Little Earthquake
Little Earthquake
Summary: Eddie tells Roubani about her daughter, and a near fight turns on a dime.
Date: PHD 5
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Kharon - Flight Simulators

Eddie is sitting at one of the tables in the back, dressed in her Blues but the collar has been undone. Technically off duty, yet here she sits pour over books and still photograph printouts of the cresent shaped ships they went up against. A pencil is poised between her fingers like a cigarette, the eraser tapping on her papers as she's obviously at a sticking point.

Roubani walks into the simulator area, quiet as ever. Over off-duty fatigue pants he wears a T-shirt and over that a jacket, zipped up. Under one arm is his laptop.

Eddie glances up as she sees a shadow dance on the far wall. Seeing rather than hearing his entrance, Eddie has to turn to see who's entering. "Hey." The greeting is pretty dry, the sound sticking in her throat. Her pencil lead makes a scratch scratch scratch at the hair at her temple.

"Hi." Roubani's voice is subdued as he approaches the table. He sets his laptop down on the tabletop, and the catch makes a soft snick under his thumb before he lifts the screen. "Do you want some tea?"

Eddie moves some of her papers, making a little room and tidying up a bit. The books are history tomes from the first Cylon war, the stills she's clearly up are ones from their recent air battle. "Uh. Tea." Tea. Why is that such a hard question. "Yeah, tea would be nice."

It's better than looking at nothing while Roubani's machine boots. He slips away from the table for a few minutes and comes back with two cups of steaming water, and teabags. One he sets by Eddie and then he sits down, warming his hands around the other cup.

Eddie reaches for the cup of tea, drawing it near her. She takes the little paper tag the bag is attached to, and starts lifting it and letting it settle again and again. "So I was reviewing things. Trying to figure out where these metal bastards' weaknesses are…" She sighs. "But Marek and Vendas have been in the Ready room for hours and I can't go review the tapes.."

Roubani looks reflexively towards the hatch, eyes lingering there. "Do they keep them stored in the mainframe? Depending on the security you might be able to see them with remote access."

Eddie smirks slightly. "Next to you, Nadiv, I look like one of those trained apes they can get to use sign language." She flips a book closed and sinks down in her chair, bringing up a knee to prop on the edge of the table. Tea is pulled into her lap, and she's starring at the water as it tints brown.

Roubani is silent a few seconds, just watching the hatch. "I'll see if I can find them," he replies quietly. Turning his attention to the screen he lets go of the cup, logging into the carrier's system. The keys make soft, swift taps.

Eddie blows on the surface of the tea, venturing a sip of it. She's quiet for a moment, then even the silence starts to eat on her. "How are you…" …holding up? The rest goes without being said, probably because she can't bring herself to say it.

Roubani's fingers slow down. He shakes his head slightly, looking at the screen still. "It doesn't feel real. So I go on." He wets his bottom lip with his tongue and gently shrugs. "What about you."

Eddie gives a shrug, just a bare rise and fall of her shoulders as if she doesn't have the strength to really commit to the gesture. "Every time I think about it, I can't breathe." This is confessed more to her tea than the man sitting near her.

Roubani gently taps enter, and his thumb hits the space bar. "Well you haven't fainted from lack of air," he says, very quietly. "So maybe you're stronger than you think."

Eddie struggles with an unexpected laugh, leaning forward she plucks up her pencil and flicks it at him. "Smartass."

The pencil hits Roubani's shoulder and tumbles into his lap. "I was telling the truth," he says, though he smiles vaguely as he looks down to retrieve it off his leg.

Eddie's forehead wrinkles as she pushes both eyebrows up, "Yeah?" She shakes her head, all inkling of mirth melting away as quickly as it came. "Remember when you asked me about my family?" She asks, her jaw setting tightly.

Roubani rubs the side of his neck, making his head tilt to the side. He nods once, his dark eyes looking at her.

Eddie leans back a little further, hand slipping into the gap in her duty shirt. She hesitates, but eventually pulls out a faded black and white photograph that's been folded and unfolded more times then is just. Dark eyes lift to Roubani's face as she slides it across the table. It's a picture of a gap-toothed little girl, probably around the age of three with a head full of black curls.

Roubani reaches for the photo once her hand's withdrawn. He pulls it towards him with his fingertips, to the edge of the table. "What's her name?" He asks as though talking too loudly might cause the picture to erupt in flames.

Eddie curls a hand up to her face, her thumbnail inserted between her teeth. She's gnawing on it for the sake of gnawing on something, for the sake of doing anything but breaking down. "Saddie." It comes as just a bare whisper.

Roubani traces his finger along the outline of the girl's hair. "Where was she?"

Kai arrives from the Hallway - Hangar Deck.
Kai has arrived.

Eddie presses her lips together tightly as he touches the photograph gingerly. A long exhale pushes out of her nose, as she clunks her chair back down on all four legs. "Caprica." The pair of them are sitting at a table in the back. Books and papers and Roubani's laptop littering the surface along with two cups of tea. "She turns five next month." A painful pause. "Would have."

"Thereafter, for nine days did the Lady Demeter wander all over the earth, holding torches ablaze in her hands. Not once did she take of ambrosia and nectar, sweet to drink, in her grief, nor did she bathe her skin in water." Roubani gently pushes the photograph back towards Eddie's arm. His words are so quiet it's more whisper than voice. "Was it hard to come here without her?"

Kai strides into the room with one of those signature warpath looks about him, normally seen when he's got a bone to pick with a mechanic. This evening, however, the bone seems to be solely with the simulators themselves. Dressed in his blues, he's jingling through a set of keys in search of one in particular; the pair of Ensigns are given a curt nod, though barely a glance in passing.

Eddie presses her hand over the face in the picture, obscuring it as she drags it back towards her. "I haven't seen her since this was taken." As Kai storms in, her shoulders bunch up around her ears, like a dog expecting to get smacked with a newspaper. The picture is inconspicuously slipped back beneath her duty jacket. "Sir."

Roubani rests his hand on the table, twisting his shoulders. His eyes track Kai for a couple seconds before he nods. "Captain." Looking back at Eddie he's silent a moment before he taps his fingertips near her arm. "Drink your tea…it's getting cold."

Kale arrives from the Hallway - Hangar Deck.
Kale has arrived.

Kai doesn't speak to the pair, and doesn't so much as slow down enough to get a glimpse of Eddie's picture. He heads instead for the computer station, keys tossed down on the desk, left hand stumbling over the keys in a fashion that's clearly indicative of a non touch typist. His forehead is creased softly in thought as he studies the screen.

Eddie is sitting at a table in the back with Roubani, looking like they are in the middle of cramming for some great test. Books, papers, and Rubix's laptop are spread out with no real rhyme or reason. Tea. Yes, tea. Eddie hefts up the cup again, drowning her thoughts and emotions in another sip. Eyes flick from Roubani to Kai and back again. Something's up.

Roubani also glances at Kai again, through a pause that grows long. He then speaks, raising his formal voice. "Something we might help you with, sir?"

Kale strides into the Sims room, pausing just inside the door and looking around as if for someone. He gives a courtesy nod to Kai and then turns to walk back out again.

Kale heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway.
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Click. Click click. It should be tediously slow, typing one-fingered like Kai's doing, but he's done this enough times to mitigate it perhaps. A flash key is selected from the chain — it's pink and fuzzy, the sort of thing a child might own — and slotted into the computer's drive. "Not at the moment, Ensign," he answers quietly. His shoulders, his whole frame really, looks tense today.

Eddie clears her throat slightly, social awkwardness settling in. She looks around for something to occupy herself with, and so she merely just starts cleaning up. Without really thinking about her words, she says, "This whole damn ship could use a good stiff belt of booze."

Roubani looks away from Kai. He glances at the screen of his laptop, which is now showing its plain screensaver, and quietly clears his throat. "I'm sure condition two has been little if any deterrent for many."

Kai finishes loading the program into the sim, and disconnects the flash stick. His thumb is rubbed along the bridge of his nose while he waits for it to start, then he gathers up his keys and strides off for one of the simulators. Nope, Kai's not in the mood for chitchat today.

Eddie glances up at Roubani, holding her gaze on his face for a moment. "Yeah. Maybe so." Certainly a nip or two can be forgiven, given the current situation. "What do you say I refill our tea with some hundred proof?" Joking? Maybe.

"I don't think that's such a good idea." Roubani does smile just a little bit though. "But I wouldn't think less of you if you wanted to." Somehow that doesn't sound the least bit patronising.

"If I catch so much as a whiff of alcohol on your breath, Morales, you'll be in the brig so fast your head will spin right off your shoulders." Kai doesn't even pause in his prowl toward the sim, but tosses that back with a glance toward the junior pilot, before climbing in. A few switches are flicked as the systems are powered on and the program started.

Eddie pushes a bland smile on her lips at Kai's words. "See. I knew he cared." She imparts flatly to Roubani. No, she's not nervous at the threat of the brig. Probably because she's not stupid enough to actually get /caught/. "And of course I want to. I could drown in a whole big vat of want to."

Roubani glances at Kai and then back at Eddie. "Why?" Past the legal drinking age on every colony, the Ensign's frowning curiosity is somehow still dead honest.

Kai handles the flight controls with considerably more confidence than the computer terminal. He's off to a slow, conservative start, obviously running a program through its paces more than any attempt to push himself. The conversation across the room is tuned out, for the time being.

Eddie starts looking at her tea as if it's suddenly terribly disappointed. Especially seeming how its nonalcoholic. "You ever just wanna feel numb?" She asks quietly, eyes drifting towards Kai to watch his progress from across the room. People deal in different ways, obviously the Captain is losing himself in flight.

Kai's flying is competent, but he's not pulling out anything from his bag of tricks today. There are several crescent-winged fighters attacking him, and for now they seem to have the upper hand. His guns pick off one of his pursuers, but the other two are simply too fast.

"I have never seen someone drinking look 'numb'," Roubani replies, blandly. "They just do their bests to cost everyone around them everything possible, and then even blame everyone else for it later." Was that a speck of venom in his soft voice? He glances at the sim screen as Kai starts flying, watching the crescent fighters.

Eddie stacks the last of her books together, sandwiching her loose papers between them. "Yeah, just a second ago you said you wouldn't think less of me if I were wanting to drink. Now you're condemning along with…who? Your dad? You know for such a brainiac think you woulda figured out by now that generalizations suck ass. News flash, Nadiv. Your dad's dead. He can't smack you or anyone else around anymore." Yeah, she's leaving. Before Kai can toss her out.

The battle on Kai's screen is growing steadily more frenetic. He slipstreams one of the bandits in order to get its friend to fire on it, blowing the machine to polygonised pieces. The other two are still hot on his tail though, not to be deterred by their friend's demise. A glance at his watch tells him that time's up however, and the 'abort' button is jammed with his knuckle, causing the screen to black out. He tugs a blunt-edged piece of paper out of his trousers, and starts hunting for a pen; Morales' imminent departure draws a curious glance.

"My father didn't drink," Roubani's voice now does have venom in it, and as opposed to before now it's aimed right at her. "And how dare you try to throw things in my face. How /dare/ you." He shuts the laptop, picking up his pens.

Eddie plants a hand ontop of his closed laptop, leaning in. "Well how the frak would I know anything about your gods damn father. You're so frakking closed off from everyone and everything. Yeah, so how dare I. You get to generalize, so I get to speculate." Room's starting to heat up a bit, the tension in Eddie's frame apparent.

Kai jots something down on his sheet of paper, blue eyes flicking from it, to Eddie, to Roubani, and back again. Scribble scribble. He gives things a few moments to simmer, and then climbs out of the viper and rounds back toward the computer.

Roubani stands up, picking up his laptop with him. "I'm sorry about Saddie," he says out of the blue, his voice dropping back to its normal soft tone. "I can't imagine what it's like, but I will be here for you through whatever you need, whenever you need it. But I will never use the dead as a weapon. All I ask is that you don't either."

Kai taps a few more buttons on the computer console, then fetches his keys and turns to slip out without a another word, giving the pair of pilots some privacy.

Kai heads through the exit labeled <O> Hallway.
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Eddie turns away from Roubani, away from the room as a whole. She seems calm for a moment before her foot lashes out with a "FRAK." Catching a chair and sending it clattering, but getting caught up by the leg of it as it's launched and ending up on her knees. And she just stays there.

Roubani doesn't flinch at the clattering chair. He doesn't move, standing there with laptop in the crook of his arm and his fingers laced around the bottom edge. "The headband on her hair she tore off with her own immortal hands," he intones after a while, quietly. "And threw a dark cloak over her shoulders. She sped off like a bird, soaring over land and sea, looking and looking." He leans down, picking up the chair and righting it, pushing it towards the table with his slender fingertips. "But no one was willing to tell her the truth, not one of the gods, not one of the mortal humans, not one of the birds, messengers of the truth."

Eddie stays with her head hung towards the floor, crumpled on her knees like a woman craving benediction. "You shall know the answer, for I greatly respect you and feel sorry for you as you grieve over your…" Her arms fold over her midsection, hugging herself tight as if pained. "Over your child."

Jason arrives from the Hallway - Hangar Deck.
Jason has arrived.

Roubani crouches down near where Eddie is sitting on the floor hugging herself, putting his laptop down beside him. "And Demeter was visited by grief that was even more terrible than before: it makes you think of the Hound of Hades. In her anger at the one who is known for his dark clouds, the son of Kronos, she shunned the company of gods and lofty Olympus."

Eddie sniffles loudly, turning her head slightly to wipe her face on the shoulder of her duty shirt. "Why are the scriptures always so depressing." She says simply, unable to keep up with quoting the Hymn to Demeter, but at least she's more calm now.

Roubani is no priest, and he rubs the end of his nose as he considers that. "I suppose in a way it's heartening that even the gods feel misery as we do."

Jason comes striding toward the simulator room, his footsteps audible on the corridor floor. Though he slows when he hears the sound of voices. Hesitant to interrupt that.

Eddie's form shudders with a sob that's not made audible, her face a pained mask as if someone has shot her in that stomach she's craddling. "Frak me." She breathes as she hears footfalls behind her. "I gotta get out of here."

"Okay." Roubani's voice has come full circle to that subdued quiet of when he first came in here. "I'll get your books." He stands up, staying near Eddie with a proximity that's almost defensive of her, picking up her pens and notebook from the table. He spots Jason for the first time, nodding. "Lieutenant."

Jason takes a half step back when he's spoken to. And spotted, apparently. His own manner is subdued. "Ensigns. I, uh…didn't mean to interrupt. Just…thought I might clear my head in the machines a bit."

Eddie grimaces as she hears Roubani announce that its a superior officer behind her. A hand lifts to pinch the bridge of her nose and she takes a deep breath to swallow her shame. She clears her throat to clear some of the raw emotion from it. "No interruption. Sorry sir." Collecting herself as much as possible, she gets to her feet with an awkward wobble.

Jason grimaces faintly, looking as abashed as Eddie. He runs a hand over his short-cropped hair, seemingly searching for something to say. "No. Don't apologize. I'm sorry I…I just…" He doesn't come up with much. His voice chokes.

Roubani hands Eddie her books and nods to her. His composure is in place, as unwrinkled now as his crisp fatigues. "I suppose it's best we save our apologies for when we really offend. Sir, we'll leave you to your practice." He seems ready for new air, himself. "Walk you back, Morales?"

Eddie dabs at her eyes with the back of of her hand, finally turning to see what Lieutenant she just embarrassed herself infront of. "Oh." Her realization made verbal. "Lieutenant Thayer. Been a while." Last she really talked to him, he was giving her a cigar. A feeble smile is mustered as she takes her things from Roubani, which requires an awkward set of handplacement so she's extra careful not to touch the other Ensign. "You'll excuse us then."

Jason offers Eddie a feeble half-smile in return. "Morales. Yeah. Of course. I…" He grapples for something to say again. And fails. "Everything just frakked up now…" It's all he can manage. He shrugs, apologetically, and heads back to the machines.

Roubani watches Jason go, his dark eyes moving with the Lieutenant. He doesn't say anything more, turning back and letting Eddie go ahead of him through the hatch.

Frakked up is right. Eddie just gives a little nod of understanding and turns toward the hatch, slipping out without making any more of a scene.

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