Lost and Found
Lost and Found
Summary: Samantha stumbles into Osprey, and into the hands of the resistance.
Date: PHD076
Related Logs: Happens several hours after Jammed Up

Scorpia - Osprey

The voice is heard first, breathless, desperate, possibly a touch mad. Throat cracking with having been yelling possibly earlier, but most likely utter exhaustion, "Jack! Just -talk- to me!" It's probably not a wise idea to be yelling. Gods know if the Centaurions heard something she'd be dead, but at this rate she's probably dead anyway. So, Samantha's running. Pack on her back, once empty, now filled with the lost notebook she grabbed up, the dead man's pen, and little else. She hadn't planned on coming into the city, but it's like he was leading her here. She stumbles down the road, around a corner near the clinic, and he's gone… No where to be seen. "…Frak… frak me…" She gasps out, hitting some wall of exhaustion as she reaches out to grab herself half steady on the edge of the clinic. She looks half dead, dried blood down most of her right side, wounds untreated save having been cleaned once. Her flight suit is in shambles… but she's breathing, and walking, and that's a start.

Ah, Osprey. Osprey. What a beautiful place Osprey is. It wasn't much to begin with, and since the bombs fell, it's become less of a tourist attraction. There has been a recent incursion in Osprey, though. One that is not Cylon, not feral bandit gang. Not one lone, crashed, tattered pilot. While it's unclear what Sam might or might not have heard, there are people here. One such person, the jumpy, annoyed figure of Cyrus, can be seen pacing back and forth nervously in front of the clinic. He's got his rifle slung over his shoulder. "Gods. This place looks even worse than it did a week ago. Do they even -bother- with building codes for places this low on the totem pole anymore?"

Roubani has been, if not inwardly calmer than Cyrus, at least outwardly so. While the cylons weren't kind enough to leave him a rocking chair on this here porch, he's been seated on the steps with one of the wireless units for several hours, rifle leaning against his leg. A bottle of water's sitting out on the step too, partly drunk. He's decided to risk smoking, the acrid smell of it drifting in the air while he repeats this long and tedious task of theirs. Find frequency, SOS. Change frequency, SOS. "I take it you were never one for the 'rustic' feel." The young ex-pilot's voice carries only as far as Cyrus.

Samantha looks up, staring at the side of the building she's at, when she hears voices. Not one she recognizes, at first. Not Ajax… not any of the crew. She goes deadly still, her hand reaching for her gun, single bullet still left and usable. And Roubani's still quiet, his voice meant just for the other, so slowly she begins the limping stumble to the edge of the building. Maybe Ajax had an associate? Surely he rounded this corner…he'd be right there. She turns her head out, peeking past the clinic, trying to be quiet as possible even as she still catches her breath. Her gun remains in her hands, readied, pulled close to her chest… and then she catches sight of Roubani. "…Oh gods…" She breathes out, weapon dropping towards the ground, no longer readied, as she limps the rest of the way…"Poet?…please… please say you're there… " If she dreamt up Ajax, maybe she's dreaming up Poet too..

"Nah. I mean, it's not that." Cyrus starts, tilting a hand upwards. He and Roubani probably have been taking turns fiddling, but the civilian very much likes to talk. Even if he's talking to himself. Then again, spending a couple weeks on the run like he did alone, not to mention everything else he's seen in the past few months probably turned his mind into a fine Aquarian pudding. "Well allright. I like the wilderness but I hate places like this." He clairifies, now. "What I was marvelling at though was the slum architecture. It was tied to economics. Most people here weren't exactly wealthy either." He draws in a breath as he finishes, "None of that really matters, I suppose." He wheels about, as he continues pacing, and if Sam's close enough, he's turned around and well, he might have seen her. Or she's seen him. Also, for the record? She probably didn't dream up Cyrus. Unless she was mainlining Chamalla. We're talking -mainlining-, here.

If there's one thing the reticent Sagittarian can do, it's listen. Or at least pretend he's listening, that might be it too. Roubani switches a dial or something, turning past frequencies in much the same way he dials in and out of conversations sometimes. "I suppose one might-…" He had something to say, he really did. But the sound of his callsign, the purview mostly of pilots who knew him before the accident, makes his eyes suddenly snap up. Exactly whose voice is it is a little slower to register in his head, much slower than the reflex action that has his hand snapping to the barrel of his rifle and one foot shooting off the step in preparation to stand. "Who…" And there it is. He sucks in a breath through his nose, still gripping the gun. "Oh, Apollo's mercy. Lieutenant Passi!"

It's another few moments of almost disbelief, as Sam looks from the unfamiliar man, back to Roubani, and then back again. She then gazes out to the street, staring at the emptiness before them, the total lack of the man she was following. Maybe she is going mad. "Did… did you see someone come this way?" She asks almost mildly, not entirely in her right head at the moment, possibly lingering shock, or just having been alone on this planet for so many days has been getting to her. She begins to limp closer in their direction, using the building to keep herself up, most of her right side just an utter mess but adrenaline is helping her to manage.

Cyrus' mouth hangs open slightly as whatever else he too was going to say gets shelved. Rant for another time, as they say. Rant for another time. He reaches for his rifle as well as he steps forwards, trying to get a beat on the woman. Well, she's certainly not a Cylon. Check. He steps back a little bit. "Uhh. Wait a minute. Lady, I haven't seen anyone come through this town who -was- friendly." Something clicks in his head. Sidelong glance to Roubani, and he calls out, still holding the rifle up but not focusing on Sam just yet. "One of your own, eh?"

Roubani lets go of the rifle, leaning it back against the porch rail. He holds a calming hand towards Cyrus, palm facing the man. "Yes, it's alright. She's a pilot." Relief is written on his face, if kept subdued and in favour of quickly assessing Samantha from head to foot, brows drawn. "No, Lieutenant. We've been in the only souls I've seen. My gods, we didn't know what had happened to you…please, come inside. Captain Legacy is here and we've some medical supplies."

Samantha's not looking in the best of shape, skin a touch ashen gray, hopefully from bloodloss more than radiation. As she gets closer, Cryus can probably make out the Kharon patch on what's left of her flight suit, also, marking her as one of Roubani's crewmates. She frowns as they admit no one else came this way, turning her head and staring over her shoulder. He was -there-. She swears faintly again before finally nodding and limping up the stairs of the clinic. "…Gods…it's good to see you, Poet…and… Legs too? Thank…thank frakking gods…" She gives Cyrus a brief nod and then possibly the expected, or unexpected, happens. She tosses a tight, one armed hug around Roubani. "…thank gods…" She breathes again.

This was all Cyrus needed. He grins a silly little grin and lets the rifle fall, resting its stock on the ground as he just watches Sam approach. "Pilot? Oh. Riiiight. Right. We found that one of your people went down over Osprey the other night. Before we found you folks." From here on out, he impassively observes their reuinion. He pats his pocket for some reason.

It's kind of like hugging a scarecrow, really. Roubani's body tenses up and he gives her a painfully awkward little back pat with his left hand, elbow sticking out to the side. Still his voice is at least sincere. "It must have been Passi…" Which still leaves one missing, that he doesn't bring up. Another back pat and he carefully peels himself out of Samantha's grip, leaving his hand on her shoulder at least. "Come on, let's get you inside. Cyrus, could you give her my water there? She must be terribly dehydrated. Come on, Lieutenant." Up the stairs, up the stairs.

Up the stairs. Samantha is, fortunately, oblivious to the fact that it still leaves one missing. She'll mourn that when she knows. For now, though, she's found sanity. No need to use that gun, and it's like she can breathe again. Even if that hurts. She nods towards Roubani, pulling back and beginning to drag herself inside, somehow still walking but it seems she might not continue for too long. "…Cyrus?…is it?" She calls to the man behind, as they go inside…"Good… good to see others. Thought we were all alone…" She gives one last look over her shoulder, frowning, pausing as she swears she sees something… but then he's gone. Still, she'll need tugged in the door, her eyes lingering on the street until the very last moment.

"I've been called worse." Cyrus smirks a little. He looks a bit worse for the wear, but he's amongst the people who've been surviving on Scorpia since the Colonies fell. "Cyrus. I'm one of the local cockroaches. Heh." He supresses a good-enough-natured snicker, even if there is something brutal and rough-hewn about it. It's hard to have anything but gallows humor when you're stuck on the gallows. He simply goes ahead to oblige Roubani's request as he ducks down to scoop up his unfinished water and gently meanders back, handing the bottle flatly out to Samantha. "Here."

Inside the clinic

This clinic has obviously seen better days, which could admittedly serve as a metaphor for humanity itself right now. Thorn is walking slowly down the hallway from the exam room, stepping around random pieces of debris, his conversation with Legacy still fresh in his mind. As he nears the front entrance, he stops to lean against one of the walls, collecting his thoughts with a sharp exhale as he puffs on a fresh cigarette, replacing the one he'd tossed in the sink back in the other room.

Thea is in one of the exam rooms, sitting on a table. She's got one hand over her bandage, head down as she holds it in place. The interior is a bit of a mess - everything of use has been looted. Two exam rooms, an office and the reception area are left intact. The back of the clinic has been collapsed. It would appear, though, the front part is a good shelter.

"Lieutenant! Captain!" Roubani's voice is somehow still soft even as he calls their names clearly from the clinic doorway. He and Cyrus are helping Samantha up the stairs, awkward as it is to stumble about like this. Boots clunk and thump on the weakening wood floor. "Lieutenant Passi's come home! Someone help, please…"

Samantha is half leaning on Roubani, half on Cyrus (know him or not) and trying to get in some desperately needed water from the offered bottle even as they stumble up the stairs. She's got a pack with her but it looks strangely empty, not filled with rations, map, or anything that should have. She's doing her best to keep up with the two men but as adrenaline from the chase that brought her into the city wears off, well…she's definitely beginning to hit her wall of exhaustion. "Help, bah… m'fine… Got here, didn't I?" There's good old Passi, cocky as all hell, trying to keep the chin up as they reach the level of the clinic.

Cyrus is pretty much bringing up the rear of the Samantha/Roubani train. While they were loitering outside, apparently they found something. Well, someone. He has his rifle pointed upwards and slung across his shoulder, one of his arms is offered firmly to provide support to Samantha even as he holds the water out towards her. "I think we found your Osprey straggler, after all," he observes rather wryly.

At first, Roubani's voice alone doesn't grab Thorn's attention, but what he says certainly does. His head jerks up; his eyes are wide with surprise as he sees Poet and Cyrus helping her up the steps. He's rushing towards the group almost before he realizes he's moving. "Let's get her t' the other exam room over here," he says urgently. He takes one of her arms from whoever seems most inclined to move and let him help. To whoever's still helping Sam, he points with his head at the second exam room door. "Over there. Quickly now, we need t' get her off her feet."

Thea's on her feet, making sure the exam room's ready. "In here," she calls quietly. "Case, you're a sight for damned sore eyes." While Thea's clearly worried, she's also relieved. "Were you the one who took that tower down?" She's got the first aid kit in hand.

Roubani is happy to let Komnenos take over his part in being a human crutch, passing Sam off carefully. "He won't drop you, sir," he replies to Sam, too seriously to be serious. He rubs the back of a dirty hand against his cheek, wireless still clipped to his belt and headset around his neck as he follows them towards the exam room. At Thea's question his eyes turn back to Sam, brows drawn.

The sight of Thorn is even more heartening, and then there is Legacy's voice and Samantha cannot help but breathlessly cough out a bit of a relieved laugh. It was good to come home, even if they were far from the ship. To see familiar faces, voices, know that she was alive (despite some previous doubts). The laughter continues, low and breathless, perhaps just a bit mad, but she's laughing at least as they drag her into the exam room and towards a bed. She can't fight that, cockiness aside. For the moment, she can't even stop laughing. She shakes her head at the question of the tower…"no… was with… Was.. north…" She gasps out between laughter, trying to stop but just not quite able.

Fortunately, Cyrus has managed to avoid getting shot. How he's done it, nobody knows, but there are certain perks you get for not having been the injured one. He remains in position as he walks Sam along, Roubani having been replaced with the taller Thorn. "Don't you have more friends yet unaccounted for?" He suddenly inquires as he looks away from the woman he's currently helping, over towards Legacy. She is, after all, the Mamabear of this op.

There y' go, Sam," Thorn says softly, easing her down onto the exam bed with Cyrus' help. "You're going t' be fine, now, you hear me?" he tries to reassure her through her fit of wheezing laughter. He's a little alarmed by the sound, but who knows how long she's been left to her own devices, having to fend for herself?

Thea settles in next to the bed, pulling out an injection of morpha - but she doesn't give it to Sam, not yet. One hand reaches up to brush back the woman's hair - mainly so she can see her eyes. "Let's get a look at those eyes of yours, Case," she says, just a hint of command in her voice. "I need your report." She nods, once, to Cyrus. "Captain Marek, our CAG."

Roubani's dark brows draw as the implications of Sam's NOT having blown the last tower thread through his mind. He draws a careful breath through his nose, swallowing and clearing his throat softly. "Here, take the rest of my water, Passi," he offers, staying back and out of the way except for when needed. "You need to get that in your system, sir."

Up close, well, it looks like Samantha slammed head/face first into the canopy of her viper. Or, more so, the canopy hit her. Which is exactly what happened when the SAM took out her right wing. The lacerations along her face and hairline are rather nasty, but it's the conscussion which has probably been the worst, or possibly some broken ribs, but they're nice and hidden under clothing. She's still half laughing, but Thea's more serious tone, and the offered water, helps. She reaches out for it, taking the bottle, gulping it back through the last, lingering, half mad chuckles. The question of a report makes her shake her head. "…went down up north… SAM got me… frakking… out of no where. When I woke up…" She laughs again, tired, half in shock…"You really ain't going to believe this. Hell…I don't."

Thorn's eyes slide to Thea involuntarily at the mention of Marek, but just as quickly his concentration is back on Case, as he listens to her story. "Believe what, Case?" Thorn asks, his eyebrows wrinkled in confusion as he examines her wounds. Yeah, they'll definitely need to get her back to the bunker to real medical attention; what they have isn't going to do anything much for her.

"So." At this point, after the work's been done, Cyrus steps back gingerly after Sam gets set down, his face looking drawn for a moment or so before he retreats to some unotrusive corner of the room. He actually looks away from Samantha for a bit, not out of any kind of visual squeamishness or shock. "Captain..Marek." He files this away in some corner of his head for future remembrance. Maybe he'll be less surprised if they run across anyone else. He's thinking about that other tower too, though.

Thea steps back, out of Roubani's way, and lets the men do the talking with Sam. She settles into a position near Cyrus, dipping her head slightly. "Captain Karim Marek," she explains quietly. "Viper squadron leader. Case," she says, nodding to Passi. "Is one of his squadron. Poet," she nods to Roubani. "Used to be with his wing. Thorn is mine."

Roubani kind of retreats as well. He's no medical person in any sense of the word, and with two superior officers handling the impromptu debrief he's not about to get in the way. He folds his arms over his chest, leaning back against the wall somewhere near Cyrus. The corners of his mouth and his forehead remain tense as he watches.

Samantha gives one last, weak laugh, but the fit seems done. They really are here, and Legacy asked for a report, so she's giving it…"Ajax… frakking Ajax… Crydel found me. He's here… around, somewhere. The gods…Sent him back, or… something else. I don't know. It makes no sense… but he was there. The whole first night… And in the city, today. I was following him…" She admits, though once her story is out the news about Kai hits her and she frowns…"Spider… still out there? Frak… maybe… it was him.. took down the tower. Hopefully…Sure as hell wasn't me…"

Komnenos looks up from Case at the other Kharon people in bewilderment. "Crydel? The Chaplain?" Thorn looks back down at Case's prone form. "Sam, Ajax is dead." He studies her face, confused. She seems lucid, but she also claims to have seen a dead man. "He committed suicide."

This is all enough to, well, -kind of- make sense to the token civilian in the room. Still, Cyrus nods along in response to Althea. The wide, hairy brows upon his forehead arc downward as she explains that bit about Roubani. "Whoah. You're a pilot? As well as an engineer? That's some frakking resume', if I do say so myself." He says, looking squarely at the Ensign with a slow, steady, quite surprised nod. He adds, after the nodding subsides. "Thorn." Nodding, he's trying to keep track of -all these names-. He falls silent as Sam tells her story though.

"Lieutenant…please." Roubani comments softly at Komnenos. Almost wincing, as he rubs his fingers across his forehead. "She is exhausted, she was out there for days." He exhales softly and glances at Cyrus, nodding once. "Yes, vipers. Medical leave." Not that it matters right now, so he doesn't go on from there.

Thea glances over at Roubani and arches a brow slightly. "Go ahead, Case," she says quietly. "Thorn? Could you please get my pack and the rations that are in the side pocket? My canteen is in there as well as the anti rads."

The wounded pilot lays there just a few moments, letting the room stop spinning and actually feel half calm for once. Indoors, again, out of the open air, speaking to people she knows are alive. Sam knew they'd think she was crazy, hell, she half thinks she is. She shuts her eyes, breathing out slowly. "I know he's dead. I went to the frakking funeral, but… " She shakes her head, not even wanting to go on. "Never mind. I walked south… towards where I…I thought you guys went down, and Spider. Sun helped without a compass… got here, eventually. Got lucky, I suppose." And that's the end of the report, even if half is left out… like where her compass might be.

"Right," Komnenos answers, grabbing Thea's pack. He quickly ransacks through it, pulling out the requested items and bringing them back to the bed. He quickly injects her with the anti-rad syringe before opening the bottle of water and one of the ration packs. He hands them to Sam with an encouraging smile. And with that, their little family is that much closer to being fully reunited.

Was that a Look of Death from Thea? Roubani seems to interpret it as one, falling silent and regarding the edge of Samantha's bed instead. Then his hands. His thumb fiddles with a few of the prayer beads that circle his wrist at his fatigues cuff as he listens to the rest.

Green eyes widen a little as Cyrus just nods. "Dear, sweet Aurora's…" He mouths, for a moment or so just -eyeing- Roubani. "Vipers and this too." He looks like he's about to say more, but as Roubani hasn't elaborated -he- hasn't elaborated. Anyway, the eyeing phase eventually passes and he turns back to briefly study Sam.

"Deep breaths, Case," Thea orders quietly, moving back to the bed again, perching on the edge. "Just close your eyes and relax. You're safe now." Well, as safe as she can be. "Did you encounter anyone else or any hostiles on your way in?" Yes, Thea tiptoes around the whole Ajax thing for now.

"No, nothing. Like… a totally clear path. It was strange. I… I was startin' to wonder if they abandoned surface patrols, I don't know." Sam admits honestly, keeping her voice more professional now. For once, she's listening, eyes still closed as she breathes in through her nose and stops any other fits of laughter, or of tears, that might be threatening.

"It isn't that uncommon, really," Roubani remarks to Cyrus under his breath, waving that off. He remains where he is, now well away from the three others and keeping his voice out of it. He's listening.

With anti-rads, food, and water administrated, there's not much else Thorn can do, so he takes a step back. As he hears the woman's erratic breathing, he suddenly wishes he hadn't mentioned Ajax. Too late for that, though. He stands by the bed silently, waiting for her to continue.

"Hell of a talent pool you guys have going on up there." Cyrus quips, in a simple response. He flashes a brief, toothy grin and lets out a single-breathed snicker. "Sorry. You're making me rethink my slacker years." He leaves it at that. Rough praises as it is. Leaning against the wall, he passively waits. And watches.

Thea reaches out to stroke Sam's hair back. It seems to be one of those instinctive things. "Deep breaths, Samantha," she urges softly. "You're safe. You're back. We've got you." Even as she speaks she's breathing in the way she wants Sam to. In through her nose, out through her mouth. "You did good finding us, Sam. You did." She glances briefly to the others, though, brow furrowed. No surface patrols. Right. "We're going to get you back to base as soon as we can. There's a wonderful doctor there who's patching folks up."

The wrist-sized band of prayer beads is gently tugged up around Roubani's bandaged palm. Right arm folded over his waist, his hand supports the left's elbow, the back of his left hand along with beads allowed to rest against his mouth. Who knows what a Sagittarian thinks when people go on about seeing dead men and having strange safe passage through infested territory. Whatever he may be thinking, though, pulls his attention to those beads for a while, with only a breath of air through his nose as a chuckle for Cyrus. "I wouldn't rethink a thing," he murmurs. "No matter what they were, they made you what you are now. Alive."

"Well, the 'rethinking' was mainly a figure of speech." Cyrus mutters, tapping the sole of his boot against the floor once or twice. He eyes the beads and nods slowly, a narrow little smile. "I've always been lucky. Not conventionally lucky, but lucky." At Thea's mention of the doctor, his brows knit yet again though. They do that a lot, don't they?

Samantha is listening, and hearing her own thoughts, and she knows she sounds crazy. She knows it. Sam just follows Thea's breathing for a few more moments, forcing herself to pull it together, not to let everything catch up with her as it so chillingly threatened. She's trained, she's survived, and there's no reason to go to pieces now. Finally, slowly, she reopens her eyes. Her green gaze finds Roubani for a heartbeat, and those prayer beads… and for the first time in a long, long while, there is no doubt in her gaze. No hate. Maybe she really is Gemenese after all. She then looks back to Thea and Thorn, finally realizing there are rations beside her. She gingerly sits up, ribs hurting like the devil but she's managing to move, and she pulls open the rations, downing them with some water rather quickly. It's been days. "Yeah…'s just fine. We just gotta find Spider and it'll be bloody perfect…" She admits gently…

"Slowly," Thea says quietly, putting her arm down to support Sam's back. Who cares that it's the bad side - Thea doesn't. Her other hand reaches for the water. "Sip. Take small bites or you'll make yourself sick." Yup, Momma Cat. "You did well, Case," she says quietly. "Just a little while longer and we can get you back to the bunker. There'll be a few Marines coming back soon and you'll go back with them." She glances to the other men for a minute, eyes catching on the prayer beads. But then they go back to Sam, her first priority.

"You seem that type of man," Roubani offers to Cyrus. Maybe a weird comment, but it's accompanied by a faint smile. He looks back at Sam and Thea, catching the looks at the beads. They don't go away but he politely shields them with his other hand, perhaps interpreting the looks as it making them uncomfortable. He's used to that.

And that, well, -could- be taken a number of ways. "I'm learning." Is all Cyrus says in response to this. An equally faint smile is returned indicating he probably took it favorably, at least on some level. He doesn't comment further though as he eyes Sam's slow crashing down from her ordeal intently.

With Cyrus and Roubani talking quietly at the edge of the room, and Thea seeming to have things well in hand with Sam, Thorn is again starting to feel unneeded. "If you've got everything taken care of, Captain, I'll head out and keep a watch on the wireless. Doesn't look like there's much more I can do here," he volunteers quietly.

Samantha slows as she's reminded, taking sips now, just savouring the drink and food as further confirmation that she's alive. She still watches Roubani's prayer beads, even as he tries to shield them, her look most certainly thoughtful, not offended, for once. She leans a bit against Legacy, so happy to be near the woman that she doesn't care how it looks. Toughness be damned, she's ecastic to be with these people. "That's fine… no rush for them. Just… just good to be here. Forget that stuff about… the Chaplain. I probably just… just hit my head worse than I thought… my canopy caved in. Poor bird… doubt she'll ever fly again, where ever she went down." Sam admits with a bittersweet smile for her viper. Her green eyes then flicker back to Cyrus, studying the man from Scorpia, thoughtful. Thorn's volunteer of words earns him a look, though, and a faint brush of a smile. "…Thanks for the… help, Thorn. I'd sit out there with ya and be good company if I thought they'd let me…" She gives a sidelong gaze to Thea.

"You're not going anywhere right now," Thea tells Sam with mock ferocity. "Thank you, Thorn," she says, looking up at the man, smiling. "See if you can't raise one of the Marines on theirs. I don't know that you can from this distance, but there's a chance." Her eyes turn to Roubani. "Ensign, you've made sure to set up a proper cycle schedule? We need to vary locations, lest they triangulate on us." Her arm tightens a little around Sam, providing a solid support for her to lean against. "We're going to bunk here tonight. Tomorrow, Sam, you're going back to the bunker. It's going to be rough, that's why I'm sending you with a team of two."

Roubani hears Thorn comment about the wireless. He gives the prayer beads a soft kiss against his lips and tucks them back into his sleeve, then unclips the wireless pack from his belt and offers it towards Thorn. "If you want to, sir." A glance back towards Samantha and he barely smiles at the woman. "I'll let you get some rest as well, Lieutenant. Gods bless." That last is murmured and he almost seems about to say something else to her…then he looks at Thea as she addresses him, nodding. "Yes, sir. Dmitri has given us several good locations, I've got the coordinates."

Cyrus nods vaguely in the direction of one departing Fleet member, in the form of Thorn. He crosses his arms now, and waits, giving the Captain a slight glance as Ensign Roubani speaks. He's not volunteering for anything, exactly, but he's not hiding either.

"No worries, Sam," he replies to Case, smiling. "I'm just glad you turned up. I'll stop by and check in later, if they still won't let you come out," he adds with a wink. Then, he gives Legacy a more serious nod. "I'll try, Captain. No guarantees, but I'll see what I can do," Another nod to Cyrus, and then to Poet as Thorn accepts the wireless pack from him; then the ECO is out the door, retrieving his cigarette from where he dropped it when Case was brought in.

Samantha nods slowly towards Roubani. "I… suspect they already have…" It's the last real comment about the Ajax matter, especially considering how it ended. A slight chill cuts through her body, and once she takes one good gulp of the water left she sets it aside, finally seeming to be willing to give into the exhaustion. She gives Legacy's leg a brief pat. "Alright… I won't be a stubborn bitch for once and might actually just… sleep. I feel like I could for days… Thank you… all. I… was goin' mad out there…" She admits quietly, a bittersweet smile cutting across her cracked lips as she allows herself to sink back onto the bed. Gods, it felt good to lay down on something that wasn't ground… with people she knew.

Thea's smile relaxes a little as she looks at the three men. "I'm not quite sure where we would have been without the three of you. Mr. Korosti, you're not one of the men under my command, and I don't want to presume on your kindness. If you're willing to continue working with my folks, I would be incredibly grateful." Her eyes crinkle a bit as she looks to Roubani. "Gods be with you, Ensign," she says quietly. "Two hour shifts, no more." As Sam starts to lay back, Thea supports her until she's lying back on the bed. "Ensign, you've had yours. You need to get some rest. I'll take the shift after Thorn's. Remember to stay just inside the door and don't venture too far outside. Identify any person coming to the door or approaching. If you get something on the wireless, come get me immediately."

There's a shrug there, on Cyrus' part. "Well, for the duration of this, I followed you along so I guess I should half-expect you to tell me to do stuff when needed." He sounds pleasant enough at this, smiling a self-posessed little smile. "Don't thank me. It took a little bit of getting out and doing something to convince myself I hadn't gone completely batfrak crazy. Slot me in the rotation unless you think I should be doing something else, eh?"

"We would be nothing without your command, sir," Roubani murmurs in response. He nods his assent to her orders and looks at Cyrus, something about those words pulling a faint smile from him. Then he's off towards the exit, slipping out quietly as he always does. To the inside of the door as he should, and there he kneels down by the wall. The beads are pulled back off and held in his hands, his thumbs pulling them over his fingers one by one.

Samantha settles on her left side, not wanting to put any weight what so ever on the right side of her body, face or head. She curls up there, greasy, messy blonde hair falling across her brow and cheek, most of her hair line coated and crackled with dried blood. Not a pretty sight, in the least, but these aren't pretty times. "Be… be careful out there…" She calls after Thorn, and even Roubani, as he heads for the dor. But then she's yawning and her eyes just shut. She might not be asleep immediately, but it sure as hell is going to be damned fast.

"If you would, please," Thea tells Cyrus, smiling. "Thank you." And so she turns her attention back to Sam, stroking the woman's hair gently, though her eyes do watch the men as they disperse. Her expression is a mixture of relief and worry, the expression of a woman who is dancing on the blade's edge, with no clue where the cuts will fall. Soon enough Sam is asleep, and Thea douses her flashlight and curls up for her own couple hours as the darkness deepens.

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