More Fresh Air
More Fresh Air
Summary: Matto and Castor have a chat as they wait in the recovery ward.
Date: PH058 (16 June 2009)
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Matto seems fine enough, for his part. The good thing about having an airpipe that closes shut when smoke tries to get into it is that smoke inhalation becomes less of an issue. An hour on the nebulizer and Kissy's resting comfortably, curles up on his side in the recovery ward bunk.

Castor takes a moment to wake up and look over at Matto, "Hey Kissy." He ays softly, "What did I miss? Like thing I remember I was barking orders and then everything went black." He speaks softly as he slowly raises himself to get a better look at Matto.

Matto opens an eye to peer back at Castor. "It's fine. We lived," he points out kind of flatly.

Castor gives off a small chuckle as he takes a breath, "Living is good." He then says, "You missed Sam, she came in earlier and we met up." He takes another breath as he is checking his lungs, "Have you seen Kassia? I hope she isn't going to freak and kill me."

Matto shakes his head, "Haven't seen anyone," he answers tersely, looking toward the door. "Been asleep I guess."

Castor says, "So is Poppy going to beat your ass or are you two cool like that?" He then looks around the room trying to take mental note of who is around.

"Probably," Kissy admits, looking honestly a little worried. Then, though, he turns to peer at Castor, "What the hell is your problem, Tinners?" he asks flatly.

Leda raises an eyebrow, "You mean besides the co2 poisoning from fire?"
Matto waves a hand. "No. Before that. When we were in there. You went off screaming at people like you had a weasel burrowing up into your anus or something."

Castor takes a moment to consider it all, "Well, apparently I have this tendancy to get over protective of people, apparently it is not one of my finer qualities…" He then takes another small breath, "So I bark at people when I shouldn't, some people say it is because they think that deep down I think people are stupid, but that isn't the way I feel." He sighs, "I'm just living by example I guess."

"Yeah, well… yelling at people and calling them dumb," Kissy begins again, "Is not the most productive thing to do in an emergency situation."

Castor frowns, this is a wall he has now run into three times amd he knows that truth has hit him, "Yeah, I know." He says softly, "I wonder if Pollux was ever this jerky, I mean he had to be or else I wouldn't be doing this." He then adds, "Sorry Kissy."

Matto hms and nods in weary acknowledgement of the apology. "Okay. Just save me from Poppy when she comes in to yell at me, and I'll forgive you."

Leda nods his head slowly, "You got it Kissy. I'll do my best to hold her back, I'll even take a blow for you if it comes down to it."

Matto flops down on his back, giving a quiet sigh and resting a hand on his chest. "How's Noreal doing?"

Leda shakes his head, "Dunno, I just recently came back to the land of the living." He then leans back softly as he says, "Though like I said we are all alive right?"

"Yup. That's good. I'm not allowed to die without Poppy," Kissy explains.

Castor adds, "I'm sure I'm not allowed to go out without Kas."

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