LZ Training
LZ Training
Summary: The Air Wing and Marines Gear up for a training exercise.
Date: PHD #215 (November 18th 2009)
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Ready Room - Hangar Deck.

The soft glow of white lights overhead cast pervasive illumination across the battleship gray walls and dark, trodden carpet floor. An aisle divides the chairs, bolted to risers, into two sections. The plush black leather and padding of each chair is well worn from years of use, adding an edge of comfort to the otherwise business ready room. A pull down screen and a digital projection unit are available for footage viewing.

There are three desks at the rear of the room, and stacks of technical manuals and tactical guides set into shelving behind them. Cabinets sit to one side of the desks, and a rack of deep green flight suits, helmets, and misc. gear can be found on the other. One section of the wall near the front, kept clear of clutter, is a wooden wall-plate that goes nearly floor to ceiling.

Kai looks back and forth between Castor and Eddie, then down at his crossword puzzle. He writes in U-L-N-A in the four spaces provided, and points his pen at Eddie. "I think Morales gets it, technically speaking." A glance at his watch tells him it's oh-shit-o'clock. As in, time to get his ass moving. He tucks the pen away in a pocket of his flight suit as he rises, and claps Leda on the shoulder, on his way to the hatch. "Save a seat for me," he murmurs. And then, ninja vanish! He's probably just off to grab a quick shower before the briefing.

Matto steps one foot over the threashold before Moonshine's showutong about bones, and he freezes there, looking from side to side as if to see if he were responsible for bringing that on. He's well on his way to suited up, meanwhile, and as he steps the rest of the way in he's fastening on the gloves of his flight suit, getting ready to go soccer mom the Marines out to their play date, evidently.

Matto steps one foot over the threshold before Moonshine's shouting about bones, and he freezes there, looking from side to side as if to see if he were responsible for bringing that on. He's well on his way to suited up, meanwhile, and as he steps the rest of the way in he's fastening on the gloves of his flight suit, getting ready to go soccer mom the Marines out to their play date, evidently.

Castor looks over at Eddie, "You acctually just went through the song didn't you?" He then smiles, "Then again so did I….which is why I took so long." He then turns and looks over at Kai and he says, "Aye, sir, Mooner is correct. Horseshoes and handgrenades and all." He then turns to look over at Matto as he makes his way in and he throws up a wave, "Kissy, how you holding up?"

Unless Matto's callsign just got changed like Castor, it's unlikely that Eddie was refering to him as an arm bone. Fist still up in the air, she pumps it again. "Saving a seat!" Then pumping it a third time. "Matto!" Her little stint with insanity finished, her hand drops back down and she busies herself with lighting her cigarette. "Yeah, I did." Mooner admits to Castor at a mumble.

Everyone's favorite tiny Marine comes bouncing in in her blacks, looking as though she's lost some weight and gained a few new scars - the bandage is off the doozy on her neck. Looks like Elder picked her up in his teeth and shook her around a little bit. Rather than interrupt, though, Epi skids toward a seat toward the back, being very quiet now that she's in hallowed Pilot country. She doesn't sit, however, just comes to attention.

Matto clomps on down the steps at center, veering off into a row behind Moonshine and flopping down unceremoniously. "Moonshine," he greets her with a smile, then, turning his head to smile over at Castor, "Eh, O.K. Can't complain too much. What about you, Tinners?" Some form at attention catches his eye and he briefly glances back. "Hey, look, the cavalry is here. Or, wait, no, that's us. The… infantry is here. No pun intended," he adds, with due deference to the infant-sized Marine, who gets afriendly smile and a wave from the Raptorbunny.

Roubani makes his way into the ready room, carrying a small notebook. A pencil's stuck behind his ear as one usually is, sometimes even when he showers or sleeps. His hand scratches through damp hair and he wiggles fingers at familiar faces.

This little meeting has been part of Cinder's schedule now for a while, so she's not on patrol or anything when it comes time. Not soon after Epi slides in and hovers towards the back of the room, Cinder repeats the gesture. This is her first time here on pilot turf, so she takes a seat in the row farthest back, sinking down a little, and trying to look casual, as it were.

No stranger to the shower 'n run, Marek returns in about ten minutes flat. Ok, ten minutes and thirty eight seconds. He thumps back into the ready room, still in his flight suit, but sporting damp hair and a clean tshirt underneath. There's also a file folder under one arm, and a glance at his watch as he heads for the front of the room.

Eddie tokes deeply on her cigarette, "Tinners was soooo two callsigns ago." She says in an exaggerated Caprican accent. "Get with the program. Matto-man, meet Shepherd. Deck has to re-stencil his Viper, yet again." As others start to filter in, Eddie still doesn't straighten up from her slouch. It helps when for once you outrank most of them. Oh wait, there's the CAG. Grunt. "Captain on DECK!"

Samantha has been lingering towards the back, quiet and respectful, not making a scene or a show for once. She's here for her job and nothing else. Hell, maybe she's even feeling JUST a bit sniffly, but she's fought the sickness for this long, and most of the crew is over it, she's determined NOT to have it. So she snaps to attention at the call of Captain on Deck, but says little else, just a shadow among pilots tonight.

Xanthus goes through the motions, standing erect and looking straight ahead, arms at his sides.

Roubani rubs the back of his neck, the moving hand switching to a proper, though not snapped, salute when Kai walks in. Once it's dropped, he heads towards a seat and plucks the pencil from behind his ear.

Castor looks over at Epi and he flashes an appreciative smile as he looks over at Eddie and says, "What, Mooner said, Shepherd it is." He then looks over at Matto, "I am the pilot with three callsigns." He grins, "Well, that is an achievement." He says softly as the realization comes in, "Well, an achievement that comes from sheer stupidity." He then chuckles, "Wow. I suck."

Having been about to make some manner of reply, Kissy never does make it, instead hauling himself to his feet to do the Captain-On-Deck dance. And by dance I mean… staying still until he's told he can sit down again. At which point he just gives Nadiv a smile before returning his attention up front.

Up on her feet, Mooner snaps off a quick sharp salute to the man who left the room casually a few moments ago, and is now returning as The Man In Charge. Nevermind the cigarette that's still smoldering from between her fingertips.

Oh, yeah. Epi spots Kai. She spots a fresh from the shower CAG. Oh, man. It's rather like Santa, the Easter Bunny and Johnny Depp all rolled into one walked into the Ready Room. Epi's hand goes flying up in a salute as he comes in. Of course, she stops just short of drooling. She does have SOME professionalism.

And with the clock set to go time, there's a shuffling by the hatch. one-Private Parts moving to come in dressed in his black, with the standard black issued flak vest on over his chest and his helmet on tight. Though there's the addition of something- a sensor which the small antenna can be seen just over his left shoulder. Quickly snapping to attention- as is Marine custom- and bellows.

"Officer on Deck!"

And without waiting for anyone to snap to their feet, or to attention the Major is coming in, dressed in his own blacks-helmet crooked under his arm

"As you were." comes the normal tones. A scratch of his jaw-before he's looking over to Marek and nodding. "Alright- the name of the game today is working together, so pay attention."
Long distance to Kai: Ezra had an NPC Officer on Deck him.

The bevy of salutes and officers finding and shoving sticks up their asses are returned by a token tip of fingers to the CAG's forehead. And then, well, he's finding a seat like everyone else. In the front row, of course, where he can climb back to his feet at a moment's notice. He drops into his chair, slouches, and trains his eyes on the Major.

Legacy is just a few moments late - she slinks in just behind the Major and takes a seat in the back, still in her flight suit. Looks like she may have just come in from elsewhere. When Kai sits, Thea sits.

Leda of couse was at attention and then back to normal as he sits there watching everyone in the room for just a half a second before he turns and looks over at Kai giving P-bear his full attention for a moment and then he turns and looks at the Major and he gives the Major his full attention - so much attention - so many peoplpe to watch.
Sparro arrives from the Hallway - Hangar Deck.
Sparro has arrived.

A salute for Kai turns into one for Ezra as well as the Major breezes in like a freight train already in work mode. Eddie drops back down into her seat, slipping once more into her perfected lack of pretty posture. The cigarette gets shifted to her other hand, if only so she can draw out a small notepad to rest it on the little tray table that flips up from the side of her chair. At least she /looks/ like she's paying attention.

Roubani settles onto a chair once salutes are done with, setting the notebook on his knee. He gives Eddie and Matto a fleeting half-smile, then turns his attention to the Major in the room.

From the back row, Cinder attempts to hop to her feet and fire off a salute, but the CAG and the Major are pretty quick in rocketing in and to the front of the room. She's caught kind of half standing, half saluting when the everyone sits. She doesn't slouch anymore now, but occasionally cranes her neck and head to the side to get a better look at the front of the room.

Sparro snaps to attention as well, saluting both senior officers before resuming his seat, notebook in front of him. He seems a bit less laid back than at previous events, a businesslike attitude that he had often neglected in the past.

Xanthus falls to at ease, and then takes a seat. When he doesn't think the cag is looking, he offers Roubani a middle finger and grins at the man. He's holding a hrink-wrapped clipboard, the one he was given when he first set foot on the ship. He hasn't used it yet, but he takes it with him to every meeting. He holds two pens in his hand.

Sure it's casual, but hell it's at least something. Ashe rises with a few other Marines before settling back down at the order to remain at rest . The man looks rather contemplative as he stares intently at the nearest wall, examining the fine intricate pattern of hull work.

Roubani looks at Xanthus mildly for a few moments and sniffs, one corner of his mouth curling with stifled amusement. His eyes cut back to the Major and he twirls his pencil.

Eddie flashes a little wink to Roubani when they catch each other's eye line, and then her pen starts making little scribbly notes on the pad of paper. Before the Major's even started with the details.

Samantha settles down into her seat as the meeting is starting, her own note pad out. She's listening, quiet… and occasionally trying NOT to cough.

Kai doesn't spot the middle finger. OR DOES HE? Either way, he keeps his eyes forward while toying with his pen in his left hand.

"Right. This is a standard training exercise. As is, all marine weapons will be loaded with the chalk training rounds. You'll know when you're down for good, and we'll know when you're hit, because of the clouds of white smoke-and the makrs on your lovely black uniforms. Remember four strikes and you're done. Do not get up and start over, lay where you are. As such Any medics coming along will be reprising their roles as riflemen for the day. The cards we had that had the injuries on them, have since been recylced so we can continue to have paper on this boat. So everyone thank the Corpsmen for their contribution to red tape."

"Marines, you will be loaded into your assigned raptors, and upon coming to the LZ- you will be fired upon by hostiles marked in our planetary wear. So first task is to secure the LZ, before we will make it for the parade grounds of the old military Outpost on Solon II. From there, our objective is to take out the dug in hostiles-with cooperation of our cavalry here. As such We will have one Wirelo operator to call in a strike, if the air is clear-" a hint there for some action beyond pick ups and drop offs for the raptors and Vipers."-Anyway, as I was saying we will clear out the dug in hostiles retrieve a blue flag in the middle of the parade grounds- and beat it back to the LZ for extraction, if successful. Obviousl we won't succeed if we're all shot. Upon conclusion debriefings will occur sepearately.

A pause and Ezra looks back over the assembelled soldiers and pilots "Marines you will notice a sensor on your back- That is so if enemy air makes a strfing run- it will count. Needless ot say- let's hope that won't happen. Hold all questions for the ride down-Captain Marek, she's yours." And with that Ezra is stepping aside ot allow Kai is brief bit.

Matto does look twice at the source of the bird-perch, one brow cocked subtly upward in a dubious expression. But soon enough Ezra's going on about the exercises, and he listens with attention and even moderate interest.

Simple enough, eh? The CAG notes one or two things down, but otherwise has probably already heard almost all of this before. When he's called up, he swallows subtly and pulls to his feet. The notepad and pen are tucked away, and he turns to face the room without bothering to climb right up to the podium. Who needs the extra height? Well, aside from him. "As the Major says, this'll be a standard drop into a hotzone, secure the objective, and bug the frak out again. We'll be using training settings on the vipers, and the raptors' EW equipment's been configured for simulated jamming. The aggressor squad's already been briefed, and has headed down to the LZ, so you all know what you need to do. Take out your enemy air units, and provide ground support to our marines. If and when a strike is called for-" He looks briefly askance to Ezra. "-I'll assign a strafe leader. Wing assignments are posted on the flight board. Any questions?"

Eddie scribbles some more, cigarette now dangling from her lips. She flicks a glance up at the board, makes another notation, but apparently no questions from the loud mouthed viper jock.

Leda's eyes flip to the flight board and he raises an eyebrow as he studies it and he has no questions since he is ready to try out the new callsign.

Sparro marks down his notes and then, after a moments pause, raises his hand.

Roubani glances at the board himself, though he already knows who his assigned wingmate is. Who isn't here for the exercise. He looks back at those doling orders, scribbling on his paper.

There's always got to be one. Kai hitches his chin toward Sparro as the man pops up with a question. "Lieutenant?"

Sparro stands. "Are there going to be any emplacements to worry about, sir? Surface to air weapons, etc?"

"No SAM batteries or gun emplacements to worry about, Birdman," Kai confirms, glancing at his watch again, then at the Major, as if to see whether he'd like to wrap this up.

Ezra nods once back towards the Captain. "That, being said." the Major speaks up. "You know what to do. Marines suit up- And let's get this show on the road." With that Cass is strapping on his helmet. "Dismissed."

Thea's clearly mulling over what's going to happen. She nods, once, eyes moving among the gathered - counting noses, likely.

For her part, Epi's bouncing on the balls of her feet, clearly ready and raring to go. At the dismissal, she pulls up into a salute again, then dashes out of the room at top speed.

Kai returns the nod from Ezra, and reaches for his own helmet. "Ghostriders, pre-flight and skids up in five. Vigilantes, we're on escort. You know the drill." He thunks the helmet once against his desk, then heads for the hatch.

Later in the Air

[From outside the ship:]
Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT' takes off..
Lost DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT' heads for Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Lost DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT' heads for Space.

Going over to the nearest seat next to the door, after having gotten all appropriately geared up, Ashe settles into his seat and buckles in. Eyes fall straight ahead upon the floor decking however as he waits for transit.

[From outside the ship:]
Wolf-12 'MOONER' takes off.
Sparro takes off.
Lost DRADIS Contact: Wolf-12 'MOONER' heads for Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Lost DRADIS Contact: Wolf-12 'MOONER' heads for Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Wolf-3 'SPIDER' takes off.

[From outside the ship:]
Foxbat-4 'MADMAN' takes off.
Sparro flies the ship to Blackness of Space.

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro smiles as the Marines climb aboard his Raptor. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your eltee speaking. We hope you enjoy yourself on Foxbat spaceways. We'll be launching soon, so please sit back and enjoy the ride. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask your stewardess." And with that, he launches.

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] With everyone boarded, pre-flighted, and cleared for launch, Spider is one of the first to skid out of the tubes. His viper's engines ignite as he clears the ship, and he rolls away to lead the charge down to the planet's surface.

Coming in with Parts sliding in right before him, there's a look to the other Marines as they strap in. His own weapon is put butt down muzzle up, as he adjusts his straps slightly. A glance over towards Parts, who is currently also checking the Wirelo pack he's going to have to lug. "You're out last Parts." And a glance is given over to Ashe and Epi respectively. "If I am taken out early- Jarot you have the Squad." A nod there "not expecting it, but should it happen, you're senior NCO tonight. Understood, Corporal?"

[Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT': Legacy] Thea's Foxbat is just behind the others as the takeoff happens. It's clear that she's enjoying this, given the little waggle of her wings as the others streak past.

Epi settles in next to Ashe, locking herself into the seat, bouncing a bit. She blinks at Ezra when he speaks then nods enthusiastically. "Yessir," she says in that typically Marine fashion.
Sparro flies the ship to Solon II's Orbit.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT' zooms by overhead.
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-4 'JESTER' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-4 'JESTER' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Wolf-4 'JESTER' zooms by overhead.
New DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-4 'MADMAN' arrives from Blackness of Space.

Inside the Raptor, dressed in her blacks, Cinder slides down to sit next to Epi, opposite the Major and Parts. Like Parts, she musses about with her gear, checking that everything, including the transmitter pack, are securely attached and operating as best she can tell.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-4 'MADMAN' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Foxbat-4 'MADMAN' zooms by overhead.
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-16 'POET' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-16 'POET' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Wolf-16 'POET' zooms by overhead.
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-3 'SPIDER' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-3 'SPIDER' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Wolf-3 'SPIDER' zooms by overhead.
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-12 'MOONER' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-12 'MOONER' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Wolf-12 'MOONER' zooms by overhead.
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD' zooms by overhead.

Ezra nods. "What I like to hear. I'll pop out first- Jaort you follow, Brand, behind her. Swift then Parts. Once the LZ is clear- we're moving for for the base. Obstacles will be up, as this is open ground combat for the most part. Be sure to get behind the barriers if you can. If you're down call it so we know what we're working with." Simple rules there. "All good?"

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] As the wing breaches Solon II's heavy, sulfuric atmosphere, DRADIS almost immediately lights up with contacts. Four of them, rigged to show up as 'unfriendly' Colonials. They're headed on an intercept course from the LZ and adjoining encampment, which can just now be glimpsed below the cloud cover.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani guides his Viper into the bumpy atmosphere of Solon II, shooting along at Xanthus' nine. His eyes flicker to his DRADIS as the contacts begin dotting his screen, fingers flicking his training weapons on. Lights blaze over his undercarriage.
[Into the Wireless] Sparro says, " Spider, Birdman. I am reading at least four unfriendly contacts bearing down on us."

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Jester streaks along with Poet side by side, easing himself from one atmospheric layer to another. He flexes his hand around the flight stick, adjusting the glove wrapped around his fingers. He peers around, giving his cockpit a very good once-over and relying on his eyes for a moment instead of the sensors.
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-6 'CASE' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-6 'CASE' arrives from Blackness of Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Wolf-6 'CASE' zooms by overhead.

[Into the Wireless] Epi says, "Black Cat copy, Spider."

"Sir." Comes Ashe's reply as he finally glances up, looks at the others and offers a thin smile before returning attention to his boots with deep thought.

"Sir, yes SIR," Epi replies, bouncing a bit in her seat. Her? Keep still? Yeah, not happening. This is her first 'in the field' since the last shooting, and she's raring to go.

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro reads the incoming offensive and grimaces… it seems one of the hostiles likes him. Jerk. Pulling back hard, he begins his evasive actions.

"Yessir, understood," Cinder answers, finally content that the transmitter is secured. Next thing on her list is checking from the ground up, making sure her boots are tied up tight, that her pant cuffs are secured and all the rest.

"Frak, looks like we have a friend out there." Sparro looks back to his passengers. "Hold on tight back there, folks. Looks like we've picked a bogey up."

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Matto] Foxbat-4 peels out of formation with Foxbat-2, tailing along after one of the viper teams, instead, hanging back and letting them clear a path while laying down suppression.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani pulls back on his throttle as two of the 'enemy' decide he looks like a tasty treat, throwing his efforts into keeping them distracted enough that Xanthus can get a good shot off. His own training lasers go off, fixing on the one Jester's got teeth for.

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Birdman's Bird starts to fall back when he recognizes that he has picked up some company. Fun. Activating his own ECM systems, Sparro pulls his Raptor up hard, taking evasive action.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Wolf-4 peels off, trading speed for altitude at an alarming pace that is probably not good for its wings, but the pilot seems to enjoy it a fair bit, smirking to himself as the g-forces utterly pin him to the seat. He jockeys for position behind Viper-3.

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] Mooner has a wicked little smirk on her face behind the shield of her helmet. Training exercise? Means she can blast her tunes in the cockpit. Toggle on: Beastie Boys. Oh yeah. Now you're going down, Viper4.

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] Shepherd breaks formation and goes to protect Birdman and everyone on his Raptor, a bit of kick comes from his Viper as he does this very, very quickly - but his piloting is clean for now as he moves into formation with Case.

Leaning over some, Ashe mutters under his breath, looking at Epi who is sitting next to him while doing so. Finally after a moment his attention once more comes to his feet before lifting up towards the other Marines.

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider jukes to port as his 'bandit' fires on him, slamming his viper into a hard breakturn that sends the kew slicing off into thin air. Probably due in no small part to his wingman's fantabulous shooting. He firewalls his thrusters, and adopts a more aggressive stance as he goes after Birdman's bogey again.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani glances behind him as one of the enemies goes down. A shot on him makes his board light up a little bit, but it's not quite serious yet, and he cuts the Viper around in a hard arc to port, still leading two in a game of leapfrog.

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] The Raptor barrelrolls as the shots dance all around, but with no contacts. Taking a deep breath, he pulls his Raptor back into configuration, searching for the attacking viper.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Matto] Foxbat-4 is not quite as capable of those sharp turns as Wolf-16, and it swerves clumsily behind as it tries to keep in some sort of formation with its escort
[Into the Wireless] Sparro says, " Spider, Birdman, thanks for the cover. I'm parking myself on your 6, hope you don't take it personal or anything."

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] Eddie jukes sharp to the left, cutting across the bogey on the big man's tail. Her KEW goes streaming in a long trail, all but etching 'MOONER' across the cockpit before she tucks and rolls beneath Case's ride. Coupled with Castor, the three of them make quick and clean work of Kai's stalker.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Jester weaves hard, tearing off imagination chunks of wing from the Viper he's coming at. He's a little overzealous, coming by on a sort of poor-man's boom-and-zoom approach, literally firing afterburners, hitting wing instead of fuselage, and continuing with is burners as he streaks past. At no point during the attack is he travelling at anything resembling a reasonable speed.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Sam makes a good sweep around, though catching the probably wrong target, her hit is good and it helps. She wing wiggles in victory but easily falls back into formation for another sweep.

Epi suddenly goes utterly still and just looks at Ashe. Whatever the man said? Has the little kinetic energy machine freezing. Or maybe it's the way the Raptor is moving - though likely it's Ashe. For a moment, she just stares at him, then turns away, head dipping in a little nod.

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] Mooner pops back up on Kai's five as if she never left, another little waggle tells him she's in place for their next volley. Now that no one is on his ass, they can concentrate on the same target.

Ezra turns his head eyes flicking between Ashe and Epi, however the Major, didn't hear anything. "Keep your mind in the game." said back towards Swift, before he's holding onto a bar close by. Rifle pulled up. All of this? Part of what any marine might encounter in real life combat transport.
[Into the Wireless] Sparro says, "Spider, Birdman. Nice shooting, sir. When this is all over, I'll have to buy you a drink. Simulated Beer, of course."

The maneuvers have Cinder looking a little worse for wear. She's pretty much stiff in her seat, clutching her rifle tight, with the stock resting on the floor; it's almost like a handle or support for her. Out of habit, she goes to checking her chin straps, making sure the helmet is secure; she doesn't want it to slide down over her eyes in some critical moment, and also wants to make sure her hair is tucked up inside neatly and tightly.

"It's there sir, oddly… there." Ashe says frowning a bit and shaking his noggin some. "Haven't felt this clear in a very, very long time." He manages to turn the frown to a slight smile.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani takes a slam and then a second one, his blaring alert lights telling him he'd be missing an arm by now. He flicks two of them off, letting them beep in blessed silence now as he pulls up and trains his guns.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Another wave of shots from Case, this time to the proper target, across the one attacking the Raptor… and it contributes to the taking out of the enemy bird. She settles smoothly back into formation, ready to fly back for more!

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Finally free of his tail, Sparro falls into formation with his caretakers, giving them a bit of a wing waggle in appreciation.

Epi dips her head to Ezra and seems to, oddly, remain still. It's as though she's focusing, finally.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Another pass, another good shot, but sadly this time isn't quite enough to actually down her target. Case swears lightly over the coms and tightly sweeps back to formation with the other birds, a bit quicker, sharper this time. Eager for another go.

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider's aggressive run pays off, to the tune of a bitching betty letting Viper three's pilot know that she's all boxed out. He breaks out of his merge with Eddie in a scream of tylium-fueled engines, and maneuvers into a firing solution on the remaining bandit.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Re-affirming his grip on the flight stick, Jester pulls his viper over, effectively turning the exercise into an excuse to practice needlessly excessive high-g maneuvering while he trains. No, the split-s wasn't really required. Especially not the way he's going, but man, does it ever split his **s, just like the move was named for. He pulls the trigger and rails imaginary shots into the vessel, finally letting go of the throttle once he hears the tone. He comes up to flank Foxbat-4.

[Wolf-12 'MOONER': Eddie] And now introducing the tag-team duo of Spider and Mooner. Their shots are so close together, it's hard to tell who set 'em up and who knocked them down. Either way, they splash another bogey in a spectacular display of simulated rounds.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani's Viper is limping badly, having taken a good amount of fire in the distraction effort. But, it paid off even if there's no glory to be had in it. He stays close to Matto's Raptor, opening fire at the remaining enemy to add to the barrage.

Sparro smiles as the bad birds start breaking up, and then pushes his Raptor into it's landing cycle. Turning his head, he nods to his crew. "We're clear and headding for the landing zone. Hope you've enjoyed your flight, sir."

[Wolf-8 'SHEPHERD': Castor] If Case moves Shepherd follows it is almost creepy in how reactive he is to his wingman at the moment and while his shots aren't hitting as well as Case's his shots are solid enough and his formation is here for protection so all said and done Shepherd is keeping true to his callsign and keeping an eye on people.

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Pushing his Raptor into a landing vector, Sparro gives the rest of the squad a healthy wing waggle and then heads for the surface.

"Just get us hovered over, and get ready to pull out, once we're down." Simple drop and fly off before coming back to snag everyone. That is how it works. A look back to the others and with that gun's made ready as he's angling to getting ready to unstrap himself once the greenlight is given. "Alright. Nut up, marines." And with that Ezra is lowering his goggles down.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Matto] Foxbat-4 keeps a graduated proximity south of its escort as it makes to land, incrementally further and further from their formation but staying on x-axis with them, more or less, settling into a landing flightpath while they head into CAP.
Sparro flies the ship to Landing Zone - Keros.
New DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-4 'MADMAN' arrives from Solon II's Orbit.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-4 'MADMAN' arrives from Solon II's Orbit.

[From outside the ship:]
Foxbat-4 'MADMAN' zooms by overhead.
New DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT' arrives from Solon II's Orbit.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT' arrives from Solon II's Orbit.

[From outside the ship:]
Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT' zooms by overhead.

Epi's ready in a heartbeat, her weapon double-checked, goggles down, game face on.

Like the other Marines, Cinder tugs her own goggles down securely over her eyes, and lifts her rifle from the floor, turning it over. She gets it pointing in the right direction, safety still on, checking the magazine inside.

Sparro talks them through it all. "Coming in hot… zone green for landing. Ready for you to bug out in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Hatches open. Good luck!"
Sparro brings the ship in for a landing.

[From outside the ship:]
Foxbat-4 'MADMAN' comes in for a landing.

"Marines!" comes the bellow, as up and out like a flash. Ezra is moving to the open hatch, "Go-go go- Weapons Hot!" and Safety is flicked out, before he is moving to hop out of the Raptor and into the hot zone. Such is the life.

To be continued in Hot Landing

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