Malicious Intent
Malicious Intent
Summary: Something is seriously amiss in the fleet's Viper systems.
Date: PHD 3
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Kharon - Red Squadron Berthings

Roubani is sitting at the table in the middle of the room, a laptop open and screen glowing. No chess this time; the Ensign's working through his off hours. His hair is slightly damp from a shower, and he wears his off-duty pants and a long sleeved NAVY-stamped T-shirt, feet in socks.

Kai is in his offduties this evening, a set of keys jingling in a pocket of his fatigues as he enters the berthings, and a bowl of jello in hand. "Working hard or hardly working?" he addresses the Ensign at the table, after shutting the hatch. his jello is set down near Nadiv's laptop, and he starts digging the keys out of his pocket, on the way to his locker.

Roubani glances up, just his dark eyes visible over the top edge of his machine. "Just running some data, sir." He scratches his fingers through his hair and taps a couple keys, technical whatnot scrolling across his screen. He glances once at the jello. "Over the dry heaves?"

"Let's hope so," Karim answers from behind his locker door, as it's swung open. The keys are hung from a hook inside, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it's his dress greys that are brought out from a top shelf. He's quiet for a few moments, thumb smoothing over a crease. Then, "What kind of data?"

Eddie has arrived.

Roubani's own dress grays are on a hanger at his bunk, waiting to be donned soon enough. He sets his elbows on the table, folding his hands against his nose as he watches the screen. "Analysing the dump from three of our Vipers' avionics. I know deck's probably got it well in hand, I just…" He clears his throat and shrugs. "It kept me up."

Eddie did her morning CAP with Kai, then disappeared completely once she was off duty. At some point she's slipped into berthings, and has been trying to drown herself in the shower for how long she's been in there. Finally, the shower turns off and after a long moment or two, she comes out in her dress grey trousers and an undershirt, taking a page from Roubani's book, and getting dressed in privacy today. Her towel is wrapped tightly around her head, keeping damp locks from dripping onto her shoulders. She's quiet as she pads in.

Kai is undressing in the quasi-not-really privacy of his locker door. He's probably ceased caring years ago, whether his berth-mates see him in the buff, whether or not it bothers him in reality. "Right," he murmurs, tugging on the jacket. "You'll probably want to cross-reference with the LSO. Have you found anything noteworthy?" His eyes flick Eddie's way, then back to his belt as it gets fastened.

Roubani has his eyes locked to his screen, propriety reigning as always with him. "I sent him notice when I first saw the systems were behaving strangely…he never acknowledged it. I'll try again." He exhales quietly, eyes making one flicker over as other movement appears nearby. "Hi, Morales." His voice warms subtly when he says her name, and he looks back at the computer. "I don't know if it's anything or not. There's some strange signatures in here…could just be normal corruption." A slight frown. "I'll run a checksum algorithm on it."

Eddie flashes a glance towards Kai as she passes. Just because naked flesh is the norm in berthings, doesn't mean she's particularly used to ignorning it. At least she looks back to her course quickly enough. As far as Eddie goes, the scratches and scars on her own bare arms are fading, so she no longer feels the need to walk around perpetually shrouded in a sweatshirt. "Hey Rubix." She murmurs in passing, then adds, "Captain Marek." For good measure. "Corruption?" She's not precisely sure what they're talking about, so she picks a word and makes it a question. Stopping in front of her locker, she pops it open to center herself in front of the mirror.

Kai lifts his chin as he fastens the last couple of buttons on his jacket, palm smoothing at the collar, the hem, in an absent fashion. The sash is next, and he — like Eddie — is using the mirror to assist in not jabbing himself with a pin. "It could be a result of the re-calibrations, for the missile packs. Don't rule it out." Something about the tone of his voice says that he doesn't quite buy that, though. "Evening, Morales."

The curtain to Yuuri's bunk slides open and the light is switched on. He rolls leg first out of the bunk and lights a cigarette after a brief nap. "What's up guys..and Sir." he addresses those present before looking at the clock and sighing heavily.

Roubani glances up at the new voice in the room. "Evening, sir." He then explains to Eddie, "In the avionics systems. Remember when I asked you about your Viper? Others have said they noticed it too, including Lieutenant Yuuri." His fingers type as he talks, eyes down as he nods to what Kai says. "Yes, sir. I'm sure it's just minor sector damage from…" His voice trails off. Something on the screen makes his expression change, his shoulders drawing back as he frowns.

Eddie scrubs at her hair with the towel, drying it some more before she lets the terry cloth thing fall to her bare feet. She futzes with the door of her locker, so the reflection in the mirror also includes a bit of the scene going on behind her. Yuuri gets a "Sir." As he rolls out of his bunk. While the others talk, Eddie tries to tame her hair with brush and mousse, a vanity she normally isn't given over to. "What is it?" She asks, noticing the way Roubani's voice trails off.

Kai is in the midst of pinning something that resembles, and probably is, a commendation to the sash that cuts diagonally from shoulder to hip. He looks to be going crosseyed from fiddling with the thing, and glances up after a few moments of this. The back of Roubani's head is sought with a quick cut of blue eyes.

Yuuri rises with the cigarette held between his lips, the smoke flowing to the ceiling. He opens his locker and pulls out his dress greys holding the clothing before him and studying it, hand rubbing wrinkles out.

Roubani's dark brows have drawn, eyes narrowed. His eyes flick left and right across the screen, which is now displaying several blinking lights. "This can't be. This is…" He looks up, over the top edge of the laptop. "Sir, this looks like malicious code."

Eddie smooths her hair back from her face, tucking it behind her ears. That'll have to do. What Roubani is suggesting is far far more important. "You mean someone frakked with our Vipers…on purpose?" She turns to the room at large, anger bubbling beneath the surface like a volcano getting ready to errupt.

Kai finishes pinning the first medal, and starts on the second while Roubani's staring at the blinking lights on the screen. As the junior pilot speaks, Kai manages to jab himself with the pin, and lets out a muttered little 'frak'. "Let me have a look at it," he murmurs, sucking on his thumb as he approaches the table.

Yuuri had his head buried under his pillows trying to drown out their previous conversation, so he really has no idea what Roubani is talking about until Eddie mentions something about the vipers getting frakked with. He sets the hanger on the top of the locker, hanging the suit down along it and starts getting undressed. "So the pirates infiltrated the Kharon and frakked with our birds? Is that what you guys are talking about?"

Roubani stands up, backing away from the computer as though the table had grown hot. "It's definitely in the memory and has a replication module. It's infectious code." He folds his arms, frowning. "It doesn't look like any signature I've seen before…if was pirates, they're extremely sophisticated."

Eddie folds her arms over her stomach, if only to keep them in check so she doesn't bust a knuckle by accidently hitting something. Her bare feet start to pad on the deck plating, back and forth behind Roubani as she waits from confirmation from the Captain. Saying nothing, just silently seething.

Kai sets down the medal he'd been trying to pin to his sash, right beside the bowl of jello that he's apparently been saving. Eyes trained on the screen while Roubani speaks, he furrows his brows slightly. "Download your findings onto a flash drive, and I'll make sure the CAG, and Engineering get it. Scrub it from your disk, too, when you're done."

[Intercom] Sheridan says, ".Attention All Hands! All personnel that are not on essential duty are to report to the cargo bay in fifteen minutes. All hands to cargo bay in fifteen. That is all."

"Shit." Yuuri quickly finishes getting his pants on and throws the suit coat over his shoulder, sliding both arms down the sleeves. He's still buttoning it up as he speaks, "Who would have had the access to put that in our computers though?"

Roubani rubs his upper arm, frowning intently at the screen. The intercom message startles him and he glances at his watch, then starts towards his bunk where his grays are hanging. "Yes, sir," he says quickly to Kai as he passes by. To Yuuri he shakes his head. "I'm not sure, sir. All I know is that someone did." He grabs the hangar off his rail.

Eddie glances up as the announcement comes, a curse said beneath her breath. Her pacing takes her back to her locker, where she slams into her dress greys like a firefighter getting ready for a call. Her fingers are still fumbling with buttons when she makes it back to the table, snatching up Kai's deserted pin. "Let me." She grumbles, motioning towards his sash.

Kai doesn't offer any insights or theories, if he even has any. He might just be keeping his own counsel, or he might be as confounded as the rest of them. Either way, the intercom reminds him they've got someplace to be, and he holds still to let Eddie pin the commendation in place. It's a striking green and gold ribbon that's embossed with the words: 'for meritorious service to the Colonial fleet navy'.

Holding his grays, Roubani starts for the head. "I'll meet you there, Morales. Sirs." His voice sounds distracted and more than a little disturbed.

Yuuri slings the sash over his shoulder and adjusts his collar, "See you there Poet." He falls in line behind Eddie and Kai.

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