New Neighbors
New Neighbors
Summary: The Grifter Falls and Bunker resistance groups meet. EVENT
Date: PHD147 / 9/12/09
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[ Veranda - Grifter Farmhouse ]------[ Scorpia ]—

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #147 OOC Time: Sat Sep 12 19:27:15 2009

White-washed boards bear the scuff marks of years of footsteps, even the concrete stairs which lead up to this wraparound porch. Without a railing of any kind, it's as easy to sit on the edge of the veranda as it is to sit on any of the wicker furniture carefully set about. There are rocking chairs and loveseats, and even two low tables. The huge French doors that once led into the parlor have been boarded up, and the entrance to the library is blocked from the inside, leaving only one way into the house.

The Grifter Falls crew returned from Tinos to find that the compressor on the water pump had broken while they were away. This is no fun because it means no running water in the house. In spite of the rather impressive array of junk tucked away in Mr. Ezo's garage, not even their resident mechanical wizard, Sean, could do better than a temporary jury-rig. He hopes that they can find something in the amusement park to fix it properly. Given the trouble they ran into at the park last time, the crew is going out in a group, prepared for trouble. Those going have gathered on the veranda, along with Jo (who's still fairly hurt) and anyone going to see them off.

Outside and dressed to go, is the Priest. Clad in his usual blacks and his own stained campaign jacket, Lysander is busy checking over his assault rifle that he's been working on today. And by working on, we mean the standard cleaning and putting back together of said weapon. also he's managed to tac on his old rifle's scope, for some added range. But whether it will be entirely accurate or not has yet to be seen. A cigarette dangles from his mouth as the rifle is slung over his shoulder. Waiting to go, or so it seems.

No running water? That's not good. Mara, the cook, has meandered to join the group. At least she can stab things with ginsu type knives if it gets too rough. She's still wearing her beat up chef's jacket, and garb. The woman peers around. She notices the Priest and peers cautiously at him. She offers a faint wave. "Hello."

Cahen ventures out onto the veranda, perhaps as much to keep an eye on Joanna than anything else. Though the prospect of running water is enough to prompt him just about anywhere. A polite inclination of his head is offered to the priest and Mara, though he remains quiet for the moment.

Andrew has his rifle and is set to go, one of the larger backpacks strapped to him with some spare ammunition and a bottle of water inside. He double-checks that the gun is loaded and then that the safety is still on before eyeing his aunt. "Are you sure you're up for this?" It's a question posed to both her and the doctor.

After a quick round in the greenhouse, Ollie returns from the grounds dusting her hands on the thighs of her jeans. She notes the assembled group, and tugs her pack higher up on her shoulder. She has, for once, the rifle she picked up, and refused to carry. Refused until now, that is. Something about seven foot chromed up robots with full auto arms of death has changed her tune on that subject, thank you. The blonde tucks a few strands of hair behind her ear, and stows her pack for a moment to pull a darker long sleeve shirt over her white tee. She only buttons it about half way. One might suspect she's only doing this for more cotton candy.

Joanna is still pale and gaunt, and really should be in bed. But instead she's leaning on single crutch they turned up in Tinos, seeing off the group. "I'm all right," she assures Andrew. "I wish I could go with you though," she says with a mild frown, remembering their last run-in at the park. "Be careful." Glancing around at the group, she assesses their readiness before saying, "Safe journey."

Sean is going with them as well, the most likely to be able to pick out the part they need. The young machinist has his hunting rifle, which he's pretty proficient at, and a hunter's camo jacket.

Lysander turns his head when he hears the voice, and there's a look from Joanna back towards Mara. Eyes look her over once before the usual Nikos half grin barely registers on his face. "Nice Camoflauge." said back to the woman before he's looking towards Joanna and stepping down from his place on veranda to the steps. "I'll make sure they make it back just fine.." Which coming from Lysander could many an possibility of things. "This all that's going?"

Cahen gives Joanna a sidelong look-over before answering Andrew, but he doesn't appear all that concerned. "All right enough out here for a little bit at least, if you get back to bed promptly," he replies. He eyes all the guns being toted about. Rather grim business, this. "Do you…need any further company on this jaunt?" he offers. Pausing to clear his throat in the midst of making that offer.

"Hope you feel better soon, ma'am," Mara offers respectfully to Joanna. She's young and dorky, but polite at least. She tilts her head back at Cahen. Maybe if Mara coats herself in enough leaves and dirts, she can achieve a Pigpen-like cloud of dust to hide in? "Thank you." She manages a little grin back. "I'll go if you like. I can lug things or slip around. No one ever seems to notice me when I work at it," Or she can stab them real good! Or hit them with a fish. Yeah. She glances at the others, curious.

Andrew nods slightly in response to the doctor, but his look for his aunt is all concern. "Don't stay up, waiting for us," he warns her. As to the doctor's question, he glances at Lysander, apparently ready to defer to the priest's decision on the matter.

Joanna is less than reassured by Lysander's comment, but gives him a nod nonetheless. "Thanks. And thank you," she says to Mara as well. She gives Andrew a slight smile. "You know I will. But I'll rest while doing it." A compromise, at least. "Be careful everyone."

Sean pipes up at the doctor's offer. "With Jo out of commission, a medic wouldn't go amiss, doc."

Ollie tightens the shoulder straps on her pack, then slings her rifle over her shoulder. She glances briefly to Joanna, though the concern in her eyes doesn't pass her lips aside from, "We'll be as quick as we can. I'll see if I can find one of those novelty candy suckers for you, Jo. The swirly ones always cheer me up." She grins a little.

Lysander nods towards Sean. Though with Ollie, it'd be nice to have another medic on hand. Just in case for some reason they were unable to use her expertise. All the same she offers a half smile towards the Botanist before he's moving to head on town from his place and get ready to lead everyone out "We'll need the hands if we are to bring back the parts needed. Grab a gun, doc, and make it quick." Well gun and medkit would be nice on both accounts. "Sean, I'm going to want you on point with me-Andrew behind us. Doc, you're with the Cook, an Oliver." so there's the marching orders. 'We'll be safe."

Cahen inclines his head to Lysander and goes to grab himself some basic medkit supplies and whatever camouflage gear might be still lying about. And a gun. How useful he'll be with the latter is open to question, but he can at least put on a proper show.

Mara will be careful! Really. She bobs her head. "Alrighty," Mara can dig that plan. She shifts over a little. She has her knives it seems, as she doesn't seem to make any moves to load up any further gear. "Did you want me to have a gun too? Otherwise, I've got my knives." She will get a gun if the answer is affirmative. She won't be /too/ handy with it, but at least no one's eye will get put out.

And already Andrew's got a frown on his face. Turning towards the priest, he suggests, "Wouldn't it make more sense for me to be the last man and watch our six?" Not that he's not moving into the position ordered. But that doesn't mean he's not questioning it.

Sean gives a brisk nod to Lysander. He did a brief stint in the navy, but he was a tech not a fighter. He's good in a pinch though.

"Do you know how to use one?" Jo asks, glancing at Mara. "If so go ahead and grab one from the rack in the parlor."

Lysander raises a brow towards Andrew "Not nessecarily. Sean an I will be a bit ahead of you all." meaning that Lysander's going to sneak around in position for a bit to make sure the coast is clear before he even comes close to signaling anyone to come up "Once we're in the park, then that'll be prudent." And then eyes turn back to Mara "Yes." a gun would be quite needed, goes left unsaid.

Cahen rushes to gear up, though he's awkward enough about some of what he has to gather that it takes him some time. For his part, he carries the firearm he scrounged as if he's only vaguely heard the word 'gun' a few times in his life. He did manage to get the safety on, which is probably best for all concerned. The med supplies are carried with rather more confidence. He forms up near Ollie, offering an quick nod to the woman.

The botanist glances briefly at Lysander as he calls her 'Oliver'. She shakes her head, and heads down the steps from the veranda to the yard. "Nobody shoot me. I'm not good with pain." Nevermind the tattoos she just covered when pulling on the long sleeve shirt. "Doc." She nods to Cahen.

"A little bit," Mara replies. "I'm better with my knives, but-" Maybe going up close to a Cylon is bad. She fetches the gun quickly and keeps it safely over her shoulder then. At least she won't put her eye out. Ollie gets a nod too. Yup. She can do this. She totally isn't a little goofy after being out in the wilds alone for a few months. Not at all. "Oh. If we can request not to be shot, can I do that too?"

Andrew gives both Ollie and Mara flat looks. Yeah, because one can elect not to get shot in the real world. But he nods at the priest. "Will do," he confirms, taking the safety off his rifle before they start to head out.

"Allright, then, let's get this show on the road," Sean says, taking full advantage of his point position to start leading the crew off the veranda and toward the park. It's about a half-day hike, but fortunately the weather's nice and the woods are pretty.

Jo stands on the veranda (well, leans would be a more appropriate term) and watches them go until they're out of sight.

Ollie catches that look from Andrew, but says nothing about it. Aaand off they go. Very much unlike seven hairy dwarves headed off to the mines for a day of honest picking.

"Oliver, is it?" Cahen replies to the 'Doc' from Ollie. He falls into hiking step with the party, commenting not on his own preferences as far as being shot is concerned. Though one can assume he's hoping to avoid it.

Mara just blinks at the look. She looks crestfallen for a second, but it vanishes. She follows then, walking alongside Cahen and Ollie. Mara keeps up, moving fairly silently despite all the awkward lookingness she manages to pull off.

Andrew is rather silent, as is his wont, on the hike to the park. Perhaps recalling their previous trips, or gearing up mentally for the task at hand. He does look behind himself frequently though, to check on the ones station in back.

"Alright, Move out." and up goes the hand in the typical way a Sergeant or Buck Sergeant might lead out a fire team. The Priest does offer one brief smile back towards Ollie, before its a last glance to the veranda. And he's loping out behind Sean, he'll take a more scenic route there.

"No, it isn't," Ollie replies to Cahen. "Ollie. Olive, but no one calls me that. The priest was feeling whimsical, as he often is." She falls in to bring up the rear with the doctor and the cook. There has to be a joke in that somewhere.

Cahen strides in step with Ollie and Mara, trying not to clomp too much. "Whimsical? Ah. I see," he murmurs in reply to Ollie. He doesn't sound like he actually /does/ see, but he tables any other questions he might have for the moment. He's content to walk along largely in silence, expression pensive.

"That's a pretty name," Mara comments quietly, walking along. She goes quiet for the most part, apparently content to observe and catch up on her social skills once again.

The group meanders through the forest for a few hours, eventually coming into range of the park. Fortunately there's no trouble along the way.

First to break the treeline would be their intrepid leader-the morbid priest. One hand up as he crouches and takes time to peer on towards the direction of the park warily for a moment. A glance over to them that are behind him and Sean. "How is everyone?" might as well ask before heading on down. They could rest for a little bit, maybe catch some water if it is needed, but this walk is like one in the park, for the ex marine.

Lysander takes time to glance back towards their objective quietly. Clearly the hardened gaze shows that our theologian is thinking on something.

Andrew moves past the treeline, then also crouches, using this moment to rest. "Fine," he tells the priest in response to the question, though he puts the safety on his rifle and sets it down so he can fish the water bottle from his pack. This is then offered to anyone who wants it.

Sean shakes his head to Lys, though he does lean against a tree and survey what he can see through the forest. Which isn't much, honestly.

"The priest," Ollie finally explains to her two companions on the tail end of the group, "likes to take his little liberties. You'll see, the more you get to know him." The tone is somewhat ominous, assuming Ollie's capable of saying anything ominously. You'd have to know Lysander. She keeps the discussion light, taking long silences in order to hike in silence. On the approach to the park, she quiets down again, and her eyes scan the area, eyes following the curves of one of the coasters before she looks to the ground again. "Low blood sugar," she mutters.

Cahen is not an ex-Marine, by any stretch of the imagination. He could do with a moment to catch his breath after the walk. Though he's not on the verge of collapse. It wasn't too difficult a hike. He takes advantage of the moment to rest, getting out his water bottle and taking a long drink. "Not bad, not bad," he assures the priest. Lysander does earn a curious look. Likely Cahen is wondering exactly what the priest is thinking. He continues to keep any questions he might have to himself, though.

Mara smiles. She's okay. She's not in the best shape, but not the worst. The cook does take advantage of pauses to catch her breath. She pauses, and slips out a little mint and offers it to Ollie. Wait, Mara has mints? Apparently not many. She seems curious, as Ollie explains. Huh. Well, she's offered a bit of candy. Not much. She shakes her head and smiles at Andrew. "No thank you," She murmurs and gets a sip from her own. She stays quiet after that. Hmm.

Lysander turns his head and reaches a hand back over towards Andrew, obviously he's wanting a drink, but it'll be quick and then he will be passing it back to the young man. A slight furrowing of his brows before he is looking back towards Ollie. "You got anything for it?" curious, completely so-don't need to be losing anyone for any reason. Still he doesn't wait, too much longer before he's motioning Andrew to come closer towards him. "Alright, here's what I want." others can pay attention if they so like " Andrew you'll be at our six. I'll take point. Sean I want you in front of the cook and Ollie, with the Doctor between them. Once we're in try not to kick shit..keep eyes peeled and evenly spaced. When we approach something for scavenging. Andrew'll take our ass, I'll take the front. Doc will have the right and you the left. We'll send in the women to strip and take." a pause "That clear?"

Ollie perks up a bit when there's candy being offered by the chef. "Oh, thank you." She takes the little crinkly wrapper, untwists, and pops the peppermint into her mouth. Her sweet tooth momentarily appeased, she smiles to Mara, and adjusts the strap of her rifle. "I was…" She shakes her head. Nevermind. "… Yeah. Clear." Several things go unsaid.

Sean gives a quick nod to the orders, moving his rifle into a more ready position against the crook of his arm.

Andrew nods sharply, putting the cap back on the bottle and then stuffing it into the pack once more. Then he takes up the rifle, and moves towards the rear of the group. He pauses by the women, offering the pack to them so that it can be filled with the spoils of scavenge before moving to take up his appointed position.

Mara smiles as Ollie perks up. "No problem." She bobs her head. The woman looks to Lysander. Sean. Which one is that… Oh! Is that him? Yeah. She'll just assume. Mara hesitates to take the pack, unsure if she should or if someone else will. Terribly aggressive, this one. She gives a questioning glance instead.

"Right. Yes…err…right," Cahen replies to Lysander. Mainly to make it clear that he heard the priest and is paying some sort of attention to the instructions. He readies his rifle awkwardly. Taking the safety off. He's careful not to point it at any of his companions. A look down at the med supplies he's carting, as if reminding himself that they're in place. He directs a quick look back at Ollie and Mara, then focuses up at Lysander again.

Faraday heads through the exit labeled <S> Amusement Park.

Lysander rises up and moves over towards Ollie, apparently checking her for something. Soft words are passed before he's moving from the center of the group. Already moving into the point position there's no big shout or whistle to show that they are moving. Just a wave of his hand, as he brings the rifle up, and clicks the safety off. Now, time to slink into No Man's Land: The theme park!(tm)

[ Main Gate Area - Amusement Park ]------[ Scorpia ]—

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #147 OOC Time: Sat Sep 12 20:55:10 2009

The colored coded parking lot of what was deemed one of the happiest places on Scorpia, is now a clotted mess of burnt out hulls of cars. Their charred and blackened forms look as if they were in a rush for the exit during the time of the bombings, and got caught in a litany of strafing fire and secondary bombs. It seems a place where thousands of humans were gathered on Holocaust day was just too prime a target to resist.

The main gate of the park seems as cheerful as ever, though the turnstyles are unmanned and the ticket booths empty. Plant life has started to choke up, and the carefully tended beds are now beginning to grow wild. Past the front fence, the park opens up to deserted shops, disabled rides, and silent food vendors. Beyond, the twisted frames of destroyed rides hang like like the ruined tendrils of intricate spider's silk; the cart of Zeus' Thunder roller coaster dangling from one like a fly caught in the web, the metal creaking tenuously everytime the wind kicks up. Skeletal remains dangle from seat harnesses, one of the gruesome reminders that life was interrupted by the Cylons.

The small group continues moving through the wreckage and debris carefully. Boots and shoes nimbly helping our intrepid adventurers skirt around the remains of bodies, and charred bits of metal. Nothing to see here, right? Move along.

Andrew takes his appointed position seriously - after all, he lobbied for the damn thing, didn't he? As such, he's the last one to cross into the park itself, though he's still careful about where he puts down his feet, loathe to make too much noise.

As they move closer to the main area of the park, the more perceptive among the group hears something: voices. Still faint at first due to distance. Not angry, just conversational.

Mara blinks. Voices? Again? She's probably not going crazy. Mara glances between Sean, Ollie and Cahen to confirm though. She steps as quietly as she can.

Continuing in the lead, Lysander takes time to scan towards the west, while carefully picking his way on. Something must have caught his attention, as it seems he is not noticing the voices or anything really at all. And then like that Lysander is looking as he moves to take a little bit of a lead from the group. Probably, checking something out. If you hear something, someone better let him know, because he apparently hears nothing.

Andrew pauses as he overhears something. "Hey," he calls out quietly, then cocks his head in the direction which he heard the noises.

Sean holds up a hand for Lysander as well, apparently hearing whatever it is. "Voices," he says in a hushed tone. He makes a gesture that says 'up thataway'.

Cahen skirts along to the right of the party as directed with a minimal amount of bumbling. The instructions were simple enough, and he's concentrated on not mucking them too badly. He tries to keep the others within view and makes an effort to avoid dropping his gun. He frowns as they move forward, holding up his free hand. He waves it about, as if trying to come up with the proper signal. But he knows not of such things. "I think I hear something out there," he finally whispers. A nod to Sean. "Voices. Yes. Can't make out what they're saying, quite. Has the sound of conversation to it, though." He squints in the direction Sean indicated, as if trying to make out something more.

Lysander turns his head stopping where he is before he's looking back towards Sean for a second, then back towards Andrew and Cahen. With the voices confirmed, he's raising his rifle, just a little. "Well, lets go and check it out. See if we're about to run into looters. If they appear hostile, we'll kill them if we have to. If not, we'll see if we can't get some information to go with our scavenging." See there's a difference between looters and possible survivors. Well, in the priest's mind there clearly is. "Objections?" he'll wait, but either way he is going to check on it.

"Easy on the killing talk, Nikos," Ollie comments quietly. She voices no other objection, just nods, and slides her rifle off of her shoulder to hold it across her chest. Breathe.

Mara blinks at the talk of killing. Um. Well, Mara hefts her rifle after a moment. She's not too practiced with it. But she doesn't look like she'll put an eye out. She nods at the plan and follows along.

Cahen looks at Lysander askance. "They sound human," he says in response to the 'kill them' bit. He doesn't quite see how those two things go together. "Aren't they likely out here for the same reasons we are?" To loot, he doesn't add. Not that he offers any more rigorous objections than that. He's eager enough to check them out.

The voices seem to grow suddenly quiet.

"Not entirely." said back towards Cahen. "Some are out for rape and murder. Because Misery is their playground. Them we shoot." And with that the Priest seems to be no nonsense. With a motion Lysander is taking the lead, again. On to lead further on. Though as the voices go quiet, there's a motion to find cover- if that can be inferred. Either way lets move on yes?

Sean falls into step a few paces behind Lysander, moving from one cover to the next as best he can while staying in a position to provide covering fire to the pointman.

… Meanwhile, with the Bunker crew …

[ Bunker - Front Hall (#521Rn) ]-----—[ Scorpia ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #147 OOC Time: Sat Sep 12 23:34:20 2009

The hallway leading between the Reception area and the Primary Communications Bunker is wide enough to drive a car down, although large metal posts which are anchored deep into the floor prevent that at spaced intervals. The solid floor here have been covered by berber carpeting but the walls still hold the rough textures of poured concrete. The doors along this hallway are secured via small mechanical-numerical locks except for public areas such as bathrooms. The lights overhead offer pale illumination for the walkways, the occasional storage container sitting outside various rooms.

Andromeda smiles at Alyssa. "I'm fine, Doc. You did an amazing job. Of course, Cy could use a little more TLC. Maybe he should stay home?" She bats her eyes innocently… and REALLY doesn't look at Cyrus.

Cyrus whistles a little bit. It's a good thing Andromeda isn't looking at him to see the pointedly -obscene- gesture he flashes at her. The bird-like man just flipped the bird. "Depending on who you ask I should be shovelling shit in the comm room."

Alyssa glances at the two of them before turning her attention to Cyrus' arm. "Well… so long as you don't push it with your right arm, you should be ok. I'd prefer if you took it easy, but we know how often you all listen to me…"

Andromeda mutters, "How often he listens to anyone…" EYEroll!

Angel's sitting in the front hall, rifle at her side, back to the wall, looking off into the distance, face turned toward the ladder. "You need to be wherever you're going to do most good, Cyrus," she calls quietly. "Sometimes it's down there, sometimes it's out in the field."

Cyrus lets out a little self-satisfied snicker. He's apparently pleased with his role in this little play.

"Right. Right. For Gods' sakes, I can move. Quit your bitching, all of you." The man finishes, waving his 'good' hand. To be fair, the other arm is bandaged, and it's moving. It just looks a little stiff. Other than that, he's moving allright.

Alyssa laughs to herself, then removes her lab coat in favor for something more likely to blend in outdoors. "If you all are going on a trip, I'd better go with you. I swear sometimes it seems like Cyrus enjoys getting shot."

Testdummy/POSECOLOR - Set.

"Cyrus doesn't enjoy getting shot as much as he enjoys drawing fire," Annie explains, smirking. "Like a kid who acts out? Even negative attention is good attention."

"Until they tie you up to a medical bed and inject you with chemicals before sending 20 thousand volts through your body just to see if they can still make you smile inside." The words come from Achilles who moves from within the inside of the bunker having followed the others a bit. "At that point, the negative attention starts to make you tickle in weird places."

"Huh. It happens to me -once- and somehow I develop a reputation. Remember your shoulder? I think your scorecard is leading, lady." Cyrus notes, a bit clownishly and with feigned exasperation. This last 'scorecard' bit is posed towards Andromeda. Then he snorts. "Well. Several times." If one looks, he occasionally narrows his eyes as he walks but it's not a full-on grimace. "Doc, can we borrow your coat just so I can make a white flag?" Achilles' statement just earns a flat, jaw-dropped stare as pretty much the glibness falls flat. "Uhhh. Yeah. What HE said." His voice is a soft mutter as he goes to the weapons locker and starts loading up on toys. Toys that break Cylon boys.

Angel offers the other and shakes her head, laughing quietly. "Alright, alright. We need to get going before too long. I have my pack and weapons. Everyone kitted up and ready to go?" The small woman pushes to her feet, stretching as she goes.

Alyssa checks her sidearm, and her standard splint/painkiller pack. "Ready and waiting."

Andromeda sticks her tongue out at Cy, then lifts her chin to the newcomer with a smile. "Hey." A nod to Angel. "Roger."

"More or less. Sure." Cyrus stiffly shrugs his way into his pack and slings his rifle under his arm as he gathers his gear, placing his hat upon his head. "Today is a good day. And all that." He says, in mid-exhale as he saunters back towards the little group, nudging Annie with his good elbow as he walks past her. Maybe it was an accident.

The amusement park is about a full day's (meaning 8 hours, not 24) hike westward. Were it not for the war and the imminent thread of attack by Cylons, it would be a fairly pleasant walk in the woods.

Achilles nods his head as he falls a few steps behind Angel, running his finger tip over the sharpened stone he carries with him that's been broken down into shiv like quality.

Angel slides out of the bunker and heads out on the walk, leading the way through the woods and trails. "Keep an ear out for anything that sounds metal," she calls back to the others in a tone that's more joking than serious. Dark humor ftw.

"You didn't invite the Toasters again, did you Angel?" Alyssa asks, with a smile. "You KNOW they don't play well with others…"

"Or wooden." Cyrus mumbles. as he strolls along, re-adjusting the pack on his shoulder and slipping his arm underneath the other strap securely as he attempts to re-fasten it as he walks.

Andromeda seems to relax a bit and enjoy the hike— the opportunity to stretch her legs. Breathe fresh (if slightly irradiated) air. She falls into step alongside Cyrus, rather naturally.

Fortunately the trip through the forest is uneventful. No animals are spotted near enough to hunt, unless you're in the mood for teensy birds. No Cylons are spotted either. It's getting on toward early evening when they get in the general vicinity of the park. It's still not visible through the trees, but the map says they should be getting close.

At some point during the walk, Angel felt comfortable enough to take Achilles' hand. It's a simple gesture, and as far as her PDA goes. Not to mention it's not for long. As they get close, the map comes out and is consulted. "We shouldn't be too far now," she murmurs quietly. "It's been a little too quiet for my tastes."

Alyssa nods, her eyes still carefully looking around while her ears listen for any sign of impending attack.

Just a lovely stroll in the woods for Cyrus. He could be galavanting through the forest like some sort of lost, carefree character in a fairy tale. A heavily-armed, post-apocalyptic, bleak fairytale. Nevertheless, his expression is fairly neutral and attentive. He shoots a few inquisitive glances around his environs.

Cyrus edges up towards Andromeda momentarily as he walks, whispering something to her even as he keeps his eyes scanning from side to side.

Andromeda glances at Cyrus, lips quirking to the side. His good arm gets a light poke. Just because. She's got to be a pest, or he won't know she likes him.

There's no sounds to hint that they're getting closer to the park. No happy music plays, no ferris wheels move, no people cheer. Just eerie silence greets them. But if they continue along, they can start to see glimpses of the park through the trees.

Angel DOES continue along, of course. She glances to the others and murmurs, "Keep an ear out, and an eye, please. I'm not sure what we'll find." No, she doesn't seem worried - just matter of fact.

As they start to see signs of what used to be civilization, Alyssa starts sticking closer to trees, nodding at Angel's instruction but otherwise staying on total alert.

"Um. Yeah." Cyrus whispers, narrowing his eyes as he re-slings his rifle under his arm.

"Do you want me to er… disappear for a bit?" Achilles asks towards Angel, some of the first words he's spoken since they began the trek. His blue eyes squint against the light that is present looking around.

Cyrus wrinkles his nose slightly at Annie's gesture too. He just keeps on strolling at a languid pace.

[ Main Gate Area - Amusement Park ]------[ Scorpia ]—

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #147 OOC Time: Sat Sep 12 20:16:39 2009

The colored coded parking lot of what was deemed one of the happiest places on Scorpia, is now a clotted mess of burnt out hulls of cars. Their charred and blackened forms look as if they were in a rush for the exit during the time of the bombings, and got caught in a litany of strafing fire and secondary bombs. It seems a place where thousands of humans were gathered on Holocaust day was just too prime a target to resist.

The main gate of the park seems as cheerful as ever, though the turnstyles are unmanned and the ticket booths empty. Plant life has started to choke up, and the carefully tended beds are now beginning to grow wild. Past the front fence, the park opens up to deserted shops, disabled rides, and silent food vendors. Beyond, the twisted frames of destroyed rides hang like like the ruined tendrils of intricate spider's silk; the cart of Zeus' Thunder roller coaster dangling from one like a fly caught in the web, the metal creaking tenuously everytime the wind kicks up. Skeletal remains dangle from seat harnesses, one of the gruesome reminders that life was interrupted by the Cylons.

Andromeda readies her rifle as well, alert as she was before— just making sure to appear as though she's having less fun. She sagenods.

Alyssa sighs, tapping her pistol as though to make sure it was there. She remains quiet… sound travels fast over cement, but all she can see around her is death. The skeletons of children especially draw long looks, but for the most part she sticks to her visual scanning.

As he readjusts his own weapon, the wary and faintly disgusted-looking Cyrus sniffs the air as his nostrils flare. He looks, well, frankly disgusted at the carnage, even though it passes quickly and is replaced by a sort of detached calm.

And suddenly, Annie doesn't just LOOK like she's having less fun. She IS having less fun. MUCH less. The wreckage coming into view, the echoes of carnage, the pain and grief. It's all too easy too imagine. She swallows, mastering the urge to shut her eyes or turn her face away. She simply whispers something inaudible.

Angel shakes her head to Achilles. "Not yet," she murmurs, keeping her voice low and quiet. "Let's just continue to scout, for now. We may be able to find some supplies to take back from the food court, some of the non-perishables." Pragmatic as always.

Still no sounds. Death seems to be the only occupant of this park.

Alyssa nods. "Stay well clear of any bodies, no matter how clean they look, and if you have to go into any buildings, do it quick and fast. No telling how much bacteria and mold has accumulated here over time."

Anyone who's spent a lot of time around Cyrus has heard it from him. He hates people. Frak 'em. Just a bunch of half-useless monkeys. Well -apparently- there's one thing he hates more. Dead people. Masses of them. "Sweet Goddess." He whispers. And then that's it. He's out of words. He glances at the whispering woman next to him and his thick eyebrows rise, simply nodding his head along with her.

[ Midway - Amusement Park ]------—[ Scorpia ]

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #147 OOC Time: Sat Sep 12 20:34:17 2009

Games line three thoroughfares, the paths crisscrossing in a maze designed to keep you here and keep spending their hard earned cubits as you try and win a Muses doll or giant stuffed panda. All the booths in their clapboard structures are shadowed, their cheerful lights now forever dimmed. Without the animation of life, the place could be deemed somewhat spooky. The water of the Duck Pluck has all evaporated away, leaving the moldy yellow bath toys in their trough and staring out at odd angles. The clowns with their mouth agape waiting for the next squirt gun match will be forever saying 'oooo', and their thirst never quenched.

"My parents used to bring me here," Annie whispers to no one in particular. "The carousel was beautiful."

"With all this natural shelter…" Alyssa says to Angel softly, "You'd expect animals. Rats, feral dogs, even deer. There has to be a reason it's so quiet…"

Cyrus merely coughs quietly. It's a bit of a gagging sound. He straightens and shakes his head as he continues along. "At least it was quick." He offers, lamely. "That doesn't make up for it. But it was quick." Finding the bright side of the proverbial trainwreck?

Andromeda looks dismally around. "Ground zero was quick…" she says quietly, grimly. "This wasn't quick. Not at all."

Almost as soon as Alyssa says that, there's some scurrying as a rat races by between two tents off to the left. Apparently the park isn't quite as devoid of life as they had been led to believe.

"Keep an eye out for anything that looks useful," Angel says, keeping to the side of the games, moving in the shadows, even despite the darkness. She watches the rats go, gun swinging in that direction. No shooting, of course.

Cyrus reacts towards the morbidity of the situation with a faint opening and closing of his mouth. Finally, he agrees with Andromeda. "No." He whispers. His head whips around, scanning as he walks.

"Me and my big mouth…" Alyssa says as she pulls her sidearm, this time keeping it out. Shaking her head to clear it, she starts looking for signs of storage areas that would have been protected from the elements.

Zoe is in one of the booths off to the side. Having been on her patrol and hearing the voices, she lays back in the shadows trying to figure out if they are friendly, or more of the crazy's.

Achilles is walking not to far away from Angel, quirking an eyebrow in her direction as he asks in a flat voice. "What about the bodies? They could be useful. Burn them for fuel, or food?"

Andromeda stares at Achilles for a moment, then laughs flatly. "You're not serious."

Angel shakes her head slightly at Achilles. "Too much chance of airborne disease," she says quietly. "The Doc's right. Doc, don't wander too far." She keeps her voice low, eyes flicking among the booths.

"I think if we find ourselves at the point where we will eat bones…" Alyssa says with a smirk, "that we will have more than enough without scouting for them." She nods at Angel, but still peers into stores. "What about that burger joint? They might have some intact storage in the back."

"Of course not." Achilles says towards Andromeda. "Bodies don't burn well enough for fuel. Not to mention there's barely any meat worth eating. Maybe a few strands but definately rancid by now. It looses the fullest flavors by this point." A few steps and he chuckles, "You can't get herpes from a dead body by having sex with it. Learned that from a guy, think he called himself Zeus."

Andromeda lifts both her eyebrows. "Hey, Doc? Do we have any thorazine back at the site?"

"Allright. I did not just hear that." Cyrus clicks his tongue. "Just going back to my happy place. Go Aces. Stingers suck." He smiles a thin-lipped, cheeky smile. Pausing a moment, he lets out a slight snort as he processes this exchange. "Not exactly our sacred duty to the dead. Trolling the Gods. It's dangerous. I used to do it."

Zoe moves forward abit as she listens to the conversations. She speaks, "Charlie…you and the boys, keep your eyes on them." A voice from the next booth, "We got you covered." She steps out into the light, "Sorry folks, I'm gonna need to see your entrance tickets. We've been having some people sneak in here lately."

Andromeda raises her rifle and takes aim. "Nice try, kiddo. One false move and the parrot gets it."

"Annie," Angel says quietly, warningly. She takes a step toward Zoe, head canting to the side. "Our tickets were left at the turnstyle, I'm afraid," she says in a low, quiet voice. "Going to make us pay again? Seems like we should have gotten in for free. Looks like your rides are broken."

"I don't know." Achilles comments while his blue eyes fall on Zoe a small smile creeping up on his lips. "That guy back on the merry go round looked like he was having a great time. He jumped out of his skin in excitement."

"Whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah." Cyrus just breaks in, raising his own rifle a little languidly and stiffly. Stuffed parrot and all. "Hey. I don't suppose you're a bandit, or a Cylon. Right?" He cracks a bit of a wolfish grin here as he adds, smoothly. "I'm neither. Well, I might be a Cylon. Whirrr. Whirr. Clank. Zoom. Zoom."

Andromeda pffts, not lowering her gun. She doesn't look as though she's itching to shoot, but she's got the girl covered. "I threatened the parrot, Angel. Don't get your panties in a twist."

"Not a single operational cotton candy machine in the place…" Alyssa says as her head turns towards the voice, but her smile disappears as she shoots a glare at Cyrus. Achilles, she just ignores. 'Lords of Kobol, let him keep the crazy pocketed just for a bit…' her prayer is internal, however.

Zoe frowns a bit, "You'll pardon me..but mostly I see crazies around here. Polly and I aren't too trusting. All things consdered." She lets her eyes drift over the group, "Though if you just had told me you had season passes…would have made things a lot easier.." The parrot sqawks. Zoe nods, "As to cotton candy…thats good stuff. Though I hope your not looking for popcorn…that place exploded the first day. That stuff was a foot deep."

"But it's a -nice- parrot." Cyrus protests towards Andromeda, with a completely inappropriate comic tone. As he catches Alyssa's look, he just huffs. He keeps his rifle slung and on the alert. More or less.

"It's a dead parrot," Annie observes. "That or it's pining for the fjords. What do you think?" she asides to Cy.

As the group talks with Zoe, Annie hears the sound of something moving back behind them, closer to the entrance.

"Maybe it just got smart." Cyrus coughs. He still holds the rifle steady.

Polly says, "15 men on a dead mans chest." Zoe says, "Depends on how you look at things. But still..what interest does a broken park hold for you?"

Andromeda swivels around, no longer thinking about the parrot or its girl. She HSSTS! sharply for attention, jerking her head back towards the entrance. Rifle readied again, she steps back intro the shadows of an abandoned booth.

Angel just gives Annie a look before turning back to Zoe. "Our season passes got cancelled," the woman says quietly. "We're here scouting for supplies and attempting to see if there's anyone else left alive roundabout these parts."

Hearing Annie's hiss, Alyssa turns to see what she sees, and takes cover herself.

Monkey see. Monkey do. Cyrus was about to open his mouth to drop another stunningly witty comment to entertain his peers. But he finally catches the gesture and crouches, moving back around the corner of the booth himself and attempting to duck into shadow.

Andromeda holds up a hand curved in a C and shakes her head. Not Cylons, it seems. She holds position, however.

Angel, too, takes cover, lips pursing slightly. Her gun is raised, trained not on Zoe, but where Annie indicates.

Zoe hmmms, as her hand goes to her holster…more then likely, the crazies are back. She tries to see whats got them all agitated.

[ Midway - Amusement Park ]------—[ Scorpia ]

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #147 OOC Time: Sat Sep 12 21:26:22 2009

Games line three thoroughfares, the paths crisscrossing in a maze designed to keep you here and keep spending their hard earned cubits as you try and win a Muses doll or giant stuffed panda. All the booths in their clapboard structures are shadowed, their cheerful lights now forever dimmed. Without the animation of life, the place could be deemed somewhat spooky. The water of the Duck Pluck has all evaporated away, leaving the moldy yellow bath toys in their trough and staring out at odd angles. The clowns with their mouth agape waiting for the next squirt gun match will be forever saying 'oooo', and their thirst never quenched.

Andrew shakes his head as the voices go quiet. "Heard us," he supposes, even though he's following orders and finding a place to give him cover. It happens to behind an overturned vending cart, its wares - various drinks and souvenir cups splayed out on the ground.

"Huh." Cyrus whispers at the noise, peering curiously around the corner of the shadowy booth with his rifle -ready- but not taking direct aim at anything. His teeth grit a little bit as he stretches his arm in a slightly uncomfortable manner.

The Grifter Falls crew is advancing cautiously, armed with a mixture of hunting rifles and military assault rifles. Maybe a pistol in the mix as well. Lysander is on point, Sean (young twenty-something man in a hunter's coat) a few paces behind him. The others are filled in behind that, with Andrew bringing up the rear. They seem to be keeping to cover, moving with some evidence of training.

The Bunker crew has gone into hiding amid the tents and booths of Midway, ready for an ambush if the FG folks turn out to be hostile. Zoe is still standing out in the open by one of the booths. She's got a hand on the pistol holster on her belt.

Andromeda crouches behind the Whack-a-Mole booth, leaning out juuuuuust enough to eyeball the approaching party. People! Whew. If she'd been wrong, that would have been SO embarrassing. For about two minutes before they were all slaughtered.

Mara seems to be distracted. Apparently Mara's new to this amusement park business. Shiny! "Huh, neat." She doesn't seem to see anything of note. Anything.

Cahen frowns, tight-lipped, though he says nothing further as Lysander talks of rapists and murderers lurking in the amusement park. Still, his rifle is angled toward the ground as he moves. He's as non-threatening as a man carrying a gun can be, perhaps as much due to his obvious discomfort with the weapon as for any other reason. He's keeping along the right of the Grifter Falls party as they go forth. He gives no sign that he sees anything of import.

Angel's down by the duckie booth - how appropriate. She keeps low, keeps her gun down, and simply peers out from behind the cover every so often. Her lips purse slightly. There is -something- out there. Damnit.

Alyssa frowns as the group moves forward. Armed, yes, but organized as well. Not your average raiders, though they could still be some really organized raiders.

Cyrus' brows rise and fall as he takes in the approaching horde of in the distance. He squints as he tries to make out the cadence and movement of the travellers. His mouth pops open and then shaps shut, glancing back over his shoulder as he takes cover behind said abandoned booth. He gives Andromeda a prompting glance and holds up a hand, a questioning look on his face.

Ollie moves forward nearby Mara. "Stay low, and be ready to dive for cover if you hear any shots," she murmurs to the chef. She carries her rifle across her chest, pointed at the sky.

Staying in his cover, the Priest continues to inch up cautiously, before he is raising his rifle. Freezing just a little bit, as eyes narrow over at something trying to be in cover a head of them. Still there is no aim, rather more or less keeping to where he can raise it for a quick spray and pray if it is needed for some reason. For Angelica? It might feel as if Lysander was looking right at her, where ever she is trying to crouch behind.

"You can come out and lower your weapon." that deep and slightly hoarse voice calls out. Not that the weapon is raised to begin with, but Nikos, is taking no precautions. For Zoe, there is :"And you, take your hand off your godsdamned belt." There have to be more than one young looking girl here, yes? Quiet for a moment before finally the priest simply says "We're not looking for trouble, so move slowly." His other hand coming off his own rifle's stock to motion to his own crew to hold up.

Zoe thinks to herself, "Wow…it's like I hit the people bonanza." She looks to the first ones, then the new ones.."Doesn't seem the like each other." As she steps further out. She speaks, "Sorry folks, park's closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya. "

Alyssa eyes Angel, and sticks to her hiding spot, but waits to see the reaction to Zoe's challenge.

The comes a quiet call from where Angel's taken cover. "We don't want trouble either, but it looks like we came up on someone else's party. I think a bit of identification might be in order. I'm Angel, from up Harkins Lodge and Gladwell way."

Andrew says nothing from his position behind the cart, but he does move so that he's got a good sight on the goings-on on the midway. Crouched as he is, he keeps his rifle trained in the middle. And he lets Lysander do the talking.

"We don't mean you any harm," Cahen assures toward Zoe. Well, he doesn't, at least. He blinks in the direction of the other Lysander spoke to. A girl? A glance toward Lysander and he stops talking.

From her cover, Annie trains her rifle on Andrew. Leaders might be talking, but that doesn't mean the men're going to mind themselves, does it?

Oh well. Cat's out of the bag. Or is it. Cyrus looks to relax a little bit but still isn't coming out. He's holding on to whatever advantage he has here. Shut up and let someone else get shot. Yeah, boyyyyyyy.

"Never been there." Clear enough from Lysander's position. "I'm Brother Lysander Nikos, Order of Hades." No he is not saying where they are from. That comes from being not that trusting. No offense to the other group-you just don't know where some folks are from these days. "But seems like a good ways off. What has you out here?" Might as well ask, to make sure its not for raping and pillaging. "Angel, if you don't want trouble, then come our from your hiding place and lower your weapon, we'll lower ours when you do as a sign of good faith." How's that for negotiating and not just killing people.

The moose wouldn't lie. Oh, sure, her sister got bitten by a moose once and moose bites can be pretty nasty but… Mara finally snaps to after a moment looking comically surprised. People! Blinkblink. Oh yeah, she has a rifle. She looks at it then Olive. Um. Oh yeah. She just manages to look doofy more than at attention.

From the direction of the ducks there's movement. "I'm coming out," Angel calls quietly. Yes, it's certainly an act of faith - and she's not calling for her people to come out. "My weapon is at my side." Slowly she comes out, weapon pointed down to the side, just as she said. A very small-seeming young woman steps out of the shadows into what little light there is. She's roughly the size of your average 15 year old. "I've taken the first step, Brother Lysander. The next one is yours."

Alyssa, apparently still hidden, looks at Angel and tries to sign that she'll give covering fire if things get bad.

Zoe says, "Well, we haven't had tour groups like this for awhile. So you'll have to forgive me." The parrot on her shoulder squawks. "Yes, yes..I'll ask them. You don't by chance have any crackers?" The parrot says, "Polly wanna cracker…and cheese, and maybe a nice house wine..""

Ollie shakes her head slightly and moves a little away from the bulk of the group as Lysander takes point and tests his negotiation skills on the others in the park. Vote of confidence? Sure. Her weapon, still pointed up, remains that way.

"Got you covered, Lysander," Andrew calls out from his hiding place. Gazing around, he notices the gun trained on him, but he figures he can get off a good shot or two before he gets hit.

Cahen watches Angel as the girl emerges, lowering his weapon entirely without any prompting. He's not comfortable pointing the rifle about anyway, let alone at a child. "Ummm…no, thank you," he replies to Zoe and her parrot, to her question about crackers. He tenses at the calls about cover, as it's clear there are still some guns in ready positions. One hand idly rests on the first aid supplies at his side.

"Shit, you're small." the Priest mutters to himself, before he is coming up from his crouch, and he's taking a few steps out. Eyes don't slide to Andrew, but there is a quiet thankful moment. Rifle is slowly lowered, but Lysander could easily turn it up if he needs to. Safety switched on. "There- we're all even." a slight look over towards Zoe, and there's a look back to Angel. "You got anyone else, besides your nutter with the bird there? " a pause "Why ya here?" Again those are his two questions for now, while trying to figure out this small girl out there before him.

"She's not ours," Angel says quietly, watching Lysander. She's got her weapon in a prepared-though-not-up position as well. Yes, it's the Rumble By the Rubber Duckies. "Thought she was yours." Angel simply studies Lysander for a time, chin up ever so slightly. "Scouting for supplies and survivors. You?" Ok, so maybe it's the Showdown at the Wack-A-Mole Corral.

A parrot? Cool. "Oh, hello. What a lovely parrot." Nod. Mara likes parrots. Wait, if she lowers her rifle, the odds of her shooting herself in the foot go up. Poor Mara looks at her gun, looks at her foot, looks at her gun - looks worried. She just points the gun down and away from her foot. Problem /solved/. We've got a real winner here. "No, no crackers. I'm sorry." Her attention is engaged now, and Mara is peering around more thoughtfully.

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"Mara, get down and back," Andrew warns the cook. Pretty roughly too, like a man barking orders. He doesn't move, keeping his rifle on the action.

Zoe shakes her head, "Well then, if you'll excuse me. I got some steaks slow cooking." as she turns towards the booth near her, "If ya need something, just pick up the phone and dial 77. It will connect you to my office. Feel free to take all the old popcorn you like. I'll be back in a bit…" and she moves off, as the parrot begins to sing, "always look on the bright side of life……"

Alyssa watches Zoe walk off, and shakes her head. Lords, maybe if Achilles had talked more, she'd have been more at home…

Click. A switch goes off in Cyrus' head as he gives the other group a glance and just throws caution to the wind. He puts his rifle upwards and bellows out across the distance as he steps one step out of cover, leaning around the edge of the booth. "Euloghaiai, Brother." He calls out in a general statement of benediction commonly heard in temple services throughout the Colonies.. As grim as the man looks, he seems to have relaxed a little at the presence of someone claiming to be a Holy Man. "Taking a leap of faith that you all won't shoot my ass. I'd be much less pretty as a corpse. You're not bandits, are you? We're not bandits. I'm not wearing a bandit hat." He clears his throat roughly and just calls out. "Can we just skip all the penis-waving and get to the part where we're -not- shooting each other?"

Ollie's eyes flick to the side, tracking Zoe's movements like she expects her to explode in a hail of crazy, cobwebs, glitter, and twenty year old candy corns. "…" Her mouth opens a little. She takes her eyes off of the action, distracted by the … Zoe.

Lysander glances back towards Zoe for a moment, so, the nutter isn't with Angel. And then the cook's talking from her position. Great. This will either end well, or very badly. "What the frak?" Just a moment of silence for even the priest whom others in his group think is weird, is now considering the sanity of the parrot wearing person. "Supplies." the priest, finally replies to Angel. "If you're survivors, then we have no quarrel." There that much is said. "We ran into a few here that weren't exactly on the up and up.."

That can be evidenced from a body with a smashed in windpipe..though birds have probably picked at that one a while ago. " Eyes turn towards Cyrus as the safety clicks off for but a second, only to come back on as Cyrus speaks out "Fine by me, you all come out, and we're lower our guns. Fair is fair."

Cahen stares after Zoe as she wanders off, exchanging a look with Ollie. Head injury, perhaps? He shrugs. His mouth is also slightly open in an 'Eh?' sort of shape, though he doesn't vocalize anything. He straightens a notch as the others in Angel's party emerge.

Alyssa takes a deep breath, then steps out from her hiding spot, going so far as to drop her pistol into its holster.

Andromeda sighs and stands, and well. Weapon held down, but not relinquished. "Oh, for the love of frak, Cy," she mutters. A wry wave is delivered to the other crew. "Morituri te salutant and stuff."

"Get down," Angel tells Cyrus without looking away from Lysander. "Please." Awww, the girl is increasingly polite, yet there's no mistaking the note of command in her voice. "We're survivors as well. Been holed up since warday. Saw Ambrose get taken out." Little bits of information are fed out to the Brother as she watches him. "We've run into a few road bands and bandits. Took care of what we could, left the rest alone." She speaks with an accent that's Caprican tinged with Scorpian. "Alyssa," not Doc. "Retake your cover, please. At least until we've finished introductions and determined we're both here for the same reasons."

Ollie blinks a little, and tears her eyes away and back to the gathering of people with weapons. She shakes her head slightly, as if snapping out of a fugue, then adjusts her rifle a little. She widens her eyes a little as she catches Cahen's glance, and nods slightly. Yeah.

"Just wanted to keep surprises to a minimum…" Alyssa says, stepping back behind a column.

Andromeda rolls her shoulders. "Like Cyrus said, Angel. Leap of faith. Cat's out of the proverbial bag, now. 'Sides, if they were from Osprey, they'd have less teeth. And being downwind of them like we are… it'd be a whole lot less pleasant."

And then the whole stand-off seems to end. Andrew snorts, slowly getting to his feet. But he doesn't put the safety on his rifle yet, even if he does now point it at some place other than another person. "We're here for the same reasons," he chimes in then, glancing at Andromeda curiously.

As Cyrus looks over towards Andromeda behind his shoulder, he sighs and shakes his head, whispering something under his breath. This accomplished, he turns back towards Angelica finally with a pointed grimace as he hefts his rifle over his shoulder harmlessly. "Can you please stop telling me what the frak to do? You're like my older sister without any of the charm. Except you were probably a zygote when she was bossing me around. If these people want to shoot me, it's in the Lady Aurora's hands. And theirs." He juts his chin towards Lysander, Ollie, and the rest.

Mara blinks at Andrew. But Mara does scoot a bit back and away. She listens pretty well at least, despite the thoughtful, somewhat zoned expression. As things seem less tense, she peeps out again. It looks almost comical, just her eyes and the top of her head visible. She glances to Olive and Cahen. Should she speak? Nah. For now, Maura is just attentive.

Alyssa gives Cyrus another one of those looks. This is NOT the time to appear all divided. She gestures to his right arm and then mimes squeezing.

Cahen's gaze still follows Zoe for a moment, brow furrowed with concern. He gives his head a slight shake. Time enough for that later. He catches Mara's eye, giving her a nod that's meant as encouragement of sorts, but he keeps his own mouth shut. And clicks the safety on his rifle back into place, just to complete the non-threatening picture he's going for.

Andromeda coughs into her hand as Alyssa mimes the threat. Nooo, she's not laughing. Lords forbid.

Division? A faint half smile shows on the Priest's face, but he doesn't move from where he is. Eyes already flicking to where Alyssa and Cyrus have come out. Only to lower his rifle down a little further. "Cat is out of the bag as they say, Come out, and lets chat.." That way they can easily figure out if they are looking for the same thing. Most likely not. "Yeah you guys a rather far out if ya'll could smell if we're from Osprey" A shake of his head before he's shifting his stance just a bit. "If we were here for a fight, I would have shot you when I saw you. Not called you out. Your fates are in the Rich One's hands for all I care." Which means he's not going to shoot them anytime soon.

Angel doesn't even glance at Cyrus, though there's no missing the flicker of something akin to hurt on her face. Her attention remains on Lysander. Her trust remains, perhaps stupidly, in the others who came with her. "We're just here to scout and get some needed supplies," she tells Lysander quietly, chin coming up. The girl can't be more than sixteen. "We have a band of survivors to feed, a couple children to take care of." Clearly Cyrus' turning on the people who took him in stings a bit, but there are larger fish to fry at the moment. "Are we in your territory," she asks the Priest simply, pointedly.

"Well, now I have warm fuzzies," Andromeda says to Lysander, leaning her hip against the Whack-a-Mole booth… where moles shall never again be whacked. It is to weep. "Angel told you what we're looking for. Care to quid pro quo?"

Did Cyrus catch any of that? He was looking around, yes. Sort of to Alyssa. Sort of towards Andromeda. He seems clearly tired, exasperated if anything else. He still focuses on Angelica, and yes, Lysander. As the priest speaks, he simply bows his head and calls out, "No disrespect to your Patron. But I pray the Lady of the Dawn guide me for a while yet. The Rich one will get his due yet, Brother." And then he simply shuts up.

"And we're the same. We even have a baby in our group," Andrew replies, shifting his grip on his rifle some. "We're looking for some supplies, and some parts for our well. Water pump," he clarifies. He's a teen, it's clear, despite the way he acts. He steps out from behind the cart, rifle held easily. Despite his age, it's also pretty clear he's been trained to use it.

"With all due respect to all the Lords and Ladies who may be listening…" Alyssa says from her post, "All we are going to do is signal our presence to the Cylons if we stay like this. It's a long way home for us, and a lot of area to cover."

Sean has been quiet throughout all of this, and continues to remain so. Just watching.

Ollie is with Sean in the quiet department. She stands by with her rifle up, eyes flicking between those speaking. She glances over at Cahen, arches a brow a little. And then she slings her rifle over her shoulder, and makes her way to one of the broken down kiosks. They can talk while she finds a map and locates the most likely place to snag a compressor.

"Territory doesn't exist anymore." A brow raised to the kid and there's a look back barely to see Andrew standing. A nod to the young man before he is watching with a faint grin back to the others as Andrew speaks up. "It'll be dark soon, and its not that bad of a walk for us." Is that a welcome to join? Hard to say, but it is something if it is needed. Lysander chuckles towards Cyrus for a moment "You're fine. I'm not one to disagree with other views." And so he's looking back "We'll get what we've come for and be out of here shortly.." Sill the unspoken invitation is there "As for cylons, none have been here, yet.." and there his boot goes, stamping down on the ground as if for Hades to hear and not jinx this wee meeting.

Andromeda looks back at Alyssa, nodding. But then, to Andrew, "We might have the parts you need. We've got plenty of just… stuff. Some of it junk, some of it not, and more than a couple talented mechanics." A glance at Cy. "I don't know. You're the scrap monkey. What do you think?"

Mara offers helpfully, "What about some of the rides or seats? Maybe one of these games?" She asks Ollie quietly. Her rifle is down and away from anything, including her foot. She'll help look. Think compressor Mara, think.

Cahen casts a look between Cyrus and Lysander, not encouraged by all this talk of the Lords, apparently. But he likewise keeps his mouth shut. He catches Ollie's look and moves to follow her to poke around the kiosk. "Perhaps this place had one of those water rides. Those seem popular," he suggests. "There might be something there we can make use of."

Alyssa blinks at that. "Some toys from the stands might not be a bad idea, if they're light." She says to Angel. "I think they are as ok, Angel. And we need to keep moving."

Angel's attention's still on Lysander, though she glances briefly at the others as they move. "Have you had trouble with them out this way," she asks of Lysander. "I…" She looks to Andromeda for a moment then just sighs. She gives Lysander a slightly helpless look. "I'll be happy to help you all look," she tells him quietly. "As, apparently, I no longer speak for the people whose behinds I've saved once or twice. This is our Doc. I'll let the others make their introductions." Her head dips toward Alyssa. "Just a few. We're going to have quite a few other things to carry. And I think a sit down talk with the Brother might be in order. If we're both of the same mind, there's no use in reinventing the wheel."

Sean finally chimes in at the discussion about the compressor. "Plenty of parts here for the taking. Liz, you want me to go find it so's we can be on our way?"

"We've got folks who can do stuff too, but we do need to get to looking for the stuff we need," Andrew seems to agree. But his gaze turns to the priest. "You all right with us looking while you're talking?" he asks. He seems to echo Sean.

"I think there's a tunnel of love," Ollie replies, flipping through some racks. She slides out an amusement park mini map, and meanwhile shoves a few things into her pack. Nevermind most of them happen to be cotton candy and various amusement park awesomeness. "I know a little bit about water systems, shouldn't be too much trouble scrounging what we need. Sean, I'll grab some too. Take what you can carry."

Stepping back out from cover, Alyssa steps forward with a nod towards Angel. "Like she said, I'm a doctor. If any of yours are sick or hurt, I could look into it, though most of our supplies were left back at home."

"Doc's not exactly wrong." Cyrus acknowledges Alyssa's words, first and foremost as he jerks a thumb in her vague direction. "We've the same view. There are just different, well. Aspects, I'm sure." He adds smoothly in the distance towards the erstwhile Brother Lysander in an almost deferent tone. Rilliggion. He haz it. As he looks down and brushes his fingers against his coat, smearing a bit of grease, dirt, or something else foul upon its black surface. Finally the little talk on Cahen's part, and Andromeda's about salvage earns a bit of a shrug. "Maybe. Although it's not like we have a lot of use for motorized things like. I don't know. Clown car? Teacup rides?" He grins a little goofily in an expression that almost could be described as 'touched.' "But spare parts. Nuts and bolts? Likely. If we can get them out without a big to-do, I'd say yes. But really, I'm not going to make -that- many calls today." Maybe Angelica's speech did register with him as he just says towards no-one in paricular, "I don't know about you but I'm not going to fire upon a Priest. Not even going to take a chance 'pretending.' That's a black mark you're not gonna get rid of no matter -how- hard you bathe."

*that's he's 'pretending'

Andromeda nods to Andrew. At Alyssa, she sighs and shakes her head. "Angel," she says kindly. "We save each other's asses. We all work hard. We all take bullets. We all risk our lives. There's no reason to get your feelings hurt because people have their own minds, kiddo."

Lysander turns his head back towards Sean "Do it." called back, before he's looking to the other group "Yeah that's fine. I'd rather we get what we came for and spook out as quickly as we can." Which is the Priest's preference. "If you want." called over towards Cyrus "You can help Sean here, see if you all can find what he's looking for." There all out, possibly trying to feel the distention there in? Hard to say. "We got a doctor." So, no that won't be needed as well.

See guys? Sometimes being a priest is good. Nobody that isn't a cylon is likely to shoot you.

Andromeda nods to Andrew. At Angelica, she sighs and shakes her head. "Angel," she says kindly. "We save each other's asses. We all work hard. We all take bullets. We all risk our lives. There's no reason to get your feelings hurt because people have their own minds, kiddo."

"Good to hear it." Alyssa says, then sighs and turns to Angel. "Want me to stick around or scout out some supplies while you talk?"

Cahen looks over his shoulder at Alyssa when she's named as a doctor. Curious. He raises a hand and offers Alyssa toward Alyssa at Lysander's 'We got a doctor' crack. That would be him, apparently. He offers a somewhat apologetic inclination of his head in her direction and a shrug. The priest is grouchy.

Sean nods to Lysander then glances back to Andrew and Ollie to see if they're coming along as well. He moves off, still cautious. Just 'cause they ran into the A-Team doesn't mean there aren't other crazies out here as well.

"I'll stick with Sean," Andrew announces, turning to follow the technician after giving a nod to the rest of the group. It basically means, 'okay, so yeah…bye'.

Angel just looks at Andromeda for a long moment after the insult, then turns toward Alyssa. "Move out, Doc," she says quietly. "Let's partner up with the new folks and help them get their supplies. I dare say, at some point, they may return the favor. We'll head back with them tonight, then start back tomorrow. Instead of hauling supplies out of the way, we'll pick ours up on the way back tomorrow."

Ollie's in on Sean's six like a frat boy on a beer keg. Without the salivating, though. She folds her map, and makes her way along with nary a comment.

There's a bit of a quizzical grin shot towards Annie after she speaks. Shrugging a little, Cyrus simply dips his head a bit low in a nod. "Well. Longer I stand around the longer we're all standing around. Ah. The sheer, delicious -glory- that is salvage. Show the way."

Mara just holds up a hand. Hey wait- aw. Maybe she is so sneaky even when she talks to people… Damn, she's sneaky. "Guess it was a bad idea." Gloom. Well, now, who should she follow? She turns around and emerges from cover.

Alyssa nods then walks over to the man who raised his hand, the other doctor. "Place like this should have a first aid shed… might be worth checking out."

Andromeda blinks a few times at Angel's long stare. Apparently she doesn't have a clue the girl's been insulted. She shrugs. "Okay, parts monkey," she says to Cy. "I guess we'll go help our new buddies scavenge. What was it you all needed? A compressor?"

"Might at that," Cahen replies to Alyssa, grabbing one of the maps from the kiosk and forming up with her. Might as well hang about with one of his own kind. "There should be some first aid kits lying about if nothing else, if they haven't been picked over by now. Assuming this place was up on its safety requirements."

Lysander glances over his shoulder as he is turning to follow off behind the others, see they can find what exactly they need to get. As for what Angel says, there's a gruff laugh from the Priest, which the others can clearly catch. "If we have time. I'm not prone for sticking around too long." His group is his priority first. If they have time? Then he'll make sure to do -some- looking. Not a lot. Needs of those at the farm, greater. Or so its already been added up. "Lets get a move on it."

Sean moves off, apparently missing the fact that other folks intended to help search. He seems to have a particular destination in mind already. One of the water rides. The water itself is fairly greened over and yucky looking, but the pump system and whatnot seems to be relatively intact. "This oughta do just fine."

Angel glances at the man's watch on her wrist, one which seems a bit too large for her. "Doc? If you can, I'd like to meet back here in no more than 15 minutes. If you're not back in 30, I'm coming after you." Angel looks up to Lysander, head tilting a bit. "If you don't mind, Sir, I'll partner with you. We can talk as we scavenge. Do your folks need any of the non-perishables from the food carts?"

"I'll stand watch," Andrew tells Sean, then nods at Ollie. "Bet you can give him a better hand than I can," he lies to her before turning back the way they came to indeed, watch out for any surprises.

Well, Cyrus is on top of the goal. "Sounds like a -fascinating- way to spend the time." he quips mildly towards Andromeda. And then he goes off towards the indicated Sean and Ollie with an easy wave of his left hand and walks a little slowly towards him. "Smells like a frakking fish market." as he edges over towards the water ride. "Shelf life. Over. Ugh." He brings a hand up to his nose a second as he moves to lend a hand in salvage. However possible.

Alyssa nods to Angel and then looks over the map with Cahen. "There… middle of that food court like place. And some of the sales kiosk probably sell OTC meds, too." Glancing at Lysander, she smiles a bit. "He seems like… a really… fun… guy."

Um. Well, okay. Mara will meander then! Meander mightily Mara does. She will likely cautiously follow Cyrus then. Seems like a different face. No parrot or moose though, this is somewhat disappointing. "What were you hoping to find here? Food and things like that?" She asks Cyrus, carefully. Judging by how she socializes, it seems Mara may be a recent addition to the group. Stupid non-talking trees. She makes the attempt at least. A wince, noticing the smell. "Oh. That's algae."

"Need is a relative term." The priest mutters as he is going to scavenge abit. "No one can ever have enough non perishables, or medicine…However, we don't need one thing persay. We'll take what we can find." Lysander says simply. Basically they came here for one thing, the pump, the rest is just boon. A glance back towards the small girl as he continues to scout and keep watch. "More raiders out here than anything." meaning safety is pretty much covered. "No Cylon presence out here- so getting you back, you'll only have to worry about raiders. I doubt they'll come here though with two armed groups in the area."

The Priest does stop when he looks back towards Sean and the ride. "Take her apart and we'll take it home." or at least what we need, home.

Andromeda crouches and peers into the murky water. "Wow. That… reeks. And yet? It's loaded with vitamins." She shrugs. "One day we could be spreading this stuff on toast."

"I don't really know him well," Cahen replies to Alyssa. "Though he seems very competent." If he has any criticism of the priest, he's not about to voice it to her. His manner isn't unfriendly, though. He marches straight toward the food court to raid it supplies. "Doctor Ibrahim Cahen, by the way. I mean, that's my name."

Angel starts her scavenging, keeping one eye out for everything else. "We've had a problem with Centurions," she tells Lysander quietly. "Quite a nasty one at times. A few Raptors and Vipers from a Colonial ship went down around the area of our base camp." She's quiet for a moment, as if she's considering how much to tell the man. "Down Osprey and Paros way, the Cylons have set up a series of communications towers. We took them out once, but didn't have the manpower to take them out again. We're just now getting back up to strength after losing a few folks to the Colonial Navy."

Sean crawls under the machinery and begins undoing various connections with tools he brought in his knapsack. He calls out, somewhat muffled, "Day I put anything like that on toast is the day y'all can take me out back and shoot me."

"So say we all, Sean." Ollie mutters. "So say we all."

"Alyssa Odessyeon." Alyssa says back, friendly enough, though keeping her eyes open for intact supplies. "No Cylon troubles, eh? Lucky you. Seems I've spent most of my time since the war patching up people the Cylons took exception to."

"Only the dear, sweet Goddess knows anymore, it seems. Half the time the answer to that question is something. Anything." He says with a sidelong glance to Mara, candidly. Strangely, although exhausted and sounding a little sore(note - his right arm moves a little stiff), he seems bemused rather than hopeless. It's a curious way to be. Maybe he got hit on the head. Then he snorts in dry amusement at Andromeda. "Don't you have to boil that shit, first?" He echoes Sean. "Yeah. What he said." And Ollie. "What SHE said" He leans over the edge and starts rummaging through his pack, pulling out a flashlight and ducking to shine it Sean's way, giving him a bit of illumination.

"Noted." called towards Sean as he is watching the Navy monkey work. A slight glance down and back over towards Angelica, and Lysander nods with a grunt. "Well, that's to be expected. You are still in the cities. If I was an occupation force, I would not waste resources in the boondocks. Most people if they are still around will try to go into the towns at some point or try to hide in them. Shoot them up like ducks as they come in." a roll of a shoulder as he adjusts how he is holding his rifle. At the mention of others joining the navy there's a nod. Faint smile there as well. "Good for them. I bet whatever Navy we have left will need the manpower." specially if the Armed forces ever plans on taking back the Colonies, or even liberating one of them.

"Fair enough," Mara replies. If she notices any oddness, it's lost on her. Such are the hazards of being out in the woods alone too long. "Sort of. Actually, if you've had certain types of food, algae is already used. Depends on the species, and it's usually dried," Mara quietly rambles on the preparation of algae. "It's cheap and available anyway. It can be pretty tasty." She turns around then, to keep an eye on their backs. Pay attention Mara.

"There's a Navy left?" Sean asks, popping his head out briefly with interest.

Andromeda wavers a hand in the air. "One ship. Not so much."

"Hardly a Navy. More like survivors with a command chain," Andrew opinions. And he thinks of this. "What's the name of the ship? Maybe Jo's heard of it."

"A ship full of trained soldiers isn't something to scoff at." Ollie comments quietly, digging around some the machinery to pull a few parts she has an eye to use in the greenhouse.

Cahen's expression sombers a little as Alyssa mentions patching and Cylons. "We've encountered them. We seem to have escaped them for now," is all he says. "Asclepius willing, it'll stay that way for a bit." He locates a booth and hops behind the counter, pawing. "I was in Paros before the attacks…fled with some…friends." He doesn't want to speak about that day, clearly. "Met up with the priest and his fellows not long ago. They seem good people. A bit cautious, perhaps but…well. These are hard times. Can't say I blame them."

Lysander chuckles "One ship is better than no ships." And that will be the model the priest is working off of. So a one ship fleet, One ship navy. Here's hoping its something big and beautiful, like an Assaultstar or a battlestar. Though really? A frigate would be nice too. Hell, anything would be nice at this point. Lysander does however look back towards Angel, when the question of what ship is still afloat is brought up.

"Carragenan. You wondered why ice cream gets gummy when it's left out too long? I KNOW my ingredients." The dark-haired man winks at Mara before addressing Andromeda's statement and Sean's question. "The Kharon, it was called. Yup. Some clunky, military-grade tech. Some of their computer systems were still functional too. Decent encryption. Stable, if not particularly robust and feature-filled. You know how it is." Of course. Maybe nobody does know how it is. Cyrus continues. "Had a couple brilliant people, I was kind of surprised. They went away though after a few airstrikes and supply drops. Hope I see my crashdown buddy again. He was a trip." Meanwhile, he holds the flashlight aloft as he leans in further.

*Carrageenan. And Cyrus is actually -wrong-, technically it's seaweed. Of course, he IC'ly doesn't know that. His typist is smarter.

Sean hmmfs at the revelation of the 'Navy's' strength. "Compared to the mess of Cylons that wiped out our whole frakking planet? Maybe a little scoffing." He goes back to fiddling with the parts, and comes up with a few things. "This oughta do her." A pause. "Kharon? That's a carrier escort, isn't it? Not even a battlestar."

Alyssa smiles and pulls out some bottles. "Ibuprofin. Nectar of the gods." She offers half of the bottles while putting the rest in her bag. "It'll be nice to have something other than Morpha to give out."

"Really? I'm kind of surprised. Most people don't," Mara admits quietly. "Seaweed is part of the algae family so you're absolutely right. It tends to be very rich in protein," She explains. The woman goes quiet to listen now, hearing about the ships. "You crashed here? That must be rough." She, apparently, is a native. She looks to Ollie, Sean and then back over to make sure nothing is going to ambush. One hopes that they are ambushed by broadsided barns with lights and klaxons on them at this rate.

Now, that brings a smile to Lysander's face "The Kharon." And he's laughing "My Cousin's on that ship." And there's a great big grin there. "Did you guys run into a marine named Peri Nikos?" Might as well ask. Even though there's a great chance that they did not in fact run into any such person. "Tall frakker- tattoos. Smokes like a whore in the temple?" Ahh such imagery, clearly Lysander is one of the clan that's known over all of Blue Earth..and throughout various branches in the military. "Anyone see someone like that? I think He's a Master Sergeant..or A Gunny now." Show how much he and Peri have kept in contact.

Andromeda lifts her head and watches Cyrus, frowning slightly. She looks more thoughtful than displeased, and listens for his response.

Angel continues to work alongside Lysander, listening to the others speak. "They're good people," she tells the Priest quietly, reaching into a box. "They helped with the taking down of the towers." Work continues, a few things scavenged, notes taken. "I knew a Nikos once, briefly. Very nice lady. Very dangerous lady. Salazar Nikos. She went back to Kharon with a few of our other combat types. They'll be making swings through, as they can." A pause as she listens. "No, no Peri."

"So say we all," Cahen replies to Alyssa when the Ibuprofin is discovered. He doesn't smile. The man isn't one who smiles easily, it seems. But he's clearly glad to the discovery. "You've got enough morpha as that? Better than nothing, certainly. Admittedly, I wouldn't want to pop the stuff for a headache."

"Huh. Yeah. Trust me, I paid attention to ingredients. Six years at U of Scorpia. I took the -long- road through school. Y'know what that means? You end up knowing a LOT of vegans." He bursts out with a slight laugh before his tone turns a slight bit more serious. As the flashlight is held steady, he adjusts his shoulder to a bit more of a comfortable position and comments on the ship issue. "Whatever it is, they got in and got out. Apparently twice. So they've got Fortune on their side." He gives Andromeda a sidelong, querying glance but says nothing.

Alyssa nods. "We got lucky with the clinic. Not the best stocked, but better than nothing, and all military grade."

"Sal made it then?" There's a nod there, and a more reserved smile. And if Ollie were to catch this, this probably would be the most emotion the Priest has shown in forever. "Well good. I am glad one of us is still around." And with that he's looking back towards Sean. Waiting for the signal that they have everything they need, before moving out. Lysander looks back at Angelica "Good, hopefully, I'll see her again." if not, he is simply joyed with the fact that one of his cousins is still around.

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