Diana Woods
Diana Woods as Melia Ashland
Name: Melia Ashland
Alias: Alias or Callsign
Age: [almost] 17
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair/brown eyes
Faction: Resistance
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Varies…
Timezone: Pacific

Biographical Info


Every society has its fringes, and so it was that Scorpia was home to various groups of backwoods natives. "Survivalists," to some, "Frakking Wingnuts" to others, Melia was born into a long line of fairly narrow family trees.

Her education was spotty, her home life abusive, her backyard vast and untamed. She spent her formative years among the hills, mountains, and trees of Scorpia's "frontier", helping her rarely-employed family live off the land. By 8 she landed her first fish, by 10 her first buck. By 14 or so she knew it was better to be out in the woods than around the less than sane members of her community.

So it was that she was out in the hills when the attack came. By the time she made it home a few days later her people were all dead or scattered, and so she grabbed what she could and took to the back country, living pleasantly alone and unencumbered, at least until her supplies began to dwindle…


Ohcan S. Ashland - Father (missing, hoped dead)
Tetha Eve Ashland - Mother (missing, presumed dead)
Nielus Ashland - Brother (missing, presumed dead)
N. A. Christopher Ashland - Brother (missing, hoped dead)


Hahahahahahahahaaaaa! No, really, next…

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Melia's reckoned a right decent shot with a rifle, and can track herself a deer with the best of them. She even manages to find them little flowers what makes them root veggies taste a bit like maw used ta make.

Distinguishing Features



Hunting, tracking, gathering, fishing, wilderness first-aid, hiding…

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events



  • Uninhabited spaces
  • Fresh air
  • Deep thinkin'
  • Classical music
  • Other girls…


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