Measure By Measure - Air Wing
Measure by Measure - Air Wing
Summary: A surprise attack on the colonials at Solon II forces an air and ground confrontation!
Date: PHD218 (22 November 2009)
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Space, Orbit, Solon II

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #218
OOC Time: Sun Nov 22 17:08:37 2009

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] CAP. Roubani's Viper drifts on its patrol course in tandem with Absalom and Martin, mostly radio-silent today. He checked in with an all-clear about ten minutes ago, and now watches the blackness of space through his viewport, paying about…70 percent attention to it all.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Going over whatever it is he has going on in his head, Absalom's Viper is drifting just a bit. Maybe he's watching the DRADIS too much, or maybe he's catnapping in the cockpit. Who knows really, but, every once in awhile he slews from side to side a little.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] At the head of a delta formation consisting of three vipers, Dash has ordered a quiet on the wireless chatter to avoid there being any lack of concentration between the CAP and providing landing cover for the landing craft that are taking people to and from their leave on Solon. Having had quite the long night last night, amid a few complaints from people that were trying to get some sleep through some strange gasping and squeaking noises from his bunk, he's managed to evade most of the flak for his late night company. Almost bored it seems, he keeps them on a standard pattern, checking at intervals for both DRADIS and visual confirmation.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani might have complained…no, no he wouldn't. He wasn't home anyway, having vanished from Red berthings for the entire evening and part of the day till CAP. And no, you dirty minds, people saw him in the chapel. He draws a breath and exhales it slowly through his noe, not loudly enough to trip his mic. His dark eyes flicker across his viewport.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Reaching a hand up to rub over his eyes, Absalom yawns widely but silently in his cockpit. He rolls his head around a bit, and appears to be trying to fight off sleepiness. He messes around with the atmosphere settings in his cockpit, apparently turning down the heat a little.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] There's a small flash of a small vessel jumping well within visual range of the CEC Kharon. A blip lights up on DRADIS reading about the size of a raider. The bogey approaches on an intercept trajectory, headed directly for Kharon.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] The bleep from Dash's DRADIS sounds off like an alarm clock in the still of the night, but having caught the visual first the pilot is already on his way to intercept. Thumbing on the tactical channel, Dash rushes his Viper forward and veers on a course to intercept as he calls in the catch.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "CIC, Dash, we read one bandit just flashed in at 643 carom 22-niner. Shadow, Poet, move forward to intercept. Requesting additional support, CIC, over."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani's eyes flick to his DRADIS screen as Martin's voice comes over comm. He flicks on his active weapons switch, blue glowing on the underside of the Vipers as his auxiliary burners kick in.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Dash, Poet. Copy, visual on one bandit, moving to intercept."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. I don't see…oh, wait. There he is. I have visual confirmation as well. Moving in on your wing Poet."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] It takes a moment, but eventually Shadow peels away from Dash's five o'clock, and moves to follow Poet in on his attack on the Cylon ship. The man straightens up a little in his cockpit.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Copy that CAP. Weapons free. I'm going to slack back for defensive posture. Exercise caution."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The bandit, confirmed cylon bandit by a visual sweep, continues on its course though it does go into evasive maneuvers as the colonials move to intercept. It evades at least one volley of shots, but its left wing takes a minor hit courtesy of Poet. It's always the quiet ones.

The single raider continues on its course, altering only briefly to take a shot at Poet as it takes a turn toward Solon II, moving between the Kharon and the Keros Outpost. The exact destination seems to be unclear, but it's definitely not a banzai sort of blitz on the main vessel. Recon?

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Flight, Poet. I've got its attention, it's tracking me. Leading it back your way now. Not…sure what it's doing."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Poet, Shadow. I'm going to see if I can't get around behind it if you're gonna lead it around by the nose."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani arcs the Viper to port, passing close to the bogey to try and hold its attention on the nimble Colonial craft. The Viper turns and starts a scissor curve towards Absalom and Martin.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Flight this is Dash, it looks like it's changing course towards planetside."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Breaking away from Poet's wing, Shadow pushes his throttle forward, before cutting it out and kicking his maneuvering jets to let him 'slide' past the Raider and into position on its six o'clock.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] All by himself, Dash calls the plays from his defensive position between the Kharon and Solon, protecting any non-combative ships that may be passing while providing a reserve viper should anything worse pop in. Drumming his fingertips against hs flight yoke, he counts the seconds as he waits for a response from CIC.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "CIC, Dash, do you read, over? What's the status on reserve launch. We've got activity."

[TAC3] Neha says, "Patrol Wing, Kharon. Contacts are spotted. The cavalry has been called, Please stand-by."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The raider misses its snap shot on Roubani, and rolls on its side to take a more hasty evasive maneuver. It doesn't stop to engage this time, rather leads the colonial vessels on a merry chase past the Kharon, but just out of main weapons range. Its left wing takes another hit, this time courtesy of Absalom. A deep furrow is dug in its hull. The maneuverability is definitely down, but it does not turn to fight.

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Flight, Shadow. I got strikes on the wing but it looks like this guy is just toying with us. Dash I'd keep an eye out for any more arrivals."

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Watching the chase on his DRADIS, Dash keeps glancing between his screen and to the starfield around them. Flattening his lips, he tilts his head and raises his eyebrows in a sacrastic, nodding reply to Shadow's call over the wireless. Quickly brushing his eyes over the hazy of the edge of the planet, he maintains his defensive posture.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani is silent as they chase the thing, his lips pursed into a slight frown. His eyes keep flickering to his DRADIS.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Settling in on the Raider's tail, Absalom fires a stream of bullets meant to damage the engine of the craft, but, instead put little holes all along the length of the wing. He grumbles, and gives his ship a bit more juice as he chases after the Raider.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Flight, Dash, that's exactly what I'm doing. I don't know what it's frakking around with but I'm calling a definite sierra-alpha on this one. CIC, Dash, this solo bandit's playing around out here. Be advised, might be a recon."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani makes a sharp, close pass by the bandit, firing on a steep downward arc that shatters the ship's cockpit. There's no victory whoop as he pulls back towards Absalom's side.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Flight, Poet. Splash one and returning to your four, Shadow."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Just as it swigs around to change heading for a loop around the Kharon, the bandit is hailed with enough hard shots to sent it spinning off in several pieces, and Absalom's fire does a cleanup, just in case there was anything left alive.

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Poet, Shadow. Nice shot. Roger returning to formation."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Flight, Dash. Go Wide, Cap pattern Bravo-three. Stay out of launch tube airspace. Full cover and let's try to keep a visual on the dark side of the Karon."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] DRADIS is clear of other hits. The black of space and empty of additional contacts at the moment. Debris from the cylon raider is all that is left of the initial threat.

[TAC1] Neha says, "Surface Marine Contingent, this is Kharon. There was an enemy contact in your sky but it has been destroyed. Be prepared for further potential encounters."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] As Roubani takes care of the Raider, Absalom swings about to start back towards the Kharon. Though, at Dash's last transmission, Shadow turns his Viper in a wide arc around the home base, and follows the new CAP route.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] With Poet and Shadow resuming on his wing, Dash orders them to fan out and keep within a close range. Opting for a defensive screening pattern that will keep their visual confirmation high while spreading out their DRADIS reads, he sends his Viper to speed under the belly of the carrier, rolling his cockpit to face towards the surface of the planet while he scans the far side of Kharon.

[TAC1] Ezra says, "Kharon, Cass. Copy that, Over."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Flight, Shadow. I've got three more Raiders appearing on my DRADIS. Unknown course as of yet."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani sees the bandits on his DRADIS screen, not at all surprised to see more where the first little bird had come from. He glances at Dash's bird out his viewport.

[STC] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, this is Madman, reporting Foxbat-4 green front and back for launch on shuttle service to Solon II."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "CIC, Dash, Three more bandits at six-four-three carom two-two-nine. Sounds like we've got birds ready to launch. Flight, move to intercept. Let's keep them guessing while we get our backup in the air. Weapons free. Divide and intercept. Poet you get the one to starboard, Shadow to port. Break."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The three new contacts follow much the same course as the other raider, apparently on an intercept with the Kharon. The course is practically identical at the start. There's a bit of distance between them and the Kharon to change, but it's quickly being eaten up by the raiders going throttle down toward the Kharon. In a moment, if it holds true to the course if the first raider, the three will break off to swing around before coming into range of Kharon's guns…

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shadow's bird gives his wings a waggle, and then vectors off towards his assigned target.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Dash hears the wireless chatter start to come from inside of the Kharon, which immediately gives him an idea of how long they might be for getting reinforcements. Deciding the space near the launch bays is going to have Vipers covering it soon, he rushes forward to intercept the one in the middle, opening fire on it.

[STC] Neha says, "Madman, Kharon. You are cleared to launch."

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kharon, Black Cat. Pre-flight complete and ready to launch on your mark."

[STC] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, acknowledged, launching in three."

[STC] "Rabbit" Hale there's a fumbling sound. "Kharon, Rabbit. I'm green for launch"

[STC] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Kharon, Mooner. Green for tubes."

[STC] Neha says, "Black Cat, Rabbit, Mooner, this is Kharon. You are cleared to launch."

[STC] "Spider" Kai says, "Kharon, green for launch."

[STC] Neha says, "Spider, Kharon. You are cleared to launch."

[STC] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, reporting Foxbat-4 launched and proximity cleared. Switching to TAC3 for further communication."

[TAC3] Neha says, "Flight, Kharon. 5 friendlies en route. Over."

[STC] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Shepherd to Kharon, ready to launch."

[STC] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Make that six, CIC. Rainbow, ready to launch."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] As the pilots move to intercept and lay down a little fire for the newly arrived bandits, two break off and head toward Solon. One barely makes a turn before it explodes into bits, the other takes a ping and keeps going.

Raider 01 continues on an intercept for Kharon, headed right for the launch tubes. In less than a minute, it'll be directly in launch trajectory of the tubes, and the alert vipers streaming into space.

[STC] Neha says, "Shepherd, Rainbow, Kharon. Cleared."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Flight, Shadow. I think I need to fix up my aiming reticle when I get back. I keep shooting to the left. Ps. Splash one."

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] Eddie's viper is loaded into the elevator, and moments later the magnetic force flings her out into the black. Her engines flare as soon as she's free of the tubes, and she pitches low to find Hale before she's forming up on his wing out of habit.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Spider, Black Cat. Taxi drivers in place and heading for LZ. Any idea how many passengers we're picking up?"

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "CIC, Dash, much obliged. Flight, be advised we have a Spider and a Rabbit in the house. Incoming on the launch bay, Flight, intercept, bring that son of a bitch d— interrupted by the sound of gunfire"

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shadow takes out the ship he'd been aiming for, helping to knock off its right wing with Poet. He then shoves his throttle forward and comes around for a pass on another target.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Seeing one slip off, Dash curses under his breath and breaks hard to form up on its tail. Drifting sidelong before his afterburners kick in, his Viper rockets in the direction of the Raider that's making a kamikaze run on the launch bay.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Negative, Black Cat. Proceed to the landing pad at the following coordinates, and take your orders from Major Cass."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani really was aiming for Raider 2, but his shots catch Raider 3 as it zips past, blowing up the side of the thing. He hmpfs, turning around to chase after another.

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] A hot minute after Eddie's viper is loaded and shot out, Another Viper is spat out from one of Kharon's various launch tubes. Right and rearing to go. There's a waggle of his wing once he's out and moving to come into the intercepting arc, along with the other Alert Vipers. Needless to say Rabbit's ready to join in the fray any time now- and with Mooner at his wing? Well it'll be like old times.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "All right, listen up: here are your wing assignments. Shadow and Dash, Rabbit and Mooner, Shepherd and Rainbow, and Poet's with me. Sandwich those bastards, and take them out, Vigilantes."

[TAC1] Neha says, "Surface troops, this is Kharon. Further enemy contacts have appeared. Set out the welcome wagon for our Raptors. Over."

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Flight lead, Poet. Copy, breaking and forming with Spider."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, reporting Foxbat-4 on ground at designated LZ."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider screams out of the tubes hot on Rabbit's tail, and strafes out ahead with his engines firewalled. He doesn't prance about, but roars in on Poet's wing and lights up his guns the instant he has an enemy in his sights.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Alright. Mooner's on your five, Rabbit. Let's rock n' roll."

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] Wolf-8 moves in with Rainbow after having launched and then Papabear makes his proclamation and this means Shepherd is now offically looking after Raibow.

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Shepherd, Rainbow, I've got your back."

[TAC3] Neha says, "Madman, Kharon. Noted. Groundpounders are expecting you."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani is apparently cranky today. His shots keep pounding on the raiders as he chases them, tearing metal pieces off the things in pretty explosions. As that raider goes to pieces he pulls up at Kai's side.

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Shepherd, Rainbow, give them hell out there since I've got your back as well."

[TAC1] Ezra says, "Kharon, Cass. Copy that, we'll be securing the LZ. Keep us aprized if anything gets past the Cavalry in the sky-over."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Mooner, Rabbit. Copy that- let's pull in and given them a bit of the ol' in and out. make it quick."

[TAC1] Neha says, "Cass, Kharon. Roger that, sir."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Whoo. That's five. Drinks not on me tonight."

[Wolf-20: Mars] Wolf-20 slides out of it's tube and angles to form up with it's occupant's designated wing assignment. No fancy flying here, she wags a wing at Wolf-8 and checks her guns.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Raider01 didn't have a prayer. Its debris continues spinning out into space, probably tinking off a few canopies as the cavalry makes its grand entrance from the belly of the Kharon. The other raider, while damaged, continues to head for Solon II.

Meanwhile, four blips light up DRADIS from the direction in which the other raiders came, though they're about 30 seconds flight time closer, and right up the sixes of the CAP. Four this time.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] And apparently Shadow ate his breakfast this morning as his bullets rip through the cockpit of the Raider he's targeting. He does a barrel roll and then turns about to chase down the last of the second wave of Raiders.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Sike. Roubani's about to open fire on the last Raider, but now they've got four more leapfrogging their way. He glances at Kai's lead Viper, ready to train guns where they're meant to go.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Unceremoniously flying over the launch tubes as the intercepting Raider explodes into bits, Dash immediately starts on a pursuit for the ones heading for Solon. Pressing his thumb down on the extra fuel to catch up, he coordinates with Shadow over the wireless.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Spider, Dash, I'm reading four more bandits from six-four-three carom two-two-nine. Following pursuit of planetbound bandit……..Shadow, Dash, form on my wing and let's take this bastard down before it gives the locals hell."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. Roger that, following your lead."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Gods dammit, where are they all coming from…"

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] Rabbit, isn't hanging back either, As Kai screams in to take on those bloody still around, Wolf-9 is moving to cut into the new blips that have suddenly joined the fray. It seems everyone and their mother will be joining this lovely Dog fight. As soon as one of the blighters is in his sights, Rabbit, veers down and to the right, strafing as he goes to catch himself, some tail. Keep up, Mooner.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Mooner, Rabbit. Don't know, bloody well don't care- right now- scrap em up. Follow my lead- an we'll pick em apart."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Acknowledged, Dash. The rest of you, blow the shit out of his friends. Poet, break left on my mark."

[TAC1] Neha says, "Ground troops, Raptors, this is Kharon. Looks like we have 2 party crashers. Get ready to bounce 'em."

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] Following Hale's lead, Eddie sticks hard after Rabbit. If there's one thing Mooner can do, it's fly like her ass is on fire. She flips her wing up, arcing into line with Wolf-9.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Spider, Black Cat. We've got 4 party crashers on high altitude pass of the surface. Can someone clear the door so we can get our people home?"

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Kharon, this is Madman; do we have an ETA on the folk who need a ride?"

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Err, if you look out your front windscreen, Madman, they're coming towards us. Unless someone else called for a taxi."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Acknowledged, Black Cat. Rabbit, Mooner, Shadow, Dash, break after this pass and engage the contacts heading for the surface."

[TAC3] Neha says, "Madman, Kharon. Negative."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Oh, here they come, good good."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Spider, Birdman. I'm cleared to lauch if you could use some extra Raptor support out there…"

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] As Wolf-8 is hit Castor grimaces and he pulls back as much as he can and he follows along pulling in close formation with Mars. His bird has been hurt for the first time in a long time and he isn't in the frakking mood.

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Rainbow, get my back, I want the metal deader than disco."

[TAC3] (from "Spider" Kai) Spider's comms crackle as he's hit. His voice comes over it in bursts: "..edged Birdman…proceed..surface…..caution."

[STC] Neha says, "Birdman, Kharon. Spread those wings."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "I see him, Shep. He's mine."

[STC] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Kharon, Birdman. I'll be sure to bring back beers. Launching."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shooting picks up, and Absalom's Viper apparently enjoys picking up shooting. A spray of weapons fire practically knocks out his controls, and, Absalom spends a moment or two wrestling with the controls and calling over comms, before he regains his composure.

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] Mooner streaks in hard and fast, her KEW eating up the side of Raider05. Unfortunately, such a head-on move leaves her wide open to take a hard slam herself. The hard hit jars her in the cockpit, slamming her elbow hard against interior. That's going to smart.

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. Taking hits here from somewhere. Going evasive. Think I'm mostly fine for now."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] There's a grimace in Hale's cockpit as the one he and Eddie both seem to be flock to, comes around and starts taking fire at both of them. Of course though the fact that it has Eddie juking out has him peeling and making his shots ineffectual. Cursing Rabbit's quick to pop around and begin pursuit. Time to protect his Wingman.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani stays out of the line of raider fire as he opens up on one of them, leaving it to the spray of gunfire. The Viper pulls around nimbly, tracking back towards Kai's injured bird to provide cover. And more shooting.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash, status report. Son of a bitch they're covering the ground attack. Keep them the frak off us. Yeah, go evasive, I'll clear the way for you."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider enters the fray like someone lit a fire under his ass. His rounds chew through one of the raiders targeting his wingman, but he in turn gets slammed by the one on his own tail when he manages to juke right into it. Warning lights and alarms start going off in his cockpit, and are summarily slapped 'off' and ignored.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Lead, Mooner. I'm hit bad but not limping yet. Copy that, Spider."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, " Mooner, Rabbit. Copy-that. Run for me, an I'll try to keep him off your arse so we can bug for the Surface- you Copy?"

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. Controls are hit, but not fatally. Keep that Raider off me and we ought to be fine."

[Wolf-20: Mars] Gods bless the creators of the Viper series. In the time it takes to flip a switch and tug back on her controls, Wolf-20 uses it's maneuvering thrusters to flip on it's end to face the Raider taking after Wolf-8. A burst of gunfire ensues.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Despite the elation of one more Raider down, Dash curses off-mic as his wingman gets hit pretty hard. Rattling off a few choice words over the wireless, he falls back to provide a defensive screen for his wingman while searching for a target. Looking back to see if anything's on Shadow's tail, he moves to bail his friend out of the fire.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Rabbit. Mooner, shaking tail feathers."

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Spider, Poet. Coming on up the one tailing you."

[TAC1] Neha says, "Ground troops, Raptors, this is Kharon. More uninvited guests, it seems. Be sure to show them a bad time."

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "Took care of that cling on problem you had there, Shepherd. What's next?"

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash. Lag in behind this son of a bitch, I got him off your back and now he's on mine. I'll be breaking to port so fan the attack that way. Gonna try to get him on the flyby…."

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Shepherd to Rainbow, last one to kill a bad guy brings me beer so you better make sure I am the last one to kill a bad guy."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. Roger that, I'll clean him off ya."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] Seems like their own little Folksy raider is one to play hard Ball. Rabbit's rounds score a few hits, into the bloody thing's wing. However it is not enough to shake it off of Mooner, which seems to see a few more hits. A grim line coming onto Rabbit's face-he quickly pushes the thrusters harder, as he moves to come in closer on the bastard. Weaving and bobbing with the Bandit, as hopefully his own hits will provide more of a reason for it to come after him. Stay on Target, seems to be Rabbit's mantra tonight.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] With a few spent rounds cutting some superficial gashes in the side of his Viper, Dash can't help but smile…at least it's off of Shadow's back. Focusing his attention on the fight at hand, he fails to see the massive amount of damage that the Raiders are doling out amongst his crew. Attempting to lure the Raider into position for his wingman to pick up, he waits until the attack starts to shift, reverse his thrust, and try to get the Raider as it passes.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Mooner, Rabbit. Sing out-You still golden there, mate?"

[Wolf-20: Mars] The move by Wolf-20 and Wolf-8 is a surprise to the Raider who gets it's left wing nigh sheared off and a burst through it's central chassis. It spins a few times ineffectually before one of it's gun magazines explodes and the thing is no more. Wolf-20 angles after Wolf-8 and pours on the speed again, looking for another target.

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Of course, there's only so much maneuvering one can do, when one's viper is barely responding to flight controls. Spider is pounded once again by the bandit on his tail, despite his wingman's best efforts to blow it to bits. His viper's wing shears off one way and disintegrates, and the rest of his bird is flung in the other direction, hurtling on an intercept course with Rainbow's.

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] All of a sudden, Eddie's dash lights up across the board, with multiple system warnings as she's tagged once again. More intent on beating feet then returning fire at the moment, her shot goes wonky and misses completely. With a grunt, she starts slapping at toggles and buttons, trying to clear the alert messages and stop the blaring noise that tells her she should be turning back to the barn. Mooner presses on, but is having a hard time retaining a straight course.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Rabbit, Mooner. I'm frakked."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] A stream of bullets from Absalom's Viper fly well wide of his target, and the pilot curses loudly under his breath. He looks over his shoulder as Eddie speaks into her comms, and then grimaces a bit as he pulls around to cover his SL.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani misses the critical shot on the raider headed for his wingman, only grazing the thing lightly on its weapon tube. He says something loudly into his com that's likely a curse - not in Standard.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Spider, Poet. Do you read?"

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] Rainbow having helped Shepherds ass out of the fire is a good thing since he has taken damage for the first time in a long time. Wolf-8 pulls in with Rainbow as he begins moving toward Raider-07 and engines scream as he puts on the full burn to go after his target.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Hot on the heels of their brothers, new contacts light up DRADIS (the raiders with 'a' in their name). They appear right on the proverbial ass of those that just engaged the Kharon's vipers. These split off in a quick group maneuver, blasting right through the dogfight at full throttle, and head off directly for Solon II. They do not attempt to engage the colonials.

What remains dogfighting raiders turn and cross over directly for the Kharon, flight paths of the two groups of raiders opening like an angle of really angry, backward geese. They appear to be on a suicide run. Save the ship or chase down the raiders headed for the colony and the SAM batteries installed below?

[TAC3] (from "Spider" Kai) There's a crackle from Spider's comms that sounds vaguely like he's trying to get a message across, but it mostly comes out as static.

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. We chasing after the Raiders heading for the planet?"

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] …and lo do the numbers diminish. The sound of static filled attempts at wireless communication become as common as the sound of damage reports. Dash grits his teeth as he gets another solid hit in on the Raider, kicking in his afterburners to take up chase with his wingman. Ignoring the voice in the back of his head that starts to question whether or not they're losing this fight, he opens a comm channel and addresses the situation while he fights.

[TAC3] Neha says, "Flight, Kharon. Spider's transmitter has been damaged to the point of distortion. It is not signal noise, which means I can't help. Sorry."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Raider04 bears down on the foundering viper of the CAG as it spins toward Rainbow's viper. The bandit lines up a shot, and is clearly about to pepper one or both of the colonial birds with heavy fire. There's no time to intercept, and all the other pilots can really do is watch.

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] With system wide failures, Eddie can't even really get a decent shot off. Her targeting system is now way off course, and she's lucky if the HUD will stop flickering long enough to give her a helpful reading on just about anything. At the moment, all she can hit is space dust.

[Wolf-20: Mars] Static or no, the little hairs on the back of Mars' neck prickle. Or maybe the CAGMeteor's shadow crosses her periph, but she looks just in time to notice him, but not in enough time to move completely out of the way. She starts a barrel roll and it's enough to keep the body of her craft from getting nailed, but her right wing is just ripped from her. The timing is horrible, because in the next second a raider plugs a shot through the body of her craft. Flashing lights and errors message flood her cockpit and somewhere on the edge of her perception a dull burning pain through her chest. There's a brief moment of realization and then her hand is on her afterburners, her viper stopping its tumble and flinging itself at the incoming Raider before it can get it's shot off.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Alright. Vigilantes, Rabbit. Here's what we're going to Do. Dash, Poet, Shepherd I want you to try and make a beat for Surface side, and clean up what isn't shot to frak- Mooner, Shadow, you're on me as you're bloody crippled, Lets back em up. Keep their tails clean, over!"

[TAC3] "Rainbow" Mars says, "You owe me a beer, Shepherd."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Lead, Mooner requesting a return to base. I'm past limping and just short of dead in the water. Let me trade in this bird for one that hasn't had its wings clipped."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "99-Vigilantes, Dash. Spider's out of the fight. Shadow, get on the horn with CIC and try to arrange an SAR. RABBIT! No Joy on wireless from Spider, your wing to lead — Copy. Trade off Shadow. Poet, Shepherd, doubletime to surface on me."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Mooner, Rabbit. Affirmative- Hurry it."

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] Well, Rainbow suddenly being taken out puts a spin on Shepherds plans and he is not in a good mood as his Viper misses it's target and he turns to focus on Mar's attacker. Seriously, if he could kill it with fire he would but sceaming hot metal from the end of his KEW's will have to do in this case.

[TAC3] Neha says, "Flight, Kharon. There is some good news. The Raiders' aim will be off-kilter for a wee bit. Birdman, one of those beers belongs to Ensign Sharifa."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider's viper continues its unpowered drift into — and past — Rainbow's viper, then its systems kick back into gear again with a sputter and spark of electricity.

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Rabbit, Shadow. Forming on your wing. Or….no, forming on your wing Rabbit."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Raider04 doesn't even have time to course correct before the little viper that could pops up into its trajectory like an angry, wounded weasel. The birds kiss, Colonial and Cylon, then disintegrate together, chunks of either spinning off into space.

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Shepherd to Mars, roger that, I owe you something stronger I've got a bottle of hooch for you."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani is so not in the mood for this. He opens up on Raider5, scoring a mediocre hit that apparently love-taps the thing just right to knock it out of the fight. Cute. Hearing Martin, he exhales tensely through his nose and pulls away.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Another salvo from Absalom goes wide, but only NEARLY so this time. The pilot slams a fist against his sluggish controls, growls a few curses, and then rolls over to comply with his latest orders.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Dash, Poet. Right behind you."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Rabbit. Mooner, returning to base."

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Ground this is Dash, three incoming Vipers for your Raiders. Repeat, do not shoot the ones that don't look like assholes. Check your fire, over."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Kharon, this is *crackle* -der, do you copy? Requesting a tow and *crackle* -new paintjob."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] Rabbit's bullets continue to play elusive, however they do fine to hit bloody armor. There are two of em left, and he'll do his best to pick up who he can to give those heading ground side some time. So He's diving after the Viper that's been eyeing poor Martin's ride. With Mooner breaking off to RTB, he's free-ish to roam the country. Cue the PEW PEW, from the KEW KEW once his new prey has been sighted.

[STC] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Kharon, Mooner. Coming in hot with jacked systems. Prepare the LSO to scrape my ass off the deck."

[TAC3] Neha says, "Spider, Kharon. Copy. Tow is en route. Mooner, you're cleared."

[TAC1] Ezra says, "Uh..Vipers, P-Smithicks- Roger that! Hurry up."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] The CAG's viper remains adrift, missing a wing and most of its controls— save the comms and basic life support.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Shadow, Rabbit. Form up on me, and lets bloody end this one. Cover our boys-over."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Birdman, Black Cat. Get your ass in the air and haul Spider home. Try to avoid the uninvited guests."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Black Cat, Birdman. Roger that, going to bring in the laundry."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Splash one. Shadow-stay on me, and we'll cover the Kharon, incase anyone tries to sneak up on our back door. How're you holding up, over?"

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Rabbit, Shadow. Holding up fine, right now. Forming on your wing."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] As the latest Raider goes up, Absalom throttles back and moves to settle in on Hale's wing. He looks down at his clear DRADIS, and then lets his eyes scan the emptiness of space.

[Wolf-21: Eddie] Eddie sputters back to the Barn like a over-weight geriatric diabetic on a redline power scooter, hitting hard but managing not to make her viper go up in flames in the process. It takes her a while, but deck had more alert vipers ready to go. Luckily no one noticed the way she held her left arm as she clambored back into another Wolf. Green once more for the tubes, Eddie'll be rejoining the fray in a lick.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Two more DRADIS contacts blip, then four. All much closer to the Kharon than the others. As waves of raiders jump in, oddly without the appearance of a basestar, they jump progressively closer and closer to the CEC Kharon. They'll be on the ship in a matter of moments.

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] And boom goes the dynamite, as Shadow, and Rabbit double team the poor hapless Raider who was unfortunate enough to linger, before it had a clue of what happened to it at all. A waggle of his wing, for when Absalom joins back up- And Hale's moving to cover in a patrol route again- Not going to let this go easy- are they? Still At least his bullets finally remembered how to hit things.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "CIC, Dash, we've got two splashes on the ground, one to go, over. Can I get a sitrep on the status up there?"

New DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN' arrives from Solon II's Orbit.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Shadow. Rabbit, we got two coming in. Split and Engage! Can't let them land a bloody finger on the Kharon."

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro pushes his Raptor forward towards the CAG's floating Viper, settling over as he starts to lower his grappling cable.

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Roger that Rabbit. You'd think Kharon's guns would take care of some of this for us…"

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Rabbit, Mooner. Inbound. And pissed."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Raider19 takes a hit to the right wing which causes a section of it to shear off, thought he impact doesn't seem enough to veer it off course. It alters its approach slightly, and, with its wingman, Raider18, heads directly for the hull, impact imminent.

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider's viper is moving in a slow tailspin, one wing shorn clean off and the cockpit glass clearly impacted, though not breached. Raiders scream past in close quarters, but otherwise ignore him, probably figuring him for being out of the fight.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Shadow, Rabbit. Quit your bitching, We're the sword before Kharon's shield. If they get close enough to activate the Triple A, we're frakked. Mooner, Rabbit. Good- Form up where you can- Bloody kill the others."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Pushing the throttle forward full thrust, Absalom tries to take out the Raider he's targeted.

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] With the Craziness of the raiders being seen, Rabbit stays on his Raider, letting the KEW's do the talking for him. He's only got so much time before they will come within the small window for the Triple A wall to be thrown up. Right now the Kharon's safety is his priority- not so much the screaming blips show up behind him. He's not breaking off, not by a longshot.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Shadow, Kharon executive officer. Our batteries are online but the Raiders have been out of range thus far. I suggest you reserve your comments for the time being while you protect the carrier. Flak is online."

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro sits there, feeling oddly ignored as his grapple attaches to the badly damaged Viper. Still, he takes it slowly, carefully. This sort of thing got a lot worse when it was done wrong. Finally happy with his grip, he starts pulling him towards Kharon. Slowly, though…

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] And, Absalom knocks one of the Raiders out of commission. He rolls his Viper, and then turns a little to try and take out the last Raider trying to kamikaze the Kharon.

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Kharon, Birdman. I've got Spider, heading home…"

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Gods' speed, Birdman."

No damage report available. Make sure absalom is a valid PC, NPC, or vehicle name. It could be they have never taken any damage.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Kharon, Rabbit. How much time do I have before My bandit hits the wall- Shit, I've got two on my arse here!"

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Rabbit, Mooner. I'm back on your tail feathers. Let me see if I can give you some relief. I have a score to settle."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Raider19 breaks through the attempts to take it down, even as its partner is decimated by the colonial vipers, and slams into the hull of the Kharon in a glorious display of 'ex girlfriend cling'.

[TAC3] Neha says, "Birdman, Kharon. Welcome home. Do you require Medical?"

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Almost losing it again is Shadow. He misses his target, curses, and turns back towards the Raiders attacking him from behind. He growls and slams his throttle forward again, spraying bullets at whichever target is closest.

[TAC3] (from "Spider" Kai) Spider's voice crackles over the comms, "No medical…quired, Kharon. I'm banged around, but fine. Just…in a new bird and let me….out there."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] Rabbit continues to pepper the incoming Raider. Closer and closer they seem to be coming, and he's going to do his damnedest to drop the frakker, before He's moving to break off, lest he too comes back into the Kharon itself. Bloody hell. One always manages to get away- or so it seems.

After a rather sharp, and steep dive, Rabbit's popping back to come up, from where the one on his ass- was determined to shoot.

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro, now having picked up speed enough to get out of there, heads for Kharon, grimacing as the ship takes a direct hit.

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Shepherd to Kharon, we have taken care of the enemy, please advise?"

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Dash, Poet. Ones up above sound like they might need some backup."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Rabbit, Shadow. Taking hits again, going to try and catch one of them out."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Shepherd, remain in orbit to escort the Vipers. The rest of the Vigilantes around Solon, thanks for the assist. Rabbit's got the big bad wolf on his tail, so please assist before he becomes dinner. Raptors launching as soon as loadout is finished."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Shadow, Rabbit. Roger that, I'm dealing with a problem of my own. You get hit, sing out- and I'll come a running."

[TAC3] Neha says, "Vipers, this is Kharon. Return to Kharon space, at once, to lend assistance."

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Black Cat, Poet. Copy, returning up."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "CIC, Dash. Copy that, Heading back up."

New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-16 'POET' arrives from Solon II's Orbit.

[Wolf-21: Eddie] Mooner drops back in on Hale's wing, giving a quick little waggle for a visual. Her left arm is cradled to her body, but thankfully you only need one hand to operate a stick. If you have style, that is.

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Shepherd to Black Cat, roger that fly in orbit and protect everyone, standard day, standard job."

New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-10 'DASH' arrives from Solon II's Orbit.

[STC] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Kharon, Birdman. Coming in a bit heavy, might want to have some medical around, just in case. I think I bruised my arm when I launched. Can't be too careful."

[TAC3] (from "Fingers" Jupiter) A muttered string of curses finally comes over the comms, and Fingers calls out, "I'm stuck in the frakkin' tube still. Equipment malfunction can eat my —" And the rest is lost in a muttered string of profanity worthy of the finest backwater sailors ever to pass out drunk in a pool of their own vomit. "Frakkin' HADES." And then she goes quiet again, to rage inside her viper having been waved off a fourth launch.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, seven sorts of ready to scramble RTB over here, as soon as everyone's in and clicked."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Alright, Madman. On my mark. We're going straight home. No stops for cookies."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "CIC, Dash, the frak was that?"

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Yessir."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani's Viper returns from orbit, the frame shuddering and dust burning underneath as it clears Solon's harsh atmosphere. Guns already hot, the undercarriage flares a bright blue as the KEW recharges.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Burning fuel hard to race out of Solon IIs orbit, Dash continues leading his wing of three back up to the fight set amongst the stars. Unannounced, he targets the last remaining Raider that he sees and centers his sights over it. Raising his Viper's plane to spread out on the incoming attack, he waits until there's an open shot before squeezing the trigger.

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Rabbit, Birdman. Spider safe and tucked in, do you need further Raptor support?"

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] And Absalom continues to fire to no real effect at his target. Shadow rolls over and tries firing upside down. Maybe that will help him.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Madman, Black Cat. Get your Marines back to base. Lift off now. See you in the barn. Birdman, if Rabbit's still engaged, I want you out there jamming. We're enroute to assist if need be."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, we're getting some wounded loaded up and stable, please hold that mark for launch, I'll cry out when we're green here."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Mooner, Rabbit. Thanks for dusting my tail there-Kharon- Rabbit. How are you holding?"

[Wolf-21: Eddie] Behind her face plate, Eddie grits her teeth. Her finger barely twitches when the little red box flashes when her target is in sights. KEW flares from each wing, peppering through the right wing of Raider12a and making that half of the cresent look a little less asymetric. With the combined efforts of her and Hale, the Raider starts to spin on its Y-axis, tits over teakettle.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Splash one. Mooner reporting one more live hostile on your ass, Rabbit. Engaging."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] It seems everyone likes Hale tonight, as he leads the kill, Mooner cleans up perfectly. Still pulling his stick he's moving to try and catch any stragglers. Only opening up when they are in his sights. Don't worry-Rabbit doesn't bloody well fire around all willy nilly.

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro pushes back into combat, and immediatly lights up the old ECM equipment. Holla.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Acknowledged, Madman. I'll go up first and make sure the way's clear. Shepherd, I don't think you're going to have problems with straying sheep."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Birdman, Rabbit. We're good right now- though if you want to try and give us a blanket it would be much obliged."

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kharon, Black Cat. Two Raptors ready to lift off, one containing wounded. Madman's going to put her down on the deck as soon as we get out of here and I'm going to back up the Vigilantes."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Rabbit, Birdman. Blanket coming, nice and warm from the laundry. Now light this frakker up so we can go home…"

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani's the one Viper without a single scratch to the paint job tonight, despite the couple tailers he'd attracted earlier. Call it luck, or a nimble two-step. His guns open up on the last raider, treating it much the way he has the others tonight - pretty damn roughly.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Flight, Poet. Any word on what's happened on the Kharon?"

[TAC3] (from Neha) There is a bit of delay before Neha's velvety tone (a bit shakier than before) relays, "Flight, Kharon. CIC has been hit. Repeat: CIC has been hit. Please tell me you know the culprit."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Alright, Black Cat, we're away here."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Copy Madman. Black Cat enroute."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Kharon, Rabbit. Copy that- Want me to give a pass over, see what I can see?"

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Rabbit, Shadow. Requesting permission to break and head back to the barn for a new ship if need be. I'm pretty shot up here."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, Foxbat-4 incoming with multiple casualties in need of aid. Request expedited RTB clearance."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] Once the last Raider's been taken down Rabbit's Viper changes course coming in to a closer patrol ring over and around the Kharon. Perhaps trying to see what he can find out before the call to RTB.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Bastards…CIC, Dash, what's out? DO WE HAVE FTL and DRADIS? Beautiful frakking war. Poet, Shepherd, stay on me and assume CAP just in case some more come down the pipe for the BOHICA. Kharon, my team's in position at 331 carom 764. We've got a corridor for em…"

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Shadow, Rabbit. Affirmative. Head back now- and get landed. Poet, Mooner, stay with me to keep watch till we get the call to RTB."

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani raises an eyebrow at the double orders. "Rabbit, Dash, copy. Remaining in CAP formation, moving in on the Kharon."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Copy that Rabbit. Shepherd, you're with me. Proceed Poet."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Last splash, reading DRADIS clear. Forming up on Rabbit in standard CAP formation."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Rabbit, Black Cat. Birdman and I will form up near Kharon to provide turn-down service. Birdman, Kharon six. Black Cat has Kharon twelve."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Fingers, Dash, what's your sitrep? ETA?"

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "On your six Dash, I want to make sure you get home, otherwise, your sister would kill me."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Black Cat, Birdman. Copy that, falling into formation on Kharon six. Too kind, boss, you know what a nice butt this bird has."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Dash, Rabbit. Keep her calm. Just maintain your CAP patrol- I'll call out if we need to change anything. DRADIS reads clear for me Vigilantes. Over."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Shepherd, your nose better be up Madman's ass until that Raptor's down on the deck. Do you copy?"

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Kharon, Shadow. Requesting clearance to land. Not priority at the moment, but I got a dinged up bird here."

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin]

Dash keeps his two-man team with Shepherd in the transit corridor for the incoming Raptors. Loosening up on his speed to conserve fuel, he goes for a visual watch as he fights his racing pulse. Taking a long, slow breath, he bobs his head a few times in a nod.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Rabbit, Dash, copy that. We're watching. Good hunting."

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Copy that Black Cat, watching Madman now."

[TAC3] (from "Fingers" Jupiter) An annoyed sounding Fingers comes over the comms, "Zero joy. This bitch will not fly tonight." One can practically hear her bouncing around in her cockpit trying to coax the viper out of the tube, like a little kid whose toy car's battery died.

[TAC3] Neha says, "Flight, Kharon. All inbound craft cleared for landing."

[STC] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Kharon, Shadow. Requesting clearance to land."

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] Wolf-8 follows behind Madman and keeps to the six of Dash, the Shepherd is keeping to his callsign as he makes sure he is behind all that are coming in and he will be the last in the barn since he wants to see everyone in safely.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, landing immediately."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani brings his Viper up closer to Hale's, wing tipped slightly to port as he remains in a 3-point CAP formation. His dark eyes squint at the side of the Kharon, trying to see a hint of the reported damage.

[TAC3] Neha says, "Shadow, Kharon. Welcome home."

[TAC3] Neha says, "Madman, Kharon. You, too."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] Hale's remaining in lead with Mooner and Poet on him. basically trying to keep a look out of the ship, as they continue their standard arch around the beast. So far he can't see much, but he's doing his best to keep eyes peeled between that, and their perimeter. So far- Nothing that he can tell.

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] After a brief lull in combat, which gives the raptors time to clear Solon with the personnel from below, several raptors of civvies and marines, a new contact blips DRADIS. This contact is much larger than the others. A couple of raptors of civvies are still coming in, and the cylons have brought out the big guns. A BASESTAR jumps into orbit.

[STC] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Kharon, Shadow ready for relaunch."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Hekate's merciful grasp.. Kharon, Rabbit! I've got a visual on a Basestar. Orders?"

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Oh. Shit. Roubani's eyes get slightly wide, blinking at the sight of OH SHIT, SON. He flicks his weapons out of their cooloff cycle, blue blazing along the edges of his undercarriage again.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Shepherd, pull around to those two incoming Raptors to provide cover in case they need it."

[TAC3] (from "Mooner" Eddie) ..Holy mother of Zeus…

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro closes his eyes for a moment, then reads the DRADIS. Sure enough… a frakking basestar. Fan-frakking-tastic.

[STC] Neha says, "Shadow, Kharon. Clear."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] And like that weapons are lighting back up. After all there are Raptors with civvies still coming in. And with the bloody thing that just Showed up. Hale's quickly moving- Though they have no real orders coming from CIC- it seems the Lieutenant, is about to do something, as the Patrol arch is broken.

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "Shepherd to Black Cat roger wilco consider the Raptors under my protection. Shepherd to Mooner, Zeus' Mom had nothing to do with this I'm going with evil robots for one thousand."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Rabbit, Black Cat. Thoughts? If those Raptors aren't off the ground, they might be better to stay down there while we RTB so Kharon can jump."

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Gazing at the Basestar's massive frame so close by in orbit, Dash simply stares. Breathing slowly, he blinks and looks down to his console, checking his remaining ammo and fuel stores. Glancing over the DRADIS, he maneuvers to be just off of the side of the Kharon's firing lane, presenting himself as a defensive figure on the battlefield.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Hades. Roubani's not sitting still either, breaking starboard of Hale and pushing ahead on the current flight lead's tail. Weapons blink at him on the panel, ready to fire.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Rabbit, Dash. Permission to break off from Shepherd. Moving to overwatch position."

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] Wolf-8 pulls away to focus on protecting the Raptors as the Basestar is there but he has a job to do and at the moment that means protecting two Raptors even if his bird has been dinged a bit. Is Shepherd freaked out a bit, yeah, is he showing it, not so much sine he is calm over the coms but externally in his own little piloty sanctuary he is not doing so well.

[TAC3] Neha says, "Rabbit, Kharon. Stand-by for Command decision."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Dash. Rabbit. Granted. CAP, I want everyone moving into defensive positions if they come at us again with more Raiders. Black Cat. As far as I can tell they're still coming Too late to turn back. Order em to Jump out of here!"

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] Not long after it jumps into range, a flood of raiders exits the belly of the BASESTAR on an intercept course with Kharon. ETA is less than a minute before the first round of raiders is on the CAP.

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro holds his position, for now, though both he and his ECO monitor DRADIS carefully. If they start dancing with the Basestar, this is not going to end well.

[Wolf-19: Absalom] Out of the Kharon flies a single reinforcing ship: Wolf-19. Shadow's surrogate bird waggles its wings and then slows a bit as its pilot realizes just what they're facing. He remains off coms for the moment though.

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kharon, Black Cat. We've got less than a minute. Does Kharon have FTL? If so, I recommend recalling all units and jumping."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Black Cat, this is the Kharon XO. The remaining shuttles on the ground have roughly three minutes remaining until they are able to launch. We still have faster-than-light capabilites, however our jamming suite is inoperable."

[TAC3] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Anybody got a spare crowbar? Seriously. I will get out and push."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Like bees from a hive…"

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Vigilantes, keep em from the Ship."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Thea's quiet for a moment. "Sir, I would recommend we advise the civvies on the ground to disembark and find cover while we jump. There are too many Raiders and a Basestar out there. The Basestar will take Kharon out."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Ain't no thing, Vigilantes…ain't no thing. Someone lock down Fingers' bay, please. Time…to give…them hell. COME ON YOU SON OF A BITCH."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Fingers, you should be good to go. Ghostriders, RTB. Rabbit, lay down suppressing fire if those raiders get within spitting distance."

[TAC3] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Flight, Shadow. Lookin for assignment here unless you want me back on Rabbit's wing."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani is silent over the com during the exchanges, eyes fixed on the basestar and its departing swarm. He glances out the side of his viewport towards Solon's orbit, where said Raptors are still coming up.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Black Cat, Rabbit. Can't the Raptors jump on their own? Bloody- have em Jump, sir. Spider. Rabbit. Aye aye Sir. Alright, lets keep em busy."

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Lighting up his weapons console, Dash says a silent prayer and glances towards the Kharon as the Raiders start to belch from beneath the Basestar's wings. Pressing his fingertips to his canopy in the direction of the Kharon. Sighing after his pep-talk on the wireless, he turns to the fight at hand and lines up his first target.

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says, "We can't just leave people behind…that basestar might launch more nukes for all we know."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Spider, Black Cat. Negative. Kharon has no ECM. I suggest two Raptors remain out to provide coverage and remain near Kharon."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "This is the Kharon XO. We are leaving. Transmit rendezvous coordinates to the remaining civilian Raptors. All craft return to base, we are spooling."

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] And Like that Rabbit is moving in to intercept the incoming Raiders- After all this is about to get all sorts of bloody ugly. Still Rabbit is going to do his damnedest to keep from having the Kharon take any more hits. And so he's moving and idling, placing himself in good enough distance between the Kharon and the enemy. However as Praxis' voice comes out there's a look to his wing.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "On second thought, Spider, we're RTB. Birdman, you heard the CAG and XO. Get it on deck yesterday."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Vigilantes, you heard the XO, RTB. Everyone RTB."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Birdman, Black Cat Understood, Boss. RTB underway."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] The civvie raptors are just coming up to break atmo, still too far from the ship to arrive before the raiders do.

The raiders disgorged from the BASESTAR close rapidly, chewing up the space between the two capital ships. As the mad scramble to evac begins, and vipers turn for combat landings, the raiders continue to close, not yet within firing range.

[Wolf-21: Eddie] It's hard to hold it together when you're looking at the ant mound of the Basestar starting to spit out its soldiers as if someone just kicked at the sand. Mooner's bird floats next to Hale's, keeping in formation despite the fact that sweat has begun to trickle down the pilot's neck and her cheek is starting to itch. Coupled with the pain in her arm, each straw is carefully getting stacked ontop of another, and the young pilot is barely holding things together in this lull. And then? The RTB is ordered and Mooner's shoulders sag with palpable relief.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Lead, Mooner. Copy. Preparing for combat landing. They can suck our space dust."

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Lead, Dash…copying."

[Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT': Legacy] Thea's Foxbat is for the deck very soon after Birdman's. It's as though they've been practicing their synchronized land-that-bird-now techniques.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani draws in a slow breath from his nose, watching the basestar. Then the Raptors below. Shit.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Copy, Lead. RTB."

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] Wolf-8 follows orders and he begins to fly back but he isn't happy about it since tucking in his tail at this stage is not what he wanted and since he still can't be sure that everyone will be safe. However, orders are orders and he follos in to land.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] As the adrenaline shoots through his veins, Martin narrows his eyes at the incoming Raiders and kicks his Viper to turn hard. Racing back towards the Kharon, he glances in the direction of the incoming Raptors and frowns. Prying his eyes away, he forces himself to not look a second time as he races home.

[TAC3] "Shepherd" Castor says in a grim voice, "Roger wilco, RTB."

[Wolf-19: Absalom] And, as soon as he arrived, Wolf-19 is returning to base. Absalom glances over his shoulder and then moves into position in queue. He mutters a few quiet words to himself in the cockpit.

[Wolf-9 'RABBIT': Hale] And With that Taking the rear of the turn around Rabbit's moving to land in butt last. Hopefully in time for the jump.

The Kharon jumps away before the raiders have a chance to intercept, after sending coordinates to the raptors still outstanding.

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