Summary: The S2 interviews Eddie re: the happenings during the blackout.
Date: PH 108 (04 Aug 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #108
OOC Time: Tue Aug 04 20:19:39 2009

This room is the defacto headquarters for Marine operations on board the ship and also serves as their office. There are a pair of desks that flank the entrance to the door and another at the rear, that one obviously belonging to the Marine CO. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. A picture of the Commandant of the CMC also hangs on the far wall as a reminder. There is a small video monitor in the corner that feeds into a camera in the brig, displaying a live feed into the office. As well, an armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' denoting the Security Hub as holding the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. Another hatch on the opposite end of the room denotes it as leading to the Small Arms Range.

The mountain of paperwork is more like a foothill today, with only four folders sitting on the S2's desk, as opposed to the 10 files that grew to about 15 yesterday. Salazar sips from a cup of cold coffee, and reads through a page. She barely spends five seconds on it before she's flipping it to the next.

Eddie makes her way into the security hub at a snail's pace. She doesn't have to ask after Salazar, the woman's easy enough to pick out. The Ensign ambles in that direction. "Ensign Morales, as requested." She stands infront of the S2's desk, at least not addressing the sitting woman as 'Star-face' today. Respect, yo.

Word. Sal nods to the chair across her desk. She flips the folder closed, and tosses it atop the pile. "Ensign Morales, thank you for coming." As if it were a polite dinner invitation, the marine S2 keeps it friendly. "Are you feeling better? And would you like some coffee?"

Eddie eases into a chair, "Thank you, but no. I'm supposed to stay away from caffiene at the moment, and decaf is a crime against humanity." Mooner gives a long exhale as she sits, as if coming down here was a bit of an ordeal, but she's here. "I'm better now that I can piss on my own. What can I do for you?" Please pass the salt, how is your mother?

"This won't take long. I just need to know if you remember anything from the black out the other night, when you were injured? Anything at all." Salazar has a report, of course, but that's not the same. She nods and slides her mug of coffee out of view behind the file folders. Ain't that sweet?

Eddie closes her eyes for a moment, as if trying to put herself back in that position and that night and that incident. "We had just stepped into berthings: Passi, Leda, Price and I. The ship lost power and I doubled back for Marek, using my lighter to help navigate. I was just about to step into the forward hall to check the ready room where I left the Captain and I felt a prickling on the back of my arms. I paused, because I swear I heard someone or..felt them." Her eyes reopen, her normally sharp gaze dulled by pain and fatigue. "My lighter flickered, a went to turn to see if I could make out anything or someone and then I felt a sharp crack in the back of my head. The only other thing I remember is falling." A pause as she chews the inside of her cheek. "I'm sorry."

Salazar watches her for a moment then nods to the pilot. "Good enough. Do you remember any off sounds, breathing, anything else, even the smallest of things." She has to double check, of course. "And how long do you think you were gone, from the berthings to the bay before you were assaulted?"

Eddie shakes her head in the negative, a slow rueful thing. "I couldn't even tell you if I got knocked out by something just falling off a shelf. Hell, maybe I /did/ trip." She leans forward, tenting her hands over her nose and rubbing at the inner corners of her eyes. "It was maybe five minutes. Ten tops. Couldn't have been long, but it took me a little while to navigate."

"Ok. Thank you for your time Ensign." Sal glances over to one of the Corporals who's checking the locks on the small arms locker. "If you'd like some help back to your berthing, I can task one of these fine marines. They don't talk much and it's a nice ride."

Eddie looks over to the Corporal, about to decline the offer but there's only so far pride'll take you before you fall flat on your face. "Yes, thanks. Suppose I could use it." She gives Salazar a respectful nod, then rises slowly to her feet. "C'mon peanut. If you could make sure I don't go tits over teakettle on the way back to berthings, there's a smoke in it for you."

"Bribery, nice." The S2 grins and reaches for the file folder again. "You're good for morale, Morales. Feel better soon."

Eddie gives Salazar a half-hearted smirk. "See you around."

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