No Solicitors
No Solicitors
Summary: A small group of Bunker people hustle out to intercept the downed viper jock (Mudguts).
Date: PH080 (07 July 2009)
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Scorpia, Bunker, Front Hall
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #80
OOC Time: Tue Jul 07 20:32:28 2009

The hallway leading between the Reception area and the Primary Communications Bunker is wide enough to drive a car down, although large metal posts which are anchored deep into the floor prevent that at spaced intervals. The solid floor here have been covered by berber carpeting but the walls still hold the rough textures of poured concrete. The doors along this hallway are secured via small mechanical-numerical locks except for public areas such as bathrooms. The lights overhead offer pale illumination for the walkways, the occasional storage container sitting outside various rooms.

Salazar is propping up a wall with a cigar in her mouth. She's finally gotten around to smoking the monster she stole from MSGT Nikos last night, when he was passed our (only he wasn't, dammet).

Kai is headed down the corridor with Dutch and Parts in tow, in the rough direction of the mess hall. His path is altered slightly when he spots Salazar lounging against one of the poorly-lit walls, stogie in mouth, and strides right up to her. Thump, thump, thump, stop. His hand is held out, palm up.

Dutch is falling in step right behind Captain Marek, Rifle is slung over one arm, as his satchel hits along his side. Apparently the Sergeant is needed for something, according to Parts who was excited, seems they got an SAR to head out on. A look is passed over towards Salazar, and a smirk. "Princess."

Great. That seems to be catching on. Salazar shakes her head slightly, and straightens from the wall she was so kindly holding up. She puffs the cigar clamped in her teeth, then looks over at the marine, her dark gaze speaking volumes. She doesn't actually look at Kai, but she reaches back, tugs a sidearm from the waistband of her pants, and flips it around to hold the barrel. She hands it grip first to the pilot. "I thought I saw Parts scream through. Late for a party?" She smacks the grip against Marek's palm.

Dutch holds the look, but then Dutch doesn't really back down from a stare down. Yes-this has gotten him into trouble. A faint grin all the same as the gun is passed back over "Cute to know you share." added, though he spects he won't hear anything back for it. There's a look given to Kai. Apparently the Corpsman is ready to go.

McTiernan has joined the party, it seems, from where ever it was that she was. Her rifle is settled into place across her chest and she's strapping on her extra utility belt so she's clearly gotten the news already. Dutch pets a bop to the back of his head for his peanut gallery comments before she shifts a look around, that cool blue gaze dropping on Kai.

"Fashionably," is Karim's only answer as the sidearm's smacked into his hand. He checks the safety, doublechecks the clip, and keeps on moving. They'll run into the marine CO enroute between here and the front door, no doubt— oh, there she is now. "Lieutenant, we've got a guest. This is your show, my main prerogative is making sure we don't attract too much attention with the SAR."

"It's loaded with APs. Don't say I never learned to play nice," Salazar notes to Marek, before she shoots a look at Dutch. "Shove it, Sarge." The arms dealer must be feeling sentimental. She didn't threaten anyone's balls. She shoves off the wall, and turns to go fetch her rifle. Never one to miss a field trip, she's feeling better today, seems like.

"Only if you buy me dinner first kid." Though the woman is probably same age if not older than the medic, Dutch again doesn't seem to take words one way or the other as off. A look is given back as McTiernan joins the troupe and he's nodding back to her for a moment. Yup gang's all here

Wow. Less then a minute in the room and insulted all ready. It's a red frakking letter day for the Marine. "We keep this party small and we move fast. It's likely the toasters saw it too. So keep your frakking eyes open and move with a purpose. Frak up and I'll shoot you myself." Sidearm, rifle. Check. Without a backward's glance, McT heads for the bunkers exit, map in hand with the site marked as best the Private could offer. Someone is a liiiiittle crank today.

You begin following Dutch.

Kai's tossed a rifle by the returning Mr. Parts, and he even manages to completely ignore McTiernan's sass. Water off a duck's back, baby. He pats down his comm radio, slides a sidelong glance to Salazar, and off he goes.

Salazar is a Nikos. Though the MSGT in medical doesn't speak often, one can be sure many things cross his mind. Maybe Nikos' mellow in their later years. She's back on the trail of the military folk as they hit the ladder to go up. "I never pay."

Kai pauses about halfway to the ladder when he hears Salazar turn to follow them. He opens his mouth. He shuts it again. And starts clambering up, rifle thumping against his hip as he moves. He doesn't need to bother telling her to play it safe.

Scorpia, Highway 606, S. of Osprey

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #80
OOC Time: Tue Jul 07 21:11:03 2009

This stretch of highway has a fairly good distance between the railroad and the town of Osprey, to the South, and would take most of a day to cover the length by hiking it. Abandoned cars can be found at random, most of them pointing their direction of travel to be North. All of them have been looted with their doors left open to the environment. Scattered country stores can be found but most show signs of having been burned to some extent or stripped much like the cars.

Sal brings up the rear, her rifle in her right hand, tucked into her right shoulder. She carries it muzzle to the ground. On the way up, she slapped down the velcro on her vest. It's only a light model, but it's better than leather. MSGT might miss his helmet when he wakes up, but that's okay too. She's the picture of stealth, even in leather pants.

The ruined, if arguably salvagable remains of Wolf-2 continue to smoke along the side of the highway, where it was abandoned after it's apparantly vigorous landing. Some signs of blood were in the empty cockpit, the consoles an utter mess of burnouts and shrapnel-riddled panels. Opening some distance from the wreckage, fenris is holed up in what shelter she could find, trying to bandage some of her injuries.

The treeline is probably Fenris' best bet for shelter, along this section of highway. It's quiet, aside from the hiss and pop of her viper's smoking wreckage, and the slight rain that's begun to fall shortly after dusk. The search party is on the move, rifles in hands and boots beating a muted rhythm through the underbrush as they try to keep off the road itself. The viper Captain brings up the rear, apparently preferring his service pistol to the brute strength of the rifle he toted along.

Once McT had gotten her barings, she took off at a fast clip. Their path was as direct as possible without taking them in a direct line and thus making them easy to spot or target. As they approach the wreckage, she stops and tkes a knee among the trees, a hand held up to stop those behind her.

Dutch keeps in formation as it seems he finds himself close to point, and with a lump of dip just there in his mouth. Brows furrow for a moment as they come closer towards where the bird went down. His eyes are peeled, A for said down rocket jock, and B for incoming tinheads. Safety is toyed with softly, before finally left on fire. Spit, a small line of brown juice- and the Sergeant holds slightly. A nod back towards McT and there's a step to keep in cover. Somewhat.

Salazar takes a knee as the Lieutenant does, stopping to hunker down next to the trunk of a large tree. She rests a hand on the trunk, and revels in this whole being able to trundle around upright thing. Alyssa may annoy the piss out of her, but he Doc is good. She stowed the cigar somewhere back at the bunker, to let it burn out on its own.

Kai halts when the Lieutenant's hand goes up, pistol cocked against his shoulder, body flattened to the trunk of a tree as he too takes cover.

Fenris's hand still as a sound reaches her ears. As quietly as she can, she sets her rudimentary first aid aside before pulling her pistol from her lap. Her eyes closes a moment and, with exceeding care, she racks the slide, muffling it with her hands. The weapon readied, she opens her eyes and waits for more indication of exactly how deep it's gotten.

In the not-too-distant distance, the telltale grind of machinery can be made out. Stomp stomp, stomp stomp, pause. Both centurions stop at the top of the ditch and scan the road carefully, red eyes swiveling left and right. One of them begins to approach the wreckage. It's perhaps twenty feet away from where Fenris has taken shelter, and stops dead again when she racks her pistol.

McTiernan's hand is still up though her attention is pulled down the road. She points in that direction and flashes two fingers three times in a row to pass on the information. Half turning, she taps Dutch and Sal on the shoulders and waves her hand in one direction before sending Kai in the opposite direction. She'll hold her position thus spreading them out and giving them a wider field of fire.

Dutch keeps his eyes peeled on where the machinery comes a clanking up from the ditch and all. A sucking in of breath as he is spitting out the side of his mouth again. "bout two hundred yards Eltee." The Sergeant chimes in softly towards the Lieutenant. But then there are no more words, when the tap comes to his shoulder, a look back to Salazar, and he's moving, at a quick trot to get into a angle of fire on the two metallic searchers.

Salazar slides behind her friend the tree. She readies her rifle for a firing position, and takes a slow, deep breath. She nods to McT, and makes her way low in the direction indicated. Flank you very much, bulletheads. She'll back up Dutch, but she doesn't have to be nice about it. "Move your ass, sparky."

Kai doesn't speak, but simply moves when McTiernan gives the order, good little soldier that he is. Rifle remaining slung across his shoulder, he ducks down and scrambles in deeper through the treeline. He sinks to a knee before taking aim with his sidearm, through a gap between the branches. The safety's already off, so he simply.. waits.

Whiiir klunk, whiiir klunk. The one centurion begins to stomp closer to Fenris' hideout, snapping brances underfoot as it moves. His buddy continues toward the viper wreckage, its metal form partly obscured by billowing smoke as it wades through broken crap.

Fenris is generally about as patient as the Centurian allegedly, so, as she footfalls come to a stop so close at hand, she simply freezes in place. The downside is, she's bleeding, and once one passes out, it doesn't count as patience anymore. Patience means you can still react. The other thing, not so much. As her new friend decides to check in on her, she starts to move around the treestump, even if she has to half drag herself to do it.

McTiernan doesn't intended to allow the toasters free access to the viper and her pilot. She keeps as much of her cover as she can as she flicks her site up, zeros in on her target and yells, "INCOMING" so Fen is aware there is at least ONE person out there trying to find her. Given what the metal is doing, McT steps out of cover, letting them see her full on, and then fires.

"Stow it cupcake. Or do you shoot as pretty as your mouth is?" Dutch hisses with a stream of dip shot into the foliage. As the metal fraks show their skins, there's a grunt from the Corpsman as his rifle is raised. Eye narrows for a second as he poses himself half behind a tree. A sniff, and then out comes a burst of fire from the Sergeant. "Fire Fire!" repeated for Salazar, though McTiernan made that abundantly clear that is what would be going on. Of course he's gunning for Batteries not included by the Viper.

And the silence, the blessed, blissful silence, is suddenly shattered as all hell breaks loose. Fenris is the recipient of a crackle of gunfire from the first centurion, who's managed to spot her as she moves around the tree. And as the fireteam opens up on its buddy, said buddy pivots around and spins its spidery fingers into a loaded weapon. It's a little slow on the uptake, and it's dark, so the Colonials get a few free shots on it.

"Thanks, Sarge," Salazar notes, raising her rifle as she takes a firing position. "I got that memo." Civvie or not, her rifle has quite a few notches on it. She opens up with a burst of rounds, pinging them off the Centurion, but not causing any major visible damage. After firing the first burst, she lines up for another, tracking the Centurion. "… Come on, cabron."

The sound of bullets shredding metal is mingled with the sound of them pinging right off. Those centurions are made out of some tough shit. The one trying (and failing) to take down the injured pilot crashes sidelong into a tree as rounds pick it off from behind, and then swings around to head back up the embankment. It starts firing on the nearest unfriendly as it moves, as does the second deathbot. The rain begins to come down harder, streaming over their silvery armour and beating a soft rhythm in the foliage.

Dutch doesn't say shit after that or for the time as he and Salazar open up their respective cans of whoop ass and let the rifles do all the talking. There's a motion as he moves up a little. His gun still aimed on that dumb frak on the road. More bullets down the barrel or so it looks like. Lets see if they can't take down the frakker. "Move it up-if you can." backed back to his firing partner

As it seems the cavalry is here, Fen decides that putting at least a partial resistance is better than trying to simply keep ducking. Besides, with it's back turned, she may tag something important. There's no fear on her features, roughed up as they are, as she levels her gun at the machine.

McTiernan's round hit solid though did little damage. She's just about to fire again when they both turn on her as planned. A lot of things can be said about the Marine but stupid isn't one of them. Turning, she simply lets go of her rifle and bolts down the path they came in on trusting the rifle sling to hold it in place. So long as they are after her, the rest can get the pilot out. That's the plan. Dirty though it is

Kai abandons his cover, boots crackling in the needles and dead leaves as he hoofs it out of the treeline and swings his sidearm to bear on the nearest tincan. He moves, shoots, moves again, never staying in one spot for long.

"Wilco," Salazar grunts out, before she squeezes the trigger, unleashing metal fury upon the toasters. That frak is picking up the tab for what his cousin did to her and Marek in that building in downtown Osprey. She swaps back to burst. Sure, it makes her shoulder sore faster, but it sure is more satisfying.

"Keep moving up!" barks Dutch as he moves out of cover a little closer, if anything to give the last Centurion something to frakking worry about. Bullets continue to rip out from his gun, as the marine shows no mercy. In fact if this was a karate match he would be sweeping the leg. Or trying to that is till the centurion laughed and impaled him.

Okay, not much love from the Picon fifty-seven, even with the explosive rounds. Safetying the weapon, Kai shoves it into its holster and cocks his rifle instead. It's tucked against his shoulder, and aimed roughly at the legs of the remaining centurion.

Mud lines up the pistol on something that looks like it may be of some importance to her nosy neighbor. She squeezes the trigger as proper gun etiquette dictates and puts one in to rattle amongst it's intenals, somewhere. As it goes down from the fusilade of fire turned it's way, she intones a bland, "No solicitors."

"Mithras balls." comes Dutch's own words as the dip falls from his mouth-or rather is pushed out with his tongue "How many gods damned loads can that cocksucker take?" Of course he's not speaking about any present company, but the one rather obstinate Centurion who is still firing off over by McT and the pilot. Almost willing the Lieutenant to drag the pilot back. Dutch, does one of the few things he does best. Lays down hot, heavy, fire.

With the first centurion a smoking heap in the ditch, thanks to Fenris' 'gun etiquette', the second continues upon its impervious march, guns spitting out shell casings into the wet road and pine needles. It swings away from McTiernan as she ducks back down the path, and focuses its hate on the medic instead.

McTiernan books down the garden path when metal turns its weapon on her. Whoop! Can't touch this! She manages a healthy dodge but it throws off her aim as she swings around to shoot at the damn thing.

Fenris doesn't spend any more time on bravado before she scoots against her new, loving friend, the Treestump of Defense and swings her pistol up the road for a token potshot at the remaining Centurion.

Kai continues to cover the marine Lieutenant's run for the hills, while bullets ping the ground in her wake. All of the shots in his burst find, and shred metal, so he keeps the love flowing. Shoot, don't think, try not to think about it turning its red eye on him. Just shoot.

Salazar poses in her targeting to glance over, across the way, and fix the pilot with a look as his shots ping into the Cent from the other side of the road. "Now, I'm annoyed." She squeezes off once more. Take that metal robot of death. Frakkin' toasters.

McTiernan drops low, half hidden by really crappy cover but hey, it makes her feel better. Tucking her rifle in, she fires back on the toaster still standing there, firing on them.

The Sergeant is hit. Hell he can feel one bullet rip clean through abdomen. A frakking gut shot, or so the blood and the pain coming through as the Solder drops to his knees. A grit of his teeth and it seems he is fighting on, as the next bullet nabs him in the arm. Eyes closed for a second, breath. And boom Dutch is back and firing into the Sonuvabitch.

"Hang on, Sarge!" The marine grunts under her breath, and pulls the rifle up with both arms, training down the weapon at the centurion who is doing its damndest to take out a marine Sergeant with at least an annoying sense of humor. Corps needs more of those. Plus, he's got medical training. And smokes. "Frak you, metal."

Mud's third shot isn't quite so effective as her first. Hades, it doesn't even come close to the second as it whistles uselessly past the Centurion's bucket. She wipes at her face with her forearm as the canner riddles the Gunny before lining up again and takes her time sighting down the barrel. Hmmm… that looks important. Squeeeeeeeeeze-bang!

Kai sees the medic go down, and almost certainly sees the look Salazar sends in his direction. He meets her eyes for a moment, and then refocuses on the still-moving tincan. Scrambling up higher onto the embankment, he fires again until he has to reload. Parts, meanwhile, safeties his weapon and duck-runs over to Dutch's side. His hands start scrabbling for the man's first aid kit.

Dutch finally drops his rifle as he slumps down on the ground. One hand is moving to his gut as his arm throbs out in pain. Mithras they did a number on him. There's a trembling of his lip, but that is the shock and pain rolling in. Still the medic just doesn't make a noise, or is struggling his best not too on this one. "f-frak m..m.mme.." muttered out as that blood just keeps a rolling. Looking pale? Yes.

Kai lowers his rifle as the final centurion is taken down, and beats feet closer to where Dutch is crumpled on the ground. With Parts already doing his best to stop the bleeding and apply first aid, the CAG makes himself useful getting on the wireless and sending off a quick message back to the bunker. His eyes search the underbrush and wreckage for signs of the pilot whose gunfire he heard.

McTiernan stays low and continues to fire. When the toaster falls at last, she rises slowly from her maker cover and calls out, her voice carrying crisply, "Report!"

Salazar breaks cover as soon as the target is down. She's almost on top of Dutch anyway, so she drops to a knee next to him, takes a look around briefly, then slings the rifle over her shoulder, and touches Dutch's shoulder. She's shit for first aid. She doesn't even try. "Gonna need some help over here! Sarge is down."

" they p-p-put fr-frakking p-pillows in mummmuh-my gods damned Flak j-j-jacket?" Dutch gets out before there is a clear sound of pain. And the Sergeant is reaching his one good hand over towards his satchel "mo-morpha.." Someone stop the blood, which might be hard. One rather nasty wound in his gut and then his shoulder. Frak.

With the Metal's warranty voided, Fen's gunhand drops sharply to the deck, her head resting against the stump as she starts to feel the wringer, again. She takes a couple of breaths, waiting for a good lungful, then, "That… all of them?" she calls. She swallows again, shifting with a groan as, on the bright side, the pain of her leg wound wakes her up again. She puts a broken branch between her teeth and, with a pained groan, tries to get to her feet, holding the tree for dear life.

McT makes for Mud, calling out, "Pack his wound, Sal. Keep pressure. Meet up on the Sarge!" And then she's moving with purpose. "Come," she tells the pilot. "Lets get you on your feet. We have a ways to go to get back." She offers her shoulder.

Kai finishes his wireless call, and switches the transponder off before tucking it away in his jacket. Rifle slung across his back, he skims concerned eyes over Dutch as he moves past to check on Fenris. No point in him getting in the way; he's liable to cause more harm than good with the man.

Satchel. Morpha. Hey, two things Salazar is good at handling. She fishes a hand into the sack, and rifles the contents. She's quite familiar with morpha doses, and it's not long before she's jabbing one into Dutch's leg. That's first, then she does a little field triage as best she can. That's gonna hurt like a bitch. Gauze and wraps and tape. Oh, my. Hope ya aren't hairy, Dutch.

He's as hairy as a newborn baby, that Dutch, but really. He's a Tauron and with the genetics he's got some light hair on his arms, and legs, and that growth on his face, Not much else to have get in the way of things. Still the Medic is trying to remain conscious, though that little battle is failing. Get him out of here Quick.

Fenris nods, faintly, as the woman comes to give her assistance, letting the branch fall to the ground.. She swallows and says, "I'll… I'll need a hand… took some shrapnel.. m'leg." Her gunhand drifts aside to reveal that, yeah… she's got something ragged and not factory standard sticking out of her thigh. Least it's not near the femural artery, right?

"Lieutenant," Kai directs toward McTiernan, "I'll help with Mudguts, and do a sweep of the viper. You take point in case we get stragglers to this little party, you're better with a rifle than I am." He spots the protrusion in Fenris' leg, but makes no attempt to yank it out. Instead, "Glad to see you in one piece, Lieutenant. I'm going to grab your gun tape, then we'll get the frak out of here."

Samantha is standing outside, rifle in hand, waiting for the group as they come back. She's not really in regulation uniform, wearing an oversized button down flannel shirt Thea has given her, her boots and her sweat pants, but she holds a rifle almost as good as any Marine and keeps a close, cool outlook on the surrounding area as she waits for the group. Any of Sam's usual teasing is gone, she's on duty.

From out of the treeline comes McT. She's got point, rifle in hand. A litter has been thrown together from branches and straps from the raptor. It ain't perfect but it's allowed the small team to get Dutch back to the bunker. "'ello the camp," she calls out so .. you know.. Sam doesn't try to shoot them.

Salazar has had experience with friendly fire. Much experience. It sucked a lot, so she waits for acknowledgment before she helps Parts lug Dutch to the bunker's entry way. "Hang in there, Sarge. I have a bunch of quality insults for you, you frak."

There's soft, and weak assed words directed towards Salazar, but it seems the Sergeant isn't doing much besides being lugged behind the others. He does have his gun though, not that he can shoot anyone with it. Dutch groans as he shifts on the little. Bandages are holding.

Samantha blinks as she hears the voices, mostly familiar, but she calls out, "What do you hear, Lieutenant?" Hopefully that is indeed McTiernan ahead, and everyone knows the good, old fashioned chant. At least, everyone in the colonial military. Sam's voice is fairly recognizable also, but she doesn't yet drop her gun…

Kai, meanwhile, has his arm slung around the downed pilot herself— who isn't looking so hot at the moment. Or about as un-hot as a woman like Fenris can look, covered in mud and scorched flight suit. He, too, waits until they've been heard and acknowledged before nodding to Samantha at the entryway, and moving past. "Everyone's accounted for, Lieutenant. Let's head inside."

Samantha nods curtly, stepping back and allowing everyone to move past her. She gives the briefest of concerned looks to Dutch, but she's keeping her eyes on the forest around still, waiting for all of them to get inside before she herself backs in behind them, rifle trained on the surrounding area up until the very last click of the door. "Good to have you home, Sir. Doc's on call for the Sarge there."

Fenris is pale and clinging to Kai for support as, if the jagged metal bit sticking out of her leg is any indication, she's having a bit of trouble walking on her own. Her other arm, the one not wrapped around the CAG, clenches with a white knuckled grip, to her pistol. her features have an intense looks of concentration, as she's willing herself through either toughing out the pain quietly, or keeping upright at all. There's a soft, "Case." as a 'Hi!'

And so Pvt. Parts and Salazar lug Dutch to the hatch, and through they go. This might hurt a little. Just think about kitties and fairies and stuff, Dutch. The trip to medical isn't too long, thankfully.

Scorpia, Bunker, Medical

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #80
OOC Time: Tue Jul 07 23:31:44 2009

The sickbay here in the SATCOMM bunker is nothing fancy at all. This is especially true when looking at the bare shelves and cabinets. A pair of beds sit on each side of the room, giving the personnel here room to hold four patients. A couple of cabinets are built into the walls for storage while a desk sits near the door. Small supply crates are stacked against the wall at the rear of the room, the serial numbers doing nothing to identify the secured contents inside.

"Makes about as much sense as anything else I've heard…" Alyssa says with a shrug. "Party should be here any second, now…"

There's some soft muttering back and forth between Salazar and Dutch, but well the Marine Sergeant looks like shit, and feels even worse. He's got a hole in his abdomen. and possibly a bullet lost and lodged, as well as a shot to hell shoulder. If they can pull him from it, he should be good to go…Sometime. You know like when folks get back from death and all. Yeah Dutch is on a litter, being carried by both Salazar and Pvt. Parts.

"All this technology'll never come to anything good, in my opinion…" The words trail off as the others arrive, Dmitri's head turning from where he's leaning against the wall in a comfortable slouch. He pushes off the wall, lumbering along over to lend a hand.

Alyssa looks up as the group comes in. "All right, get the sarge onto the gurney. If you're here to help, scrub up, hot water is over there." She points to the smaller of the pots, wanting to keep the big one clean for now. "Everyone else, after he's on the gurney, you can stay but please stay to the sides. Can I get a sitrep, please?"

Samantha has, once putting away her gun, leaned over to help Fenris into the room. Still hurting herself or not, she doesn't care. The woman is her friend, she's injured, and Samantha is going to get her into a doctor's hands as quickly as possible. "Almost there, dollface…then you can lay down and rest and wait for the big guns to come and get us. It'll be fine, doll…" Sam murmurs reassuringly, her affectionate name for Fen surfacing again and again.

Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. Fen is working on keeping upright without complaint, a task made most challenging by the jagged whosiwhatsit sticking out of her thigh. She looks like she's been bounced around a fair bit, face pale. The upright part, at least has the mitigation of her fellow jocks' support. She swallows back vertigo and gives a subtle squeeze to Sam's shoulders, "We're… only ones hurt."

The muttering between the arms dealer and medic continues, as they lug Dutch in and plant him on a gurney. It's real quiet, though. Real quiet. Must mean it's somethin' bad. "He took one in the gut. I packed it. It's a mess. He had one morpha dose in the field."

Once he's helped everyone get settled, Dmitri does just as he's been asked— and what he'd prefer anyway— and scoots off to the side of things, hopping himself up on the edge of a supply crate and resting both hands to his knees. "What happened," he asks of the still-uninjured, "Aside from, y'know, Cylons."

Samantha carefully helps shift Fenris onto a bed, stroking her good hand through the woman's hair gently and trying to get her to relax. Otherwise, Sam lets the other's call for a situation report while she waits at the side of her fellow reds quadron…

Dutch is busy muttering and groaning to give his own sitrep, otherwise he would. He's lost a bit as blood as well or so the colour of his skin would be able to report. Oh medics,

Giving the newest addition to the family a nod, Alyssa flicks her head towards an empty gurney. "Keep pressure on that wound, eltee, and I'll be with you as soon as possible." Examining the wound, Alyssa frowns. "Not a bad field dressing, Salazar." Carefully pulling it away, she grunts a little but then washes the wound with hot water and gauze. It isn't pretty by half. "The bullet's still in there…" she says. Her eyes flick back up to those around her. 'Dmitri. Salazar, grab the flashlights on that table and give me some more light, would you?" Grabbing the clamps from her tray, she carefully opens the wound, and then pulls her scalpel to widen the hole, to pull the bullet back out. "Hang on, Sarge… there's no way I'm letting you die before someone teaches you manners…"

Fenris nods faintly at the directions, as she's eased onto the gourney. Her hands find a passable manner of applying pressure around the shrapnel and, with only an initial hiss through her teeth, the LT begins to do so.

A grunt. Now he's fetching flashlights. Dmitri shakes his head, moving over to snag one of the flashlights.

Salazar leans in a little to watch the doctor slice and dice, "Hey, grab me the other, would you, hunter Bob?" She's talking to Dmitri, of course. "Cute dog you got." She leans in to say something to Dutch quietly. Her left hand goes under his chin, to keep him from looking down. That's fairly icky.

There's no motion from Dutch, just a faint grimace it seems as eveyrone is going to work. A grunt of pain as it seems he wants to move, so someone better dope him up and hold him back down, lest this turns real nasty.

Alyssa basically is closed off to the world around her as she operates. Carefully… oh so carefully… she pulls the bullet from the wound, setting on the tray for ballistics analysis, though if they didn't have enough Cylon bullets for that already, she didn't know how many they'd need. Setting scalpel and pliers aside, she clamps the wound and starts to sew it up. "Sam! Dmitri! Salz! Private! He's twitching… hold him down! How long since his last morpha dose? As exact as possible!"

Samantha's eyes go wide, jerking in the man's direction immediately and reaching out to try and pin his side down as other's get other parts of him. "Come on, Seargent! Keep it together, I know you can do this! Just breathe through the pain, they'll take care of you!" It's like she's trying to order down the twitching, no matter how hard it might be.

"The name's Dmitri," the survivalist replies as he tosses the flashlight in his hand, catching it before snagging the other; stepping back towards the situation, he passes one off to Salazar before bringing the one he's holding up, flicking it on to give Alyssa some light. He watches the surgery without a change in expression despite the gore, murmuring, "Thanks. He's a good dog."

Salazar takes the opportunity to pop Dutch with another dose of morpha, yes, she had one in her pocket. Just don't ask why. She stabs it into his upper arm, then hops up onto the upper end of the gurney to sprawl across his upper chest while Alyssa is asking questions. She's small enough to do it without jostling the operation site. "I got it." She looks to Dutch, who basically has her breasts in his face. "DOwn boy." She looks up, "Sorry, son, can you get both lights?" Her hands are… busy here. It's a little dramatic, but it gets the job done. Dutch is a pretty big guy, afterall.

Whatever it is Dutch says to Salazar is pretty much directly to her tits. "Do not head butt me. Stitches. If you do, I will knock you the frak into the middle of next week." She makes no rulings on fbbbbts to the boobs. Don't do it, Dutch. Don't do it.

Dmitri's hand that's holding it out towards Salazar lifts it up, as he transforms into some manner of modern-art lighting fixture, holding the two lights at different angles to best illuminate the region being operated upon.

The chest closed, Alyssa applies bandages but quickly moves to the shoulder, which despite being a bit less dangerous regionally was actually the worse wound. The bullet gone, Alyssa focuses on cleaning and closing the wounds, paying little attention the little show the wounded shoulder is being given by the ex-marine. "Ok, this next is really gonna hurt him, but more Morpha would be a bad idea. Be ready for him to wrench his left side, and for frak's sake, don't let him do it…"

Samantha is doing her best to use all her strength to keep Dutch pinned, but she's still hurting herself. Her own left side is leaning into it, using her good arm, good side, and best amount of weight to keep him in position. She's not chatting now, mainly because this hurts a bit too much for her to think of witty banter.

"If he does, my ass will be on the floor." Salazar is positioned across Dutch's chest, on the gurney he's stretched out on. Alyssa is currently performing medical procedures upon his person. Sal's job is to hold him down, and she's using most of her body to do it. Her tits are apparently the closest the marine's currently getting to anaesthesia. Aside from the 2 doses of morpha he's had.

Dutch doesn't seem to be saying anything else, well anything folks can hear, all of it is muttered into boobie world. When that second dose hits through the bloodstream, he stills. Finally.

Fenris keeps her hands busy with her leg, knee raised, as the rest of the room works on the higher priority case. She stares at the cieling, rather than at the festivities, to prevent her creep-factor from messing, even subconsciously, with the field surgery going on.

"I could punch him in the head," Dmitri offers. Hey, he can't twist if he's unconscious, right?

Kai strides into the medical bay, a little late to the party, but who's going to bitch the CAG out about that? He's probably had Important Business to take care of. Spotting the dogpile on the medic, and Alyssa with things well in hand, his attention swivels to Fenris instead. He turns to approach her, obviously not having had time to clean up yet; he looks rumpled, dirt-streaked, and still has his sidearm holstered at his hip.

"I don't think that will be necessary, but thank you, Dmitri…" Alyssa says dryly as she finishes bandaging the shoulder. Noting his lowered response, she clicks her tongue in irritation. "You can get off of him now, both of you, and thank you. Salazar, if you could keep an eye on his breathing for awhile… the two doses of Morpha shouldn't be a problem, but better safe than sorry." A small smile starts on her face. "It might be best to do visually, though." Effective as the old 'is he breathing on my boobs' test can be, sometimes visual is better.

"He's a marine, Dmitri," Salazar replies, leaning forward a little. Dutch can still breathe, right? "You'd probably just hurt your hand." She grins, well aware of the CMC's rep for grunts and their thick skulls. She slides off of the marine, and nods. "If he slows down too much, I'll straighten him out." Don't ask how.

"I punched a bear, once," Dmitri mutters under his breath, holding the flashlights in place—shifting them as Alyssa moves, then he drops back a step and lets his hands fall down to his sides, "Can't be -that- much harder."

"Touch me." comes two words, though slurred from the patient whom is being treated and all that "And I'll kill you and your kids." And with that Dutch doesn't say much else.

Taking another moment to clean up, Alyssa turns to the newest pilot. "You're next. Lie back on the gurney, please. Captain, if you could place a tourniquiet at about midthigh above the shrapnel, I'll be there in two shakes."

Kai keeps half an eye on the proceedings as he approaches Fenris, expression midway between concerned and bemused. It's an odd mix, but he manages to pull it off. "I'll be debriefing you in the morning, Lieutenant," he informs the woman curtly, meeting her gaze if she allows. "How're you holding up?" And then the doctor's addressing him, and he nods once to the other Lieutenant. Tourniquet, tourniquet.. he moves off a couple of steps to fetch a strip of fabric from the bin set nearby.

"I don't think we should use Wolf-two anymore, sir." Fenris observes in a pained tone. She looks at the cieling again and swallows, "Just need to keep the leg, sir."

Dmitri can't help a grin at the defiance from the drugged marine. No commentary, though, as he steps along over to shut off the flashlights and set them down on the table again, his head shaking slowly.

Scrubbed up again, Alyssa takes a moment to examine the shrapnel in the thigh, though she isn't touching it yet, waiting for the tourniqiet to be in place. "Walking won't be fun for awhile, eltee, but I don't forsee any longterm damage." Walking over to the bin, she extracts some morpha.

Samantha is remaining back own, close to Dutch, but over all she's worried, not a medic, and feeling rather useless for the hovering she's doing. Still, she's here to help.

Kai is fumbling a bit with that tourniquet. He's a pilot, breaking things is what he does. Fixing, not so much; goes against his grain and all that. "I don't know, Mud" He grunts softly as he works to tie the thing off, while Alyssa cleans up from her surgery on Dutch. "might make a good bonfire. You bring any marshmallows down with you?"

Salazar pats Dutch's cheek, and leans against his gurney. "How you doing, Sarge?" She reaches up to lift an eyelid, to see if his pupils are enlarged. Mostly she's just poking at him, but it does have some purpose. "You good?"

"Peachy.." Dutch mutters, with a bit of a breath, pain is numbed by the morpha, but damned if he don't look like he wants to move. However he's not. He's got some sense in that fool head of his somewhere.

"With-hnnnng!" Ouchie! Fen grits her teeth and clenches her eyes tight as Kai ties the knot. A few breaths, then, "…with luck… Rabbit's team started a better one." Her head turns toward the doctor, "All yours, ma'am." she says calmly, now that everything's in place for the moment.

Walking back over, Alyssa examines the tourniquet and then applies the painkiller. Grabbing a clean scalpel, she starts making small cuts to make extraction less messy. She's taking her time with this one, as there doesn't seem to be a huge time press. "This should deaden the local pain, but the tie off will keep it from knocking you out, at least for now." Glancing at the Captain, she nods. "Keep her talking, and keep a grip on that leg. I need it motionless. Sir."

Salazar smacks Dutch's cheek, a little hard that is… probably necessary.

Kai twitches a small smile to the doctor as she takes over, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes. He shifts his stance so he can get a good hold on poor Fenris' leg; one hand curves over her knee, the other at her ankle. He holds her eyes while he speaks. "All right, Mud, I've got a joke for you. You ready for this? It's going to blow your mind."

Samantha gives a little groan, "Oh god… Uncle Spider is gonna tell a joke. Everyone get out the booze while you can." She quips in with a half smile in Fenris' direction.

Dutch frowns from his place on the bed. Not like he can do much, can he? Stupid cylons taking their sweet ass time and shooting the frak out of him.

"Shut up," Salazar says to the marine on the gurney. Could be he said something quiet to her that she didn't like.

Fenris sets her jaw and turns her attention on Kai as the doc gets to work. There's a pregnant silence as Kai offers to tell a joke, "Captive audience, sir." At least she isn't scared. yet.

Carefully, Alyssa takes a hold of the shrapnel, not pulling yet, merely testing her grip. She glances up at Sam. "Ok, Sam, here's your chance to ruin the captains shirt. See that pile of gauze?" She nods to where it is piled on her tray. "Take ALL of it. The moment I pull this, it is going to bleed a LOT. I need you to put the gauze on the wound the moment it is pulled, and apply pressure. If she kicks you, keep the pressure on. Understand, eltee?"

"That's Papa frakking Spider to you, Case." Karim cuts his eyes over to Samantha for that, then readjusts his grip on Fenris' leg. He's not particularly squeamish about blood and guts, or messy surgical procedures, so his attention strays now and then to what the doctor's doing. "What do you call," he continues after clearing his throat lightly, "a dead magician's assistant?" Oh, gods. Someone just throw him out of the room now.

Samantha stares over at Spider and laughs…"Papa Spider? I don't even wanna think of comin' from yer loins, captain…" She shakes her head but nods towards Alyssa, reaching up for the gauze and frowning a bit, almost nervous, balling it up and getting ready to play human pressure bandage. Thea's never going to get this shirt back.

Salazar may be abusing Dutch, but she's got an ear out for that joke Kai's winding up to tell Fenris. Maybe she, as much of the Colonial Navy and CMC, is unaware he even has a sense of humor. She blinks, and then glances over at Sam. And leans in to say something to Dutch.

"You need me for anyting else, doc," Dmitri asks casually as he slants a look over towards the door, "Or can I escape 'fore the puns get any worse?"

"Now." Alyssa firmly pulls, and an inch and a half of metal comes loose from the wound, blood gushing forth behind it.

Dutch mutters back as one eye cranes over towards Samantha ad to Kai for a second, before there's a grunt and more muttering. My He's a sleepy chatty cathy.

"I couldn't begin to guess." fenris replies. As she awaits the punchline , Mud yelps as the metal is torn from her leg, thrashing reflexively before she can contain herself.

If Samantha's lucky, Fenris won't be doing any kicking; Kai's put most of his weight into holding the woman's leg immobile, and he's not a scrawny man. After waiting a few moments for suspense (ha) to kick in, he divulges with just a trace of a smile: "An abracadaver." Pause. "Dead magician's assistant? Abracadaver?" Pull. Gush. Karim gets splattered with it across his arm, and a few flecks on his cheek. "Shit, it's the only joke I know," he murmurs. "You still with me, Mud?"

Salazar just stares at Karim, her mouth slightly open.

Samantha is, fortunately or not, distracted from Kai's joke by the fact that Fenris' leg is spurting blood at her! That's horrible to see. She jerks forward, putting as much numbing and blood stopping pressure as possible against the woman's thigh as she holds the gauze in place and turns a briefly paniced look up to Alyssa. Stop the bleeding now! "…horrid sir….just horrid…" She breathes out, trying to be funny but… really just too tense.

"Shoot me.." mutters Dutch from his bed. Gosh-tough critics. Oh well back to healing before they can demote him, or shoot him.

Alyssa's hands join in on holding the gauze for a moment, then she starts raising the leg. "Let's get it a bit more elevated. Once the bleeding slows, I'll close." Glancing at the Captain, she shakes her head. "Hasn't there been enough bombing already in this war, sir?" What? Too soon?

Fenris's spazz abates relatively quickly, at least enough for her to register the Captain's horrid, horid punchline. When Sam moves in with the gauze, her hands reflexively lift to sort of ward the area, but, it's short lived. She chokes back any reply she'd initially have, then seems to surrender to whatever it is that needs doing, before, "Riot, sir."

And suddenly with the death looks from around the room. Don't be hating! At least Kai's capable of making jokes. If.. that qualified as a joke. "I think you've got everything well in hand, doctor. If you'll excuse me, I've got to go and check up on our status with the communications drone." He meets Salazar's eyes briefly, twitches a lopsided smile, and heads past her for the hatch. "Case, get some rest. I need you on top of your game." He wipes at some blood on his cheek with a sleeve.

Samantha keeps her hands tightly, very tightly, against Fenris' leg, holding onto surpressing the woman's blood supply for all she's worth. This was way too much of a responsibility, but she doesn't dare let go now. She looks up to Kai and nods curtly, "Yes, sir… I'll be ready. Just give the orders." She admits gently. And she is looking better, still bruised, but the ashen colour is gone from her skin and her hair has stopped falling out, though it's definitely thinner than before.

Salazar is still staring at the Captain as if something horrible has just occurred to her. Or maybe it was something Dutch said. No, no. It was probably the abercadaver, or the avracadaver or the whatever it was. Her hand drops to Dutch's shoulder.

Alyssa looks after the captain. "Be sure to wash that all off, sir. No point taking chances." Turning back to the wound, she starts peeling back the gauze, then nods. "Ok, time to close. This part won't be fun, either. Anyone else have any jokes?"

"Thank you for the effort, Captain." Fen replies softly, slowly turning her attention back toward the doc, albeit a little glassy eyed. It's possible that the shock, blood loss, and morpha are starting to combine their karate powers. That, or Kai's joke was a cheap shot to the forebrain.

One movement of a hand coming up from the sergeant to simply touch Salazar's arm once, ad then shift back down to his bed. "Thank you." said softly as eyes seem to start to close.

Samantha gives one last wave to the Captain and then she looks bac to Fenris, When Alyssa takes over the gaze Sam steps up, taking Fenris' hand instead and just standing there, playing quiet guardian over her friend…

Salazar nods, and glances down at the Sergeant. "Sleep tight, Sarge." She touches his shoulder, then moves off to take off her gear and have a blessed shower.

Alyssa works quickly and efficiently, sewing up the leg and bandaging it, then turning away to clean up.

"Pardon me, ladies. I haven't showered in over a week," Salazar announces, before she heads off to hose herself off. Stupid cylons. Sucking chest wounds. Grah.

There's no resistance to Sam taking her hand as Fen watches the medicienne patch her up with an increasingly unfocused stare. She blinks a few times, reopening her eyes at the sound of the woman's voice, but she doesn't look quite in it's direction.

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