My Granny
My Granny
Summary: Two Marines provide the resident academic a geekgasm.
Date: PH#156 (21SEP09)
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Another day in Paradise… Seriy is again in the gym, hard at work on the treadmills it would seem. Her face glistens as she runs at a moderate pace, perspiration marks on her shirt at the arms and chest. All in all she looks like she's trying really hard, but not much of a runner…

Another day in Paradise… Seriy is again in the gym, hard at work on the treadmills. That's enough to make Pandorian's day right there, truth be told. No, he notes, smacking a ridge-hand into the wall and stretching his chest by using the arm as a lever, she hasn't got a whole lot to bounce. He drops down to touch his toes, considering that such a thing is not always a disadvantage. The rush of blood that accompanies his rapid standing turns his face red as he approaches, and makes a mind already prone to flights of fantasy go positively orbital. "… like you've got wings," he hears himself saying while setting up the treadmill next to hers. Crap. Who authorized that line? Get me cerebellum on the line! Out to lunch? At a time like this?!

Probably luckily for Panda, Seriy's a bit lost in her own little world of physical discomfort, her academic's body not used to the rigors that it has been put through in the last several months. Still, she's trying her pure little heart out. "Pardon?" she asks between treads, very little on her visibly bouncing beneath the slightly oversized ship-issue clothes. "Oh… It's you… Good… afternoon," she says with as much of a smile as she can make while straining for breath. She jogs on a treadmill next to another where Panda has just arrived at.

Hammerhammerhammerhammer—Panda dives right into it, attacking the treadmill next to Seriy's with a fast paced sprint. "Hey there!" he greets in return, maybe a bit too loud. The Marine's feet slip and he spends the next several seconds regaining his footing (and dropping the pace back a bit on the machine). "Great day for a Marine Run, eh!" Pandorian lopes along, looking left and right every few strides. "This's what… your third?"

Slipping inside the hatch to the gym, Jules quietly makes her way over towards the treadmills, getting on the next one down the line and pressing some buttons. A towel is set along one arm of the machine, a bottled water is set into one of the drink holders. She tugs a headband into place and starts up her routine, giving a nod over to Panda and a look at Seriy. "Marine Run, hooooahhhh." Uh oh, they're multiplying.

Seriy looks over at Panda like he's crazy. 3 runs? On purpose? And then there's another one. How can anyone be excited about this sort of pain? Then on the outside she replies, "Heavens… no… I've been at it…" she checks the machine, "about 2 miles…" Definitely not a girl designed for marine life. Still, she's trying.

"URRAH!!" So he rolls his R's, it's still the same noise and plenty loud. "Two mile?" Pandorian asks, flashing a grin to Seriy and then one to Jules on his other flank as he adds, "Better yet!" His voice changes, deep and loud, punctuated by the hammering of his footfalls. "Three mile! Gotta-run! Four Mile! To-the-sun!" And then, just as loud but more lyrically (though still matched to the rhythm of his run): "o/~ When my granny was ninety-one, she did PT just for fun! When my ninety-two, she did PT better than you!"

It's just a little bit scary how easily Jules slips into the same running rhythm as Panda, feet hammering on the treadmill in time. And then as he starts up a cadence, she joins in, raising her voice to be heard over her treadmill: "o/~ When my granny was ninety-one, she did PT just for fun! When my granny was ninety-two, she did PT better than you!" And then: "o/~ When my granny was ninety-three, she did PT better than me! When my granny was ninety-four, she did PT more and more!" Thump-thump-thump-thump.

Seriy had heard of them, but wasn't sure she believed it. I mean there were stories- have always been stories, old and new, but to really be faced with the reality of the soldier class… Her pace starts to slacken off as she watches curiously, somewhat fascinated by the sociological phenomenon happening right next to her. She drops to a quick walk, small chest heaving as she stares at her neighbors.

Panda continues along with Jules, letting her take the lead for a few as he focuses on matching pace; the transition and matching are hardly done consciously. After the first few weeks of boot, it becomes instinct. "o/~ When my granny was 95, she did PT to stay alive!" He flashes a grin to the left, waving to Jules and then tapping the speed on his machine up two. "o/~ When my granny was 96, she kept on doing flutter-kicks!" The glance to his right is a little different; the grin morphs into a round-mouthed shape as he barks, "Pickemup! You're with Marines, urrah!" It may be shouting, it may be intimidating to the uninitiated, but the grin that his expression returns to is as good-natured as anyone running can muster.

Jules keeps her pace solid and steady, not quite breaking a sweat just yet. "o/~ When my granny was 95, she did PT to stay alive!" She reaches forward about when Panda does and ramps the speed up by two, too. "o/~ When my granny was 96, she kept on doing flutter-kicks!" When she glances to the right, she has a big grin for Pandorian and for Seriy, too, as she looks past the man. Then she's back face-forward, running her synchronous marine run.

Seriy speeds back up to a jog, but more out of auto-pilot than any desire to join in. It's just so fascinating. The good thing is that it keeps her mind off the abject misery that is her body at the moment. "Fascinating," she manages to breath out as she rests one hand on the bars of the treadmill to balance so she can keep her head turned and watching the pair.

"o/~ When my granny was 97, she up and died and went to heaven!" The quick left-right has Panda noticing their partner's return to running; it's enough to put a laugh in his voice. "o/~ She met Ay-res at the Elysium's gates, said, "Honoured Lord of War, hope I'm not late!" Pandorian pokes again at the speed controls, setting the treadmill's motors whirring angrily. It's far more than two ticks, and the final lines come out more like vocalized breaths than any true words.

"o/~ When my granny was 97, she up and died and went to heaven!" Jules gives Panda a sidelong glance as she continues with: "o/~ She met Ay-res at the Elysium's gates, said Honoured Lord of War, hope I'm not late!" And then with a sharp little look to the side, she ramps up her speed too. At least as high as the male Marine did. Chest heaving, she sweats up a storm, but has her handy headband to thank for none of it getting in her eyes.

Seriy watches as the pair speed up, but her pace remains at just enough of a jog to keep her body bouncing. She's definitely not going to ramp herself up to the speed they are at. Now she starts to become more curious about how long they can keep such a pace up. And is it part of their subculture, or is it Panda's unfortunate disabilities that make him run and sing so…?

Panda huffs a distinct 'frak' under his breath and, hand bouncing, stabs the treadmill once more. What were once clean sweats are already dark grey all over from, well, sweat. But the challenge motivates him, and not only does strive to match (or maybe beat) Jules' pace, but clear up his words too. "o/~ Ay-res said with a big ol' grin, 'Get down granny, and knock out ten'! She replied with a big ol' smile, 'Sorry, Ay-res, I'm on profile!' Whoah-uwoah, uwoahuwoahuwoah—URRAH!" Before he lets himself even notice if Jules goes any faster Pandorian closes the Jodie and cycles his treadmill down to a jogging pace.

"o/~ Ay-res said with a big ol' grin, 'Get down granny and knock out ten'! She replied with a big ol' smile, 'Sorry, Ay-res, I'm on profile!' OOOOOOORAH!" Jules is puffing a bit by the end of the song and starts to ramp down her machine as well, slipping into a steady jog. "Man. I love singing while exercising. Boot was super funsies."

Seriy blinks as she maintains her trotting jog, a brief frown passing through her eyes at the mention of boot and fun in the same sentence. Still, it seems like they had their little moment. "Do please tell me," she gets out with some effort, "is that usual for two marines to do? A sort of greeting perhaps?" She seems to be asking the question past Panda and towards the girl on the other side of him. "Or is it something that he likes?" she ammends meaningfully.

The Lance Corporal shakes his head ruefully, entire face scrunched up in a grin at Ozimandias. "Super-funsies, Marine," he huffs, "urrah!" It's even said entirely lowercase; he's warming down and it shows. Panda tilts his head at Seriy, and something about it has him tripping up over himself. The goon has to grab the treadmill's handles to keep from turning the machine's console into a tooth-fairy.

"Doesn't everybody like singing while exercising?" Jules asks with a broad grin for Seriy. She's got her pace down enough that she can look over her shoulder without going ass over teakettle with a misplaced footstep. "Marines gotta be lean and mean, ready to fight anything, so, I guess when we have the opportunity to sing and be happy about being lean and mean, we do." She sounds like she's thinking it out as she's saying it.

Seriy nods her head rather than use air to reply, and then her eyes shift to the nearly stumbling Panda. Poor guy, he really tries so hard. She switches to a walking pace, now cooling down herself. "Do be careful," she says to him gently, "you shouldn't wish to get hurt."

"Good answer, Marine," Pandorian declares after regaining his feet; he's on a treadmill, drenched in sweat, flanked by Jules and Seriy in various states of perspiration as well. The flush of exercise helps him save face, though it may be a bit of a point that he stares straight ahead now, only glancing down to tick the pace back on his jog. "Jodies help the Marine learn how to breathe properly under pressure instead of letting the mind panic and overthink things. They help the Marine get in step and keep in step." He pushes out a heavy breath, gulps for air, and continues. It's almost the textbook answer from the NCO Academy manual. "In the long term, they help indoctrinate the Marine into the C-M-C way of life. They teach Marines about being part of something bigger than themselves, and pass on the history and traditions of the Corps. In this way, as long as Jodies are chanted, every Marine lives on in them. URRAH!"

Selene comes in to go for her run, grabbing a towel and looking for an open treadmill. The only open one is next to Jules, which makes things a little awkward for Selene as she steps up onto it and turns it on, staring straight forward.

"Urrah!" Jules chimes in, punctuating Pandorian's text-book explanation of Why Marines Sing And Run. She's jogging on her treadmill next to the male Marine, coated in a fine film of sweat (none of it in her eyes though, thanks to her extra keen headband). "The Marine must not think of themselves as an individual, but as part of an animal, an animal called the Colonial Marine Corps. Marines move together, fight together, sleep together, eat together, shit together, and they bleed together." That's about when she starts toning her treadmill down to an easy walk, hands on the arm rails of her machine.

Seriy is quite obviously tired and sweaty, but utterly entranced by the display occurin next to her, and it's because of this that she misses Selene's entrance for a moment. "Legion… fascinating… Utterly fascinating…" She has cycled down to a fairly relaxed walk, cooling down her muscles.

"You forgot drinkin'," Panda offers, ticking his machine back even more. That helps him notice the new arrival, and he flashes a wave at her as well. It's possible he doesn't notice his other hand reaching out to tick the machine's speed back again until he's walking at Jules' pace.

Selene just continues to run, glancing over at Jules once before pressing on. At least from her side, there's a tension there that could be cut with a knife. She doesn't say anything, or seem to notice anyone else, just focusing on her run, as if that will help her forget.

"I did," Jules admits with a bob of her head in Panda's direction. She doesn't quite spot Selene til Panda tosses a wave her way. Then she notices her quite a bit, pausing in place with her lips parted. As she opens them to say something, she goes tumbling off the back end of the treadmill and onto her ass on the deck. "Ow. Why does that keep happening."

Seriy also looks past the pair to see Selene starting her run. "Oh! Good evening p- Oh!" she exclaims as Jules goes falling off the back of her treadmill. She hops off her own, quickly moving to the fallen girl's side. "Are you alright?" she asks as she crouches down next to her, a motherly tone in the young woman's voice.

Selene hears the thump and forgets where she is, turning to look at Jules. Of course, the treadmill does what treadmills do, and launches her feet, tossing her rather unceremoniously on top of Jules. Good thing she's not very big.

Panda just shakes his head, stifling a laugh at Jules' expense. He steps off the machine and paces for a bit, reassuring Seriy that, "she's a Marine," and then stretching against the wall. When he turns back around, there are two women dismounted from the treads. "Hey, you alright?" Selene isn't a Marine.

Jules is starting to recover enough to reassure Seriy, even going so far as to open her mouth again to say something when FLYING NAV TECH TACKLE happens. Squeaking very unMarinelike, she lays flat with Selene on top of her, pretty much staring eye to eye at the woman. "Uhm."

Seriy almost falls back as Selene arrives via airmail, but places her hands behind her to catch herself. Still, not good. "Get those machines turned off," she says to Panda without looking up at him. "Are you two alright? Shall we summon medical?" she asks as she moves next to the pair.

Selene winces visibly as she realizes what happened, trying to catch her breath enough so she can roll off to one side. That'd be when she covers her face with her hands and mumbles an apology. She does have a knack for making bad things worse, it would seem.

Another thing Jodies do, or maybe just the culture around them: they teach Marines to take orders. Pandorian is responding to them before he even thinks about it (not that he ends up thinking about it anyway), flicking the rocker switch on the treadmills. He refrains from speaking, just awaiting further orders as he watches the three ladies. Well, no, before long the thought of orders is furthest from his mind.

Biting her lip, Jules doesn't exactly shove Selene off, but looks a little less like she's smooshed when the gal rolls off to one side. "I'm fine, really. I'm a Marine." She bobs her head Seriy's way. "Are you okay, Selene?" Her right hand somehow finds it's way down to the Nav Tech's shoulder.
Seriy looks relieved as she sees at least one of them is alright, and she is oblivious to any subtext involved in the situation. "Towels please," she says to Panda as she gives him an encouraging smile.

Selene nods a little, but doesn't say anything, a little mortified that she managed to land on top of Jules like that, and that it had to happen in front of people. Thankfully, her face is still hidden in hand and towel, so people can't figure out exactly what's running through her crazy head.

"Towels," Panda echoes, wobbling slightly. Then, as if snapping awake: "Roit, towels." He hurries over to a cubby of the things, snatching a whole stack and marching them over. Kneeling next to the potentially injured he softly murmurs, "Hot towel? Cracked pepper?"

"Er. I'm good, Corporal," Jules says with a weak smile. It's a far cry from the victory grin she was wearing during the run on the treadmill. Nudging Selene's shoulder slightly, she asks, "You hurt? Or just hiding from me behind a towel?" Pause. "Which by the way? Little bit silly."

Seriy gives Panda another concerned look before turning back tot he pile that has arrived. She takes two off the top and pushes the rest back towards the standing man before taking the pair and moving to the other side of the girls, closer to the as yet unspeaking Selene. "Are you well?" she asks again softly as she looks with concern from Selene to Jules and back.

Selene pulls the towel away from her face, because let's face it, Jules is right. "I'm okay," she whispers, finally sitting up. She'd say she didn't hurt anything, but she doesn't know that. Selene has been in an unusually pessimistic mode given recent events.

Panda kneels next to Jules, snapping his fingers at her face. He mumbles into her ear a number of quiet words, like a coach with a player dazed on the field. Things like, 'What day is it?' and 'When did you enlist?'; 'Who's your ammo carrier?' and 'Founding of the Corps?' Just the important stuff.

Jules, quite obviously not in a daze, just stares at Pandorian. "I'm /good/. Ooorah!" There's some punctuation the guy should understand, right? She pushes to her feet, slinging her towel around her shoulders and offers a hand to Selene. "On your feet soldier." It's said warm and demanding with a brief eyeflick and nod at Seriy.

Seriy rises to her own feet as she sees that everyone is all right. She smiles at everyone before offering clean towels to both younger women. "Well, that was quite exciting, I must say. I should think that is why they report most accidents happen at home. Though it is tough to say if this would be considered home, as off ship one would normally go to a gym I believe… Hmmm…"

Selene puts her hand in Jules' and rises to her feet without question. The tone at which orders are given probably helps with that reaction. "Sorry," she offers again, though she doesn't specify what she's sorry for. Probably for a number of things.

"She's good!" Panda declares with a thumbs-up to Seriy. Oblivious to the importance of what's going on between the other two, he nonetheless stays out of it for the opportunity to talk to the other bridge bunny. And this time she can't sneak off on him like before. "Hey, don't overthink it, you'll get a migraine." He drops all but one of the towels onto a workout bench, patting himself down with the one retained. "Do you sleep here, on the ship?"

Seeing as how her Authoritative Voice worked so well, as soon as Jules has Selene back on her feet she barks, "Now give me a hug or drop and give me ten!" She holds her arms wide expectantly. "And I mean now, Mister!"

Seriy blinks blankly at Panda a few times before replying. "Of course I do, there are few options to the contrary." Poor guy… "It is, however, an illustration of how mishap occurs in the locations wherein we are the most comfortable," she explains carefully before he can get in another word. "In her instance it is the gym, for myself it could be a study, or library, or perhaps social function. For yourself it might be… somewhere you feel quite comfortable," she says with barely a stumble. Luckily there is the other pair. "Oh, wonderful, she seems quite recovered."

Selene blinks a little in surprise, then gives Jules a weak hug, a little wary perhaps, and definitely confused as all hell. That much shows in her eyes.

"You call that a hug? Baby Marines give better hugs than that in Boot." It's hard to turn the Authoritay off once it starts it seems. Jules gives Selene a tight hug in return and says, "-I- am sorry. For the other night and being all avoidy."

Selene shakes her head and hugs back a bit tighter. "No," she whispers in reply. "It was my fault. I shouldn't have, well…" It's just that she did the only thing she knew, from her only good experience in that area, and it just wasn't the right thing to do.

Jules considers the words whispered to her silently for a moment, then says, "Let's just call it a draw on faults." She squeezes Selene again and starts to pull away. "I should have more clear. About being ready, I mean. All I really have to offer anyone at the moment is friendship."

Panda bobs his head at Seriy's explanation. "Yeah, totally, just like they say in the safety brief." He doesn't hurry her with impatient gestures; he just listens to the woman with a light smile. It's not just gravity that draws his eyes downward at the thought of somewhere comfortable. "… mrmm… yeah… recovered…" the young man murmurs distractedly.

Selene frowns a little, apparently not taking the words as they were meant. "No no, it's okay," she replies. "I understand." She offers a weak smile and turns a little, workout forgotten for now.

Seriy turns back from the pair, her smile radiating sunshine. "Well then, now that the excitement is over I suppose I should get on with my workout. I find it very somewhat refreshing if I stretch well after each run. I'm not aware if the marines follow a similar protocol," she adds as she starts towards some open space, making room for anyone else who wants to take her spot on the treadmill.

"I don't think you do. I don't think you will. Not for a while." Jules looks after Selene with a Sad Puppydog Expression. She turns away slowly and glances over towards Seriy, shaking her head and moving towards the door.

Right, stretch! Panda's mind returns from where it had wandered off to with that prodding, and he's following the verbose woman over to the mats for stretching. "Yeah, uh, yeah, but it's usually lead by some big dude shouting a lot so…" His voice is muffled as he tugs off his sweatshirt, the tee coming with it. He tilts his head at the tangle, then shrugs and tosses it aside with the towel. "So this'll be a helluva change."

Seriy reaches her targeted spot and drops her towel before putting her hands together and stretching upwards towards the ceiling, her shift lifting up to show a bit of bare skin. "It appears marines do everything as a group," she observes with a little strain in her voice as she lifts on to her toes.

Selene watches Jules depart and slumps down against the wall, pulling her knees to her chest and burying her face in them. She definitely doesn't look like she feels any better than she did when she came in.

Annnnd out the door Jules goes, wiping at her face with her towel. She heads down the corridor at an easy pace, her booted footfalls echoing into the distance.

"That's the point," Dorian instantly replies, mimicking Seriy's motions. Yes, he's keeping half-tense. The shirts both coming off wasn't in his plan, no, but now that they are, there's no reason not to show off the goods. "In its whole history, the Corps has been unique like that. Navy had sailors, Army had soldiers, Air forces had airmen, but the CMC and its precursors are the -only- ones," he declares, breaking the stretch to wave a hand authoritatively, "who gave their very name to its members. Marines."

Selene climbs to her feet and makes her way out of the gym, probably heading to the head for a shower, and then to her bunk.

Seriy releases her own stretch, bending down towards her feet. It would be nice to say that she could fold like a pretzel, but it seems that she is not particularly limber. So it is that she pauses to watch Selene leave, a soft look of concern crossing her features before she continues down, trying to let the weight of her upper body add to the stretch, her teeth set in a bit of a grimace.

Panda follows her cue, dropping down to touch his toes. He's not so garish as to stare, though being a male and young he does steal a glance or two. Selene's departure keeps him from pushing his luck. "Hey, uh, Seriy…" How is a Marine supposed to come out on top in this situation? Improvise. "Look, uh, I'd love to stretch with ya, and maybe, y'know, get some weak tea and see if you uh, wanted to help me find this book in the library…" Hey, look, a Marine who doesn't call it a liberry! "… but, tell me if I'm outta line here, but maybe shouldn't you… ?" He lets the question hang, gesturing after Selene's back.

Seriy's shirt hangs open a bit as she hangs down, dropping as she stands back up. It seems the first part of his words are lost on her as she looks back towards the door. "I am a bit concerned, she did not look well. I'm afraid she may have hurt herself… Perhaps I should go check on her. It's very nice of you to think of her," she says to Panda with a warm smile. "I think I shall follow her and determine if she requires any assistance."

"… (jolly roger)…" Pandorian whispers to himself; he's good for the night. Not only has he avoided collecting a proverbial bucket of ears, but, well. Yeah. "By all means," the younger Ajtai says with his most polite voice, gesturing toward the door like a butler. A shirtless butler. No bowtie though; something to ask Leda about. He almost leaves it at that, but can't quite force himself to. "See you tomorrow?"

Seriy is already several steps towards the door when he asks his question. "Hmmm?" she asks, pulling her luscious brain back from where it was going. "Oh, quite probably I should think, though, of course, I'm on duty. Have a wonderful evening though," she adds with full sincerity. So nice for someone like him to think of other people…

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