Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation
Summary: A bra went missing, now justice is served.
Date: PHD 107 (8/3/09)
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[ Marine Berthings - Deck 2 ]-----—[ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #108 OOC Time: Wed Aug 05 00:31:07 2009

Only maintaining a small security force, the Marines on board the Kharon have a similar bunk layout to the pilots. The single squad stationed aboard maintains the cleanest environment seen anyplace else on the ship and it shows. The three lines of bunks are clean of debris and trash almost without fail. A single metal table in the center of the room is that of standard Navy issue. However, the bunks hold one distinct difference from every other aboard: The curtains on each bunk are light tan and appear to be made of a thicker material. Hanging from the ceiling above are numerous firearms in various states of disrepair, some of which look flat-out blown apart. Painted on each firearms' buttstocks or receivers is a name and rank accompanied by a date.
-=[ Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close ]=-------—-

Ahhh, Marine bunks. Epi is currently busy folding the laundry she's been tasked with doing. Unhappy Marine. At least the laundry is fresh. She's only snapped once at a Marine who got too close.

Ironic that it is laundry for Epi, for over his shoulder is slung a bag of laundry as Ashe walks in to the berthings and grunts on a beeline towards his bunk. "Frakin' laundry, frakin' corp, frakin' fleet."

"Hell of a lot of frakking," Epi comments in Ashe's direction as she continues to fold. "Sure you've got the stamina for it?"

Hearing a voice, Ashe looks over at Epi and grunts shaking his head. "Unlike some around here, I actually haven't gotten any on this cruise. So stow it." He flings his bag up on his bunk and goes to work sorting and storing.

Epi just snorts and shakes her head. "Right. Try another one, Swift. It's your nose that's supposed to grow, not your dick." Someone's socks get put aside, neatly folded.

He glances over at Epi and shakes his head, "Seriously. Who do you think I'm sleeping with? I'm not touching anyone in the berthings, that's just creepy. Like imbreeding. The Deck crew are all freaks, and the air-wing are all frat. So if you have some grand wisdom who is putting out to me, let me know so I can enjoy it next time."

A shoulder lifts delicately. "Rumors are still going around about you and that pilot," she says, not looking at him. "If I find out it's true, I'm going to tattoo something just over your ass."

"For frak's sake, I just told you I haven't had any in like two weeks, can you fraker's get over the pilot thing?" Ashe just shakes his head.

"Actually," Epi comments, trying not to grin. "You told me you hadn't gotten any on the cruise. That's been almost four months. Need to work on your sense of time, darlin."

"Right, Four months. That's what I meant to say." There was only a slight pause when he said that before he continues jamming his clothes away. "Anyway, too far frakin' long is all."

"So, who is she," Epi asks, glancing over at him curiously.

Ashe doesn't say anything, instead he just shoves the rest of his clothes into his closet and tosses the bag on his bunk, turning to head for the hatch.

Someone's boxers get put down. "Hey, Swift," she calls quietly. "Wait a second?"

Ashe looks behind him as he walks towards the hatch, turning to pace backwards and speak to Epi. "What? Look it was a slip of phrase for frak's sake. Blame in the dozen bullets finally giving me lead poisoning, frakin' frakness." Someone must be in a mood as he is backpedaling.

Epi's standing by the table, a male Marine's boxers in her hands. Yes, she's folding laundry. Punishment and all that. "I wasn't going to bust your balls, Swift," she tells him quietly. "I just wanted…to make sure you were ok."

The hatch opens, and in steps a… pilot! Hisss. Jupiter shoves it closed behind her, and turns to face the room with a cigar in her mouth, clenched between her teeth as she grins widely. "Hi, kids." Yeah, she's in sweats. No rank pins, thankyew. Aw, crap, what did she walk into?

Ashe is about to reply towards Epi before he stops and looks at a new arrival with one of his cigars. Eyes narrow ever so slightly and his hands clench into fists before they relax and he shakes the knuckles free. "Great. If we could get my first prom date to walk in here to it would make it the greatest night of my life."

The littlest Marine glances over toward the hatch and offers Jupiter a wry smile. "Evening Sir. He's being a recalcitrant pain in the ass tonight, so you might want to break out the bullwhip."

"That's real sweet. She wouldn't put out, huh?" Jupiter shoots a little verbal love Ashe's way before her eyes turn to Epi. She reaches up to run fingers through loose brown curls, and surveys the laundry folding going on. "Did you lose a bet?" She nods to the little marine. "Whips and chains make every night better."

Ashe grunts, looks between the two and then lifts up a finger from each hand to indicate his thoughts regarding both. "Just for you each."

"Yeah," Epi says with a sigh. "I lost to a damned pilot. So I have laundry duty for a week for half the berthings." She waves the Marine boxers in the air like a fla. "Awww, come on, Swift. I bet you can do better than that with fingering."

"Dang, I wish we had a deal like that. I'd make Leda fight more often so he — no, wait. He'd just take my shit. Nevermind." Jupiter didn't think that one through all the way. To Ashe, she cheerfully returns the one finger salute. A look to Epi. "I wouldn't count on any of his skills, especially in bed. He's an infant."

Ashe looks between the two and shakes his head. "I'm in better shape than either of you, not to mention I doubt either could keep up once, much less two or three times." The last is pointed towards Jupiter, "Without breaking a hip."

Epi hops herself up on the table and continues folding. "You're just not that bendable, Swift," she says, looking at her work.

Jupes blows out a puff of fragrant cigar smoke, and smacks her hand to her chest as if wounded. "Oh. Ouch." She dramatically stumbles to the side, 'trips' over a chair, and sprawls in someone's bunk.

At least it isn't Ashe's bunk she sprawls into since he lives upstairs. "I'm not flexible enough? I'm not the one who crash landed into me." He points out to remind Epi then looks back to Jupiter. "Keep smokin' my shit Fingers. Just keep it up."

"Yep, and I had the frakking bruise for two weeks," Epi tells Swift, shaking her head. "I thought you said she -wasn't- smoking your shit, Swift. So which is it?" Yep, she's teasing.

"Until Shortstack gets her bra back, I will," Jupes replies, kicking her legs crossed at the ankles as she gets comfortable in the bunk under Jules'. She slides an arm under her head, propped up on the pillow, and glances over.

"I don't have her bra, was put back in her stuff about two weeks ago. I couldn't handle the fact that it was so much bigger than I expected." Ashe says and sighs dramatically, "Oh how I long to feel a good pair of tits again."

"Bullshit," Epi says from her perch, legs swinging. "I have my locker trapped, and no one's put shit in there." Yep, she's smiling.

A smirk answers those words, and Jupes puffs away at her cigar. "Lady says you didn't put it back. Means you just lost an extra cigar, Swift. Care to keep on digging?" She reaches up to take the cigar from her lips, ash into a nearby combat boot, and then she replaces it. "Any time you're ready for honesty…"

"You want honesty Fingers? When was the last time you checked your thong collection?" Ashe states where he's now leaning against the hatch.

And Epi is quite content to fold and just look back and forth between the pair. The ping pong match seems to amuse her to no end.

Jupiter's expression ceases to be amused. "Why the frak you crackin' on my thong collection?" Haha, see what she did there? Wait, she didn't mean to pun it up. She shoots Ashe a look that suggests if he touched her frillies, he's about to lose a body part. Not that it's one he'll be needing.

"Every one of my cigars you smoke is another one of your ltitle frilly pretty things I use as a spooge towel." Ashe responds back with level eyes. "And since I ain't gettin' any I rub it off very often. And I've always been very, how do I put this, spoogtastic."

Epi's little legs are swinging, ankles crossed while she works. "If you're rubbing one out often, doesn't the volume go down," she asks, curiosity piqued. "I mean, doesn't it stand to reason that the tank gets drained?"

Jupes makes a face that is just priceless, the grimace thoroughly grossed out. "Ugh, you nasty little shit." She rolls out of the bunk. "You wash whatever you use, and then you put it back." Nasty. Then again, it rinses out. So ha. "In humans, it decreases. Swift here was just going for the visual."

"Actually it replenishes quickly." Ashe responds with a smile, "And once it gets in there, it starts caking, getting all stiff. It never feels soft again."

"Huh," says Epi, head canting to the side, brow furrowing in confusion. "I always wondered about that. Gunny's a little slower to replenish, but damn, he can go forever." Ahhhh, smile.

What the hey. Jupes glances over at Epi, then glances over at Ashe. You know when someone says something you just didn't need to know? That's now. "… I'll be enjoying the rest of that box of smokes, Swift. Say bubye."

"I hope you like flying in the buff. Because I'm ruining the rest of your thongies." Ashe states back just as flatly towards Jupiter. "I might just shift to using them to clean both my guns."

Epi glances down at Ashe's crotch, head canting to the side, then over to Jupiter. "Is it true that he's packing a water pistol," she asks the pilot.

"You wanna find out?" Jupes shoves the cigar into her mouth after ashing. "Two of us can hold him down and strip him naked. You got any duct tape?" She glances up at the ceiling. "How much you figure we'd need to secure a guy his weight up there?"

"Why are you asking her about my package? You've been in the showers with me." Ashe responds with a shrug and reaches down, patting himself. "The whole team is very happy, just need to find a suitable female on this boat. I'm looking for someone with personality, intelligence, a cuppable ass, and maybe some kind of chest. If you find her, let me know."

Epi's quiet for a long moment, then she slides off the table, heading to her locker. "I don't think I have any duct tape, but I think I might have some rope in here," she calls. "You grab him, I'll get that. Maybe some glue."

"Okay," Jupes agrees, turning toward Ashe. "Here, kitty, kitty." She advances on the younger, taller, more muscular marine with not a weapon in sight. The wide grin still holds a cigar just in the corner of it.

Ashe lifts an eyebrow then nods. "Alright, we going to play that way? We're going to play." He stretches his arms some apparently not intending to flee but rather to toss around some girls.

Epi's at her locker for about two minutes, giving the pair a head start on her. Then she turns, some thin rope tossed over one shoulder.

Jupes slides around a chair, crouching slightly as she advances almost within arms reach of Ashe. Her steps are light, posture tipped slightly forward. "Come on, Swift. Let's go." She waits for an opening, then lunges in low, going for a tackle and grapple rather than something fancy and martial. She's looking to subdue, not break.

"Midgets." He states towards both of them, moving to keep arms width from both of the little girls, but his attention is solely on Jupiter and Ashe, dare we say, is grinning playfully.

The rope gets tucked out of reach of Ashe - that is to say, handed to a Marine standing nearby and taking bets. Epi starts to circle around from behind, padding along like a cat.

Jupes takes the miss in stride, and pauses to kick off her shoes. She removes the socks shortly after, and takes a jogging start. Her feet hit the seat of a chair in the middle of the berth, then she hops up on the table, nimbly stepping between stacks of folded laundry to give chase from higher ground.

Ashe waits, braces and when Jupiter attacks from up top he opens his arms for her and instead of tossing her away, manages to catch the woman in his arms. "Why Jupiter, I had no idea you felt this way, leaping into my arms at first moment."

While Jupiter is going for the top, Epi's going for what she's good for - the bottom. She makes a leap for Ashe, not going for his hips - but his pants. It's like having a hyperactive chihuaha going for one's underthings - she isn't going to stop until she jumps up and gets them.

Jupiter oofs as she's caught, and instinctually wraps her legs around the marine, in a full body cling. "I got him!" Sort of. Course now she only has her teeth as weapons. Epi can do her worst! Muah ahah.

Feeling hands on and about his pants like a rabid badger, Ashe yelps a bit and wiggles, starting to totter, "I'm going over." He exclaims almost as if warning the others, turning so when he lands on the floor he doesn't crush Jupiter.

Epi, like said rabid dog, doesn't let go. She takes it -all- down. "Well, damn. You're easy, Swift," she comments, then holds one hand out for the rope. "You got him, Fingers?"

Ashe likes the girls on top. Ha ha. "Auuugh!" She clings and wiggles halfway free of Ashe so her knees don't hit the floor first. Jupes makes sure she lands sprawled over him. Sure her ass is in the air when that happens, and sure, she's now sitting on a pantsed marine in the middle of marine country. What the heck's the worst that could happen, right? "Got him," she grunts. Maybe. Ow.

Ashe squirms, attempts the old bucking bronco approach to get Jupiter dismounted while wiggling his legs. "Get the frak off me bigass." He snipes out at her while attempting to wiggle free of Epi.

Nope. Epi's not letting go. The Marine holds off on giving her the rope, just so he can watch her land on Ashe's legs, arms attempting to wrap around both of them. BOY. What this must look like. Jupe sitting on Ashe, who's on the floor, on his back, pantsed. With Epi riding his bare legs. It's every man's threesome fantasy.

Except the Lance Corporal seems to be struggling to get free. Jupiter's fingernails dig in. She is so not letting go. "Not a frakkin' chance!" She calls, without looking back, "You good down there, Jarot?" Squeeeeze.

"Damnit, normally I have to pay double for this kind of treatment and I'm broke." Ashe states still trying to wiggle free and growls, "Watch the nails Black."

"I'm good," Epi calls back, then pauses. "Swift? If you don't stop, I WILL bite. You know what happens when you dangle something in front of a cat, right?" There's just enough threat in her voice that, well, she probably MEANS it.

"Stop struggling and I'll watch the nails, Swift," Jupes replies with a grunt. She grins widely, cigar lost somewhere in the struggle. Nothing's on fire, so it's probably just on the floor.

"Phbt, you wouldn't dare." Ashe kicks back a bit at Epi and then tries to get his arms free to well, grope at Jupiter to get a position to toss her off. IF it's assault, well only if you don't like it.

Ashe can struggle all he likes. Jupes tips forward to bite down on his shoulder, using that to hold on as well. He can throw her off, if he can get leverage, but it's gonna hurt. Probably both of them.

See, that's the thing about demolitions experts. They're crazy. These are men and women who quite happily play in things that will blow them the hell up into pieces smaller than a thumbnail. Daring Epi? Probably not a smart move. She finds a nice chunk of skin not too far from Jupe's ass, high on Ashe's thigh, not too far from the boys, and sinks her teeth in. Growling.

"Yeow, YEOWWWW!" The two yelps follow in short suit as both women decide to take a verbal chunk out of him, and not int he normal sparring way that occurs. Teeth into flesh never feels good, his leg kicking and his shoulder wiggling on instict.

Epi takes advantage of the kicking leg to wrap some rope around it. She's not bad at holding on to a bucking Marine, though will likely have some bruises, and rabies, later. Of course, at first, she responds to the bucking by digging her teeth in deeper. No, not quite enough to draw blood - not yet. "The boys are next," she tells Ashe, and her head moves in that direction. By now, the trio's attracted a bit of attention, and bets are being placed.

Jupiter clings, and her teeth slip free of the shoulder. She grabs a better grip on Ashe's neck, and leans in to says something quietly in his ear, a mere hiss of words. Sounds like 'take it like a man'. So what if she bites his ear next. It only hurts as much as he struggles.

There's a growl from Ashe and after a moment of pulling free to look at Jupiter, he intentionally furrows his brow and fights a little more as he leans enough to speak down to Epi. "I got an itch down there, if you don't mind." There, a little bit for those taking bets on which will give up first to chuckle over.

Ahhhh, gotta love a crazy Marine. "Here, let me get it," Epi tells Ashe with WAY the hell too much cheer in her voice. That, of course, is followed by a flick of her finger against one testicle. A nice little 'snap' sound audible. "Did that get it?" And back she goes to wrapping his legs up. "Do we give him some room to spread them, or do you want them tight," she asks Jupiter.

Jupiter winces as Epi does something flicky back there. She hears it, rather than sees it, but she has a pretty good idea just where that's going. "Tight is good." So tying up a marine while they're half naked seems like a good idea, but then what do you do with them once you've done it? In a… berthing full of other marines. Huh. Jupes didn't really think of that.

A grunt comes out of Ashe and he slams his fist against the decking, apparently Epi hit him right in a bad bad spot dead on but after a few moments of catching his breath it turns into a chuckle. "Not quite, still a little itchy if you don't mind."

So Epi does it again. Right, exactly, on top of where she did it the first time. Gotta admit, the girl has good aim. But she's also good at taking advantage of situations and manages to get the rope around Ashe's other leg, pulling them together. "Got his arms, Fingers?"

"I got his arms," Jupiter replies, though she doesn't sound quite sure of that. Once you tie a man up in front of his buddies, there's hell to pay. "Where's her bra again?" Her grip on his left arm slips a little too low as he jostles to slam a fist into the floor. Oh frak.

Arm coming free a little bit, Ashe uses his strength to reach up and start to try and grapple Jupiter again. Sure his legs may be inactive but his upper body isn't completely now. "I'll take it to the grave." He states rather flatly, pulling his hips up and starting to try and lift them from the waist.

Epi gets his legs tied pretty quickly, then starts to inch up, trying to add a little more weight to things to keep him from throwing Jupiter off. Yeah, Epi's likely going to be sore as shit in the morning.

Oh god, group humping! Jupiter throws her upper body down against Ashe's, her cheek against his neck. That hurts. She ends up using her chest to pin one of his arms across his body, but his hand is digging right into her left tit. Owshitowshit. "Auuuugh!" Once again, a battle cry from the pilot. She fights with one arm against Ashe's one arm. Trouble is, he's stronger than she is. She's thrown a little loose, and almost falls off of him onto the floor. Only a mouthful of his shirt keeps her semi attached. "Shit, hurry!"

Ashe yelps as mouthful of shirt does draw a bit of body and he keeps trying to toss Jupiter off grumbling at her with words that sound like 'wasting time'. Like he had any other plans. He does grunt louder though towards Epi, "Next time you fall asleep Squealer, you'll regret it."

The little Marine goes sliding up Ashe's body, thighs on either side of his legs. "Slide forward," she tells Jupiter. "Use your legs on his shoulders." Then she does the unthinkable and goes for the tickle attack on Ashe's ribs. Right now, things in the berthings are a little…yeah. There's a small crowd of Marines around three bodies on the floor. Ashe is on his back, rope tied around his bare ankles. In fact, his legs are bare. All he's wearing is Epi. Jupiter's sitting just slightly north of his waist, upper body bent down against Ashe's. "Gimme his wrist," Epi calls to Jupiter. Poor Epi. Her face is red from the exertion, and trying to tie the rope around poor Ashe's wrist.

Just as the hatch opens, Jupes loses her grip on one side of Ashe's upper body, and there's a squeal as the pilot is thrown loose. Damn him and his gymnasty muscles. Epi is having more luck on the lower half of the body. Sadly, for Ashe, her upper body comes down on his face. Her tits may be small, but it's still hard to breathe through them. She moves to try to get up and a buck from the marine sends her sliding forward again. She almost falls on his face again, this time her legs straddle one shoulder, and a knee is on his chest, his face almost in her crotch. She's too high to reach an arm. There's a flail before Jupes rolls off onto the floor, crashing into a chair that rattles the main table.

"Ew EW!" Ashe calls out really starting to try to thrash free, especially with Jupiter off him. "Aw, sick, gross. I think I like touched the cooch or something there man, that's sick." He tries to shake Epi loose now as well. "Ugh, someone get medical down here or hell, get engineering to do a radiation scrub."

Its the rattle of the chair that hides the chirp of the hatch swinging open. And the Sergeant comes in only, to see what looks like a damned mound of fleshed and such people tying another man down? one brow raises just a little bit, as he doesn't say anything. Instead Dutch remains blocking the door way out and well the doorway in as well. "What in th' frak are you sonsuvbitches doing?" Not Oh no poor Ashe, not Oh hai officer. No, it is what are you doing. His poor beautful berthings the sight of what? Male kidnapping?

It would appear that Epi's gone feral. She actually growls at Ashe. "Hold STILL damnit," she says, reaching out to try to grab one of his arms. With Jupiter out of the way, Epi slides up Ashe's body like she's skimming up a tree. "It'll go easier on you if you'd just tell us where the damned bra is." Yep, workout, Marine style. "Just trying to get the bra you gave him back, Sarge," she calls over her shoulder to Dutch. "This kind lady was nice enough to offer to help." It looks like the tide's turning in Ashe's favor, though. Epi's arms are too short.

"Oh… frakme." Jupes cradles her elbow that she just jammed into the edge of the chair, and kicks to untangle herself from the legs of it. She can't feel most of her arm, as she tagged a nerve, and it's doing the tingly tingles all up and down.

But then Ashe tosses the advantage away, he tilts his head and looks up overhead not having noticed the arrival of Dutch quite yet. No, instead he asks with a concerned tone, "Jupes?" Oops, guard is now down.

There's no look of concern passed towards Jupiter, rather the Sergeant seems to feel that the pilot can handle herself, and suck it up like a frakking champ. Instead he's looking back over towards Epi. "Get off him right now Shortstack-You frakkin hear me?" barked out, so that it sounds like a godsdamned order without being one. There's a turn of his attention back over to Swift "Ashe, do you have titties?" Odd question to follow. No, still no motion to going over to help Jupiter, as far as he is concerned its nothing serious yet.

Sigh. One of the problems with being a Marine is the penchant for jumping to orders. Epi slides off Ashe's side like he's greased and just looks up at Dutch, wide-eyed. Yes, she's still holding the rope in one hand. Her eyes are huge, a 'but, but' expression visible. See, that's the thing with Epi - one can pretty much see her thoughts most of the time. Cubits are now changing hands in the background, over the laundry that's folded on the table and the pile that was in the midst of being folded.

'Jupes' stays where she is, on the floor, shaking her hand out as the tingles shoot down her arm from elbow to fingertips. The pilot takes a moment to appreciate the ceiling in the berths. Nice ceiling. Nudie posters on it? She checks briefly, flexing her fingers as the tingling sensation slowly fades. "Shut up, bootie."

"Titties? Compared to Asshat over there (Jupiter) and Stumpy (Epi) I'd say yes, I have some rather nice racking going on." Ashe comments from where he lays, working hard to start getting the ropes off of his legs.

"You do then Swift? Then you better find that bra and slide it on your gods damned chest right now, or let Jarrot put it on you-because if I don't see you covering those tits you claim to have son? I will shove your own boot up your ass-because I don't want your sorry shit on mine. You got me?" Hoorah, is what usually follows before he's glancing between Jupiter and Epi "Which one of you lost the damned bra?" Ahh Dutch-this is what happens when someone has a relatively, off day.

Ok, that about does it. Epi's eyes narrow as she looks up at Dutch. Yes, she evilcats at him. "It's the frakking one YOU gave him, Sarge," she mutters, cheeks flaring with color. "And you frakking well know it." As Ashe tries to get the ropes off, Epi yanks on them slightly to tighten them. Is that…a challenge in her eyes as she glares at Dutch?

Jupiter starts to laugh somewhere around the second time Dutch says tits. Ahahahaha. The pilot is out of the debate for the moment. It's taking her a little longer than usual to get control of herself. Particularly when she glances over to see Ashe still partly tangled in the rope.

"For frak's sake, I've never even had the bra Squealer." Ashe grumbles at her, "I have no frakin' clue where it is or what you're even talking about. I just like frakin' with your head."

"Can it space bait." called over towards the pilot, before he's looking right back towards Epi. She narrows eyes and offers that bit of a challenge and Dutch is coming in towards the smaller marine and leaning his head down. "The frak you say? I got more important shit to do than to take your godsdamned bra and hock it off to numbnuts down there" Yeah its like one of those old dogs that barks, and barks, and barks-not to hear himself, but because he still believes he's fierce or some shit like that.

And like the little dog who believes herself to be much larger than she actually is, Epi leans up toward Dutch, chin coming up. "Then what the frak did you do with it," she asks him in a low voice. Yes, she yanks on Ashe's rope again, but doesn't comment to him. She's too busy glaring at the big dog in front of her.

Jupes' hand comes up, flails a little, then she grabs onto the edge of the table. A pile of towels topples over into her lap, but she continues to use the table to drag herself to her feet. A sweep of her hands bundles the towels up in her arms. She drags out the chair noisily, takes a seat there, and begins to refold them. "Blow it out your ass, Sarge," comes Jupes' usual reply to uppity marines. She takes a moment to re-situate panties that have migrated. Back to towel folding.

"Uhm excuse me, can we untie my feet so I can go wash up? I have to be all cleaned up before bed time." Ashe quips while he puts his hands behind his head, feet still tied together.

"I never had it."Dutch looks then as if he is about to add more-such as where she could go and look. However it doesn't come. just the imaginary steam from his ears because as far as Dutch knows, he's never had one of her bras. There look is held right there "Untie his ass right now Corporal, and get back to your laundry." Dutch is then looking over towards Jupiter "You got any real reason to be here Black?"

"Yep," Jupiter replies to Dutch, without so much as moving from her seat. She works on the third of four towels, crisply folding each fold. "Got any real reason for having such a huge stick up your ass?"

Either he took the bra, pants and socks that got left behind that night in the storage area, with him on top of a crate and her blowing a kiss as she left the hatch, or there's a janitor somewhere who's -damned- happy. Epi's eyes narrow quite a bit as she leans closer to the Sargeant. "Storage," she tells him, enunciating the one word quietly. "Crates. Hide and seek." She's matching him for the steam, and Epi doesn't get upset easily. The rope is thrown to Ashe so she can lean up on her knees.

"Because, I can smell you when you shift your legs from here." directed towards Jupiter. A look back to Jarrot and there's a shake of his head, as the anger seems to abate for a little bit. "I didn't take anything. I left your shit there" Which is true. he figured she would be back for it. Instead he went back about his work. "I finished inventory and hit the head-I thought you were going to come back for your own shit." And with that Dutch is looking back towards Ashe "How the hell did you let them tie you up?"

"I figured normally I have to pay double for getting tied up. So if they were offering for free…" Ashe shrugs, working to unwrap the rope from his legs and wiggle free so he can clambor to his feet. "You two need some time to sort out your bra situation? I can toss the Jig here out on her ass and mock it for awhile."

Epi just stares at Dutch for a long moment, then slowly pushes to her feet, the fight gone out of her. Turning her back on the rest of them, she goes back to the table and starts to fold.

Jupiter glances over at Dutch and Epi, and considers them for a moment as she folds up that last towel. She takes special care with it, then reaches up, and drops it onto the pile of laundry. She tips forward and gives a comical sniff. "Spring rain," she notes, sagely. And then she rises. "You might wanna pull up your pants if you plan on doing anything today, Swift." A look is cast at Dutch. She doesn't really know what's going on, or why, but she suddenly has the urge to smack him upside the head for something.

"Smells more like a godsdamned fishmarket than spring rain." the Sergeant mutters as he is not moving to deal with Ashe, instead he's turning right back around to head out the hatch "Need a godsdamned smoke, you frakkin.." Well the rest of what comes out ain't likely nice as the Sergeant seems to be hallway bound. Probably to go punch something or the other.

Getting his legs free, Ashe pulls his sweats up as he starts to rise to standing. "Well. That was fun. Next time let's get some oil though first."

"Leave your laundry out tomorrow, Swift," Epi says softly. "It'll be folded, on your bunk, by bedtime." There's a soft gruffness to her voice. Perhaps it's her way of apologizing. "If you want to leave your gun out, I have to clean mine, anyway."

Jupiter glances around briefly, from Epi to Dutch to Ashe. "You know…" She thinks about it for a moment, then shakes her head. "I don't really know what just happened, but I need a drink." Jupes glances around, bends, and moves a chair aside in search of that cigar she dropped. "Guys always gotta go right for the good girl." She eyes the rope, then glances around again. Marines. Rope. Pilot in marine country. Huh.

"Yeah, a damn drink is going to be good." Ashe says rising up, heading towards his bunk. A look is sent to Epi and he shakes his head, "Naw. You got enough on your platter as is Squaler. I wouldn't subject you to my laundry, I'm all sweaty most of the time."

Epi just nods to Jupiter and Ashe, continuing with the job of folding. "You've got safe passage out, Lieutenant," she tells Jupiter without looking up at the women. "Sorry all that was for nothing. If you want something to drink, Swift, check the bottom shelf in my locker."

Jupes relaxes a little bit as Epi addresses her concerns regarding being surrounded. Luckily, Dutch doesn't seem to be hanging out to take issue. He's one of the few who could cause major problems for her for what she just did. Technically that was assault. "… Nah, it was fun. Doesn't matter if we didn't finish it off. Might put a little humility into the boy." Ashe is in the room, but she talks about him anyway.

"Not likely." Ashe states towards Jupiter, grabbing a bag off of his bunk and turning to head for the hatch as well with is toiletries. "You two ladies have fun talking about me, just remember though. I may someday decide to have feelings."

For once, the hummingbird has nothing to say. Epi just continues to fold as the other Marines head back to their own doings.

Jupiter shoots Ashe a look behind Epi's back. She gestures to the short marine, and throws her hands up in a 'wtf' gesture. She points, and mouths something to Ashe, then points to Epi again.

Ashe just shakes his head at Jupiter and then adds over his shoulder. "Squealer, if you're up when I get back, we talk." He glances over at the shorter woman before looking towards Jupiter again, behind Epi's back.

Epi lifts a hand to the pair. "The bottle's in the locker, if either of you want it. Vodka, but it works. Couldn't find anywhere to keep it cold." And that, apparently, is all she's got to say.

Narrowed eyed looks are shot at Ashe. Jupes mouths something else, and then she waves him off and moves over to stand next to Epi at the table. She nudges the marine. "You solid, Jarot?" She reaches for some stuff to fold while she stands there.

Ashe blinks then nods slightly towards Jupiter, a glance around the berthings followed by another nod and he ducks out.

The little Marine glances up at Jupiter, sidelong, and offers the woman a small smile. "I'm fine, Fingers," she says quietly. "Shoo. You're covered on the way out." Her voice drops, of course there are no other Marines about. "Don't waste the good foreplay, hmm?" She nudges Jupiter with her elbow and reaches for whatever's in the other woman's hands.

Jupes lets the laundry go, and glances down at Epi. "But…" She glances toward the hatch, and then considers her location again. She takes the nudge toward the door, "I'm only leaving because I'm pretty sure my CO will hurt me if he finds me down here again. And, also, I need to punch someone."

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