Mina Alexios
Marisa Coughlan
Marisa Coughlan as Mina
Name: Mina
Alias: Mi
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Golden Blond Hair & Green Eyes
Faction: Military/Navy
Position: JAG, Lt. JG
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Varied
Timezone: MDT

Biographical Info


Born of a Caprican High Justice of the Courts and a Virgon artist, Mina Kassia Alexios was the delight of her staid father's eye and overlooked by her ethereal and muse-ridden mother. How the two of them ever came together remains a mystery to this day. Brietlin Alexios was a stern, no-nonsense justice to the outside world, but at home, he doted on his second wife, Antoinette and their tiny daughter. Rumors told the story of Brietlin being driven during his first marriage, law school, then attorney, Judicial prosecutor and finally earning his place on the High Court of Caprica. His first wife climbed the ladder with him eagerly, though younger men caught her eye and she took half of Brietlin's earnings and pursued her desire for eternal adoration. Determined to find someone as opposite as his first wife, he was captivated by the artistry of the diminutive sculptress, Antoinette. She was the typical artist, flighty, forgetful and talented in her own right. And together, they created Mina.


From an early age, she showed an interest in art, in learning and languages, managing her father's Caprican and mother's Virgonese easily. She would sit on her father's lap, enthralled while he read legal briefs and reciting the rulings back to him. She was doted upon, loved and nurtured. Brietlin was pleased when she chose law as her major in college, fueling her desire for just causes and the defense of the poor. He expected her to join his law firm, from which he'd retired and was stunned when she chose to enter the Colonial Military, in the Judge Advocate Generals’ Corps. Her mother floated through both her college graduation and her induction into the Military with an untroubled air, her father, albeit proud of his child, worried that the military would smother Mina's passion for the law.

  • Graduate of the Caprican Law School in Caprica City, egregia cum laude.
  • Recent graduate of Colonial Military Naval Academy.
  • Colonial Military Distinguished Marksman - Master — 96.99 percentile
  • Colonial Military Distinguished Pistol Shot - Master — 96.99 percentile

Reputation (for good or ill)

  • One thing did bring her peace-loving mother out of her artistically induced myopia was when Mina showed an interest in firearms. Joining the skeet team in school, Mina followed that by collecting a series of handguns, antique and new to join her ever-growing arsenal. She loved the challenge of honing her expertise on the gun range.
  • Is tenacious and rather stubborn.

Distinguishing Features

  • A petite woman, her appearance often belies the tenacity to which she goes in search of the truth and to what lengths she'll ascend to defend a client. She captured her mother's ethereal beauty and lighthearted nature, is sadly unable to tell directions, is consistently stubborn and has her father's methodological love for the law.
  • Golden hair and large green eyes.


  • Can't navigate her way out of a paper bag.
  • Is always lost on board ship.


  • Firearms
          • Possesses a Sangriene 1911 with a mahogany grip, inlaid with pearl, a graduation gift from her father.
          • A Kimbral Model 8400, with a 26" barrel for use with a belted magnum. The stock is cherrywood with a blue steel barrel. The scope is also of blue steel with brass touches.
          • HA669 Brownly Citori Grade 7 Skeet gun with a 28" barrel with a walnut and gold accented receiver.
  • Sculpting
  • Law

On the Grid

Known Associates

PFC, John Tobias


  • JAG office - Deck 1
  • Small Arms Range - Deck 2
  • Skeet shooting
  • Wasting copious amounts of ammo in the firearms gallery
  • Watching Law and Order:Caprica City
  • Junior Mints. She has several boxes with her at all times as well as a glass bowl on her desk filled with them.


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