New Transfer
New Transfer
Summary: Lt. JG Yuuri's arrival onboard the Kharon and first meeting with Red Squadron's CO Captain Karim Macek.
Date: Mission Day #50, April 12
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Mission Day #50

At roughly 0515 one of the shuttles returns from the Charybdis from a late night pick-up of a transferred officer. The shuttle lands on the deck and is brought into the hanger bay once landing procedures have been finish.

The door opens and out steps a man who looks to be around thirty. He is dressed in his previous deployments flightsuit, the patch reading 'BSG-38 Eclipse'. Slung around his right shoulder is a large duffle, presumably filled with his belongings. Both hands are full, the left gripping a helmet and in the right is a thin folder.

Yuuri looks around grunts at the weight on his shoulder. He doesn't like being late and here he is, nearly a month behind schedule, finally arriving onboard the Kharon. He briefly asks the shuttle pilot for directions to a Captain Marek. He is brushed off as the pilot walks away, "Great transfer.." He murmurs before stepping away from the shuttle and looking around the hanger bay.

The hangar bay itself is a bustling, yet surprisingly organised place. There are currently a few deck hands working to secure the raptor that just arrived, which somewhat resembles a swarming of ants as one clambers up atop its nose and a couple more drop to the deck plating at its rear to attach steel cabling to its rudders. The pilot who brushed Yuuri off looks to be on her way to CAP, along with a couple others toting helmets and quick-stepping it across the hangar bay. They each pause to snap off a salute to another pilot with Captain's pins just returning from patrol, sweaty-haired and in the process of unzipping his flight suit.

He's headed on a trajectory toward the recently arrived raptor, and quickly picks up a 'tail' in the form of a deck tech. From the sound of it, as they draw closer, the tech wants him to sign off on some testing that needs to be done with new fuel lines in the mark twos.

Yuuri's eyes watch the workings on the deck, remind him of his old home on the Eclipse. His icey jades catch the man everyone is saluting and following. (He's either LSO or CAG) He ponders a moment before walking towards the man. "Excuse me.." Typhys recognizes the rank, "Excuse me, Captain?" The hand holding his transfer papers in the folder rises, trying to catch his attention. He quickens his pace until he stands but a few feet away from the man.

Kai turns when addressed by rank, blue eyes fixing briefly upon the Lieutenant with the Eclipse's patch on his shoulder. He doesn't smile, but he does acknowledge the pilot with a crisp nod, and holds up a hand to get him to wait a moment. "I'll have to speak with the CAG about what you're proposing," he's telling the technician, "But it's got my go-ahead. I'll ask her to speak with the Chief about it. Dismissed, Specialist." The tech salutes, and scurries off.

(Well he isn't the CAG) Yuuri slides the folder into his left hand, holding it with a finger against the helmet. His right hand raises to salute his superior and stands at attention, "Lieutenant Typhys Yuuri, transfer from the Eclipse, reporting Sir." He remains in rigid attendance, eyes straight ahead.

Marek's not a tall man, though one would be hard-pressed to notice it, for how he carries himself. He's also not a scrawny man, mind; piloting a viper is an athletic line of work, and it shows in him. The salute is returned crisply, with a click of boot heels. And then, "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. Better late than never." He delivers the line with a straight face, so there's no way to tell whether he's amused or annoyed.

His hand lowers and quickly grabs the folder again, extending it towards the Captain. "Engine troubles on the Eclipse Sir. Put us a month behind scheduled refit and supply." After handing the folder over, Yuuri uses both hands to grip the helmet infront of him.

Kai reaches for the folder in his free hand, the left also occupied with his own helmet. It's flipped to the first page, perused with a brief flicker of his eyes, and closed again. "Walk with me," he replies, turning to start off across the hangar bay. If Typhys is particularly perceptive, he may notice that the Captain moves with a slight limp, and speaks with a heavy tinge of Sagittaron accent.

<FS3> Yuuri rolls Alertness: Failure.

Yuuri nods, taking his right hand from the helmet. He hoists the duffle further up on his shoulder. He doesn't notice anything in particular about the Captain or his intensions, falling in line slightly behind and to the left of him. He remains quiet as he walks with the Captain, his eyes scanning the hanger bay infront of him.

Kai isn't much of a chatty person, it seems. Once they start walking, he flips the folder open again and continues perusing a little more carefully; ever cognizant of the fact that they're in a busy hangar bay. "Never served on a CEC before?" he murmurs after a time, once they've turned off down a hallway leading toward the ready room. It's probably some kind of attempt at conversation.

"No sir, first time on a Peyton-class." Yuuri replies, matching the Captain's foot work step for step. He follows into the hallway, his eyes going from wall to wall at the construction. "Uncle is stationed on a CEC, said it wasn't as spacious as a Battlestar." Typhys chuckles briefly, "Told me to pack light." He hoists the duffle back up his shoulder, "Mostly brought cigs, Ambrosia, and a few personal possessions including uniform, dress, and a couple extra sets of clothing." That might explain why the duffle appears so heavy.

Kai moves fairly briskly, considering the height difference and the slight limp that throws off the cadence of his bootfalls just a smidgeon. And, it seems, he fully expects Yuuri to keep up. "Battlestars are like luxury liners compared to these things," he answers wanly, turning off down a side corridor and then stopping in front of the ready room. The Lieutenant is ushered in first. "But she's cozy, and don't let her size fool you; she'll turn faster on a dime than a Valkyrie class."

"I don't doubt that sir." Yuuri replies stepping through the hatch into the ready room. He stands to the side of the hatch and waits for the Captain to enter.

The ready room is empty at the moment, having recently purged its complement of pilots going out on CAP and not currently in use for a briefing or debriefing. Kai flicks on a few lights and angles toward the back, where a desk has been set up with a couple of chairs. It looks like the sort of desk he shares with at least one other person, and probably passes for his 'office' around here. "Have a seat. I won't keep you long, I'm sure you're ready to hit the berthings."

Yuuri sets his helmet to the right of the chair and slumps the duffle against the desk. "Hitting the head would be nice, didn't have time to clean up before taking the Raptor out here, Sir." He settles into the offered chair, opposite of Kai and folds his hands together.

"Don't worry, I'll let you go if you start squirming in your seat," the Captain assures drily. His own helmet is ditched on the floor, flight suit unzipped a few inches further while he peruses the pilot's file, to reveal a glimpse of dogtags and sweaty tank tops. "Commander Andrew Yuuri. Wouldn't happen to be your father, would he?" Blue eyes tick up a fraction to meet green.

"He is Sir." Yuuri nods in confirmation. He is quiet warm still fully dressed in his flightsuit, but has no intention of unzipping.

"Tell me about your time aboard the Eclipse, Lieutenant. What brought you there, how did you find it?" Of course, Kai has his service record right there in front of him. So who the hell knows why he's asking.

Yuuri isn't sure why is he being asked this after handing his entire career over to the Captain in that folder. A brow quirks briefly before he speaks, "Finish Advanced Flight Training and was assigned the Eclipse." His posture remains firm and straight, "We had a brief run along the Armistice line before being order for civvy rescue stand-by. We flew CAPs, had a couple rescues.." He pauses a moment, "Questioning the incident concerning how I got my callsign?"

Kai keeps the folder open while Yuuri speaks, fingers briefly running through his dark hair in some absent attempt to tidy the short curls. His eyes, however, remain on the pilot seated across from him while he speaks. "I didn't ask for a play-by-play of what's in your file, Lieutenant. I asked you to tell me about your tour of duty." He leans back in his chair, and waits.

"Haven't seen much combat save for mock air battles within the Eclipse's squadrons." Yuuri raises a hand to stroke his chin, "Was rather dull. Our rescue duty on stand-by didn't amount to much."

The Captain doesn't seem to smoke, and the nearest coffee machine was down an adjoining hall, so they're both stuck empty-handed for the time being. "You're a competent pilot, according to your file. How do you like it?" His voice is flat, eyes bright, steady, but inscrutable.

"I look forward to becoming a flight instructor after a few more years of services. If that says how much I love flying." Yuuri lowers the hand from his chin, "I'm qualified in piloting a Raptor as well, but prefer the Viper. Just the maneuverability, the feeling in those turns and jinks." A smile grows along his lips and his icey jades light up a bit. "There's nothing better than being inside the cockpit of a viper."

Kai nods once to that, and flips to the next page, then the next. There's a pregnant pause, as if this is some kind of job interview. He closes the folder finally. "One of my pilots, Lieutenant Valasche, is our head instructor at the moment. Depending on the impression you make on the CAG, and on Valasche and myself, I might see about slotting you in there later."

"Really?" Yuuri seems rather excited, but catches himself, "I mean, really -sir-." He slouches his shoulders quickly and clears his throat. "Thank you sir."

Kai flashes a quick grin, which prompts crow's feet to form briefly at the corners of his eyes. "We'll see. For now, you should be brushing up on your tactical doctrine; we'll be involved in a boarding exercise with the battlestar Odysseus in two days, and we're going to be employing an experimental approach procedure. You'll need to practice going from deadstick to weapons hot in a few seconds flat."

"Understood sir. The briefing is at 2100 tonight?" Yuuri asks the question after seeing the paperwork on the desk.

"Correct, Lieutenant." The folder is set atop the stack of paperwork, some of which is likely Kai's, and some of it not. "You're in the red berthings; I'm sure you can find it yourself. Any questions?" He sounds either bored, distracted, or simply has a few too many things on his mind.

"Red berthings, I believe I can find my way Sir." Yuuri shakes his head and rises up out of the chair, standing at attention. "No sir, no questions."

Kai moves to his feet as well, if perhaps a little less smoothly than Yuuri. "CAP schedule is posted in here, and in berthings. If there's nothing else, then you're dismissed, Lieutenant."

Yuuri snaps a hand in salute, once dismissed, he reaches down for his helmet and duffle. Slinging the duffle over his shoulder and walking out of the ready room.

The salute is returned, and once Yuuri is out the door, Kai settles down again to peruse that folder in greater detail.

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