Tanazje "9" Sjetyrnnine
Kasia Kowalska
Kasia Kowalska as Tanazje Sjetyrnnine
Name: Tanazje Sjetyrnnine
Alias: Nine
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, black eyes
Faction: Navy: Engineering
Position: Technician, Petty Officer 3rd Class
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: ?
Timezone: ?

Biographical Info


The Caprican lower class. A contradiction in terms? Most people seem to think so. To most other Colonial citizens Caprica is nothing but glistening white cities filed with beautiful people and high-tech universities filled with brilliant minds. So when I say that Tanazje was born into a family with a long history in Caprican theatre, a long list of famous last names — great dramatic dynasties — will come to mind. Sjetyrnnine will -not- be one of them. It is a dynasty of the unseen. The invisible hands who pull the ropes and turn the gears and work the lights and sound and make whole worlds come into and flash out of existence as if on a whim.


It was in this dynasty that Tanazje grew up, watching the beautiful actresses and singers on stage and knowing that that world was just a dream for her, that she was a creature meant to lurk in the dark, to crawl through narrow ducts and swing from catwalks, to find and patch electronic problems, to flip the switches and pull the levers and, above all else, to do it all in absolute silence, never drawing her existance into the sphere of the audience's notice, never letting their carefully held illusion be broken by the slightest whisper.


At school she turned to doodling during classes. Her favorite uncle was a puppeteer and toymaker, and from an early age she began to design her own toys and little machines that would go on their own. The idea of a Cylon made her heart weep with happiness that such a thing existed, and with sorrow that she would never be able to meet one. The war, she felt, a tragic thing, keeping some imagined lover far away from her, someone who would come and make her feel worth something. Instead of team sports, Tanazje took to gymnastics, and finally to acrobatics, learning at school the moves that would make her more efficient by night in the theatre rafters. She did love to fly. She practiced her naturally gifted dexterity to the limit. She took to dance— then promptly quit. She was good. And she loved it. But the stage was not her place. She could never go there. Still, she danced for the generators, for the wiring boards and the winches. She lived happy as a monkey in the trees, and when two hands weren't enough to do all the jobs she needed to do, or she couldn't reach, she's said occasionally to use her feet. It's rumored that she can untie a knot with her toes.

In school she got mediocre grades, not so much out of a lack of intelligence and more out of sheer nerves. She hates performing under pressure. It's not in her nature. She has loads and loads of self-doubt piled up from her upbringing in the shadows, and so even though she's capable of great things she self-doubts herself into mediocrity, desires perfection but sees it as ultimately unattainable— if only she were one with the machines, she, too, could work to her full potential. She dreams of being a clockwork girl, parts all moving in timed perfection. Failing that, she went to university. A good university, despite her humble beginnings, and even though she was constantly encouraged, she always felt herself failing, lacking. She majored in Engineering, and, her neurotic tendency toward perfectionism being what it was, she finished her program a year early, and was even given an advanced degree after a further year of classes. But then it was time to go.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Flailing about in search of something to do with herself, she decided she'd put her hand to flying in earnest. The military was always in need of a few good snipes. With her degree, she could have gone in as an officer, but, once again, the prospect frightened her, and she enlisted, instead. They'd expect less of her, that way, and be less disappointed when she failed.

'Tanazje Sjetyrnnine' being something of a mouthful, she was dubbed 'Nine' almost immediately after she went into service. Sadly, only a fistful of people have had reason to call her anything at all. She tends to blend into the shadows or even creep around inside the ships on which she works. Being severely overqualified for her job, she gets her work done well and quickly, and spends the remainder of her time enjoying flying in the belly of a great throbbing machine, wondering where it's going to take her.

Distinguishing Features

Dark Hair, Dark Eyes, Dark Imagination

Cylon Fetish

Zero Self-Confidence

Worships Dionysus





Becoming Invisible

Empathic Communication With Machines

Engineering, Design and Construction



On the Grid

Known Associates

Ensign Roubani aka 'Bee Sting' aka 'Ten' — He's almost as perfect as a machine. A brilliant, orderly, mathematical mind. 'Bee Sting' because he's very industrious. Ten (unbeknownst to him) because he has that mathematical perfection which she, Nine, lacks.

Captain Legacy — Comforted her for the loss of her sock.

Lieutenants Yuuri and Cygnus — Got her drunk. They come as a set, in her mind.

Timeline of Events

MD029 — Nine loses a sock. Meets Roubani. (dirty-laundry-ii)

MD031 — Nine finds her sock. Tied around the turbine of the backup generator.

MD046 — Nine takes the fun out of an evening of pie by asking everyone how they want best to die. (pie-or-death)

MD048 — Nine hides under a table. (trouble)

MD050 — Nine goes to the library. (humanities-for-science-majors)

MD056 — Nine's secret Cylon fetish becomes less secret. (beautiful-creatures)


MD057 — The World Ends.



  • Boys in skirts/dresses
  • Toys


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