Non Verbal Communication
Non Verbal Communication
Summary: After a chat with Legacy, Fenris puts Rebound and Prophet through their paces in the sims, and Matto observes.
Date: PHD 44
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"The same, sir." Fenris replies, still standing on the opposite side of the console from the Captain, "I seem to be slowly building a philosophy circle, though it hasn't congealed yet."

Thea is in her off-duties, seated behind the console. She nudges a chair out for Fenris. "Sit, Mud, please," she says with a grin. "I'm breaking my neck looking up at you. A philosophy circle? Like a book group?"

Long days. That pretty much sums up Cygnus' life the days. Duty, services for the refugees, PT, sims, time in sickbay with the ill and wounded: it's all starting to run together at the expense of Mac's social life Finally - yes finally - time is found to hit the simulators, which is what seems to be on the pilot-priest's mind when he arrives. Oh my, there's Legacy, and suddenly the expression Marius is wearing is just a touch sheepish, when he greets both women already in the room, "Captain, Mud. Hope your evening is going well?"

Fenris nods and steps around to settle into a seat, still keeping her eyes from the screens, "Yes, sir, in a way." There is a pause to consider her phrasing, then, "I've been introducing a few members of the wing to some of the philosophy books from my collection. Some because they seemed to need a way to direct their thoughts in lieu of their crises of faith, others because they voiced similar viewpoints that I thought would induce some interest." She doesn't indentify whiche are which of course. Though, as Cyggy arrives, she turns his way, "Hello, Prophet, how have you been?"

Legacy glances up at Prophet, head cocking to the side, and smiles a bit. "Evening," she calls quietly. "It's going fairly well. Yours?" She glances back to Fenris and nods, once. "It sounds like a good thing you're doing," she murmurs.

One more place at the table. Willem ducks through the hatch, in his blues, the ubiquitous octagonal notepad tucked under his arm as he slowly plods inside the sim chamber, peering about tenatively as if half-expecting some kind of sniper cover. Jumpy, jumpy.

Glad to hear that, Sir," Cygnus smiles out in reply to Legacy, before addressing his friend's question. "Busy." Yup. That about sums it up in a nutshell. "Not too bad though." A hand reaches up to pinch at the bridge of his nose. "Been dealing with the refugees a lot." A pause, "Was hoping to rack some sim time one of these days." The reports of all of his sims thus far have all ended up in Fenris' possession, owing to the nature of their understanding. So far, so good, with no obvious major screw ups. "Just… the priestly side of my duties has gotten really /busy/ lately. Hello, Rebound," Comes the greeting to the new arrival.

Fenris nods, "I believe so, sir." she affirms to Legacy, "Time will tell, though." With Cygnus's reply, she nods, "So I gathered. I've been meaning to speak with you." Then, as Willem comes in, "Lieutenant."

Legacy looks around as the room fills up and shakes her head, smiling a bit wryly. "Well, it looks like we've damn near got enough for a CAP," she comments, tone dry. "Good evening, Rebound. I'm tempted to ask who brought the pastries and who brought the booze."

"Boss of the month. I mean, Lieutenant." Wil's eyes dart furtively over towards Fenris and he grins crookedly. He nods in response to Cygnus slowly, probably still replaying his costume from the Colonial Day celebration last night in his head. And finally, Althea. "Sir. Yeah. I guess everyone had the same idea I did. Trying out some of the updated Raptor routines?" He pauses a beat. "Can't help you on snacks. Or booze. I had an…accident last night which ended up depriving me of my excess whiskey as well."

"Afraid I can't help you there, Captain. I've got nothing," Comes Cygnus' winced reply. He was already several days into a week long fast by the time the party rolled around. No snacks or drinks for him, alas. No doubt, though, Vendas would have a few things to say about the notion of Prophet suddenly on CAP. An inquisitive brow arches in Wil's direction while he tells Fenris, "I'n free whenever you like, Mud," by way of letting her know he's more than willing to speak to her whenever the timing's good.

"Boss of the month." Fenris parrots blandly, looking between the two Jigs, then back to Legacy before, "Accident?"

Thea quirks a brow in question at the mention of the accident as well, glancing over to Fenris with a slight lift of her shoulder. She's got nothing.

"Yeah. Wing reassignments and all." Wil says quietly, languidly tangling his hand in his hair as he attempts to smooth it out. Which, he is semi-successful at. All things considered, he sounds pleased enough. All eyes are on him regarding the 'accident.' "It was alcohol abuse. I thought I was getting away with the leftovers, but I slipped. That'll be the last Colonial Day for me for…about a year. Thankfully."

There's a chuckle when Cygnus starts to remember some parts of the party through a sober man's perspective, which prompts him to ask, "How's poet today? He suriving his hangover?"

Fenris shrugs, looking at Cygnus at his question, then to Willem, awaiting the answer to the man's question.
"Sounds like I missed a hell of a party," Thea comments with a little smile, looking among the gathered. "Though it sounds like everyone had a good time."

"It really wasn't anything special." Willem offers a bit. "I was just lamenting. I think some marine made off with most of the loose Ambrosia, but it's not like I could in good conscience bust him." He waggles his eyebrows as he continues. "It was a night of…exceptions. Not the least of which was Ensign Roubiani getting loaded, which itself was a sign of the end of the world. Another one, anyway." He crosses his arms and smirks again, but his amusement has a certain air of detachment about it.
Willem amends, as an aside to Mac, "But no. I haven't seen Poet since then. Not -awake- anyway."

Cygnus snorts out a chuckle, "If he's asleep? That might be a good thing." Yup, it might have been about like that. "I think at least half the ship must be feeling it today. Too bad the 'brosia got away though," He laments quietly.

Fenris hrm's and should get down to seeing him tonight. In any case, "So all of the Ambrosia is gone, then?" Mud wonders aloud. There's going to be some angst in the near future, she suspects if such is the case.
Thea's sitting at the console to the simulators, Fenris seated nearby. She listens to the conversation going on around her, but soon after the call goes out for Sen and Kai, she seems to perk up slightly. "If you all will excuse me," she says quietly, pushing to her feet. "I have a few things I need to attend to."

"There's bound to be more somewhere. In any case, I just came down to log some practice before the next CAP. Our next CAP." Wil juts his head over in Fenris' direction as he comfortably leans against a wall with an open hand. "I have to go over some notes, though."

That gets Cygnus' attention enough to prompt him to ask, "What were you planning on flying, Rebound?" Attention gets turned to Legacy before she departs, "Good hunting out there, Sir." Gaze swinging back to Wil again, he waits to see what the answer will be.

Fenris nods, "Yes, sir. Have a good one." she ofers as Legacy gets ready to go, then, as the two men discuss sims, she pivots in her seat and starts keying things into the console, bringing the simulators online.

"Some old Mark II. I'm feeling..nostalgic today." Willem says, wryly. He shifts his stance slightly to eye Captain Legacy slightly and nods his head at her self-dismissal. "Sir." Finally he edges over into one of the simulator pods. "Anyway, if someone has a different idea I'm willing to change my tune." He winks a little bit.

Cygnus gets the impression that Fenris might have something up her sleeve, "You have something in mind, Mud?" Mac will just go with the flow, he's not too picky. Heading over to pick up a helmet he calls back to Mud, "You want me in a II or a VII?"

"The two's are up." is Fens' reply as she slips a headset on and begins hitting more keys, "Wil, take flight lead for this run. Prophet, you're lead on the next."

Cygnus climbs up and settles himself into the cockpit of one of the IIs. He's gotten used to them now, considering the bulk of his simulator time recently has been devoted to figuring them out. The helmet is slipped into place, and he straps in before looking over his shoulder to give Fenris a thumbs up.

Wil begins whistling tunefully, although the tune isn't anything identifiable. He chuckles a little bit to himself, oddly. Finally, he pipes up as he goes through the sim's pre-flight functions. "Nothing like the feeling of being in charge." He comments, in a deadpan tone of voice.

"Correct." Fenris replies dryly, prompting the simulators' screens to show the launchtube view. Apparantly getting into character, as it were, she intones over the comms, "Hunter flight, Carrier Actual, report flight status, over?"

"Yeah, well just try not to get us killed, Rebound," Cygnus smirks into his comms before Fenris gets into her role. He's more than content for Willem to lead this venture. He's almost just this side of nervous knowing mud is in the room with them. Not something that isn't easily banished, however. He waits for his wing leader to do the honors on the comm.

"Carrier actual to Hunter lead, be advised, DRADIS indicates heavy debris, possibly an asteroid collision in sector five." Fenris flips a few switches, then, "Hunter flight, you are cleared to launch. Good hunting."

"Carrier, this is Hunter Lead. Copy that. Launch in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Launch." With that, Willem's sim console mimics the violent hurtling of his bird through the launch tube, clearing the carrier's form and hurtling into space.

As Wil sounds the countdown, Cygnus runs through one last quick check of his instrumentation. Board is still green and good to go. "Hunter Lead, Prophet. Copy that. Launching in 5," the next three counts are silent," and 1. Launch." With that Mac's simulated viper is hurled into 'space', and he quickly takes up formation on Rebound's wing.

Space, broad and deep, meets the Vipers as they are expelled from the catapults with the powerful 'FWOOSH!' that makes a fair imitation of the real thing. The two are, for the moment, left to determine their own fate, as Fenris hasn't intoned any sort of mission guidlines, yet.

Well, to be fair, a pilot's got to have something resembling initiative. He calls out over the com, after a cursory perusal of the DRADIS output, "Carrier Actual, this is Hunter-Lead. We are clear and proceeding towards mission objectives, over."

Cygnus often isn't one given to over-excessive com chatter. That isn't to say he doesn't partake from time to time, but Rebound seems like all business at the moment. A quick eye to his DRADIS makes the course clear, and he continues flying along in formation.

"Acknowledged, Hunter flight." is Fen's response. There is peace in space before, "Hunter lead, possible DRADIS contact, signal intermittant, sector four, kharem two-three. Intercept and identify, over?"

"Carrier, Hunter-lead." Wil quips. He's not exactly singing drinking songs or swapping life stories over the com but he's pretty vocal, as usual. He begins altering his course towards the provided coordinates, banking slightly and notching up the throttle just a tad. "Copy that. Coordinates received. Checking the barn for rats."

Cygnus's eyes drift to his DRADIS, then his fingertips are a whir over the keypad as he tries to call up details on what the contacts are. "What do you think, Rebound? We going to going to find some action?" In the sim, one expects it. On CAP one hopes it never happens. Interesting irony. Totaly apropo of nothing, Mac suddenly mutters into the com, "Just… watch your three, okay?"

Fenris continues as the source of good and bad in their worlds wihle they do their course corrections, making little notes in her head as she keys in new variables. Soon enough, after a couple of minute's flight time, little flickers appear on the Viper's DRADIS screens.

"Don't know, Prophet. Maybe they want to throw us a party and baked a couple cakes." He stifles a grin as he does make a commendable, serious effort to immerse himself in the seriousness of the simulated situation. "Don't worry, I see you there." He tilts his head a bit towards the new DRADIS contacts now with a raised eyebrow. "Carrier, Hunter-Lead. DRADIS contacts, got, one, two, three.." He keeps counting up as he sees them, however many there are. "Sector 4, Bearing 8-5 Kharom 2-3. Investigating."

Blip. Blip. There the little bastards are, manifesting themselves as two bright red dots on Cygnus' DRADIS. An easy course correction later, his bird is mirroring the path that Willem's flying along. "I'm right with you, Rebound," Comes his calm voice over the coms.

"Carrier Actual to Hunter-" and suddenly, there is static on the comm as the DRADIS pips suddenly go red. Fen flicks on the cockpit cams and eases back in her seat to see how they do without radio.

"Carrier Actual. Hunter-Lead. Do you copy?" Wil repeats this once more as the comms go dead, and it's obvious that the scenario involves comms being jammed. Well, let them eat static, then. "Prophet, Rebound. Do you copy?" Silence. He lolls his head over towards the approximation of his wingman's position. Maybe he can see Wil nodding and then gesturing with a simple wave of his fingers, mouthing the words, "follow me". It's no guarantee this would work, it all depends on Prophet's reaction. He then banks towards the debris field and the badness that lies within. He's attempting to approach the field from a superior angle of attack, minimizing the most obvious ambush and chokepoints that could bring their section to a swift end.

It doesn't take Cygnus long to figure out the coms have up and died on them. One simple try of, "Rebound, Prophet. Do you copy?" Nothing. Oh, Mud is truly evil today. The first thing Mac does is check his line of sight to his wingleader. He can't quite make out the words that Wil is mouthing but it's not hard to pick up the gyst of it. A moment later, he's banking right along, keeping a careful eye on his lead's course, and adjusting accordingly.

The contacts aren't long in coalescing into a transport ship, possibly a tanker of some kind that's lost some mass and is listing in space, while the others, obvious Raiders, turn and make their way in for a criss-crossing strafing run on the crippled civilian.

Five to two. How simply -unfair-. Willem kicks in the throttle and with another glance, sees Mac on his wing providing the fledgeling sec-lead with some scant relief. He punches the throttle and banks to the port to gain a superior angle of attack, if possible, while mindful of the other group closes on the group firing on the crippled tanker. Weapons are free, and he attains attack speed.

A careful eye is kept on Rebound's speed and course, and it isn't long before Cygnus sees what it is he means to do. With the loss of coms, the best possible course of action in the situation is to stick as tight on his Wing's lead as possible. Which is exactly what he does, going weapons free to help press the attack while increasing his speed.

The Cylon pair continue their run unmolested by the incoming heat from the Vipers. Meanwhile, the trio, however, find out that 'It's rainin' lead, hallelujah, it's rainin' lead!' as two of their number get ripped along their dorsal sides by the incoming hate that claims right of way. Wil's target starts to spiral into fragments, some of which bounce off the crippled tanker, while Cyg's loses it's engines and SLAMS into one of the lazily tumbling rocks that provided such wonderful cover on their aproach. Number three, however, noses down and dives away from the Colonials, trying to form up with the other two who only now seem to be aware of the invader's presence.

As a hail of cannon fire tears into one raider and the other as Rebound and Prophet's guns do their trick, Willem hisses "Bye bye, shitstain," to himself as he stares at the console. His lips twist into a slightly vulpine grin for a fraction of a second. There's a marked difference between Wil on the job in the cockpit, and the generally polite, talkative intellectual he is outside. Even if this is a simulated cockpit and he is tearing up simulated Raiders, this is good enough to throw him into his combat persona. Talk about your compartmentalization. Making a split-second analysis of the situation, he will attempt to isolate the remaining raider in a two-on-one situation provided it doesn't leave him shockingly open to attack by the other pair. Divide and conquer, baby! He banks hard to engage.

As always, Mac is patient. Wait for it. Wait for it. There. A small burst of fire erupts from his bird and he watches his target spin off and smash into the debris with a very satisfying crunch. He doesn't take his eyes off his Lead for long though, and once Willem starts to bank, Cygnus falls right back into formation on his wing. Buh bye Raider.

Fen sits at the control booth monitoring the goings on of the simulation at her console, while the two Jigs live it up in 3d within their respective cans.

In the less really real world..
The last Raider from the trio tries to wiggle and juke to give the Vipers a harder target, efforts largely curtailed by the debris that's cluttering so much of the area. The other pair, however, manage to come around and hook in behind the Colonials, the bandit lead coming into the sweet spot behind Willem, while his partner seems to have trouble with getting an angle on Cyg. The lead opens fire while the second is more patient.

Matto peeks in and around the framing of the hatch, then steps in. Home safe and sound from the recon, at last, you'd think the last thing on his mind would be to go sit in a Raptor, even an imaginary one. And hell, maybe it is. But he's drinking at a bottle of water, and he comes along the wall to step up behind the control console and watch the similation over Fenris' shoulder.

"Absofrakinglovely." Wil grimaces as his Viper shudders a bit. As a result, his shots go wide and miss his intended target. His gamble didn't exactly pay off and in chasing down the straggler from the earlier group of three, the other two (who he is affectionately titling in his head the 'Blunder twins') take a few successful potshots at his wing. He leans on the controls to compensate and stay on course, but it's obvious that continuing his current trajectory is tantamout to suicide. Even worse, he can't signal Mac, who will likely have his own problems. He breaks hard to port attempting to do two things. 1) Possibly seperate the pursuers, or 2), use any large piece of debris, if available, for immediate cover as he attempts to shake them.

Calm, cool, collected, Cygnus fires off a volley into the straggler, then glances back over his wing for a second to see Rebound breaking hard to port. Two red blips are behind him now on the DRADIS, and he's pretty certain Willem's taken a hit or two. Frak. Once he's delivered his shots, he starts to bank and roll, angling now to get in behind the two that have been on their tails, which will hopefully buy his Lead enough time and distraction to find come cover.

Fenris's console indicates that there are two Vipers against three Raiders in an asteroid field, one of which is pretty torn up, while a neutral ship, badly damaged is in the scenery as well. Her readouts indicate that the Viper's comms are jammed, thought Dradis seems to be ok. She looks up to the incoming raptor member and, "Good evening, Kisseus." her fingers turn to the keys and she starts inputting new parameters while the Vipers do their thing, "I have them jammed at the moment, I can add more to the simulation if you would like to get involved."

In the Virtureal world, the straggler, on a path bound for nowhere, ends up getting torn up pretty badly by Cyg's fire and ends up weaving wildly trying to get back in the game. Meanwhile, the gambit does indeed pay off, as one goes after Wil, and the other tries to stay on Cyg, even as he tries to get angle on Wil's tail.

"Hey hey, Muddylady," Kissy replies, just easing back against the wall behind her to watch, "Hey, no, I'd just get in the way," he chuckles, "I can wait," he adds. "How're you doing?" he wonders.

Heh. Thank Hermes for small favors. Or Aurora. Hell, thank both, why limit yourself to one God's favor? Even though Wil's firmly agnostic, in a real situation he might be feeling like he's in the proverbial foxhole. Having successfully seperated the two pursuers, Rebound only immediately has one to deal with, and goes about his original plan of using the asteroid for cover as he performs a hard, gut-wrenching spin to reverse his course and gain a firing angle on the pursuer. It's risky, but unexpected, and hopefully brutally effective. Plus, he doesn't want to stay seperated from Mac any longer than necessary.

There's that patience again as Mac carefully manuevers himself into a good firing solution. Guns blaze and scream their noise to empty themselves, hopefully, right up the tailpipe of Wil's pursuer. When Cygnus sees the other Viper begin its spin, he banks to starboard, giving Rebound a clean shot without the other pilot having to worry about his plane being in the way. With any luck? With any luck the raider tailing his own ass might just fly right into his Lead's firing solution as well.

"I'm well, thank you." Fen replies, turning her eyes back to the games as it seems a big plate of turnaround has been handed to the mix. Whatever she was doing to the parameters, she backspaces out of and watches to see how this plays out…

The bandit-lead screams around the asteroid to end Wil's problems, though, it get clockblocked as Cyg tears it up along the side with lots of love and adoration, causing the wing assembly to sheer away completely as the wreck screams over Wil's head. His wingman banks off, leaving a pair of somewhat inflexible Raiders staring right down the barrel of Wil's guns. The runner-up gets bored through the centerline by his fire and it explodes in a cloud of debris that throws the survivor off course. Seal, meet clubs.

Matto leans forward and down as Fen pulls up the display, folding his arms and leaning faintly on her shoulders as he watches the fight. "Holy crap, look at that," he murmurs— half to himself and half to the Lieutenant.

"Well. What do you know. This time it worked." Wil's voice is rather deadpan as that same oddly predatory grin blooms on his face as he bobs and weaves in the makeshift 'cockpit', clutching the gun controls with an icily precise motion. He whistles a bit and is obviously doing the math in his head. Five minus four equals one. IF he can get a clear shot on the remaining raider without risking Mac in the process he will do so. Considering the poor metal bastard just ate a bit of debris from its just-destroyed buddy, it might be a prime target. If targeting conditions aren't favorable, he will attempt to form up on Mac's wing. It all depends.

Whether Wil can see it or not, Cygnus nods in the other pilot's direction before changing his course to pursue the one remaining Raider. It looks to be all over but the crying now. Mac is half tempted to smile, but there's still one target out there left, and he's not going to be premature about the celebrations.

"Not quite as he intended, I suspect." Fen replies distantly, watching the pursuit as it unfolds.

WIthin the simulated world, the Raider is fairly torn up but from an earlier burst and the remains of his buddy, getting an angle on Cygnus isn't nearly the priority it was prior, and it tries to lead them into a tight knot of debris. He crosses Wil's crosshairs enough to warrant a burst, and, while the inherent strike isn't as impressive, it is, apparantly the straw that broke the Cylon's back as it tumbles off course to pancake into a giant rock.

In the real world, as the last Raider dies, Fen flips the switch and chimes in, "Mission cleared."

Matto stands up again when the mission is declares over, and he gives a round of applause to the pilots, "Wasn't it? Well, it looked quite alright to me. But that's why you've got the big boy pins on, I'm guessing," he grins brightly.

Willem leans into the maneuvers and squeezes off the last shots as he lets out a bit of a triumphant snicker as the last Raider turns to dust. As Fen pulls the switch, he suddenly disengages, and in fact, it seems to take him a moment or so before he adjusts to the idea that this was truly but a simulation. He blinks a bit, staring at the screen and didn't even notice Kisseus there. Until now. Leaning out of the sim unit's cockpit, he peers at the other man and then back at Mac. And then Fen, all in a row. "Well. That actually worked." He says, a little abashedly.

Now, Cygnus allows himself to smile. More than that, he grins. Though there's that momentary sensation of time out of place as the simulation ends, and he's jolted back to the here and now. Leaving one to wonder, how the frak do they manage to get that to feel so realistic? The canopy slides back, and he loosens his helmet and removes it, then just /grins/ at Rebound like a stupid idiot for a fraction of a second. "That felt /good/." Oh, yes it did. No doubt Fenris will have her own assesment of their flying, which they'll soon hear, and he starts to lift himself out, shooting a smile over in Matto's direction, "Evening, Kissy." And how apt that particular callsign seems right now considering what happened at the celebrations.

A nod, "I think he meant to take out hte bandit, himself. A gamble, as he had no idea where Prophet was." Fen muses quietly as the two start to get back to the real world. She starts to save the 'log' for later perusal, and shuts the pods down for the moment to let them cool off, "You managed to kill the five raiders. Two with a surprise attack. That was good thinking."

Matto folds his arms across his chest and leans back against the far wall, just lifting a hand briefly in greeting to the pilot and sky pilot, not interrupting with verbal greetings as their LT proper gives them the rundown.

"That was…an experiment." Wil frowns, briefly, although there is a bit of an exhiliration present in his flushed cheeks. Of course, curse of the pale people. They flush just by breathing. "I had to find a way to break their combined pursuit of either of us." He brings his hand to his chin and scratches at it, idly, as he looks amongst the three others again.

Willem amends, belatedly, "Thank you, Lieutenant. I feel like I frakked up one very important thing there." He purses his lips.

"When I saw you pull that move, I hoped I could draw that frakker into your fire." Yup, Mac is still grinning, looks like he's fairly happy with how the sim went. "It worked." There's a nod, and a small salute in Fenris' direction, acknowledging the complimentary comment, "Thank you, Sir."

Fenris nods, "The tumble gamble paid off, without coordination, that move is exceedingly risky." she says quietly, "I noticed both of you were a little tight on the stick. Try not to get too rigid. You also had comms jammed, and a civilian transport taking fire. There could have been reinforcements outside of DRADIS range. Consider leading them back toward your lines before reengaging. If there were more ships coming in, you would have been swarmed, with no way for the ship to know." She looks between the pair, "Aside from those factors, I am not disappointed. In fact, considering you've never flown togther, and had no radio contact during the fight, you did surprisingly well. I'll go over the particulars with each of you in the ready room at fifteen-thirty hours tomorrow."

Ambling out of the mock cockpit, Willem dusts himself off. Hearing Fenris' stern mix of criticism and praise does nothing to dampen his mood. He's here to listen. Nodding his head slowly, he comments, "Yes, sir. I'd like to review the film if given a chance." He shoots Cygnus a sidelong glance here, and there is simply a nod, but it broadcasts a certain unmistakable element of approval. "Permission to depart, sir? I have several things I need to take care of between now and then."

"I'd like to take a look at it as well, at some point," Cygnus agrees. For him, though, it's a matter of sliding in somewhere between the many other things he manages to accomplish during an average day. Mac doesn't seem in a rush to depart, but perhaps that might be attributed to the fact that he's hoping to get a chance to talk to Matto. "I'll see you in the ready room tomorrow, Sir."

On the other hand, Wil seems to be in a bit of a hurry. He tucks his hands behind his back and stands at attention, and will leave as soon as he's dismissed. Odd.

"I'll have the tapes prepared by then." Fen replies, no more stern or fluffy than she ever seems to be, "Dismissed." she then turns to Matto for a moment, "The pods are yours, Kisseus." she says softly, and she starts to make her way out for…. something.

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