More Than Words
More Than Words
Summary: Epi and Castor meet in the gym and complications arise.
Date: PHD 181
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The gym is quiet this morning and Epi's doing her tumbling routine. It's not her usual sedate one, either. This is a full test of her skill.

The door to the gym opens and a certain pilot, Bubbles, makes his way into the gym. It would appear that the grim mood he was in a few days ago has lifted and for his part Leda just wants to work on maintaining his double PT cycle for the day. However, he stops to watch Epi as she begings her routine and he waits to see just what kind of a show he is about to see.

He gets a hell of a show. What she lacks in length she makes up for with raw power and grace. The girl can -move-. Her other tricks? Kid's play. She's doing full-out tumbling runs comprised of triple flips, spins and combinations that would make an olympic-class gymnast proud.

Castor smiles as he watches the show and he says, "Jarot…I'd say you must be immortal since there is no chance of a bullet ever touching you." He then says, "Though that is just my humble opinion which may or may not amount to a hill of beans." He then moves to his corner to begin wrapping his hands since part of his PT is knocking the heavy bag around.

Epi is just finishing up what appears to have been one hell of a tumbling run. Her face is flushed and she's breathing hard - apparently the woman's been at this for awhile. She stops and just -looks- at Castor. The usual smile is gone, replaced by an intensity few ever see. "I nearly died last time," she says after a moment, eyes flashing. "Which means I have to get better."

"No chance of a bullet touching her, sir? Then why was she in my recovery ward not too long ago, eh?" Apparently apparating out of nothing due to either having been here the whole time or a contrivance because his player is too lazy to write a real entrance pose, everyone's favorite medic speaks with a sigh. Looks like he actually has some time to himself and he seems more rested than usual. "And nearly dying? No, that ones pretty much on me, Jarot. I've gotta provide better first-aid classes to all the Marines. Pilots too."

Castor looks over at Epi first and he notices the look and he stops, and I mean, he stops, as his body freezes his hand still holding the tape he is wrapping around his hands and when he finally does move he turns his head ever so slightly and says, "Improvement is a good thing and we should all try to improve but pushing yourself to hard is going to get you killed too." He then looks over at Jacobs who has SUDDENLY appeared out of no where and he says, "Maybe you should be teaching classes on stealth movement instead, where did you come from, Jacobs?"

Epi simply watches Castor, then Jacobs for a moment, then goes back to her tumbling, not deigning to answer either of them. It's very clear that she's being a Solitary Creature tonight, for whatever reason.

"Caprica" Jacobs says in wry answer to Castor's question. He tilts his head curiously as he asks Castor, "So…Going to finish taping your hands up any time soon, Sir?" Someone's feeling pretty sassy today it seems.

Castor lets Epi be for a moment but a concerned look crawls on his face and Epi may read this as a 'we need to talk' look. He then looks over at Corporal Benjamin Jacobs and he says, "That was the plan, Corporal Jacobs of Caprica." He notices the sassy look and he asks, "Why do you ask? Did you want to spar?"

Epi continues to tumble, using the whole mat like her own personal playground. Someone's working out some aggression the only way she knows how.

Jacobs shakes his head, "No sir. I'm more of a healer than a fighter." He smiles though and says, "But I do feel like someone should hold the bag for you." He indicates the bag with a wave of his hand. And he doesn't ignore Epi, but he's not commenting, letting her vent her frustrations.

Castor nods his head, though he is known for wanting to test himself against Marines, though the Marines always have a way of beating the man which is good for his ego and as a 'gentle' reminded to keep training. He then says, "Well, good to know we have a healer here since most of the fighters tend to do stupid things and that includes myself." He chuckles, "That especially includes myself." He then looks over at Epi and he studies her since she is one of those people that Leda looks out for and this is a frustraiting moment because there is nothing he can do to help and so he then turns back to Jacobs as he finishes wrapping his hands up.

Epi continues her tumbling runs, back and forth across the mat, as if she's trying to exhaust herself. Some of the tricks she throws aren't quite as high as before - perhaps she's tiring? But she seems to be relentless, pushing herself to the limits and then beyond. Whatever she's working out must have been fairly decently sized.

Castor moves to the bag and he begins to punch it, he has no grudge to work out at the moment, however, two days ago he did. He then looks over at Epi keeping an eye on her and her need to work out - his expression is soft as he watches Epi and his mind races for ways to start a conversation.

Epi continues, but then slows down until she ends, arms in the air, back arched - as if she were in a competition. She's soaked with sweat.

Castor stops working out and he moves to his bag and he pulls out a bottle of water, a half frozen bottle of water as there is a large chunk of ice in. This is his 'in' with Epi as best as he can figure and he says, "Jarot, you want some water? This stuff is acctually cold." He says taking note of the sweat. He looks around as Jacobs has disappeared as quickly and quietly as he appeared.

She looks at him for a long moment, considering the man, then nods once. "Thank you," she says quietly, reaching for the bottle. "I'll only have a sip or two."

Castor says, "You can drink it all if you need too." He then says, "Epi," yup he goes for the familiar name when no one else is present, "are you mad for getting wounded and this is why you are pushing yourself or does it have to do with all the ghosts of possibilities past in the mess the other day?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Epi tells him, eyes narrowing. She takes only a sip from the bottle before holding it out to him again. "I'm fine. This is work."

Castor pauses as this is a funny moment because he has always been the Tinman cutting others out when things got tense and now he is on the otherside. He doesn't push or pull with Epi but he says, "I can see you are working." He stimply holds the bottle, "Epi, you may not want to talk to me but I hope you work out whatever it is that is bothering you. I miss seeing a smile on your face."

"I'm just so frakking sick and tired," she says quietly. "I'm the one who gets to hear about everyone else's relationships, and damned if I can't hold onto one myself." She tilts backwards, defaulting to her usual bendiness.

Leda nods his head and he says, "Well, I seem to have that problem right now myself." He says in honest tones and he pauses, "You aren't alone in feeling alone." He says as he studies Epi's features.

"You're the one who walked away and found someone else," Epi says without looking at him. "Not me. When I find the bitch, I'll kick her ass for being stupid." Ahhh, defense of him, even when she's pissed off.

Castor looks at Epi, "Well, Kassia left me in a bad place…" He then studies Epi and he says softly, "And Delann and I are talking which means there isn't a relationship and it is up to her to decide if she feels like dating me." He then says to Epi, "And Epi, if the regs were different I'd be with you in a heartbeat and you know that." He smiles slightly as she takes defense of him and he says, "Maybe kicking ass isn't the best tactic considering how things went down with Marty and Pandorian." Yep, everyone got burned on that little fiasco.

"Yeah, well," she says quietly. Someone's clearly not impressed. "What if. Gotta love the what-ifs. You dating her. Selene getting kissed by someone she's fond of. Dutch reminding me of Steele. Sorry, I've not got a whole lot of patience right now."

Castor says, "Epi, there is no dating yet, just talking." He shakes his head and then he says, "And this will pass." He says softly, "How about this…I'll make a deal with you. If we can some how get the regs changed I'll be by your side in less than a second, no, a nanosecond."

"Right," she says, tipping herself over so that one leg is straight in the air. "Good luck getting the regs changed. Seriously." Wow. There's actual bitterness in Epi's voice. "And no, I'm not taking that deal. You're lonely. I get that. I know that I was the one who said no."

Castor studies Epi and when he hears the bitterness he says softly but with some gravity, "Hey." He isn't sure if he likes this darker Epi and so he says, "Nothing is impossible and we might get the regs changed." He brings a sense of hope to the room since it might be needed right now, "And yeah, I'm lonely but look closely and you will see a ship full of lonely people."

She snorts delicately. "The sex you're wanting, you can't get. The sex you're getting, you sure as hell don't want," she comments drily. "Welcome to the ship. Everyone I look at is going for someone else. I don't want someone who has his hand down another woman's pants while he's hitting on me." Yep. She's cathousing.

Leda looks at Epi and he says, "Epi, that might be going on here…" He says honestly, "But you know, we are also victims of circumstance." He then says, "And you know it isn't always about sex." He takes a breath, "Epi, sometimes it is about companionship and finding a partner to share your life with."

Flipping herself over, she lands on her ass and looks up at him. "You think I don't know that, Castor," she asks, eyes darkening as she watches him. "If it were just about sex, I'd be in Jacobs' bunk right now. Don't you ever accuse me of being just about sex. I want someone whose chest I can curl up on at the end of the day. Someone I can wrap around and love. Someone I can support and who will support me. If I just wanted a roll in the hay, I'd take it."

Leda pauses and he says, "Sorry, Epi, I just…" He pauses and says, "felt like it was the right thing to add here." He then says, "Okay, how about this, what if I promise to give you support, unconditionally that is?"

"You don't get it," Epi says softly, watching him, head tilting slightly to the side. "You don't…you don't understand. I don't want parts. I want the package. I want intimacy. I want laughter. I want someone I can turn to. I hate being alone. I hate it. The only thing I have is Cass."

Castor nods his head as old wounds open up and he says, "You don't get it…I want to give you all of that." he then says, "And I hate being alone too…but we are where we are and the regs are there to keep us apart since favoritism and fraternization don't help the military and because some people can't handle a real relationship and the frak things up for the rest of us."

She looks away from him, arms wrapping around her knees, tightly. "I wish I knew what to say," Epi says softly, quietly. "We can't. And you've got feelings for someone else. I've got feelings for someone else, but he's yet another person who doesn't want me. It gets old after awhile, the smiling."

Castor says, "I'd imagine it would, the smiling I mean." He then pauses as he studies Epi and he looks at her form and he then locks on to her eyes as he says, "Maybe someday we can?" He is never giving up hope on this, "Though I wish I knew what to say too."

Epi closes her eyes. Clearly she's either given up hope or is close to giving it up. "Yeah. Maybe someday. In the how many months we've got left, Castor? I don't know. I just…I'm tired. I'm sick of it. I've had enough. I just want to take Cass and disappear somewhere safe."

"Don't give up." He says with a determined sound, "Things happen and you never know what will happen next." He then says, "And we've got more than months." He isn't giving up not now and not ever - Leda has been dragged through the mud recently but he is not one to roll over and die, "Sometimes it isn't about smiling it is about taking one step after another…especially if you are sick and tired." He then adds, "It can't rain all the time, Epi."

She shakes her head, propping her chin on her knees, curling herself up into as small a ball as possible. "I haven't felt this bad since I got shot."

Castor looks at Epi and he takes a seat beside Epi and he then begins to let his hand rub her back gently, this isn't a play, this is supposed to be comforting and so he simply sits there in silence beside Epi since words won't help at this moment and sometimes it is all about having someone to sit beside that helps make things better.

For a time, Epi's stiff, unresponsive. It's as though she wants to pull away, but can't. After a time, though, she simply slides toward him, resting her head on his shoulder, tears slipping down her cheeks. She says nothing, of course, nothing has to be said. One of her small hands finds his, curling around it.

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