Summary: Red Berthings, the night after the bomb incident.
Date: 184 PHD (19 October)
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Red Berthings

Quiet in here. Not surprising, considering recent events. Someone's in the shower, a few are milling about. Roubani is sitting at the center table, flight suit on but unzipped, doing work. Or something that looks like it. Papers and a notebook, and silence except for calculator keys tapping under his fingers.

There is a sudden breath and then a quick rise followed by a loud bang as Leda's head hits the ceiling of his bunk and there is another loud, "Owww frak." Leda should be sleeping and he normally is but for right now he apparently just had a bad dream or maybe he can't sleep well. He then opens the curtain to his bunk and looks around as he eyeballs the room and he holds his head.

Matto creeps in on little cat feet. Or something like that. Respecting the silence of the place, but with an expression that seems generally unphased by the events of yesterday. A little on the cranky side, but more Someone-Just-Woke-Me-From-My-Nap cranky than Someone-Just-Blew-Up-My Commander cranky. And he looks recently awoken, as well, a wicked case of bedhead and a slept-in set of jammies marking him as such as he passes by the table, lifting a hand to wave at Nadiv. "Tea?" he asks, not stopping on his way to the urn. 'Cause he needs some, anyway.

Roubani's pen continues scratching on the paper. His brows are drawn, but likely just because the math he's writing on the page is misbehaving. His eyes shift up from the paper towards Castor without any movement of his head, looking at the man from under his brows, then they flicker to the pajama-clad monster wandering into their home. "Please. Leda might use some as well. Why are you…wandering about like that?"

Leda's eyes shoot over to Roubani and he says, "S'wha?" He then blinks once or twice and he says, "Oh, right, tea…tea would be nice." He then rubs his head a little more no real damage other than a hurt sense of pride and so he says, "Hey, Kissy, how is it going?" He then begins to settle himself as he prepares to figure out what to do next since sleeping isn't an option.

Matto continues over to the urn and tea tins, gathering the three necessary mugs with only a brief nod to indicate otherwise that he knows he's making some for Tinners, too. "Your Captain is over having Captainy words with one of our nuggets," he yawns out his explanation. "And while it was tempting to sit around and listen to the latest gossip, you know, there's the whole thing about discretion and valour and something about the proportion of one of them constituted by the other," he waves a hand vaguely as he finishes filling the mugs with hot water and then drops a teabag in each.

"I'm sure," Roubani replies, mildly. Knowing next to nothing about what in gods' names is going on around here is par for course in the military. "If you'd like a shower, there are some extra towels in here somewhere." His pen returns to paper, briefly, to finish his written thought and check it on his calculator.

The trainer returns home. Fen's duties on their scheduled ebb, she's decided to return to the berth for the time being. As the woman crosses the threshold of the berthing hatch, she opens the collar of her uniform and, as ever, "Good evening"'s the room on her way to her rack.

Leda looks out of the door for a moment as if he were trying to look at the conversation being had in there but since he isn't a superhero he turns his attention back to the task at hand and he says, "I'm starting to wonder if this discretion and valour stuff is worth anything because either way you still get in trouble." Burned often, why yes, Leda has been. He then turns and he notes Fenris and he says, "Evening."

Matto bends his knees a little into cautiously picking up the three mugs in one go. He might have been a waiter in a past life. Or he's just really good at juggling. He comes 'round to hand off Tinners' mug first, then contineus around the table until he's settling in beside Nadiv, setting down the two other mugs in unison before he lets their handles go. "I might, actually, if you don't think people will mind all too much," he says, in regards to the shower. "And I think the idiom's working with probabilities rather than certainties. Hard and fast rules are hard to come by for that sort of thing. Hey, Muddy," he finishes off with a greeting to the trainer, punctuated by a sip of tea.

Roubani rubs his fingers along his brow and settles back a bit in the chair, drawing one foot up onto the seat so his knee is close to his chest. His flightsuit top half is pooled around his waist, leaving him in T-shirt with the possessive letters N A V Y across the chest. "I don't think they'll mind," he tells Matto, reassuringly. "I'll find you a towel in a minute." Tea first, which is then sipped. "If one has to choose a side to err on," he suggests to Castor, quietly, "Discretion seems an alright one to me." A small, reserved shrug. "Try the tea. Good evening, sir." The last to Fenris as she talks.

The recent events leaving no discernable mark on Fen's composure, though Leda's remarks do draw her eye. Her footsteps cease, the greetings probably caught, though her attention holds to Castor for a few moments before she starts to head his way.

Castor is in his BDU's at the moment as he has just woken up from an unsuccessful attempt to sleep and normally he would be sleeping right now. As Fenris comes near he looks over at her and waits to see what will happen next however he adresses Matto and Roubani by saying, "I guess." He then takes a sip of tea as he cradles the mug with both hands, ah warmth. He then says, "And thank you for the tea."

Matto takes up his own mug, giving Roubani an easy smile at his reassurances, then just slouching down some, "No problem, guy," he calls to Tinners, holding the mug close to his chest for ease of lifting and sipping and to let him inhale the steam in the meanwhile. "What're you working on?" he asks the Poet quietly.

Kai arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Kai has arrived.

Taking his own advice on discretion, Roubani turns his eyes from the impending conversation between Fenris and Castor, for the time being. "Raising an old project from the dead," he answers Matto, pensively. His fingers twitch a notebook page and then leave it alone. "And not being underfoot, as it were. Much like you."

Fenris steps up almost on Castor's toes, though somewhat off to the side and sets a hand on his shoulder. Anything she says is done so very softly, eyes holding to his face to guage him while the boys catch up over yonder.

Castor turns to looks at Fenris because he isn't sure what is going on here but she is close, physically close, and then the hand goes onto his shoulder. Now, while Capricans have this sense of physical space and maintaining a bubble of physical space it would appear that Aquarians do not and so the sudden closeness doesn't bother him however he pauses in reflective silence for a moment and he looks over at Fenris as he locks onto her eyes and he nods his head slightly and if he says something it can't be heard as he is quiet as the grave.

Matto keeps both hands wrapped around the hot mug, lower lip touching the lip of the mug as he blows over the surface of the hot liquid in prelude to another sip, steam flooding his nose and condensing on his eyelashes. Sip. "Oh, neat," he says , lightly, to N's statement about the project. "You'll have to tell me about it sometime. Not that I promise I'd understand."

The sound of Kai's bootfalls approaching the hatch likely hint at his imminent arrival, owing to the way he favours his left leg ever so slightly. The door's shoved open, then allowed to thunk shut again close on his heels. "'lo, boys," is his token greeting from the entryway, underscored by the sound of his helmet being lobbed onto the table as he passes it. He, of course, is recently returned from a patrol— and looks it. Fenris and Castor are eyed for a moment, but left alone for the time being.

Everyone's doing secretive stuff. Well, alright. Roubani scratches the side of his neck with his fingernail and tips his head, muttering something to Matto with a look of utmost seriousness before his dark eyes lift. "Sir." He's either recently off patrol himself or headed to it in not absurdly long, unzipped flight suit on. "Do you want some tea?"

Valasche nods, her hand lifting just a smidge before it pats down on Castor's shoulder again, and something else is said before she turns from him, perhaps to continue on toward her bunk. The arrival of the CAG brings her about and she salutes, with her typical, "Sir."

Castor looks over at Fenris and nods his head, "Aye, I can wait." He then turns to look at Kai and he says, "Sir." He then sits up and moves to his locker so he can throw on some clothes.

Matto's brows rise with a look of mingled intrigue and bafflement at Nadiv's quiet utterance. He smiles, though, and shifts his eyebeams over to the Captain when that helmet lands on the table, giving him a nod of greeting. He takes another sip. "I think I'm actually going to go grab that shower," he notes Nadiv-ward— In Black Squadron, of course. He leans forward in preparation to stand.

Kai waves off the salute from Fenris, and tugs out the gloves he had tucked into a pocket of his flight suit. There's a slight lift of one brow in silent question as he passes the taller Lieutenant, but not a word's spoken. "Tea would be great, Poet, thanks." Rather than head for his locker, he drops into a chair at the table, leans back, and runs both hands through his sweaty hair.

Roubani stands up, the empty arms of his flightsuit softly hitting his legs as he heads back for the tea urns. Two cups are drawn instead of one, one set down by Kai's arm and the other offered wordlessly to Fenris, with a questioning expression. Tea, yes/no?

Roubani also nods goodbye to matto, as player's brain kicks in.

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Three throughout the ship.

Fenris nods to Kai on sight of the brow, then, as she starts to turn back toward her original course, and Matto makes his plans known, she tosses a, "Enjoy." in reponse. She heads back toward her bunk and starts to changing while Rou and Kai arrange their respective positions on Tea.

Castor takes a sip of his tea as he waits on Fenris and he enjoys sitting there silently as he tries to get his head together and why not since he is working on keeping his mouth shut since he seems to have a hard time with it as of late. He then looks at everyone else as he is now dressed and he moves back to sit on his bunk with that lovely tea however he does says, "Good tea."

As she turns, Fen catches sight of Rou and his offering. Her hands continue their tasks for a moment, while her eyes flit from his hand to his face, then, "Thank you." Her task briefly allowing respite for her hands, she reaches out to accept the cup with a small bow of her head.

Kai grunts something that sounds like "thanks", and hooks the arm of his mug closer with two fingers. It isn't sipped from yet, owing to being pretty hot still. Then, as the room's condition monitor shifts from yellow to green, he flares his nostrils and lets out a heavy sigh that seems to have been trapped there for a while. "How's training coming?" he addresses Fenris, mustering up the equivalent of pocket lint in conversational skill there.

"You're welcome." Roubani settles back into his seat and picks up his notes, pulling them to the edge of the table. His work doesn't really have his attention, pen spinning gently between his fingers in a restless fashion.

Leda takes another sip of his tea and he says to Kai, "How are you, sir?" He then shifts his weight ever so slightly as he is trying to make himself comfortable from his bunk and he looks at Roubani as he asks, "Do you think this is a home blend or something from a bag?"

Fenris sets the cup in her locker for a moment, space afforded by the several books she's lent out, most likely, though she's careful not to squash the little Yuurigami vipers in the process. She quickly finishes changing and retrieves her tea before closing shop and stepping back into the room at large, cup rising to her lips.

Sip taken, the Lt. replies, "As expected, sir. No one is sending up flags." with a glance to the CAG.

Kai could retort with something about how he's just lost his commanding officer, to the 'how are you' from Castor. But the taut look he gives the Lieutenant probably hints at a little of it. "Good," is his only, terse offering. "I imagine they're about ready to be taken up in a mark two," he adds to Fenris, finally reaching for a sip of his tea while idly watching Roubani working away.

Castor looks at Kai and nods his head and then he takes another sip of tea as he his mouth stays shut as he listens to what is going on around him and he moves back into his bunk for a moment as if to look for something and moments later he pulls out a cigar and a lighter. He may not be drinking but he can smoke and smoking a cigar keeps his mouth shut.

Roubani is not really working. He's listening as the pen makes a gentle roll around his knuckles. In the little silence that follows Kai's silence, he quietly clears his throat. "Sirs." Which, although in plural, seems mainly aimed at Kai. "With all due respect, the white elephant in here is enormous." His voice remains soft.

There's a moment when Fen is about to make a remark in response to kai's appraisals about the Mark IIs, though it is headed off by the comment about the white elephant. She looks Roubani's way, then Kai's, then, "I'm not cleaning up after it."

Tension. There's enough of it in here to bake a cake out of, and then cut with a knife. The CAG appears entirely oblivious to what elephant Roubani may be referring to, and with a sniff to clear his sinuses, goes for another sip of his tea. Which is precisely the moment Fenris chooses to make her little quip. The tea goes down his airway as he tries — and fails — to smother a chuckle, and his cup is set down shakily, spilling some of its contents. He hacks, coughs a couple of times, then drops his head forward and starts making a wheezy sound that resembles laughter.

Sippy sip, keep mouth shut, sippy sip, oh look a cigar and the tea is finished and put down as Leda lifts the cigar to his mouth and then the lighter is used to light the cigar ah look and this is how oral fixations are formed…though they do tend to keep the mouth shut and that is what Leda is aiming for at the moment.

Roubani smiles a hint at Fenris and then at Kai's reaction. It's not really a smile, though. "I suppose I am the one who get the towel, then." He stands up, just enough to snag a washcloth from the counter and toss it gently in front of Kai to catch any misty spew. Then another nod to Fenris. "I simply meant we can't not-talk about yesterday forever. Well I suppose we /could/, but it wouldn't do much good."

The quip apparantly enough to prompt Kai to have a small fit, Fen's eyes turn that way to make sure he's going to be ok, drifting that way a bit whilt Roubani affords the CAG a woven token of dignity. His elaborations draw her attention again and she nods with a neutral, "It wouldn't, but leading with one's face isn't always the best solution, either." Should the sputters start to abate, Mud's course changes to close toward Leda, instead.

Into the barracks steps Absalom. Carrying his flight helmet under one arm, he walks in the direction of his bunk, though the snippet of conversation he catches leads him to glance in the direction of the participants.

Castor looks over at Fenis as she approaches and he smiles softly and he waits to see where this talk will take place meaning in the bunks or else where but for now he focuses on his cigar since opening his mouth these days keeps landing him into more and more trouble. He does however blow a lovely smoke ring away from everyone and as for the new change in command he says nothing - ESPECIALLY - about this he says nothing.

Kai isn't spitting any tea, really. He just choked on a little of it, so the washcloth is waved off while he gives his throat a few good clearings. "If I had something to tell you all, I would," he explains, once he's able to talk again. He's not quite so swarthy as Roubani, so the reddened cheeks are a little more obvious, post-coughing fit. "I imagine there'll be official word from command, soon enough." His eyes flick toward Castor, then Fenris, and speaking of letting elephants out of closets, "Is one of you going to tell me what the frak's going on? I'll pull teeth, if I have to."

Roubani offers Kai a small half-smile. "I understand. It just seems better to acknowledge something than to stick heads in sand. There are so many rumours…" He shakes his head slightly. His eyes flicker to the other cage of elephants, as it were, and then to Absalom, to whom he nods politely.

Fen glances at Castor for a second, then, turning back toward Kai, "I meant to speak with Leda about a favor. It's quite personal, sir." she says before bringing her teacup to her lips. Sip. "I just needed to change first."

Absalom looks over at the conversation again as Kai speaks up. The pilot looks about to ask something, but, shuts his mouth and goes about putting away peices of his flightsuit.

Castor nods his head as he looks over at Fenris and he pulls the cigar from his mouth as he says, "What Fenris said, sir." He then puts the cigar back in his mouth and he takes a drag off of his cigar and he says nothing more since he is following Fenris' lead and because he has nothing else to say however he does look over at Absalom and he nods his head to say hello.

When 'personal' is mentioned, Kai visibly backs off. There's a curt nod to signify his understanding, and he nudges his tea aside in order to hunt for a cigarette. "Nevertheless. Leda looks like someone kicked his puppy and stole his lunch money." Castor's spoken about in third person, but the Captain's looking right at him as he lights up. "Something wrong, aside from getting your shore leave canceled?" Absalom is 'saluted' with his mug of tea.

Roubani watches Absalom for a few moments, then picks up his tea. Castor and Fenris are glanced at but not stared at, as he fixes something briefly in his notebook.

Nodding to the returning pilot, Fen isn't long distracted from the conversation between Kai and Leda. A pause, a glance at Rou, then, back to Kai. How to save face all 'round….

The sudden silence of half the room seemingly catches Absalom's attention, and he asks, "'m I interruptin something?" He looks up from his footlocker as he asks this, glancing at the assembled pilots. Kai gets a half salute in return, but, otherwise he just looks at folk.

Castor looks over at Kai and he pulls the cigar again from his mouth, "No, sir, nothing wrong…just working on shipping up is all." He then puts the cigar back in his mouth since silence is golden and it will keep him out of trouble. He then takes a moment to stand up and he does offer, "And the brief shoreleave I had was okay since I got to smell real air and walk on the ground." He then says, "Which was nice enough in and of itself even if it only was for a few minutes."

Kai studies Castor for a moment or two, but does not seem convinced. He's also not going to press it, apparently. Not here and now, anyway. "I'm sure you'll get another chance," is all he offers, trading his cigarette for his cup of tea, which he presently finishes off. "Only a room full of tonguetied pilots, Lieutenant," he murmurs to Absalom.

"An unusual situation," Roubani comments on Kai's heels, with a hint of reserved amusement. His eyes are down, having found an error in some calculations that demands to be fixed. Things are scratched out and new notes made before he looks back up, fussing a cigarette loose from his own pocket.

Fen gives the room another lookover, then, "We should find a nice quiet spot to work this out. Thank you again for time, Leda." She starts to head doorward with a glance thrown back his way, then, to Roubani, "Thank you for the tea, Poet. Jaygee, sir." And out she goes, holding the door.

Re-enter the Kissybear. Flushed red from the heat of a long, hot shower, hair still damp, but dressed in off-duties with a small towel around his shoulders to stop his tanks from getting soaked and looking a good deal more alive than he had before. He hop-skips over the threshold and strolls for the urn to put away the mug he'd taken with him to finish on his way out, now empty and clean. "Hey, guys," he calls, bright-eyed. Bushy-tailed? Maybe.

"An unusual situation indeed. Course, can't say the last couple days have been entirely usual." Absalom comments. He glances over at Matto, and then heads in the direction of the conversation, "Upside is, I suppose, we aint been attacked yet. You'd think with our luck the toasters would be all over us by now."

Castor looks over Fenris and he nods his head and begins to follow after the woman since he isn't going to frak around with anything or anyone right about now.

Fenris heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Fenris has left.
Castor heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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Roubani scratches the side of his head as the two leave, but shrugs it off. His lips twitch a little as Matto reappears, watching him re-beeline for the empty mug. To Absalom he nods, "We'll remain as vigilant as we were, I should say. No matter what."

Kai gives Fenris much the same salute he had the arriving Absalom: a tip of his mug, as she heads for the hatch. It's slid away with his knuckles, and he eases back in his chair to finish off the cigarette next. A glance at his watch tells him it's not time for shift, yet, which means he's stuck being social a little longer. "Hey, Kisseus," he greets in a low voice, mouth tugging up just slightly at one corner. Absalom's comment just gets a vague grunt that could mean any number of things.

Matto tocks the mug back into its place with a gentle touch, mostly upside-down in order to make sure the inside gets dried out for the next one to make tea in it. Not that the inside of the mug isn't going to just get wet again anyhow… but that's not the point. Somewhere in the middle of trying to figure out what the point -is,- exactly, he turns and offers Nadiv a bright-beaming grin. "Semper parati, yo," he axiomates. Axiomizes? Something.

Absalom leans up against a nearby bunk, and smiles, "We could always take a nap and tell the jarheads to watch our ass for awhile." He then looks over at the Captain, and lets his face drop just a bit.

"Always…parrots?" Roubani replies to Matto, blankly. Linguistic he is not, unless it's in Kashmiri. He sips from his cup, softly clearing his throat afterwards. The 'clear' key on his calculator's tapped, some fart of mathematical symbols vanishing from the digital screen.

"Mooom." groans a weary voice from Xanthus' bunk, "I don't wanna go to school. Kelly's an asshole." He sounds half out of it. "She's fat. And she's got round feet." Make that three quarters. His hand slips from the bed, knocking a dark gray rubber ball to the floor, which bounce, bounce, bounces, rolling towards Matto so well it may as well have been aimed for him.

Kai chuckles at Absalom, and finally puts out what's left of his cigarette. "Look.." He rakes his fingers through his hair, a sliver of nervous tension there and then gone in the motion. "I know you're all shaken up." He begins to ease back to his feet, flight suit crunching and crackling in protest. "But believe it or not, I don't have any magical wand to wave, to make it all better. Or make any kind of sense." He fetches his helmet, tugs up the zipper on his flight suit. He, apparently, is prepping to out on another patrol. "All I can say is to keep doing your jobs, and let the spooks worry about the rest of it. I'm sorry I.." Can't have a shred of humanity? Can't comfort someone to save his life?

Matto looks briefly to Absalom before his glance, sly, sneaks back over toward Nadiv and he grins a charmed sort of grin. Maybe he's about to explain— or maybe not. Both his eyebrows rise up in unison at Marek's sudden pep talk. He keeps watching as Marek trails off, head tipping just a little in expectation of some manner of conclusion before speaking up, himself.

Roubani looks up from the blanked calculator and at the CAG instead. "All due respect and everything, Captain. Please don't do that. We're not panicking children and we don't need to be head-patted." There's nothing harsh about his voice; it's actually rather gentle. "Nobody is expecting you to heroically make it all better. Have some faith in us, just…be an adult with us, too. No one wants to tapdance around it all." He closes his notebook. "And should you need anything, you know where each and every one of us will be. Your pilots are here for you, as well. Alright?"

"Always Vigilant, or prepared I guess works." Absalom comments at the Semper Parati comment. He then smirks a little, "We're here, or outside in our birds. Either way I suspect he's got our phone numbers."

Kai blinks a little at Roubani. Or perhaps more accurately, the words coming out of his mouth. He starts to say something, stops, and the look on his face is one of silent bewilderment. Shoulders tense, he hefts the helmet up under his arm, ticks his eyes away from the junior pilot, and starts trudging for the hatch. Nope, it's not 'all right', and he apparently isn't going to do lip service to it. He's also got a patrol to make. "Have a good evening," is mumbled to the room at large, with a twinge of a smile that doesn't seem genuine.

Matto doesn't have the faintest idea what just happened, the soft smile he'd been aiming in Nadiv's direction for the moral support shown to the Captain fading when said Captain goes all funny in its aftermath. But he keeps his own mouth shut, not wanting to make anything worse, as is wont to happen when he goes shooting off his trap about things he knows nothing about. He gives the Captain a somewhat startled-looking nod of farewell when he realizes that Marek's actually leaving, then looks back to Nadiv, one eyebrow quirked in a standard expression of confusion.

The CAG's parting phrase, in lieu of actual acknowledgment, just makes Roubani's head shake slightly. He picks up his notebook, pencil, and calculator, standing up. His cup's deposited by the sink, watch checked for how close shift is.

Kai isn't normally the type to get ruffled at the drop of a hat. Gods only know what's gotten under his skin, tonight. But, out he goes.

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