Summary: Gresham visits Jules in the brig.
Date: PHD214
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It's a typical night in the brig. There's a guard at the desk and Jules is behind the bars of her cell, sitting up on the bunk and staring forward into space. The bruises on her face and the pale color of her skin haven't worsened, but they aren't getting better in a hurry either. Overall she looks exhausted, wrapped up in her blanket.

Finally, it seems off duty despite there being some training exercise to go on. Apparently, the nugget didn't qualify for the run-this time. Still clad in his greens, and all the red hair'd man does find himself at the desk in which he seaks quietly with the guard. A clipboard is passed over, and of course-Virgil signs hastily in his chicken scratch handwriting. A deep breath, and with that he's being led by one of the guard on duty, over to where Jules' cell is located. Far in the back of the tiny brig.

The entrance of a vistor doesn't go un-noticed. Jules' eyes flick towards the hallway in anticipation, wondering who it might be. The quiet talking leaves it something of a mystery. Pushing up from her seat on her bunk, she steps over towards the bars and leans against them both for support and so she can see who it is.

It doesn't take long for the familiar sight of Gresham to come into Jules' line of sight. Blue eyes looking to what he can see over by the bars, where he is stopped, then turned at a direct about face. As for the look on the poor Ensign's face. It is a mix of hearbreak right there- and a smile. A glance is given to the gaurd, before he's moving close towards the bars- though there's a hesitation upon reaching them. There's no 'hi' just yet.

"How close can I come?"

"Close as you want. You just can't touch me. And I can't touch you. Prolly make the guard nervous if you come real close, though. I think this one is expecting me to go on a murderous rampage in my cell." There's a slight smile from Jules and then a grimace and she rests her head against the bars. "I was hoping you'd come."

"Ah, I figured.." silence for a second, before he's coming rather close-which as the MP a little jumpy, but there's not a glance back to the soldier. Instead he's focused on the one behind bars. "I almost didn't." Gresham admits, as eyes close, his own hands reaching to touch the bars above where she has grasped. Careful not to touch her at all.

"This was hard, Jules." a sigh "For me- I ean. I..I..I don't know where to begin.." A look back to her as he just stays there. "You look bad.."

"I'm sick. Don't know exactly with what, but nobody seems overly concerned, so I'm not." The little blonde rolls her shoulders and closes her eyes and speaks very softly. "It was hard for me to do what I did, but I did it. I wish I could have said something before… but I'm pretty sure you would have just written me off as nuts." There's a pause there and she opens her eyes, seeking out Gresham's. "You probably think I am nuts."

"Well, I care..obviously.." Virgil admits as he keeps his eyes on the blonde. And there he moves to lean his head, apparently germs can be damned. "I guess. I mean- you did headbutt me." As for her being nuts, there's a shrug as a sad smile comes upon his face. "I really don't know what to think about it-I mean you bombed the ship, but I-" and he says nothing. "Can we just not talk about why you might be crazy? Just enjoy this, briefness?"

"It's your time," is Jules answer and she smiles a little again, no grimace this time. "I didn't hurt you,I did I? I was trying to just knock you out… I think I might have hit Pickens too hard." She blew a man up, but is concerned over the welfare of friends and former fellow Marines. Hm. "I'm sorry. For everything. For deceiving you in any way."

"Yeah- It.." and silence there before he is shaking his head. "Just my head. You knocked me out- and now everyone thinks I was dating a lunatic, but other than that- no harm of foul." He's ignoring the bombing for right now as best as he can. "DOn't be- Well I mean yeah, but no." head easily content to rest against the cool metal. "Did you mean any of the stuff with me? I mean was I a distraction..supposed to be used- or did like. I dunno you want to kiss me and stuff?"

"I kissed you because I wanted to, because I like you and if circumstances weren't what they are, I'd want to have red haired nerdy babies with you. Or try to," Jules smiles at her admittal, wistful with perhaps a dollop of regret in her expression. She looks intently at Gresham and her fingers flex on the bars gently. So close, but she can't come closer. "You can't ignore what I did forever. Or what I am. Or the hows and the whys. I'm going to be gone in three days and then there'll be no answers for you. You have to be strong and you have to have hope for your people and for this ship, okay?"

That brings a a small smle there. Even if there is a bit of a flex of his fingers, apparently wanting the same thing- however bars and rules. At least he's following both. "That is all I wanted to hear." Virgil says for a moment before he's looking back. "I don't. I just didn't want our last moments to be focused on you explaining to me one thing, or talking about what you did." Silence. " I just want us, cause I duno if we'll ever run into each other again in this lifetime- or the next." Gresham is of the belief of everything running in cycles-History repeating itself.

A beat. "I Will be." said back. "And our babies would have been rather nerdy and red headed. It is the dominant trait in my family."

"Sometimes having the rationale doesn't really help you understand, either," Jules murmurs and gives the man a nod. "Extra nerdy, but cute and very optimistic. Animal loving comic readers." There's a subtle change to her voice and a single tear slinks it's way down her cheek. She looks away from Virgil, pulling her face from the bars and takes a deep, shuddering breath. "You believe in the Cycle of Time?"

"We would have had two dogs. I really like dogs." And who knows what else, though Virgil brings fingers down to move over where her cheek would be, instead there's just his fingers moving over cool steel. "I know." comes the words back. "And I know there's a lot I don't understand, or don't believe." like her being a cylon. "But, I'll know when I am supposed to right? Right now- I know what I think about you- And I know in three days I am going to be more miserable than I have been since the Colonies went up." And then he's quiet, now pointedly not looking at her, as eyes seem red

Thankfully he's not sobbing outloud. A sniffle though before his voice comes back softer-weaker. "Yeah. Got into it in college..Gods not so much I mean I observe- but. I dunno, the wheel made much more sense."

"I believe in it, very strongly." When Jules turns her head back to the bars, she has her eyes closed. "Understanding will come in time and you -will- see me again." There's a few moments of silence and she adds, "I really like dogs, too. They're good companions. They understand without truly understanding." Brushing her fingers down her own cheek to wipe away the moisture trail there, she puffs out another weary breath.

"I never knew that- We never got to that part in the relationship." says the Ensign before he's nodding. "I figure we won't have the same names, but our essence will know each other. Kinda" But then she believes it so she knows what it means. And there's a look to her before he's looking back to the guard, and then he's reaching for something "I had this cleared- but I wanted you to have it." And he's passing over his comic book-the one he bartered rather hard to get here. "Its Werewolves…Just-Keep it with you." A sniffle there.

"I wish we had more time, I really do, Jules. I.." but he can't find the words all the same.

"I will. I'll keep it close." Jules' fingers shake as she takes the comic. It's held to her chest with both hands. "Please don't say goodbye to me." When she opens her eyes they're brimming with tears and her expression is pained. "We'll see each other again."

And he's shaking his head. "I can't.. I can't. I have so much i want to say- But I don't know what-if it makes sense or if I am just a rambling idiot." and now his voice scratchy-perhaps wavering a bit more than he would ever care it too, but then-really the marines are used to him crying. "I won't be there if I can help it..I- I won't see you like that.." and his own laugh even feels thick in his lungs and throat. "I really hate these bars and rules right now. I really do." A hiccup. "You know, part of me wishes I woulda been stupid and walked down to the Hangar with you to take the shuttle-And wouldn't have asked questions. I really do wish."

"I probably still would have knocked you out and hid you somewhere safe," Jules admits with a hoarse little laugh. "You walked right into the middle of the mess I was making." Without thinking about it, she reaches for and almost touches his cheek, drawing short by inches and eyes flickering towards the guard, she pulls her hand away. "Pretend I'm going on vacation. A long one. To a beach. With drinks served coconuts with little umbrellas. And a polkadot bikini. Don't you think of me dead."

"Yeah, well it woulda been better in my head. I like to think we woulda had a date-then the cops come storming in as we share spaghetti." Virgil's words come back. Humor tried, though failing horribly. And eyes look back to her fingers and then to her. Already the guard is giving over he five minute warning, as it were. "I will, though I worked in one of those places on Aquarius one summer, before I became a pilot.-Can I think woods-lake and a bikini? Beaches have forever been ruined on me." That sad puppydog smile given over. "I-I won't I promise." Now sound follows the face pulled "Maybe I'll have a cooler name when I see you again."

Jules is silent a handful of moments, face contorting with emotion. And then, even as the guard starts towards them to urge the end of the visit, she reaches forward and touches Virgil's cheek. It's just a brushing and then she's stepping back again, secure behind her cage. Despite the tears, she smiles and raises her hand in a wave, as if she really was just going on vacation.

And he leans his cheek into the touch, as he's reaching in, fingers just to brush at hair, just barely enough before he's being pulled back and there's a eave given too. Though by the looks of it he's been crying silently for a bit-though now the tears just won't stop. "I'll see you soon." choked out before the marine guard is starting to lead him out.

When the ensign is finally out of sight, Jules steps back to her bunk and sinks down into it, curling into a ball. The comic she was given is clutched to her and she closes her eyes.

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