the prisoner." Speaking of Damon, Salazar checks her watch. "I'll put a beating on my social calendar." The earlier tension seems to have blown over. Salazar returns to her desk to retrieve her coffee. "I'm off to bed. The firing squad has been notified."

"Thank you Nikos." A pause as he looks back to the woman for a second. "This damned fleet would fall apart if it wasn't for your family." And there's a sip of his coffee right there as eyes close. "I think the whole unit needs a beating. Get the blood out of the damned system." A beat.

"Fight night." and with that Ezra is moving back to his desk to get some work done.

Salazar nods. "Fight night." She's in agreement. "Saturday will work, provided no one cracks me in the frakkin' face."

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