Long Walk
Long Walk
Summary: Jupiter and Ajax take a few shots then a long walk.
Date: PH056 (13 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Small Arms Range
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #56
OOC Time: Sat Jun 13 21:04:41 2009

This room contains the typical layout of a fleet range. There are four stalls running out to twenty-five yards, each having their own target system run on a simple mechanical pulley mechanism. At the rear of the room is a waist-high table for reloading magazines or for setting down range bags. A large storage locker to the side contains additional hearing protection, stocks of range ammunition and protective eyewear. Hanging from the ceiling by a pair of chains, and easily visible when walking through the door is a listing of range rules.


Again it seems the padre is clocking more time in the Small Arms Range. Already shell casings dot the floor in the range area, as a few bullets side free from his picon SeveN and right into the thick of the black chest of the target. Ajax seems not to notice much, and keeps a firing. Its how he blows off steam so it seem.

Someone's always taking out some aggression or hostility on the small arms range these days. The hatch opens, and Jupiter snags some ear protection and a set of eye protection just after she steps in. She glances down the lanes to see who's making friendly with the targets. And then she watches him shoot for a moment, as she picks up some magazines with range ammo loaded in.

Again the gun rips sending the rounds down to bounce harmlessly at the end of bulkhead. However the Padre keeps his focus in on the target as he fires a few more shots. Grimace breaking on his visage even as he keeps it going. It is what he is doing. One might even wonder why the Chaplain was pushed from the marine's given the accuracy he still holds-despite missing an eye.

Jupiter steps up to the lane next to the padre's, lining up her sidearm and a couple of magazines with soft little clunks against the table. She slides the ear protection off after his next series of shots, and lets it hang loose around her neck, dark curls held partially in check by the placement of it. She leaves the plastic glasses on the lane table for the moment, and glances up at Ajax's target. "Not bad for an old man with one eye." She slaps a magazine of range ammo into the sidearm, and raises it to take brief aim. A triple tap assaults her target in a tight little cluster.

"Frak." barked out-when the pistol jams, round stovepiping the weapon which brings him stepping back ever so slightly one hand tapping the clip before he is pulling back to rack the slide. A tap of his pistol as the round drops out, before the slide is moving back as if nothing happened. "Gods-damned piece of shit gun." grumbled out before he is looking back towards Jupiter. "Thanks." Ajax mutters.

Jupiter pauses with her sidearm still raised, then squeezes again, though the round misses. She's easily distracted at the range. "Then again, maybe not." She thinks about it for a minute, then empties the magazine. Pretty much every shot dings into a non lethal area of the target. They're all over the place.

Gun is brought back up, and Ajax fires off again emptying the clip. A slight nod, before he is setting his gun down, reaching to scoop up the one bullet that would not feed at all.A sniff and the rubber round is slid into a pocket. A glance-though quick moves over towards where Jupiter's target is. A blink "I am sure you scared it."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Padre," Jupes replies, with a snort. The next mag is popped in and then promptly emptied in a rapid fire assault on the target. The cluster isn't bad, though a few shots ding outside of it. All in all a decent showing. She sets the firearm down, drops the ear protection to around her neck again, and glances over. "How's tricks?"

Ajax chuckles "Oh you-know. " comments the chaplain with a chuckle "Frakked up per usual. Got one person in my life who I do talk to, off sleeping." and he bites his tongue before sliding the clip right back in. "Usual slings of hate when I come into the sickbay, messhall, lounge. So I feel bloody chipper." Some people swim. Some people pray and run. What does Ajax do? He shoots things. "How're you Black?"

"Guess bein' a man of the Gods is pretty lonely these days. Everybody asking why like Mom and Daddy took away their candy." Jupiter glances over, then turns back to her lane and swaps out to her last fresh mag of range ammo. "I hope you don't mean Ms. Can't Pick A Bed. She can frak anyone and it has to be my brother." She sights down her arm and fires off another triple tap. Yeah, kinda must be mad, cos they spread is pathetic.

"I am more or less dealing with the folk that already hated mom and dad- now its a lot easier to voice dissent. While others wonder the foxes plunder." An old saying that Ajax rattles off as he fires his shot, only to have it tack off into the white of the target before he is steadying to fire again. A laugh there "I do. You'd be surprised how few people, really talk to me." mentioned. Not a tone as if he was sour-just matter of fact. "She's already frakking him again?" brow up-apparently not known. and he shrugs. "Figures."

Jupiter is just a ray of frakkin' sunshine and joy. She glances over to Ajax. "Sorry." She doesn't sound particularly so. "I didn't like her whoring on him, but I was hoping it would be the end of them. Something about her is just too shifty." She raises the firearm, and glances over again. "No offense." This triple tap is much nicer than the last. Could be she's not really that sorry about it. "I'm not a believer in all of that. I mean, beyond the usual. I guess I just never found my faith. If I didn't praise the Gods before, there's no reason for me to blame them now."

Next shot goes wide again before Ajax is shrugging slightly. "I don't care.." he mutters right there about it. "She's managed to piss me off more than getting my eye shot out" he adds with a laugh as odd as that might indeed be "Frakking accused me of doing what I was to plant the seeds of belief in her- frakking disgusting.." And the pistol is lowered as he looks back to you. "See-I can respect that. I can respect people not believing. However when you make it your goal to attack those that do profess belief? Then you quickly get on my shit list." a shake of his head "It gets old sometimes- so that is why I come here. Helps me feel useful oddly enough."

"She thought you frakked her to… wait, you meant to make her believe, not to make a baby, right? Unfortunate phrasing, Padre." There's a small smirk there. "Sometimes I'm curious about all the ritual of it, but to me the chapel's just a real quiet place to catch a nap." She's done it on several occasions. Of course now there's no pretending it was praying or meditation, since she just told the priest her take on the whole deal. "Miss the field days? I would too. There's shit to do around here without flight status." Jupes lines up one more time, before she empties the magazine, rounds hammering the target down the lane.

And the clip is empty. Nothing but ineffectual shots- but then he is shrugging, reloading the gun as he keeps talking all the same to the pilot. "To make her believe in the gods-you heard me Black." A shake of his head and Ajax is still watching his target before the pistol is brought back up. "I do. Hell when I killed men it made sense. Not to say this doesn't." a kiss of his teeth "But as a marine, I didn't feel like I was wasting space..'

Jupes puts down the sidearm, and pops out the empty mag, lining it up with the others. There's a long moment of silence before she stows the sidearm in its holster at her thigh. "That's the most arrogant thing I've heard all day. Case sure is a piece of work." She turns from her lane, removes the eye protection, and looks over. "Sounds like you're having a little crisis of faith, Padre."

Ajax grimaces barely before he just holds down the trigger, Bullets slamming a bit off mark before he catches the last one in the chest. Pistol put down hard. A deep breath and he looks back over towards Jupiter. "I've had one for years. Part of being a Priest- you find yourself at a crisis- and continuity." A swallow "I just-" a twitch of his face "I'm breaking down."

"Yeah," Jupiter gathers up the empty mags and dumps them in a bucket. "That seems to be going around." She heads to the locker to toss in the gear, and reaches up to ruffle a hand back through her curls. "That explains Samantha."

Ajax shrugs all the same before both hands slide back over his short cropped hair. "We're Human." offered back before he is just swallowing down whatever he was about to say. "Anything in your craw besides my ow small meltdown Black?"

"Yeah, but I already talked about it once this week, and I wasn't drunk enough then." Jupiter leans against the cabinet and watches the preacher. "What was it you just thought and didn't spit out, Padre?" She shoves off the cabinet, and crosses her arms.

Ajax nods all the same. "Of course." as for what he has said, or not said- the Preacher doesn't respond, instead he starts moving, leaving the gun where it is and heads for the hatch. "I'm taking a walk. Care to join me black?" asked over one shoulder

Jupiter nods, and turns toward the hatch. "Sure, Padre." The brunette pilot steps over toward the former marine, and moves for the hatch.

Ajax nods and motions for her to tag along. Where are they going- well first out of here, or so it seems. Steps are quick and measured, as it seems he is beating a rather martialed retreat for else than marine country.

CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Chapel

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #56
OOC Time: Sat Jun 13 23:21:40 2009

Tucked into a quiet corner of the ship, the location of the Chapel was chosen to be away from the main hustle and bustle of the military vessel. Thusly the seclusion of its location lends to the sanctity of the small room. Bench seating is provided in tiered formation, three steps on either side of the hatchway to provide access to the top and most shadowed of the places to pray and meditate. The altar itself is just opposite the door, modestly providing the center of worship.

The altar is nothing more than a long wooden table, though someone has draped it in a fine golden cloth. Sitting atop are twelve figurines, each representing the mortal form of the dozen major deities. The metal has been molded and lovingly hammered to show: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, and Hestia. Around them are arranged small offerings or tithes that range from coins to dried flowers, tended to by the Chaplain of the boat.

The trip through the ship is fairly silent, as Jupiter is still waiting for a response to her question. She could be waiting a while. The pilot walks along with the preacher, leaving him to choose the destination. She keeps her feelings about his choice… more or less to herself. For the time being.

He had to pick up a few things, don't blame him. Still upon coming in there is a pause as the room suddenly seems to shift a bit cooler. "Ahh lovely.." mutters Ajax as he is moving for a small closet marked by a simple door on the starboard side. The candle flicker and then all on their own accord go out, leaving the Chaplain slightly puzzled. A step and he's reaching in for his blue duty jacket, slinging it over his shoulders as he comes back over towards the pilot. "The gods sure to love-" and even before he can finish it one of the lights flickers and sparks out with the usual pop. Breath held. "Huh."

Jupiter steps into the chapel with Ajax, and moves partway up the aisle between the seats. Though she does eye the candles a bit as they flicker, her eyes turn to the preacher. The light, well, that gets a bit of a longer look. "Very funny."

Ajax shakes his head "I didn't do that.." murmured softly before he is reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small bottle of rum. Something stolen from a hotel, one would muse. "A shot?" asked as he is cracking the seal. Has at least two in it. And he is walking closer to the hatch before stepping out into the hall. "It is condition three.."

Jupiter glances back at the chapel briefly before she moves to head out into the hall with the priest. "All that flickering would make it hard to nap." And out the hatch she goes. "Yeah, I'll take a shot." Never pass up offered booze, Jupes always says. She flicks curls from her eyes. "Spit it out already."

"Just did you want one?" simple a bit of the bark in his voice-before he takes his own swig and passes it back to her. Motion made and he's walking on still. Out of the chapel and down the Hallway. "You got smokes?" asked for a second. If so cool, if not-even better. Its half one way, a dozen the other, still odd eh, nothing touchy feely about Ajax, not that that is ever unusual-just something may seem-off.

"Your mojo is frakked six ways to Sunday. What the frak is wrong with you. Sammy that bad in bed?" Jupiter reaches over for the flask, a cigarette in hand by the time she moves up next to Ajax in the corridor.

"Been that way for abit." mutters the Priest as he looks back to her, hand out for a cigarette if she is sharing. Still Nothing more is said as he keeps beating a tattoo along the corridors, boots a stomping as they go. "No- she was fine.." a stunning review from Ajax, right?

Jupiter is, indeed, handing over the cig. "It seemed ok when last we talked." Directly, not the indirect mocking in the Mess Hall. She was really mocking Sam, anyway. "Not so much now." She moves through the corridor, keeping up with LT easily enough.

CEC Kharon, Hangar Deck, Hangar Bay 3

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #56
OOC Time: Sat Jun 13 23:57:13 2009

This end of the Hangar Deck sees less activity than the two other bays that lie Fore of it due to the fact that grounded and heavily damaged airframes are kept here during their overhauls or required work times. It's roughly the same size as the Raptor bay, but the Aft end of the room is dominated by a gaping blast door in the floor that has enormous red stenciling against the white paint that reads 'Ordnance Elevator - Keep Clear.' Just walking along the deck feels more solid here, as well, as if the steel were far thicker underfoot.

A separate room at the Aft end, built into the wall, has a hatch on it labeled in yellow with the words 'LSO Shack.' On the Port side is a hatchway that leads up through a stairwell that terminates at an airlock, taking a crewmember up to the exposed vacuum of the Flight Deck. A deep red line denotes important electrical conduits and access ports just below the deck in case of fire. There are, notably, a lack of Tylium lines across the floor and walls here because all Vipers and Raptors in this bay are required to be defueled before entering this area. Fluorescent yellow firefighting gear is kept in plain sight for easy access.

"Much has happened since then- Lieutenant." comes Ajax's words as he has skirted up and down the maze of hallways and stairwells and across two of the Hangar bays, but still he is not pausing even when he heads along the back to the portside of the bay. "I don- do anything." Not really or so he would say "Last bit of good I did, is I ordained Brother Cygnus- and even then I should have done him better." A kiss of his teeth as he stops by the hatch that leads on up to the hangar deck, and sits down. One hand moving to pull out his old zippo before lighting his cigarette. Deep drag taken, and the thing is passed back over to Jupiter. "Its quiet here.. that's good." smokey laugh and Ajax relaxes his back against the bulkhead. "My mojo cracked, before Colonial day and has been on a steady if not rapid decline since."

Jupiter reaches over to take the cigarette. She finally takes a shot from the flask, then hands that back. "I usually need a lot more alcohol than that to weigh in on any sort of crisis." She drops to sit against the bulkhead. "I'm with you so far."

"Its all I had. Courtesy of your brother." said with chuckle, and Ajax watches her for a moment longer, as he simply just rests there. Doesn't ask for the lighter back, simply leaves it as is. "So I guess it was free to both of us." A look back to her for a moment and his brow raises ever so slightly. "How come, you've been on the decline? Mind -you're harder to read than most people."

"I've always been on the edge of reason, Padre," Jupiter grins at that, and runs her hands briefly through her hair before she offers the smoke back to him, but keeps the flask for a moment longer. "My one tether to sanity is gone. Now it's just me and my little brother, and a bunch of angry soldiers. But I guess that's good. We've got a long battle ahead of us. Maybe not long enough." Doesn't seem so hopeful there, does she?

"Because you're a pilot?" asked back and the Chaplain grins. A chuckle there and he is shaking his head for a moment before the cigarette is taken and a long sobering pull there. "Well I am quite certain you and your brother will turn out fine. Everyone is in the same damned boat. Alone without anything. I mean you- you have your brother so you have some family left, others-like myself. We have nothing. No purpose or drive." A laugh there "useless anchors on a frakking ship." And the cigarette is passed back. "Hard to hold a ship together that doesn't want to be held together aye?"

Jupes takes the cig, and nods. She brings it to her lips. "Yeah, you could definitely say that. It's a little rough around here. But I think people are getting a handle on it. As much as they can." She shakes her head slightly. "What do we have left but fighting?" And without fighting, there's really nothing. She glances over at Ajax, his situation really sinking in. He sits back and watches the marines go to war, and spends his time lighting candles. "Oh."

A wince there, but Ajax still holds that smile. "You know, I almost strangled Lieutenant Leda, that time he called me out in the bloody bunks?" said before falling silent and he sighs, a turn and he is looking dead at her. A lean in and he just laughs softly. "There are other things to celebrate, besides a fight.." if you think about Ajax's situation it'll sink harder. The notion he sits back and lights candles or files reports that really mean nothing. He preaches to people that care usually not to hear him- And one of the few people he has tried to open up is off again and well accused him of frakking for dubious purposes. A piece of frakking work he is. "I don't know which is worse. Bein' a one eyed bastard.." he mutters to himself "Or bein an anchor, no one needs." A kiss of his teeth "You know Black? I've always wanted to see the stars.."

"That's real simple, Padre. They're all around us most of the time." Jupiter shoves off the wall, and gets to her feet. "You gonna sit there feeling sorry for yourself all damn night. Because I'm not drunk enough for a conversation about Case being your shoulder, then turning into my brother's bed warmer." She glances toward the airlock at the flight deck stairwell. "You pin all your hopes on a woman, you're gonna get frakked every time."

"Bah. It'd have to be a frak more than a woman to get me feeling sorry for myself" he offers before he is sliding back up and he is looking over to the door for a moment, as his hand comes up to scratch the back of his beck, and then the scruff of the beard on his chin. Ajax turns his head to Jupiter and there is a laugh "You have to do that one day-can't say I did it just yet. Learned my lesson the last time." A shake of his head and he comes a step closer "And I don't want to talk about Case. Or your brother- I have some tact."

Jupiter chuckles at that. Well, it's more of a smirk that turns into a chuckle. "Tact? Are you kidding me? You frakked her, probably drunk, what… the day after she broke up with my brother and you think you're gonna get tact out of me? That will never happen. I knew she was trouble from the first meeting. You can't shit where you eat when you can't compartmentalize. She pushes boundaries after being told to back off." Yes, she's still channeling a little hostility at Samantha. "Then she jumps back into his bed as soon as she figures out he's willing to let her go? Sure. Tact. Coming right up."

Ajax laughs, "Not you, kiddo." comments Ajax for a moment "I mean me. I wouldn't talk about her." said simply before he is shaking his head there. "Yeah we were both drunk, but for some reason we figured we would give it a try. A try I now know being code for, eh we'll frak for a few days, but I'm gone when I get a bone thrown my way." And he's looking her over for a second, before he shakes his head. "I shoulda seen it coming. And in truth I didn't know it was a day- Hell I am out of the loop on a lot of things." A snicker "You shaved your legs didn't you?"

Jupiter was rolling with his comments up to that last one. Her eyes narrow slightly. "Yes, I shaved my frakkin' legs. You can't wear a dress that short without shaving your frakkin' legs."

"See, I noticed." admits the Padre before he is looking back to her, and he simply squares off. "Could you do me one last, big favor?"

Jupes drops her hands to her hips, and considers that last question. She tips her head slightly. "At least someone did." And then she nods, curls sliding into her eyes. "Yeah, sure. What kind of favor?"

Ajax simply steps in "This." and so hands would move to cup her face, push back those curls, as he seeks one last kiss, or so it would be in his own mind. Lips to lock and hold there, for a nice lingering kiss, well for however long the lieutenant JiG lets him keep it before he backs his head up. "I'm sorry."

Jupiter stands still for a moment, as the former marine steps in. She watches him come in for the kiss, and her hands come off her hips as his lips meet hers. She doesn't touch him, just sort of stands there with her hands halfway up to his arms. She kisses him back softly before breaking the kiss with just a slight turn of her head. Jupiter's eyes meet Ajax's as he moves back, and she reaches up to brush her thumb over her lower lip. "… Uh."

"Yeah." Is all he says before his hand comes out of no where fist coiled and ready for a strike as it seems his intent is to mash right into the side of her head, aimed right for the temple with the accuracy that a Marine might have, or probably once did. Either way he's going to send her down for the count. That is why Ajax is sorry. Sorry for what he is doing to her, and is about to do right now.

Jupiter really did not see that coming. Apparently all of her combat readiness goes out the window when she's trying to figure out why a preacher just kissed her. She drops like a pair of panties on prom night, sprawling on the hangar floor in a loose, boneless pile. She falls as only an unconscious person can. Thud. Down in marine country, at least four different marines just had a happy tingle in their sleep.

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