Minds and Machines
Minds and Machines
Summary: In the mess hall on Scorpia, some plans are hatched…
Date: PHD078 (5 July 2009)
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Scorpia - Bunker (Mess Hall)

Thea's sitting at one of the tables, bowl of stew in front of her. She's in tanks and uniform pants, as she has been since coming down on this planet.

Roubani moves into the mess hall with Komnenos. This lunch is by no means a forgiveness from duty, as he's got several tools hooked onto his belt and his PDA in hand, which he's consulting as they walk, his brows drawn with that tension that they almost never let go of. "I can show you my best guess on it right now. It's difficult to say for sure, especially for that main computer."

"Your best guess is as good as anyone's, Poet," Thorn replies wryly as he follows the ensign into the mess hall. He's discarded his tattered flight suit, like Thea choosing to stick to tanks and pants. His dogtags jingle as he walks. "Right, then, let's get some food and I'll take a look."

Ahhh, it's the sound of voices. Thea looks up, glancing toward the speakers, and offers the pair of them a smile as they come in. "Good evening, gentlemen," she calls quietly. "I believe there's still some stew left."

"Baleh." Roubani answers Komnenos. His eyes are on the screen, thumb tapping through the data on it. He's going to have wrinkles by the age of 25 if he keeps up this kind of expression as much as he does. His attention drifts up as someone else talks nearby, and he gives Legacy a formal nod. "Sir." Stew, right. You're supposed to eat in this room.

"Captain," Thorn acknowledges Legacy with a nod as well. "How are you?" His attention goes back to the matter at hand; food. He grabs a bowl of the steaming stew and sniffs experimentally. Smells edible, at least. He goes over to an open table, waiting for the ensign to join him.

"Doing well, Lieutenant," Thea says quietly. "Just finishing up dinner and preparing for watch tonight. How are you and the ensign?" She takes a sip of her drink, washing some of the stew down. She seems friendly, yet subdued.

Roubani doesn't insert himself into the conversation, apparently trusting Komnenos to reply to all of that. He fills up his bowl just under halfway and sits down, setting the handheld on the table in front of him. Former is promptly neglected for the latter, as he taps the small arrow keys to scroll down.

"Well enough, sir, thank you," Thorn responds quietly. "We just stopped in for a working lunch. Or dinner, whichever it may be," he continues, a quirk at the edge of his lips. Being on this planet has seriously disrupted his normal routine, then, if he's getting mealtimes mixed up. His regular sleep schedule has certainly fallen by the wayside, anyway. His head turns back to Roubani. "Eat up, Ensign," he tells Roubani softly. "We can get t' that in a moment."

The Captain glances over at Roubani for a moment, then turns back to her food. "The food is good and filling. The fresh ingredients are a treat." She glances up at Thorn, curiously, but only says, "Make sure you're getting enough rest, please."

"I am eating." Roubani reaches for his spoon without looking, nearly knocking his bowl off the table. He gives it an annoyed glance and starts to stir, taking a bite or two. When Thea tells Thorn to get some rest he glances at the Lieutenant and then back at work. On the screen are some hand-drawn (relative term, as it was a computerized program) of a big room with stadium seating, with notes scribbled all over it.

Indeed it is, Komnenos realizes as he takes an experimental taste. He takes a couple more bites. "I am resting, Captain," Thorn replies innocently. "Just woke up from a nap, actually." A glance back over to the ensign, then back to his food.

Thea's lips twitch ever so slightly at Thorn's response and she shakes her head, bemused. Otherwise, though, she doesn't engage either of them in conversation. Apparently dinner is important.

Stunning dialogue. Roubani is happy to leave them to it, eventually forgetting about his food again in favour of the screen. Finally he pushes the handheld Thorn's way and looks at Thea, speaking with no pretense of it being idle chatter. "Have you been given much information on the communications bunker, sir?"

Komnenos puts his spoon down as Roubani pushes the PDA to him. He picks it up and begins looking at what the ensign was working on, trailing off as Poet takes his place in the conversation.

"Not too many," Thea says quietly. "It's an out-of-use Colonial facility, one which began life as a communications bunker. I've looked around a bit, and it appears to have been left with the basics for restarting. Nine has been working on the computers and I believe George has as well. I'm not sure if the CAG is going to order more towers down so we can try to get a better signal out from here or not."

"We'll need access to the system first, past those restrictions," Roubani says, his eyes drifting over to the PDA Komnenos now has. He has no idea who George is, so the name goes past him. "Would you be opposed to the Lieutenant and I giving a hand with it?"

By this point, Komnenos has gone into full computer geek mode. He has eyes only for the PDA in front of him, and hrms every so often as he looks over the ensign's work. Abruptly, he speaks. "I think we'll definitely be able t' put that drone t' use. Might even be able to integrate it directly into the com system."

"I wouldn't be," Thea tells Roubani with a small smile. "Though I would suggest running it by the CAG first. Right now, Kharon can only hear us if the raptors are in atmosphere, and I haven't seen any flyovers." Her expression remains smooth as she says that, despite the fact that it has to be bothering her. "A boost to that signal will give us a better chance."

"I'll race you to crack that access key," Roubani says to Komnenos. He makes two clicking sounds in the back of his mouth as his brows waggle up and down. Aerospace engineer vs computer science nerd, THUNDERDOME.

Thorn utters a strangled laughing sound at the ensign's remark. "You're on," he replies with a grin, before the seriousness returns to his face and his face returns to the PDA. "If you're right — if our range is really that limited — we'll definitely need t' use the drone, then," he continues with a glance at Legacy. "Now, I'm not sure — I'm better with software than hardware, after all — but the drone might be able t' help with the jamming as well."

Thea cants her head slightly to the side, then nods. "Perhaps," she tells Thorn. "But we need to make sure that it doesn't encounter Raiders. They've been doing regular flyovers, and I'd prefer they not shoot it to bits if the pick up on it. I'm certain, though, if you outline your plan to Captain Marek, he'll sign off on it." It's a simple trust and faith in the two men.

"We may be able to mask its signal as it goes up…" This is the man that made a squadron of attack vipers invisible to the enemy during their training exercise, after all. Roubani's leg is jogging under the table now, the heavy melacholia of uselessness tenatively thrown off now that they're talking tech. "How high does it have to go to be useful?"

"You and me both, Captain." Especially given that it's the only operational drone they have. Thorn nods to Roubani. "That we could." At this moment, he's not sure how, but they've got an engineer and a computer nerd/ECM specialist. They ought to be able to figure something out.

Thea mulls for a moment or three. "I think," she says quietly, "If we send it up to…" For a moment she does a little bit of ECO geeking. Apparently she speaks it as well, though not as fluently as Thorn. "Using it like a flare for the Kharon might work, but it'll be one shot. Of course, I think there are some parts around the bunker. Perhaps you all could scrounge enough to build a second one?"

"Build one?" Roubani's slender brows arch and he glances at Komnenos. "I don't see why not." Really there are a thousand reasons why not, but some switch is turned on in the Ensign's brain now. He bites his lip, chewing on it. "You know, if we have the data drives from the Raptor…it's a long shot, but if we could analyse and isolate a Raider's 'friendly' signal and program it into the drone to emit, that might do it too."

Thorn mulls it over. "Well, that would certainly seem t' reduce the danger of the Cylons destroying the thing, if it's a one-shot…" The wheels are humming now. His eyebrows raise at the suggestion of building another drone. "Well… I don't know what they have here, but I still have the Mark Nine's blueprints in Ivory's flight manual. I suppose if we can find everything we need, there's nothing stopping us." Another measured look at Roubani's suggestion. "I don't know. I'm sure the Cylons have ways to authenticate transponder codes. But…" And just like that, he's on the other side of the problem. "if it can do it's job quickly enough, it won't matter if the Cylons see through it. It just needs t' keep their attention off the drone long enough t'…" He trails off, scribbling notes furiously.

And Thea settles back, finishing the last of her stew as the two men are off and running. There's a small smile as she looks between the pair. "My only suggestion would be to make sure it's alright with our hosts before you go scrounging," she says quietly. "And perhaps it might help to enlist the aid of Mr. Korosti in the building. Communications, if I remember properly, is his specialty." Ah, yes. Mom suggesting that the kids ask the neighbors before they go on a flower picking spree.

Jade arrives from the Bunker - Front Hall.
Jade has arrived.

Roubani is chewing on the end of his thumb, hard. When he moves it, a little rivulet of blood wells up from around his fingernail, running unnoticed down the side of his finger. "Cyrus…" He seems happy to hear the name, almost relieved. His eyes flick to Thorn. "Does it have its own fuel or would we need to find some?"

"Hm? Oh, right. Of course." Evidently, such a minor thing as asking permission had never occured to Komnenos. "The drone has its own solid-fuel propulsion system. Should be fine." Thorn starts idly scratching a scab on his face with one of his fingers. "We'll need to find our own fuel if we try t' build any more, though." Suddenly absent minded, stating the obvious… yup, Thorn's definitely absorbed in the problem now.

Thea's seated at a table with Thorn and Roubani. She's finishing her food - the two men have food in front of them, but they're too busy chewing on a problem to actually eat. "Perhaps, depending on what was needed, we'd be able to split the fuel - if we couldn't find anymore. The first drone won't be up there that long, I don't think."

Three bites of stew are going to have to run Roubani for the rest of the night. He absently scratches the tip of his nsoe with his pinky. "One step at a time, though. We need to get past the restriction in the system and be sure we can route the drone through it, first." Not that he sounds like he has any doubt but it does need to be done. He looks at Komnenos, raising an eyebrow. Go? Yes?

Komnenos winces. "Right, right, should've considered that," he mutters in reply to Legacy. And yes, perhaps he is getting a bit ahead of himself. "Well, Ensign, what say we get t' work on a plan? We'll need t' have something in hand t' show the CAG before we start doing anything." His fingers start tapping the table in an irregular pattern, as though he's suddenly anxious to begin. Like Roubani, a fraction of the meal will have to do.

Jade comes strolling in the mess hall, with her hands tucked behind her. She yawns a bit, maybe she just got up..then again, maybe she's just bored. She takes a look around at the drab place their stuck in, for a moment. She raises an eyebrow a moment, as she spots some out of place faces. She stretches as she makes her way over to one of the tables.

"Having a writeup should be enough," Thea says quietly as she finishes her meal. "And please remember there's not so much food that it should be wasted. Once we're back on Kharon, I dare say it will be some time until we have fresh food." If it's a rebuke, it's a very gentle one. Jade's entrance is noted and Thea nods to the woman, offering a bit of a smile.

Roubani gives Thea a humourless half-smile. "You'll always think me weak." He picks up the whole bowl after a glance into it. "I'll eat it." To Komnenos he nods. "Do you want to see the system? Perhaps we can make a more intelligent writeup if we're looking at it…" His eyes flicker up to Jade and he nods politely if a little shyly. Gosh, new faces.

Thorn looked down at his bowl, as if seeing it for the first time. "Hrm." He takes a bite before he notices the new arrival. He nods brusquely to Jade. "Sure, let's see it," to Roubani, between another mouthful of stew.

Jade gives a nod to the others, as she shifts the pack and stuff off her shoulders, onto the seat next to her. She lays out a cloth on the table, before unpacking her tools. She pulls out a couple shafts, laying them on the cloth. She picks one up, examining it a bit, before she goes to work on the fletching.

Legacy chuckles softly and shakes her head at Roubani. "No, not weak," she says, pushing to her feet. "Just apt to focus on things you consider more important than you are." She dips her head to the two men. "Good evening." And then she's off, making her way past Jade. "Good evening," she offers the woman.

Roubani stands up, taking the bowl along. Komnenos has his PDA, so he's not too concerned about it. "Excuse us, miss," he tells Jade softly. Then to Kom: "I'll meet you down there." Before he's heading off.

Thorn takes a couple more bites of the stew before rising as well. Bowl in one hand, PDA in the other, he's a walking accident waiting to happen if he's not looking out, which knowing him, he probably won't be. A few seconds later, he's off in the same direction as Roubani and Legacy, eyes firmly attached to the PDA.

Jade hmmms at the three of them, "Um, hello…" as suddenly they all seem to have to go. She studies them a second, then shrugs. Must be some of those odd military types.

Legacy isn't fleeing just yet - she's leaving that to the two men. A hand if offered out to Jade. "Captain Althea Legacy, CEC Kharon," she says with a little smile.

Roubani leaves being social to Legacy. He'd screw that up right fast.

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