Marine Meeting
Marine Meeting
Summary: Introductions, promotions, demotion, and a shitton of 'sir, yes, sir!'s.
Date: PH #151 (16 Sept 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Cargo Bay, Deck 3
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #151
OOC Time: Wed Sep 16 20:17:20 2009

This expansive room beneath Main Engineering has a ceiling hidden somewhere behind the masses of pipes high above. On the Port side, a large airlock door can be accessed with docking collar controls located from a small panel to the side. Other than that, this huge room is clean and empty for the moment.

Barnabas leans back into his chair, still humming quietly as he straightens out. The arrivals are eyed before his mouth very, very slowly opens. The humming turns into a soft little bout of marginally tuned words. "O' Death…" A smile soon appears, one side of his mouth curling as each person gets eyed. Call it a tradition.

"Hiya Epi-eps." Jules perks up when the little Marine sits nearby, moving a chair over to sit next to her. "Any word on what the meeting is about?" she asks under her breath, shrugging her shoulders.

Epi slides into a seat in the row behind Barney, pausing only to flick the larger man's ear with her fingers. It's one of those nice, snappy things, too, before she's sliding WAY down the row away from him. "No clue," she tells Jules, patting the seat next to her for Barghest. Is it a surprise that she put Bar between herself and Volker?

"Relax," Pandorian rolls his eyes at Eleni. "It's going, it's going. Hey, haven't seen you around much, I mean, outside of shifts and stuff." He lets the unspoken question beg itself, just sitting and staring ahead.

Barghest gives the little chinlift of greeting to the folks imediately around with a casual, "Hey guys." before she settles in next to Epi. Perhaps oblivious to her apparantly meatshield status, she makes herself comfortable and looks to Epi and Jules, "I haven't heard anything."

Randy makes her way into the area, uniformed up and running fingers through her hair as she scans the room and loiters near the back naturally to fold arms over her chest and just watch and wait.

Eleni settles near Pandorian, not exactly relaxed yet, but she seems calmer near him than others. She crosses her legs, almost delicately, and folds her fingertips tightly in her lap as she does her best to look smartly professional and not nervous. She's still failing a bit. "I… I've been alright. Just… settling in…I think, you know…"

"Well. If he was going to string us up, there'd totally be rope, so I guess it can't be too bad," Jules offers to Epi and Barghest, crossing her legs. Folding her arms over her chest, she takes a long deep breath.

The S2 arrives a bit later than most of the marines. She wears her favored combat blacks broken down without armor, which amounts to a CMC tee, fatigues, combat boots, and sidearm strapped to her thigh. She carries a folder tucked under one arm. Her hands are clasped behind her back. She nods to Peri on her way in, then continues on to stand somewhere to the front of the chairs. She turns to face the chairs, clears her throat slightly, and booms, "Officer on Deck!" Major incoming, yo.

Once the room is good and filled with all of the Marines who aren't on rotation accounted and present, there's a sound of shuffling as a few Corpsmen can be seen moving into attention, only then if one was to look back would they see the Major start to come in. unlike other officers the Major is currently decked out in the same drab tan and olive fatigues any marine on duty would be wearing as opposed to the blues which almost seem to be a requirement. And like any good marine officer, his side arm is hanging from a holster at his hip.

Ezra waits for a minute as Nikos quickly pops in and gives the 'Officer on Deck!' signal. Still, the steps are quick, and sooner rather than later the Major finds himself at the podium with papers in hand. A general look is given over his collected platoon, as the mustache twitches once, and a nod is given. "At ease, Marines." a few papers are shuffled, and Cass waits just a few minutes for things to settle again. He's made them sweat this long. He'll make them sweat a little more.

Epi's about to say something when she hears the S2. The little Marine snaps to attention like someone activated the stick up her behind. Yes, she's sweating. Even at ease.

Eleni jerks up into a standing attention, back stiff and shoulders straight. She says nothing more to Panda, but keeps her eyes straight ahead on the brass.

And uuuuup stands Volker. It's like watching some kind of pepped-up jack in the box. Ok, so it's more like a little pogo stick, considering the speed between the Officer call and the At ease call. Sort of a Fwoosh. Thomp. While there's still enough noise to cover, he finishes what he started. "Won't you spare me over til another year…" Epi may be eyed. Ok, is eyed.

Randy comes to attention smoothly and quickly, expression staying carefully blank as the MP stares straight ahead and then when told to be at ease, stance shifts ever so slightly, hands clasped behind her back and she's still standing straight and…looking straight ahead.

Jules shoves to her feet and comes to attention as Salazar gives the warning. Not so much with the sweat dropping, though. She relaxes into an at ease posture, eyes on a place on the hull over Ezra's head.

Panda of course snaps to attention; and, equally a matter of course for those who know him, he's one of if not the first to respond to the 'at-ease' command and dropping into his seat. The Lance Coolie glances to the babyMarine next to him, flashing a quick smile before nodding toward the Major.

Barghest stands to attention as the call goes in and her eyes turn watch the incoming CO take up their position. Like a good trooper, she makes no sound for the duration.

As the 'at ease' is spoken, Salazar goes back to clasping her hands behind her back, folder under her arm. Her eyes follow the Major, and she remains standing facing her fellow marines, at the CO's side, more or less.

Ezra coughs, once, clearing his throat. "Thank you Ensign Nikos." a nod over to the S2 before he is looking back amongst the company. "First things first. I owe you all a bit of an intorduction for them of you that don't know me." The thick Aerelon accent helps accentuate the normal marine growl that comes with a lifetime of: booze, cigarettes, and yelling. "I am Major Ezra Cass, and for the rest of your life aboard this ship, I am your commander, and voice of authority till we either win and retire or all go to hades, bloody together." a glance to the paper. "I am overbearing, mean, and a frakkin' cuss. I don't plan on changing so your asses better get used to it. But, I am fair and I am just. I expect you all to move mountains, and to piss lead when you run out of bullets. I will send you to your deaths. But, I will be coming along with you on every engagement I physically can." and with ease the Major turns over a piece of paper.

"I expect you to give all and continue giving all, because we are marines, and that is our frakking job. Any bitching about it, will earn you a right trip into the Navy. Don't got time for pussies, or for soldiers who cannot do their damned job. If you think its unfair then I suggest you go and talk to the Naval recruiter after this meeting." a pause "Are we clear, marines?" The right answer would be: Sir, Yes sir.

Eleni might be quiet and skittish as all hell, but she was trained well at least, and she's served under Cass since she joined the force, so when he asks that kind of question she immediately chimes in with a curt, loud, "SIR, yes sir!"

Epi, despite her size, has a voice on her. She's got a Marine voice. Her loud "Sir, YES SIR," echoes right along with Eleni's. Only AFTER that does she sit. Of course, she's sitting at attention.

Randy stays standing there at the back with the straight back, just barely not at attention and clearly says, "Sir, yes sir." Firmly. Ya know. Voice blending with others.

And because it feels so good to shout in unison: "Sir, yes sir!" Jules barks it out and then takes her seat again, chin lifted towards Ezra.

"Sir, yes sir!" What? Barney can bark with the best of them. It's possible his own raised voice suprises even him, but that's neither here nor there.

"Sir, yes, sir!" comes Barghest's contribution to the marine mantra, sounding out like she had a pair in the words of an old Gunny.

"SIR YES SIR-ah!!" Some habits die hard; Pandorian pinks in the cheeks at the lingering urrah from his previous (and first) duty posting.

Salazar seems to have failed the team response classes. She just quietly replies, "Sir," in an acknowledgment of the terms of his command. Chin up, eyes on the other marines, she smiles slightly at their reaction time.

"That's what I like to frakking hear. As long as you do right by me, and right by this ship, we'll be golden." Cass, says a half smile forming and left to hang there. That is, till he's moving right along and the smile is gone for the usual neutral scowl that is adopted from years of habit. "I have some news for you boys and girls. We will be training with the Air Wing in MOUTS to prepare for a return to Scorpia." That is as much as he is willing to give out. No time frame on When exactly they will go back, but that they are some time. "As such, you will be divided into fire teams, with a Sergeant, or a Corporal leading. You will have a Corpsman assigned to your squad, as well as any pilots that join us." a cough "You will be going up against the S2, MP's and myself, as likewise we will at some point run the exercise with one of your teams. I will have the postings up in the next two days, so pay attention. Failure to pass the course means, you will be running it again till you do not fail. If you continually fail. Extra PT and squad tactics will be assigned till you straighten up and fly right." at least that is what he will be doing with the marines. "Sergeants and Corporals, Listen up. While in these exercises, you will be leading pilots. Yes, their rank is higher than yours, but this is your area of expertise. That said, do not be rude, or bossy fraks with our guests. Show them how marines move, and hopefully they might learn how to live when in that situation." A slight look over towards Salazar and eyes are back on everyone else.

Barney must not snicker. Snickering is the mind-killer. Snickering is the little-death that brings total obliteration. It's not like he's imagining pilots trying to keep up with marines or anything. Or anything else. At all.

Under cover of attention, and thanks to the fact that she's rather small, Epi drops her hand and jabs Barney just behind the kidney. Otherwise, she's very sweetly and attentively paying attention to the Major. There's no reaction to the news they're going to be leading pilots.

Randy's eyebrow raises a fraction but…this seems to have little to do with hi-her so she just nods firmly more to herself than anybody else. Seems like folks are going to be very busy.

There may or may not be a devious gleam in Jules' eyes. There's definitely a smile on her face, though. Clasping her hands in front of her on one knee, she tries on her most innocent expression.

They're going to be beating on pilots. Interesting. Bar mulls both sides of the training aspect to push the return to Scorpia out of her mind for consideration at another time. Outwardly, she remains still and silent at attention in case there is more coming down the line.

From his place near the rear, Damon sits with his arms over his knees listening to the speech and the plan to come. He can't bring himself to smile at the mention of torturing naval crew, so instead he merely keeps his face expressionless and staring at Ezra. Brushing a hand through his hair, he rolls his shoulders in their sockets and continues to listen.

"Also on the agenda. Pilots, and marines." he'll let that sit there "I know there is a friendly rivalry between both sides, so lets keep it that way. Mainly do not look to get into a fight outside of fight night. Keep your insults and trash talk to either shit in the gym, or any other offduty area where competition might be going on. IE don't provoke them all the damned time. And really if you're going to insult the pilots. Please come up with good insults. If you make us sound stupid, I will personally backhand the stupid out of you." A sniff, and Ezra is looking to Eleni briefly, and then to Volker. "If this goes beyond friendly, I don't have to tell you that you will become our S2's bitch first. And then mine second. And trust me, I will not be easy on you. Just be lucky they have flogging outlawed." and with that He's raising his brows, slightly "Are we clear there?" He'll wait before continuing.

"Sir, yes, sir." Jules offers up the Jarhead Standard Response, though she's still smiling. She glances aside to Epi and Barghest, just the slightest tilt of her head to gauge their reactions and then Ezra has her full attention.

Eleni nods curtly, her eyes going just a bit wide as she realizes her boss actually seems to be looking at her. That's never good. "Sir, yes sir!" She chimes out again as he's asked, and she's heard, so she kicks into the proper response.

Randy shakes her head slowly before offering quickly. "Sir yet sir!"

Volker's left eyebrow raises as eyes fall on him for a moment. It's barely perceptible, but it's there. It would be more perceptible if his entire jaw hadn't tensed a little at the same time. Odd, that. "Sir, Yes Sir." He ignores kidney pain. For now.

"Sir, yes sir!" comes an additional voice from the back as Ashe walks into the meeting area, showing up at the butt end of a required shift and having booked it full tilt to make it as soon as possible. Standing at attention, he looks waiting for instruction on where to sit.

With another edict coming down, Bar sounds off again with a, "Sir, yes, sir!" She really needs to sort out that other mess. There might actually be a time to do it, now. She's faintly bemused by something, but mostly keeps it off her face.

It's rather likely that, of the Marines present, the Girl Squad's going to be the one to come up with just about everything that will land the guys in trouble. Epi glances first to Jules, on her left, then to Barghest on her right, lips twitching -ever- so slightly. Then Ezra has her full attention, with a little spared for Salazar. "Sir, YES SIR," she barks out, echoing the rest.

Glancing across everyone's backs, Damon turns his head to see Ashe, nodding towards him in an upwards manner. Turning his head back to the front of the room, he gazes over Barghest and Pandorian. "Sir yes sir!" He barks out in reply.

Of course Panda barks out, "SIR YES SIR!" He settles back, rolling one shoulder, then the other, nodding toward Damon. Under his breath he adds a murmured, "(urrah.)"

"Before, I hand over things to the Ensign, I have one last order of business to go through." A look to those assembled. "First off, let it be noted that Staff Sergeant Nyx, who is on rotation this evening is no longer that position. Nyx has been demoted to Sergeant, till a time deemed appropriate, and till she earns her stripe back. I do not cater to disrespect to your fellow marines, and I do not cater to disrespect to officers. If I catch any of you here making the same frakking mistake you can bet your god damned lives, that I will be busting your ass down as quick as I can." And the Major simmers, just a little as a few papers are filtered around, and then two small paper packets are pulled out. "The Following Marines, fall out front and center. Lance Corporal Ashe Swift, and Private Julliette Ozymandias." and with that the Major is stepping around from the podium "Move it."

To Jules' credit, she only sits there gaping for two seconds. Of course, that's probably two seconds too long, but she's on her feet and moving down the line and around towards the podium. When she finally reaches it, she stands at attention, eyes on the bulkhead behind the Major.

Ashe is only just now moving to sit down when he hears his name and starts to move forward. His skin color blanches a few shades as he pales at hearing his name called out as there are far to many potential reprimands coming his way to narrow it down to just one. Fighting the urge to just confess to the most ready of them, he simply nods and follows orders to 'move it' forward.

Barney settles back in his chair, arms moving to fold across his chest before there's a tiny burst of teeth grinding going on behind a slight smile. It's possible Aggie Beckett just dropped a cigarette and raised a knife.

Barghest glances sidelong as Jule's called forward, then turns her eyes forward as she and Ashe make their way to the front. She holds quiet, thinking someone's about to get either a shiny, or a dressing down on the carpet. More likely one than the other, but still.

Epi sits up a little straighter and loses the mischief as both Ashe AND Jules are called up. She's not quite got the "uhoh" going on, but's clearly curious, intent.

Ezra moves towards Jules, first, one packet opened as the rank insignia inside is sifted out into his palm, and he is moving to pass them over "Due to conduct in the field of battle, performance, and other factors, you are now promoted to the rank of Private First Class." The other hand out to shake, before he's leaning in to pass a few words, before he is moving on Swift.

Again, something is sifted out of the packet and passed along towards Ashe in the off hand as the other is extended to shake the marine's other hand. "Ashe Swift, for conduct in the field of battle. Perfomance of your duty and other factors, you are now promoted to the rank of Corporal." and then he's stepping off, and back. "Do your brothers and sisters in the Corps proud." A look back to others "Give them a round of applause.." And then a nod to the Ensign. Her show now.

Ashe blinks, quickly remember what happened the last time this process happened, one hand accepting the rank as the other shakes the offered hand. Clearing his throat, the Marine nods a bit and manages a thin smirk trying to hide the surprise of his features. "Thank you, sir." He nods crisply then moves to sit down still looking like someone just told him he wasn't spending life in the brig.

It's a not so curious thing how Jules' expression changes so rapidly. Firstly, there's the stony faced, trying not to pee oneself in front of the Major. Then there's the smile as Shiny Things happen. Taking the insignia from Ezra in one hand and giving him a shake with the other, she offers a quiet, "Thank you, sir," as the man leans in her way. Whatever he says, it wipes the smile off her face. She just nods and goes back to her seat, looking a little pale.

Of COURSE Epi's on her feet applauding for both Ashe and Jules. She stops short of the catcall whistle, but the applause is no less enthusiastic for that.

Eleni stands up fast too, smiling wide and applauding for the only slightly familiar faces. Still, it's nice to see. The shy, exotic skinned, young marine finds some noise in her to cheer the pair on.

Barghest gives the pair the fitting applause for their brush with shininess as defined by generations of Marines that have come before. She catches the subtle palor swap of the PFC on her way back, but waits until she's back at her spot before there's a murmured, "You ok?"

Randy claps, applauds, a few claps and such before hands folded back behind her back.

The S2 nods to the Major, then raises her eyes to the marines again. She waits a bit for the applause and various words to die down a bit before she speaks.

Barney's clapping by the time Epi's up on her feet. It's a good thing Marines are well practiced at applause, as the noise might protect him and his preciousm currently-high-friction teeth from a stalking dentist.

Salazar does not step to the position the Major occupied a moment before, instead raising her voice to call over the assembled marines. "Security on this ship is top priority when you are not actively deployed on a mission. We will continue to run multiple rotations and guard duty sections." Her eyes skim the assmbled. "Everyone will have an opportunity to spend a few hours a day on stationed guard duty or a patrol rotation. Do not frak up and the old man will continue to be relatively grumpy instead of insanely pissed off, and I won't have to have a private discussion with anyone here." She slides something out of the folder. Oh, look, visual aids.

A velcro black brassard with the letters MP embroided in white dangles from her fingers. "When you wear this brassard, you will carry a weapon, and you will be alert at all times. A schedule will be posted at the Sec Hub. To that end, everyone in this room will be required to complete a refresher course in non lethal methods of subduing combatants. See Volker." Hey, Sarge, welcome to a surprise assignment. Hope you got a good nap while you were in a coma. "If you break him, your ass is mine. If he breaks you, your ass is mine." She nods to Barghest, "See Corporal Barghest if you have any questions about your authority as an MP aboard the ship, or other related duties." She drops the brassard into the folder, and shoves it under her arm again. Hands behind back, clasped. "Mandatory shooting quals are up again. If you have not qualified on your favorite weapons in my presence, see me. Yes, even if you've done it in the last 6 months." She takes a step back, and goes silent. Questions? Tears? Requests for airlock keys?

Randy's eyebrows raise a fraction as she listens…and listens…and listens some more and hears really nothing too difference before frowning a bit and then wiping emotion off her face to go back to standing at semi-attention and staring towards the speaker.

Jules just gives a headshake Barghest's way in response. When Salazar's voice fills the cargo bay, she turns her attention that way and listens. In her right palm, that new insignia is clenched and unclenched.

"Thank you again Ensign Nikos." See, there is a reason Cass likes serving with members of the large clan. Specially on ships, and if they are under his command. A Nikos nver takes shit- and by the sounds of it, never allows shit to happen. Again. Great qualities. There's a look over the marines as the Major is content to bask in the silence for a bit. "If you have any concerns or requests, remember to notify your NCO's and NCO get them on to me. That all said- you are all dismissed." The Major is going to linger a few minutes till the place clears out, before he will finally saddle on out.

Nodding quietly as the new orders about rotations and shooting quals come over the group, Damon quietly scans the room. At the mention of being dismissed, he rises quietly and turns towards the door. Always the introvert, the ex-con turned soldier takes a lonely moment to pull a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. Opening the pack, he counts the number remaining in peace.

Salazar's eyes scan the assembled and pause briefly on Lance Corporal Cedris. She regards the woman for a moment. "Cedris. Front and center." Ok, you're almost all dismissed.

With the dismissal, Ashe joins the stream of Marines making a break for it before getting randomly volunteered for something else.

Epi jabs Barnabas in the back again, though lightly. "I guess I need to see you about my hand to hand stuff, huh," she asks, tone light, dry. "Non lethal ways of taking someone down? Where's the fun in that?"

Barney's hand clenches and unclenches in a mimic of Jules, although it's hidden somewhat under the folding of his arms. The verbal congratulations to the two can wait, he's in dissappear mo-Ow. Intterupt. His head turns on a swivel to eyenarrow at the Corporal jabbing his spine. "Guess so."

Barghest frowns just a little and nods the pale one's way for a moment before her attention returns to the S2's calling someone else down, even as she asides to Epi, "Non lethal doesn't mean painless."

Jules pushes to her feet and moves with a purpose towards the podium. She lifts her chin at the Major, saluting him sharply and then sets the PFC insignia in her hand on said podium. And given that she was already dismissed, she turns and heads for the door.

Randy pauses for a few moments before moving forwards quietly, front and center so to speak, stance still up-right, eyes focussed on Salazar. "Sir."

Epi grins up at Barghest and Barney, the smile bright. "So, now that my stitches are out and they took the cone off my neck, what do you two say we head to the gym so Sarge can beat the stuffing out of me?" She seems…delighted by this idea.

Ezra raises a brow towards Jules, and there is a look to the insignia on the podium. A reach for the small bit and there's a nod back towards Jules, before he simply salutes back. A look is given over to Sal, before he's passing her the pin, and then moving off to let the S2 deal with Cedaris.

"Do you have something to add, Cedris, or do you need to see the Doc about a facial tic?" Salazar's question is quiet, dark eyes direct on the other marine's. Must have noticed that frown. She takes the pin without even looking at the Major. Teamwork.

Damon stops, quietly closing his box of cigarettes. Turning, he watches the exchange between Salazar and Randy. Not quite sure as to whether or not he can leave, the prisoner-soldier pauses his exit from the area.

"Sir?" Cedris aka Randy's face remains stony as she translates that in her head. "No sir, simply making sure I maintain everything being said sir."

Salazar nods then. "Good. Be sure to take a look over any of the riflemen you see doing MP patrols. Do not be shy about giving them pointers." She nods toward the hatch. "Dismissed."

"If you think you're up to it, Corporal, then certainly." Behold the Barney Robot. Ignore the face, that was just an error at the production plant. The Sergeant's arms unfold, and he brushes down the front of his clothes with some hand beating before straightening once more. He… has the expression of a robot down pretty well, actually. "I'll need to change first. Gym in ten." Heel. Swivel. Hatch.

Situation over, Barghest nods to herself and turns to Epi with a somewhat distracted smile, "Sure thing. Should be educational, too." before leaning in to quietly murmur in Epi's ear, "Check on Sunny, when you get the chance, she might need it." She turns and starts to make her way to the door, commenting, "I'll get my gym stuff and meet you guys down there, ok?" and, catching sight of the con, "Yo, Dame!"

Randy nods firmly. "Yes sir." She nods firmly to Ezra as well, snapping off a salute before turning on her heel to start heading for the hatch, head bowed, expression blank, hands behind her back.

Hearing his name, or at least a part of it, Damon turns his head to look at Barghest. "Hey Morrigan." Damon replies flatly. He turns his head to scan around the group before his eyes come back to her. "You say somethin about headin' down to the gym? That's one place I can go. This a private thing?"

Salazar glances down to the pin in her hand, tosses it once, then nods to the Major. She glances around the still assembled marines, and begins the amble toward the hatch, should no one stop her.

Barghest shakes her head, "I don't think so. Epi's looking to get some knuckle time in with the Sarge is all." As she gets to a better conversational range, she asks, "You ok?"

Turning his head to the leaving form of Salazar, Damon nods softly in her direction. It's a show of respect before the officer departs. "Yeah…I've been fine. Just been quiet, going into specialty training." Damon says as he turns back to face Barghest. Always one to close himself off a bit, he folds his arms. "How you been? Been a while since we lifted."

Eleni slips out, into the shadows, where she was almost always…quiet and head lowered.

Randy slips out as well, quietly and off to find something to hit. or drink. Probably the latter.

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