Negative, Harvest, Toxic
Negative, Harvest, Toxic
Summary: Pav does the rounds, Rian stands guard and Epi wakes up for a little bit.
Date: PHD 208 (Nov 12, 2009)
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OOC Ref Message 18/7
Four men were recovered from Ragnar Anchorage. The men were and are prisoners and as such have been assigned an armed MP guard at all times. The two hour shifts rotate on and off and there should always been two suited MPs (probably NPCs) at any given time. However, if you find yourself wishing for something different to do, you're welcome to take a shift as a guard in medical. Combat blacks, a sidearm and a rifle are the gear you'd have.

Vicks (PC) - 38, male, 5'7", look at his desc!

Parker (NPC) - 36, male, 6'4", muscular build, brown hair, green eyes, fair skin.

Martinez (NPC) - 32, male, 6'1", average build, brown hair, brown eyes, medium tone skin.

Avery (NPC) - 26, male, 5'9", slim build, brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin.
Avery is in a coma, so don't look for much chatting from him.

The other men are fairly bad off, and will probably be incommunicado for a couple of days. Vicks is the best off of the group (and the only PC). All were suffering from dehydration and the effects of starvation when picked up from the anchorage.

Recovery Ward - Deck 2 
 This is not the luxurious Recovery Ward of a battlestar or Caprican hospital. Beds are simple white cots with thin mattresses on them, the sheets looking well-used and thin. Each bed is also organized into a bunk system where there are two recovery beds between the floor and ceiling, a simple metal stepladder going to the one above. Stainless steel rungs hang from the ceiling to hold IV bottles in place as well. All told, the small room can hold a not-inconsiderable number of recovering patients due to the bunks.

Pav strides into the recovery area, rather extremely casually dressed. He glances around at the various beds, a metal chart in one hand, held against his forearm as he makes a few notations on it with a pen held in his other hand. His steps slowly taking him towards the bunk system and a computer terminal set on an observation desk.

Rian stands near the doorway, obviously on guard and looking bored. Garbed in the Marine blacks the tight material clings to her like a second skin. Helmet on and visor lowered it's hard to tell who this person is exactly, through from her curvaceous figure it's obviously a woman. A weapons belt hangs low on her hips, side arm and extra clips tucked in appropriately. Across her arms she holds a rifle in typical military fashion, currently pointed downwards. As the doctor walks by she steps aside, moving the rifle to one hand she nods her oversized helmet and salutes with two fingers.

Pav glances up at the movement, as if surprised there's a guard on duty. "What?" He asks first, then quirks a brow. "Little heavily armed for the near dead aren't we?" He manages a rather flipant return salute with a dismissive snort. "Looks like you're ready to tackle a riot marine, is all of that needed?" Stepping away he moves to the first occupied bunk and studies the patient within, making those little notes on his metal clipboard.

Rian looks over the occupied beds a few moments after the doctor speaks, finally bending down to put her rifle on the floor leaning up against the wall. "Just following orders, sir" Rian speaks deadpan, or her 'military voice' as she likes to think of it. One hand with nimble fingers lifts up to her chin, undoing the clasp. Both hands rise over her shoulders to remove the helmet, lowering it to the nearby desk. A quick shake of her head and gloved fingers comb through her dark hair, still a mess. Dark eyes watch the doctor as he moves around the small room, "We don't know who these men are or really what they want. Marine guard at all times until the S2 tells us different."

Pav seems not hear at first, intent on studying one of patients, if known it's the one who won't make the week. He mumbles a few words as he writes, likely dictating to himself. Only a few are audible enough to be caught, "negative, harvest, toxic" being among them. He sighs slowly again and moves to the next bed, then pauses and turns back towards Rian with a raised eyebrow. "Yes, following orders, something we can all understand I suppose. I'll tell you what, since I'm here now you can loosen up if you wish. I won't tell anyone." He makes a few more notations then comments. "I can't imagine theres alot of danger here."

Pav is moving from one bunk to another, checking the readings and updating the charts as he makes rounds. A metal chart in one hand, and a pen in the other his steps are as quiet as one can be on metal floorings. Most likely a doctor despite his extremely casual dress, he moves with an ease of someone who's done something so many times it's rote. Occasionally a comment breaks the surface of his thoughts and exits his lips. "Negative." He makes a few notations then a few more words slip out as he dictates to himself as if out of habit. "Harvest, toxic, negative."

The marine leans against the metal wall close to the door. "Great!" Rian speaks with a little enthusiasm, running another hand through her black hair, tucking it behind her right ear. Reaching down to her left cargo pant pocket she unbuttons it and pulls out a small pack of smokes and a tiny plastic lighter. Tapping one out against her thigh she brings it to her lips, lighting it and replacing the pack and lighter to her pocket, slightly awkward as she is not used to the weapons belt. A large inhale of the grey smoke and her shoulders relax, dark eyes looking over the recovery beds once more. "So, these guys," one hand reaches up to take the smoke between two fingers, then points along the row of beds, "what's wrong with them? They arn't contagious like the civvies are they?" A slight shake of her head, "I've been avoiding the cargo hold like it's a cylon death camp."

The littlest Marine is curled up in her bunk, sniffling just a bit as she wakes up. Sounds like someone's catching what's going around. Epi slowly slides up to a sitting position, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She settles back against the pillow and starts to look around. Then, without warning, she sneezes. Several times in a row.

Pav shakes his head without looking at the marine. "Toxic? No, just extreme exposure and malnutrition, a few other assorted injuries." There's a lie in there somewhere. "Nothing contagious, and personally I'd avoid the cargo hold because it's become a zoo. There's dogs and birds, and …" He shakes his head. "I was starting to wonder if I was on a military ship or in a children's morning entertainment program." His nose crinkles and turns and stares at Rian for a few moments a look of disbelief on his face. "You can't smoke in here!" He says finally. "Put that out you moron there are oxygeon tanks in use! You'll blow this compartment back to Picon!" He turns is head as Epi sits up and sneezes then swivels to lift a box of tissues from the orderly's station and hold them out towards her. "Here, use these, I'll get you some sanitizer."

Rian looks quite startled, eyes growing wide beneath the shadow of her bangs. Dropping the smoke to the ground she snuffs it out with her boot. "Well frak, I saw the CAG in here before with a smoke, how the hell am I supposed to know?" A grey cloud still hangs around her head as she looks to Epi. Sticking her face into the crook of her elbow she mumbles, "stop making those germs airborn, I HATE being sick." Turning her back to the recovery ward she picks up her helmet, tucking it beneath one arm, grumbling, "How the hell I got pulled sickbay duty is beyond me."

Epi takes two tissues, smiling through the series of sneezes. Of course, the smile's soon covered by the tissues. It takes another six sneezes before it's over. "There's a big difference," the Corporal tells Rian, eyes narrowing a little. "About 20 years and more ranks than either of us will ever see. And it's probably the attitude that got you sickbay duty. S2 was likely figuring it would sweeten you up."

Pav watches the cigarette being crushed out on the antiseptic hospital floor. It's as if he's caught on video with a pause button, simply too stunned to move for a few moments. Then he shakes his head and spreads his arms while he mutters something to himself while looking upwards, likely for divine guidence. Finally he glances back down between the two women. "I don't care what rank they are, immolation doesn't bother with what's on your shoulder." Taking a moment to straiten his shirt's collar and try to find his place on his clipboard he mutters again then turns towards Epi. "How long have you had that sneeze? Any trouble breathing? Tightness in the chest?"

Rian turns around and looks to the small marine, eyes narrowing slightly. "There is nothing wrong with my damn attitude," she grumps. "How is this supposed to sweeten me up anyway? I'm not about to sit and hold hands with sickos, never mind the people under Marine partrol." The solider watches the doctor stare at the butt on the floor, her eyes go shifty as she looks about the room, "Wha? You want me to clean that up with something?"

Epi dips her head to Pav, putting the tissues aside. "Just started, Sir," she says quietly, then goes absolutely still and simply stares at Rian. "Private," she barks. "Get your ass in gear and shut your frakking mouth. You are ON DUTY and a representative of the Colonial Marine Corps while in this Sickbay. You. Are. On. Assignment, Private. Do I make myself clear?" Well, it looks like someone has gone from sweetly baffled little Epi to having her professionalism pushed a -tiny- bit too far. "The doctor," she continues, nodding to Pav. "Is a senior officer and you are in his territory. Disrespect him or ANY senior officer like that again and you'll be cleaning the Cargo Bay floor with your tongue." Marine, through and through. She even sounds like a DI.

Pav turns his head towards Rian. "No, leave it alone, I'll ask an orderly to deal with it." He pause and smirks. "As for holding hands with 'sickos' and attempting to blow up the hospital, you're making a wonderful first impression. Did you take a special course in boot for this?" There's a wry grin then before he turns back towards Epi and sighs. "Well it's nice to know intelligence isn't in over abundance in the corps…" He checks his clipboard. "Corporal Jarot is it? While I normally love watching to attractive women antagonize each other, I imagine there's still a chance one of the other ill patients is still asleep. Perhaps you should yell louder, or I can get you a pot and a ladel to bag together if your throat is dry?" He motions between the two. "I have an idea, we can make a ring of fire and you two can fight each other megaphones and chairs?" He glances between the two of them. "Now, enough of that, the Private is on duty protecting me from the terrors of the ill, and you're here providing those terrors." He dismisses the territory comment. "There's nothing to worry about, nerves are frayed. I was going to ask if you're feeling dizzy, but I'd guess you're doing alright Corpral?" He glances towards Rian. "Please Private, if you would get a cup of water from the dispenser next to you and bring it here?"

Rian just stares blankly at the corporal as she barks order, jaw slowly dropping as the verbal reprimand continues. Stomping her feet she goes to attention automatically, her eyes glazing over as she listens to the orders of her superior, as she finishes a mechanical "Yes sir!" is spoken. She attempts to stifle a smile as the doctor speaks but is unable to, eventually it turns into a dazzling grin that is rarely seen. Turning to her side she takes a plastic cup and fills it full of water, as her back is to the others she does pause for a moment, perhaps thinking about spitting in it, perhaps not. Turning around she brings the cup to the doctor, avoiding the glare from the corporal. Without saying anything she returns to her post by the door and places her helmet on once more.

Epi lifts her eyes to the Lieutenant for a moment, then dips her head, once. "My apologies, Sir," she says quietly. "You're correct, that was unacceptable." Using the tissue still in hand, her mouth gets covered before a light cough. She's almost sitting at attention - almost. "No, Sir. I'm not feeling dizzy. Just a little stuffy." The sheet gets smoothed out over her lap. For the time being, she doesn't look at Rian.

Pav accepts the cup with a nod, "Thank you Private." and shifts his clipboard and pen under that arm while the other stretches over and keys in a access code for one of the small pharmalogical bins. He digs through a few of the small bottles there in, then draws one out. "Alright, here. Take this." He hands her the cup and then sets about unscrewing the top. "You know, it's amazing they child proof these things, but I swear the older I get the harder they are to open, and then I see kids pop these off with thier thumbs." Tapping out two pills he holds them in the lid until Epi is ready to have them dropped into her hand, careful not to touch the medicine with his bare fingers. "Take these, they're nothing potent, just a vitamin booster to help your system out. Let someone know if you start getting a tightness in the throat or headache. Now lets see, what's on your chart shall we?" He shifts through the pages, then remarks off handedly. "I do hope you're both not going to stew with storm clouds while I'm here."

Rian bends down and grabs the rifle, laying it across her arms in normal stance. At attention she just stares off to the other side of the room, trying to ignore the ongoings around her. "No sir, not stormy cloud here," she responds to the doctor in a softer tone but is easily heard.

Epi takes the pills and gives the doctor a somewhat sheepish smile. "No Sir," she tells him before downing the pills with a bit of a grimace. "Ow, scratchy throat." Another sip of water goes down a little easier. "I have a few gunshot wounds thanks to the Cylons, Sir. My neck is sore, but it's the stomach shot that's making me most uncomfortable." Likely because it's near the one that's still healing. Epi's not too long from having had her intestines fall out, something that's in her chart. She eyes the bottle he took the pills from for a moment, then grins. "As long as you don't forget to hold the child-proof cap down when you're turning it…"

Pav glances towards Rian and raises an eyebrow. "I said you can relax while I'm here Private, as the Corpral said, this is my territory, I'm the large canine and you'll have to take that on faith. The orderlies will mutiny if I start peeing in the corners to mark that fact again." He glances towards Epi. "Besides, you're on medical leave while you heal, you're not allowed to order people around. Which is probably a reason you should stop collecting injuries." He glances over the charts. "Well, unfortunately I am not a gastrointestinal doctor, however on special today, while I majored in Neurology, I minored in cosmetic and reconstruction. I'll see about making sure you're not a zipper belly." He smiles and puts the pill jar away. "Well, push down, pull up, it gets off in the end. Is the soreness more a constant paint, or a swallowing one?"

Rian continues to stand at attention near the A shaped doorway, the neon lighting from the outer room forms a linear beam of light casting a shadow across the Private's helmet. The slight smell of the cigarette smoke is in the air yet it still has that antiseptic smell about the place. The reflection from her helmet visor hides more of her facial expressions but her eyes can still be seen. Turning her head to the doctor she nods curtly to show she heard but remains at attention and silent.

Epi grins up at Pav and just shakes her head. "I think the whole of the ship would be grateful, Sir, if you didn't pee in the corners or on the walls. If you start doing that, Major Pike might start feeling threatened, then we'll have -her- peeing on the walls. And when the CO gets wind of it, well, he'll send the XO to mark the whole ship as his territory, and I don't think the Captain would be too comfortable with that. Especially not this close to his wedding. Doctor Camille would make his life miserable if the ship were to smell like a bar urinal for her wedding." At least Epi doesn't have a whole lot of trouble talking. "And it's more scratchy than anything, worse when I swallow." She's sitting up in bed, almost at attention, talking to Pav while Rian stands guard.

Pav bends down and holds up his right hand so Epi can see it. "I'm going to check something Corpral, hold still." Then the fingers reach out and feel under jaw, testing her for swelling. "Well that does sound like an ever worsening spiral of terror. So I guess we'll just have to take it all on faith." He draws his hand back and nods slowly. "Right, looks like you've managed to pick something up in addition to enemy fire. Congradulations you're offically sick. I'll get your own wet washcloth for your forehead in a moment. In the mean time we're going to up your vitamin and electrolyte intake, and you're going to be on a slightly restricted diet. Nothing that increases mucus production, milk, cheese, chocolate, so on. Which shouldn't be a problem, unless the hillbilles in the Cargo bay have added bovines to their zoo."

Epi's nothing if not obedient around the doctor. Her head lifts a little so he can feel for swelling, at least on the side that wasn't decimated by a cylon bullet. The poor girl, though. When he mentions bovines, her brows pull together and she looks a little baffled. Bovines, bovines… It's clear she doesn't quite get it, so she just nods to Pav. "How about jello," she asks, quirking a little smile. "That's good for a sore throat, I think. Besides, I'm not a fan of chocolate."

Pav nods slowly. "Yes you can have jello, not too much now, and not pudding as that's a long protien so it causes creation of mucu.. you probably don't care." He smiles softly and stands up. "Are you in any other discomfort?" His hands return to the clipboard and he makes a few more notations then glances towards Kellin. "The Corpral is fine, I assure you." Then he turns back towards Epi waiting on his answer.

Epi dips her head to Kellin, offering him a little smile, then looks back to Pav. "Just a little sore around my stomach," she tells the doctor. "Achey more than anything. I think I heard something about wanting to wean me back off the morpha. Major Pike told me I've got about 2 weeks in here as a guest, but they want me off the morpha as soon as possible."

Pav nods slowly. "This is something we strive for, however, and this is important Corpral, despite what others may want. Your comfort is important. You're to let us know if something hurts and where, don't try and tough something out because you're a Marine or someone with a higher pay grade tells you to." He sighs and makes a few notations and then turns the page. "Right, so we'll get you some jello, and you're to get some vitamin and immune boosters, also strive to keep hydrated. If drinking is akward, I'll have a cup of ice chips provided."

Epi crinkles her nose at the doctor, clearly not pleased about the idea of ice chips - or maybe it's because she has to admit weakness. "Yes Sir," she murmurs, nodding. "I promise to let someone know if I'm hurting." She's about to say something else when she sneezes again, just managing to cover her face with that tissue. "Thank you, Sir."

Pav nods slowly. "No need to thank me. It's my job. Thank you, for going out and finding so many injuries to keep us busy. Which is above and beyond your job." He chuckles, striding away to put the clipboard in a compartment at the door side of the room. "I'll be back in a bit, I have a few things to attend to. If you ladies will excuse me." With that he passes through the doorway.

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