Maybe this isn't such a good idea
Maybe this isn't such a good idea
Summary: Nuggets Murphy and Marissa make their way into the Officers Quarters and hijinks ensue.
Date: PHD 151
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It's been four days since Mimi started training. In this time, she has /learned/. Learned all kinds of useful things, in fact, from how to conserve her energy, how to work with a rifle and pistol, how to move more quietly than she already knows how to, some new tricks with a compass, and the proper way to salute (though she still has a little trouble with that one). But more than anything, she's learned what doesn't get you picked on. Accidents with one's sweats don't fit that category, especially with the training Sergeant pointing it out. The 'working blues' of the Fleet are great for avoiding harassment, as most people just see the color and don't worry about the face attached to it. The pants are also a lot harder to pull down, which was the inevitable result of the accident with her sweats.
Still, she doesn't know her way around the ship, so opening this door and stepping inside on her way to Sickbay to check on a friend is probably a forgivable offense. That is, if nobody thinks to check the rank pins on her collar. She takes a step back, groping for the dogging wheel of the hatch coaming…

Crewman Jacquelin Murphy comes bounding after Mimi, maybe she knows where she is going and maybe she doesn't though the devious look in her eyes says something is up and the crooked smile on her face says someone is getting a come uppance. Something is hidden in her hands however it is not completely concealed, in fact a little something juts out of her hand revealing a small regatangular object. She stops by the door and she says, her voice should be obvious to Marissa since they are in the same classes, "Crewman Delann, unless you want duty cleaning the head with a toothbrush then I suggest you drop to your feet and kiss my boots to my satisfaction." then looks at Mimi and she says, "Hey Marissa, sorry, I was just funnin' with you."

Mimi actually gasps as she turns around, blinking owlishly at Jaquelin for a moment…then sighs in obvious relief as the other woman not only gets chummy, but says what she was really doing. "Jackie! Thank the Lords it was just you," she murmurs, shaking her head. "C'mon, let's get out of here before somebody has us doing pushups to 'earn our uniforms'." She reaches for the hatch again, less nervously this time.

Jacky nods he head, "Sure, I swear I'm getting muscle spasms from all of these pushups. I mean do they enjoy the sadistic nature of all of this? I mean I rushed during my sorority days but wow this is like hazing times fifty." She then says, "And yeah there is something I need to do in there." She nods her chin to the door, "Hopefully it will be clear."

Mimi nods in sympathy. "I think this is supposed to build character, but after monsoon season in Calypso Archipelago I don't think I need any character built." She actually has her hand on the dogging wheel when Jackie's words penetrate. "Wait… you have to do something /in here/? What?"

Jacky says, "The wha…" and a dim bulb goes off in her head as she says, "That's right you're from Aquaria." She says sounding like a Caprican through and through, "I don't know if it is building character but I will say I'm starting to get toned up." She then says, "Which is good for when I make ensign and I can chase hot officers." She then gives a devilish wink and giggles as she says, "In here…oh you will see." She says putting her hands behind her back in order to make her packet of something disappear from sight.

Mimi's used to Jackie bagging on her planet. The little snob is pretty nice most of the time, and that's rare in her nugget classmates. She giggles at the thought of Jackie's career advancement plan: find a hot officer and get promoted quickly through 'skirt influence'. Though, to be fair, she does seem good at her training tasks. She tries to look more closely at that packet of stuff. "What have you got there?"

Jacky says, "I'll show you when we get inside…it is nothing illegal." She rolls her eyes over dramatically, "I'm not on drugs." She grins, "But I'll let you in on a secret, all villains get their come uppance and there is a certain officer that is getting a comeuppance." She then says, "So, come on let's go in." If Marissa attempts to peek at what is behind Muphy's hand she will see that the woman is holding powdered laxitive.

Mimi frowns thoughtfully. "Who is it? And what are you going to do with a pack of Free-Flow? That stuff has to be ingested to work."
She shuts the hatch behind them, just in case someone's coming along in the hallway. "I hope nobody comes in… we might look like any other officers, but our rank pins'll give us away."

Jacky looks at Mimi and says, "Oh, not one officer all of them who have been giving us all the crap and grief in general." She then points to the aparently empty officers quarters and says, "And besides it is easy to get ingested," She points to the coffee machine and her eyes flicker, "And this little dosage will be enough to keep them running to the bathroom without being traceable. Ah the perfect crime." She shen goes to start a fresh pot off coffee as a mischieveous grin comes back to her face, "This is going to be SO epic but you can't tell a soul about this. They might put me on latrine duty for a year."

Mimi blinks. "But… they have to run the ship, Jackie," she protests softly. "And we might run into Cylons at any time!" She's also thinking of Doc Pike and Seriy, who live here. "Is this really a good idea?"

Jacky turns and says, "Aww, come on Marissa don't turn into a hall monitor on me." She then says with a flicker in her eyes, "Besides we are pilots and we have to live up to our reputation and this is fairly harmless, if my estimation is correct it won't stop them from working but it will make their workday a little more FUN."

"Hall monitor? I'm just thinking of the… oh." Mimi frowns thoughtfully at the pot. "But I can't help thinking about that /if/. What if your numbers added up wrong?" She can picture the klaxons now…

Jacky cocks her head to the side and says, "Well, then no one will know." Aparently as pilots go she is the booksmart but not social smart kind of pilot. She then looks at the pot as she waits for it to brew, "And if I am wrong they will just go to the bathroom a lot and that will be that. Now, are you going to keep a secret or what?"

The door from the head in the officers quarters opens and out comes an officer, OH SNAP, even better it is a pilot. A pilot named Castor Leda who says, "Secrets, those have a way of being discovered around here." He then looks at Jacky and he says, "Crewman Murphy what secret would possibly be keeping from us?" He says as his eyes flicker to Jacky and the coffee pot, maybe he heard everything or maybe he didn't but this could be a make or break moment for the nugget.

Mimi sighs. "Well, it's plain that I'm not going to talk you out of this," she murmurs. "But I don't…"
And just then the head door opens and Mimi clams up in surprise. Cas! But it seems he didn't hear all of this conversation…
"She knows a way to make better coffee," the Aquarian nugget blurts, inwardly kicking herself over such a lame story. But it's all she can think of on the spur of the moment, especially as there's no chance to leap for an empty bunk and hide herself that way. "But nobody's listened to her about it, because she's a nugget. So she thought about sneaking in here and trying it, and I said I'd help." She squares up to attention. "I know we shouldn't be in here, sir. It's just as much my fault as hers."
Rule #1 /is/ 'Your fellow trainees are your family', after all…

Jacky looks at Marissa, "My mind is made up." The coffee is just done but she hasn't had a chance to get Free Flow into the coffee and the voice of an Officer is heard she casually puts the packet into her pocket as she does her best to hold herself together as the proverbial fecal matter hit the cooling device that spins quickly. As Marissa offers her account she says, "Sir, I am testing my theory on how to make a better cup of coffee." She then gives Marissa a thank you look.

Castor looks over at Jacky for a moment and then he turns his back to look at Marissa, "Well, in general you aren't supposed to be in here but if you have orders to be in here that is another thing." He then says, "And no need to appologize though in general we shouldn't be in here I came by myself to visit Lieutenant Praxis but I believe he is in the CIC." He then says, "And good on you for taking responsibility."

"Thank you, sir," Mimi replies. "But if we're not supposed to be here, permission to depart the premises, sir?"

When Castor's back hits Jacky's face she turns around and opens the packet up quietly putting in the coffee pot she then picks the pot up and quickly gives it a quick spin to jerk it around and mix the contents together. Of course Marissa can see all of this happening and she gives a mischieveous grin. "Oh, no, the Lieutenant should try our special coffee." She then pours some into a mug.

"No, he really shouldn't," Mimi says quickly. "The recipe's definitely not perfected yet. And you already said you didn't bring the right flavorings," she adds. "Jackie, pour that out. I'll donate a package of my Fog Lifting Green Isle Creme to replace the waste."

Castor turns and looks at Jacky, "How about you drink it since you are the one who made the special coffee." He looks at Mimi with a smile, "Of course you have permission to leave, Crewman Delann. It is okay to be in here but you need a reason." Then when the sudden call to pour the coffee out comes his eyes suddenly flicker to Crewman Murphy. He then pauses to see what will happen next because he is starting to think something is up.

Jacky looks at the mug and then to Castor and then to Marissa and she lets her eyes flicker over to Castor, someone just got saved several trips to the bathroom and possibly need for medical attention. She almost offers the mug again but she pours out the coffee and cleans the pot since she doesn't want Marissa to snitch her out. She then looks back at the cup and she goes to pick it up since she isn't sure if she was ordered to drink it but suddenly it slips from her hand and falls onto the floor, the mug is a thermal metal one so it stays in one piece but the coffee falls onto the floor, "Whoops." She says as innocently as she can manage which isn't that innocent, "Butterfingers."

"Frak, Jackie, that stuff's boiling hot! Be more careful!" Mimi blurts, barely avoiding a splash of caffeine-enhanced colon cleanser. "And you know how easily this fabric stains! Is it on me?" She puts a foot on a bunk side and twists her hip agilely, trying to see the sides of her pant legs. It's not much of a distraction, but it's a distraction.

Roubani is in duty greens as he pushes the hatch open to this part of berthings. His right arm's occupied with a small stack of stamped folders, left hand taken up with a smouldering cigarette that he's paying little attention to. The noise off the bat pulls his eyes up off the page he was reading and immediately halts his steps.

Crewman Jacquelin Murphy looks at Mimi and says, "Silly me…I don't know how I dropped the coffee, maybe I should get someone to clean it." She looks at Castor and then to Mimi and gives a semi-sweet smile since he evil plan has been ruined. She then says, "Sir, permission to leave?" Her mind however is suddenly remember the briefing on law and courtmarshalling and she goes a little pale since this might have gotten her sent to the brig for maybe forever well at least in her mind. She then gives Marissa a genuine smile and not a masked one as she looks up and another officer enters, she looks at the JiG and says, "Hello, sir, sorry I spilt some of your coffee, I was trying to make a special brew for everyone." The words sound a little guilty as the intention behind this mess was for her to get a small bit of revenge for all the hard work that she is putting into training.

Castor looks at Murphy for a moment and he says, "Crewman, you spilt it and so you clean it." He then says, "There are some supplies in the head." He then turns and looks at Roubani, "Lieutenant, I've been looking for you." He says as he has something under his arm, a book, a very well loved book, he then looks over at Marissa and he says, "By the way how is training going?"

Mimi gives Jackie a sympathetic look, as she's had some unwanted practice at getting coffee out of carpet. The entrance of the other officer draws a faint smile of greeting and a nod. She's forgotten the cardinal rule of training: if it moves, salute. If it speaks, salute it again. "Good day, sir."
Cas's question draws a smile, if a rueful one. "Well, I think I've put footprints on nearly every corridor on this ship, most of them at a running pace. But I'm learning."

Roubani gives Crewman Coffee a funny look, shifting the folders in his arm. "Please don't leave a mess, Crewman," he tells her on Castor's heels, in a way that doesn't make the request optional. The stains in the carpeting get a slight sigh, then he looks at Castor. No saluting in here, naturally, but there is a soft, "Sir." And a nod to Marissa, whose name he doesn't know. "Miss."

"Well, not exactly… but I'm learning a little more of it every day," Mimi replies honestly. It's true, though some parts she learns by mistake. Like this one.
Recalling that she doesn't know the other man here, she turns and offers her hand and a slightly shy smile. She's the intruder here, after all. "Crewwoman Marissa Delann," she says by way of introduction. "But most people just call me Mimi."

"Crewman Delann." Roubani ignores the gender twist she tries to put on it. His voice is naturally soft and remains polite as he gives her a small half-smile. Jostling the stack of folders in his right arm he nods to her hand apologetically. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Nadiv Roubani…pardon my manners, I haven't got a hand free. Are you adjusting well?" His dark eyes flicker back to Castor and he nods a little. "Yes, sir, I remember well."

"It's a pleasure, Lieutenant, and don't worry about it. I saw your hands when you came in," Mimi replies with a smile. "I'm getting along okay, though my feet are about to stage a mutiny. Too much running!"
Cas's words hold truth, though Marissa isn't entirely convinced. "It's a lot to learn, Cas. I /hope/ I'll pick it up with time." The book draws a smile and a closer look. "What book is it?"

"Thank you, sir." Roubani lowers the armfull of folders so the book can be slid on top. The title's easily visible as 'The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quijote of La Mancha'. Translated into Standard as it is. "I had a flight instructor at school who informed me that 'Nugget time is not the last time you'll make mistakes. It's the grace period to get used to it'." This quoted wryly, he indicates the book with his head. "Did you need something to read, Crewman?"

Castor says, "Don Quijote," He says with a slight blush, "It is one of my favorite books and the Lieutenant was kind enough to loan it with me." He then says, "Sounds like your Flight instructor knew a thing or two." He then chuckles as he looks at Marissa and now it is his turn to protect fellow pilots, "The crewmen were assisting me in looking for Lieutenant Praxis." He offers, "I thought he might be in here however Crewman Delann felt that he was in the CIC. We stopped because Crewman Murphy wished to show a new coffee making recipe."

"Scary thought…" Mimi shudders. "I'd like to think I'll get better at /not/ making them, but you just never know." The book gets a nod. "Sounds… interesting." Not much of a reader, this one.
"Oh, right. There was a certain amount of looking that got us here," she says, going with Cas's story. "I think I'd better wait to do any book-borrowing. I really don't have time to read these days. But thank you for offering, sir."

"It's a read," Roubani tells Marissa softly, glancing at the book's spine. "Tilting at windmills having become a spectator sport as of late." He steps over to the side so he can put out his dying cigarette into an ashtray on the table. "You might try the lounge I suppose, for Demitros. I don't believe he's on duty just now."

Jacky continues to scrub since that is pretty much all she can do to work this coffee out.

Castor looks over at Mimi and says, "Of course, we will look for him in the lounge as soon as Crewman Murphy is finished cleaning." He looks at Marissa, "It is a book about many things but one of the things in it is following your dreams and never giving up even when everyone tells you that you are crazy." He then says, "And yes, the windmills…" he turns to Marissa, "Crewman Delann the book is about an old man who thinks he is a knight and so he and his friend set out to fight dragons which are acctually windmills. They have many amazing adventures." He then adds, "And a little book borrowing might be good for your soul since you are going to learn everything wether you want to or not and sometimes we learn the same thing over and over again." He then looks over at Roubani, "And that book saved part of my sanity and I owe you a thank you, so, thank you."

"It does sound good… but I think I'd have more time after I finish Basic," Mimi demurrs. "I'll borrow it then, if it's still in your hands, sir."
She glances over at Jackie. "Oh, careful. These pants don't roll up, and if you kneel in that stuff, it'll stain your knees and you'll never get it out."

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