Looks Clear
Looks Clear
Summary: Sec Hub perspective on the Ragnar event followed by a sweep and something interesting under the proverbial rug.
Date: PH206 (11 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #206
OOC Time: Tue Nov 10 19:27:48 2009

A pair of staggered desks flank the entrance, one occupied during most hours by a desk sergeant, and the other rotates between other personnel. In the back is a bank of monitors on the port wall in a 180 degree view. The arc of stacked flatscreens is under the watchful eye of an MP or three during most hours of the day, and recorded for review otherwise. These monitors are visible from the S2's desk (directly across on the starboard wall) and the station set just in front of them. One of the feeds always on display is a feed of the Brig. Other secure areas have been wired in since warday. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. An armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' and holds the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. A hatch midway through the room leads into the Small Arms Range.

[Intercom] Sen says, "Attention all hands! Evacuation ordered immediately for Deck Three sections eight, nine, and ten. Repeat, evacuate deck three, between firedoors eight, nine, and ten. Hull compromised. Fire hazzard. Section is being contained and vented."

Salazar sits perched on the edge of her desk in combat blacks, rifle slung over her shoulder. She drums her nails on the helmet on the surface next to her, waiting for the inevitable call that will come to ask for a team to X place. Some teams are already out on patrol. The S2 awaits further orders with the patience of… a marine who's still on light duty, but is second in command down here, so doesn't give a frak.

Condition 1 has got the Marines not on patrol assembled down here, including Cinder. She leans with her back to one of the Sec Hub's walls, holding her rifle out in front of her body. Occasionally she'll click and unclick the latch on her helmet straps, the sound of the plastic echoing in the silent metal space, as the others wait silent, impatient, and ready for some action.

(OOC Note: Some time passed, and nothing much of interest happened marine-side.)

Salazar remains seated on the edge of her desk in blacks, helmet sitting beside her, still awaiting orders. As the ship goes down to Condition 2, she rises from her desk, and stows her rifle atop it. She unbuckles her armor, but doesn't slide out of it yet.
There's a knock on the door to the hub and then the hatch opens. Aly's in her uniform, a file folder under one arm.

Silent, Ezra looks back over towards the S2, as he begins going through the process of unloading his rifle. the small five round clip popped out, as the one in the chamber is shocked out with the bolt being yanked back. A shake of his head, before he's looking back to the S2- His armor not completely pulled off. Nope he's left it on for now-though his helmet is being stowed on the top of his desk.

Salazar exchanges a brief look with Ezra, then turns her attention to the hatch as it opens to admit the shrink. "Lieutenant. Come in." She goes to refresh her coffee, since it doesn't look like the CMC is quite needed yet.

Sitting over in the corner, as he has been the entire time in ready gear for a Condition One, Ashe hums softly. Finally, he breaks the humming and mutters under his breath. "Is it getting better? Or does it feel the same?" The words repeat a second time as he seems to be contemplating the ground.

Aly looks, well, more than a little pale - but also rather thoughtful. As she spots the Major, she pulls into a salute, even as a small smile tilts her lips upward. "Major, Ensign, Corporal," she says quietly. "I know you all are busy, but I have some information that needs passed off."

Ezra looks back towards Aly for a second and there's a raised brow, before the hand is coming up quickly to salute back to the Lieutenant. "Go on Doc." the Major offers before the sounds from the corner in the room have Cass, looking back to Ashe. A twitch of his lips. "We're at two, you can stand down Corporal."

Salazar takes in the psych's appearance, and fires off a brief glance to Ashe. She arches a brow, then finishes topping off her coffee, takes a sip, and nods. "I take it you've had another conversation with our guest in the Brig?" She checks her watch and adds, "We've probably got a little time. She heads over closer to the CO's desk and motions Mimieux over.

Ashe looks up at Ezra when he speaks and nods a bit, starting the process of taking off the armor and re-shelving weapons, all the while humming his little tune.

Aly dips her head to Salazar and Ezra, though gives Ashe a brief, concerned look before looking up at the other pair, a brow arched in silent question.

[WIRELESS] Damon says, "MP Detachment at Recovery reporting. We have one missing high security resident at the ward, PO 3 Sjetyrnnine has escaped from her cell and is at location unknown. No casualties on site, over."

Ezra just shakes his head back towards Aly for the moment, before he's unclipping his armor, and moving to pull out of the heavy black flak vest. His chair drawn out, the Major sinks down. Still he'll just wait to see what the Psyche has to pass on.

Salazar glances up as the wireless chimes. She makes her way over to answer it, and listens for a moment before speaking into it. She fires back orders after a brief listen.

[Into the Wireless] Salazar says, "Continue with a full sweep of the deck. Parts and Pickens are on a duty patrol. Tap them to assist, working fore to aft while you work aft to fore. It's on you, Cavalera. Find her and put her back in the nest. Minimal impact."

After her brief chat, she hangs up the comms and switches on her headset to intercept calls made to Sec Hub. Sleek battle gear, go! "PO 3 Sjetyrnnine slipped her watch in Medical. I believe she's the one who got whimsical with a needle and thread sewing her lips shut, but I received no formal memo. CMC's on cleanup again." She returns to the conversation at hand. "Swift, stop acting crazy or get the frak out and assist in the recovery." Crazy things like crazy, right? Psycho mind meld, go!

[WIRELESS] Damon says, "Copy that, Cavalera out."

Ashe looks over towards Salazar and manages a small smile before he nods. "Canning the crazy, sir." As if it is that easy. He continues working to stow his gear before going ot stand at attention until he is dismissed proper like.

Ezra turns a head back towards Salazar "Who the hell is missing now?" It better not be their bomber friend. Though it is highly unlikely that Ozymandias was able to hulk out and open the bars so as to flee. Though as to Salazar's answer there's a nod given right back there. "Great-everyone is going nutter on this damned ship.." A shake of his head, before he's looking back towards Swift

"Head out Swift, you're dismissed." A raise of his head back towards the Pysche. He'll wait.

Aly moves to the edge of the CO's desk, waiting, it would appear, until Ashe is dismissed. For whatever reason, she's not sure about speaking in front of the corporal. When he's let go, she folds her hands behind her back and doesn't speak until he's left the room. "I had another talk with the Private," she says quietly. "The delusion is…deeper than I first thought. She is utterly and completely convinced. Rather than try to break her down, I probed a bit deeper to see how far it went. She spoke of models, and the fact that the others, in her delusion, are all considered siblings. She is, according to her, a Model 7. There's a man who's a brother to her. The way she described him, it was almost as though he were a religious man, someone with deep convictions." Her eyes go distant for a moment. "To quote: They're an older model. Wiser. A little obsessive, but with a kind of focus and conviction you wouldn't find in someone outside of a cloistered religious order on Gemenon. He has a way of taking your beliefs and showing you a new side to them. Something you hadn't thought of."

Salazar shakes her head a little, leaving the entire crazy PO issue in the hands of the convict cum marine. She watches the shrink for a moment, listening to the retelling of Ozymandias' latest mind dump. "She's been isolated. Shouldn't her delusion start to break under the stress of being removed from an individual if she were being coached? Sounds like it's getting deeper in there."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "All hands, we are docking with the Anchorage in three. Two. One. *ship reverberates* Dock complete."

[WIRELESS] Damon says, "Nothing on this deck. I've got a hunch, we need to secure the docking ports…"

Ezra is quiet for a moment before he's turning to catch up the Wireless as it rings over. One hand is up, as if to say hold on to the other two, but he's got to have words with whomever is chiming in now.

[Into the Wireless] Ezra says, "This is Cass, Over."

[Into the Wireless] Ezra says, "Roger that Captain. I'll send Ensign Nikos and a boarding team right out and over to clear. Cass Out."

Salazar reaches up to touch her earpiece as it goes live. She listens for a moment, then replies briefly. "Parts and Pickens can stay on patrol. Cavalera, meet me at the cargo offload point, main docking." She glances up and nods to the CO, buckling up her gear up at the docking notification, and subsequent conversation of the CO into the com. Doesn't take a genius to put that together. She turns to put her coffee down on her desk, grabs her rifle, and slings it over her shoulder.

[Into the Wireless] Salazar says, "Parts and Pickens can stay on patrol. Cavalera, meet me at the cargo offload point, main docking."

Ezra hangs up the Wireless, and eyes look back over to Salazar for a moment "Get your team together and go and secure the Anchorage. Quicker we get this done-the quicker we can finally start putting the axe on th' neck with this Ozymandias situation." The Major? He's going to entertain the Psyche to figure out what to do at the moment.

Salazar nods to Ezra, and grabs her helmet to head out. She taps her earpiece and speaks quietly into it, rustling up the rest of her team.

CEC Kharon, Hangar Deck, Hangar Bay 1
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #206
OOC Time: Tue Nov 10 23:01:49 2009

There's activity here at almost every hour of the day. Impact guns can be heard with their shrieking rumble while crew call back and forth, their voices carrying just above the din of the work here. What's readily apparent is that this is the main Hangar Bay for the Vipers, the distance going back further than the other two Bays which are separated by thick, hydraulically rolled blast doors. On each side of the room, near the Fore end, six Viper tubes are ready for quick deployment of the Kharon's Viper squadron. Lining the rest of Hangar Bay One, each Mark Two and Mark Seven has its own place to be kept with a small red toolchest that holds the minimum of required equipment for quick maintenance.

Along the floor, each individual Viper bay is painted off with a single hashed yellow and black stripe. A deep red line denotes important electrical conduits and access ports just below the deck while a bright blue line follows up walls and across the floor to tell where the Tylium lines run in case of fire. Outlets along the wall for the fuel as well as corrugated rubber piping stand ready for use, fluorescent yellow firefighting gear kept in plain sight for easy access nearby.

The deck is humming along noisily, several shouts going up as the crews start rolling in the proverbial shopping carts with which to pilfer munitions from the station.

Xanthus snickers, mopping his brow again, "Why, that what you're gonna do? We just got out of one minefield. You think I wanna crawl into another?" He laughs, then rubs his eyes, "I'll take my chances with tiny bottles of ambrosia once we drop to one."

"Well, why not? If we got through one that can literally blow us to atoms, its always fun to see what the less explosive ones are like." Absalom replies with a wink, before he shakes his head, "I'm probably not though, even though it appears Jupiter is down with that dirty civvie plague."

Kai is helping out the deck crew with the preparations, for the most part. There's a brief glance over when the vipers return, but he otherwise leaves them to their own devices. Flight suit on, sidearm in his thigh holster, he's currently in charge of proofreading a supply list. Wussy pilots.

Up from the stairwell comes the telltale thump of marine boots. A four man patrol in combat blacks hoofs it up, the S2 among them. They're a little staggered, coming from various parts of the ship.

One of the four is none other than Damon. Dressed in his blacks with a submachine gun on a lanyard across his chest, he maintains the rear guard of their unit. One their way into the station that they've docked with, he manages to give Roubani a quiet nod in passing.

Xanthus slips his helmet under his arm and smirks to himself, "Oh, frak. You're into a pilot? You look into a mirror? Pilots are frakked up. We're missing brain parts. The women are even worse." He rubs his eyes, "I'm going to hit the head, wait for my pulse to stop or start racing. I'm not sure which, but it's definitely going to be one -or- the other."

One of the four takes a knee about seven paces into the Hangar Bay, bends over, and horks into a toolbox. Salazar doesn't even have to look to know. "Dover. Get your ass down to Medical." And then there were three. "Leave a note and apologize," she adds. Some poor deck monkey just had their prize tools sullied beyond the telling of it. The marines cross the Hangar Bay headed to the docking point, boots almost in unison. "Captain, I'm a man down. You don't look too busy. How about a backup so we can get this done?" No, the pilot isn't wearing body armor. Does the S2 care? Not today. Not with a crazy lip sewing PO on the loose and a full patrol scouring the ship looking for the nutter. "You're familiar with a standard two team, four man clear?"

Roubani is off doing random things as well. Checks and balances of the daily pilot life. As the two come back from patrol duty he watches them go, then idly watches the departing marines. Damon gets a nod in return.

"Good luck. I think I might go check up on Fingers and make sure she's still not upchucking her breakfast." Absalom replies to Xanthus, giving him a wave and starting off in the direction of the lower decks.

Kai looks up and over as the S2 addresses him. Marines hoarking into toolboxes isn't his concern— and he probably isn't going to bother mentioning it to the Deck Chief, who's possibly taken ill herself, considering she isn't around to herd the monkeys. "Sure thing, Nikos." Scribble, scribble. He hands the clipboard back to a waiting technician in orange coveralls, who slaps it atop her cart and keeps moving to the waiting point. And then to the last question, "Roger that. I'll take left echelon, then." It's not what they pay him for, but oh wells.

"Don't make us pilots look bad in front of the jarheads Cap." Absalom says to the CAG in passing as he heads out of the Hangar.

Salazar nods to the CAG. "Good. This way. Cavalera, with the CAG. I'll take the Private." Private noname. Excellent. She leads the way to the Cargo offloading. Hard seal has already been made, so it's just a matter of entering the anchorage, and sweeping the area before the salvage teams are authorized. The hatch is opened, and off they go! Sal leads the way with the Pvt in tow, headed to starboard. The interior is dark, the station keyed with emergency power. Engineering fraks around with the connections near the hatch, but for the moment they must proceed with flashlights and weaponry.

Ragnar Anchorage
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #206
OOC Time: Tue Nov 10 23:22:11 2009

The Anchorage has clearly been hit already for a re-stock. Though it's not empty, it's clear from the size of this room, and the racks of various munitions that the place has been cleaned out. In the dark, with only the beams of flashlights to guide them, it's like wandering into a half stocked warehouse full of hulking shapes, racks, and places that are all too easy to hide in. Near the back center of the room, there's a partially welded hatch. Other access doors are closed, but the disposition of the locks is unclear until testing.

In Kai's shadow, Damon brings his flashlight to bear and his hand on his weapon as he follow's the CAG's lead as a sentry. Effectively escorting the officer while assisting with the securing of the station, the beam of his flashlight passes through the dusty, empty racks all around them as they go. "…looks like this place already been had."

One of those flashlights belongs to the CAG. It's held in his right hand while his pistol's gripped in the left. Racks upon empty supply racks are illuminated as he moves along. Two steps, three. Pause. He sweeps it up and down and clockwise around the bulk of the room; dust and disuse, the smell of rust and the chill of environmental systems running at bare minimum hang about them heavily. "Looks like," he murmurs back to Damon.

"Cavalera, you're wearing the body armor," Salazar notes, after a quick glance over. It's the only advice she gives about patrol order, but the implication is clear. "The stores have been around the block a few times, but there's some fun left in the old girl." There's a pause and then she adds, "Reminds me of my favorite aunt, actually." She says that just as she happens past a rack of missiles. Don't ask.

The room remains quiet, dark, and dank. And indeed there's barely shit left to pinch, if one was in the pinching mood. plenty of casks though here to check, as well as some doors that are shut here and there. But, the station is silent and yet one might hear skittering here and there. Rats or something bigger? Like roaches- yeah. Uhh it totally has to be roaches or something.

Looking in Salazar's location for just a moment, Damon smirks and steps past Kai, taking point on the sweep. He opens his mouth to wisecrack, but he opts for silence instead. His features going severe, he steps slowly, quietly on their sweep. Listening for signs of life and watching for movement, he grits his teeth as a sudden wave of hatred for his flashlight giving their position away comes to mind.

Kai keeps his sidearm up as Damon moves past, as well as his flashlight. His eyes pick through the dimly illuminated shadows for signs of movement, and finding none, he begins to move again. "Cavalera, with me. I'm going to do a sweep of the left side, Nikos. I'll meet up with you in the middle."

"See you in a few." Salazar replies, making her way Starboard with the Pvt in tow behind her. She sweeps the area with her flashlight, and moves past a large rack of drones. Her attention is divided as the Pvt sweeps his light past her just as she has her head turned. Her peripheral vision is shot for a moment. "Frak." She turns back, grip loosening on her rifle slightly as her left hand comes up to shield her eyes. That's the injured arm, of course.

When the Captain, and the other marine both start their sweep, there's movement that both would be able to catch. Sounds of running from Salazar's flank as something unidentified comes in quick, with what appears to be a big lug wrench is swung for the arm that is up- And it connects right with that bad arm.

"Frak's right." groweld out from her side, as the other is moving to take her to the ground, wrench still held in one hand, as the other fights to grapple out her side arm, from where it is holstered at her thigh. Of the brightest moves anyone has ever pulled, the mystery man is doing his best to simply pull out all the rugs. Rather recklessly.
"Roger that, sir." Damon replies quietly, turning to lead the survey towards port. Then something moving catches his eye. Immediately bringing his weapon to bear, he barks his command as he flicks off his safety. "ON THE GROUND, NOW!" Damon says with his best, marine warcry.

Kai's flashlight sweeps over racks, racks, and more racks. That is, until it briefly catches a glimpse of something human-shaped in its sights. He swings back too late to catch the wrench being slung at Salazar, but he has his pistol up before the mystery man manages to take her down. Damon handles the shouting side of things, so the CAG simply gets his pistol up and tries to maneuver into a position for a headshot if things come to that. His attention's mostly on the man attacking the S2, though he spares a glance for her as well every so often.

Salazar's rifle goes wide as she uses it to block the wrench. There's a heavy clatter as it spins away, and her arms come up to block. Her left arm protests, given the sutures from the recent bullet injury, and it's a little slower than the right. She plants a foot and throws an elbow, but one hand is busy grappling over her sidearm, which is still popped into the holster. Right on the holster, left up to fend off the wrench. The pair hits the ground hard, and it looks like it's going to turn to a losing battle for the marine pretty quickly, if she can't gain the upper hand fast. "You kill me, they kill you," she grunts out, teeth clenched.

Vicks is rather busy trying to get a pistol from someone seeing how his big element of surprise has been kinda squandered, but then when you're shanking in prison- it is not so much about too much stealth, you just got to get close enough to shank, or in this case-wrench. Still the flashlights would catch a dirty, dull red set of coveralls complete with black breast pockets, white numbers on the right. Damon would know the look of the outfit-even if it bears a few other things his back home did not. Like a rank patch sewn in on the left shoulder, though that bit of black is faded as well.

Light is pressed down as he's looking to well-the woman right under him. "Can't you read- we're already dead.." more of a damned growl from the rather hairy individual ontop of the S2, doing his best to try and pin, as well as find a way to clear the gun from her side arm. Wrench, pinned so he can throw it, but he is successfully locked up with Nikos- words are true, if he kills her now here- he's also shot. "I am on the ground!" barked back to Daman as he does look slightly away from Nikos

And yes he is sniffing slightly close to her. Actually crazy assed-sniffing. "Either of you two frakbags try an shoot, an I'll kill her." bold threat. "This is my armory. Mine." least he isn't crushing her windpipe, yes?

The Private behind Salazar remains standing, stunned by the sudden flurry of action. Greenies.

"Cavalera, get that piece of shit off her for me, would you?" Trust a pilot to get someone else to do the dirty work. "Private, make sure he doesn't have any friends waiting in the wings." He doesn't even address the hairy.. man thing trying to bear hug the S2, though steps in closer and keeps his gun trained on his head.

Damon moves forward, not wasting any time in this situation as what few precious seconds Salazar has to keep the man from getting control start to tick away. A king of words, he catches Kai in his periphery and nods to the man's order. "It's my armory now, pog." Damon grunts as he approaches, throwing a hard to the front of the man's face.

Damon moves forward, not wasting any time in this situation as what few precious seconds Salazar has to keep the man from getting control start to tick away. A king of words, he catches Kai in his periphery and nods to the man's order. "It's my armory now, pog." Damon grunts as he approaches, throwing a hard kick to the front of the man's face.

The S2's teeth are clenched in a grimace, she breathes hard, in and out through those teeth. Hey look, an Adama impression! Except there's less spitting and growling. Only slightly. She doesn't waste time talking to the man, or giving orders. She's too busy using every bit of strength and will she has to keep him from crushing her or getting her weapon. Grapple, grapple.

Private clueless finally makes his move with the CAG gives him an order. No matter the stupor, brass commands pierce through the fog. He nods gruffly, and flees, perhaps before the S2 takes notice of his lack of action and yells.

And by flees, we of course mean 'continues to sweep the anchorage'.

Kick meet face, which does well for getting the PO off of the S@ a little , in fact it splits some lips and causes some blood to spurt as the man himself gives out a grunt, and something akin to a laugh now, arms, forgetting the pistol scramble to grab for the other marine who is in close- albeit it, being a blind sort of attack, it is an attack none the less, to well, knock over the other fellow, and probably through some fists in. Like one for the man's groing

This should give Sal some time to help Wreslte and subdue Vicks. Two on one- plus. He hasn't had much to eat, lately.

The CAG moves, aims… curses between his teeth in Kashmiri as Vicks hauls himself up instead of going down. His pistol's sight sweeps over Salazar's prone form, his finger touches the trigger, and Damon's in the way again. Frak and shit. He steps in closer, flashlight finding a window of opportunity, and he takes it. The five-seveN goes off with an ear-cracking report, just barely managing to take a trajectory through Vicks' upper thigh, inches away from his knee. It passes through, and it pings off an empty rack. Thankfully, there's nothing combustible in this room.

Damon, sadly, was not saved by Kai in time to avoid getting punched in the balls. Tasting the faint experience of orange juice in the back of his throat despite only having water all day, it becomes clearly apparent to the man what's just been done to him. Coughing loudly, Damon stumbles back in time for the five-seveN's shot to ring clear. Wobbling, Damon opts instead to stumble forward, sending a headbutt toward's Vicks' face.

You don't have to give the S2 an opening twice. As the man scrambles to frak around with Damon, she catches one of his feet and gives it a hard yank with her left arm. It probably hurts her more than him, but it goes a long way to unbalancing the crazy so they can collective put a marine subdue on his ass. Her grip isn't that strong, but she grabs the man just as Karim shoots him in the thigh. Stand up to that! The S2 rolls clear, away from the shot, and comes up with the snap of her holster opening under the flick of a thumb. One handed, she raises the weapon, and sweeps the rest of the room as the power flickers. Once, twice, three times and the lights come up.

There's a grimace, a truly awful one as some sound mixed of yelling in rage and in pan is loosed by the smaller hairy man. Yes the bullet goes in and through without a hitch, which brings the man to turn awkwardly back towards the Captain. "You Frakkin' Moron. If you shoot- You aim for the godsdamned head!" No sooner have more truer words, or something been spoken. Then the head comes crashing down against his and sends him back, and onto his chest.

"Frakkin' Pirates." groaned out as he moves, clearly off and away from the S2, and over towards a close by rack- moving to try and pull himself up or something. "Blow this whole place to shit- An you can't even hit me in my godsdamned face.." and yes he's snorting out blood. "You cunts..Bust my leg and my nose..What's next-" apparently Judah missed the notion of Private- being yelled out. "I ain't got all day.." Though that's a bit weaker.

Nice leg trick though It did help make for a nice target Sal. "Just shoot already."

Click. The first shot was aimed at Vicks' leg, but the CAG's obviously done pansying about. It's been aimed for his head since Kai took the first shot. "Get the frak on the ground and shut the frak up." Some people and all their godsdamned talking. Really! "You so much as sniff in her direction again, you little shit, I won't waste the frakking bullets, I'll airlock you personally." He might be joking. Then again, he might not be. He seems pretty protective of Salazar.

Ignoring his sore balls, Damon manages to get his feet steadied before he brings his SMG to bear. Holding it in two hands, he narrows his eyes as something comes clear to him. "CMC, not pirates, get on the frakking floor NOW!" Damon barks, identifying themselves in the darkness as being colonial military. "Give me a reason, asshole. Please."

Salazar reaches up to touch her comm. "Parts, Dover. Hit the seal and carry your ass to the Anchorage. We have a new guest for the brig requiring medical attention. Two man guard at all times." Her weapon remains raised, but she doesn't fire. "Nove your asses." That business taken care of, the S2 nods to the CAG, then her attention goes back to the troublemaker. "Welcome to the Colonial Escort Carrier Kharon, Mr. Personality. Your first stop on today's tour is our medical facility where you will be treated with a minimum of painkillers, then on to the Brig where you can cool your heels until you sober up or level out. If you have friends aboard, and you'd like them to remain alive, give us a number." Maybe it's the pain making her longwinded.

"I am on the frakking ground, you shit for ears.." comes the words back towards Kai, and well Damon respectively. It seems the bleeding hairy man, was this close to being able to pull himself up. Though at the mention of of brig, and more or less CMC. "Oh why in the hell did you not say any shit first..I swear.." More put out, perhaps because of his injury- or who knows what. As for the other- woman. That much he can hear. A look back towards Kai

"Why? You two screwin' or-" However it doesn't finish it attention is right on back to the S2. "Huh- Kharon.." mumbled, or muttered. hard to tell. "No- I don't think there are others.." fingers rapt lightly on the armory floor. "No- There aren't. Just me. I think the seal broke on the transport…Only one from Flagg." He's just rambling because this is the most words he's had to say to anyone for-well a long time.

As Parts and Dover are called in, Kai's attention slips toward Salazar briefly, then back to Vicks. His pistol wavers just a little, and he swallows slightly while the S2's over there being wordy. Steady. Focus. He lets the jarheads do the talking.

"Well because you jumped one of ours first. Didn't exactly come in here setting g4 charges did we?" Damon smirks, keeping his gun trained on the man so that the two privates can round him up for the brig. Wincing and gritting his teeth, he rests the urge to bend over in pain. Adrenaline is keeping the worst of the pain at bay, but he's going to have a headache for sure soon. "Just be easy man. Just be cool. Play this right and you get a cell and some food while we figure this out."

The S2 remains fairly stoic now that she's on her feet again. She fetches her rifle in her left hand, picking it up without slinging it on. "Cavalera, finish the sweep with the private, make sure he doesn't get himself killed. The ninja wrencher is covered. Might help if you walk it off," she finally comments re: his balls.

"A free shot would be better, sir." Damon says, starting to limp just a little bit alongside the private to continue their sweep. Fading off into the distance, he murmurs quietly. "…son of a bitch…he better not have messed somethin up down there."

Kai isn't looking too hot, himself. Maybe he has dust allergies. More likely, it's that flu going around the past few days. There's a brief twitch of his lips when Damon moves off to assist the Private with securing the armoury, and he addresses Vicks evenly, "Flagg? Fort Flagg?"

"Well you didn't come in all Hey, we're here you know? Never got a docking message.. Got nothing.." Well save they heard all the shit, or he did. Still Vicks remains on his belly for a moment as he is looking down to his leg. "Sure Frakkin-Wait." a pause there as eyes turn back towards at least someone's flash light. Rather careful now that he knows what he's dealing with. "There are three more- weaker than shit back an to the east..Umm..Round were the small arms cases are..Not that there was anything really to shoot at you.." because he would have if he thought of it. "And there is one dead in the back.." There we go. And with that Vicks is just going to remain silent and lay there. Easiest thing to do. "Don kill em…We already had t' kill the one feller." a kiss of his teeth. "He was a rapist.. Burly big frak.." mutter mutter mutter.

"Well you didn't come in all Hey, we're here you know? Never got a docking message.. Got nothing.." Well save they heard all the shit, or he did. Still Vicks remains on his belly for a moment as he is looking down to his leg. "Sure Frakkin-Wait." a pause there as eyes turn back towards at least someone's flash light. Rather careful now that he knows what he's dealing with. "There are three more- weaker than shit back an to the east..Umm..Round were the small arms cases are..Not that there was anything really to shoot at you.." because he would have if he thought of it. "And there is one dead in the back.." There we go. And with that Vicks is just going to remain silent and lay there. Easiest thing to do. "Don kill em…We already had t' kill the one feller." a kiss of his teeth. "He was a rapist.. Burly big frak.." mutter mutter mutter.

As for what Kai asks, there's a nod. "Yeah. Fort Flagg." a lick of his lips as he winces, trying to move a little. " Petty Officer Second Class, Judah Vicks. Serial Number 98005876." And no that is not his service number.

It's not long before the cavalry comes through the hatch, all dressed in blacks. They move over to secure and round up the man on the ground, then Sal directs a few other marines to move in when the search for the missing PO proves fruitless.

Salazar glances briefly over at Kai. She kicks the other two back toward the mentioned cases to haul out the weakened men. "Get them to medical." She switches channels on the comms and calls in for a couple of stretchers and med teams, leaving several MPs to guard and escort.

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