Mixed Messages
Mixed Messages
Summary: Jupes sends Sam a message and spars with Ashe.
Date: PH058 (16 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Gym

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #58
OOC Time: Mon Jun 15 22:15:03 2009

This is a rather large room that would accommodate quite a few people. The typical battleship gray color that coats the walls and floor of most of the ship is broken up here by the rubberized flooring that's done in a neutral tan. The other main addition to the flooring are stacks of dark blue mats that are available to be pulled out for a variety of purposes, though one standard is generally left at the back of the room which is considerable in its size and has a big, bright red circle taped onto it for sparring.

Free weights sit along one wall, the racks extending a little further out into the room. On the other side are the typical nautilus-style equipment common to most gyms, their standard weight sets adjustable by a simple change of the metal key in the stacks of iron. There is a fresh pile of folded towels sitting by the hatch, a plastic bin on the other side for the deposit of used towels in need of a wash.

Samantha has either taken a page from Jupiter's book… or just needs something to do that isn't sit in her bunk and cry… so she's coming to run. She's in her tanks and a pair of black shorts, a towel around her throat. Her eyes are still rather reddened, but she's stopped the tears for now. She looks oddly…Somber. Not like Sam at all, as she heads towards the small locker area and hangs up her towel…

The sound of heavy thuds echoes through the rather abandoned Gym, perhaps due to the hour, the Condition, or any number of factors but it does seem to be unusually calm there. The thudding noise originates from the body bag that is taking a rather severe pounding from Ashe who is gleaming with sweat and his hair is plastered down. Whether he's been at it for a long time or running a marathon through the ocean, it is evident he's soaked. Each impact of his gloved hands upon the bag sends up a small mist of spray from his arms from the blows while feet dance around. All of this, simply to say. Ashe is here working the bodybag. (repose for Jupi's sake so he can not have to do it again)

Jupiter comes into the gym sometime after Sam, a duffle over her shoulder, and a towel wrapped around her neck. She makes her way over toward the mat, and tosses her stuff down with a thud. She drops to the mat after her stuff, and takes a knee next to the bag to unzip the bag, digging around inside of it.

Samantha gives the slightest of nods towards Jupiter and Ashe, out of sheer politeness and because 'thats the way things should be done'… it's a rote motion, nothing else. She then heads for the tread mills along side of the mats and turns one on a rather quick speed. No warm up, no bother, she just starts to run in place, staring forward and quiet…

The thumps of Ashe hitting the bodybag comes to a stop as he leans against it and takes stock of the new arrivals. Tilting his head, he frowns a bit and calls out in a rather calm voice. "Sam. If you were going to take the day off from doing yourself up, you could have given me the heads up." There's a smile on his lips as he speaks in a light tone before tilting his head, "Still lookin' better than spunky over there."

Jupiter drags a pair of wraps from her bag, and stands with the long lengths of black material. She gives her head a little toss, then flings them across her shoulders for a moment, as she glances up to survey the room, finally. She ignores Ashe, for the moment, and turns to head over to Sam. She moves around to stand in front of the woman's treadmill, and slides one of the wraps off her shoulder. She begins to wrap her left hand with it, without looking up. She waits.

Samantha lofts a slightly brow at Jupiter as she comes to stand closer, but Sam's green eyes flicker up and over to Ashe. She slightly, breathlessly calls over to the man, "I don't do myself up, Corporal." She admits simply, her voice fairly deadpan other than being breathless, and it's not probably in attempts to be funny. She just isn't up for such joking right now. She continues to run, a steady thumping of her feet as her pulse rises fast for the lack of warm up.

The deadpan tone actually does catch Ashe's attention and he frowns a bit. "Alrighty then." A tilt to his look and then a shake of his head as he pushes off the bodybag and begins to make his way over towards a duffel that is sitting out on a bench.

Jupiter finishes the wrap of her left hand, tucks in the end, and looks up. She watches Sam for a moment, then says, "Case." Sounds like there's more words coming behind that. But she doesn't speak until the other woman looks at her.

Samantha seems to have found the secret to shutting Ashe up. It's a frakking miracle. If only she really cared at this moment. She looks down to Jupiter at the woman's address, a hint surprised to be spoken to by Martin's sister at all. "Yes, Fingers?" She inquires simply, keeping her voice the same reserved tone as before, but she's listening in the very least.

Rummaging through his duffel, Ashe finds what he is looking for and picks it up in his glove wrapped hand and uses his teeth to zip the duffel back up. With the object in hand, he starts towards the two women but doesn't approach to close, instead watching for a moment.

"I'm gonna say this once, so pay attention." Jupes slides the second wrap from her shoulder, and runs it through her hands. "Lieutenant Crydel didn't hang himself because of you." She waits for a moment, then continues, "He hung himself because he was a man without a purpose, in a crisis of faith. He was a marine without a mission." She begins the wrap, then glances back up. "Case, he did not kill himself because of you."

Samantha runs a bit harder, reaching forward and upping the speed. It's better than crying. Far better. She takes in a ragged breath, looking forward again almost the moment she realizes what Jupiter is going to bring up. "You… you might be right… Fingers… but trust me… I was the first to… to point out to him… around every corner… how worthless his faith was… I made it a frakking… Mission…"

Ashe just stops in his tracks, tilting his head and takes a few steps back. The interaction seems just a little too odd for him so instead he makes his way back towards the body bag, shortly followed by the sounds of the heavy thuds hitting it.

"You thought he frakked you to make you believe in the Gods. He's a big boy. It pissed him off, but stop being a frakkin' martyr. I talked to him right before he took the long walk off a short pier." Jupiter's tone has slipped a little from that neutral. A slightly annoyed one. "He couldn't stay behind and light candles while every other marine went into combat." Jupiter has a bruise just on her jaw, mostly hidden by concealer, but the shadow of it is still visible. "You frakked up, you didn't kill him. Mourn the man, not yourself." Jupes turns, and heads for the mat, which will bring her by Ashe.

"I am mourning the man. I'm just… mad at myself. And I didn't start this conversation. I didn't ask for anyone to hug or be there. I didn't want to… be like this. I'm trying not to, Fingers, so just… lay off." Samantha practically growls out, breathing harder through the faster rhythm of the treadmill, trying to focus on the anger more than anything. It's better than crying for the man and falling into the pain of it all.

Ashe is working a body bag near the rings and seeing Jupiter approach, he reaches down to his hip and grabs something from his sweats, throwing it at her. "Next time, don't sneak your crap into my bags. I don't need to do your laundry and mine." The object is a little red number as he shakes his head and lays back into the bag. As he hears the growling women, Ashe cannot help but to shake his head.

"Not going to happen, Case. Never going to happen. So get used to it." Jupiter pauses as Ashe decides to get into the mix. She bends to sweep a red lace thong from the floor, and stalks over to Ashe. "What the frak, Swift?"

Samantha is content to fall quiet now and let those two slug it out. Easier to focus on running. Perhaps certainly worth watching them, a distraction as she pushes herself harder and harder on the treadmill. Exhausted muscles will let her sleep tonight, at least…

Coming in soon enough at a rather martial gait is the imposingly grumpy figure of Sergeant John "Dutch" Elder. He is currently sporting the CEC Kharon gym special this season, though instead of the traditional Kharon sweatshirt, Dutch is wearing a faded Blue shirt, with the Marine Corpsman Logo in dull red on the front. Hey its the gym-he can get away with it. And per usual the Sergeant seems to be in a good mood, if you count the usual scowl to be in a good mood.

"Swift" comes that barked out hayseed accent, as it seems the Marine catches someone he knows and is making a bee line for the punching bags. He's tossing his duffel bag down when he comes close, but then he is pausing upon seeing Jupiter stalk over. A look to Ashe. He come at a bad time?

Ashe looks at Jupiter and shrugs his shoulders, "Don't look at me, that frakin' shit was in my stuff. Just… keep your stuff in your stuff." He then looks towards Dutch and offers a tap of his boxing gloved hand to his forehead in greeting before returning to the bag. "Don't get pissy with me your little pretend prank didn't work."

Jupes tosses her panties onto her duffle bag, and finishes the wrap of her right hand, standing there next to Ashe. "Get your ass into the ring, Swift." She's not using gloves, just cloth hand wraps.

Samantha looks over as Dutch comes in, giving him a slight not, but she's content on her treadmill. Safe, working hard, having to focus on her breathing and keeping up the half jogging, almost sprinting pace, up hill. It's a hard work out, but she's enjoying the distraction. Or at least thankful for it.

Dutch glances from where the one pilot is still running and he looks back Ashe for a moment. A nod given back as he places a hand along the back of the punching bag so as to steady it. "I can hold it for you, if you don't mind holdin-" and well the Tauron was about to say hold it for me, however it seems the pilot is calling out the Lance Corporal and he shuts his mouth for a moment. A look back to Ashe to see if he's going to take her up on it. If he needs someone to gut his eye later, Dutch would be a perfect person to have at this moment. Seein how he's a medic and all.

Ashe looks at Dutch about to respond but then hears Jupiter's voice. He sighs and shakes his head moving towards the ring. "I'll hold it for you in a moment Dutch. Apparently the Lieutenant feels wronged and wants to tantrum at me over it." Looking right at Jupiter, standing at the edge, he stares and then steps into the ring. Anyone who has eyes can tell from the plastered sheen of sweat all over him he's been in the gym for awhile but suddenly seems a bit more spry.

Jupiter turns and heads into the ring. She doesn't pick up any protective gear. That wouldn't be any fun at all. "Keep talking, Swift." Maybe waving a red thong in Jupiter's face is like a red flag to a bull. Mrrrrrrrph. Or whatever frakkin' noise a bull makes. No, she did not make that noise. Shut up. "You've had this coming for a while."

"Then take off your gloves, an hit her like a son of a bitch." comes the Sergeant's reply. After all it seems to be a bare knuckle boxing match- and like hell Dutch is going to miss out on something this good. And so he's moving to walk over to the ring, eyes looking at both of em. "If any of you break something let me know, so I can reset it." At least he'll do his job. Well that and cheer for Ashe. There should be no doubt-given all the shit he's heard come the Marine Corps' way by the mouths of flight jockeys? This should be sweet. But then, we're assuming Ashe will win.

Ashe has gloves on still and looks over at Dutch. "No way Sarge. Do you know the cost of not using protection with her? You'll catch some shit." Looking back towards Jupiter, he shakes his head and then abruptly swings his big right hook right at her grill, not even letting things settle in or get comfortable. There's more than just Jupiter's intentions to settle a few things from the rather steady look in Ashe's eyes.

Jupiter is a little slow off the mark, with Ashe coming in swinging. Should have been ready for it, wasn't. Her block is sent wide, an she takes a glove to the body rather than the face. The force isn't overwhelming, but it does force a grunt of air out of her. "Shit." Ok, then. Jupes straightens and dances back a couple of steps. She's not warm yet, Ashe is. Time to do some catching up. "Not bad, but you hit like a girl."

Dutch grins as a fist tightens and pumps with Ashe's first swing, already it seems the Sarge is behind his boy. "Punch her in the tit." Or so seems to be the advice the Corpsman is wiling to divulge over to Ashe. He spects the boy can handle himself. A wince as Ashe lands that hook to Jupiter's abdomen and the Sergeant is calling about "Close enough- keep moving, son. Get in there and knock her again." That's what Dutch is for, Morale.

"See, I'd tell you that you hit like a girl? But in reality you just hit like a bitch." Ashe states as his feet move, shuffling a bit as he dances back and forth. As Dutch talks though 'The Mouth' shoots back, "Don't want to get too close, she'll punch me in my junk, I know it." Then mid hop back and forth he abruptly stops and pops, a very straight jab right for Jupiter.

"Gotta get mean, Swift. Get mean." Lord that has to sound dreadful in the Miner's voice, but still its there as Dutch hangs by the edge of the ring, a look down to his duffel and he is starting to tape up his hands up, for when he'll hit the bags later, if Swift is still up for it. The blows fly and already he's watching them both dance. "Aim for 'er temple and knock her down. You got her champ, just wheel her in an take the hit."

Jupiter is much quicker this go round, and she's ready for it when Ashe jabs. She kicks the jab out with a forearm, sending it harmlessly away without bruising either, and her return right sails over Ashe's head. Frakker is faster than he looks for someone who's over 6 feet tall. It's kinda funny watching them spar, considering Jupiter is 5 foot six, and Ashe 6 foot three. "So you did get some training…" She tosses her curls out of her eyes. "Color me surprised."

Samantha is watching, quiet… thoughtful, possibly about the fight, possibly about something else, but she seems to have found a happy middle ground between a quite high setting on the treadmill and the fight in front of her. Plenty going on to entirely distract her from everything that is happening inside her head which is unpleasant, to say the least. The redness has totally cleared from her eyes but risen on her cheeks.

"Actually, I'll be coloring you black and blue shortly." Ashe states towards Jupiter as he backs off some still moving his feet and dancing in a bouncey way. "Sorry Sarge, don't want to drop her too quick. She's had this beat down coming for a long time from a lot of people. This is for most of the ship whose had to put up with her little brat act too long." Ashe is grinning as he talks though, seemingly taking some solace in running his mouth. He is taller, and longer, so the flurry that comes when he approaches has that nice length to it, a couple of jabs, a quick uppercut. Apparently Ashe really does mean business with Jupiter, hence why he's wearing the gloves.

Jupiter grins at something Ashe says, and dances back from the hits, dance, block, dance. Faster on her feet than she looks. Maybe all that treadmill time really has paid off. Dang those wiley pilots! "Bring it on, marine. Oh wait, that's what you're trying to do." Trash talking does take a little edge off her game, and when she kicks him in the thigh, it's sort of like a slightly more than friendly love tap. Probably won't leave a bruise, but it'll remind him she was there for a moment or two. "That all you got, Swift?" If Dutch's comments register, she's paying them no mind. One target at a time.

"Keep your legs movin, an watch your mouth." Dutch urges on as he finishes one hand and moves to the other. A shake of his head "Don't toy with her for too long Marine. As much as she might deserve her beat down, don't keep it from her. Clearly she needs and wants it." And Jupiter taunts. A chuckle and the Sarge is back in the game. "Keep her off balance, Swift."

Ashe hops back but not in time to avoid getting a foot to his leg. "Told ya Sarge, she's kickin' at my groin. Can't even fight clean." He states and then rolls his shoulders and takes a few moments to eye down at Jupiter. He smiles, slowly smiles and then charges. Not to deliver a punch, it's more of a shoulder dipping bull-rush towards the smaller woman to use that big ol' size.

"Quit trying to make out with her, And punch her in the frakkin Face." more taunting and words of advice from Dutch. Only if he was 50's year older ad Burgess meredith, would this in reality sound cooler. As is Ashe is stuck with a former miner and his twang. But thems the cards you are dealt, right?

Jupiter's style of fighting is a little hard to pin down when she's just dancing around a bit, sparring. A learned eye might recognize the beginnings of a style in her sparring, and it's certainly obvious with the next move she pulls. As Ashe rushes in with his footballer frame, Jupes drops back a step and then kicks forward to curl her body delivering an elbow to his shoulder, which does little more than help her pull in closer, and a knee to the chest. She comes off of the floor and climbs him like a spider, but with more elbow and knee action. His momentum carries her off balance, and the Caprican Four Limb is rendered slightly less effective as she's dragged backward. She drops back hard, with the contact of his shoulder to her chest, and rolls off before coming up to her feet again. Kinda like an over-caffeinated monkey. "… That. You're gonna pay for." She hunches a little. Even light contact is still hurty when it comes to the girls.

Ashe has no idea for the most part what happens in their tangle, but in the end he knows that his chest feels like he got hit and she's picking herself up. Stepping back, he smacks his gloves together and shrugs towards Jupiter. "You wanna go cheap? I'll go cheap. Hell… if I followed the Sarge's advice and went cheap, you'd be it." A step back and a few feigned punches before Ashe asks, "You want me to get a walker for you? Or is that too close to your night time profession?" Another punch flurry is sent towards Jupiter to emphasize the insult.

Jupiter pops Ashe with a closed fist to the chest in exactly the same spot she just tagged him. Enjoy that, bucko! "What the frak was that?" Her guard arm takes a shot from him that isn't quite deflected. Her arm absorbs the shock of the blow and leaves her right hand smarting a little. "Is the nursery patrol trying to call me a streetwalker or a grandma? Or is that a grandma streetwalker. If you're gonna go there, go there with style, Swift." She snaps her fingers, snap, snap, snap. "Pick up the pace." She nods slightly, "Your peanut gallery has more balls than you." While Ashe's is thinking about that, she pivots with her left foot, and kicks out at the marine with her right leg. Incoming.

"Sick Burn- Now frakkin hit her" the Sergeant encourages. But then the Sergeant is from the school of hit people where you can and ask the questions, or rather legality of the hit later. Sometimes it is the best you can do. And Jupiter tries to pull him into it, which just brings a laugh from the sidelines. "Its because I hit as hard as I talk, Sir. Now Ashe, beat her ass."

It isn't just the fact that Jupiter is hitting his chest, but it is the part of his chest she is hitting. He actually staggers back a bit after the last hit, shaking his arm slightly and blinking. Eyes seem to need to take a moment to refocus and before he can respond he has a foot flying at him.

The backing up of the marine means Jupes short little leg just barely misses him. In fact, he'll get a good look at the delightfully painted toenail (bright purple) as it whizzes by his chin. If he's fast. Yes, she kicked her shoes off before she hit the mat. "How's the weather up there?" Apparently she's not used to fighting people so tall. Or without a bar stool to beat them with.

The door to the gym opens and Martin steps through. Clean shaven save for a nick at his throat that's long healed over, he lifts his eyes to the sight of Ashed and Jupiter. Smirking, he watches them for a moment before he spies Sam on the treadmill. "Who's winning?"

"Better, that I can't smell your breath." Ashe responds, his voice not fully there as it was before. Another shake of his head however and he's sliding his feet around. A glance is thrown at Dutch without any words this time before he returns attention fully to the woman. The quick movements seemed to be less effective. So after but a moment, he delivers another one of the big hooks from his arms towards Jupiter.

Samantha is running -hard- on the treadmill. Harder than her normal routine. The incline set to fairly steep and her cheeks red enough that she's pushing the envelope, but it feels good to feel her muscles burn and heart gallop. She looks over to Martin as he comes, actually cracking the tiniest bit of a smile. As her wingman, he'd know she's been taken off flight status for 2 days..back on Wednesday, it seems. "…Tie…now… can't tell who's bein' nice…or when they'll start kissin'. Probably soon…" Sam states through breathless pants.

"She's usin her legs, watch your junk-" jokes Dutch before he is slightly frowning for a moment. Both again keep dancing or just a tickling each other, or so by the other marine's standards. When he sees Ashe wince back Dutch actually scowl's abit further, but says nothing on it. Something he will have to check on. "Sweep the leg!"

It's a parade of fail as Jupiter ducks the powerful swing from the marine, and is thrown just far enough off balance to completely miss with her elbow return as well. "Sorry, is it that bad? Your Mom tastes like cigarettes and stale beer. Maybe you should tell her to stop partying with the most desperate pyramid team from Scorpia before she gives it up to any sailor drunk enough to go there." She lunges for Ashe while he considers that, fist leading. "I'm Jupiter, and I have a drinking problem." It may seem a bit of a far afield insult, but she IS a Black and Martin IS in the room. It makes her go a little esoteric.

Ashe steps back from Jupiters swing and something she says makes his eyes light up a bit and nostrils flare. "Is that so." His tone is level, quiet and calm. Slapping his gloves together he looks right at Jups then steps towards her. No dancing, no moving around. Just cold striding. "You want to talk about a Saint? You want to run your mouth brat? So be it." The punch Ashe throws isn't formed, it isn't stylistic. It's a big ol' knock somebody so hard they see next week punch. Someone must have hit a button.

"Whatever. My sister's a pussy and so's that marine." Martin says with a smirk. Lighting a cigarette in the gym, exposing them to all of his evil second hand smoke, he strolls across the floor to Sam's treadmill. Looking to her as if appraising her mental state, he mutters something to her before turning to stand alongside the treadmill. "Hey Swift. I'm gonna tell the entire of the corps about how you can't get a solid on a girl."

Jupes takes a hit to the gut, though the momentum is lessened by a little quick footwork. She drops back two steps, then reverses her momentum with a snap kick to Ashe's cranium. The top of her foot catches him, so it's not as hard as it could have been, not if her shin had been driving. He's just so frakkin' tall. "You gonna fight or cry?"

"If you cry, I swear to the gods, I will roast your nuts Swift. Go on an seep the freaking leg." called back. man, where was the Cobra Kai Dojo when you needed it. Dutch loks towards the-well two Pilots over by the treadmills, and then he is looking back to Ashe and Jupiter. "You can beat on her son. Bob and frakkin weave. Knock her tongue lose."

Ashe continues stalking now towards Jupiter. His head snaps back from the punch, ungloved, right to the jaw. But instead of falling back, he turns and keeps walking. His gloves are down, he motions at Jupiter with a beckoning motion, tapping his own jaw. "Come on. Come on little girl, show me what you got." There's no defense, he's clearly just letting her come in because when she does, another huge haymaker comes flying for the woman.

"Okay then." Jupes does just what Ashe asks, she comes in closer after both feet are back on the mat. She feints to the left, then goes right with a punch-elbow combo that is eaten up by Ashe's arm instead of her intended target, his chest. "You like it harder?"

Samantha leans back towards Martin, murmuring quietly, but she doesn't call out to the fight. She hasn't really gotten into it much more than a watcher with quiet interest in the outcome and eager eyes for something more to stare at than the wall. She does speak to Martin, at least, through huffs of hair, sweat dripping from her fae.

Ashe's arm flexes as the blow comes in, hitting it and dinging it but apparently not affecting him too much as he just glowers down at the little Jupiter. "You can't do it any harder, because you're just a little girl trying to play big." Rolling his shoulders, he takes a half step back. "Now try this on for size." Apparently from his tone, playtime might be over as Ashe slips back into a more boxing approach. A series of jabs are sent at Jupiter to feign her off before the true punch, a big ol' uppercut is brought low in to try and hit the Hobbit and send her back to the Shire.

Martin nods, dragging off of his cigarette. For a moment, he almost offers it to her, but there's something hypocritical about offering someone a smoke while they're jogging. Muttering something back to her in reply, he pulls the canteen off of his belt to take a sip from it. When Ashe calls his shot to 'try this on for size' and misses, Martin can't help but bust up laughing a little bit. "Is there another marine, maybe one from ROTC we can throw in there?"

Jupiter takes a halfhearted swing, but gets the hell out of dodge when the Ashe throws a heavy hit. Hers misses, and she ducks under his. Good thing, too. That one looked like it would have hurt. "Maybe you should stick with guns and giant, slow moving metal robots…"

A glance back to the ring "Either frakkin kiss her or knocker her the frak out swift, you're worse than a cat frakkin around with a mouse. Apollo's blue frakking balls. Its like watching my kid sisters fight." Maybe the taunting for the Corpsman will inspire or inflame Ashe more into actually hitting jupiter. But you never know. It always worked for Dutch during hell week.

Ashe keeps chasing Jupiter around, his feet moving quickly and fluidly as he attempts to corral her into a corner. "Maybe you should stick to hiding behind a hull and not risk your dainty little nails." Again a series of strikes comes but this time instead of an uppercut, the sequence is followed by a punch from up above raining downwards towards Jupiter.

Samantha actually does chime in with this one. "Just KISS HIM! Get it OVER with!" She calls breathlessly, finally beginning to slow down the treadmill to a bit of a lighter walk, her legs burning too hard to keep it up. maybe she's 'cooling down'. She frowns to something Martin says, looking almost… put off at something… but she just nods.

Castor steps into the gym to find this, he lets off a simple, "Huh?" And so he stops to watch the 'match'. He says softly, "Well, this isn't going to end well."

"It IS watching my ki…big sister fight." Martin sidelongs to the Corpsman with a smirk after taking a drink from his canteen. That awkward look is shared with Samantha, his lips flattening a little. He didn't think of that, but it's not an uncommon sentiment. Looking to Castor, Martin smirks and then looks around the room. "If you guys are trying to get a free show out of my sister I'm getting the frak out of here. I'd rather watch my balls get rotted off."

"If I was gonna kiss him, I would have done it when he was…" Ow. Ashe's jab catches her hand in just the right way to send a pain shooting through it. It's just a tissue bruise, but pilots are a little iffy on their hands sometimes. She pops him in the chest, in that SAME DAMN SPOT again, with padded knuckles. POW. "Naked. Not everyone fraks when they should be fighting." Her attention is a little divided now.

The blow must have really affected Ashe as his left arm seems to be a bit more limp at his side now and he's focused on the right arm. The sweat over his body cloaks quite a few things as he motions with the right. "Come on, let's finish this." He doesn't even bother using the left, instead swings with the right arm for Jupiter once more.

"Surprised they haven't already." Quips Dutch back towards Martin-but then the Marine is quick witted, and would likely throw something to Pilots bouncing from berthings like sailors from ports. Diseases man. Wrapt it up, as Ice T would say. A shake of his head towards Jupiter as he watches the hit to the chest again. "End it Ashe." so he can take a look at your chest. He's a Doctor Dammit..not a voyeur.

Samantha continues the slower walk, winding down her pushing the exercise, gleaming with sweat now and her blonde hair clinging tightly to her face and cheeks. She shakes her head at the fighting but calls out nothing else.

"You know…" Martin says quietly to Samantha as he continues to watch the fight. "…I think she might actually like this guy. She's willing to fight with him and talk shit with him, but she's done it multiple times. If she didn't actually kinda like him, she'd have told him off and pissed in his bunk like she did Yuuri's." Martin says, folding his arms. "PEANUT I DO NOT APPROVE."

All the dancing around and trading blows has coaxed a bit of sweat from the pilot in the ring. She reaches up to wipe the back of her arm across her brow, and grins as she taps Ashe's leg with her shin. The grin is wiped off when he taps a bruise, already formed, at her jaw. It's mostly hidden under a few layers of concealer, but when you eat a bare knuckle punch to the face, it's gonna show. Course no one knows those knuckle prints are the late preacher's.

Ashe hops back on his leg, looking down then back towards Jupiter, "Going for the crown prize again you little tramp?" He asks shaking his head. "Fine, my turn." And he isn't exagerating. This time instead of throwing a punch, his foot comes flying towards Jupiter in a big kick towards her.

Castor stops as he watches the pair throw down, "Black, keep it above the belt, there is no reason to go hitting a man in his nethers." He continues to hear Martin speak he says softly, "Note to self, never piss Jupes off…"

"Piss off, Boner!" Jupiter yells back to Martin, though her eyes and attention are on Ashe. He's pissed, she can tell by his overuse of the word tramp. He only pulls that shit out when he's getting surly. Plus she did rag on his mom again. "You're gonna need to speed that up if you think you're gonna kick me today." Since he's getting into it with her feet, she replies with a little snap kick. She likes those. They're perky and effective. "It'd have to be bigger for me to find it, Swift. You sure you're comfortable calling that a prize?" She tips her head. "Ehn. I don't think so."

"Hit her and quit frakking dancing, Marine!" Yeah the Corpsman is giving it the old basic try, and turn off. "Come on Swift, nail her on her fat ass. Knock her out th' Box Ashe, Knock her out." and so the Sergeant is still ringside, keeping tabs on the health of both contestants, but he will also be cheering loudly, and obnoxiously.

She likes the pert snappy kicks, Ashe prefers the club approach to using his leg as he swings it once more at Jupiter. But not before he manages to speak, "I'm a humble man, it's your damn eyes eatin' up my junk like it's the last treat on the ship that has me worried." Then the kick comes, instead of it being a roundhouse, he just waits till she gets closer before sending it like a punt and the shorter woman.

Since Ashe seems to fond of blocking, Jupes rattles his arm with a kick. POW. It may not hurt, so much as rattle him hard enough to make a point. Depends on how it lands, and only Ashe knows that! "I like to look, but I rarely touch. No matter what it is my brother says about my hobbies. Not enough bars, not enough booze, not enough brains in the whole damn boat."

Martin nods with a grin to Castor. "Yeah I know she's a bad one to have hating you…" He says, and then the talk of fat asses and tramps starts to get thrown. Martin's eyebrows lower and he looks in both Ashe and Dutch's direction as hey speaks. "Hey hey hey that's my sister, asshole don't call her fatass. I'm sure she has a fifth of the load your mama did ya big frakkin sack of scrapple." Martin quips out, glancing to Sam. "Frakkin marines, man…"

Ashe is mildly distracted, getting his hand up in time to almost catch the foot but instead taking the blow off his gloved appendage. If it hurts, he only shows it with a blink. Looking back towards Jupiter, he shakes his head, "Should I make your chump brother next?" He asks simply towards her. A step forward and then again he punches, a straight jab that usually shakes the bodybag at it's core.

Samantha finally kills the treadmill and is about to walk away when she hears a particularly strong punch…she pauses, looking back to the ring.

"I'll remember that when I decide to give a shit, powder crotch." Dutch responds back towards martin. And so eyes are looking back to the fight. He's heard words worse than scrapple leveled at him when he was a private. Scrapple, yes the worst of the worst. "That's right you sonuvabitch. You level her." and well the punch resounds for itself. And so Dutch is going to creep into the ring, to make sure nothing's broken.

"Alright Lieutenant, how's it feel?" that's not a smug or gloaty question. That is a Corpsman asking.

Jupiter gets off a pretty solid right to Ashe's abdomen, below her usual spot. But she pays for opening herself up to the shot by taking a heavy blow to the left arm. It's hard enough to stagger her back a couple of steps, and hooboy does it hurt. She just grunts, and blows out a breath. Owie, ow. It hurts more, however, to say, "I'm out." She doesn't look like she's hurting too bad, but Jupiter's pretty hardcore about that stuff. Mommy.

Ashe sees that final blow coming towards his abdomen and flexes as best he can, not completely absorbing the blow but not trying to block it. His focus was on landing that punch. Part of him, glad he did… The other part staggers back and sits down on the mat heavily before laying back down on it.

Castor watches all of this and he doesn't seem to approve of the sudden name calling however tensions need to be let out somehow so he merely watches to make sure things don't suddenly get crazy on either side. He then says to Martin, "Marty you want to check on your sister?" He then looks at Samantha, "Maybe you might want to help, eltee?"

Looking to Sam as she was about to retreat, Martin gets a concerned look on his face, Motioning for her to wait a moment, he nods to Castor and then steps towards the ring. "Shut up Swift you got winded fighting a girl that's at least three steps below your weight class. If I want a challenge I'll try a crank-push-up." Martin says, getting into the ring and heading over to his sister. "You did good Peanut, he's cheap, don't sweat him…"

Samantha stops slightly, definitely looking a bit concerned. She's not medically trained at all, though, so she steps a bit closer but allows Dutch to go in and take over, since he's rather better at this than the clueless viper jock. She doesn't run off, though, clapping quietly at the end of the show after a few moments.

It hurts a lot less calling the match when her sparring partner hits the mat first. She turns from the marine(s) and winces with her back to most of the bystanders. Broad gloved bruises are still bruises. Her arm is a little bit numb from the force of that last punch. Other things hurt. Her arm tingles. Any second now, it's gonna start throbbing. Oh, yeah. Deep tissue bruises. "Don't defend me, shit head. I can take it." She's a little winded. "I'm good." Ow. "Mostly." Ow. Jupes straightens, then takes a few steps over toward Ashe. She pauses, letting Martin catch up to her, and mutters, "I need booze."

Pushing himself up with a grimace off his right arm, Ashe sits up and looks right at Martin. "Don't even bother with gloves. Clear the ring." He states starting to work to pull himself up to his feet. "Sarge. Get her clear. Apparently this one needs a taste too."

"She's a pilot Numbnuts, she should be able to fight." comes Dutch's reply in defense of Swift, he'll check him out later, but right now he is looking over towards Jupiter. "Here, let me check you out Lieutenant." Nothing but business when it comes to this aspect of it. If anything he'll feel to make sure nothing is torn-or such. After all you never know.

A look is given back towards Ashe "Hold up a minute." And to Jupiter he's offering his arm "Come on Lieutenant, let me have a look."

"You should check twinkletoes first. I popped him several times in the same spot, and he wasn't using his other arm." Jupiter did notice. Probably why she took so many cheap ones, either because she knew they would land, or to keep herself from catching him on the recent surgery side too many times. "Arm's fine," but she does let the marine have a look see without much more complaint than that.

Martin nods to Jupiter, walking alongside her. Looking her over, not once does he attempt to hold her up. "Yeah…go with the doc. I'll get your stuff…" Martin says to Jupiter. Looking to Samantha, there's a moment there when he's got that look in his eye. Turning his head towards Ashe, he narrows his eyebrows. "You call my sister a tramp, motherfrakker?" He says, suddenly attempting to pull him onto his feet and slam a punch into his face.

Castor says, "Soon as the word is you are clear I can hook you up with the booze." His eyes simply watch everyone to make sure things are going smoothly. It would appear that Leda wants to make sure this stays, friendly, okay, he really wants to make sure no one is going to die.

Ashe gets pulled up and manages to get his right hand up in time to catch the swing from Martin with the glove, blocking it. "I call her what she deserves." He states and then swings his arm backwards at Martin in what would equate to an old fashioned 'pimp-slap'.

Dutch at least moves Jupiter out of the ring before Ashe has a chance to start swinging, but it seems that Martin's tearing right at Ashe, and there's a simple call to the Marine, though to alert to Ashe to the quick moving pilot. "Ashe." just there, but it seems it's all underway and so he's looking over to Jupiter, motioning her to sit and stretch out on a mat, Lemme check.

Samantha is standing at the side of the ring now, especially as Martin is getting into the fight. Oh, those Black siblings. She shakes her head, wrapping the towel she brought with her around her neck and watching the whole thing with distant, slightly worried eyes.

The embarrasing slap catches the side of Martin's face, causing his lip to split a little bit. Even though Martin knows how to throw a punch, Ashe is bigger, and likely stronger. Reeling, Martin returns furious with Ashe. "Wrong, asshole…" Martin grunts, grabbing the front of Ashe's shirt and tugging him forward as if to punch…but instead is sending an elbow towards his jaw.

And then it happened, "Godsdamn it." Leda begins to move to the ring as he barks, "Lieutenant!" and then when the blows fall he looks at Samantha, "Sam, help me out with this." He shakes his head as he remembers his own brother telling him not to just haul off and start wailing on people. He then barks, "Lance Corporal! Both of you stop this, right frakking now!"

Ashe isn't in his first dance, obviously. His shirt grabbed, sweaty and slimy from hard workout, is the first warning of incoming attacks. Again he slips away from the strike, sliding his feet and breaking free from Martin's grasp. Instead of throwing a punch back though, he keeps his right gloved hand up in a defensive posture but dances away from Martin. "You heard them. Step down." Ashe's tone is edged but he seems to maintain calm.

"Alright Champ. take it easy when you do crunches. Because, you just have some deep bruising. Nothing more from what I can feel or tell. So you can still fly, your pride is gonna be mighty sore tomorrow though." And with that Dutch pulls his hands back, wipes them on his pants, and then offers one a hand up. "Come on." And there's a look as the blows are raining down in the ring. A look over to Ashe "Lance Corporal, You're done.." calls out the Sergeant, and he's moving towards the ring, just in case for some reason It can't be stopped. You know blood rages. "Son your sister got her ass handed to her evenly. Leave it." said back to the younger Black. A suggestion, not an order.

Samantha finally does indeed see the shape that -everyone- is going to be walking away in, and it's not good…"Frak it… JIG! Corporal! Step down NOW. This has gone beyond friendly work out and people are going to eb rfrakking off duty here." She growls flatly, no nonsense in her voice now.

Martin stops, but he keeps his eyes on Ashe. Wiping the small bit of blood from his lip with the back of his hand, the cacophony of yelling voices telling them to stop snaps him out of it. An elbow is an illegal move for a reason…he was clearly intending to hurt Ashe. Watching the Ashe hold his hand out in a defensive posture, Martin smirks and spits at his feet. "Don't call my sister a tramp…" Martin says, starting to walk away towards the ropes. "…just because your mother was a worthless whore don't give you the right to talk about my sister like that."

Jupiter nods to the medic, then glances over at her brother and the other marine as they play pimp's yo' daddy. "… Boner. Spitting." It's almost a chide, but she is the big sister. It's required. Jupes seems in much better spirits than she might normally be after losing a bout to a marine. She tugs the wraps on her hands loose, and unravels them one at a time.

"Black!" Leda's voice barks as he is now in the ring, "That's enough, stop adding fuel to the fire, insulting ones sister is just as bad as insulting ones mother." He positions himself to get between Martin and Ashe. "Enough, both of you. You are making both the air wing and the corp look bad - we are soldiers - so if you want to get pissy save it for the enemy." His voice takes on a cold, calm, and detatched tone.

And That is where, Dutch's hand moves towards Ashe, specially on the mother comment. Though he trusts in the marine to do what is right and hold back- he knows for a fact if it was him in Ashe's position he would send a boot to the nuts and then stamp around trying to do the flamenco. "Lieutenant, watch you're frakkin mouth." Though the Sergeant can't really boss anyone around in this except Ashe. "Come on, Swift." as in come on and lets do something else, like not punch Martin. That'd be fine, anything but decking Martin.

Ashe actually quirks an eyebrow with the way everyone is yelling. He looks from individual to individual then towards Dutch and shakes his head. "I'm alright Sarge, really. I'm in full control here of myself." He nods his head towards Martin, "His words don't phase me, they're just ignorant. He's just trying to defend his sister for something he preceives. It's alright." Swift smiles a bit, "I forgive him." He then starts to move slowly towards his duffel bag over on the bench, pulling a glove up and pulling the tape with his teeth to begin loosening it.

Jupiter rolls her wraps up, and hops out of the ring to go stow them in her bag. Her arm is a little slow. She's babying it a bit. It's less numb now, more sore. "Everyone goes right to the save it for the enemy shit. Let them blow off steam, Leda, before someone knocks your block off." Fenris disappears from the scene, and suddenly Castor is all about the hall monitor. There has to be one at all times, it seems. Jupes rubs her arm, then digs around in her bag for a half a pack of smokes. She drags out a silver zippo, and lights one with it. The lighter is chucked back into the pack, and it's buried into the bag before anyone gets a look at the logo on it. Probably.

Samantha looks up, "Martin, you wanna stay here, or you wanna frak? 'cause there are other ways to let off steam and I ain't waitin' around forever." Whether the woman is serious or not has yet to be seen, but Sam certainly seems it as she stands there, hands impatiently on her hips, lips in a smirking line.

Dutch chuckles as he turns with Ashe to head over to the duffel bags. He'll probably stick around abit longer and hit the bags himself, ru some laps. "You're a piece of frakkin work, Swift." comes the response back to Ashe's own words over to Martin. A class act, or something else, he ain't exactly sure, but the marine's words do have him smiling as opposed to scowling at him. Which is saying something. Still he's keeping close over towards the Lance Corporal and won't be moving. "Let me check your chest-champ." Its part of the job-least he ain't asking you to turn your head and cough.

Apparently Martin doesn't take kindly to his sister being called a tramp. Hit her in a ring, that's one thing, but the way he looks at her bruises…something set him off. Stepping away from the ring with his eyes on Jupiter, he listens to Sam and takes a moment to calm himself down. "Yeah whatever, call my sister a tramp but I call his mother a whore and I gotta watch my mouth?" Giving Castor and Sam a slightly embarrased look, he furrows his brow in a futile attempt to get them to see his point of view. "Let's hit the mess, Sam…I've gotta get something in my stomach. I didn't eat after CAP." He watches her. "Head down with me?"

Samantha nods quietly to the man, offering her arm, just happy that she's getting him OUT of there, one way or another. "Yeah. Come on. You're less of a bastard when you're not hungry." She mutters with a bit of a smirk. At least it's a distraction from Ajax. She waits for him to join her arm and then begins to head for the door…

"I'm gonna go smoke too much. Catch me later, Boner." Jupes nods to her brother, looks at Case, then eyes Castor. "Tins, I got a CAP with your name on it later. Bring some trivia or something. That last one was boring as shit." She bends to retrieve hr duffle, and calls, "Sergeant, you got soft hands. You ever start giving manicures, you look me up."

"You get hands instead of claws, and I'll consider it." calls Dutch over his shoulder. And so it seems that the little bit of tempers that flared have died down, for the best part, or so he is hoping. And then he can go back to scowling at things, and his own PT time, dammit.

As things seem to be cooling off so does Leda, as Jupiter speaks he listens and his eyes dart over to watch as the cigarette gets lit however, his eyes move back to Martin and as Martin addresses Samantha a small frown crosses his face as he remembers every time he jumped on to someone for insulting his brother. He then takes a moment to look over at Jupiter, "I can do that, and I've got booze for you for after CAP." He then looks over at Seargent as he gives an approving nod. He looks over at Ashe and then to Martin, "We need another talent show." He says softly.

Ashe looks over at Dutch and shrugs a bit, lifting his shirt with his right hand now that the gloves are off. There's a very hefty bruise forming over another hefty bruise underneath a large pair of scars. "Yeah, she went for the money shots… knew where I was weak." Looking at his chest, he shakes his head, "Its not to bad, just tingling my left arm… A wash off should help."

"And I am going to say some damned chewable meds..Nothing looks busted up from what I can tell." and he draws his hand over for a moment before before he is nodding, and patting Ashe on his left arm "Frakkin' Harpy.." meaning going for the money shot on the feller. "Go see a nurse or a doc before you hit the rack. Comprende?" asked with that raise of his brow. Dutch is not frakking around about this.

Looking back at Castor and Jupiter as he steps to Samantha, Martin nods to them. Looking to the floor for a moment, he turns to look at the door to the Gym. "Allright, you and me'll talk later Peanut. Sorry Tin." He says, pointedly not apologizing to the Marines. He does, however, give a respectful nod to Dutch before he finds Sam's face. "…cmon…let's get outta here." He says, giving her a weak frown. He's calming down, slowly, but he's not gonna hit Ashe (or attempt to) again it seems unless he's bluffing. He huffs. "I was trying to blow off steam, Sam…on his face…"

Samantha rolls her eyes. "Other ways to blow off steam that aren't being a -brute-, martin." Sam states flatly, offering him her arm againa nd finally looping her grasp loose and warm through his own. Long as Martin seems content to go, she gives a brief wave behind her but is now heading straight for the hatch, just doing her best to get him clear of the room before he does go back for another round.

Jupiter nods to Castor, never one to pass up the offer of good booze post CAP. She grins to herself, then hefts her bag onto her shoulder. A brief grimace follows. And she's off toward the hatch, and then she showers, and THEN a storage closet. To smoke. A lot.

Leda gives a look to Marty, "Catch you later Marty." He then looks over at Ashe and Dutch as they speak, and with no one dead, the pilot calls this a success. "Well, looks like it is time for me to start my work out." He then begins to move to a stationary bike as he begins to cycle.

Martin can't help but laugh a little as he's led off by his arm towards the door. Not being dragged, he's making no attempt to turn around. "I know…it's just she gets in all these fights and…" Martin shrugs after a half-admittance. Protective on some level when they aren't attacking eachother it seems, he looks to Castor. "Yeah man, catch you later. Let's hook up some gaming soon." He nods to the man before he disappears into the hallway with Sam.

Ashe nods towards Dutch and motions towards Leda. "He's a good sort, he might help you out. I would but… I obviously need to hose it and get checked." Flinging his duffel over his shoulder, he starts towards the hatch. "Dutch? Thanks." He adds over his shoulder while making his way.

"If you come back with anything on you-nuke it from orbit." Dutch says simply and there's a nod. "I'm good man- Catch you rack side." And with that Dutch glances once over towards Leda, before he'll be getting into the systematics of punching the back to his own rhythm. Then he will be running the track Simple work out for Elder, tonight.

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