Summary: Samantha and Castor recieve a late night introduction.
Date: PHD015
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At 02:30 the Red Squadron berthings are normally very quiet. Tonight is no different with the exception of one man sitting at a table in the middle of the lines of bunks. Normally he would be on CAP right now. However he was asked to switch with someone on first CAP. Castor already covered the first CAP and so now he is sitting at the table wide awake listening to the sleeping crew and standing watch in his own way.

Samantha has been trying to sleep, restlessly rolling back and forth, but finally she gives it up. She rolls out of a bunk that is actually not her own, across the room from her bunk, and pulls the curtain shut against whatever body is still sleeping inside. She's just wearing a pair of shorts and her regulation green sports bra, that being her comfortable sleepwear for most nights. She drowsily yawns, rubbing one hand against her bloodshot eyes and then through her mussed dirty blonde hair.

Castor says softly and quietly, "Can't sleep?" he says raising a shot of rum to his lips which he throws back. He does note which bunk she came from and which bunk she is heading to but he says nothing about it, "If you're not on duty in the morning I'll share my rum with you. It might help you sleep." He offers. He is dressed in his off duty uniform. In fact, it looks like he changed into it just recently, he smells like he has taken a shower within the last 30 minutes.

Castor adds, "Sir."

Samantha shakes her head slowly, "No, on duty in like…. 4 hours." She grunts out quietly, not able to sleep but still not really awake either. She heads over to the table, pausing before she sits down…"Don't suppose there's coffee made? And…. I ain't sir this time of the night. Sam or Case will do just fine…" She doesn't comment about the sleeping otherwise. It's not exactly smooth to admit that one has issues shutting one's eyes these days.

Castor nods, "Sorry to hear that you'll be on duty in four hours. I had to pull that this morning so I feel your pain." He looks over to the coffee pot, "I put it on fresh about forty minutes ago, Sam." He says, "I don't think I've seen you before Sam my names Castor, normally I'm on third shift which is why I am sitting here wide awake keeping my eye on the lot of you."

Samantha heads drowsily over to the coffee pot, pouring herself out a tall mug of the stuff, black of course, and returning to the table. She settles a chair or two down from him, slumping in the seat and crossing her legs right over left as she tries to get comfortable as she nurses her coffee. She gives him a tired, but warm smile, offering her hand in his direction…"Nice ta meetcha, Castor. I've seen ya in a few briefings, but yes… don't think we've had formal introductions."

Castor takes her hand and shakes it, "Nice to meet you too." He says, "So, if you don't mind my asking why can't you sleep Sam?" he pours another shot of rum but doesn't drink it yet. He then asks, "Do you smoke, I've got a cigar if you want one. I've got two boxes left, might be the last we will ever see. Or if you don't mind I'd like to smoke one," He then stands walking over to his bunk and he reaches in to pull out a wooden box of cigars, "Aquarian blend. Not as popular as the Caprican stuff, but these were grown in the ground and not in some frakking hydroponics lab." He then moves back to the table taking his seat.

Samantha seems impressed by the smokes, eyeing them quietly, thoughtfully…"I'd love one but… you save those for you. We all need our little sanity things. Maybe I'll just steal a puff or two off of yours, sound good?" Sam's lazy accent inquires with just a touch of hope. It seems a reasonable compromise to her. She then rolls her bare shoulders in a touch of a shrug at the sleep comment. "Just can't sleep tonight. It happens. We all got a lot of shit on our minds, yanno…"

Castor pulls out two cigars and places one in front of Samantha with a zippo lighter, "How about, you take a cigar and I take a cigar. One of the big things Aquarians learn is that when you are on a ship then you are part of something bigger than yourself. So, it means sharing with your crew and taking care of them like they were your family." He smiles, "So, lets both enjoy a cigar." He then preps his own cigar taking a cutter out of the box and clipping the end off. He slides the cutter to Sam, "I know, end of the world, the survival of humanity, where am I going, and what does it all mean? I've been thinking about that a lot recently and you know, I feel like all of this means something. If I wasn't reassigned here I would have been dead. We are all here because we were meant to live. That means something, it means we need to be here and that brings me hope."

Samantha accepts the cigar and the cutter, though she seems a bit hesitant. "I…I owe you." Is all she finally says, smoothly snipping the end off of the aquarian blend and then grabbing up one of the wooden matches. She's clearly smoked before, well aware of the proper way to light a cigar, carefully turning it in her fingertips to get an even burn the whole way around. She frowns at his words, "I…don't really buy into all that religious bull, no offense. There ain't really a plan or fate out there…and if there is, and it's this damned cruel, well…I sure as hell don't want to think I'm subject to it's whims or worship it in anyway."

Castor smirks, "I don't believe in all of that religion bull either. I once got in trouble in the Temple of Poseidon for asking why Poseidon was such a great Lord if there the vastness of space. After they kicked me out I never went back." He takes the lighter and in turn does the same, "You don't owe me anything, like I said, your crew. Just enjoy the cigar." He then takes a moment to puff on the cigar, "I don't know, maybe there is a plan to this or maybe there isn't but I know this much we are alive when we should have been dead. I guess what I mean is so long as we have a ship to sail and wind to sail her by then we've got hope."

Samantha takes another good puff of the cigar, relaxing a bit more as it burns through her mouth and slightly down her throat. She seems to better ease when he admits he's not going to go preaching religion to her. Strange, considering her accent seems just on the edge of being backwater Gemenese, if he's got a good ear for that. "Fair enough. I can accept that. Long as we're still sailing, we'll do our jobs, end of story. That's always been my plan."

Castor takes a long slow drag himself he then slowly lets the smoke roll out of his mouth before he says, "Yeah, I agree. We just need to do our jobs and keep moving." He then grins slightly, "No wonder you don't believe in the Lords either. Gemenese right?" He says, "I thought I had it bad enough hearing about Athena and Poseidon all the time. You must be one tough person to deal with hearing about all of them all the time." His voice carries a sense of respect as he says this.

Samantha twitches a bit as he picks up her accent. Normally, she's better at hiding it, but she's just so tired right now that it seems to have come through. She shrugs slightly, "Yeah… you're right there. It was… rather shite, really. Not nice realizing your entire family are childish idiots who believe in fairy tales. But… I got away from that and them…" She pauses, considering, actually doing the math in her head with a bit of an embarrassed wince, "14 years ago now. So… ain't really pressin' on my mind, these days. My family is the service and my religion is physics, my viper, and my own damned hands on those controls."

At the word 'family' Castor reaches down and drinks his shot of rum. He then pours another shot. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I've no intention about blabbing about who is from where. Right now we all belong to Kharon." He pauses for a moment and takes another shot before saying, "I lost my family a long time ago as well." He holds up a cigar, "So, to Kharon and to Vipers as our new family, so say we all." He then takes a long drag from his cigar and gives a wide goofy smile.

Samantha 'clinks' her cigar against his, as if they were toasting with tobacco, before taking another puff. "So say we all. And it's okay… tell whatcha like. I ain't exactly a private person, just ain't somethin' I'm proud of. Least we all got family now… in some frakked up way." She admits with a wiry little smile, looking back to the forms of people sleeping in bunks all around them.

Castor nods in agreement, "I'm a private kind of person as well." He points to a bunk, "Vasquez over there snores at the top of every hour like clockwork. Next time you are up you can count each hour you are awake by his snores." He then points to another bunk, "Keates gets up every three hours to use the bathroom." He then points to another bunk, "And Lee over there has to drink a glass of water in the middle of the night, every night." He takes a drag from his cigar before letting it go. "I may not know them in person yet but I know their habits. I've spent enough time up during this shift from making shift changes that I'm starting to get a feel for this place. Well, at night anyway."

Samantha keeps that wiry smile on her lips, looking impressed, and just a wee bit touched by it all also. She nods slowly, "Yer a good man, Castor. Good to know your family. BUt… maybe I'll talk to the Captain about getting you switched off this shift for a while so you can get used to flying with some of us too, eh?" she offers warmly, definitely impressed by the JG with whom she's speaking, even if he's only 2 years her junior and that seems a rarity around here.

Castor nods slowly as he listens to Samantha speak, "I'd like that. It'd be nice to see what the other shifts are like." He then takes another long drag, "And Sam, your other secret is safe with me too." He says looking up at Martin's bunk. He just simply says, "It's not my place to say what people do, that is, so long as no one is being hurt." His tone is soft and carries a sense of truth with it.

Samantha laughs deeply as he mentions that, waving it off…"I don't think Dash and I are much of a secret any more these days. Even the Captain knows and he has no issue with it, so we much as well enjoy ourselves." She takes another puff of the cigar and then carefully lets the latter half of it rest down on the tray to burn out so she can smoke the rest tomorrow. She stifles a yawn and stands. "Speaking of…there is a handosme warm man in bed, and I'm going to try to get three hours sleep."

Castor grins and raises his shot, "Enjoy your evening Sam. Sleep tight." He then tips his shot back and continues to keep his watch over the other pilots. "Get some rest you'll need it."

Samantha smiles, "Keep that cigar for me. I'll finish it tomorrow. And I do owe ya, Castor. Good night." She gives him a quick bow of her head and then heads back into Martin's bunk, climbing in drowsily, murmuring a few unintelligble things to the man as she pulls the curtain shut again.

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