Brother Lysander Nikos
Trent Reznor
Trent Reznor as Lysander Nikos
Name: Lysander Nikos
Alias: Lizzie, Brother, Padre
Age: 30
Hair & Eyes: Dark brown/Black
Faction: Resistance
Position: Preacher (Brother of Hades)
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Page me
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info

I'd listen to the words he'd say
But in his voice I heard decay
The plastic face forced to portray
All the insides left cold and gray
There is a place that still remains
It eats the fear it eats the pain
The sweetest price he'll have to pay
The day the whole world went away
Ancient Verse, Book Of Souls, Chapter VII

When Lysander Aramis Nikos was born, he did not have the faintest clue into what world he would come to know or inherit. His time was a time of relative ease- as he was born into the rather large Nikos clan, that has fed the bellies of ships, the Corps and mainly populated Blue Earth, Scorpia. As such he was not without parents, cousins, uncles, brothers, and sisters. For if you’re a Nikos you’re in for life. As such he was brought up into a gods fearing and respecting household. Though, where as others were deep and devout followers of Ares, Lysander had yet to decide where as to place himself, instead taking time to sit on the fence and pray to all Lords equally. During his teenage years, as is the custom with all Nikos’ boys and well girls he got into drinking and smoking when out with older cousins and friends. However, this would land him into a spot of trouble as one summer day when out drinking and such-led to dares. The one he took was to ride his bike out and try to jump Skelter’s Reservoir (An old rock quarry now turned into a cool pool of water. Great for swimming) Lizzie, as he is known by close friends and family, was not one to be called yellow took the dare, and while rather drunk tried to jump it. The short story is, he almost died, and was fished out by his cousins, and revived on the banks later. For the remainder of time in Blue Earth he would be seen as being half in and half out- or not fully there as he had once been.

When he was of eighteen. He, and three of his cousins went right into the military, all enlisting with the Marines in hopes of what would a great 4 year tour. One filled with excitement and such-doing their duty for the Colonies and for humanity. As such as soon as he was in the Corps, like all Nikos family members he was tattooed with the CMC Crest, and then had a beer short time later. Basic seemed to be easy for him, or maybe it was the idea that other Nikos had passed the same course and so if they could handle it, he certainly could. For his certifications he was sent off to Scout school where he was made a Marksman and passed with noteable grades, but as one hardened Master Chief noted: “He’s a Nikos, He’d have t’ be damn near full retarded to not pass it with that blood in him.”

Lysander’s first posting within a Ghost squad as it was (named such for infiltration and scouting) was in the middle of Saggitarron during the later hey days of vicious resistance against Colonial government. It is classified as to what all Nikos did while stationed on the Colony, it is known though during his last year he was transferred out to Libris and then was Honorably discharged at the rank of Corporal. Instead of going into law enforcement though or seeking a position as a CIB’s RRT Sniper, he is said to have lain down arms and become a Priest. He did the four year term at Gemenon’s oldest Seminary, dubbed “The Forum”. His strong courses were Theology, and the Scriptures-where as he was an effective preacher-he seemed more well versed I the older ways of story telling and narrative preaching than the new wave of “jewel’ sermons as was being taught. When he graduated- it did surprise everyone in his family to see him become an ordained Brother of Hades, as the order itself is quite old, and seemed to be falling into disuse. As a Brother of Hades, Lysander’s role was to perform funeral rites, care and keeping of the dead and infirm, Performing of Last Rites, as well as the usual duties of any Priest of the Lords in the country or more urban settings.

Controversy in a year leading up to the Apocalypse would find itself centered on the priest, as Lysander would be arrested at his mission in Paros for suspicion of assisting a suicide. However, no evidence could directly link the Priest to the dying patient in the Hospital, and so after a few months of the pending investigation he was released. Promptly, Lysander was moved by the head brother of his order to the community in which Grifter Falls is apart of, to serve as the County’s priest- and move from temple to chapel as needed. Country life seemed to suit Lysander, as it is what he was used to from his youth, and gave him time to hunt and such as was his leisure.

A week leading up to the Holocaust day, Lysander is noted to have written down in his journal, having dreams in which angels in silver delivered fire from the Heavens and Death came to the ground. Huamnity’s bones laid out in a great graveyard, and were left bleached and picked clean. From these bones Hades Himself rose with the Underworld and charged Lysander with keeping Man in the cycle, and to repel that would take matters of the Gods in their own hands.

He promptly dismissed this dream as hitting the Chmalla too hard, and bad rum. Nothing more. Little would he come to realize what bit of truth there was to it, or that his own name stood for what he was to become. A Liberator. As such true to his calling-and true to the values his family instilled in him. He is serving and protecting. A shepherd against the wolves.




  • Basic Training - Echo Base, Tauron
  • Scout School - Ft. Monmouth, Picon
  • Delphi Seminary - aka: The Forum, Gemenon

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • 4 years CMC - Garrison Posting: Saggitarron. Rank: Corporal. Status:Honorably Discharged

Distinguishing Features

  • Dark Hair
  • Tattoos
  • Scar on the left side of his face.



  • Theology
  • Cult Rites
  • Sharpshooting
  • Stealth
  • Preaching
  • Smoking Out
  • Drinking Beer.
  • Avoiding Hangovers
  • Swimming

On the Grid

The Book of Souls (Known Associates)

Olive Pax. I do not know where I stand with her. But, then I doubt she knows where she stands with me. I've had to do gruesome things, as is the cost of war-however I don't think she understands that yet. Sometimes the crimes being committed do deserve the punishments that wait. Book of Souls, Chapter Thirteen-verse seven.
Andrew Archer. The boy has a lot of rage in him. Albeit the world just ended. But, that doesn't account for a lot of what he seems to be going through. He doesn't understand life, or death quite yet. But, then that is not always an easy thing to learn when you are all of seventeen.
Joanna Archer. Another marine. Or, well-former marine. She has a good head on her shoulders-Aunt to the boy. She manages to stay calm and lead with efficiency. She must have been a Sergeant.
Sam Ecker. Samuel Ecker is a cop. I normally do not like, or trust the police given my own dealings with them. However, he seems good enough. Plus he has a dog that seems fond of me. Interesting creatures, dogs.

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  • Understanding
  • Spirituality
  • a good smoke
  • a better beer
  • a bigger gun.


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