Natural Habitat
Natural Habitat
Summary: A cross section of Red Berthing life. Dirty humour, poetry, triad, and balls. Lots of balls.
Date: PHD029
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Kharon - Red Berthing

Matto gives the Captain a soft laugh, coming 'round to stand behind her and rest his balls on her shoulders. "Don't wear them out too fast, though, remember that you're the ones who are going to have to be renewing that resource."

Eddie settles back into her chair, dragging the cup of coffee towards her that Thea brought in offering. "Funny, I rather thought that was washing machines." Eddie quips flatly, before sipping at her cup of coffee. She sits at the table with the Captain, while Matto is resting his balls on her shoulder. Juggling balls that is.

Thea seems comfortable enough with Matto's ball juggling so near. She quirks a brow at Morales, head cocking to the side. "Washing machines are fun, but, like some men, they only have one speed. It's easier to train a man." Her head tilts back up slightly so she can look at Matto. "Marines? Nope. I'm not renewing -that- resource."

Roubani steps through the hatch in his flightsuit, with it unzipped to the waist and empty arms dangling around his legs. Underneath, a standard NAVY-stamped T-shirt, and in the crook of his arms are some folders and other work. No pen, though. The sound of voices makes him look up and over as he closes the hatch behind him.

"Well, don't look at me, I can't do it," Kissy notes. He's only got one ball in each hand and begins to thud them down alternatingly on the Captain's shoulders, up near the back of her neck, working on her muscles.

Eddie looks into the depths of her coffee cup, this conversation doing nothing to lighten her mood. "As I said before…" She lets her sentence drift off as she catches sight of Roubani over the rim of her coffee mug, taking a long drink rather than finish the thought.

Thea tilts her head forward slightly, chuckling. "So, Morales. What's new with you," she asks quietly. Her back is to the door and she's being distracted.

Roubani takes the row of bunks towards his own, giving wide berth to the various backs turned to the hatch. He tosses his notebooks up onto the bedding and pulls a foot up onto the ladder rung, unlacing one boot.

Matto shuts up about now, taking the forward tilt of the Captain's head as encouragement. He rolls the palms if his hands over the balls, pushing them in gently as he rolls them up to the back of Thea's neck and back to her shoulders, though he quirks a brow at the question. What's new?

You mean besides her being in and out of medbay, on psychiatric leave until she hears word from her CO or CAG, and the fact that she's only left berthings long enough to get rations? "Nothing." She says solemnly, sliding the coffee cup on to the table in front of her before reaching for a smoke to keep her hands and thoughts occupied.

One boot done, other boot done. Roubani slides the heavy footwear into a cubby with his name scribbled on it and pulls down his sneakers, jamming his feet into those instead. More comfortable, spares the room from sock stench. Not that he lets his socks get dirty.

The Raptor Captain is quiet for a moment, then she nods, once. "I'll leave you Kissy here to keep you company for a bit, then," she says, starting to pull away from Matto. "I have a few things to take care of." She doesn't even say anything to Roubani.

Matto is getting abandoned in Red Squadron Berthings! "Can you take these home, Cat?" he asks. "And if you find the third one like them I'll love you forever. Not that I already don't love you forever," he grins, then, grin fading, "Platonically," he adds, having learned the hard way that you can't throw around the L word with women and get away with it.

Eddie peers into her coffee cup as if sullenly wishing there were alcohol in there instead. "Gee. A whole Kissy. What's a girl to do." As is her usual lately, her voice is almost monotone. "We can paint each other's nails and wash hair or something…" Alright, so her time in berthings is starting to wear her a little thin.

Well that's an interesting conversation to be accidentally eavesdropping on. Roubani straightens after he gets his sneakers laced, glancing at the middle table and then up at his bunk as he reaches for the shelf. He's just tall enough to manage it without having to climb over everything to do so.

Legacy dips her head, scoops up her cup, and quite simply leaves.

Legacy heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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"Yeah, or— that." Kissy's left looking a little lost. He looks back to Eddie, though, "We could. I paint a mean toenail," he offers, settling at the side of the table facing her, folding his arms over his lap. "We could tell stories," he notes, "Or jokes, if stories are too depressing."

Eddie massages at her temple with a few fingertips, mustering a smile for Matto's benefit. There are limits to her patience, but she's really trying at this point, not to just go crawl back into her bunk. "Tell me a joke then, Matto." She says quietly, eyes flicking over to keep half an eye on what Roubani's up to over there.

Roubani is pawing around aimlessly, really. Either avoiding the group or just not interrupting someone trying to get Eddie to laugh. He does glance over his shoulder once, just as Eddie looks back his way, and he smiles at her.

"Uh, alright, hum… let's see. Have you heard the one about the potato clock?" Kissy wonders, slouching comfortably against the table.

Eddie quirks a little genuine smile to match Roubani's, which seems to bolster her courage enough to say, "Can't say as I have." to Kissy, to prompt him to tell the joke.

Roubani finds a pen. Which he promptly sticks behind his ear as though it just belonged there. He rolls his shoulders to iron himself out and starts a wander towards the table finally, cautious of breaking in. "Evening. Potato…clock?"

"You see, every morning, I get a potato clock," Kissy tells Eddie with a grin pulling at the corner of his mouth. "Have you heard the one about the Leontinian and his Aerelonese wife?"

Eddie just blinks at Matto, waiting for the punch line but he's apparently already delivered it. Beat. Beat. "I…I don't get it." She's almost afraid to admit, because the explanation is probably worse than the joke.

Matto pauses, then says it more slowly, "Ever morning. I. Get up. At eight. O' clock."

Roubani says nothing further, sliding his hands into his pockets. The 'punchline' tics a vague smile at one corner of his mouth.

Eddie phews verbally, though there's no laugh. "I thought that was a crack about morning wood." She nudges out a chair for Roubani with her foot, silent invitation or perhaps plea for him to join them. "Alright Leontinian and his wife. Go."

"Alright, so there's this Leontinian who trades in livestock, and on his travels he meets this big-titted, backwoods Aerelonese farmgirl and makes her his wife. One day he goes out to a farm to look at this bull for sale at five hundred ninety nine cubits. He brings six hundred cubits with him, just in case. When he gets there, the guy's about to jack up the price, so he ends up buying the thing," Kissy sets up the joke, "He has to send a message back to his wife to send the trailer so they can bring the animal home, but the cable costs a cubit a word. So he sends her off a cable just saying 'Comfortable.' The guy asks, 'What sense is she going to make of that?' and he tells him, "She's from Aerelon, it's a long word, she'll have to read it slow. Come fer da bull."

Roubani sets a knee on the chair before he settles, ending up sitting on his folded leg. His hands fold neatly in his lap. That is, until Matto finishes, at which point he rubs his hand just under his nose in a polite attempt to hide a smile.

Eddie actually gives a bark of laughter at that, a single, "HA!" That shows her appreciation for Kissy's joke. This prompts a bit of good will on Eddie's part, so she finally offers one of her own. "A man and a friend are playing golf one day at their local golf course. One of the guys is about to chip onto the green when he sees a long funeral procession on the road next to the course. He stops in mid-swing, takes off his golf cap, closes his eyes, and bows down in prayer. His friend says: 'Wow, that is the most thoughtful and touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind man. The man then replies: 'Yeah, well we were married 35 years.'" The trio of them are seated around the center table.

Matto gives a cackle at the punchline, beginning idly to toss the two black and white checkered balls up into the air one at a time again, hardly seeming to think about doing it. Happy enough to see Eddie contributing, he leans toward her a little bit in hopes of eliciting another in a back-and-forth, "Once there was an orphan tree who'd never known his parents. A woodpecker was sitting on one of his branches and he asks it: 'That big tree over there looks old and wise. I bet it knows who my parents were, but it can't hear me from here. Do you think you could fly over there and ask?' The bird agrees and flies away. Minutes pass. Then hours. Finally the tree starts shouting for the bird, thinking it had flown off. The bird comes flying back all in a rage: 'You son of a beech! That was the best piece of ash I've had my pecker in in years!'"

Roubani remains silent, watching this exchange of humour in the sort of way a scientist might exhibit interest in microbes that have suddenly started doing soft shoe in the microscope. His eyes shift back and forth between the two of them, curiously.

Eddie is slowly starting to grin, nudged out by their casual joke telling more so then the nature of the jokes. For a moment, they can be care free and just laugh, which Eddie does or at least a chuckle. "Okay okay.." She actually acts this one out as it's told. "A captain noticed one of his pilots behaving oddly. The pilot would pick up any piece of paper he found, frown and say: 'Thats not it' and put it down again. This went on for some time, until the captain arranged to have the pilot psychologically tested. The psychologist concluded that the pilot was deranged, and wrote out his discharge from the service. The pilot picked it up, smiled and said: 'That's it.'"

Matto swipes one of the balls from his cascade and slams the other one on the table a few times in applause, grinning, "Oh, man." He has to take a while to chuckle at that one, never having heard it. And he's heard a lot of them, having more or less made a living at this sort of tomfoolery in his early days. "So a pair of Fundamentalist Gemenese are standing on the roadside pounding in a sign that reads 'You Tread An Fruitless Path! Turn Yourself Around Now Before It's Too Late!' A Caprican speeds by and shouts, 'Leave us alone, you religious nuts!' He rounds a bend, and then the priests hear the sound of screeching tires and a big splash. One priest turns to the other, 'Do you think our sign should just read 'Bridge Out'?'"

Roubani smiles a little at Eddie's contribution, then his dark eyes flicker to Matto. Joke told. Then they flicker back, expecting another. It's a humour tennis match.

Eddie gives a full laugh, not the titter of early, but a full laugh that has her holding her side and a grin to bloom on her face like the sun breaking after a storm. "Nice." She finally compliments when she can catch her breath. "I'll have to remember that one. Have you told it to Cygnus, he might appreciate it." She chews on her bottom lip for a moment, trying to dredge up another to tell. "Damn. I'm out."

About then, Fenris enters the berth from, well, whatever it was she was doing. She has the subtle signs of fatigue about her as she walks, hailing the room with a, "Good evening." as she approaches the table, hand lifting to unzip her flight suit.

Matto leans back, spreading his arms in a gesture of sedate victory, "You went longer than most," he tells her. "You think? Well, why don't you tell it to him when you see him next?" he suggests.

Roubani watches Eddie laugh like that, and the pull at the corner of his mouth has relief in it. He says nothing to kill the moment, glancing at his watch and quietly sliding out of his chair as he hears Fenris' voice. "Lieutenant."

Eddie's smile fades until it's just a light expression on her features, but at least it's still there. "I don't speak to him much, but maybe I will." She gives an amiable nod to Fenris. "Sir." She pushes back from the table, knocking her knuckles on the table near Roubani, rapping twice. "That's it for me folks. G'night."

"Night, Mooner, sweet dreams, hey?" Kissy says, looking back to give Fenris a smile and a nod in greeting.

Fenris replies with a soft, "As you were." as Rou starts to get up. She looks between the lot, then, "Good night, Mooner." once Eddie makes her pardons for the night.

Roubani returns the double rap on the table. Morse code for dummies. Which apparently means goodnight and who knows what else.

Matto is already as he was, so he just stays… as he was, then looks back to Roubani. "What about you? Have any jokes stored upstairs?"

Fenris continues on as Matto inquires about Roubie's funny bone. A couple of steps later, she starts, "Have you heard about the rope and the vacuum?" without looking back.

Roubani looks momentarily uncertain as Matto asks him that. The courage gathering is visible, and he opens his mouth in impulse but falls silent when Fenris speaks, looking that way.

Matto tips his head in a bit of an encouraging, 'yeah?' type gesture at Roubani before looking back to Fenris, "Tell us about the rope and the vacuum," he invites her, setting down his balls to reach and move a chair for her in invitation to sit and partake in jocularity.

Fenris pauses at her locker to toss back over her shoulder, "Skip it, it sucks." Dead. Pan. She does, however, keep looking back their way to see if there's any kind of reaction.

Samantha arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Samantha has arrived.

Roubani's laughter is an unexpected huff of air through his nose, that he immediately looks almost guilty for. Still smiling, barely, he folds his hands. "Do you know of Heisenberg on the highway?"

Matto grins, as well, head lolling back a moment as his face scrunches up with the brainfuck. He turns his grin onto Roubani, "Go!"

Fenris cants her head a bit, then, "No." she replies to Roubani's question, still standing by her locker, but staring back at the boys at the table.

Roubani clears his throat, quietly. "Well. Heisenberg is pulled over by a policeman on a motorway. The policeman gets out of his car, walks towards Heisenberg's window and motions with his hand for Heisenberg to wind the window down. Which he naturally does. The policeman then says 'Do you know what speed you were driving at sir?', to which Heisenberg responds 'No, but I knew exactly where I was.'" Ba dum…bum…what.

Kai arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Kai has arrived.

Matto stares for a moment, mouth half-open, poised as if he thinks he ought to be laughing, then, finally laughing, "I think I'm better with jokes about illiterate Aerelonese farmgirls."

Samantha still isn't really sleeping well, and normally the lull of happy, amused, bantering voices outside of the bunks is a comfort as a woman drops off into rest, but tonight she seems to just be giving up. So she pulls her curtain back, just in her sweat slacks and green sports bra for nightware, her drowsy eyes blinking to the room as she swings her legs down.

Fenris starts to shimmy out of her flightsuit by her locker as Roubani commences with the funny, allowing the proceedure to operate on muscle memory. The sound of the drawn curtain draws her attetnion and warrants a, "Good evening." Well, maybe not 'warrants', but, it prompts it, anyway. As Rou finishes, she looks back that way and waits.

Roubani flushes a healthy red at Matto's reaction. This is why you don't let physicists tell jokes, son. "Right, sorry." He picks up his pen and busily clicks it. La di da, nothin to see here.

Kai thumps into the berthings with that telltale cadence in his stride that betrays a very slight limp. Greetings are eschewed in favour of lighting the cigarette he's got between his lips, and tossing a pack of triad cards onto the table as he passes. Unfortunately, the pack lacks inertial dampeners, and momentum has it sliding right into Matto's lap.

"Heh! It's fine. Can you explain it? Then I can tell it and sound all educated and such," Kissy chuckles, then makes an 'Up!' noise as the cards head for his lap, and he leans forward to put up a barrier with his arms to keep them all the table. Nobody wants to pick up all those triad cards from the floor. Certainly not him. He rakes them all together into a stack again. "I think this is a sign from the Lords that we need a change of activity."

Fenris nods, stepping out of the flightsuit and reaching in for her nighty-night clothes as Matto beats her to the punch on the explanation. Her eyes turn quickly to the Captain as he enters, and she affords him a, "Good evening, sir."

Roubani is still buh-RIGHT red in the ears, and he tips his head as he tugs on one lobe. "I'll explain it later, if you'll show me how to juggle," he offers to Matto quietly. To his credit, he makes his voice sound much less humiliated than his face looks. The cards come flying across the table then and he looks up towards their source. "Sir."

Samantha looks up as Kai comes in…"Captain…" She mutters in respectful greeting, but she's still in that bed-brained state of someone who's focusing their drowsy eyes on the world and isn't quite certain if she's truly woke up or this is a reality mirroring dream. She rubs one hand almost childishly against her eyes, letting out a big lioness of a yawn…

"Evening, Mudguts. How's it shaking?" That's accompanied by the Captain's hand clapped to Fenris' shoulder after she's slithered into her nightie, or whatever passes for one around here. He isn't wearing much of a smile, but he does look to be in decent enough spirits, if a little frayed around the edges. But who isn't? "I managed to sneak it out of the marine berthings. It seems a couple of Corporals were holding it hostage." The cigarette is clamped between his teeth then, as he goes about stripping out of his blues jacket.

"Hey, sure," Kissy tells Roubani, rolling a black and white checkered ball across the table to him. "Start with that one. Hold both hands about waist level in front of you, toss it up to eye level and catch it in your other hand. Do that for about a week or until it just becomes second nature. Then I'll give you the second one," he grins.

Roubani hadn't meant right NOW. But oh look, rolling things, which gets his attention like it would a cat. His left hand snakes out and takes the ball, and he gives Matto a narrow-eyed look of mock suspicion before giving it a very light toss, catching it in his right. Then back. He quotes, under his breath, "I will sing for gravity, neglected as the hopeless plight of midgets in outer space…"

There's a reason Roubani's callsign is "Poet", not "Joker".

"I'm well, Captain, how are you?" Fenris replies to the clap. Her attention turns to the impromptu juggling lesson at the table.

Matto smiles at the poem from across the table, leaning back and shuffling triad cards. "You should. I could have sworn when I took my first post that juggling on a ship was a different beast altogether than juggling on a planet. Artificial gravity and all. I'm still pretty sure it's not the same, but I've gotten used to it over the years."

Kai lifts his eyes, attention fixing upon Roubani and then Matto in turn, and touched at the corners with a faint amusement. He resumes shrugging out of his jacket, and drapes it across the door of his locker. Then it's some unsuspecting Ensign's bunk he drops his butt down on, to set to the task of unlacing his boots. The cigarette is pulled from occasionally, and spoken around when Fenris addresses him, "Good." Which is vague as hell. "Getting in some beauty sleep, Case?" he queries of the blonde just waking up.

Roubani smiles a little at Matto. Now that his hands are busy they stay that way with dedication. "Shuttles could be half the size and use half the fuel; On moons man's next small step could be even smaller. With "Leprechaun IV: In Space", cinema's worst dispensers of straight-to-video dreck have left Colonial fleets in the dark. But, I digress…" It's not speech, it's a recitation, as he keeps tossing the ball from hand to hand as directed. His voice remains quiet but it handles the cadences with grace. "Pull the curtains too, rethink the morning - it is night. Into the hem of my life tuck your voice as you might your body in the warm hyperbole of my bed; Hold me, love me, tie me up and drug me; Who wants to be un-earthed anyway?" Pop, up the ball goes and back down, left to right. "Your belly and knees, your toe and elbow, they deserve a poem, but it isn't this one, darling. Take heart, I'll get to them yet…" Up, down, right to left.

Samantha quips lightly towards Kai, "or…failing to, though I'll take the compliment if it looks like I succeeded." Sam states gently, giving him a wiry little smile between another yawn and some drowsy consideration of the room. "What's the booze?" She inquires of everyone in the room…

Fenris closes her locker and settles on the edge of her bed while everyone continues talking, apparantly content to lurk on the fringe for the moment.

Kai is still working on those boots. Head down, he doesn't bother swiping fingers through the dark hair tousled about his forehead. He does seem rather stuck on the last grommet, however, as his hands loiter there for a time while Roubani recites.

Whatever it is, it's pretty, and pretty things have a way of making Kissy smile. So that's what he does, shutting his yap and slouching into his chair, watching Roubani across the table measuring the matched parabolae of the juggling and the oratory.

Samantha's smile is returned with a small one from the Captain, though he doesn't seem to be of any help in the booze department.

"For now, it's enough to know apples fall and carelessly bruise Newton's noggin in our cartoon cosmologies about this morning…" Roubani tosses the ball again. Right to left. Left to right. A metronome it's become, softly tapping in time with the reciting. "…I would equate with heaven, if the sky were not falling, like rain, like leaves, silly simple things like your hair." Tap. Tap. "It is about time the ground remembered us." Tap. And he stops, poem apparently ended, and he remarks to Matto in a pleased voice, "This is fun."

Fen is sans booze as well, but she's ok with that. She watches roubani recite and juggle his ball, content to keep the silence along with everyone else.

From over Sam's shoulder in the bunk, Martin's head slowly looks out and over the collection of people. Hair toussled and his eyes barely open with fatigue, he blinks a few times "The hell is he saying?" He says sleepily. His eyes try to trail the ball Roubani's juggling until they start to cross. His head lulls and his forehead bonks onto Sam's shoulder before he disappears back into the cramped area. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnggggghhhhcccannntsleeeeppp…." There is a light thudding sound of a body slumping down into place inside of the bunk.

Matto looks mildly sobered by the end of the poem, himself. About time, indeed. But he pulls a grin, his broad, bright smile, like the smile of a friend you've known forever, he pulls that grin out of somewhere, giving a huff of a laugh, "I'm glad you're enjoying it. What was that you were reciting?"

Samantha nods to Martin, allowing her body to sink back against his as she debates trying to get up and steal alcohol, or going back to the tired, warm man in her bunk. Of course, the curtain being open is probably making his sleeping worse. "…Alright…gonna try this again. enjoy the booze and poetry, ladies and gents." And with that, Sam tucks her legs back up into her bunk and stretches out at Martin's side, their bodies parallel shadows behind the curtain which Sam then pulls shut a heartbeat later. maybe they'll sleep now, hopefully!

Kai moves to the other boot after that length pause, the first left a mess of loosened laces, like something spilled its stringy guts all over the floor. He keeps his head down, and his expression thus obscured. "It is about time the ground remembered us," he murmurs quietly, as if in answer to Matto's question. "You, love, should forget breakfast; leave it to burn or congeal or grow old with us and sing because it is silly morning. No reason to contend with the churlish sun. We have curtains." His eyes flick up to the raptor driver, then back down again. "A poem to gravity."

Roubani is about to answer Matto when Kai busts out with the first stanza. His dark brows quirk up, the 'pleased' look on his face brightening momentarily. "That is exactly what it is."

"Gravity is a harsh mistress." is Fen's contribution to the conversation. She stretches out on her rack, facing out toward the boys, "Harsh, but honest." Her head hits pillow and she goes silent, but not asleep as her eyes are still locked on the group.

"Oh," Kissy replies, as if that explained it. "Who's it by?" he wonders, in an effort to elicit more concrete information.

Kai furrows his brows slightly, but remains silent. Maybe he doesn't remember, or maybe he didn't hear the question. Either way, he's holding his claim on that bottom row bunk, expression contemplative and eyes a hundred miles away while he smokes.

"Paul Guest," Roubani says, passing the ball from hand to hand without throwing it. Just a roll now. "There are more that I adore but they're terribly long. I'll wait until I can handle two of these." He smiles a little, now giving the ball a gentle toss to the other hand at chest level.

Castor arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Castor has arrived.

Fenris comments softly, "I believe from the request I got, that there is a standing call for more…" a stifled little yawn, "participation in the next talent show, whenever that may be."

"Look forward to it," Kissy tells him, features somehow more serious than often. He pushes back onto the back legs of the chair he's sitting in before he realizes he's fidgiting and puts an end to that, leaning forward to shuffle the cards, "Anyone up for a hand or two?" he wonders. "Oh, yeah, the taent show, when was that?"

"I'm in, if you promise to go easy on me," Kai offers up, after shaking off the proverbial cobwebs. Pushing to his feet, he kicks off his boots and resumes the task of changing into his fatigues. "Gods help those of us without talent," he adds drily, from behind his locker door.

Roubani glances at Fenris. "Did you do something for it, sir?" He crosses his long legs at the knee, sneakered foot resting against his calf. Flightsuit pushed down to his waist, the stuffed ball in his hands passes in front of his T-shirted chest again as he idly tosses it. Left, right. Right, left.

The door opens with that familiar squeeking sound and Castor walks in sans cigar in his mouth. In fact, it seems like he hasn't been smoking as much as he has been. Rumor has it he has been trading a lot of them off for this and that. He takes a moment to scan the room and then says, "Folks." He says in his slight country sounding Aquarian tones.

Fenris doesn't lift her head to shake it, simply offering a, "No." After a moment or two, she decides to elaborate, "I don't believe I have any talents that would entertain anyone." With the new arrival, she does, at least lift her head to offer a, "Hello."

"Evening, Lieutenant," greets the Captain who's just finished tugging up fatigues, and is in the process of pulling on a t-shirt in lieu of the regulation tank tops. It's a faded grey affair with 'Brunei University' emblazoned prominently across the back. A chair at the table's tugged out, and no sooner has Kai sunk his weight into it, than is he reaching across to ash his cigarette.

Roubani gives Fenris a vague, slightly sympathetic smile. His eyes flicker to the hatch and he nods to Castor. "Sir." He doesn't look like he's about to participate in triad, rather set on just tossing a black and white checked stuffed ball between his hands, with the dedication of a homework assignment.

Matto looks around, and, as nobody else calls in, "Sure, Cap, as long as we're not playing for stakes," he chuckles. "Hey, Tinman," he calls, smiling broadly at the guy.

Castor looks over at Fenris, "Eltee, everyone has some talent. I once knew a guy who could balance a chair on his chin while juggling eggs. It had to be eggs though, anything else and he'd lose his balance." He then looks over at Kai, "Cap, finished second shift, nothing big happened which is a good thing." He then moves to his bunk to reach in and pull out a cigar that has been cut in half. Castor reaches into his pocket and uses her zippo with a Battlestar Orpheus logo on it. His eyes follow the black and white ball for a moment before he turns to look at Matto and says kindly, "Hey there tinker king. You starting a game there, Kissy?"

You're in viper berthings, Matto. You play for stakes, or you don't play at all." Kai gives a soft chuckle at that, and reaches over to gather up the cards and begin shuffling them. No parlour tricks, nothing fancy, just an inherent manual dexterity that's probably lent itself well to handling a stick. "Come to think of it, I do believe someone's keeping something of mine hostage, in your berthings. Confirm or deny?" The cards are woven together with a turn of his thumbs. "No news is good news, Tinman," he answers Castor without looking up.

Fenris nods some to Castor, "Perhaps. Suggestions would help." her head returns to her pillow, whilst an arm snakes under it. She keeps watching the boys set up their game.

Roubani tosses the ball up above his head and catches it in the other hand. It'd be far more spectacular if he did that behind his back, or while doing a handstand or something else acrobatic. But alas no, it's just right to left.

"Then you can't expect me to take it easy on you, Spiderguy," Kissy grins, "Yeah, we're about to start one up, looks like," he tells Castor, before looking back to the Captain, "This is truth, as of last time I was in a position to ascertain."

Castor looks over at Fenris, "Well, you could write a skit and act it out. Just have people sitting in chairs, pretend it is a group of pilots flying CAP and the absurd things they talk about while on duty. Or you could be a flight instructor trying to get a group of nuggets ready." He then looks over at Kai, "So say we all, Cap." He walks over to the table and takes a seat, "In that case I reckon I'm in for the game." He says then looks over at Roubani, "Cubit for your thoughts, Poet."

"Fair enough," the Captain concedes, tossing the cards together a few times before cutting the deck and fanning them again. Roubani's persistence with the ball is noted in a brief glance, but the game now holds the majority of his attention as he begins dealing. "Princes high, no albatross." A beat. "Anyone who gets up there and mocks me, will find themselves in charge of counting every bolt and rivet in the tool room, because someone mysteriously upended the box." If he smiled, it might actually sound like a joke.

Roubani half-smiles at Castor, rolling the ball between his hands. "Mmm…that you're cheap?" He teases as an answer to the query.

"We'll see." Fenris returns. She makes a little shift of position, then goes all but unblinkingly still again.

"Yessir," Kissy replies, smiling to himself, either to the threats against mocking or to the hand rules.

Castor watches the cards and wants to ask Kai about this 'box' but he says nothing as he looks over at Roubani and jokes, "Hey, I'm economically friendly, well, okay and I'm cheap too." He then then looks over at Fenris, "You could lightheartedly explain life on the ship as if you were talking to children. That'd be funny." He then proceeds to says, "Children, this is the Commander when he gets grumpy he sends people to time out without cookies. Alright, Children this is the Deck Chief, don't get to close she might eat you." This makes him chuckle slightly as he waits for his cards.

Kai's lips twitch a fraction, but he's silent as cards are turned between two fingers and flicked lightly at each participant. Kissy, Castor, then himself, in a motion so rhythmic it's nearly robotic.

Roubani uncrosses his legs and stands up without bumping his chair. He crosses left sneakered foot over right, lurking to watch the first hand of the game as he puts the back of his hand against his mouth, politely blocking a soft yawn.

Mud is quiet for now, her eyes turning to Castor as he makes his next suggestion. She seems to think about that for a moment, but leaves any conclusions unspoken. In their insidious way, Rou's yawn conspires with Fen's own, and her free hand rises to stifle the latter.

Kai shifts back in his chair once hands are dealt, and takes a long pull of his cigarette while mulling his options. It's a wonder he doesn't light the cards on fire, holding them in the same hand as he is. Two cards are selected on his turn, discarded and replaced before he raps his knuckles on the table.

If you look up the expression triad face in the dictionary you would see a picture of Castor. As soon as he gets the cards his face goes effortless dead. He takes his cards glancing at them before his expressionless eyes study the other two men waiting for a tell.

Roubani keeps an angle where he won't be accused of looking at anyone's cards over their shoulders. He tips his head from side to side, absently working out some pre-rack kinks in the muscles while he watches the throwdown.

Matto's taking the opposite tack, settling his hands above his cards and watching the others go about looking them over before— "Kissybear." Huhwha? It's Poppy, finally having found the pilot. He looks back to her, asking something with his eyebrows, then she tells him something with a brief twitch of her head and a quirked brow of her own. They communicate telepathically in this fashion for a short while before Kissy jumps up, "Ohfuck, yeah, that's today, isn't it," he suddenly says out loud, "Geh! Sorry dudes, gotta jump, next time, though!" He leaves his cards face down on the table, unpeeked at, if someone else wants the spot.

Castor might be waiting a while, if he's expecting a 'tell' from the Captain; he's steely-faced at the best of times, though there's something vaguely distracted in his mien tonight. His mind is.. elsewhere. As Matto departs suddenly, he glances to the cards left on the table and then Castor in turn. Well, so much for getting his pillow back. Cigarette tucked between two knuckles, he discards another card and then rearranges his hand in preparation for the throwdown.

Fenris rises and diligently pads over to take up the abandoned place, so as not to interupt the flow of things. She picks up Matto's cards, giving them a lookover, "I'll take two."

Castor doesn't break when Kissy walks out his eyes simply lock on the Captain. He does however exchange one and only one of his cards. He looks over at Fenris, "Welcome to the game eltee." He his eyes turn to study Fenris for a tell.

Roubani's brow lofts when Matto goes dashing out. Then his head tilts and he looks back at the game, with most of his attention. Part of his thoughts might be elsewhere, hard to tell.

Kai waits for Fenris to take her cards, and meets Castor's eyes for a second or two during the silent assessment he's given. Not a word's spoken, though. His hand apparently finished, he sets his cards down crisply and drags from his cigarette.

Castor says in still and calm tone, "Whats the wager, Cap?" He asks as he waits for Fenris.

Roubani's eyes flicker to the faces around the table and then to the ball in his hands. He steps back and away from the card game, detaching himself from the social and drifting towards the row of his bunk.

"No wager. I'll have to corner Matto later about my godsdamned pillow." Which might be a threat, a promise, or neither. "Good night, Ensign," Kai offers to the retreating Roubani, without glancing up at him.

Castor folds his cards, "Well, no wager then no reason to play so count me out, Cap." His face suddenly becoming expressive again, "Well, there is always tomorrow."

"Good night, Captain. Lieutenants." Roubani sounds a little amused at the 'conclusion' of the game, but as his face is hidden by now it's hard to tell. His bunk creaks as he climbs up into it, and shuts the curtain.

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