Marine MOUT
Marine MOUT
Summary: The Marines have MOUT training and pilots show up. Asses are kicked.
Date: PHD157 (23 Sept 2009)
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Kharon - Cargo Bay

Ah, MOUT day. Can't you just smell it in the air. A sense of uncertainty, plus the general buzz for marines. After all who doesn't like MOUTS? Unlike what one might see on a usual training facility, the Cargo bay has been outfitted to make three 'rooms' using crates and other various solids to provide for the obstacles, and for cover. Currently, decking in his blacks the Major stands wearing a combat vest, but nothing else. As he will be working at the roll of observer. Hands clasped behind his back, he waits at the beginning of the course. It seems he will be walking through the course with everyone. After all, one will have to make it somewhat fair for those not knowing what they are going into.

Kappel has been down here in the cargo bay for a couple hours, setting up all this crap for the marines along with another engineer or two and power tools galore. Wearing a headset where he can listen to Ezra's squawking at the poor folks over yonder, he tightens a final screw on a ledge with a loud electric drill. VVVVVT. VVVVVT. Baller.

Panda is kitted out in his marpat camos and black web gear. His rifle hangs horizontally across his chest on a three-point sling as he waits by the equipment table. Those who know him off-duty as a stumbling lunkhead with a penchant for self-sabotage might not even recognize him standing tall, shoulders rolled back, looking… well, competent.

Teall is more about the uncertainty part than the buzz, for her part. But she shows on time and geared up. She exchanges a greeting or two with her fellow Air Wing troops in attendance, then takes a sec to take a long look around the cargo bay. As if trying to mentally prepare herself for whatever the Marines will be doing to them.

Sparro smiles as he enters the course, moving to an appropriate position near the entrance and coming to attention, if not with that usual Marine 'snap'. Never one to turn down the opportunity for a training exercise, this is nonetheless outside of his usual milieu. All that said, he is focused and ready.

Crewman Apprentic Zyne shows up as ordered, he is looking a little unsure of exactly what part of training this is today, he heard Mounts, so he assumes Horseback riding, but really…why is that an important skill for a pilot?

Kitty has been here for five minutes, already, the ECO having arrived early to keep from being late. She's dressed in what is the closest she has to fatigues, looking rather blank as she's lost in thought. Pandorian's presence has been noticed but he's left to his job, his sister thoughtful enough to not ambush him in a hug while he's got something to do which might get him into trouble.

Kappel swings his leg off the ledge, boots thudding hard on the floor as he jumps back down. Lightly chewing gum in his back teeth, mouth closed as he does so, he shoves the drill back into its big metal case and clicks up the locks with his thumbs, hefting and hauling the huge thing off to the side. Doo doo doo, building torture chambers for yooou.

Panda stands alert by a table of kit: rifles, vests, eye protection, and so on, most of which is what he's wearing over his cammies. He reaches up to toy with the black and silver bandana at his neck, arms naturally avoiding the rifle slung across his chest. Each of the voluncorpses are looked over in turn, making sure they look prepared.

Teall edges over to stand near Kitty and Sparro. Strength in Air Wing numbers. They're both offered a quick little smile and nod, though she mostly keeps her mouth shut. Still in observation mode.

Sparro returns the looks of the Air Wing folks and grins. He's been in one or two Marine exercises before, and both were definitely lessons in humility. Just a what a pilot needs, right? Besides, it keeps you sharp. His eyes flash around the room, taking in every detail, adding it all to the DRADIS he kept in his head.

Ezra raises a brow. One Marine and by the looks of it, several pilots. Well, this should be a frakking joy and a half. However, the Major remains in a standard at ease position as he watches ever so carefully. Though the look that is given to the ECO. A cough, before he's looking and nodding towards Pandorian. A step up, and the Major unclasps his hands from behind his back. "Well, ain't this an interesting pack. We'll cut the bullshit, and get her started. For those of you who don't know me. I am Major Ezra Cass, and I am the Marine Commander on this ship. As for right this second, you are all currently under my jurisdiction, and thus when I say jump. I expect you all to jump as high as you frakking can." a pause as he takes time to read their faces. "Is that clear?" The correct answer here, will be: Sir, Yes Sir.

Once those pleasantries are done the Major is walking to the lovely equipment table that has been set up for them. "Today," the Major begins, "You will be running through the MOUT exercise. For those of you not in the Corps, that means Military Operations on Urbanized terrain. We are doing this to prepare you all if we land on a Colony and have to sweep through cities, you won't get your fool heads shot clean off. Also, Pilots, this will serve you if you are in fact on the ground and with a marine unit." And with that The Major is reaching for the table. A heavy black vest is pulled up in one hand. The Helmet with the eye protection in the other. "You will be wearing these. It is imperative you wear your bullet proof vest, and your eyewear ,as in real life and in this course people will be shooting at you. Leave it on throughout the whole course, till it has been called over. If you take it off before then, you will fail. And so will your whole team fail the exercise. Failure to pass the exercise means you all will be doing extra PT for me." and with that he is looking back towards the pilots. "Yes, your CAG already okay'd this. So if you don't like running. I suggest you listen and follow directions."

Safety equipment down, there's a motion to Pandorian. "Lance Corporal Ajtai. Front and Center." uh oh someone is going to demonstrate something.

In walks Castor Leda, why, well, why not. Today Castor is lacking the normal goofy grin on his face but he does have a quiet bit of determination in his face since this might turn into another round of Marines showing off at the expense of the air wing and to be fair that is what the dances are for. Spotting fellow pilots he begins to move toward them since seeing them do well is one of the reasons why here is here.

Kappel sets his hands behind him on a table, doing a small jump up to sit beside the jury-rigged control board for the lights and other secret haunted-house shit they've rigged up in here. He clicks the 'send' switch of his headset off for a bit so Ezra doesn't end up with an earful of him chewing gum, moving the mic away from his mouth and blowing a rather impressive blue bubble for thin chewing stock. It goes hollow as he sucks it back into his mouth, watching the pilots and their temporary master.

Panda leads the appropriate reply with a booming shout to show the way: "SIR YES SIR!" After the short safety brief is given, Ajtai responds to his name with a sharp right turn, posting in parade fashion with sharp, clipped movements. "Sir! Lance Corporal Ajtai reports as ordered!" he barks, rendering a salute.

'Sir, yes sir." Sparro says without even a trace of irony in his voice. This was about par for the course. Sparro absorbs everything, eyes and ears taking in every detail. He always enjoyed Marine exercises. For one, they obviously were not in the habit of washing out people due to age.

Kitty sniffs a bit before barking out a crisp 'Sir, yes sir!' when Erza asks if he's being understood like he does. It's all she says as she's back to listening intently, the JiG trying not to get herself into trouble with the Major.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Teall pipes sharply when Ezra prompts them. She holds her posture straight, looking over the gear as it's described. None of it's exactly unfamiliar. She keeps her focus on the Marine Major, all of obedient ensign.

"Sir, yes, sir." Leda calls out since he knows rank and he follows through with the correct greeting. He then looks over at his fellow pilots and he looks back at the marines and then he winces as Papabear is mentioned but only slightly since this means that Papabear signed off on this fest and that may make the air wing look stupid…then again it is the air wing since when did they need help looking stupid.

Andreas belts out the "Sir YES Sir" just like he is suppsoed to and otherwise just stands at attention, trying to remember not to lock his knees.

One of the enlisted engineers mutters to another, chin lifting to signal one of the pilots. Which one is hard to tell, but the other snickers and reaches into his pocket, counting his cigarettes. Seems a bet is on.

Ezra nods, "Lance Corporal, show the audience your rifle." And with that Cass, is moving over to Pandorian's side one look passed towards Leda, before he is motioning to the rifle in our lovely volunteer's hands. "This is what you will be shooting today. It is a Leo Storm Carbine. One of the more sturdier and easier weapons to use. Also one of the more common rifles you will see. It is loaded by clip through the grip, and can fire in Full Auto, Burst and Single fire settings. The ammunition you will be firing today are training rounds. So yes, you will be hit, and yes, you will hurt. Needless to say, you will know when you are downed." Seeing how there are no medics amongst the crowd, he will not give out the medic instructions. A motion is given over "Everyone follow me." It seems now he will be leading them through the course. Pausing by the 'door' "This is Lieutenant Kappel and he will be in control of enviroment today. Anyway, stay behind me."

Kappel has a staple gun; that apparently suffices for 'medical' for tonight. Don't get hurt, folks. He gives the crowd a two-fingered salute and flips the headset button back on, mic pulled back down. "Got you loud and clear, sir." The two dawdling engineers are summoned to their places and he hops off the table, settling at the light control panel.

Snapping off another salute, Sparro falls in line to follow the Major forward. The little disturbance with the engineers does not go unnoticed. Resisting the urge to take them down to a flight sim when this is done, Sparro returns full attention to the tools of the game.

Panda unclips his rifle, holding it out at port arms. The magazine, fire modes, et cetera are gestured to in the same manner he would to a circle of Marine recruits. When the Major is done, his stoney-faced Marine reconnects his rifle and waits for all the students to follow, himself bringing up the rear. No escape.

Castor looks at the gun and then he looks at the Major and he looks back at the gun and the follows along as ordered since he isn't sure why there will be a need for pain in all of this.

Kitty follows along like a good little baby duck, placing herself perfectly in line with the person she picks to stand behind while a softly breathed, "Quack, mother frakker, quack," comes from her, the only bit of cheeky behavior she allows herself to exhibit.

Andreas watches taking not of everything and keeping his mouth shut.

Once through the door two dummy's would be noticed in the center of the room, both done to look like armed men, complete with fake guns, made of cheap wood. "These are your enemies." a motion is made to both "You will be expected to terminate, and disarm them, before the room is clear." The room itself? Is smaller than a normal MOUT room as Pandorian will notice. But it is a rectangle and another 'door' area has been marked out by tape. Luckily, right now the lights are all on. so everything is clear.

"Once you are done clearing the room, you will come to this door." and ezra moves to the door. "In which you will 'blow the door' and go in and do the same thing.." a motion is made to follow "To 'blow the door, Whoever is leading the party in at that point, will shout 'grenade' wait to three, yell boom, then enter. Going in before the boom? Yo're dead, sit down. Also failure to clear a room properly, results in a failure." so remember to shoot your dummy, and move the gun away.

The next room is similar with three dummies standing in the middle. Obviously, this will change, and dummies will be placed strategically. "Remember, go for threats. And not everyone is going to shoot coming into the room…" and then they go into the last room. Much larger with objects to take cover behind lie on either end. This is what the majority of the course is made for, as well as there are six armed Marines waiting and standing there. "Stage three is live fire. Try to subdue the other team without many casualties. If you are all KIA, then you fail. That clear?" a pause "Alright everyone back to the Equipment table, and suit up, once that is done, I will give you, your orders."

Teall salutes briskly and gets in line to follow the Major wherever she's led. She keeps quiet, still eyeing all the tools they're supposed to do this with. She listens as they're led through it, nodding shortly to signal she's clear. Don't get KIA. Right.

Castor raises a hand, "Sir, are group assignments set?"

Sparro heads to the table and quickly suits up, also checking his weapon as he does so. It's been a long time since Basic, but nonetheless, this seems a good idea. "Considering the number of times we've had Raptors downed, a bit of firearms practice seems a good idea, yeah?" He says to the other pilots.

Taking an invisible cue, Pandorian leads the team out of the shoot house walking backwards; between statements, he looks over his shoulder to keep from tripping. "Alright listen up. Jump up and down a little bit on your way to the table; if anything jingles, put it in one of the bins to the side. I want jewelery off - ladies, this includes stud earrings." They exit the shoot house and he practically speedwalks to the equipment table. "Tie your shoes, spit out your bubblegum, you're frakkin Air Wing, I don't need to tell you this shit." With that he's eyeballing each volunteer, handing them an appropriately sized vest, helmet, and goggles. There are only 2 or 3 sizes, it's not THAT hard.

Kappel scratches the side of his head, looking over the masking tape labels set below the sliders on the light board. 'Side Room A.' 'Side Room B' 'Grenade flash, left'. It goes on. There are about seven more controls, leading all the way down to 'Disco Fever'. You don't want them to have to hit that one.

Andreas begins suiting up he looks a nervous at the rifle slowly going over it like it is the firs time he has seen one, which isn't technically true, but was a week ago.

The ECO nods as she listens and then she's turning around, heading to the table to snag the gear she needs. A bounce-bounce later and she's removing her dogtags, setting them in the bin before she grabs for her gear. Vest, eye gear and helmet are donned and adjusted before she grabs her rifle. It's looked at to make sure its safety is on before turning around again, pausing to give her brother a worried look…she's so dead!

Teall takes Panda's words literally, hopping in place a couple of times. She shakes her arms a little as she does it. Perhaps just shaking off some nervous energy. Like Kitty she removes her tags. Otherwise, she doesn't jingle. She takes the gear from Panda as it's handed out and gets suited up. The goggles are snapped in place extra-securely. Can't read a DRADIS one-eyed.

A little hop gives no jingle, his own tags well restrained under his fatigues. It just wouldn't feel right to take them off. He takes extra time with the weapon, getting used to the feel and weight. He hasn't shot a rifle in… ages, really, what with downed pilots usually using their sidearm.

Ezra turns his head back towards Castor, stopping before they are out of the course. "Lieutenant, I did not say, any questions. I did not see your hand raise up, and I know, that when I asked that clear, that I did not invite you to say anything more than, Yes Sir." Uh Oh. Apparently the Major is on his toes. And we're walking. However as Pandorian speaks up there's a smile as they make it to the table, and the LC gets in gear. "All of you officers, are now privates. You will listen to the LC, and do exactly as he tells you. Now, for you chatty cathies. This is your group. Your fireteam, though you are extra one man."

A pause "Once you are all suited up and ready, you will follow Lance Corporal Ajtai to the beginning of the course. When I give him the go, He will begin. And you will be timed." That's just so he can see how quick they move, and if they will be cohesive. He doesn't have those high hopes. "I'll see you when its over." And then he's moving to join Kappel along the catwalks going over the exercise. After all, the Major has to watch. No fancy cameras here.

Castor turns to Ezra and he says to the Major, "Sir, yes, sir." It is loud and proud and it stands with military tradition, it doesn't carry with it a sense of ego since Leda is here to learn and he is in deep water here.

Sparro follows as she walks to the entrance, his own gun held at the ready. "Sir, yes, Sir."

Kappel has a foot braced on the railing's lower rung, the board set up on the edge. "Sir," he mutters Ezra's way by way of greeting. "Was going to haul out the lawn chairs, but figured it'd be hard to see." His black eyes stay on the proceedings, arms folded as he waits for them to git goin'.

Panda's face pales briefly. Well, more than the ship-pallor everyone's getting. "Everybody pair up with each other. First two through the door are to ignore the frakker in your face and move to the far corners of the room. The two behind them shoot the frakker in their face while the first two through the door cover the corners nearest the door. Keep your barrels down til your ready to shoot!" he says, walking up to the shoot house. "Your partner would rather be shot in the foot on accident than in the head." Now at the doorway, he symbolically chambers a round. "Alright, line up along the wall, weapons ready. Leda, you and your partner will be first through the door. Ready?"

Kitty thumbs her safety off and waits now. She steps up along side of Castor without thinking, standing to his right, her mind reeling as she works to memorize everything they have to do. "Clear….grenade….shoot…" she mouths silently as to not interrupt the instructors and those here to learn.

Sparro's eye goes to Castor with a bit of a grin. So they're partners, eh? Clearing his head, he looks forward. "Ready to go."

Andreas lines up on the wall as ordered while looking around to try to figure out who his partner is.

"Wanna partner?" Teall asks Andreas with the faintest hint of a smile. Not too big a grin. She has to keep herself in serious combat mode, after all. Assuming he doesn't say no, she gets herself in position against the wall. Triple-checking her equipment. Her goggles and vest are about as firmly in place as it's possible for them to be.

Once up on the catwalk the Major's voice can be heard once, over the system put into the room. yay for jury rigging fun ass experiments. "Alright LC, they're in your hands. You may begin." so safeties off, kiddies.

Andreas smiles and nods looking a little releived, "Love to" He gives her a little smile.

Sparro flicks off his safety, and barrel kept safely down, steps into the room, moving immediately to the right corner as ordered, eyes forward to the corner that was his to cover, eyes searching for targets other than the one he was instructed to ignore.

Castor looks over at Sparro and he nods his head slightly as he readies himself with his gear. He then looks over at Kitty and he smiles as he says, "Clear, grenade, count to three, shoot." He then looks over at everyone else and he waits to see what will happen next.

Panda grabs his sister by the shoulder, dragging her to the back of the line. "Leda, go," he grunts, then starts shouting, "Shootem intheface go go go!!" he calls out, shoving Teall into Andreas' back. The first room he's letting them clear themselves, to learn firsthand the confusion, following behind them with Kitty straight to the second room door, then looking over his shoulder to see how they've done.

Kappel keeps an eye on this, carefully. His fingers are set on one slider and a button just below it, kept still until Panda moves. Then, showtime.

The general lights abruptly go down all over the cargo bay, leaving only the first room lit at a moderately dimmer setting that strains the eyes a little. Speakers have been hidden strategically around the MOUT area — from different corners of the cavernous room a ruckus suddenly assaults their ears. Angry shouting, a riotous cacophony of voices in in a rough language that's definitely not Standard. Kashmiri? Gemenese? Hard to tell. Barely giving anyone time to process that, there's a blinding burst of flickered light and an earsplitting boom from a left speaker.

At the same time, the heated, chaotic shouting continues to flood the ears. In the corners of the room they can see the shadowed outlines of two dummies, in opposite corners.

Kitty eeeps and goes wide-eyed when Dorian grabs her, her face going pale. Thankfully he's putting them at the -end- of the line, making it more difficult for her to frak up….right? She doesn't move, waiting for the others ahead of them to go and for a visual cue from her brother before doing so, the barrel of her rifle held down and to the right as she watches.

Being part of the first line Castor steps into the room crouching a bit for cover but firing none the less, his gun throws death in the form of hot lead into the air while Leda keeps his eye on the targets and his wingm….er….partner in this simulation. It would apprear that Castor hasn't trained for this one since his days back on the Athena but luckily he isn't a terrible shot.

Ezra watches overhead as the first room is entered..Well There goes Sparro, and he's smirking slightly to himself. One hand coming up to rub his mustache, as he's watching the Ajtai's are moving for the second room. And then he's turning and nodding to Kappel. Give them the second room with the three armed dummies. Remember. Shoot disarm, clear.

Sparro's eyes catch the Dummy in the corner, and immediatly his gun is raised, taking careful aim. "Got two in the corners, taking the left…" He pulls the trigger, sending a semi-auto burst. The noise is distracting, though… pilots get used to absorbing every glimmer… filtering out is a bit difficult.

Andreas steps forward as the first two scan the corners he takes the the door way, bringing his gun up looking for targets and steping just to the side to clear his partners field of fire.

"Spiff," Teall says under her breath to Andreas, giving him a quick wink of encouragement. Then her focus goes back up. To Castor and Sparro, specifically, as they'll be going in first. She tenses a little, taking a deep breath and exhaling. Psyching herself up a little. And then she's shoved forth. She moves her feet fast to avoid treading on Andreas' heels, hefting her rifle. She squints, a bit hazed by the noise and lights, but she tries to get her senses together as she waits for the clear. Trying to aim at the outlines of the dummies.

BOOM, another explosion goes off in the "near distance", then a third close by. The force of it through the speakers rumbles feet through boots, nearly enough to give the heart a hard jolt. Flashes of light accompany each one, a hidden fresnel right at eye level making a blinding flash in the faces of the first ones into the next room.

Second room lit like the first, though unlike the nice wide layout of the one before it this one has crates and half-walls, dark blankets tossed over them to make them hard to see. Easily tripped over. From a right-side speaker the RAT TAT TAT of gunfire seems to ping its way across the room. Three shadowy figures lurk, one up high on a ledge and aiming down, one standing behind a crate, and one…holy crap, dead ahead.

Leda shouts out, "CLEAR!" as the targets are now out, "Move, move, move." He then looks over at Sparro and he nods admirably, which is a good thing since the last time they met up Sparro was frakking Leda's Ex and so it would seem that Castor isn't holding any grudges. As for Castor's shots, they don't hit the face but they do make a nice mess of his targets chest.

"Sir!" Pandorian barks from the Room 2 doorway. "Administrative time out, they're not ready!" Without waiting for confirmation, he turns to the fire team of volunteers in room one. "Weapons on safety and gather round," he says, waving the trainees back into the middle of room one. He gestures around as he speaks. "That's Corner A, Corner B, Corner C, and Corner D." Like so:

- - - - |2| - - - - - - -
| A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B |
| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
| C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D |
- - - - - - - |1| - - - -

"We're doing this again, but walking. Kitty, weapons hot, take Corner D. Everyone else, back outside. First man through Door #1 sprint to Corner A, drop, and turn around. Second man, same for Corner B. Kitty, if they don't do precisely that, you're the terrorist: Shoot them. First two, once you've conquered your corners, you turn around and take out tangos in corners C and D, while the third and fourth person through the door take out whoever's in the middle the room. Go do it."

Kappel pulls the lights back up, silencing the "riot" while Panda takes a timeout. Back up the CD, reset, reset.

Sparro gets back into position, shaking his head. That one was his bad. With a bit of a sheepish smile at Castor, he mutters under his breath. "Ooops."

A hushed *click* sounds from her rifle as Kitty turns the safety back into the 'on' position even as she moves closer to see what Pandorian is pointing out the various corners. This is a bit more understandable - no offense to the Major, she's just more of a visual learner than anything else - and she is able to comprehend this a lot faster. "Got it, Corporal." She smiles and returns to the beginning…not thinking that if she's playing terrorist she just might get shot. That might dawn on her later, however.

Ezra looks back towards Kappel and he's chuckling. A look down to his watch, before he's looking back towards Pandorian "Granted. Set it back up, and lead them LC." said simply. Sure this will be interesting, but he'll give em a chance here, so they learn it. "Start when you're ready, LC."

Teall winces a little, filing back to the starting gate once Panda's sorted them out. Getting ready again.

Castor looks at Pandorian and then to Sparro as they have effectively made the air wing look foolish in one fail swoop, yay, go team. Castor looks over at Pandorian and he says, "Aye, Corporal." He then looks over at Sparro and shrugs his shoulders since there is little else he can do right about now. He then looks over at Kitty and winks slightly as if to say, 'Good luck.'

Panda says, "I know I said run," hands cupped around his mouth, "but you are to WALK THROUGH THIS. I want to hear you saying 'RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING' the whole time you're supposed to be running. When you shoot, aim centre mass. Leftenant Ajtai is going to shoot you if you frak up; second man, you will be shooting her if you do it right. Don't worry, you'll all get hit, I promise. GO!"

Sparro walks into the room, heading immediately for corner A, gun rising as he closes. "running, running, running," he says clearly as he fires, putting a round into the dummy before engaging to disarm. As that finishes, he turns spotting Kitty in her corner, and raising his gun again.

Kappel might have spaced a a little bit through all the explaining, but the lights and sound are ready when the shout comes to go. Take two, cue dimmer lights, cue flashbangs, and cue near-deafeaning sound.

Kitty does as directed, yelling, "Running…running…" over and over until she's safely in her corner, arriving just before the others. Her weapon's 'hot', ready to be fired, and she's hidden behind the dummy until the time she can move on or has to shoot the frak of someone who fouls up.

Castor runs to corner B shouting, "Running, running, running." As he moves to his location and he raises his rifle as well pointing it at the appropriate target.

Andreas says under his breath, "running running runnin" As he enters the room, covering the center, and stepping to the side again, to clear his partner's field of fire.

Teall waits for Castor and Sparro to go 'running' into the room, holding a beat so she's not in the way of them clearing it, before following. "Running, running, running" to says under her breath, rifle upraised to and ready to cover.

Panda steps through the door and shouts, "Frakking gorgeous, I thought I was watching Marines!" with a big grin. He may be exaggerating, but does indeed look pleased. "Under stress you will not see corners C and D, so you need to move to A and B so fast that whoever's hiding there can't draw a bead on you. If there are no tangoes in the middle of the room, the second pair can help engage C and D. Alright, room two: Ajtai, Leda, you're together. You'll be blowing the door. You and you; names?" He waits for Teall and Andreas' names, nods, and continues. "When the grenade goes off, you're the first through the door. Ajtai and Leda will back you up, and you're with me," he adds to Sparro, "making sure if a badguy's still alive, they don't stay that way for long. Name? Everybody got it?"

Silence, but Ezra is making notes all the same. A look is given over towards Kappel "Ready Two." muttered as he moves along the cat walk to get into position to watch the next room sweep. Seeing how they moved there, has given Cass, some hope. Minimal, but some.

Andreas says, "Sir Yes Sir" He belts out before preparing to make his run through the door.""

Sparro nods, then takes his position. "Sir, yes sir."

Kitty nods. "Yes, Corporal." She angles her head towards Leda as she moves towards the door, keeping well out of the range of the open area - stepping in front of it would not be a good idea - her back angled mostly towards the wall. She takes up post by the improvised blockade (the door) then, motioning to Castor to do the same and 'throw the nade'.

"Ens…I mean, Private Teall, Lance Corporal," Teall answers Panda promptly. Staying in character and all. She seems to almost enjoy being out of officer-mode for a little while. Two. "Sir, yes, sir." Deep breath. She checks her weapon, then takes 'cover' from the 'blast' of the grenade.

Castor looks at Panda, "Aye, Corporal." He says as he looks over at Kitty, normally he would say something here, but now he is in marine land and speaking might be bad for him so he just establishes eyecontact and he winks again. Then it would seem that things get moving and so Castor throws his 'grenade' and he then takes cover behind the wall and he begins to count, "One, two, three."

Andreas says, "Crewman Apprentice Zyne, Sir" He fills in his name as well."

Panda leans over to Sparrow and grunts into the older pilot's ear, "(Any of 'em frak up, shoot 'em in the arse, thats why I wanted you with me.)" Then he shouts, "Full speed, people! Safeties off, go!" And so, it seems, they do. Grin!

As soon as the "Boom" is called, but not before, Andreas is through the door heading toward Corner A he turns and fires into the Dummy at Corner C.

"Ready, sir." Kappel flips a couple switches into position, readying room two. Here comes the naaaaaaade! Cutting through the angry, shouting crowd —- BOOM, there's the explosion rumbling hotly through the speakers, loud enough to tingle skin. The fresnel that flashes this time isn't the same as last; it's one set down at floor-level and pointing upwards, white light sending a blinding flash into the entranceway.

As noted, the second room is a similar square to the first but has crates and half-walls, dark blankets tossed over them to make them hard to see. Easily tripped over. Corners C and D are in near-shadow to those at the very entrance, forcing them to go closer if they want to know whether that's just shadow or a hostile taking aim at their heads. There's a dummy target placed standing half-behind a crate at A, another high up on a ledge at B.

As soon as the "Boom" is called, but not before, Andreas is through the door heading toward Corner A he fires a head of him trying to catch the dummy where it has some cover, trying to use cover himself to protect him from the other dummies.

Teall gets her safety off and goes. The noises and lights still make her wince, but she tries to stay focused. When the 'grenade' has gone 'off' she goes in along with Andreas. "Shoot the frakker," she mutters to herself, like a reminder, trying to aim through the constructed chaos at the dummy on ledge at B-position.

For the moment, Sparro keeps his gun down, watching the exercise play out, eyes open for frak ups. It was rare for a Raptor jock to get to shoot a Viper jock, but he didn't want to pass up the chance, should it present itself.

Kitty waits for the other pair to go in, her weapon held up so that the other pair can go in ahead of them without risk of being shot by her by accident.

Castor follows suit and keeps cover for those rushing in after shouting, "BOOM!" he then keeps his gun level as he follows orders to protect his fellow crew members, His eyes remain focused on the 'enemies' in the room as he trains his gun on them in case something goes wrong.

"Hard to do like that ain't it?" Panda asks, stepping into room 2. "Leda, you ever fail to call Grenade again and I'll shove one up your kiester. Ajtai, if you hold your weapon barrel up when you're waiting again, I'll shoot you in the head so you know why we keep 'em down. Now swap roles, Zyne, Teall, you're throwing grenades in; Leda, Ajtai, you're first ones through. Go do it, go!"

Andreas goes up to the side, he takes up a position to the side, his gun lowered, and aimed at the door frame as he waits for Teall to get into poisiton.

Teall gives Andreas a little nod and hustles into position. She points at the door, gesturing broadly to make sure it's clear, the calls, "Grenade!" Her count of "One, two, three…" is softer. Then, "*Boom*!" She emphasizes the 'Boom!' As that seems to be the important part.

Kitty had fallen back but once she hears the boom she runs in, not pausing to glare at Panda even though she'd love to do so right now. She doesn't see anything, however, so she doesn't shoot, yet.

The only thing different, is this time? Those behind cover are shooting back. And as soon as poor Kitty and Castor come in, the Marines that have volunteered for this particular round as shooters, open right up on the two pilots coming in first. Yes, this is how combat is like for them ground pounders. Hence the need to be constantly vigilant. There's six of em, so clearing will be difficult, but it can happen.

Castor does see something, in fact he sees many somethings and so he drops for cover, hell if he is getting shot violently in a blaze of glory, he is waaaay to pretty for that…or not but he is still taking cover since he is fairly certain that things are going to go wild. In fact he should out, "Take cover."

Andreas waits till Kitty and Castr go in, he then steps into the open door way bringing his gun up he opens up on what ever target is in the middle of the room while looking for cover he can dive behind if needed.

Castor's call to duck for cover doesn't really help him as he is hit heavily and he falls back from his cover as his body spralls out on the floor and he winces and mutters to himself, "Frak, way to go out like a bitch Leda." He then watches what is going on around him since he is now a non-combatant…aka dead man.

Teall is in with Andreas, bringing her rifle up as quick as she can. Which isn't impressively fast. Girl's not a groundpounder by nature. She's doing her best to act like one, though. She winces when Castor 'goes down,' taking aim at one of the Marines.

The impact of the 'roud' is surprising even with the vest on and it causes Kitty to gasp. "Frakkers!" She immediately takes to a knee while she takes a few breaths in, wincing as she can feel her clothing and the armor rub against the forming welt. She takes aim once she's recovered.

The Marines move like clock work. A few curses as three of them don't take out Kitty, but with Castor down, one of the brood is hurrying to knockaway the rifle, while his comrades in arms give covering fire. Sadly, this is part of the exercise for them, and one they've been looking forward too ever since they heard pilots were on the menu.

"Nice shooting, Lem!" one calls out, before the other, the one that took Leda out is cackling and calling back "Thanks, Parts, you lead him beautifully."

Kappel is just watching from up on high there, letting the sound recordings keep blaring over the speakers, and the random explosion lights go off as they will. He looks kind of amused, folding his arms.

As bullets start flying Andreas moves for cover and fires back. He was wondering if he would freeze up like he did before his training, but it turns out he isn't at least in this practice exercise he instead keeps his shots locked on the same target as his partner goes down.

Kitty's arm is hit now, leaving a spot that stings and grows numb all at the same time, an odd mix of sensations. It does nothing but piss her off and she takes a shot towards the same Marine she shot at before, her eyes held ope while she squeezes the trigger. "Guys…aim for the same target if you're able," Ajtai calls out, tryin to offer a suggestion that just might help them take some of the Marines out before they are utterly destroyed."

Castor just lies there as the Marines do there thing he remains silent for the exercise and he gives a, 'I hope you're enjoying this look.' He then looks over a Teall and as she falls he then looks over at the nugget who is still standing, it is funny how things pan out sometimes but for now he is hoping the air wing doesn't look like a total joke.

Teall fires off a rifle round, leaning up farther than is probably wise. She doesn't seem to trust her aim. She gets in a decent shot, hitting one of the 'enemy' figures in its chest. And giving another one of them a nice shot at her head. Splat! She manages not to yelp, though it's a near thing. They may be training, but the impact still isn't comfortable. She falls down to play 'dead.'

"Shit." one of em is yelling as he ducks back, the shot caching him just so, but apparently, that hasn't stopped the pack of them. Sgt. Lem Pickens in the lead, takes three after Andreas, who has wisely sought cover. However Kitty's remains doggedly on hers, Where as Parts can be heard making his way for Teall, yes that will be a boot coming to knock away her rifle, and secure her 'dead' body.

Up above, Ezra is still watching, a faint look back towards Kappel. Nothing said right now, but the smirk is pretty thick.

Andreas keeps firing from his position he moves a little in his cover both to line up better and avoid the Marines.

Pickens, coughs out as a rubber bullet (thankfully low grade powder) catches him right in his collar and vest. Oh that will leave a bruise, but he is still firing. In fact. All the marines seem to get a kick out of it. "Now they're fighting back!" hollers Dover, while taking aim at Kitty's position. Ahh the joys of combat training. And the poor cornered pilots.

Kitty fels another *plink* against her chest and then she tries to shoot only to watch the dummy ammo bounce off with no effect. "Frakkers!" Grrrrring in annoyance, she takes aim but waits for it, waiting for the guy she's been shooting at to get sloppy, hoping he'll open himself up.

Teall turns her head a little as Parts comes over to disarm her. She lets go of the rifle, opening her palms to let him kick it away like a good dead girl. She tries to roll her eyes upward so she can watch a little of the ongoing fight. All she can really make out are boots and some swearing, though. She winces.

Kappel blows another bubble with his gum, making an unfortunate pop right near his headset mic. He glances at Ezra and smirks, then looks back down. "You measure all your boys for who had the biggest hard-on for shooting pilots, sir?"

Dover's down and cursing, before there is snickering going on. Apparently the wound was enough to have him down and out. Another shouts medic which gets laugher in reply. Still the marines are pushing it seems. Well this should be right interesting to see how this goes.

There's a look over from Ezra to Kappel's pop, and then the question. A faint shaking of his head "Nope." said back calmly. "I just asked who wanted to play.."

Castor just sits there all dead and the like though as the expression getting a hard on for shooting pilots is mentioned he grimaces quietly since the TRUTH is revealed. He then looks at Kitty as she is kicking ass and at the nugget who is holding his own. Whoa, the air wing isn't sucking too much.

Andreas woots a little when Kitty drops hers and keeps firing, he winces as a rubber bullet his his armor.

"Oh frak…..godsdammit, that's going to leave a frakking bruise," Kitty shouts out while she stands, taking a less protective stance as it hasn't done any good for her for the most part. The fallen Marine gets a smirk and now it's on to a new grunt, someone who will hopefully drop like #1 did.

Andreas moves a little to position himself nearer where Teal went down, he fires, and misses again, only to get picked off but not one, but three marines, head, chest and abdomen.

Kitty falls over, groaning as if she is hurt which she is, undoubtedly - no, she's not going to die but she's going to be sore in the frakking morning.

"Well that's going to sting." Ezra murmurs as he watches his Marines systematically take apart the remaining pilots. Lights come up and the sounds cease, thus indicating the combat is over. A shake of his head, before he's reaching to talk over the headset, into the room. "Everyone return to the equipment table, for debriefing, and to return your equipment." And like that, the Major is making his way to head on down. One last butt chewing and they will be dismissed.

As for the other marines, they are collecting their own weapons and wounded, before filing out the back, via a small passageway.

Castor sits up, "Well, at least the Air Wing didn't totally suck this time." He looks at Crybaby, "Good job." he then looks at the nugget, "That applies to you as well." He then rubs his chest as he gathers his gun and he pulls himself together. He looks over at Teall and he winks, "What other job can you think of that allows you to rest while working." He then begins to follow after everyone else for debriefing.

Andreas rises and offers Teall a hand up as well, before following along.

Teall reaches up to catch Andreas' hand and hoist herself to her feet. "Thanks," she says to him. She reaches back to massage her neck. And wincing. Head wounds sting. "I'd hoped I wouldn't be resting quite that long," she quips to Castor. Which prompts her to add to the Marines, "You guys are hardcore. That was brutal." She grins at them as she says it with some admiration. Compliment, of course.

Sitting up is not as bad as it could be but it still doesn't feel too good, the muscles already starting to stiffen up, the red welts swelling more. "Sorry…" she mutters to no one in particular as she makes her way off, her gear remaining on until she's at the table. Safety on and the rifle's put upon it and then the armor's off, the Marines forgotten for now.

Kappel pulls his headset off, clicking the send switch off. He and one of the other engineers disconnect the sound board and start packing up to haul out. Or at least haul down to the MOUT area once the Marines are well and truly done with it. Best part of building something is tearing it down afterwards.

Once everyone was back and equipment back into their proper places for the MP's to take away, because well we're not trusting to leave weapons just laying around, Ezra appears. Again hands clasped behind his back as he looks over all of them. "Well." he starts as eyes focus in on the pilots. "I have to say, the first time you all went in, that was some of the worst operational maneuvers I have seen. A lack of direction and a lack of listening, seemed ot shine out in my mind. Needless to say, you all failed the course. Which means, You have extra PT for one week's time. In that time, you will meet up with your MOUT buddies here, and run, lift weights, and spar, as is required by the marine PT rule book. I even want you doing sit up..push ups..The whole stretch. This will take place when you all have break. Failure to do so, is failure to follow orders, and I do not need to get into that with you, do I?" the answer there is Sir, No Sir. "Pilots, you all need to learn to frakking listen. LISTEN." repeated "The Marine NCO is your friend, and if you don't listen on the ground, you'll be dead. That simple. Now, go clean up and think about how you did. And I would like to see you all try this again, after a week. Understood?" Sir, Yes Sir, should be what follows "Dismissed."

Castor says, "Sir, yes, sir." He then then stands and scowls since this will get back to Papabear and it will not be good for the Air Wing.

Teall gets her gear off and returns it to its proper place. Safety *on* her rifle as she turns it back in. She wipes an arm across her forehead, sweaty from the exertion of all that. Her eyes shift to Kappel, pondering him. She almost looks like she's going to go over and ask him something. But, briefing first. She files back to hear from the Marine CO. She winces a bit at his summation of their performance, though she doesn't look entirely surprised. "Sir, yes, sir," she says simply, taking the dismissal with as gracefully as she can manage.

Kitty nods. "Sir, yes sir." She looks at her fellow fliers and then leaves, moving a bit gingerly as she does, her body not wanting to move as fast as normal.

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