MREs And Joysticks
MREs and Joysticks
Summary: Alex, Dmitri and Salazar have some visitors to the cargo hold in the form of Kai and Jules.
Date: PHD 84
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The strip show, alas, starts and stops with that top flap of Kai's uniform. The button's thumbed off, and it's left in place to signify 'off duty'. The thunk of his bootfalls on the deck halts for a moment as he flickers his eyes about, trying to regain his bearings. Ah, there she is. And nobody's had the heart to get rid of the dog, either. He catches a young woman by the shoulder who nearly barrels into him, but doesn't stick around for her mumbling apologies. "Ms. Nikos," is offered in neutral greeting once he reaches the trio of Salazar, Dmitri and Cerberus. An equally mild "Mr. Alexandros" is given the animal's owner a beat later. He glances at his watch, then back to the woman. "I've got an hour until my next duty rotation, if you were interested in a walk."

"Tell me about it." Dmitri's head rests back against the wall, his eyes closed, "I don't even have my paint with me. And given the lack've privacy, I can't even see if there's any easy chicks in all've this chaos." His fingers absently ruffle through Cerberus's headfur, the dog watching the shoe go flying with an apathetic sort of glance. Hey, he knows better. At the mention of his name, his eyes open. "Hey." A twitch of his lips at the latter offer, and he closes his eyes again.

The impromptu three hour game of throw (can't be fetch if the dog never fetches) finally ends, and the ex-marine stands there for a moment, after it's died its slow and painful death. "Oh, uh-uh." Salazar says as she turns to face the blues-wearing-CAG. "Nikos. Nobody calls me Ms. who isn't looking to collect something I'm unwilling to give." Like the credit card company. Soulless bastards. "I have to pee like nobody's business, good timing," she informs the CAG. Looks like King Pilot is on Potty Patrol <tm>. "I also have some discs I'd like to personally drop by the JAG office." She could have asked an MP, and yet did not. She pauses, and looks over at Dmitri. "It's a military vessel with a full squadron of viper jocks. I'm sure there are some women, and there might even be a looker or two. It's an easy recipe. Say it with me: alcohol and flattery. Boom. No pants." Yeah, she just said that right in front of the CAG. Suck it, Marek! Er. What? Cargo Exile makes her feisty.

So many voices, so distracting especially when someone is trying to sleep on their very nice cot. A groan and Alex is turning over in his Cargo Bay exile trap. "Jeeze, I wish I could get taken for a walk." The grumbly tone has a hint, and only a hint, of venom to it.

"Promise. It'll only be a minute. Or five," Jules slips past the MPs and into the Cargo Bay/Refugee Camp. Thankfully, her small stature helps her in this situation, slipping between people deftly as she moves amongst the people. "Has anybody seen Alexander Nikolo? Lieutenant type guy. With good hair?"

"You're right. It isn't anyone's business, least of all mine." Karim's hands tuck into his trouser pockets, expression thoroughly unchanging. "We can hit the head on the way to JAG. Anything else you'd like, Salazar? Diamonds? A lavish seven course meal?" If he gives a shit about her insinuation of viper jocks being tramps, there's absolutely no indication. But maybe he's just a cool cat like that. Alex doesn't receive a greeting, mostly because Alex seems to be trying to sleep.

"If I was lookin' for romantic advice," notes Dmitri in rather dry tones, without opening his eyes this time, "You are not the one I'd be askin' for it, Nikos. You two g'wan and have your awkward flirtation or whatever it is you're doin'. If you end up in a janitorial closet together, check for any paint once you're done, I'd like to have something t'do to pass the time."

"I said pilots are trampy whores. I'm not that easy, Dmitri." Salazar turns from the camped down folk, and starts on her way to the hatch. "He'd be the rumpled and smelly one in the corner," she calls to Jules, and jerks a thumb over her shoulder toward the grumbly doggie in the window. "Maybe if you ask real nice, the mini marine will scritch you behind the ear and let you out to pee pee." That was to Alex, but she doesn't look back at the man. "If I thought you could swing more than a little joystick, we might be talking in further detail, Marek." Oh, yeah. This walk is gonna go well.

Did someone speak his name? Alex rolls over a bit and looks about as he sits up in his bunk, noticably not smelly, just masculine. "What, who? Did someone speaketh my name in vain?"

Kai doesn't move off to join Salazar. Nah, he's chilling right where he is, while she runs off the mouth and saunters on off. Of course, she won't get too far without him, but maybe it's just an experiment on his part to see how long until she notices. He watches her go, and waits.

Annnnnd, Salazar with the assist. Jules bobs over towards the indicated corner, shooting Salazar a quick salute. "Thanks!" And then it's over to the cot in question. "No, not in vain. I hope. I just realized that you couldn't have made it to the mess if you wanted to, given the givens." She reaches into a pocket on her pants and tugs out two MREs, "So I thought I'd bring the mess to you."

Dmitri slants a look down over to the other reunion, briefly, and then he lets his head fall forward a bit to look down at his dog. "Jus' you'n me," he murmurs, not that Cerberus seems to particularly be listening, "Jus' like always."

Salazar makes it all the way to the hatch, where she stops, and does the staring game with one of the MPs. Neither of the two move to open the hatch. She thinks on it. She waits. She thinks on it a bit more. The black haired woman turns from the hatch, and stands there facing the gaggle of folks. "Oh, come on. Ok, ok. I'm sure your joystick is…" She raises her hands, tips her head slightly, and then moves her hands a little further apart. "Ok, medium sized." She snaps the fingers of both hands, then drops her hands to her hips. The leather pants are tight, and she's wearing those today, owing to no time for a laundry visit yet. What will win out? Marine pride or bladder? "I'm sure you're not a trampy whore, just leader of the trampy whores." Pride and bladder, neck and neck! Salazar stares at Karim for a long moment. "It's a tough job, but someone has to yell 'where's my money, ho?'. I bet you're just a top shelf wrangler in that regard." She bounces a little, one hip slightly canted.

Alex looks at Jules as she goes into her pockets to find supper. He quirks an eyebrow and scoots over on his bunk. "Well, why the hell not. You owe me an MRE anyway." Alex pats the spot on the bunk next to him and shakes his head. "Sunshine, I gotta be honest by the by… this is without a doubt the seventh worst date I've been asked out on."

Okay, so Salazar's gone from suggesting that the CAG is a trampy whore who needs a microscope to find his joystick.. to upgrading him to leader of the trampy whores, and pimp extraordinaire. And this is meant to gain his unwavering devotion to getting her to a potty… how? "Evening, Sunshine," he greets the young marine whom he glimpses headed for Alex with MREs in hand. And then after scratching at the bridge of his nose to hide a twitchy little smile, he heads toward the hatch. "I'll see you later, Salazar," is his backhanded reply to the woman, as he passes. "Let her out before she pees on the floor," he mentions to one of the stonefaced MPs. Neck and neck? Hopefully they're in the final sprint for the finish line, because he's getting awfully close to that hatch.

"Well, I couldn't get flowers and romantic music is right on out. And the food situation? Let's just not go there." Jules offers both packets to Alexander. One is marked Chicken and Dumplings. The other? Turkey and Gravy. "You get first pick." She smiles.

"Between chicken and turkey? Gotta go with the turkey Sunshine." Alex responds with a smile back at her. "How you feeling by the way? With all those remnants of bullets and what not?" It's asked as casually as he can but his eyes betray him by flashing concern.

The marines behind Salazar keep it together through her little performance, mostly. One of them does have to do a little cough before going back to stoic guard duty mode. He clears his throat and gruffs, "Sir." There's a sharp nod, barely a drop of the chin, as the CAG approaches the hatch, and both MPs instantly stiffen and go eyes forward.

Salazar grunts softly under her breath. Right. Getting used to an uneven playing field is going to take some getting used to. She's been civvie side and undercover for too long. She does a mental calculation, then steps in to intercept the off duty Captain. "… If I promise not to make a joystick crack for the next thirty six hours, would you do me the honor of being my escort through the corridors, Karim?" She tips her head slightly, and both brows raise just a tic. Sincerity on her is a little disturbing. Kind of like she's biding her time until she can find a knife. "I just played fetch for three hours with a dog who wouldn't move. Take pity on me in my incarceration."

"Get a better shoe," Dmitri calls.

Kai looks fully prepared to head right on through. Salazar may or may not have had competition for her ego before, but he? Is used to disciplining stick jockeys, day in and day out. If he's got a small joystick, at least he compensates with balls of steel. His progress past the two marines trying to keep straight faces is halted by the woman's voice, however. He turns to glance at her, hands still tucked in his pockets. He flickers his eyes down, then up again as if he half expects to find her knock-kneed in desperation. "Pity's all you're going to get, Salazar. Keep your hands to yourself, and if you mouth off at any officers or crew, I will personally nail your ass to the wall." He gives a small nod to the marines to say 'she's with me', and continues on out.

"Medical says another week or so and I'll be back on full duty. For now it's light, which mostly means paperwork and stuff, which… there's a lot of after the mission on Scorpia." Jules lowers her voice as she speaks with Alex, offering up the turkey before tearing open her chicken and dumplings. "How about you? Regretting coming back with us?"

"Naw." Alex responds as he starts to open his turkey and gravy. "It's different, going from no one around to crammed with everyone. But I figure with time things'll start to get a bit more normal for me. I'll hopefully get reinstated." That's when he pauses and looks away some.

There are about five snarky replies that could be made to Karim's words. And every single one of them passes through her mind even as she moves to follow the CAG out of the Cargo Bay. "Working on the shoes. Check." Salazar steps through the hatch, past an MP who suddenly needs to cough again, and the tail end of her words might be caught by the MPs, or someone else in earshot of the hatch. "… You might consider phrasing that differently if it's meant to be a deterrent, Karim. Talk about mixed signals." As they move off down the hall, she says something about 'secret pilot nickname' and 'Big Daddy'.

Dmitri plants a hand against the deck beneath him, and he pushes himself up to his feet; hands bracing to the small of his back, he stretches with a slight grunt. "C'mon, Cerberus," he orders, the dog scrambling up to his feet, "Let's go for a jog round the bay, get some exercise."

Jules tries a little of the MRE powder and swallows. The look on her face says that it probably doesn't taste like chicken or dumplings. Shaking the sour look off her face, she asks, "So, you'll be an officer again? I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to fraternize with those." She looks away, off towards Dmitri and then, of course, Cerberus, who brings a smile to her face.

"No, no you're not really supposed to." Alex nods his head, frowning at his own turkey and gravy which tastes more like cardboard and shoes. He looks away for a moment then back towards Jules and grins, "So you'll either have to marry me fast so the JAG has nothing to complain about, accept the non-frat rule, or just break the rules you don't like."

"Can't marry you yet, so, I guess I'm gonna have to break the rules I don't like… cos, I want to see you again and thinking about you makes my stomach do this thing where it flips and flops and is really warm and it isn't because of the bullet hole through it," Jules states, before admitting, "Besides, I've already kinda… ignored this other rule. About no animals. I rescued this cat off of this space station and I have some bunnies from when I first came aboard. I love animals."

"Animals huh? I saw a dog wandering around some." Alex comments with a soft chuckle then shakes his head. "I can't tell ya what to do Sunshine, never been good with advice. But as long as you are ok with such things, that's fine. Sorry if your stomach is all flippy floppy. But I am damn glad I stumbled across y'all." He smiles at her softly and then goes back to his 'food'.

"I'm glad too. Not too many people talk to me here. On account of my rank and all. Mostly Captain Marek, and this nice deck lady George. The Marines are mostly more about shooting things and PT and yelling and making up new more interesting swears." Lowering her chin some, Jules looks over at the man she's speaking to. "You don't have to apologize. It's… it's not a bad thing, the feeling. It's just. Well. I'm afraid of getting it smooshed."

"You will." Alex says with a shake of his head, "Trust me Sunshine, you will. Nothing in life will ever stop it from getting smooshed. I'll do something, you'll do something… with the way life is now, it's inevitable something will break it. Even when the world was perfect, those feelings got crushed." He sounds almost like he's speaking from experience but he manages his smile. "It's what you do with the time you have and those feelings that counts really I think."

Jules chews on Alex's words (and some more of the chicken and dumpling powder, ew) quietly for a few moments. She seems to be considering things. The MRE packet is set aside. Then she says, "I was really hoping you'd kiss me. Now that I've actually had a real bath with real soap and I'm not wearing a helmet or body armor that I had to scrub my commander's brains off of. I happen to have it on good authority, that I smell good and I think it'd be best if you did. Kiss me, that is."

He looks rather surprised, afterall it's a pretty blunt request. Setting his own MRE down, Alex turns to look at Jules for a few moments. "I'm an honest person when I can be. You looked fine, you smelt fine on the planet. I feel horrid that I've been trapped in this cargo bay and probably look like a half drowned pilot-rat." Then that smile creeps to his lips as his hand lifts up to gently cup Jules' cheek. "But I'll be damned if I'm not able to follow a well issued request." Leaning forward, Alex tilts his head.

"You don't look like a half-drowned pilot r—" Jules doesn't get it all out. There's kissage, she's kissed and is kissing. Pressing her lips to Alex's tenatively at first, before relaxing and going with it. When she does pull back, it's only slightly and she smiles. Talk about amping the wattage. "Oh wow. I'm totally gonna get brigged for breaking the rules." And she looks HAPPY about it.

Alex keeps his hand gently on Jules' cheek while smiling as she pulls away and whispers. A soft chuckle leaves his lips as he nods his head, speaking back. "Welcome to Icarus' world. Just remember, you only get brigged for breaking the rules if you get caught breaking the rules."

"Oh, I'm a rebel. Totally. I, k'know, do rebel-y things like -not- smoke when everyone else is smoking in the lounge and— oh! I used to cut my crusts off of my PBJs. I walk on the wild side all the time." Jules says all that in a stream, before grinning some more, "Wait, your callsign is Icarus? That's so cute."

"Cute? Cute?" Alex mock gasps trying to sound offended. "Icarus is deadly with his bow and what not I'll have you know." He brushes fingertips over her cheek then laughs, "By time you finish this cruise with me on board Sunshine? I'll teach you how to break regs and never get caught."

The marine teases, "Didn't he also melt his wings and fall to his death?" She giggles a little, pushing her cheek against his fingertips and says, "You think you have things all figured out. But Captain Marek is going to give you a run for your money, Iccypoo. He's strong and brave and straight laced and frowny."

"He and I also go way back. Back to the Pegasus when I was an Ensign and he was just a Jig. Not that I expect it to mean much but his tricks, I know a few of them." Alex bites his lip then and stops himself from leaning in once more, instead just smiling at her.

"You knew Captain Marek when he was a baby lieutenant? Oh. My. Gosh. Was he less of a grump on Pegasus?" Jules asks and then, taking the jump Alex refrained from, kisses him again. She also puts her hand on his leg. Scandalous. When she pulls away this time, it's expectantly. She's pumping him for information, clearly.

As Jules seems to get more familiar, Alex relaxes some and lowers his hand from her cheek to put it behind her and lean closer. "Naw, he was always like this. Glowering, scowling. A good guy, just not a social guy. Hell, not that I'd judge, I was pretty damn similiar to him when I was a youngin' back then." Being pumped for information certainly doesn't seem to bother Alex as he offers it easily.

Jules doesn't mind the proximity. She's fearless when it comes to her personal bubble, it looks like. A moment's consideration, then she notes, "You aren't alike at all. Except for the good hair. And being pilots and all. And for some reason, liking me." Pause. "I didn't realize you were so old." Then she grins. "So who else do you know on Kharon?"

There's a pause there, his eyes weighing then he responds with a shrug and smile. "Another pilot I think. I met her about oh, eight years ago or so. Her name is Candy, well that's the name she told me. Decked me when she saw me on board here. So I know her."

"Candy?" Jules speaks the name teasingly. "Why would she deck you?" She nudges the man in the shoulder with her shoulder. "And who names their daughter Candy anyway? That's not a very self-respecting sort of name. Strippers are named Candy."

Alex coughs then blushes a bit, "Yes well… she decked me because I didn't remember her from a drunken tryst almost a decade ago." He looks away momentarily then back towards Jules. "When are we doing supper again?"

Jules stares Alex in the eyes a few seconds after his admission. To her credit, though, her demeanor remains relatively unchanged. She smiles and says, "You really do like getting into trouble." She pauses a second and then adds, "Tomorrow night? I can try to bring something that isn't dehydrated protein mix with flavoring… who knows, maybe they'll reinstate you before then?"

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